Cindy Weinstein
14 hours ago

@memeorandum. This headline is absurd. How about this: "Because she is committed to #authoritarianism, #KariLake is unable to appeal to moderates."

Joshua Holland
14 hours ago

“There’s considerable irony in that those who seek 2 limit access 2 #books in school libraries often say they’re fighting 4 #ParentalRights,” said #KenPaulson, director of #FreeSpeechCenter @ #MiddleTennesseeStateUniversity. “If government #speech determines what books can be in the #library, the government is essentially saying your children can only see the ideas that the government has approved.

“That’s not parental rights, that’s #authoritarianism.”


Zhi Zhu 🕸️
20 hours ago

"Other parts of Trump’s agenda are aberrational...

withdrawing from #NATO, the United States’ military alliance with Western democracies...

he would order the military to attack drug cartels in #Mexico, which would violate international law...

He would also use the military on domestic soil...

he intends to unilaterally send troops into Democratic-run cities to enforce public order in general."

#Trump #MAGA #Autocracy #Authoritarianism #Politics #USPol #USA #News

Text from article:
Other parts of Mr. Trump’s agenda, however, are aberrational. No U.S. president before him had toyed with withdrawing from NATO, the United States’ military alliance with Western democracies. He has said he would fundamentally re-evaluate “NATO’s purpose and NATO’s mission” in a second term.

He has said he would order the military to attack drug cartels in Mexico, which would violate international law unless its government consented. It most likely would not.

He would also use the military on domestic soil. While it is generally illegal to use troops for domestic law enforcement, the Insurrection Act allows exceptions. After some demonstrations against police violence in 2020 became riots, Mr. Trump had an order drafted to use troops to crack down on protesters in Washington, D.C., but didn’t sign it. He suggested at a rally in Iowa this year that he intends to unilaterally send troops into Democratic-run cities to enforce public order in general.

“You look at any Democrat-run state, and it’s just not the same — it doesn’t work,” Mr. Trump told the crowd, calling cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco crime dens. “We cannot let it happen any longer. And one of the other things I’ll do — because you’re supposed to not be involved in that, you just have to be asked by the governor or the mayor to come in — the next time, I’m not waiting.”
1 day ago

"Make no mistake about it. It can happen here."

'Let's talk about Russia, clubs, and the future of the US'

#BeauOfTheFifthColumn #USPol #Russia #UnitedStates #Authoritarianism #Fascism #Soon

"Lock Them Up": Trump's Authoritarian Plans for 2025

“Controlling bodies in jails, camps, and psychiatric institutions makes strongmen feel powerful.”

“Such frightening announcements aim to inject extremist ideas into the mainstream and create a climate of trepidation and powerlessness that discourages mobilization by the opposition.”

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to Ruth Ben-Ghiat’s newsletter, “Lucid”.

#Democracy #Authoritarianism #Fascism #Trump

Du und Demokratie
4 days ago

Quote about #democracy and #authoritarianism:

I think Pence should be honored for doing the right thing that day. That was critical. [...] Wo knows where we would be now? He deserves honor for that moment.

4 days ago

Maduro’s rise to power demonstrates how difficult he will be to unseat. Illiberal and dictatorial regimes do not simply relinquish power under popular and external pressure, and Maduro has proven his ability to disregard opposition in favor of his interests. To foster democratic reforms, regime change must start from within the regime itself. #LatinAmerica #authoritarianism #Venezeula #dictatorship #trade #sanctions #FailedState

Nonya Bidniss
5 days ago

When we're living in a Trump dictatorship we'll only have our neighbors, friends, and families to blame.

"in a democracy, a wannabe tyrant is just a comical figure on a soapbox unless a huge wave of supporters lifts him to high office. That’s how Adolf Hitler destroyed the Weimar Republic and became the Fuhrer. So we need to understand the people out there doing the wave."

The Authoritarians, by Bob Altemeyer (book can be downloaded free online)
#authoritarianism #dictatorship #politics

5 days ago

Alon Pinkas served as Israel’s consul general in New York from 2000 to 2004.

