#askfedi would it be appropriate to reach out to a hiring manager on a previous role at the same company to let them know i've applied again and will need the same accommodations in their hiring process as before or would that be shooting myself in the foot

Jupiter Rowland
2 hours ago
Over 13 hours in. Almost 34,000 characters for one #ImageDescription. And I'm still not done yet.

I've only got one spaceship left to describe, and this can be fairly short because that vessel is hard to "paint with words" due to its unusual design. And then there will be a few words about the surrounding scenery which I usually add last.

But I still haven't written the descriptions of the four nebulae, three of which I need for this image description. I can describe spaceships halfway decently, but I don't think I can do the same at the same level of detail with nebulae. And I absolutely need descriptions for them in order not to let non-sighted users down and come over as some ableist swine.

Maybe I should #AskFedi to do that or even resort to #Alt4Me. (The nebulae in question would be IC 434 including the Horsehead Nebula as well as NGC 2023 and the other surroundings, the Crab Nebula, NGC 604 and, irrelevant for this first picture, the Lagoon Nebula.)

Also, I might actually split the post I've planned in two. I currently estimate the whole thing including a triple image description to go well beyond 60,000 characters. I'm not even sure if that's still within the character limit of the hubs where I have my channel. It would definitely exceed 50,000 characters.

The downside would be that the double image description in the second post would have to use that in the first post as a reference. I'm not sure if and how this will work for #Mastodon users, especially those with a #ScreenReader. The alternative would be to put the whole 4,200-character non-image-specific lead-in into both #ImageDescriptions.
3 hours ago

I am curious how people backup their personal photos, especially if you are in the Apple ecosystem. iCloud Photos? On-device only? external hard drive? something else? Would love to hear your solution. I need a new solution since photostream shut down (I think I was 1 of the only people still using it 🤪). Still haven’t tried iCloud Photos, but it seems like it may work for me. #iOS #AskFedi #Apple #iPhone

3 hours ago

Do credit unions / small cooperative banks exist in #Belgium? #askFedi

Are there any Push-To-Talk apps known to humankind that respect your privacy?

#askfedi #apps #SelfHosted

swagg boi :mastoiddong_gold:
5 hours ago

Is there a browser extension out there where I can do a regex match on a URL as a ‘condition’ then if true, append a query string to URL? #askFedi

Ivan 🇪🇸
6 hours ago

#AskFedi are there any #iMac wizards around? I just saved an iMac G3 from becoming e-waste, but it has a really strange issue.

It boots up, doesn't do the bootup chime, and enters into a blue screen without even displaying any icon. Could this be a hardware-level issue?

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
8 hours ago

Maybe #UnpopularOpinion
I am thinking of reverting to classic #pedals...
I fell bad one time too many with #clipless and now I am scared of going out on my #bike on my own 😔


I accidentally my moka pot in the dishwasher. Is there any hope to get rid of this nasty soap patina?

Scrubbing it away with water and sponge turns out ineffective. It only removes the surface layer.

Sharing is caring.

#help #askfedi #espresso #coffee #oopsie

A moka pot in a greyish patina.

Is a square #tube a cubube?


14 hours ago

Does anyone know which colorimeter works with Linux with displaycal that is available today in market ?

#askFedi #linux #colormanagement

15 hours ago

What’s something nice and affirming you can say to a transmasc friend who expresses how much they hated their femme presenting past self? A friend is going through a lot but I usually just give them a squish or a hug because I don’t know what to say. I’m cis.

#AskFedi #Trans #TransPride #Question

B. Quatscht
15 hours ago

Was kann ich machen?!
Bei #Pixelfed erscheint stets eine (abgeschnittene) Fehlermeldung, wenn ich ein Bild herunterladen will:

'Für das Herunterladen von Bildern müssen sie eine Schreib...'

Passiert in #Pixeldroid mit Android 13 auf Fairphone 5, alle App-Berechtigung sind erteilt, auch Speicherzugriff

Kennt das jemand? Für Ideen bin ich dankbar.

#askfedi #fedihelp #followerpower

jmc :debian:
16 hours ago

Hey fellow @fediverse people!

Do you know of any website/collection/whatever that is like The Odin Project, but for Java development?

I'm talking guide, tutorial, exercises all in one. I loved the Odin Project (shout out to @annasara for recommending it in the first place), it gave me a great start in becoming a JavaScript developer, and now I'm looking to expand my horizon.

Thank you all in advance!

#askfedi #asklinuxpizza

Okay, Fediverse, what can I use for a nasal decongestant that won't knock me out? (Benadryl knocks me flat.)

