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Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty

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The Heat Will Kill You First by Jeff Goodell

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Whoa - I hit 1200 subscribers on my YT channel ... um, thank you?

Not sure who to thank for this but my audiobook YT channel hit 1200 subscribers this week. This is the first time this has ever happened to me so I'm feeling a lot of feels rn. Any recommendations, suggestions, tips? Really proud that something I've done is making people happy. In case you're curious, my latest project is here:
Thank you again, people!

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YT studio page
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A Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer

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The Con Queen Of Hollywood: The Hunt For An Evil Genius by Scott C. Johnson

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#Audiobooks have grown into a billion-dollar industry. A normalized way for readers to consume books, and an unavoidable facet of literary life. Even #Spotify is wants a piece of the action now.

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The Maid by Nita Prose

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Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice For Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto

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Bryan Edward
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Frankie ✅
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Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
3 days ago

The Project Gutenberg Open Audiobook Collection

Thousands of free and open audiobooks powered by Project @gutenberg_org, Microsoft, and MIT.

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(Author) Michael Anthony White
4 days ago

Join my #newsletter and request a #free Spotify code for one of my #audiobooks! Just go to my website, & click the Subscribe button.

Once verified, send me a message from my contact page with the title you'd like to receive a reply with the code.🆓🔉📖

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Morning Folks! I recently wrapped up the Old Man's War series by John Scalzi and talked a bit about my thoughts on the six books. I also talk a bit about being bummed that I have no more books to consume in that series.

Post Series Sadness

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Steel Titan
4 days ago

Please repost for visibility, so I can find people to follow. Like for me to take a look at your profile.

#Introduction #Welcome

Likes/Interests: #Technology #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #Fediverse #OnlineFreedom #Privacy #Anonymity #Anonymous #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #Manjaro #Linux #Science #Socialism #MultipolarWorld #Programming #Rust #Golang #RetroGaming #SelfHosted #TechNews #Matrix #Anime #Hentai #Futurology #AI #Singularity #Fitness #Health #Collapse #ClimateCrisis #Audiobooks #Books #Fanfiction #Conspiracy #CriticalThinking #DataHoarding #Piracy #FileSharing #Meshnet #Decentralized #Distributed #P2P #PeerToPeer #IPFS #Zeronet #Freenet #I2P #Tor

Dislikes/Disinterests: #Music #Memes #Cats #Dogs #Nazis #CIA #NATO #UsEmpire #Oligarchy #Plutocracy #Kleptocracy #Imperialism #Fascism #Racism #Capitalism #Billionaires #Woke #Wokeism #Liberals #Democrats #Republicans #Conservatives #BigTech #ClosedSource #Microsoft #Discord #Copyright #Censorship #WesternMedia #MaintreamNews #OfficialPropaganda #Surveillance #PoliticalCorrectness #SurveillanceCapitalism #DRM #DataMining #FakeNews #Misinformation #Disinformation #EchoChamber #FilterBubble #CorporateMedia #Consumerism #Materialism #Overconsumption #PlannedObsolescence #FastFashion #Waste #EnvironmentalDegradation #Gentrification #Inequality #Neoliberalism #Globalization

Best to worst: #fopnu #nicotine+ ( #soulseek ) #aMule ( #edonkey2000 #ed2k ) #EiskaltDC++ ( #dcpp ) #gnutella #Shareaza #qBittorrent ( #BitTorrent #torrent )

My dream social media platform. What do you think, what are the most interesting ideas, what other features would you like to see, how would be your perfect social media platform?

I have only just found #librofm and really like that if you sign up for a subscription you fund a local physical 📙 store of your choice. Also one of the few places to get #corydoctorow #audiobooks is not perfect, but does hold a lot of titles I would otherwise need to pay full price for #audible does not hold the license in my region.
#bookstores Audiobooks
hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
5 days ago

Recursion by Blake Crouch is available in audiobook format for just $5.99 right now at Chirp Books. This was a rather trippy read. I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Dark Matter, but it's still pretty decent.

#audiobooks #ChirpBooks #BlakeCrouch

Don’t read Ann Patchett’s new book, Tom Lake - for god’s sake *LISTEN* to it. Meryl effing Streep performs the audiobook. Wonderful writing, wonderful story once again by Patchett but omg Streep is so great.

