\x1b orhun 👾
3 hours ago

Just packaged **yazi** for Arch Linux 🚀

🦀 **yazi**: Blazing fast terminal file manager written in Rust, based on async I/O.

⭐ GitHub:

🐧 Arch Linux: (`pacman -S yazi`)

#rust #terminal #file #commandline #async #io #archlinux #linux

12 hours ago

Pour ce week-end sous le signe de la frange (de qualité SSS ! 😍), vous êtes plutôt short de cycliste ou collant ? :3

#DailyDesktop #ShareYourDesktop #Linux #ArchLinux #XFCE

Compiling a newer version of eDuke32, so I can kick some alien arses with the latest version.

And I use #Arch #Linux btw. #ArchLinux #SteamOS

A terminal window showing several files being compiled. The UI looks like Windows XP, but this is definitely SteamOS (Arch Linux).
Don Rudo
23 hours ago

Un aporte nomás porque sí al #viernesdeescritorio : #archlinux con #KDE usando #Kitty como parte del fondo de pantalla.

En lugar de hacerlo parecer windows o Mac (con una barra arriba) prefiero usar 3 páneles (dos al costado derecho); lamentablemente KDE no soporta diferentes páneles por Actividad.

Liane M. Dubowy
1 day ago

Die neue #Kdenlive-Version läuft bei mir prima, doch das #MLT-Framework macht Probleme. Ich musste deshalb zu einer früheren Software-Version wechseln. #archlinux #linux #videoschnitt

CJ :linux:
1 day ago

Holi! ​:menherawave:​

Llevo un tiempo rebotando entre instancias de
#Mastodon buscando algo que me permita abandonar la red social anteriormente conocida como Twitter, y me está gustando mucho lo que ofrece #Firefish. Estoy deseando tener una comunidad estable 🤗.


Soy CJ, vivo en
#Sevilla (aunque me gustaría irme) y soy matemático, aunque mi trabajo y mi principal afición es la informática.

Me gustan los videojuegos aunque juego muy poco y soy noob en casi todos), la música (voy encadenando obsesiones), los planes de tranquis (sinceramente lo paso fatal en discotecas y entornos similares) y soy adicto a los videoensayos de YouTube.

Me interesan el urbanismo y la política, siempre desde una perspectiva de izquierdas, queer, feminista, antirracista, anticapitalista y ecologista.

Personalmente soy
#bi ​:bhjflag_bisexual:​ #polyam ​:bhjflag_polytricolor:​, y #maybeAutistic ​:bhjflag_autism:​.

Usuario de
#ArchLinux​:archlinux:​ desde hace muchos años, me estoy metiendo en #NixOS, #Docker ​:docker:​ y #Rust ​:rust:​.

Deseando conocer más gente
​:boost_requested:​ ​:tbh_yippee:​

Linux Magazine
1 day ago

From this week's Linux Update newsletter: Erik Bärwaldt looks at Snal Linux, a compact Live distribution with a collection of tools to help with system repairs #SnalLinux #Linux #distro #OpenSource #tools #repair #FOSS #ArchLinux

1 day ago

[ Fixing my #archlinux install ]
And by the way, sbupdate is no longer maintained.

1 day ago

[ Fixing my #archlinux install ]
I didn't remember sbupdate has been install from AUR, and I forget to update it. ( like for 2 years 😂 )
So just doing `yay sbupdate` and upgrading it fix my issue.
The problem was a malformed efi image produce by sbupdate, probably a compatibility issue with now kernel images.

1 day ago

[ Fixing my #archlinux install ]
So I re-read the doc about EFIStub boot and remember that my EFIShell only support running file with extension .efi. So I rename vmlinuz-linux to vmlinuz-linux.efi AND IT BOOT. So the kernel image is good, as well as my initramfs.
At this point I suspect sbupdate to be the source of my problems.