“[…] He [#Netanyahu] sees himself as a historic figure, responsibility as beneath him. He is not merely defiant, but terrified that his trial for corruption and bribery would proceed if he was to resign, and paralysed by the thought that he and the state will no longer be one.”

“[…] A man who likens himself to Winston Churchill has fallen short of the example set by Neville Chamberlain, who resigned in 1940 after the German conquest of Norway.”

“[…] Netanyahu’s shortcomings notwithstanding, much of the twin pressures he is under come from a fundamental gap in how Israel and Hamas define a ‘win’. The asymmetrical power relations between Israel, a formidable military power, and #Hamas, a non-state terror organisation, are evident. For Hamas, a win can be declared if they stand on their feet and wave a single flag. For Israel, only a decisive military triumph that degrades Hamas militarily and renders it politically incapacitated will be enough. Netanyahu is well aware of that, which makes balancing the pressure from home and from the US an intractable task.”


"Former President Trump has spent the last 24 hours on Truth Social unleashing a torrent of grievances, vengeful promises and links to online conspiracy theories about his political rivals.

Why it matters: Trump's online rhetoric has frequently dipped into violent extremism since he left office, escalating as his legal troubles have mounted."

~ Zachary Basu

#Trump #retribution #authoritarianism #ConspiracyTheories #extremism #violence

“Trump continues his deranged authoritarian outbursts, which, due to the ‘banality of crazy,’ will garner virtually no mainstream coverage. Americans deserve to know this stuff. Trump’s authoritarianism is the most important political story in America—and nothing else is close.”

~ Brian Klaas as cited by Charlie Sykes

#Trump #MentalDecline #authoritarianism #MediaFail

Charlie Sykes reminds us of history many Americans choose to forget:

Lots of Americans once loved Mussolini — that swagger! That machismo! That decisiveness! Those movie-star looks! He's making Italy stronger!

Mussolini had large numbers of fanboys in business, labor, Hollywood, and the media. Because a solid proportion of Americans have long been fatally attracted to authoritarianism….

#Mussolini #Trump #authoritarianism #StrongMen

“We have also now learned that most Republicans currently in Congress will do what Donald Trump asks, no matter what it is. I am very sad to say that America can no longer count on a body of elected Republicans to protect our republic.”

#Trump #Republicans #democracy #retribution #Consitution #authoritarianism

“Trump has told us that he thinks the Constitution can and should be suspended when necessary, that what happened on Jan. 6 was justified, that in a second Trump presidency he would seek retribution,. The assumption that our institutions will protect themselves is purely wishful thinking by people who prefer to look the other way.”

~ Liz Cheney

#Trump #Republicans #democracy #retribution #Consitution #authoritarianism

6 days ago

The judge who spearheaded the judiciary’s response to the storming of the Capitol on #Jan6, 2021, blamed that event on “big lies” and warned that the country is in danger of turning toward #authoritarianism.

demï7en 🎗
6 days ago

Edelman PR firm manufacturing and pushing deceitful propaganda for hostile dictatorships is akin to treason against *all* democracies.

But at least the money and the bonuses are good, right? 🤑️💰️💵️

#Edelman #RichardEdelman #hypocrisy #FARA #SaudiArabia #UAE #AbuDhabi #authoritarianism #propaganda

"Howell’s comments were reported by Politico’s Josh Gerstein:

'We are having a very surprising and downright troubling moment in this country when the very importance of facts is dismissed, or ignored,' Howell told the annual gala of the Women’s White Collar Defense Association at a downtown hotel. 'That’s very risky business for all of us in our democracy. … The facts matter.'”

#Trump #authoritarianism #fascism #democracy

"Speaking last night at a lawyers event in DC, [federal judge Beryl] Howell quoted from Boston College historian Heather Cox Richardson’s new book, including:

'Big lies are springboards for authoritarians.'

The U.S. 'is at a crossroads teetering on the brink of authoritarianism.'”