#amReading #reading #books #bookstodon #audiobook #audiobooks #AnnPatchett #MerylStreep

6 days ago
Tyler Burton
6 days ago

This is a neat project. #Microsoft is working with others to ingest public domain texts and use advanced text-to-speech to turn them into #audiobooks. #book #publicdomain #ai #podcast

6 days ago

SIX #halloween #audiobooks all in one place! @mthart12 #Audible Narrated by Jeffery Donaven
#horror #vampire #nobubblegumvampiresallowed

1 week ago

Not often that I will do a recommendation for books. Especially in todays age of audiobooks. But Project Gutenberg has are archive of audiobooks that are in the public domain. There are some real gems here if you are so inclined.

#AudioBooks #PublicDomain #FreePress

Cc @RickiTarr

1 week ago

I just found out that 10 audiobook versions of my sapphic romance novels are free in Audible Plus right now, so if you have it, check out my books!

#audiobooks #sapphicbooks #lesbianbooks #sapphicromance #lesbianromance #queerbooks

Now in Audible Plus!
1 week ago

Think of a beautifully typeset book. And then someone decides to decorate that text with a variety of netting. Think of wire window screen, guaze, swoops of lace and everything in between. The text is so obscured it can barely be read.

This is what it is like with an audiobook “decorated” with music. This is my experience with particularly “I Found You” by Lisa Jewell. The sound of a good read was completely spoiled by random musical overlay.

This is not a visual movie decorated with music, it is more like a movie decorated with random emoticon pop-ups obscuring the scenes.

I listen to audiobooks because my sight is not as strong as it used to be after years of staring at screens. My hearing is just OK, but not in crowded places—like audiobooks with overlayed music.

#books #audiobooks #bookstodon

1 week ago

Fellow audiobook fans: The audio version of my sapphic shape-shifter romance novella is on sale at 50% off right now!

Get it on Audiobooks com:

#SapphicRomance #SapphicBooks #ParanormalRomance #PNR #Audiobooks

Kay Elúvian
1 week ago

oooo one of my narrations is featured in Theresa Bakker's "Desideratum" podcast! Give it a listen!


We’re talking about A LIGHT IN THE FOREST - a Colorado Book Award Finalist - on this Desideratum.

This week we’re talking about being a work in progress with author Melissa Payne whose new novel A Light in the Forest got us talking about small towns, and pigs, and intuition.

#VoiceOver #VoiceActing #voice #narration #audiobooks

Michal :verified: :btw:
1 week ago

@hisham_hm Thanks for the nudge. Apparently has some sci-fi collections, yay!

#audiobooks #LibriVox

1 week ago

Apothecary is available for preorder as an audiobook. Nick Cracknell's performance is simply astonishing! His vocal range and ability to bring the characters to life is breathtaking. He brings the story to life! #audiobooks #scifi #scifibooks #sciencefiction

luna (tangleofthorns)
1 week ago

@bookstodon folks, do you listen to audiobooks? If so:
- Do you have favorite narrators? Or the opposite? Ever started or quit listening to something because of the voice?
- if you’re talking about a book, do you say you’ve read it?

#books #audiobooks

Jill Minor
1 week ago

According to a marketing insert in Library Journal, Leslie Jones ad-libs in her audiobook of LESLIE F*CKING JONES. So yeah. Stellar. Six days away. #LeslieJones #audiobook #audiobooks #bookstodon @bookstodon

Cover image is an old photo of little Leslie Jones in pigtails and a blue dress with a white color holding a microphone (?) some mic-like object and grinning the grin that is uniquely hers. Text says "Leslie F*cking Jones a Memoir Foreward by Chris Rock Leslie Jones."
1 week ago

There's no prize, but can you guess which famous Zen Philosopher who hailed from the UK and became popular with the "Beat" crowd when he emigrated to California is humorously parodied in this chapter of an audiobook I narrated for a friend?

"Major Plumpton and the Brahman of Bromley"

#Zen #UK #Bromley #audiobooks #bandcamp

1 week ago

Srdeční záležitost... V podání Norberta Lichého je to opravdová lahůdka.

Děkuji @bohdandlouhy za připomenutí.

#audiobooks #audioknihy #knihy

Screenshot obrazovky na kterém je část audiopřehrávače a obálka knihy od John Wyndham - Den Trifidů
hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
1 week ago

Wool audiobook is available on Chirp Books for $6. If you're a fan of science fiction I strongly recommend this one.

