James Green
46 minutes ago

A few lateral migration channel margins marked in red. The left 2 are typical foreset bedding. The relict channel (right) starts ~3.9 m below sea level, which equates to about 6900 years ago if it isn't truncated (it appears to be). Visible strata outside the channel is marked in brown. On offshore surveys we look for extant land forms associated with buried channels that have "potential" for Paleo or Early Archaic archaeological sites. #geology #archaeology

Flat seafloor with normal strata for the 1st few meters, interrupted by a dark linear mass representing a buried oyster reef. The strata below the oyster reef is almost entirely obscure by poor acoustic penetration & multiple echos of the reef. Four red lines mark relict channel margins, with some visible horizontal strata outside the channel marked in brown.
James Green
49 minutes ago

Subbottom profile data from Matagorda Bay, Texas, showing a buried (85 cm) oyster reef, relict channel deposits & biogenic gas-saturated sediments. The survey boat hit ship waves while going over the reef, thus the chop. The relict channel shows lateral migration. #geology #archaeology

Flat seafloor with normal strata for the 1st few meters, interrupted by a dark linear mass representing a buried oyster reef. The strata below the oyster reef is almost entirely obscure by poor acoustic penetration & multiple echos of the reef. Relict channel margins appear as lines that can be traced downward, with some visible horizontal strata outside the channel.
Stephan Schmatz
1 hour ago

Die Bambini-Runde in Carnuntum

Die Bambini-Runde ist eine ca. anderthalb Kilometer lange Runde vom Römischen Stadtviertel im Westen des heutigen Ortes Petronell-Carnuntum zum Amphitheater der Zivilstadt und der Gladiatorenschule und danach wieder zurück.

#weinbergwandern #wandern #wanderlust #carnuntum #roemerlandcarnuntum #roemerstadtcarnuntum #niederoesterreich #roemerzeit #antike #archaeology

Seth Chagi
2 hours ago
Museum of Portable Sound
2 hours ago

“If the [aerophones] were used for hunting, then this is the earliest evidence of the use of #sound in hunting,” said Hamudi Khalaily, an archaeologist at the Israel Antiquities Authority

#Archaeology #aerophones #flutes #SoundBeyondMusic

The Shrine of Hidden Knowledge
4 hours ago

Submerged Quarantine Hospital And Cemetery From The 1800s Discovered By Archaeologists In The Florida Keys. The hospital had been used to house yellow fever patients before falling into disuse in 1900. #Archaeology #Florida #Hospital

🍀 Cecil Teapot 🍀
7 hours ago

They sure were ugly back then. 👀
#Archaeology #StarWars

Simões, L.G., Günther, T., Martínez-Sánchez, R.M. et al. Northwest African Neolithic initiated by migrants from Iberia and Levant. Nature (2023). #OpenAccess #OA #Biology #History #Archaeology #Science #Anthropology #Genetics #histodon #histodons @histodon @histodons @archaeodons

8 hours ago

The deeper the remoteness which a glance has to overcome, the stronger will be the spell that is apt to emanate from the gaze (Walter Benjamin).
The 'shudder' is the act of being touched by the other, experienced as a convulsive instant that cancels the distance held by the subject (Theodor Adorno) #neolithic #megaliths #StandingStones
#neurology #stroke #migraine #archaeology #quartz

Picture: Arthur's Stone (Crown Copyright 1958)

A monochrome photograph of a horizontal stone slab - the capstone of a prehistoric tomb - balanced on upright stones. In the foreground is grassland, in the background trees tower over the tomb. There is a visible fracture halfway along the capstone. This 5,000 year old archaeological monument is known as Arthur's Stone, in the Golden Valley, Herefordshire. It is the inspiration for the fictional Stone Table in C S Lewis's book, 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', which fractured at the resurrection of the redemptive figure, Aslan, the Lion.
Åsa M Larsson
10 hours ago