~ David Kurtz

#Trump #authoritarianism #fascism #democracy

1 week ago

"Trump [won't] cancel elections, but [will] co-opt the machinery of state power in the way that Viktor Orban has done in Hungary. "

Georgetown professor @donmoyn has written a good article describing the mechanics of how the GOP will institute an autocracy, ending Democracy in the US, if we see a second term of the previous president. Moynihan includes his full NYT piece plus some additional commentary.

#autocracy #democracy #authoritarianism

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
1 week ago

"A measure of a functional society is that bureaucracy should be boring!...

The fact that the constitution requires public employees to take an oath to the constitution itself, rather than to the President, should be an obscure piece of Founding Fathers trivia rather than a consideration in thinking about how the next President will rule."

#Trump #MAGA #GOP #Republican #Corruption #Authoritarianism #Fascism #Politics #USPol #USA

Text from article:
Trump’s planned assault on the administrative feels like a topic that is simultaneously a) enormously important, and b) not well understood. I know a lot of smart people who are very concerned about Trump, but are unaware of the risks to the administrative state, or unfamiliar with Schedule F.

Which is perfectly understandable! A measure of a functional society is that bureaucracy should be boring! It should not be a task of citizens to understand how Schedule F political appointees are different from Schedule A, B, C, D, or E. The fact that the constitution requires public employees to take an oath to the constitution itself, rather than to the President, should be an obscure piece of Founding Fathers trivia rather than a consideration in thinking about how the next President will rule. You should not have to understand the role of General Counsels, or how our democracy hinges on the willingness of the Supreme Court to go along with novel legal theories like the unitary executive.

But all this stuff matters now. It really does.
1 week ago

UK Descending into Authoritarianism as it bans demonstrations & stifles free speech.

Human Rights Watch’s UK Director Yasmine Ahmed recently said: “Not only is the government talking about ripping up domestic human rights law and ignoring its international obligations, it has launched an open attack on the right to peacefully demonstrate, is locking up climate protesters, criminalizing refugees and has given the police unprecedented powers over citizens.”

#FreeSpeech #authoritarianism #uk #britain #Demonstrations #protest #immigration #ClimateCrisis #palestine

Eric Kansa
1 week ago

Yikes! The Hewlett Foundation putting big money support into #authoritarianism ?

"There’s a long history of major media running front-page editorials, sometimes for important reasons, such as announcing their presidential endorsements or taking a courageous stand on a local issue. For example, the Arkansas Gazette lost subscription dollars but won a Pulitzer Prize for Page 1 editorials defending Black students’ right to attend Little Rock Central High School in 1957."

#Trump #media #fascism #authoritarianism #democracy

Rachel Maddow gives a 1-minute summary of how and why authoritarians try to destroy the idea of knowable truth and how it threatens #democracy. (Not CWing or tagging this as USpol because it transcends borders; #authoritarianism threatens too many countries for me to list here.)

1 week ago

I'm allergic to #authoritarianism 🤮

"It’s past time for major news organizations to take a bold stand against Trumpian fascism before their soft-pedaling of the threat puts the public in further danger and causes the news outlets themselves to keep losing credibility.

Here’s one clear way to take that stand: Major newspapers should run front-page editorials declaring clearly that a vote for Trump is a vote to end democracy."

~ Mark Jacob

#Trump #media #fascism #authoritarianism #democracy

Trump hints at expanded role for the military within the U.S. A legacy law gives him few guardrails

Ah yes authoritarianism 101.
#Politics #Fascism #authoritarianism

1 week ago

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.” — George Orwell, 1984 #Quote #Prediction

From Niagara Falls to Texas to Gaza, a horrifying look into the abyss of a post-truth future #NiagraFalls #Propaganda #GeorgeOrwell #FoxPropaganda #Lies #Authoritarianism #RainbowBridge #FakeNews

NY car crash falsely propagandized as "a terror attack" symbolized our increasingly #Orwellian post-truth world.