#Audiobooks #Bookstodon #BookRecs

Tut Willy 🔱
2 weeks ago

The Satanic Verses

Read this years ago, and remembered nothing about it.

The part I enjoyed the most was when the scribe kept incorrectly recording the prophet's speeches. And no one noticed.

As this plays into my not being able to understand anyone's claim about any book being the word of God.

#Audiobooks #Bookwyrm @ramblingreaders

Breakup Gaming Society
2 weeks ago

listening to the part where the Red Corsairs and Night Lords loot a whole-ass Marines Errant fortress monastery and butcher everything in it

it's pretty fun stuff
#warhammer40k #audiobooks

Carrie L. Carr
2 weeks ago

Another five-star review! Listen to how it all started with Lex & Amanda (and Martha!).
#lesfic #sapphic #audiobooks

Every Word
2 weeks ago

Every Word is built to be fully usable for free, but some features require Plus membership, available with a subscription or as a one-time purchase.

Plus feature #1: Remove the book limit.
With the free version, you can only have 2 playable books in your library.


#audiobooks #ios #everyword

Showcase of Every Word, showing 4 screens: player, library, stats, player speed control.
Jill Minor
2 weeks ago

Who loves a good #audiobook? CHENNEVILLE by Paulette Jiles, read by Grover Gardner, will be released tomorrow. In my top book picks of the year. Gardner is a great narrator. More about the novel on my blog @bookstodon

#western #books #bookstodon #audiobooks

2 weeks ago

Hey lovelies! 🌸 Ever wondered if audiobooks are as good for your brain as reading? Well, science says YES! 🎧=📚 Studies show that whether you're listening or reading, your brain processes the info in similar ways. Even better, this could be a game-changer for those with dyslexia. 🌈💕 So, whether you're cooking dinner or lounging in your fave clothes, pop in those earbuds and dive into a story! 🍲👗 It's all good for that beautiful brain of yours. 🧠💖 #Audiobooks #Reading #BrainHealth

Nonya Bidniss
2 weeks ago

Finished audiobook Radicalized by Cory Doctorow. 4 stories of dealing with the pathologies of business, health, justice, and society. All relatable in one way or another. I seem to remember the story "Unauthorized Bread" from a long time ago and wonder if it was published elsewhere at some point. A good audiobook production with 4 narrators. Recommended. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
#bookstodon #books #reading #audiobooks #scifi

2 weeks ago

"What would an actual Space Western sound like knowing what we do about Mars now?"

#scifi #audiobooks #free #booksforkids #Mars #space

Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

That comes from the audiobook, a #DRM-free, independent edition that I financed, produced and narrated myself. You can get the audiobook everywhere *except* #Audible, #AppleBooks, and, all of which have mandatory DRM policies. You can also get it direct from me:

The DRM-free ebook is available everywhere ebooks are sold (Kobo, Kindle, Nook, etc), as well as in my own DRM-free ebook store:


Florian Haas
2 weeks ago

My #audiobooks plan for the next few weeks is to plow through whatever Audible has available from the Aubrey/Maturin series, unless y'all have good alternative recommendations (fiction). Feel free to comment below with your suggestions.

2 weeks ago

Listening to some #discworld in my car, and this is the album art #toyota decided to use for Wyrd Sisters. Does anybody recognize this band? The only close band that came to mind for me was Twister Sister and this isn't them lol

Tagging #musiciansofmastodon in case they have a better idea 😂

#audiobooks #fantasy #funny

Close up of the album art that my car chose for Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters, a promotional photo of a group of four men. What I assume to be musicians, they're grouped together to fit in the frame. Looks like I was taken at a music premiere or something. Hard to tell due to the small size.
Picture of the console in my car, displaying my audiobook playing with the odd album art.
Goretta Critter of the Night
3 weeks ago

I’m listening to the audiobook There’s Someone Inside Your House, my car’s display makes it seem even MORE menacing 🙃 #horror #audiobooks #books #oops #ohmyyy

The screen reads « There’s Someone Inside You »

@EgyptianAphorist As I'd commented in another thread, there's a full reading of The Prophet (1h45m) here:

#TheProphet #KahlilGibran #Audiobooks

3 weeks ago

New instance, might as well do an #introduction: Hey, I'm Jan. I'm a 32 years old cishet dude from the north of Germany. I'm a software engineer professionally and for fun (mostly in #python) but I also enjoy good #music, #coffee, #podcasts and #audiobooks. I'm struggling with #depression, pretty severely from time to time, and I might end up posting (CW’d) from a dark place, when things are bad. Also, follow me for the occasional dog photo (tax attached).