*Something* out there has got my nose running like a faucet. Perpetual post-nasal drip; it's making my life hell. I already take 1 Zyrtec (cetirizine) every morning, and another before going to bed. Some medical person said to use that rather than Claritin; I forget why.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

#Lazyweb #AskFedi #antihistamine #decongestant

Clayton Errington 🖥️
1 day ago

Any one know how to resolve the


when hosting my own domain and well-known file? Hosting is with Vercel and got the json added, just when searching for @ me@ is when I still get the 422 error.

#Mastodon #AskFedi #selfhost

Jason Nabein
1 day ago

I would like to ask, given vast train knowledge on Fedi, if any recognizes this train warning bell sound? This is at Enoshima Station, Kanagawa, Japan.

I swear that I have heard this sound though when I was in Europe, so I am curious if it's some kind of internationally standardized warning bell worldwide, or something unique to specific train manufactures?

#TrainTravel #Trains #Japan #JapanTrains #日本の電車 #Zug #Europe #askfedi #Train #日本 #Travel

Video showing a train pulling in to Enoshima Station, Kanagawa, Japan. The video is taken to the right of the station, at the roadway crossing, which is currently blocked with safety bars, and red flashing warning lights. Additionally, a warning bell is ringing to signify the train is coming and to watch out. There are several people standing around, either waiting for the safety bars to raise or taking video of the well enjoyed Enoshima Electric Company train carriages.
Jason Nabein
1 day ago

Someone reassure me why I shouldn't expect to find #bedbugs underneath a #fridge purchased from a used #appliance store... because my irrational brain is running the gamut on that currently. #AskFedi #BedBug #Anxiety

Jonathan Lamothe
1 day ago

Can anyone recommend a #VNC server for #Windows? The one that keeps coming up is RealVNC, but it seems to force you to create an account and run everything through their servers. I don't want any of that garbage, especially since VNC is not an encrypted protocol, and could easily be eavesdropped upon and/or MitM'd.

This is to do remote tech support on my father's PC. I've already got him on my private VPN, so there's no need to worry about dynamic IP or NAT issues. I thought about Windows' native Remote Desktop software, but in Microsoft's infinite wisdom that's not available on his particular version of Windows.


Petra van Cronenburg
1 day ago

Question to #English native speakers: Do you have an #idiom for people who are fanatics of an ideology or lifestyle? These people who make the only perfect sourdough in the world or are more communist like the most famous communists and who show arrogance to people who are less "perfect"? Looking for a good equivalent of the German "ein Hundertfünfzigprozentiger". #language #askfedi #translation #linguistics

Ivan 🇪🇸
1 day ago

#askfedi what's a good, open source, privacy respecting "smart watch" operating system?

When you get a new phone, do you:

#AskMastodon #AskFedi #Poll #Apple

1 day ago

question about a federation thing here, i'm genuinely lost: is it possible, purposefully or accidentally, for an instance to hide a post and related boosts — but nothing else — from another one?

here's what's happening :

* i boosted this post:

* a day later, the post is gone from my page. i assumed the post got deleted, which is fine ofc

* turns out the post has *not* been deleted, it's visible from the original instance and with my boost even listed (screenshot n°1 and n°2)

* but if i try to access it from here, the post has no boosts shown, unlike the other day (screenshot n°3)

what's happening here? not jumping to conclusions but i hope it's not what i think this is.

feel free to boost if you can help me figure that out :boost_requested:​

#fediverse #askfedi

edit: added some tags for visibility

screenshot n°1, the post from the original instance's URL. boosts and likes are shown there.
screenshot n°2 showing that, from the original instance's URL, my boost is shown.
screenshot n°3, same post but accessed through this instance. no boosts / likes are shown.

Anyone using #KeyDB instead of #redis on your #fediverse instance?

#askfedi #askfediverse

2 days ago

Any #illustrator / #artist friends out there willing to answer a question? I was asked to submit a proposal for a project but I have no idea how to do that or what to charge.

Appreciate any help! Please DM me if you’re more comfortable discussing in private.

#askfedi #advice #artadvice

Gonna #askfedi to decide:
What should I save up for after fixing my home server?

2 days ago

Now that there’s search, I’d like to make my Profile a little more welcoming in general but also set it up so my values are more obvious and hopefully make it so specifically other quilters can find me easily. Is there a best practices somewhere to help write a Profile?

Alternatively please share your fav tips or examples re: a good profile!