1 day ago

[ Fixing my #archlinux install ]
With the install iso, I mount my root,var,boot,tmp in /mnt
Then you do arch-chroot /mnt to switch in your install.
All seems good, I re-install the linux image with `pacman -Sy linux` and reboot.
It didn't fix it

1 day ago

[ Fixing my #archlinux install ]
Ok so I need a install iso to fix my boot
I prepare a sdcard with #Ventoy put the last archlinux iso in it

Success booting on install
1 day ago

[ Fixing my #archlinux install ]
1. Disabled secure boot and retry => nothing
2. Booting an old efi image was okay but stuck in rescue because there is mismatch between the initramfs and kernel version, no module for vfat is available, so it fail on mounting /boot

Screen showing /boot can't be mounted
1 day ago

[Broken computer boot] I didn't follow the upgrade logs of pacman, and something went wrong during the build of my EFI boot image. Result, I'm rebooting without a working computer 😅 . It's the second time ever my #Archlinux is broken at reboot in 10 years.
Now I need to fix it

Photo of my screen, in the built-in EFI Shell
then the list of folders in my /boot
trying to run manually linux-signed.efi but seems it's not a valid efi bin
1 day ago

few days ago I upgraded my home server running #archlinux #arm on a raspberry pi 3 and now it fails to boot -__-

it usually runs in a headless mode but even with a keyboard and display plugged in nothing shows up after u-boot.... how convenient

I am switching to alpine #linux

wssndrf :arch_verified:
2 days ago

Mein #arch lässt sich nicht mehr in den Darkmode schalten. Ich kann das Theme auswählen, aber Apps wie Dateien, Taschenrechner, … bleiben im Lightmode… 🤔 #archlinux #linux

Pues llegó #Gnome 45. En flatpak su tiempo de ejecución ya está. La primera aplicación en ponerse al día por #flatpak ha sido #Loupe. En #Archlinux llegará con la versión 45.1. Un mesecito nos queda.

2 days ago

I just found out that the only command keeping me from setting up an #ArchLinux #ARM instance on Hetzner Ampere Cloudservers was `bootctl install`. Thanks to!

Mads Kjeldgaard
2 days ago

For the first time in a while, I added another #supercollider package to the #AUR #archlinux package system today. Solely so I can easily install and run f0plugins on my raspberry pi.

3 days ago

Nice morning scare: laptop with empty battery -> power failed during late boot. Then it didn't reboot, with a fsck error, and no way to get into the boot emergency shell. No USB stick available to boot from.

After a while, managed to boot with the `fsck.mode=skip` boot parameter... but of course tons of errors on `/`. So, reboot again with ``, which thankfully was enough to get back to a good state.

Bad experience, would not recommend. #ArchLinux #fsck #aaaaaargh

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
3 days ago


Part of hardening any #Firefox-based browser involves going into the 'about:config' page and setting:

privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing ➡️ true
privacy.window.maxInnerWidth ➡️ 1000 (what #TorBrowser does, if you want to imitate Tor, hint #I2P users definitely do :)

There are more #hardening measure and we encourage people to seek them out from the #archLinux wiki, at and other sources considered reliable.

#Gentoo broke my heart back in the day when their centralized wiki failed. I went to #ArchLinux and still use their wikis to this day for *any* Linux OS.

Marcel Stritzelberger
3 days ago

@DreamGryphon Ja #archlinux kenn ich gut und ich war bisher auch meist auf #FreeBSD unterwegs. Das ist auch ein riesen Gefummel mit viel Spass. Im Moment geniesse ich einfach mal, dass alles OOTB funktioniert. Das kann man wirklich schon gut an "Normalos" weiter empfehlen. Toll!

3 days ago

I've heard of this distro called #nixos. I'm don't know a thing about it but I'm going to give it a try to see if it could possibly replace my #archlinux daily driver.

@TaleQ Por cierto, la wiki de #ArchLinux no recomienda usar dd o similares. Recomiendan crear el sistema de ficheros nuevo / limpio y copiar el respaldo con, por ejemplo, rsync. Yo lo haré como dicen ellos.

Yann Büchau :nixos:
3 days ago

Erm, what's the best way to do :arch: #ArchLinux packaging on :nixos: #NixOS? 😅 I still maintain some #AUR packages...

#Apptainer and #Docker are annoying, makepkg doesn't like being root.

So I guess a VM is necessary?

Or what's the absolute simplest way to get Arch on NixOS? 🤔

Gergely Imreh
4 days ago

I have an unreasonable amount of fun using my 12 year old laptop day to day for my personal tasks. I guess #Lenovo did a good job back then (X201), it was good to max things out as much as I could, and Linux (#ArchLinux :arch:) just keeps the fun alive extremely well. Feels nice to be closer to the machine.