Jen Sorensen
1 week ago

Latest comic on Trump calling his political enemies "vermin"

#politics #uspol #cartoon #comic #fascism #authoritarianism #media #language #trump

Nothing's Shocking (for long)

1. Trump says something bad 
Trump speaking at a rally: "We will root out the communists, marxists, fascists, and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country." (actual quote)

2. At first, people are shocked
Man - This is completely unacceptable!
Woman - It's what dictators say!

3. Then, normalization begins
Woman - You know, sewer rats exhibit human-like social behavior, and they love pizza. And so do liberals!
Man - Also, my critics on social media can be pests. Ha ha!

4. Until no one cares anymore
News anchor - Representative Blitz Stormer, what are your thoughts on the 2024 election?
Blitz Stormer - The DemocRAT party will be EXTERMINATED once and for all!
News anchor - It's sure to be an exciting race!

@soc_i_ety @nus @Hawkmoon

The problem is that the socialists still imagine that communism could exist as something other than authoritarianism.

#politics #socialism #authoritarianism #communism #anticapitalism

Is any researcher or investigative #journalist #journalists looking into the suicide rate for #MAGA followers?

We know anecdotally that #DomesticViolence and #MAGA appears connected. (And, #research really, really ought to try to get a better handle on that.) #DV is associated with depression.

I am not trying to solve any great equation. I believe the rise of #AntiDemocratic thought is a culmination of many things. I am informally (meaning, I do not intend at this time to turn it into a research question) looking at MAGA in terms of #HumanDevelopment with a strong emphasis on #Womens development. (Meaning why do women become entangled with MAGA?)

We can read great books like *On Tyranny* and philosophers like #HannaArendt to see how #AntiDemocratic #Authoritarianism appeals to some. I'm curious why it appeals to some. One argument states it appeals because it's easy; it gives easy answers. But desiring and/or accepting easy answers strongly indicates there is a connection to human development.

Developmentally, MAGA perhaps could be viewed as an impetus for an awaking of knowledge about self... and, age does not matter here because such an awakening can happen late in life if there is some sort of break. Following the 'break" and being in a newly subjectivist area of development, the person starts to see they are knowers; that they themselves are experts. Subjectivist knowers begin to see truth as intuitive, something where they have the expertise within them and they only need to "listen to their gut." (One can see how MAGA gives people a sense of confirmation of expertise.) But development is not easy to go through, and development is neither linear nor does it follow a prescribed time table. It is known people can have problems in these stages because of the stresses caused. (Note: there are stages of human development beyond subjectivist knowing; but perhaps MAGA gets stuck or falls back within stages, as researchers show happens.)

Hence, my question: if there is a high prevalence of #DV , that prevalence indicates there may also be a high prevalence of depression. Given #MAGA preference for violence, I am wondering how high is suicide amongst MAGA followers? (And, I am counting a willingness to break the law or die for the cause a form of self-harm.)

#ThinkingOutLoud #Psychology

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 weeks ago

#Argentina #Milei #Authoritarianism #AnarchoCapitalism #PressFreedom #Media #News #Journalism: "In this context, some Milei supporters have taken to threatening those they disagree with by sending them photos of green Ford Falcons with no licence plates – the vehicle the dictatorship’s security forces used to abduct their victims.

“The green Ford Falcon means endorsing the disappearance, torture and extremely violent death of all those who opposed the dictatorship,” said Beatriz Busaniche, president of the human rights and technology foundation, Vía Libre. She described Milei and Villarruel’s denialism as “re-legitimising” discourse that was widely discredited in Argentine society.

“There’s been a retreat of public discourse,” she said. “The sphere of public debate has become so aggressive that many people have started to lock their accounts and leave social media.”

Despite his promises, it is not clear whether Milei would be able to privatise Argentina’s public media, because doing so would require changing the law that governs them, explained Agus Lecchi, secretary general of the SiPreBA journalists’ union, who works for Argentina’s Televisión Pública. That means it would have to pass through Argentina’s congress. Milei’s Freedom Advances coalition will not have a majority in either the deputies or the senate.

Nonetheless, Argentina’s public media have come under fire from hostile governments before: in 2018, right-wing President Mauricio Macri’s administration attempted to lay off 68 journalists at the state news agency, Télam, although all were reincorporated after a labour court found their dismissals to be illegal."