Black dog lying on a stony beach
Adara Astin
3 weeks ago

It's almost the end of another month & you know what that means!

It's a great time to boost your fave indie artists by buying from us, subscribing to our newsletters, reviewing our work, leaving a tip, etc.

Your support lets us keep making art for you. Thank you! 💋

#Art #IndieArtists #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Bookstodon @audiobooks @AudioFiction @bookstodon @art @romancelandia @smutstodon

Vintage illustrated pin-up calendar for August 1958, showing a brunette woman lying on her back, arms behind her head in a glamor girl pose, wearing a red and white bikini.

Text in the bottom right corner says: 

"She suns herself—
In fair Havana
Clad in only—
Two bandana!"
Katrina Katrinka :donor:
4 weeks ago

FYI, for people who like #audiobooks but want to own them,, like benefits your local bookstore.

Your book's on pre-order there, too.

1 month ago

This is a very strange thing to ask perhaps, but can anyone suggest any audiobooks where the narrators have #Welsh accents? I was flipping through my library and ran into something from some time ago and am now remembering just how lovely that accent was to listen to. I'll take any genres, just need there to be a lot of emotions. Slight preference for sci-fi/fantasy. #Books #Audiobooks

Stephen Childs
1 month ago

My hold on Ann Leckie's Translation State audiobook came in from the library this morning. I've really been looking forward to this one.

#AnnLeckie #ImperialRadch #audiobooks #bookstodon #library

1 month ago
Books Are 42
1 month ago
Reay Jespersen
1 month ago

Giving #audiobooks a first real shot with one I borrowed from the library.

As I’d thought may happen, the quality of narration will be key to my enjoyment of it. This first one is split between two narrators who are clearly experienced at doing this kind of thing, which is good.

But then, unexpectedly, they’ve mispronounced a couple of words,
and the inflection one uses is sometimes different than how a sentence would read to me. Which is a bit distracting.

Very convenient format, though.

Sally Strange
1 month ago

I love #Audiobooks.

Driving to work: Nonfiction

Driving home: New fiction

Falling asleep: Favorite fiction

Graham Downs
1 month ago

I've been on here since November 2022, and I still don't have an #Introduction post. When I first joined, I was a bit lazy, and also couldn't really think of anything to write about myself, and as the time wore on, it just started to feel superfluous, and even a bit silly, to write an introductory post when I've been here for almost a year already.

But here goes:

I was born and bred in #SouthAfrica, and I really love it here. I often post stuff using that hashtag, both slice-of-life type posts, and occasional commentary on local #news. Specifically, I live in the City of #Ekurhuleni.

I'm an independent author, and have written a few books (website link in my bio), but for various reasons, I haven't written anything long-form in some time.

And one of those reasons is that I'm #PartiallySighted (I have #RetinitisPigmentosa), which has progressed quite rapidly in my old age. As such, you might see me using the #accessibillity hashtag from time to time, as I comment on the sorry state of it in websites and software.

For the same reason, I don't read nearly as much as I used to. I'm trying to get into #AudioBooks, but I'm still struggling with them, man. I really battle to focus long enough to finish one. (At this point, I should probably also tag #bookstodon and @bookstodon). :-)

By trade, I'm a Software Developer, and I love technology. But I'm an old-school lover of #technology, so I dislike web apps, struggle with mobile (also see my #disability), and prefer to work on a big monitor with an external keyboard and mouse, rather than a tiny laptop. Unlike most developers, I can't use multiple monitors because I keep losing the mouse cursor. ;-) #programming #development

Because of my interest in tech, I'm also often commenting on the state of the #Fediverse in general and #Mastodon in particular, and what I think should be done (spoiler alert: I think Mastodon is perfect the way it is, and it should be left well enough alone). :-P

Last but not least, I'm a #Methodist Christian, and my #faith is very important to me, so you'll sometimes see me sharing inspirational #Bible passages and discussing things related to #Christianity and Christian #theology.

Oh, I'm also a husband to the most wonderful wife any man could ever hope for, and a foster father to two beautiful teenage girls, but I don't tend to mention them much, because privacy.

