Mark McCaughrean
16 hours ago

It's cloudy here in The Netherlands today 🙄

Much like it is in many star-forming regions ✨

Less than 90 minutes to wait until our full #JWST images of the inner Orion Nebula & Trapezium Cluster are released 😬👍

They will be downloadable at & viewable on, while the two preliminary science papers will be at 🔭

Have a look around the images & post your favourite bits with #PiecesOfOrion. Here's a tiny preview 🙀

#Astrodon #AreWeThereYet

A small piece of one of our JWST NIRCam images of the Orion Nebula showing some green & reddish-brown clouds with a few colourful stars. The full images will be released at 12:00CEST on 2 October 2023.
Wesley Fryer (he/him)
5 days ago

#book2read “The Six: The Untold Story of America's First Women Astronauts” by Loren Grush via #AreWeThereYet

#SpaceEd #equity #nasa #history #WomensHistory #TFNGs #OralHistory

Book “The Six”
3 weeks ago

「おっと、@ESAJuiceBarが5%になったようだね。もうすぐだね、@ESA_JUICE @TheExpanseVerse #AreWeThereYet 」ぽいのです。

3 weeks ago

「やったね。@ESAJuiceBarが5%になったようだぽい! #AreWeThereYet @ESA_JUICE @TheExpanseVerse 」とESAがツイートしたっぽいよ。ちなみに日本時間では、9/15の18:21だったぽいのです。

Funny Konstantin :bheartrainbow:
3 months ago
Good mooorning :heart_cup: !!!

It's Thursday, and it's also update day for - something really cool is coming later today 🤩 Can't wait to share more about that.

#ReleaseDay #Thursday #AreWeThereYet
Queen of New York
3 months ago

T-minus two days before we move the last group off the legacy system. I am excited and exhausted. Mostly exhausted. But I think all the pieces are at least in place on int, and we should be able to get everything verified there and on staging. I hope. #DevLife #exhausted #AreWeThereYet

Marion Boddy-Evans
4 months ago

Detail from a 30x30cm (12x12") painting
#AreWeThereYet #ContemporaryPainting #ScottishArt #Painting #MarkMaking

Close up of painting of pebbles with greys and browns and some bright orange peeking through
4 months ago

4,5 more hours to go until destination is reached. #arewethereyet

6 months ago

Ah, spring in #Ottawa ! When you can complain about being done with winter and sub 0C temperatures on a Saturday and have 27C forecast for Thursday!

#AreWeThereYet #OttWx #OttawaWeather #Spring

I can't wait to luxuriate in warmth!

Lindsey Lavender
7 months ago
Lindsey Lavender
7 months ago

It starts with a nice brief summary of what zoning is and why we are finally re-writing ours. One benefit of waiting so long is that we can address many many problems at once. #governmentefficiency #arewethereyet

Zoning Rewrite Overview “Zoning” refers to the regulations that govern the development of buildings and use of land. ~ itensures that we construct buildings and use land in ways that promote positive outcomes for the community. ~ Theadopted Comprehensive Plan, Affordable Housing Plan, and Small Area Plans lay out the long- term vision and policy goals for the city. Through regulation of development, the Zoning Ordinance is one of the primary tools to implement the visions and goals of these plans. When we say we are “rewriting the zoning ordinance” we mean that we are examining all pieces of the zoning ordinance to ensure that: ~ 1: The Zoning Ordinance supports the Comprehensive Plan (including the Future Land Use Map) and other adopted plans, such as Small Area Plans and the Affordable Housing Plan. - 2:Wemitigate the flaws and barriers to development previously identified by City planning staff, elected and appointed officials, and community members. ~ 3:The new zoning will be easier to read and apply for everyone involved, «  Some sections of the Zoning Ordinance will be completely re-written while other sections may adapt or utilize text from the current Zoning Ordinance.
8 months ago

Is it time for Daniel Craig to announce the weekend? #AreWeThereYet #Weekend

Lindsey Lavender
8 months ago
Josh Luedeman
8 months ago

Sometimes I feel like the kid in the back seat during a road trip #AreWeThereYet

Christopher Biggs
9 months ago

Pork belly rubbed with salt-cure and in the fridge for a week. #AreWeThereYet

10 months ago

My brain has gone into holiday mode, but my to-do list is still acting like it's October! Argh!

Motivational Bangtan time! 🤭😍

Have a great day lovely purple people. 💜💜💜

#AreWeThereYet #RunBTS

Rodion Borisov
10 months ago


I dunno if my mistake is considered common, but it certainly was not an easy one to discover initially: assuming that many and not only a select few element types are allowed to be #ShadowDOM hosts. To make reusable buttons... buttons, and reusable table rows have their intended attributes, well, I have to jump through some hoops and wrap those in the most generic tags. #WebComponents #AreWeThereYet

Krazy Thee Alaskan
10 months ago

Well, the 7th grader has a calendar for week 16. Whew. Almost to mid year and ski season. #AreWeThereYet #SecularHomeschool #FridayNight

7th gradeSecular homeschool schedule
Rodion Borisov
10 months ago

#WebComponents experience :underheart:

:sadness: Browsers don't have the same baseline styles.
:fatyoshi: 2 hours figuring out how to avoid #frameworks and #bundlers.
:AngeryCat: 3 hours of searching framework anyway, only to stumble upon options that either, like #LitElement, have minified bundle without #TS declaration or, like #StencilJS, require building.
:tinking: Ending up writing my own nano-framework with adoptedStyleSheets #polyfill.

#TIL #JavaScript #buildless #AreWeThereYet

Jon Sessions
11 months ago

#Mondog, what a great thing 🐕

2 small cute dogs on the back seat of a car photographed from the front, both sitting up straight and alert looking around expectantly
Krazy Thee Alaskan
11 months ago

#CannabisLife #AreWeThereYet #Alaska

Lauren S Hallion
11 months ago

I’ll be honest - I’m a couple days in and absolutely loving the sense of community on this app. Early days yet, but #mastodon might be my new #sciencetwitter forever home.
#TwitterMigration #academia #AreWeThereYet

I played the Android game "80 Days". It was well-written, but far too choose-your-own-adventure for my tastes. I don't like it when the way to win is not cleverness but blindly and exhaustively exploring the game tree. (I'm also far too impatient to enjoy travel.)

I will soon be tasked with writing a mobile adventure game and am worried that I can't recall ever liking one.

#android #gamedev #AreWeThereYet