As #Argentina and the #Netherlands elect leaders set on trashing the place, #Trump & his ilk plan more of the same for the US while Canada is headed towards a #PierrePoison government. In these lectures #AstraTaylor describes how #insecurity is driving us. "From rising inequality and declining mental health to climate change disasters and the threat of authoritarianism, insecurity has become a defining feature of our time" #CBC #cdnpoli #democracy #authoritarianism

You might disagree with me, but #HateSpeech should be completely forbidden in politics. Constitutions of democratic countries should all state that politicians who resort to hate speech should be immediately disqualified and sacked from public service roles such as being a member of parliament.

The fact that many democratic countries still have extremist parties whose manifesto is built on hate speech propaganda is completely unacceptable.

#DemocracyUnderAttack #fascism #authoritarianism

“This is one of the most openly authoritarian campaigns I’ve ever seen. You have to go back to the far-right authoritarians in the 1930s in Europe or in 1970s Latin America to find the kind of dehumanizing and violent language that Trump is starting to consistently use," states Harvard profession Steven Levitsky, co-author of How Democracies Die.

#Trump #Republicans #fascism #authoritarianism #retribution #revenge #intimidation #bullying #violence

"Donald Trump’s talk of punishing his critics and seeking to 'weaponize' the US justice department against his political opponents has experts and former DoJ officials warning he poses a direct threat to the rule of law and democracy in the US."

~ Peter Stone

#Trump #Republicans #fascism #authoritarianism #retribution #revenge #intimidation #bullying #violence

"Such frightening announcements aim to inject extremist ideas into the mainstream and create a climate of trepidation and powerlessness that discourages mobilization by the opposition."

#Trump #authoritarianism #fascism #dictatorship #StrongMan

Ruth Ben-Ghiat notes that some people ask why the Trump campaign is being so open about their fascist game plan for the US. Her response:

"This 'transparency' is in line with authoritarian history: Autocrats often tell you who they are and what they intend to do to you before they take office. They do this as a challenge to norms, and they do this as a threat."

#Trump #authoritarianism #fascism #dictatorship #StrongMan

2 weeks ago

A Latinobarómetro poll this past summer surveyed thousands across Latin America, finding that only 48 percent of respondents said democracy is preferable to any other form of government, the lowest share since the poll began in 1995. Some 54 percent said they would accept nondemocratic government if it could solve the nation’s problems. #Argentina #democracy #liberalism #populism #corruption #authoritarianism #Peru #Mexico #ElSalvador #Brazil #LatinAmerica #fascism

"Conservative religiosity demands the same sublimation to authority as authoritarianism, while also emphasizing the same sense of superiority and righteousness that justifies minority and authoritarian rule."

#Trump #evangelicals #fundamentalists #authoritarianism

"All over the world, rising anti-democrats have been fueled by religious conservatives. This is the case in Russia, Hungary, Poland, and the US; it has been true for the rise of most (although certainly not all) of the fascist and hyper-authoritarian regimes of the last century. And it’s easy enough to understand why religiosity and authoritarianism go hand in hand:"

#Trump #evangelicals #fundamentalists #authoritarianism

"Despite Trump being about as un-Christian as a person can get — a liar, a cheat, a philanderer — he won more than three-quarters of white Evangelical voters in 2020, and closer to 80% in 2016. This has sometimes been treated by the press as some sort of mystery, but it’s really not: With fundamentalist religious beliefs also comes a skepticism of democracy and democratic norms."

~ Jill Filipovic

#Trump #evangelicals #fundamentalists #authoritarianism

Richard Rathe
2 weeks ago


"The main difference of opinion between the two religious radicals is what flavor of far-right religious oppression they prefer: Christian or Muslim?"

So true!

As a palette cleanser here is a piece from #TheOnion from 2005...

"The teddy bear that holds the 'I love you' heart does not love you at all," Bin Laden said. "It is an unliving, unholy thing filled only with stuffing. Just as the Western infidel is not bestowed with the blessings of Allah, so shall he go unloved by the false bear."

