Katja Diehl will Autokorrektur
5 hours ago

The Late Discovered Club is a podcast that gives late discovered #autistic women and #marginalized genders a voice. We bring you real life self-discovery stories, and compassionate conversations with some truly incredible women.

Created and hosted by Psychotherapist Catherine Asta whose own self discovery came at 42, with the behind the scenes technical and community management expertise coming from her eldest daughter Caty Ava.

Yusuf Toropov
15 hours ago

Weaponized heterogeneity only harms the most vulnerable #autistic people

"Unreliability of speech for usually fluent autistic people, and the speed at which we can go from articulate and competent to completely unable to access speech, is not generally appreciated."

Excellent article on #autism, quite important for all to read, but especially for those (like me) who are prone to potentially harmful generalizations on any topic. Made me stop and think.


Rabi'a Elizabeth
19 hours ago

'I asked people one question: Who are you?

Almost unilaterally, non-autistic people began describing themselves in terms of their relationships to others– if they were a parent, a spouse, what their career was, where they lived, what their religion is, and what their roles were related to others (sister to a Senator, military brat, pastor’s wife, soccer mom, etc.).

And, almost unilaterally, #Autistic people described themselves as what they loved to do, what their values were, and what they had experienced. Many even said this, having intuited the basis of the theory. Among the answers were, “I am a verb,” or “I am what I love,” or “Who I am is what I do.” Autistics would answer, “Lover of Justice,” or “Dreamer,” or “One who values autonomy.” Some would describe themselves as a “lover of” or “obsessed with” an intense passion, like trains, lichen and fungi, or theoretical physics and black holes.'


#Autism #Neurodivergence #Identity Ouch.

If we already bought tickets in advance, I'll just give them their tickets. (If it's my money, I'll be angry, too. LOL.)

And since I'm
#autistic, it will definitely make me very uncomfortable, unnecessarily stressed, while trying my best to avoid going into meltdown. Usually happens when I have the tickets and we agreed to wait somewhere.

Idris They/Them
1 day ago

It’s nearly John Wick 4 day 😊 I really wish my body could do the cinema (for some films) but I don’t stand a chance, especially with longer films 😩

#Fibromyalgia #JointPain #UnstableJoints #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnesses #IBS #IrritableBowel #IrritableBladder #OAB #OverActiveBladder #Diabetic #ChronicFatigue #BrainFog #FibroFog #Autistic #ADHD #AuDHD #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #MentalHealthDisorders #NotGettingBetter

1 day ago

Hello y'all, time for me to make an #NewToAethy #intropost I guess? Anyway hiii!! I go by Elven online, and have come from tumblr where I followed from itstheelvenjedi but I also have a swtor sideblog under chaoticspacefam! Looking to re-find my #proship moots that followed a lot of us over here after tumblr became actively hostile for us! Drop me a follow or a re-toot or something so we can link up if we haven't already (or if you like the same stuff but we weren't moots before feel free to aswell!)

I'm in the 25+ age bracket, use she/her pronouns and identify as a polyam aego lesbian! :ace_heart: :lesbian_heart: I'm #disabled, a #caneuser and #autistic. IRL unable to work, anti-capitalist and liable to rant about disabled people's rights sometimes!! Ableists begone :goose_knife: I also love animals especially #reptiles and i currently have a pet #cornsnake who I might post pics of on occasion! 🫶

My main fandom posting habit will be #SWTOR so if you post content for that & would like more followers/moots, hit me up! Do note that I post content that might be considered "problematic" by fanpol so if you lean towards fanpol (idk why you're HERE if you do but just covering my ass here lol) then don't bother me bls, ill do u the same courtesy 🙏

I'm also into other stuff like #LOTR and #thehobbit , #dune , other #starwars like rebels and TCW (tho I have less OCs for this timeline lol), #arksurvivalevolved , #thesims , #watershipdown , #scifi and #fantasy in general, #rdr2 and #reddeadonline. I do #roleplay as well but prefer to get to know my partners first (we don't need to be besties OoC but I'm not gonna rp especially any NSFW things, with a total stranger - I feel weird, at least say hi and maybe chat about some basic plot stuff with me first etc! :shyplead: ) uhhh I can't think of anything else to write here for now so ig this is it! If there's anything else you'd like to know about me then hmu! (Within reason, I won't doxx myself obviously lmao)

Somersetlass 🇺🇦💙
1 day ago

What a beautiful, wise and heartfelt article by Holly Smale on why #autistic people can find it so difficult to date. It's a minefield for NTs; add the stress of masking and the fear of showing who you "really" are, and it's easy to see why many people give up. Big love to Holly and to every #neurodivergent person finds it hard to find "the one" ❤️

ps - I wouldn't normally link to the Mail, but I thought the article's worth it!