Fantastic archaeological find!
"An exeptionally beautiful moose shaped artefact found in Kuusamo East Finland in May 2023"
These axe-shaped objects that end in an animal head (usually moose or bear) are rare, but part of Neolithic traditions in Finland. A few have been found in Eastern Sweden as well (probably imports/trade).
#Archaeology #Neolithic #PrehistoricArt

Stone axe ending in the head of a female (or young) moose
10 hours ago

Into the esplumoir -
'All souls were believed to be gathered in a big cage or treasure house in heaven, in a columbarium...' - The Esplumoir Merlin: A Study in Its Cabalistic Sources, by Helen Adolf. Speculum, Vol. 21, No. 2 (Apr., 1946), pp. 173-193. #columbarium #birdhouse #megaliths #neurology #stroke #migraine #archaeology #neolithic #quartz #ritual

The Shrine of Hidden Knowledge
13 hours ago

Recent investigations in the Colosseum’s sewer networks have uncovered popular snacks, ancient coins and even animal bones. #Archaeology #Rome #Colosseum

Ben Waber
16 hours ago

Next was an interesting talk by Doug Baird farming practices in Neolithic communities at the University of Chicago (8/11) #archaeology

Ben Waber
16 hours ago

Next was a fantastic slate of talks on modeling cultural evolution at the University of Michigan with Stefani Crabtree, Anna Prentiss, Dietrich Stout, and Melinda Zeder. I highly recommend the whole session, and I particularly liked the talks by Prentiss and Stout (6/11) #archaeology #culture

Modern humans are the result of a long and complex mating process. A new study found that two distinct groups of African ancient humans interbred over tens of thousands of years. This created a genetic diversity that allowed our species to adapt and thrive in different environments.

#human #genetics #archaeology

James Green
20 hours ago

Mississippian period (ca. AD 900-1700) tall neck tripodal bottle with bulbous feet from the Cairo Lowland of southeast Missouri (Phillips 1939, Plate 18 B3). The top portion of the neck is missing. #ceramics #archaeology

Hemispheric body except it curves in to form a ledge-like shoulder. The neck sweeps in from there. The podal supports are bulbous (like miniature short-neck bottles) applied at an angle to the base & connected by a thin rod of clay.
The Shrine of Hidden Knowledge
22 hours ago

12,000-Year-Old Bone Flutes Discovered Sound Amazingly Like Birds Of Prey.
These are the oldest wind instruments ever found in the Middle East but it's unclear if they were used for hunting or for music. #Archaeology #Israel #Aerophones #Flutes #Duck #Bone

A nice Utah rock art panel. Sadly, it's near a road. I fixed several bullet scars.

#CanyonCountry #Archaeology #RockArt #Utah #Slickrock #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A rock art panel on dark brown desert vanished sandstone. The central figure has a triangular shaped body, a small round head, two short arms with fingers that hang down, and two legs with feet. There's two other anthropomorphs on each side of the central figure. They feature straight lines with intersecting circles that extend from each hand. There's a few other smaller figures, some four legged, and an image that looks like a fern leaf and one that looks like a snake or maybe a winding river.
Atlas Obscura
1 day ago
Wonder Is Everywhere: A Fight Over Optimus Prime, the Richmond Rat Boy, and More From Around the Web
Wonder Is Everywhere: A Fight Over Optimus Prime, the Richmond Rat Boy, and More From Around the Web
jd 🔆
1 day ago

Arched Egyptian Harp

Harps like this were played at ancient Egyptian banquets – they're often shown in scenes covering the walls of tombs. This one was found in a tomb and is over 3,000 years old. The strings were plucked two at a time, and depictions of harps show they could be accompanied by singers and instruments that resemble lutes and oboes. Songs at banquets were usually dedicated to deities.

(British Museum)
#Histodons #History #Archaeology #Music #MusicalInstruments

Photograph of the harp on a black background. The harp is formed from an arched piece of wood, wide at the base and narrow at the neck. Several strings are attached between the base and the neck where there are pegs for tuning. The instrument is richly decorated with a carved head of a woman at the end of the base, and painted in browns, greens, and blues. 