#Authoritarianism #Christofascism #MikeJohnson

Not A Bird
2 weeks ago

@marcelias Stunning!! This is what #authoritarianism looks like! They believe they have won the battle of courts and ate shutting the door on being challenged. We desperately need to reform the courts. I don't know if democrats are even looking at court reform if they get trifecta.

#VotingRights #courts #uspolitics

2 weeks ago

Scientists *must* understand that fanatical zealots among industrial and political powers actually want to *hasten* the "end times" — apocalyptic accelerationist doctrine, as @Wolven puts it ( Christian Zionism is another such example of apocalyptic accelerationism.

So we MUST stop thinking climate alarms and emergencies actually deter them or would encourage them into action.

It's the opposite: bad news actually *emboldens* them and tells them their strategies are working. They probably think it's easier to go to heaven by ending the world than it is to actually save it from their own capitalist bullshit.

Instead, we *must* stop "negotiating" with them or "informing" them of facts and figures, and instead start mobilising. Climate revolution (cc: @breadandcircuses is the way forward:

Stockpiling, prep, and mobilisation for months of worldwide strikes, refusal to pay bills, and not buying anything. As a radical pacifist who is also an eco-socialist, this highly appeals to me.

Scientists must revolt instead when big journalism, big oil, and other such industries are stacked against us.

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Degrowth #Politics #Pacifism #Fascism #Colonialism #FarRight #Authoritarianism #Capitalism #AntiCapitalism

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 weeks ago

"The piece suggesting that all of the above represents an objective, verifiable, and historically predictive set of preconditions for #authoritarianism, or #fascism... has been said or written, succinctly and brilliantly, in recent days by...

all of them echoing the call of New York University professor @jayrosen_nyu , who continues to demand that the #media cover the 2024 campaign by emphasizing “not the odds but the stakes.”

#Journalism #Politics #USPol #USA #News

Text from article:
The piece suggesting that all of the above represents an objective, verifiable, and historically predictive set of preconditions for authoritarianism, or fascism, or the end of free and fair elections has been said or written, succinctly and brilliantly, in recent days by Jamelle Bouie, Joyce Vance, Ruth Ben Ghiat, Rachel Maddow, John Cassidy, Seth Meyers, Jason Stanley, Zack Beauchamp, Chris Lehmann, Michael Tomasky, Scott Lehigh, and who knows how many others. And, perhaps paradoxically, the piece suggesting that the press has failed utterly to meet this perilous moment has been done, also brilliantly, by Margaret Sullivan, Brian Stelter, and Dan Froomkin, all of them echoing the call of New York University professor Jay Rosen, who continues to demand that the media cover the 2024 campaign by emphasizing “not the odds but the stakes.”
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 weeks ago

"All of this is to be achieved by installing armies of lawyers, judges, & functionaries who... don’t believe in the rule of law as we understand it.

As #Trump openly described his rationale for his plans last week in the most spine-chilling language yet, undocumented immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.” And yes, the week is only half done."

#GOP #MAGA #Fascism #Authoritarianism #Hitler #NaziRhetoric #Politics #USPol #USA #News

Text (edited for length):
It’s been just a clutch of days since former President Donald Trump and his allies made clear that if he wins reelection, he plans to gut the existing US government & “install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists” to take over senior legal, judicial, defense, regulatory, and domestic policy jobs in the civil service. It’s been under a week since he announced in an interview... that he’d cheerfully “weaponize” the power of the Justice Department to indict his rivals for no other reason than that they were “beating me very badly.” Also less than a week ago, he delivered his chilling Veterans Day promise to “root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and radical-left thugs that live like vermin ...” The news of his plans to carry out mass deportations while rounding up millions of undocumented immigrants and interning them in sprawling detention camps, as well as his hope to cancel U.S. visas—for lawful green-card and student visa holders... is also very recent. All of this is to be achieved by installing armies of lawyers, judges, and functionaries who will not erect roadblocks to such projects, as they did when he was president the first time, because they don’t believe in the rule of law as we understand it. As Trump openly described his rationale for his plans last week in the most spine-chilling language yet, undocumented immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.” And yes, the week is only half done.
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 weeks ago

"Trump & his allies made clear that if he wins reelection, he plans to gut the existing #US government & “install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists”...