It's not without problems and probably an upgrade is (long) due, but I also feel I can likely keep going until @frameworkcomputer starts shipping to #Taiwan, so less pressure.

I feel the need to buy an Athlon 64 PC and install #ArchLinux on it.
And then... I don't know.
I don't know why.
I just want to.

4 days ago

Hop ! Deuxième fond d’écran de la semaine, et je vais vous dire : ces quatre-là me manquent… :/ Si un nouvel anime de la saga “To Aru” voyait le jour, je dirais pas non !

#DailyDesktop #ShareYourDesktop #Linux #ArchLinux #XFCE

Miscellaneous Void
4 days ago
Jay Reding 🇺🇦
4 days ago

I keep trying Wayland on my Arch systems, but I am constantly stymied by the fact that none of my SPICE viewer apps (either spicy or virt-viewer) seem to play nicely with Wayland. Every time the resolution on the VM does not work or reacts oddly to scaling in KDE.

I keep hearing that Wayland is the future, but after 15 years of development it still seems more annoying and kludgy than X11.

#Linux #Wayland #X11 #XOrg #OpenSource #ArchLinux

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
5 days ago

@mngrbn Haha. My #ArchLinux continues to run magnificently, since installation in early December 2019... the bastard! If it was less bloody reliable & fab, i'd have a good excuse to change it to #blendOS [which seems quite fantastic, afaict from it in a VM i have here], but no, oh nooooo; my obstinate stubborn recalcitrant #Arch just keeps on working brilliantly for me. Tis so unfair! 😜

Good luck, & i look forward to reading your toots on your impending blendOS.

5 days ago

I was quite annoyed of not being able to listen to #AppleMusic in lossless on my #archlinux desktop. The way I solved it was to install uxplay (an #Airplay server, available from the AUR) and to stream from my phone to the PC. Works perfectly with ALAC codec (lossless).
For those wondering, #Cider does not support lossless.

David Runge
5 days ago

If only I received more sweet upstream mails such as the one I got from @geonkick today! 😍

#ArchLinux #packagerlife

David Runge
5 days ago

Today I have updated the unholy trio of #shadow, #filesystem and #pambase on #ArchLinux for addressing more than half a dozen issues.

Always a bit scary if you don't know how much you'll break all over the place when #PAM is involved. 😬

If you're on testing, please provide feedback and signoffs!


5 days ago

It's been 3 months and 12 days, more or less, since I last reinstalled my OS. My #archlinux is running fine but think I'm due for another reinstall. I might give #blendos a try again.

5 days ago

🎥 @debian project lead @highvoltage tells us what he thinks about Arch: “What’s not to love?”

#debian #debianlinux #arch #archlinux #linux

#ThinkPad 純正 Bluetoothキーボード購入
#Archlinux で動作確認できました

6 days ago

@Elucidating Very cool. And, for the #ArchLinux folks, it's already in the #AUR.

6 days ago

Like the default hyprland wallpaper but wish there were more of them? Generate then on the fly with hyprchan!

Just put some transparent PNG waifus in ~/.local/share/waifus, make sure powershell and ImageMagick are installed, and stick exec = pwsh - noprofile /path/to/
hyprchan.ps1 &8& swaybg -/.config/hypr/ hyprchan.jpg
in your hyprland.conf.

#archlinux #powershell #hyprland

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
6 days ago

Last week, coz the #ArchLinux repo had been delayed in receiving the zero-day patched `115.2.2` & was stuck on `115.2.0`, i gave up waiting & downloaded the compressed archive from What i could not see there, & so far have not found anywhere else, is where the #hashsums are stored, so that i can validate my download.

So, #Thunderbird @thunderbird peeps, can you kindly pls advise me where i'll find those #hashsums?

6 days ago

En segundo lugar traté de instalar Arch Linux. Era mi primera vez con esta distro y, aunque con el comando archinstaller parece bastante que la instalación en relativamente sencilla, al final me dio un error de Python que no reconocía un disco y no llegó a instalarse. Probé la misma instalación eligiendo EXT4 en vez de BTRFS y no tuve problema, así que parece un fallo del instalador.