A caption reads, “Arched wooden harp. Tomb of Ani, Thebes, Egypt, New Kingdom (c. 1550–1070 BC).”
Archaeology News :verified:
1 day ago

A tailoring tool from 39,600 years ago

An animal bone fragment containing a number of man-made pits could have been utilized by ancient artisans when tailoring clothes.

The artifact was discovered in Catalonia, Spain, and is thought to date back to around 39,600 years ago.

This would make the bone the oldest-known tool of its kind, predating eyed needles in the region by approximately 15,000 years.

Continue Reading:
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1 day ago

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! #Archaeogaming is 10 years old today! On June 9, 2013, Andrew Reinhard launched (on Blogger!), which is currently maintained by Kaitlyn Kingsland. Here's a link to the very first post, which considers the question: what even is video game #archaeology

#DigitalHeritage #DigitalArchaeology #Retrogaming #MediaArchaeology

10 Year Anniversary Seal
1 day ago

The first prehistoric wind instruments discovered in the Levant "The discovery of these 12,000 -year-old aerophones is extremely rare – in fact, they are the first to be discovered in the Near East. The “#flutes”, made from the bones of a small waterfowl, produce a sound similar to certain birds of prey (Eurasian sparrowhawk and common kestrel) when air is blown into them." #science #archaeology #MusicalInstruments #WindInstruments #Woodwind

The Shrine of Hidden Knowledge
1 day ago

Oldest carved piece of wood to be found in Britain dates back 6,000 years. The meter-long piece of timber was found in trench dug for workshop at property in Boxford, Berkshire. #Archaeology #England #Boxford #Carving #Workshop

The Shrine of Hidden Knowledge
1 day ago

Study finds Neanderthals manufactured synthetic material with underground distillation. ##Archaeology #Neanderthals #Synthetic #Adhesiv

The Shrine of Hidden Knowledge
1 day ago

Archaeologists excavating a hilltop sanctuary on the Aegean Sea island of Kythnos have discovered “countless” pottery offerings left by ancient worshippers over the centuries, Greece’s Culture Ministry said Wednesday. #Archaeology #Greece #Kythnos #Offerings

Sampath Pāṇini ® ✅
1 day ago

“Since the Romans crucified people from at least the 3rd century BC until the emperor Constantine banned the practice in 337 AD out of respect for Jesus and the cross’s potent symbolism for Christianity, it would follow that archaeological evidence of crucifixion would have been found all over the Empire.

And yet only one bioarchaeological example of crucifixion has ever been found.”

#crucifixion #Christianity #RomanEmpire #archaeology #symbolism #semiotics #jesus

James Green
2 days ago

Salt Peter Cave lithics Levels 1-3, Dubois Co., Indiana (Denbow 1976, Fig. 12): a) Fort Ancient (AD 1200-1600); b) point tip; c-d, k) flake tools; e) biface; f) bone awl; g) Buck Creek (1500-600 BC); h) Merom (1600-800 BC); i) Lowe (AD 250-550); j) Madison (AD 900-1650). Dates are circa. #archaeology

a) small, skinny, triangular point missing distal end; b) point tip; e-f) unifacial end scraper/fragment; e) large lanceolate biface; f) bone awl with both side of distal end thinned; g) barbed point with deep corner notches, & slightly flared stem with straight base missing the distal 1/3; h) small corner-notched point with bulbous stem; i) proximal 2/3 of a narrow point with weak flaked shoulders & wide, flared stem; j) small triangular point; k) lamellar blade flake fragment with use at several locations.
2 days ago

South #China Sea shipwrecks give clues about historic #SilkRoad trade routes

Archaeologists begin excavation of two 500-year-old vessels filled with porcelain and timber

#History #Archaeology

2 days ago

#China’s Bronze Age Shang dynasty gives up more of its secrets from 3,600 years ago

Four Shang sites have recently been unearthed in Beijing and nearby provinces

Findings offer valuable picture of city building, social systems, burial etiquette and handicraft use, national cultural heritage body says

#History #Archaeology

2 days ago

Around 40 standing stones thought to have been erected by prehistoric humans 7,000 years ago have been destroyed near a famed archaeological site in northwest France to make way for a DIY store, an angry local historian has revealed.