Para ver Mastodon vía web ¿Ustedes utilizan la página oficial de su instancia o utilizan un servicio de terceros? #askfedi

2 days ago

instance admins should be aware of the following major issues with pixelfed. the web version have been neglected. timeline feed much slower and any mute of account will completely break individual timelines

#fediverse #activitypub #timeline #pixelfed #foss #opensource #askfedi #askmastodon #askfediverse

instance admins should be aware of the following major issues with pixelfed. the web version have been neglected. timeline feed much slower and any mute of account will completely break individual timelines

Hey Cooking and Baking Fedi, question: I've read now that melamine ramekins are NOT safe to torch for making Creme Brulee. I know porcelain and metal are safe, and want to know good options, say for catering for a small event and wanting something on the order of 4oz servings.

I checked Webstaurant Store but it's pricey! Where do you look or what do you use?

EDIT: updated to ask for suggestions since melamine bad

#AskFedi #Baking #Pastry #Dessert #Desserts

I want to learn about cryptography and specifically elliptic curve cryptography. Any recommendations of (preferably video lectures / courses) free learning resources?

#askFedi #cryptography #ellipticCurves

2 days ago

Mit der neuen Mastodon Version kam auch die Änderung, dass in ausnahmslos jeder Art der Benachrichtigung die angehängten Medien erscheinen. Ich scroll mir hier echt einen weg. 🙈
Hat jemand schon die Möglichkeit gefunden, Medien (im Browser) auszuschließen?


2 days ago

Can someone recommend a relay we can add to our small instance? #mastodon #askFedi

3 days ago

I'm looking for instance with less restrictive rules and 'generic' (easy to misinterpret) in speech.

You know, idk what people mean by 'hate speech' but there's a lot of individuals that can easily be offended even by simple joke. I don't care if you are weak glass.

Servers that do not have ' Do not use slurs or racist, sexist, homopho...' yada, yada.

I'm not searching for extreme cases, just enough to speak about dangers of woke / dei.

#askfedi #instancemove #instance #server #mastodon

Caleb Herbert
3 days ago

What did Pythagoras's meals look like? #vegetarian #AskFedi

3 days ago

#askFedi are there #Mastodon clients with an #offlineFirst design?

Derek Caelin 🌱
3 days ago

People who have gotten a #tattoo: Is it typical to get your design done the day of the tattoo?

I'm used to working with graphic designers who want days and multiple iterations to perfect a design, and that's for temporary stuff like a logo!


Any org-mode wizards here? Is there a way to link to a headline in an org-mode file from an external document? Like a deep link for org-mode files that works from everywhere!
#emacs #orgmode #askfedi

3 days ago

I'm gonna continue with my #askfedi requests, this time for #statistics in #python =)
I'm using ztest (from statsmodels) for classic A/B testing with "conversion" proportions.
Now I need to do the same but comparing *revenue* (a sum), rather than conversions (a percentage) - and I have no idea what even to look for, since all I can find talks about proportions.
I kinda think a Chi-square test might work, but I'd love if somebody who actually knows could point me in the right direction =)

3 days ago

What I want to say:

- I make things.
- these things might be books, games, maps, guitar pedals, bits of art, etc...
- these things are handmade where possible
- there will only be 10 of these things and they will never be made again
- one of these things will be kept by me, the other 9 will be sold through an online shop

...but I want to say it in a 1 sentence tagline.

"limited run, unique handmade products"

How would you write it? Thanks.

#askfedi #creativetoots #handmade #theWorkshop


I want to make an #OpenBSD #x86_64 virtual machine with #QEMU, with as few legacy devices as possible. No ISA bus is particularly interesting :D.

Has anyone else done this? Do you have command lines to share? Thanks!

Clayton Errington 🖥️
4 days ago

I've gotten my #RSS feed updated locally to have a style to it so it looks pretty if you go to it in a browser.

Question is, should I commit these changes and make it live on my site?

#AskFedi #Poll

4 days ago

How does it happen when someone has an Mastodon account with no posts yet the total post count says otherwise? I've tried going directly to the account instance and same results. For that matter even following and followers show up empty. Scam/spam account?

#AskFedi #AskMastodon #AskFediverse

A screenshot of a Mastodon profile focused on the total 68 posts, 589 following and 43 followers. Posts is selected and shows, no posts here!
4 days ago

I'm trying to write an operating system that works with Braille displays (Braille TTYs). I do not have a Braille display, but I have a Raspberry Pi. Anyone know how to make the Raspberry Pi emulate a particular model of Braille display? (A skeuomorphic interface would be excellent, so I can work on UX, but right now I just care about basic functionality.)

Development will likely start on qemu, so advice there would also help.