Phew! Quite a wide range, hey? So feel free to give me a follow, if you like. Just be warned that you're unlikely to agree with EVERYTHING I post. :-D

Adara Astin
1 month ago

Going into the weekend, you deserve a spicy audiobook to relax with, don't you? Mmm, yes, I think you do. 💋

#NSFW #Erotica #Romance #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Audiofiction @audiobooks @romancelandia @smutstodon @AudioFiction

Sean Randall
1 month ago

I am #blind, but I do not listen to #audiobooks. If I tell you that, Madam #librarian, please take your assumptions about all blind people and stick them somewhere else. I value your knowledge about books and recommendations because of your experience. Please have the decency to let me decide how I wish to read.
'You must listen to the audiobook' is not a phrase that makes me feel warm happy thoughts toward you.

autumn 🍂 tis the season
2 months ago

taking audiobook recommendations for an upcoming roadtrip. preferably fiction (sci-fi counts). 📚 🎧

#audiobooks #books

2 months ago

#Paramount Agrees to Sell #Simon&Schuster to EKKR, a #PrivateEquityFirm. The deal, for $1.62 billion, will put control of a cultural touchstone in the hands of a financial buyer. #publishing #consolidation #bookbusiness #books #libraries #economy #audiobooks

Ian Gregoire (Author) ☑
2 months ago

I’m no fan of #audiobooks, yet there’s one title I have no hesitation recommending to people who are. STAR WARS: THRAWN (UNABRIDGED), is a great showcase of how good the audio format can be, even for listeners with no interest in #StarWars.

Narrated by, Marc Thompson, get your copy from #AppleBooks today, and follow Thrawn’s rise to power—uncovering the events that created one of the most iconic villains in Star Wars history.

#spaceopera #sciencefiction @bookstodon

2 months ago

I am currently listening to Overlondon by @georgepenney that I was gifted by the author.

I'm not that far through as yet (goddamn you life, always interfering), but first impressions are fantastic! It's making me giggle and keeping me intrigued.

I will update when I've listened to more but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

#bookstodon #books #audiobooks

Robert Kingett
2 months ago

Here is a browser extension that will help you download your #Libby books to Mp3/M4B files. It is available for Firefox #Audiobooks #Library

Nonya Bidniss
2 months ago

Here is my book rating system:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ = insanely good, unique, get it!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ = very good, highly recommend
⭐️⭐️⭐️ = solid read, recommend
⭐️⭐️ = badly written/edited, don't recommend
⭐️ = Didn't finish, horrible, burn before reading

#books #audiobooks #reading #scifi #ScienceFiction #SFF #nonfiction

2 months ago

Has anyone a good #Android #app for listening to #audiobooks? #bookstodon @bookstodon @buechermachen

2 months ago

Audiobooks - LaLaLa It's The Good Life. Brighton based Dadaist music with a super creative video. Excellent stuff :) #brighton #audiobooks #musicvideo

2 months ago

now i just have to look up the other dragons' names to see if all of them are in #Gàidhlig 🤓
by 41% of the audiobook some of them were mentioned, but more in passing, so i couldn't really parse their names and, well, i didn't expect to understand them.

sssssso excited!

#books #audiobooks #bookstodon @bookstodon

gif of Jeff Goldblum being excited
2 months ago

but the main reason i'm so excited about this book is smth else 🤓

when Violet's dragon said his full name, Tàirneanach, i just thought "well, it's only natural to be called Thunder if you're a huge badass dragon". after a heartbeat i realised that that name is in #Gàidhlig, and i just understood it on the fly 🤯 it was so unexpected and random, it gave me such a enormous sense of mastery, even though it's just one word
#books #audiobooks #bookstodon @bookstodon

2 months ago

i #AmReading Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, and it's soooo gooood! i usually listen to audiobooks before bed and i get sleepy after 15-30 mins. not with this book, i do not 😁 it's so packed with action and drama and dragons and danger and daggers pew pew pew (why does everything start on a D? 🤔)

i appreciate especially how cool the protagonist is with her sexuality and body, and she has flaws, how refreshing 😁

anyway, check it out, it's fun!

#books #audiobooks #libby #bookstodon @bookstodon

a screenshot of the Libby-app with Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros at 41%. the cover depicts a circle with clouds, the title name and a small dragon in the centre, all in black lines on yellowish-orange background (looks a bit like old paper), above the title name there are another small dragon and words in capital letters: "FLY... OR DIE"
2 months ago

Looking for an entry-level job in publishing? Love audiobooks?