#archaeology #history

Chris Bond
2 days ago

#229 Cheryl Straffon (ed) - Meyn Mamvro: Ancient Stones and Sacred Sites of West Penwith, No 12, Summer 1990. Meyn Mamvro, St Just. #CherylStraffon #MeynMamvro #EarthMysteries #Archaeology #StoneCircles #BoscawenÛn #Cornwall #Kernow #Dowsing #TheLizard #Megaliths #BookOfTheDay

The front cover of Meyn Mamvro No 12 for Summer 1990, featuring an illustration of Boscawen Ûn Stone Circle by Su Bayfield.
Gali Jaffe :trans_verified:
2 days ago

Waiting for @jaaaarwr and his friends... #Berlin #archaeology #tour #museum #Pergamon

Isabel Picornell
2 days ago

Two crates of Roman Pottery, two crates of bones, four smaller boxes for specialist attention and a skelly in a box. Post excavation begins. We are fast-tracking the dating of the skelly. Results the end of July 🤞

#Alderney #Archaeology

Dr. Kirsten D. Dzwiza
3 days ago

The #Greek #magical papyrus PGM XIa was inscribed on the back of an #account dated to July 336 AD.

This is why we know that the magical text can be dated to the late 1st half of the 4th century at the earliest.

The handwriting adds more insight and the text is dated to the 4th/5th century.

#ancientmagic #archaeology #papyrus #Egypt #ancient #magic

Two photos of the Greek magical papyrus PGM XIa, to the left a photo of the front side with an account dated to July 336 AD, to the right a photo of the back side which was inscribed with a magical text.
Dr. Kirsten D. Dzwiza
3 days ago

✨ 🍀 😍 A few minutes ago I finally finished the sound editing of the upcoming video! 🤩 🍀 ✨

It will be a 60 minutes journey through PGM VII with a number of original research, especially concerning the deities & various kinds of performing magic.

Thank you to all of my patrons who enabled me to conduct the research and to make this video!

#ancientmagic #archaeology #ritual #egyptology #classics #papyrology #ancient #Egypt #greek #magic #papyrus #wisskomm #scicomm #patreon #openaccess

A complete reconstruction of the Homer oracle in the ancient Greek ritual manual PGM VII - Papyrus L0ondon 121, kept in the British Library in London.

It’s wild that the simple tradition of cooking and sharing #tamales during a special occasion is the modern continuation of an #indigenous Mesoamerican practice that goes back millennia.

They’re also portable and tasty as heck. I don’t eat them often, but I enjoy them every time. 🫔
#archaeology #indigenousculture

A well-preserved stucco frieze discovered at the Mayan archaeological site of Homul in 2013. It depicts the crowning of a ruler and dates around 590 CE. The ruler is seated wearing a feathered headdress symbolizing a Mayan god with two kneeling men offering tamales with outstretched arms.
The Shrine of Hidden Knowledge
4 days ago

Drought in Iraq Reveals 3,400-Year-Old City. Archaeologists raced against time to map the once-submerged ancient metropolis. #Archaeology #Iraq #Submerged #City

James Green
4 days ago

Subbottom data of a filled Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Sabine-Calcasieu River trench off the LA/TX coast. The acoustically transparent sediments contain biogenic gas. Foreset bedding indicates channel migration. Being on both sides means the river moved back & forth. It is along channels like this that we look for extant terraces & natural levees that could potentially have a Paleo site. #geology #archaeology