'Now I know why love has always eluded me'

Photograph of the article in the Femail magazine. The picture shows a woman on her knees looking into heart-shaped holes. Text is in the linked article. It begins:  "Now I know why has always eluded me."
A self-confessed dating disaster, dismissed as a 'robot by men, writer HOLLY SMALE, 42, believed she must be 'broken. Then a late autism diagnosis helped her make sense of her romantic struggles.
Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
1 day ago


Streaming #JustChatting

Live right now and I'm highlighting these tags(or 1 tag if only 1) from all that this streamer is using (streamer's own capitalization choice btw, not mine): #autistic #neurospicy #lgbtqiaplus #mentalhealth #safespace

Her(that's what I'm assuming since I don't know her) #Neurotype does not remind me about myself but I got a strong idea about someone I've met offline and many too big and powerful that I dare mention here, so all in all, I don't know anybody else like her with her Neurotype and its not me...we don't have the same neurotype so that's that.

Autistic streamers 3/5
or is this 3/3? Who knows at this point 🙂

Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 day ago

Many #Autistic #Elder #Women who spent much of their lives #Masking, as well as those of us of any gender with #EatingDisorders, might identify with a passage at the end of the original story of #TheLittleMermaid
by Hans Christian Andersen.

I know I do. I'll be quoting the passage in a reply to this post.

The new film ends in a very satisfying but different way: romantic love between humans and merpeople is possible, but the bonds of family are just as strong. Oh and by the way, just go and see it on the big screen. Worth it at any price.

But for those of us who found something to identify with in the predicament of the "fish out of water" who could not speak to explain herself or her importance... well, a lot of us don't make it to the age I have. I am blessed to have arrived at something like what's described below, but rest assured I'm still alive and kicking.


Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
1 day ago



Streaming #Overwatch2

Live right now and I'm highlighting these tags(or 1 tag if only 1) from all that this streamer is using (streamer's own capitalization choice btw, not mine): #Autistic #ADHD

#Neurotype? Well not my own again...reminded me about someone I might have met offline, but nobody I've seen and remember well online.

He shares a lot about himself and his own life and when he cooks and that's amazing. So his #cooking experiences he shares 😃

Autistic streamers 2/5

btw my pace has #slow/ #slowed down. It took 4 hours until I got to the next one.

Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
1 day ago



Streaming #CrisisCoreFinalFantasyVIIReunion

Live right now and I'm highlighting these tags(or 1 tag if only 1) from all that this streamer is using (streamer's own capitalization choice btw, not mine): #Autistic

#Neurotype? I haven't watched enough yet to know anything on that...

Autistic streamers 1/5

Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
1 day ago

Yesterday was #Twitch #streams tagged #Neurodivergent but today it will be streams tagged #Autistic

cause guess what?
Nobody on Twitch is using the #ActuallyAutistic Twitch tag right now.

Well I guess everyone is using the Autistic hashtag for practical purposes.

...and always if I got more time available and my interest is still burning bright then I'll do 5 Neurodivergent streamers today too. Otherwise I will continue with those 5 tomorrow.

Verđandi K Soldusty
1 day ago

Waking, getting up in the morning, thinking it'll be an easy day even with a couple of time chomping but easy chores is fine. Until that moment you realise that you have zero handle on time and you're eating breakfast just after 12pm then double check your dice (spoon) count to come up with zero.
Really shouldn't have left the house yesterday.

#Thoughts #Life #MyLife #Autism #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #EmergencyDuvetDay

Steve Silberman
2 days ago

SUPER important documentary about a non-speaking #autistic young woman who was written off by society, but then found her own voice and path with the help of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. #AAC Now on Apple TV.

David Gray-Hammond
2 days ago

Please tell people about this, it really helps me out!

My book "The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society" is currently available on kindle on the UK and US for ⅓ of it's usual price.

You can use the links below to get it. If not, a share is appreciated.

US Link

UK link

#actuallyautistic #autism #autistic #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #neurodivergence #autisticauthor

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @bookstodon

Arrow pointing at the front cover of "The New Normal" by David Gray-Hammond.

Text above arrow reads "Grab your copy now!"
David Gray-Hammond
2 days ago

#CAMHS professionals are notoriously unskilled at working with #Autistic children.

There answer? To refuse to support them.