#OSDev #Braille #AskFedi

The firefox @-moz-document css at-selector stopped working for me, effectively disabling the all-site userChrome.css.

I thought Ι could write a GreaseMonkey script that'd load a stylesheet from disk (the file path would contain the domain name), but the common way of appending a stylesheet is creating a <link rel=style> in <head>. And putting file:// in the document cannot pass security.

Can someone help?

#askFedi #CSS #JS

5 days ago

I'm writing a blog piece about the Digital Markets Act in the EU, and legislation of the same name in the UK. As well as others laws in play or on the horizon to regulate digital services.

So what does the fediverse think of the #DigitalMarketsAct?


5 days ago

Has anyone customized Gitea in docker? I can get the template fragments to work but stuff in custom/public just 404s.

#gitea #askfedi

5 days ago

hey what was the name of that cooperative S3 storage service ?


5 days ago

I've been experiencing the whole "shortness of breath, palpitations, pain in the left arm" thing for a few days now.
Haven't gone to the ER because it happened already and it was nothing, and I think it's nothing again (and I'm in Germany, where I was reprimanded for "overreacting" to a gas leak).

What I'd like to find, once and for all, is a way to be *sure* it's not a heart problem, but apparently anything and everything is a sign of a heart attack.
Can somebody help? #askfedi #medicine

6 days ago

I arrive 1:00 am in Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan.

What public transportation can I take to get to Taipei? I want to take the express train but the last train leaves at 23:00 and the first is at 6:00. Please help.

(Please boost for wider reach.)

#Taiwan #Travel #Taipei #Taoyuan #Airports #TaoyuanAirport #AskFedi #CrowdSourcing #Transport #Tourist

6 days ago

Trying to learn about #XMPP.

#AskFedi: What do you think is the way to have the best experience with it?

1 week ago

Thinking of moving instances cus I feel like ... unfortunately almost never produce any #search results. Any #neurodivergent, #queer, #sex-positive related/welcoming, #misskey instances that produce search results that include #mastodon posts?


1 week ago

is there a possibilty to look at the custom emojis of instances? #askfedi

Jay Baker
1 week ago

Fellow #ComicBook enthusiasts! As if their monopoly wasn't bad enough, I'm growing increasingly tired of the poor service and increasing postage from Forbidden Planet. Does anyone have any recommendations for UK-based online shops for #ComicBooks by any chance? I know there was Place in Space and stuff. I'm sure there are several I'm totally unaware of! #comics #AskFedi

Neko the gamer
1 week ago

are there any #GNOME applications that can do micro edits to images (rotating, crop etc.)?

#AskFedi #libadwaita

Em :official_verified:
2 weeks ago

Asking For Your Recommendations!

As you might have read
in my previous post, I am now officially looking for work!

What are your recommendations
for great organizations to work for in the digital rights, privacy, or security related fields?

Tag them below
if they are on Mastodon! 👀

#GetFediHired #FediHired #AskFedi
#DigitalRights #Privacy #Security

2 weeks ago

Is there a way to view/follow groups of #hashtags together in a separate timeline, similar to putting groups of people on lists?

The only way I can see is to have several accounts that follow different hashtags.

Maybe there's a client software that allows to filter the timeline by groups of hashtags?

#AskFedi #AskMastodon #Photography #ActivityPub #timeline #lists #hashtag #howto


Jay Baker
2 weeks ago

Any recommendations for a good cheap/free and easy #FOSS alternative to DocuSign type stuff? In this case specifically for image/audio releases. Thanks! #AskFedi

2 weeks ago

Blocking an account on @pixelfed means you will never see posts from that account, but should it also prevent that account from viewing your posts?

Enforcing this across instances would be challenging, is this something @pixelfed should explore? #askFedi

Sean and Ruchika
2 weeks ago

Looking for advice from people who use both #Mastodon and #Pixelfed - how do you use the two? Are they completely separate for you? Or do you use one to promote the other? Do you post one type of content on each? We can see the strengths and weakness of both platforms and have been kind of puzzled about how we want them each to be. Any thoughts / advice / best practices from the wider #Fediverse would be really appreciated! Thanks!

#AskFedi #AskMastodon #Photography #ActivityPub

Jeremiah Lee
2 weeks ago

Jag har Viaplay i 3 dagar. Vad ska jag titta på?


2 weeks ago

Does anyone have insight into how to set up a "feeder organization" - a business where all profits are donated to charity in the US? Or can recommend a good #tax person who might know?

#charity #advice #askfedi #lawfedi

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 weeks ago

Mastodon friends, is there a way to organise #bookmarks?
I use #FedilabApp on my phone and occasionally the laptop...