Flat seafloor with a dark layer about 1.5 meters under the seabed. The filled ~20 meter deep river channel originates from this layer. the river channel is filled with alternating layers of clay & silt/sand & resembles a narrow U with one side going out with a bench. It is flanked by light color gas-filled sediments & foreset bedding. Forset bedding are angled dark slashes marking old channel locations as the channel migrates to the side.
Chris Bond
4 days ago

#227 Marjorie Quennell and C.H.B. Quennell - Everyday Life in Prehistoric Times: The New Stone Age. Transworld Publishers Ltd, Carousel, 1971, 1st Carousel edition. #MarjorieQuennell #CHBQuennell #Archaeology #Neolithic #Transworld #CarouselBooks #BookOfTheDay

The front cover of 'Everyday Life in Prehistoric Times: The New Stone Age' by Marjorie and C.H.B. Quennell, featuring a full colour illustration of a reconstruction of Stonehenge.
James Green
4 days ago

Regarding flake tools, some are expedient tools (pick up, use & toss). Others are intentionally modified (retouched) to create working edges. The latter can be curated. Curated means that they were kept & used for awhile (days, weeks or months). Consider a flake knife in a hunting tool pouch. #archaeology

Sebastian Hageneuer
4 days ago

#280CharAbstracts: D. Hölscher shows ways to base science outreach in #archaeology upon educational principles. Visitors in GER are offered GPS-tours with ludic elements, learning about the local landscape and #history.

This article is part of a broader book about communicating the ancient past, published in 2020 at Ubiquity: Communicating the Past in the Digital Age.



A street with a bike.
4 days ago

Science org: Unveiling the secret of ancient Maya masons: Biomimetic lime plasters with plant extracts

#archaeology #mesoamerica #maya #Copan

5 days ago

With a "View Through the Camera", our #Istanbul_DAI colleagues continue their #MoreThanDigging blog series about the variety of archaeological research - and give us an introduction into the role of "#Photography in #Archaeology" here:

Drawing of a photo panel at an excavation.
Chris Bond
6 days ago

#225 Charles Thomas - Celtic Britain. Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, 1986, 1st edition. #CharlesThomas #Celts #CelticBritain #Archaeology #ThamesAndHudson #BookOfTheDay

The front cover of 'Celtic Britain' by Professor Charles Thomas, featuring a colour photo of the remains of early buildings at Tintagel in Cornwall.
Megalithic Portal (Andy B)
6 days ago

More fantastic views of the ‘paps’ (boobs) of #Jura from this stone at Tarbert (#Gigha) which has a natural cleft. It was investigated for alignments by Alexander Thom. Photos by our member David Hoyle, who has also created an amazing #archaeoastronomy horizon viewing app which is linked from our pages. Look for the square blue standing stones icon: #StandingStoneSunday #archaeology #archeology #megaliths #standingstones #prehistory

Emma Cox
6 days ago

Fernacre is (hopefully) named after the old plural word for fairy “feren.” It’s one of Cornwall’s largest stone circles with around 69 stones of which half are still upright.

Rough (pronounced row) Tor is in the background.

Photograph by me.

#StandingStoneSunday #Folklore #History #Archaeology #Nature

The right half of fernacre stone circle curving into the foreground. Roughy tor is in the background to the left hand side. The golden hour gives the moor a yellow glow and the stones cast long shadows from right to left.
Ferdinando Simonetti
6 days ago
Nika Shilobod
1 week ago

If there are any researchers and non-profits in #biodiversity, #physicalgeography, #archaeology, #ecology, #climate, etc. that have recent-ish publications or projects and would like to participate in a low-pressure short and easy online Q & A session for public outreach & showcasing your work, shoot me a dm. We are happy to work with whatever schedules you have. Especially looking for some ECRs. :) @phdstudents @phdlife

Tom Elliott
1 week ago

I'm still just flabbergasted that it's now possible to access freely the volumes of the Archaiologikon Deltion online.