We’re on the hunt for a Temporary Audio and Online Sales Intern! It’s a 3-month, full-time, paid placement (from mid-September to mid-December), that includes working on a really exciting audio project...

More information about the role and how to apply here:

#publishing #publishingjobs #audiobooks #ukpublishing

I just got an email from BookBrush this morning, and it contained a survey about interest in creating AI narrated #audiobooks with them if I would paid a one-time fee of $999 USD to join that service. Of course my first thought was what about the #narrators? What about quality? And a number of other things. I did some research and I’m even more concerned, and of course, the email was sparse in details. While it’s tempting as a #SelfPublished author, I still care about the people it effects. The narrators and the authors. Am I being too paranoid about this or is the appropriate reaction? Who wants to discuss? #WritersofMastodon #SelfPublishing

Sami Määttä
2 months ago


Tooting mostly in Finnish and about digital accessibility. Won't you write an alt text to your image? If you can't make an alt text, for example, because of a disability, use #ALT4me and somebody will swoop in to make you one!

Boosting posts with physical accessibility, cycling, politics, cities and tech for humans and images with #altText. I won't follow you if you don't use it.

I wonder how communities work and how we can design things with humans at the center. I'm trying to find places where to make a difference.

Bad at watching shows, good at watching 1,5 hour long video essays on Youtube. I game - with or without video.

I'm the guy who walked up to a group of people playing ultimate frisbee 3 years ago and am still playing with them.

Friend of printed books, ebooks and audiobooks. Genres: scifi, society, technology and social media.

#accessibility #cycling #urbanPlanning #scifi #serviceDesign #research #gaming #videogames #politics #ebooks #audiobooks #audiobook #ebook #braille #HTML

Adara Astin
2 months ago

I emailed and ultimately got on the phone last week with and it turns out I can't speak directly to the department in charge of taking down the audiobooks, nor could anyone explain to me exactly what happened or why, but the customer service person I spoke to has submitted a request to review my case.

I don't think anything will come of it but I'm doing what I can.

Meanwhile, the Forbidden Hedon Press #audiobooks are still on Apple for now. Please buy them wile you can!

Robert Kingett
2 months ago

If you want prove that disability access makes the world better for everyone, let’s look at #Audiobooks. Audiobooks were never made for non-disabled people, yet, non-disabled people even read exclusively through audio. Just remember that the next time you download a book from #Audible and the same goes for #AudioDescription. Audio description is actively used by truck drivers and more sighted people but again, none of these were made for you. You are experiencing benefits of our advocacy and hard work. Support Disabled people financially so they can continue to do their work. I guarantee your life will improve as a result. Audio description allows you to watch movies without looking at a screen. Audio description describes actions, scenes, and other visual aspects between natural pauses in dialogue. You can see a list of titles with AD and what service it is on, including DVD, at

My Book backlog is getting empty. Only 6 to go and 3 of them are trivia. I would love to have more readings in:

- business
- engineering
- agile work
- psychology
- open source
- science fiction

For further reference. I am a fan of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Gene Kim, Marianne Belotti, Teresa Torres, Jim Kwik and Sergej Lukuanenko.

Please feel free to recommend titles, authors, courses and other material.

Thank you, a lot, in advance.

#books #audiobooks #reading #education #learning

pixelbud 🧠
2 months ago

If you want to support a #local #bookstore, I highly recommend The books are DRM-free. :meow_heart3: You can download them as MP3s or you can use the app.

Referral link:

#PrimeDays #books #audiobooks #reading #nodrm #mp3 #bookstodon

Golden Leaf Books
2 months ago

Audiobooks get me through a lot of migraines, and the one today definitely needs it. Does anyone have a recommendation?

#romancelandia #fantasy #highfantasy #highspice #audiobooks #librofm @bookstodon @bookstadon @bookbubble

Robert Kingett
2 months ago

July 17 is #AltTextCoverDay, we all know how important alt text is on social media, but did you know most book covers, including audiobook covers, never have alt text when shared on social media?

Next monday, July 17, post the alt text of your books/your favorite books!

If you have a favorite author in the Fediverse, ask them to share their covers with Alt Text on July 17!

#CoverAltText #AltText #DisabilityPrideMonth #Books #Audiobooks #AmWriting #WritingCommunity

@Pollsforfun @Kaliah I prefer #physical #books, but do not have space for #Braille, so I get #audiobooks on my phone instead.