No queriéndome quedar ahí probé con la distribución Endavouros, que es un Arch con instalador gráfico y algunos programas añadidos, y con él no tuve ningún problema. Tuve que instalar snapper y configurarlo un poco (que en Open Suse ya viene de fábrica).

Otro día sigo con las pruebas...

#gnulinux #archlinux #endeavouros

6 days ago

Update: actually, that went well. I made notes on the #archlinux wiki about what I found.

6 days ago

Hello everyone, so at my new job I'll get a MacBook snd until #AsahiLinux supports the security processor I will be a good girl and use #macOS. For someone coming from a setup mixing #ArchLinux, #Fedora #Silverblue / #CoreOS, even some #NixOS and does weird stuff with #podman sometimes: Are there some general recommendations from other #Linux exiles (I use vanilla #GNOME nowadays mostly, so maybe not too much lol?)

I currently plan to use the mac as mostly a shiny looking physical terminal + some vscode/vi, that should be mostly trivial. As such I'm mostly worried about things like a proper keyboard layout (I use us altgr-intl, caps mapped to ctrl, tab to esc).

Otherwise I'm thinking of grabbing #Firefox and activating Lockdown Mode. I've seen nix-home and will try setting that up for day-to-day tasks/tools.

Coming from Evolution, is Apple Mail decent? Any other "classic" GNOME tool I'd miss? Currently looking for trustworthy replacements for Nick's YT downloader, Warp (Wormhole GUI), Frog (OCR tool), Obfuscate (picture obfuscator/censoring tool), Characters (searching through Unicode symbols/emoji). Anything else I may take for granted but is different? ¹

¹ I already know the cli differences w.r.t. bsd based tools, but my personal scripts are mostly posix/ksh8x compliant anyway :D

6 days ago

Vraiment, les posters #Clannad, c’est une des meilleures manières de commencer la dernière semaine de l’été ! :3

#DailyDesktop #ShareYourDesktop #Linux #ArchLinux #XFCE

blake :drake_dislike: :cupofcoffee:
6 days ago

Hot take: #archlinux makes using #linux easy.

David Runge
1 week ago

#stalebot considered harmful, edition 9000.

Well, gives me one less project to care about! 🤷

#ArchLinux #packagerlife

1 week ago

So, #introduction for this server!

Hi, I'm Gourd! They/them pronouns, into video preservation and encoding, #retrogaming (focus: playing SHMUPS enthusiastically but badly), #tokusatsu (have watched every #KamenRider to varying degrees of return), mech anime, horrible #ArchLinux crimes, and data archival. Primarily post goofy media clips, toku episode discussions.

Currently trying to develop a comprehensive theory of Toshiki Inoue. :P

Elena Peoples from Eureka Seven AO, wearing a bunny ear and face'd helmet pilot suit, making a series of expressions from blushing, happy, tired, to weary, which are inexplicably mirrored by the suit.
in ♥️ with PDA
1 week ago

I really enjoy #archlinux on my t460.

Thinkpad t460 running arch linux (shoot with a PalmPix Camera)
das menschy
1 week ago

Should I install #AlpineLinux on my Laptop with #ArchLinux? Are all the usual programs (like Firefox, Thunderbird/Evolution, Nextcloud clients) compilable with #musl #libc?

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
2 weeks ago

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23



2 weeks ago

BTW, Arch Linux is now powered by #Linux kernel 6.5 👏

#OpenSource #ArchLinux

Screenshot of the GNOME 45 RC desktop environment on Arch Linux, showing the Console app which shows an output of the neofetch command.
Cecile is a rando
2 weeks ago


tig - graphical text interface to use git. can't live without that

qalc (qalculate) - an advanced scientific and programming calculator that handles units, currencies, base conversions, ... also exists in gui but I mostly use the cli

fish - a shell replacement for bash. super intuitive and user friendly with no need to make configuration (but you can)

paru - for managing AUR on #ArchLinux

Meow :verified:
2 weeks ago

Question for #archlinux experts: Am I okay just encrypting my root and swap partitions and leaving boot unencrypted? For some reason my Lenovo T480 refuses to work otherwise. At least my critical data should be secure. Or do I need to start over? Thanks in advance.