#archaeology #classics

E.g., I found this report on the indispensible Chronique des fouilles en ligne / Archaeology in Greece Online:

It references ADelt 61 (2006) Chr., 421-24, so I head over to, type "αρχαιολογικον δελτιον τομος 61" into the search box, click the button and soon I'm downloading the PDF.

Tom Elliott
1 week ago

hey #ancientHistory and #medievalHistory and #archaeology folks, can any of you help @gamingthepast with a question about social organization and terminology in #medieval #Mali

Shawn Graham
1 week ago

on this #dayofdh2023 our work ( @Drdonnayates, Ahmed El-Roby, Chantal Brousseau, Jonah Ellens, and Callum McDermott) on the antiquities trade is published, yay! see and #dh #archaeology

Global Museum
2 weeks ago

2300 years old Scythian woman’s boot preserved in the frozen ground of the Altai Mountains. #archaeology

Painted Hand Pueblo & Sleeping Ute Mt. I had made plans to cross country hike into this site since road access to the trailhead has been closed for a decade. But, I was happy to discover they finally rerouted the road around the private property owner who had denied access to the site for so long. Sadly, the sky didn't corporate with some dramatic clouds or sunset colors. Guess I'll just have to go back & try again! 🙂

#Archaeology #Ruins #Desert #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A cylindrical ruin made of hand hewn sandstone bricks sitting on a ledge in the left portion of the frame. An intervening valley of pinon-juniper woodland with a small mountain range in the background that resembles a person lying on their back.
Assoc for Roman Archaeology
2 weeks ago

The exhibition at La Hougue Bie, #Jersey, displaying items from Le Câtillon II, the world's largest Celtic coin hoard with 70,000 coins, torques and other objects, is excellent. The detectorists who found it reported it to the archaeological service immediately, and it was lifted from the ground as a block and meticulously studied in lab conditions. Coins in the hoard were bagged, and traces of the bags were found #Archaeology

The remains of a Celtic purse: two large rings once would have fastened the leather purse to a belt and two smaller rings act as terminals to the leather cord that pulled it closed at the top.
A gold Celtic coin with a design Picasso would have admired: bold lines and solid shapes make up a horse with reins in its human-like mouth, held by the arm of a man whose body and chariot disappear off the edge of the coin; a bristle-backed boar runs alongside the horse.
Mastodon Migration
2 weeks ago

@markigra Disciplines currently supported by the Find Academics on Mastodon ( tool:

#Atmospheric science and air quality
#Communication and Media Studies
#Earth Science
#History and Philosophy of Science
#Islamic Studies/Middle Eastern Studies/Islamicate Studies/Oriental Studies
#Marketing and Consumer Research
#Nuclear Fusion
#Open Science


These are some spectacular pictographs in a collapsed lava tube in northern Arizona. I like how the artist used outlines and positive / negative effects in the paintings.

#RockArt #Desert #Archaeology #Culture #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A painted anthropomorph with a red body, outlined in yellow, and white dots above its head. The head is triangular as is the body. The two arms point down and have two fingers. The legs have two toes.
A painted anthropomorph with a red body and white dots above its head. The head is triangular as is the body. The two arms point down and have two fingers. The legs have two toes. Below the main figure is a smaller "negative" representation of the figure. It has a white body with a red outline.
An overview of the pictograph panel showing a number of anthropomorphs and some abstract designs. The colors used are red, yellow, and white.
An overview of the pictograph panel showing a number of anthropomorphs and a few abstract designs. This is a wider view that includes a red and yellow arch or "rainbow". The colors used are red, yellow, and white.

One of the best Ancestral Puebloan pictographs I've ever seen. Really spectacular!