It’s been under a week since he announced in an interview... that he’d cheerfully “weaponize” the power of the Justice Department to indict his rivals for no other reason than that they were “beating me very badly.”

#Trump #Fascism #Authoritarianism #GOP #Politics #USPolitics #USA #News #NoPaywall

News headline: Jurisprudence

Suppose They Threw a Cage Match Between Fascism and Democracy and Nobody Cared

By Dahlia Lithwick
Nov 16, 20235:45 AM

"Do you think that things in the US have gone so far off track that we need a leader who would break rules in order to fix the country's direction?

According to Washington Post columnist Philip Bump, about 2 in 5 respondents said they did, including nearly half of Republicans. Two in five!!!"

#Republicans #fascism #authoritarianism

"Folks, the fact that Republicans have such a comfortable relationship with fascism should scare the hell out of you. But what's even more troubling is that a lot of Americans are right there with them.

Last month, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) released the results of its annual American Values Survey, including the responses to this question:"

~ Teresa Hanafin

#Republicans #fascism #authoritarianism

demï7en 🎗
3 weeks ago

And #IBM kept selling the nazis data processing equipment required for #holocaust...

「On April 12, 1933, the German government announced plans to conduct a long-delayed national census.  The project was particularly important to the Nazis as a mechanism for the identification of Jews, Roma, and other ethnic groups deemed undesirable by the regime. Dehomag offered to assist the German government in its task of ethnic identification, focusing upon the 41 million residents of Prussia.  This activity was not only countenanced by Thomas Watson and IBM in America, Black argues, but was actively encouraged and financially supported, with Watson himself traveling to Germany in October 1933 and the company ramping up its investment in its German subsidiary from 400,000 to 7,000,000 Reichsmark—about $1 million (equivalent to $22.6 million in 2022).  This injection of American capital allowed Dehomag to purchase land in Berlin and to construct IBM's first factory in Germany, Black charges, thereby "tooling up for what it correctly saw as a massive financial relationship with the Hitler regime".」

「As the Nazi war machine occupied successive nations of Europe, capitulation was followed by a census of the population of each subjugated nation, with an eye to the identification and isolation of Jews and Romani. These census operations were intimately intertwined with technology and cards supplied by IBM's German and new Polish subsidiaries, which were awarded specific sales territories in Poland by decision of the New York office following Germany's successful Blitzkrieg invasion.」

Yet corporations from democracies have continued empowering dictatorships after WWII, even hostile regimes engaged in #genocide... 🤯

#collusion #authoritarianism

brad m
3 weeks ago

"Did you ever wonder why the 21st century feels like we're living in a bad #cyberpunk novel from the 1980s?” by @cstross

#SiliconValley ideology quietly admits (its) #freedom is not compatible with (our) #democracy
"#Longtermism grabs attention back from people being harmed, who were beginning to make too much noise” by @mariafarrell

#sciencefiction #billionaires #effectivealtruism #tescreal #authoritarianism

3 weeks ago

@GottaLaff @pixelpusher220

This is disturbing, but not surprising. Global #oligarchs are moving moving together towards #autocracy.


brad m
3 weeks ago

“a moneyed #oligarchy more #despotic and more dangerous to industrial #freedom than anything civilization has ever known”
“Brandeis and many of his contemporaries feared that concentration of economic #power aids the concentration of political #power, and that such private power can itself undermine and overwhelm public government”
“Being concerned about #democracy and #authoritarianism” was “in the background of some of our efforts to make #antitrust big and visible”

brad m
3 weeks ago

This article barely scratches the surface of the threat from #SiliconValley’s #radical #anarchocapitalist #billionaires

#Rightwing titans of #tech helped create Donald Trump. Now they’re alienated from politics and searching for allies

Read these by @anildash for more

The #tech tycoon #martyrdom charade

"#VC qanon" and the #radicalization of the #tech tycoons

#farright #libertarian #authoritarianism

3 weeks ago

@AlexanderKingsbury @zdl

Various political compasses have built in biases, and the one that you seem to be citing, the one with the libertarian-authoritarian axis, often has loaded questions associated with it.