This is not okay, Autistic children are significantly more likely than their non-Autistic peers to need CAMHS.

Read more here

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy

Text reads "CAMHS professionals need decent funding for proper training to work with Autistic children"
2 days ago

Niche support group idea: meeting for quiet people who were reprimanded a few hundred too many times for being "rude" as a child, and as a result are terrified of conversations.

@autistics @actuallyadhd #adhd #autism #autistic #actuallyautistic #actuallyadhd #AuDHD #80hd #socialanxiety #anxiety

@TheAutisticTooter I didn’t mention that the problem does seem to me to be an #autistic trait. I have overcome the worst aspects of this by something I got from a 12Step programme. Every morning I plan my day, not just what I’ll do, but how I will be with the world. An evening review lets me see what I’ve done right and where I’ve got it wrong. The benefit was that my behaviour changed, not by will power or effort on my part. It just came. That said, I’m still a work in progress.

Dark Sheep Arts
2 days ago

I don't know if any other #autistic folk have done this, but when I first started thinking about the whole thing, I found myself tests and researching symptoms for other conditions, not because I thought I had them, but because I wanted to see if I was just latching onto things at random and convincing myself I had them.


Verđandi K Soldusty
2 days ago

Query for autistics in the UK.
When chasing up an autism diagnosis does the receptionist tell you if you are still on the waiting list or does she tell you to make an appointment?

I figured as it's just a Yes / No on whether I'm on a waiting list and how many months/years have I got to wait guesstimate they would tell me but apparently not.

Does this mean my GP sat on his hands instead of sending the request off for processing?

#Autism #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic

All #autistic info dumps are excellent info dumps but I do fucking LOVE practicality and I love love love when my own research becomes highly practical for other folks. it fillz my stony heart with warmth :blobfoxmelt2: :BIPOC_Autistic_Pride:

David Gray-Hammond
3 days ago

My book is currently available on kindle for 33% of it's usual (UK and US only).

"The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society" considers the various ways that society harms #Autistic people with it's neuronormative attitudes.

I consider what some of the barriers might be to an inclusive society.

Please retoot this for wider reach

UK Link

US Link

@autisticadvocacy @bookstodon

Image describes an offer within which "The New Normal" by David Gray-Hammond is available for ⅓ of it's usual price until 30th May.
Verđandi K Soldusty
3 days ago

Finally ready to move to a new server, just need sleep, it's been a long day. Tomorrow I'll be moving to neurodifferent me server.
Being on Mastodon since December has been wonderful, I actually felt like I exist on here. Even found an alter-ego could do with a home of their own on here, somehow inspired by my avatar & interactions with some of the wonderful people out here.

Alter-Ego: Rhino-Dragon get name soon! 🦏🐉 = 😃🥳.

#Migration #Thoughts #Autistic #MyLife #BunniesOfMastodon #Rabbit #Bunny

Light brown, Lion-Head type rabbit lying in loaf position (paws tucked under body) next to the leg of a coffee table with his ears floppy and pointing almost horizontally to the left and right of his head. The long hair on top of his head is lying forward, hanging over his face giving his head the look of a highland cow.
Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
4 days ago

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic @actuallyautistics

Do you think that your shutdown could be controlled in any way?

Like a "controlled shutdown"? (I probably don't know what I'm talking about since many things in the #ActuallyAutistic community I still don't know's been at least more than 10 years being diagnosed #Autistic and ie. I still don't completely understand what a #stim is and I think I've began grasping some things in me that I could think of as "#stims")

Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
4 days ago

@DrSafariBoob what does NB stand for in NB/ #Autistic in your profile description?

Rabi'a Elizabeth
4 days ago

Any #Muslim #Autistic folks in the Fediverse? Would love to chat about that intersection of identities.


Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
4 days ago



Not streaming now, not live now. I missed the tags but he definitely used the #Autistic Twitch tag cause otherwise I wouldn't find him.

Not same Neurotype as my own, but I found the vibe to be good, interesting.

Final Autistic stream 5/5

4 days ago

Experimenting with new work of #fiction in which the narrator is demographically different from me but thinks like I do - i.e., hyperwordy, on #autistic and #asexual spectra.

Finding it surprisingly hard and revelatory.

Apparently my narrative default is to ask "what would a REAL human think/do in this context" and write that - not what someone like me would think - THAT'S obviously unrealistic.

I feel like I wasn't always like that...?

#ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic

taking ideas for my #bedbound character "things they do"! They have #MEcfs, mostly use an AAC device to talk (premade phrases sort), and are #autistic natch. I would just continue to make them me but I already made artist and writer characters :p

has to be very very low energy thing(s)

maybe they make electronics with one of their kids? they could design the boards too

#MECfs #amWriting

Steve Silberman
4 days ago

Good news: #Autistic TV naturalist Chris Packham wins libel suit against online magazine that falsely accused him of fraud and "playing the Asperger's victim card."

Josh Susser
4 days ago

Sometimes I wonder what #recommendation #algorithms would be like if they were built for #neurodivergent folks. Anywhere with an #algorithm seems to get things wildly wrong for me. I assume my #ADHD scattershot and #autistic deep-dive ways of engaging with topics confuse the hell out of heuristics tuned for NT levels of attention and engagement. Do my fellow NDs have similar poor experiences too? Or is this just how it is universally and all recommendations suck for everyone, no matter the neurotype?

(Note: Using "algorithm" to describe a recommendation engine is a bit lazy and ignores that much of what matters is the data the algorithm operates on, but I'm not up for dying on that hill today.)

Verđandi K Soldusty
4 days ago

Feeling like I couldn't do anything this morning but managed to coax myself to get on with my extended walk to the library. Even managed to remember and add a side-quest of dropping into the health centre to chase up that missing autism test I've been waiting for for six years!
Even if I did do it over two hours later than I should have.

#Thoughts #Life #MyLife #Autism #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic

You might be #AutisticMasking if you mentally explain why you're doing what you're doing as you go about your day as if you're explaining yourself to another person.

#ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD #unmasking #AutisticBurnout

Survival is Insufficient
4 days ago

Do any nonverbal #autistic people here use #FacilitatedCommunication? Every time I see people doing it, it looks like non-autistic people using autistic people like a human Ouija board, and it doesn't sit right with me.

The #autistic urge to just completely stop talking when someone interrupts what you were saying paired with the #adhd inability to remember what you were trying to say.

#Disability #audhd

Stuart D Neilson
5 days ago

#Autistic naturalist Chris Packham has won a libel case against Country Squire Magazine. They were one small part of vicious internet trolling and print harassment of Chris for his outspoken statements in defence of the environment and wildlife.

Dr Becci Quirky Brain Coach
5 days ago

How do you divide up and "pay" attention?

Is your attention like a general light, or a spotlight (i.e. taking in lots, or focused on one thing)?

How do you know? Have you ever thought about this before? And what would it do for you to know how and be able to explain how you relate to attention?

When you begin coaching with me, it's normal for us to go through a process of checking-in and almost mapping and profiling how aspects of your neurodivergence show up.

This is useful for the coaching to work, for meeting your needs, and for helping you to know yourself and - if necessary, in time - to accept yourself more.

One thing I often ask clients about is their attentional style. Are you monotropic or are you polytropic? Or, even better, when are you more monotropic or more polytropic?

If you'd like to learn more about what these attention terms mean, I can heartily recommend this article by Fergus Murray

If you'd like to discover more about your attention style as well as a whole bunch of other things (energy profile, sensory profile, emotional and arousal profile), get in touch to see how this fits into a programme of coaching with me.

#Autism #ADHD #AuDHD #Monotropism #Autistic #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Coaching

Advertising post for the Quirky Brain Coach. Text says "Attention style? When we start your coaching journey, it's possible to begin with a process of checking-in to map out your neurodivergent experience and provide any information about it that you haven't had yet. This can include your attentional style." In the bottom right there is a pic of Becci smiling, wearing big chunky headphones and wearing a blue Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy t-shirt. She has loads of freckles and looks really optimistic and energised.
Meow :verified:
5 days ago

I have to attend this government town hall which is basically all #neoliberal bullshit. It seems like neoliberalism is talking about diversity, inclusion, and disability but when it comes time to take action; "Oh we can't do that." Why pretend? My #autistic mind cannot comprehend this. Either shit or get off the pot and it's really that simple.

Johnny Profane Âû
5 days ago

🧵How to Come Back from the Dead: An #Autistic Chats with AI

Q: I'd like to ask a question about my own youtube channel.
Context: I am #autistic.
My work schedule is erratic.
I may produce effectively for a few weeks at a time...

#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #ADHD

But I may not be able to produce much for a few weeks. Sometimes up to 3 months.
Can you think of ways I might improve my channel knowing my restraints as a creator?
Please suggest 10 ways and feel free to be creative.