3 weeks ago

Using Arch Linux for the first time via Distrobox on openSUSE Tumbleweed, and what a marvellously delightful shortcut to allow me to join the ranks of people who say "I use Arch by the way."

#Linux #archlinux #opensuse #distrobox

Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

Additionally, I decided to use some of Artix Linux's repos too.

Artix Linux is an interesting take on Arch Linux. They tried to be SystemD free.

I on the other hand, don't mind SystemD and believe it causes more trouble trying to avoid it.

That said, their repo still has some goodies.

#Arch #ArchLinux #Linux #Artix

Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

I got it working, but I had to do it more than once and follow the directions backwards, by 1st trying to load the mirror, then the key.

I added this repo

It is a collection of a few prebuild AUR (the more common ones). This allows me to use pacman for most everything.

#Arch #ArchLinux #Linux

Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

A little annoyed with Arch Linux at the moment.

sudo pacman-key --recv-key 3056513887B78AEB --keyserver

This works with other distros based on Arch, but vanilla Arch gives me this:

==> ERROR: You do not have sufficient permissions to read the pacman keyring.
==> Use 'pacman-key --init' to correct the keyring permissions.

I have run that suggested command, but it still will not let me import what I wish.

#Arch #ArchLinux #Linux

If you havent upgraded your #archlinux box in a while, might be wise upgrade the keyring first, to avoid those dreaded key problems.

# pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring && pacman -Su


Wesley Moore
3 weeks ago

Specs for those into such things:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7950X
RAM: 32Gb
GPU: Radeon 6700XT
Storage: 1Tb Crucial PCI 5 NVMe boot disk
2 x 2Tb WD BLACK PCI 4 NVMe ZFS mirror for /home
Various other SSDs and and NVMe pulled from old machine

It’s currently dual booting #ChimeraLinux and #ArchLinux


#pc #amd #linux

Scott 🏴
3 weeks ago

Sitting down to use an #ArchLinux computer for the first time in a while after using #NixOS and thinking to myself "ah, this is an OS that makes sense"

3 weeks ago

Revisited my torrent client project (using #elisp of course) and checked a bunch of torrent test files whether they can be processed without any extensions. To my surprise, the #Archlinux ISO torrent relies on the WebSeed extension, meaning that the torrent merely points at a list of HTTP/FTP URLs. So, unless another peer discovery mechanism like DHT is used, you'd be better off directly downloading from a HTTP/FTP mirror...

\x1b orhun 👾
3 weeks ago

Found a really cool tool today!

🚀 **heh**: A terminal UI to edit bytes by the nibble ✨ written in #rustlang 🦀

⭐ GitHub:

🐧 Packaged for #ArchLinux:

🏔️ Packaged for #AlpineLinux:

#linux #commandline #tui

David Runge
3 weeks ago

Tales from the crypt:

It seems #juce moved modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/utility/juce_CreatePluginFilter.h to modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/detail/juce_CreatePluginFilter.h between 7.0.5 and 7.0.7... (this of course breaks builds...)

Come on... at least bump the minor version for something like this... 🙄
Stuff based on juce is already terrible to maintain as is. It doesn't have to be made even harder by something like this.

#ArchLinux #packagerlife

David Runge
3 weeks ago

Today is day two of the #ArchLinux bug squash weekend.

Some things are closed easily... others are unmaintained monsters from the ancient past. 👻

3 weeks ago

This is really bugging me lol cos so far all my debugging seems to show that I should be able to pair with these controllers via bluetooth but they still just couldn't.

I've verified that they do work on
#EndeavourOS/#ArchLinux, but somehow not on #Fedora or rather #UBlue/#Bazzite. Both are using seemingly the same version of the #Linux kernel. The only thing indicating/pointing towards the issue are these logs but googling them returns nothing useful/relevant.

Until I manage to figure this out, I'm left with a really nice desktop but not able to use it for couch

bluetoothd[988]: src/service.c:service_probe() input-hid profile probe failed for 7C:88:DE:8C:03:40 bluetoothd[988]: profiles/input/server.c:connect_event_cb() Refusing input device connect: No such file or directory (2) bluetoothd[988]: profiles/input/server.c:confirm_event_cb() Refusing connection from 7C:88:DE:8C:03:40: unknown device

Bluetooth connection to my Logitech K380 keyboard (which requires a PIN) was successful. Connection to my
#DualSense and #DualShock4 controllers fail.