#Utah #Cultural #RockArt #Archaeology #SouthWest #Desert #Canyon #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

Rock art painted with two pigments, one a dark brown-red the other white highlights of dots and stripes. Figure on the left has a triangular shaped body, a short neck, and oval head. White dots resemble a crown and white dots and stripes highlight the body. Moving to the right, the next figure is elongated with faint legs and the head has long ears or horns. Both the body and head are highlighted with stripes and dots. The next figure has an long oval shaped body highlighted with stripes and dots, what appears to be a neckless represented by two rows of dots, and a crown of dots. Next to the last figure is a zig-zaggy line of the the brown-red color. At the top the line divides slightly suggesting a mouth, perhaps?
3 weeks ago

"Beneath... dense jungle in northern #Guatemala, scientists have discovered 417 cities that date back to circa 1000 BC and that are connected by nearly 110 miles of “superhighways”... “the first freeway system in the world.”

...this extensive road-and-city network, along with sophisticated ceremonial complexes, hydraulic systems & agricultural infrastructure, suggests that the ancient #Maya civilization... was far more advanced than previously thought."


News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Long-hidden ruins of vast network of Maya cities could recast history
In Guatemala, scientists map well-organized network of 417 cities dating to circa 1000 B.C.
By Charlotte Lytton
May 20, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. EDT

Photo with caption: The La Danta pyramid in northern Guatemala. Deep in the jungle, researchers have found evidence of a well-organized system of hundreds of ancient Mayan cities. The discovery suggests the ancient civilization was far more advanced than previously thought. ( Andres Turcios and Mirciny Moliviatis/FARES)
Laura E. Hall
3 weeks ago

1) The shipwreck of the 1495 medieval Danish warship Gribshunden turned out to have incredibly well-preserved plant remains, including expensive spices like saffron, peppercorns, ginger, and almond.

It's a “substantially complete royal medieval pantry” and is "[one of] the most fabulous discoveries of spices in any archaeological context, on land or sea"

View the paper here:

#Medieval #Gribshunden #Shipwreck #Archaeology #MaritimeArchaeology #Viking #Vikings #Histodons

A diagram showing strands of orange saffron recovered from a shipwreck
An illustration of a medieval sailing ship
Tom Elliott
3 weeks ago


Crawford, K.A. and Vella, M-A. 2022. Cyprus Settlement Database, version 1.0 (1 November 2022):

"The Cyprus settlement database provides geospatial and temporal data on 1559 settlements from across Cyprus from the Late Epipalaeolithic (11000 BCE) to the end of the Ottoman Period (1878 CE)... made available under the Creative Common License CC-BY 4.0."

h/t Chuck Jones

#archaeology #DH #gazetteers

Martin Rundkvist
3 weeks ago

"Broken crockery brings happiness, but only to archaeologists." /Agatha Christie


4 weeks ago

Two early victims of the AD79 eruption discovered:
#Pompeii #archaeology #history

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
4 weeks ago

This prosthetic eye made from a mixture of natural tar & animal fat is nearly 5,000 years old. It was found near the city of Zabol in Iran in 2006. Archaeologists believe that the prosthetic eye, which was once painted gold, was worn by an ancient priestess who stood 6’ tall.

#histodons #archaeology #archeology #skeleton #humanremains #histodon #histmed #histsci

A photo of a partially uncovered skeleton, showing the skull, neck and part of the shoulder. The skeleton is lying on its side, and in its eye socket is a large, round prosthetic.
Flipboard Culture Desk
4 weeks ago

Gallo-Roman dodecahedrons — 12-sided hollow objects usually made from bronze — have been found all over Europe, from the north of England to Hungary. Most can be dated to the second and third centuries, and archaeologists don't have the foggiest who made them or what they're for. Big Think lists some of the theories here:

#History #Archaeology #Culture

1 month ago

current status:
clothes:mud covered.
skin: sun burnt.
Brain: fried.
mood: content, i found a floor surface next to my roman wall, much chunky ceramic.

1 month ago

So much Roman ceramic coming out of the ground today, mostly looks like 1st/2nd century stuff...which is cool 😎 cause we have several phases of building on this site. #archaeology 😀

Catherine Flick
1 month ago

Hey #Archaeology #Archaeogaming friends! The husband of a friend’s new game is out and might be of interest! A short narrative game that features space archaeology

Mark Asser
1 month ago

Oh look, another #introduction post from me. It's my fourth, and I still don't know what to put in it. I've been cluttering up the fediverse since October 2022.