@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd

"Coming Back," in the foreground a digital, pen & ink drawing of Johnny Profane, head tilted to the right, looking up into faint sunlight. In the background, a dark forest of twisted branches. In colors of dark blue, peach & verdigris. (c) 2023 Johnny "Profane" Knapp, Creative Commons, all non-commercial use.
Naomi Lawson Jacobs
6 days ago

Important article by @krysiawally and Precious Sango, on autism #theology and the research landscape of #autism and #church. They call for changes in direction, including #coproduction & listening to #autistic voices.

stray autistic pariah-cat
6 days ago


As far as I know, it originated on Twitter, where these huge, bitter conflicts were ongoing, between non-autistics (what came to be known generally as "autism moms" or non-autistic parents of autistic children, supporters of Autism Speaks, or just any non-autistic harboring outdated concepts about autism, and who would ignore, insult, trivialize, and invalidate comments by people who were "actually autistic") who tended to invade the autistic community twitter discussions and threads, using the #autistic tag or other tags, claiming to have superior knowledge about autism because they had "real" and "severely" autistic children, while also claiming the autistic adults on twitter falsely identified as autistic, or who were alleged to be following a fad, indulging in fake "self-diagnoses" or who weren't autistic but instead "had Asperger's", or who were "high functioning" autistics who could hold jobs and speak, and several other similar forms of invalidation.

So the #actuallyautistic tag was created as a tag just for autistics, and not to be used by non-autistics. It is not used to gate keep or oppose self-diagnosis.

At least that's how it was explained on Twitter, and what I frequently encountered and witnessed over years there.

Verđandi K Soldusty
6 days ago

If Robbie had a TARDIS:

Me🧍: Hey Boss. Is it okay if I give my Rhino-dragon alter ego it's own Mastodon account?
Robbie🐰: Has Rhino-Dragon a name?
Me: Hmmm... Not yet. I need some ideas.
Robbie: Okay Hoomin, go away and fink of names for this Rhino-Dragon whilst I decide if it's time for snacks or sleeps... Ooh wait! Head rubs NOW!
Me: Yes Boss.
(former boss Robbie RIP: 12/2015)

#Thoughts #Life #MyLife #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #BunniesOfMastodon #Rabbit #Bunny #RabbitsOfMastodon #Bunstodon

Photo from point of view of human sat on the floor, legs out front, looking a little to their left. Left foot in navy blue sock and ankle in black trousers in shot on the right. Over to the left and centre of the photo is a light brown lion-head type rabbit. It is facing the foot and to the ears are akimbo in a low upward diagonal and a little sprig of a quiff of fur sticking out above his face.
Internet Ginger 🏳️‍⚧️
6 days ago

#autistic discourse is often focused on hypersensitivities (and for good reason!) but hyposensitivities are often connected with autistic joy. We need to talk about them and celebrate them! What are some of your hyposensitivities, #ActuallyAutistic ? Several of mine are flavors, particularly sour flavors. And reverberation as sounds bounce around a space!

6 days ago

#Accessibility professionals: "WCAG AA (double A) is the absolute minimum standard and anything less is unacceptable."

#WCAG documentation: "Level A (single A) = the lowest, or bare minimum conformance level."

Me, a person whose disabilities cause them to be very particular about precise language and who can lose the ability to function when rules are defined in confusing or contradictory ways: *melts*

#a11y #autistic

Stuart D Neilson
1 week ago

"A Case for #Sensory #Decolonisation: #Autistic #Escape" at Time Space Existence, curated by Magda Mostafa - open until November 2023.

A photograph of the exhibition "A Case for Sensory Decolonisation", composed of two notions- a pair of parallel experiences creating spatial simulations of the dichotomy of the autistic spatial experience between the two poles of stimulation and refuge.

The first experience, presented on the wall, is a collage of sensory vignettes from the autistic lived experience- the Sensory Atlas- aiming to document experiences of sensory overload from our global city sensoryscapes from the lens of autistic individuals themselves. Using audio, photography, digital collage and film, it strives to capture the impact of the sensory colonisation of our cities and their landscapes on our autistic citizens.
The second experience stands in complete contrast to the first. Through the interactive spatial installation, visitors are invited to experience the power of sensory escape opportunities by proposing the notion of “EscapeScapes” or landscapes of escape.
Theo ✨
1 week ago

So I’m autistic
So each day is a battle
So I’ll keep winning #poetry #haiku #actuallyaustistic #autism #autistic #neurodiversity

A really fun #autistic game to play is “Am I in severe pain?”