#RationalWiki #politicalcompass #bias #libertarianism #authoritarianism

3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 11, 1918: World War I ended, with 10 million dead, 21 million wounded, 7.5 million prisoners and missing in action, and another 22 million killed by the influenza pandemic that was exacerbated by the war. (The pandemic would ultimately kill 50-100 million). Originally celebrated as Armistice Day, November 11 is now known as Veterans Day. And once again, we’re on the verge of an imperialistic World War, but this time with weapons that can obliterate the planet, during another pandemic that has already killed 7 million by the most conservative estimates, over 1 million in the U.S., alone.

Don’t let there be another World War. Peace now in Gaza! Peace now in Ukraine! Down with all imperialism, colonialism, authoritarianism and state violence! Down with capitalism! Down with fascism and supremacy. Freedom, justice, peace, autonomy, and prosperity for all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, ability, age, or sexual orientation.

Happy VD, everyone!

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IWW antiwar poster that reads: Draftees of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your generals. Artwork by IWW member Carlos Cortez, depicting military leaders as skeletons
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It's obvious to me that a second #Trump presidency would destroy American #democracy - which is, at the moment, on shaky ground. We are in the throes of a global battle against #authoritarianism and #fascism, and each of us must actively choose the path we want for ourselves and future generations.

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"The Washington Post and the New York Times both have done important reporting in recent days about what Donald Trump would be likely to do if he’s elected president again.

Because I think it’s so important for every American citizen to be fully aware of these revelations, I’m providing gift versions of three articles. This means you can read them without running into the Times or Post paywalls."

~ Margaret Sullivan

#Republicans #democracy #Trump #authoritarianism

"Democrats need to take on an issue many would rather avoid: Donald Trump and the future of democracy if he’s re-elected. …

Donald Trump plainly wants to end democracy. That’s not being alarmist, it’s just the truth."

~ Joyce Vance

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“Thank goodness that most of the states in this country don’t allow you to put everything on the ballot, because pure democracies are not the way to run a country,” said Rick Santorum following this week's elections.

As Tori Otten notes,

"Santorum is upset that democracy is working."

#Republicans #democracy #authoritarianism

"North Dakota state representative Brandon Prichard was much more explicit. Opposed to the measure, he wrote, 'Direct democracy should not exist…. It would be an act of courage to ignore the results of the election….' According to James Bickerton of Newsweek, Prichard has previously called for Republican-dominated states to 'put into code that Jesus Christ is King and dedicate their state to Him.'”

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"The decision of Ohio’s voters to protect abortion rights on Tuesday has prompted a similar disdain for democracy there. The vote for that state constitutional amendment was not close—56.6% to 43.4%—but Republican legislators immediately said they would work to find ways to stop the amendment from taking effect."

~ Heather Cox Richardson

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"Hypermasculinity might be seen as the connective tissue of the authoritarian playbook. In strongman states, the idealization of the man who takes what he wants and gets away with everything is central to personality cults and and also justifies the use of violence, corruption and other tools of illiberal rule."

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"Women and LGBTQ individuals have always been as much the strongman's enemies as the political opposition, prosecutors, and the press. For a century, the gender politics of authoritarianism has relied on the toxic triad of hypermasculinity, misogyny, and homophobia, which have worked together to devastating effect."

~ Ruth Ben-Ghiat

#strongmen #authoritarianism #hypermasculinity #misogyny #homophobia #women #LGBTQ

Tories are planning to officially redefine "extremism" as anything that "aims to overturn or undermine the UK’s system of parliamentary democracy, its institutions and values" — a hideously (and probably deliberately) overbroad and vague "definition" that could be used against nearly anyone the government doesn't like.

US conservatives would love to do this, too. #UKPol #extremism #authoritarianism