4 weeks ago

@dgar This is how #ArchLinux users celebrate their birthdays. All it needs is a 2 liter bottle of whisky.

1 month ago

I am begging you #archlinux, make some *tutorials* and and FAQ for PKGBUILDs, please.

Linux Is Best
1 month ago

While I still think everyone should use, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi Browser appears to now offer an official installer for Arch Linux.

No need to depend on a 3rd party AUR anymore.

#Vivaldi #ArchLinux #VivaldiBrowser #EndeavourOS

1 month ago

Back on this server, but never did an #introduction before here, so...

Hi, I'm Gourd! They/them pronouns, into video formats and processing, #retrogaming (focus: playing SHMUPS enthusiastically but badly), #tokusatsu (have watched entirely too much #KamenRider), mech anime, horrible #ArchLinux crimes, and data archival. Primarily post goofy media clips and toku episode discussions.

Probably one of five people who is unironically a fan of every single #EurekaSeven anime release. :P

Elena from Eureka Seven AO going from happy, to tired, to annoyed, to weary, all while her bunny ear helmet inexplicably mirrors the emotions.
1 month ago

The magic script list of commands to get #Veilid to run on #archlinux seems to be:

yay -S rustup apnproto protobuf
rustup default stable

git clone --recurse-submodules

cargo install wasm-bindgen-cli wasm-pack

rustup target add aarch64-linux-android armv7-linux-androideabi i686-linux-android x86_64-linux-android wasm32-unknown-unknown

cd veilid
cd veilid-tools
cargo build --features=rt-tokio
cd veilid-core
cargo build --features=rt-tokio
cd veilid-server
cargo build --features=rt-tokio
cd veilid-cli
cargo build --features=rt-tokio

Heya, Heonkey! I'm Serena, you may know me from ! My tagline is:

Blonde Twintail Princess with a Tiny Crown!
I'm #transfem , #gynesexual , and currently a university student who is double majoring in Journalism and Political Science.
I'm into
#tech , #gaming , #journalism , #politics , #sports , and of course, #lgbt culture!
My favorite animal is foxes... I love them so much I call myself a foxgirl
On my main computer, I'm always using some flavor of
#ArchLinux !
I'd love for you to mention and chat with me here on the
#fediverse !

Maxwell Volume
2 months ago
In just under an hour I've gone from an empty, freshly formatted drive, to an installed #Gnome on #ArchLinux & a fully functional #Bitwig installation, with all the modern conveniences of #pipewire etc. Ten, even five years ago, I'd be tinkering for days to get everything working the way I want - and even then I'd not have things working satisfactorily & most likely finally limp back to #Cubase. I've been hoping for this moment since I first struggled to get #Ardour to compile back somewhere around 2006 or so. I'd say the time for #Linux #music #AudioProduction has finally arrived.
A computer screen in a darkened room proudly displaying a functional copy of the Bitwig DAW running on Linux.

#pixelfed is my kind of app. The only Linux distro they have specific installation instructions for is #archlinux :-)

Does anyone have an updated guide for installing #Arch with full disk encryption - using a #yubikey as part of MFA decryption?

There are a few old articles/blogs - but some of them seem quite outdated. I found [this]( for Ubuntu that looks like it would work for Arch - if I use dm-crypt?

#archlinux #fde #encryption

ame :blobcatpeek:
2 months ago

this month it will be one year of me using the #LinuxDesktop as a daily driver! my Year of the Linux desktop ❤️

in August 2022 i blasted windows away from my boot drive entirely and installed
#PopOS. I had a lot of fun on it until i realized i wanted to use and install things that i needed to build from source...

in December that same year, it might've been the 25th, i decided to start over on
#ArchLinux and it's been my daily OS ever since ❤️

2 months ago

Hi everyone in the Fediverse! I am Richardn, a senior computer engineering student at the University of Michigan.

Related to my major, I am a #FOSS enthusiast and a daily #Archlinux user, currently diving into #Rust .