Anyway. I was a public servant in Canberra for years and years, and now I'm not a public servant and I'm back in Adelaide where I just sort of droop about looking at things and catching buses and putting the bins out on Monday morning. A sense of purpose eludes me, but as time goes on it seems less and less important. Despite being 'retired' I'm only 52, so I'm a bit of an anomaly.

I maintain an interest in the various policy areas I worked in, but I won't go on about those things at length. I'm also politically active (on the left of course), but this won't be a political account. This will be where I let my mind wander about frivolously, or maybe just dopily, with the odd bit of seriousness.

Random interests: #history #geology #archaeology #lunch #ecology #naps #mettwurst

1 month ago

Does anyone have access to the following? My ILL service can't get me the pages on the shield from Clonoura, County Tipperary:

Raftery, Barry (1983) A catalogue of Irish Iron Age antiquities. Veröffentlichungen des vorgeschichtlichen Seminars Marburg Sonderband 1. Two volumes (Marburg: Druckerei Kempkes)

#boostsAppreciated #archaeology #ironAge

Barney Harris
1 month ago

#scotland #archaeology #lidar anyone know what this strange shaped enclosure might be or when it would date from? c. 75m x 80m. Situated at the terminal of one of our linear earthworks in the Scottish Borders...

Ancient Viking treasure reveals the oldest reference to Norse god Odin

Scandinavian researchers have found the first known written mention of the Norse god Odin on an ancient gold disc that was unearthed in southern Denmark.

The gold disc, which dates to the 400s AD, was discovered n Vindelev, central Denmark, alongside a cache of Roman coins that had been reworked into jewelry.

Read More:
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#archaeology #archaeologynews #norsemythology #odin

Shawn Graham
1 month ago

I *think* I've successfully rebuilt Epoiesen using Eleventy and deployed everything correctly. Check it out - fresh new theme, same great content! Epoiesen: A Journal for Creative Engagement in History and Archaeology #histodons #archaeology #dh

...and if something is broken, lemme know. Artisinal Academic Publication Y'all

Flint Dibble
1 month ago

A thread to link all my #archaeology and #history videos up on YouTube

I'll be adding more videos soon!

As always, share good archaeology with your friends, and when in doubt smash that subscribe button.

cc: @archaeodons @histodons @antiquidons

1 month ago

Drone News of the Week pt2. - Amateur Archaeologist Tony Hunt has been using his drone to find several important locations. His latest is a mass grave from the English Civil War. I still find it amazing that an individual can have the technology to do this kind of survey work.

#GoodNews #Drone #Tech #Archaeology #Photography #Imaging #Survey #History

Dr. Kirsten D. Dzwiza
1 month ago

✨ Interested in ancient magic and ancient magic signs? ✨

Vol. I of the Soucebook of Ancient Magic Signs is in the final stage!

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100+ applications in the Egyptian & Greek ritual manuals

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New #translations

Lots of links to further reading

#archaeology #ancientmagic #magicsigns #classics #egypt #greek #ancient #ritual #magic #openscience #wisskomm

Gavin MacGregor
1 month ago

Excavations have been taking place on Dumyat, overlooking Stirling, investigating the ramparts and interiors of a hillfort which may originate over 2500 years ago but was probably also used in the early Historic period.

A collaboration between the local authority archaeologist, with local volunteers, and academics from University of Aberdeen's Northern Picts project, it's a great example of how we collaborate in Scotland to get more done together.

#Archaeology #Scotland #Environment #Picts

Archaeological trench open over rampart of hillfort, people excavating in trench. To side is spoil heap with one person standing sieving to check for artefacts.  The hillslopes are shrouded in cloud.
Excavation in trench which has revealed stone work of structure on the inside of the rampart.  Person kneeling with trowel investigating occupation deposits in interior.  Bright Orange bucket with soil in it.