I am a heavy #Anime watcher, with #GhostInTheShell being my all times favorite. I usually prefer #indiegames , especially ones with #pixelart .

Interested in #neuroscience , I teach myself in the field, and is currently working on a #bci project, planning on a Master's program in related fields.

I care about economic #equity very much, and my vision for the future would be something like cybernetic communism. I would love to know more thinkers and activists having radical ideas on building societies!

I selected this instance as my home because I do have a lot text to share. I long to see constructive long conversations happening here.

And I decide to hop into the Fediverse because I have high standards and many feelings about my digital presence. It would be natural to live somewhere as federated as the human society. It would NOT be natural to borrow a slot for myself in some corporate servers.

Nice to meet everyone! Attached is the virtual figure I commissioned to represent me, so this is what I look like, digitially :P

A grey-haired blue-eyed anime girl with a blue coat, white shirt, black skirt, pantyhose and white boots. Displayed before a sci-fi looking background.

Being able to use my #archlinux computer with my wife using #multiseat (each using different keyboards, mice and screens) under #wayland thanks to #loginctl #gdm and the patches from and
I wonder if I can achieve the same thing under #freebsd with #seatd for example, once the whole thing is merged in #gnome (I'm using #sway on my side). Has anyone given a try to a similar setup ?

2 months ago

Yesterday I migrated my home server from #archlinux to #freebsd
I set static IPv4 and it’s gateway, and I tough that IPv6 with SLAAC set gateway automatically, like the IP address. Unfortunately no. I spent time to investigate and understand why I cannot communicate with others using IPV6. I searched in my #pf rules but it was not the right direction 😅
#adguard and #unbound are working like a charm.
#wireguard is set and configured but in IPV4 only. Now I will search if I can set it with IPV6 and how.
In parallel I will reinstall my #PaperMC server (#minecraft server).

LaPingvino 🟙 :ir:
2 months ago

Just installing a new Arch based system and as Arch keeps everything up to date and Noto Sans Symbols 2 got updated with the 🟙 Nine Pointed Star this means the #bahai star now works by default on any #ArchLinux system that has a proper Noto fallback chain.

2 months ago

@jhx @stefano With all your discussions and suggestions, I am planning to migrate next month my small home server from #ArchLinux to #FreeBSD.
Thank you 😅

Jon S. von Tetzchner
2 months ago

@LorenAmelang @fabiscafe , yes, it is very nice to see how our usage on #ArchLinux and #Linux in general continues to grow.

I’ve never been anti-apple products on principle like some folks are. I’ve just never owned one before.

My long-time #ArchLinux laptop died recently, and I bought myself a refurbished M2 #MacBook Pro.

I haven’t charged this thing in almost two days, and it’s at 20% battery. I’ve been doing the #KenneyJam in #Godot and build-heavy #DotNet development workloads for work.

Credit where credit is due: #Apple makes a good product.

Now I just need Asahi to stabilize so I can go back to #linux. ;)

2 months ago

@fabiscafe Pkgstats works on my Arch!

pkgstats show firefox chromium epiphany konqueror vivaldi
firefox 68.63
chromium 45.35
epiphany 14.95
konqueror 10.25
vivaldi 7.18

Looks like some #ArchLinux users are adopting Vivaldi...


_ Do you have `pkgstat` installed on #ArchLinux :archlinux:? ⁻

Whats that:
Some Fun stats:

It's also of great help for me as #AUR PKGBUILD provider to see if my package is used at all. So I'm always happy if people install it. 😇️

2 months ago

Hello, before start here, I will introduce myself with this #introduction.
I love learn thing every days and I love OSS. My favorite OS are #FreeBSD and #ArchLinux. I like to hack my computers. I like sports and especially #swimming and French football team #PSG. I love all music styles but my favorite one is #rock


Bonjour, avant de #toot je vais donc commencer par une rapide #introduction.
J’aime apprendre tous les jours et pour cette raison j’aime les logiciels libres. Mes OS préférés sont #FreeBSD et #ArchLinux. J’aime bidouiller mes PCs. J’adore le sport et particulièrement la #natation et le #PSG. Niveau musique je suis ouvert, même si mon style préféré reste le #rock au sens large.