Neil E Roberts
1 week ago

Decided to remove “bi-polar” from my bio because since discovering that I’m autistic and starting to learn to work with my needs, I’ve realised that I haven’t had a depressive episode in weeks. Funny how these things work. Was diagnosed with depressive illness 16 years ago. #actuallyautistic #autism #autistic

Acey :neuro:
1 week ago

I'm an Autistic abuse survivor, my mental/physical health depends on moving into a safe, permanent home and go to school...

$5,841 USD / $20k
GoFundMe & more details here;

If you'd like to buy me a meal;
PayPal; AddriannaWing1

#Autistic #Disabled #LGBTQ #GenderQueer #Queer #Mastodon
#CrowdFunding #MutualAidRequest #Nonbinary #Trans #News #Food

Josh Susser
1 week ago

I'm not going to link to it, but Sabine Hossenfelder just posted a youtube video titled "Why is everyone suddenly autistic?" If you don't know who that is, she's a famous theoretical physicist who does a lot of science explaining and usually says everyone is wrong. A few weeks ago she did a video about whether being trans was a teenage fad, and it was pretty bad. But this video about autism is truly terrible.

She starts by invoking Simon Baron-Cohen. His name is literally the first thing she says. (SBC is a well-known villain in the autistic community.) Then she talks about the DSM symptoms, and does her usual science skeptic thing for a while. Eventually she gets around to branding the neurodiversity movement as being extremist, defends AutismSpeaks as a charitable organization, Google/Alphabet's MSSNG genetic analysis project as obviously not eugenics (she's wrong), and sides with ABA providers that autistic children need to be abused to behave. And through it all, she didn't forget her signature-brand stupid jokes that are barely amusing when she's punching up but come off as kind of evil when she's making fun of autistic children.

This is Hossenfelder at her worst. She "just wanted to learn about the symptoms of autism" and ended up in a field where she has no expertise, but decided her generic science chops would make up for that. It's weird that a science communicator who is known for tearing down bad science got fooled by bad science, but not really surprising. Mumble mumble Dunning-Kruger mumble.

#autistic #misinformation #BadScience #SabineHossenfelder

Steve Silberman
1 week ago

I'm no Talmudic scholar, but I have no doubt that this nasty, ignorant rabbi in Tel Aviv barring an #autistic kid from praying in synagogue is desecrating the Torah.

Brian Hogg
1 week ago

Question for folks with #autistic or #adhd kids: do you get your child involved with social activities specifically for #neurodivegent kids? My 9-year old is struggling with the kind of social isolation I also dealt with, and I’m looking at options.

blake shaw
2 weeks ago

When you're #neurodivergent and won't shut up they call you #ADHD

When you're neurodivergent and softly spoken they call you #autistic

Theres absolutely no winning with these guys.

Dr. Safari Boob
2 weeks ago

Theydies & gentlethems, a small re-introduction of my self.


I am Safari, a #nonbinary, #queer & #autistic drag queen.


I toot a lot about the diagnosis #bpd which I received during COVID lockdowns.


I've a circus & medical education & my support system is sparse.

I love meeting & interacting with other people with this diagnosis (as well as autism) & hopefully will generate community this way.


Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
2 weeks ago

As a person who is #nonspeaking, live speech sounds like a killer feature. Thank you #Apple for making something that removes barriers for me. Can’t wait until this launches.
#neurodivergent #autistic #actuallyautistic #nonverbal #accessibility

2 weeks ago

I'm having a hard time finding people to follow on here, so if you meet one or more of the following, lmk (or favourite!)


and if your political and social leanings are very much on the left

That's... tip of the iceberg, really, so even if it's an adjacent thing still let me know.

2 weeks ago

Something that really angers me (ironically) lately is coming to the realization that this ever present 'temper' I've had most of my life and I've been chastised for is very likely down to me being #actuallyautistic

I've done some thinking over it the past couple days, mostly considering what the triggers would have been. And it has usually been at the hands of other people around me who have not handled the situation well and completely ignored my own needs in the moment.

A more recent occurrence post-selfDX was when I was being constantly talked over and my own needs were being blatantly ignored in the moment. This was immediate family and I've been slowly trying to make them aware of my progress connecting the dots to some of my long seated mental health issues to being #neurodivergent and it has felt like I've had to drag them in that direction versus them trying to suggest I need to go on all sorts of meds.

Thankfully now that I am coming to this realization, I am figuring out ways to better manage these situations and more importantly handling the person causing the issue in the first place.

#actuallyautistic #Autistic #neurodivergent @actuallyautistic

2 weeks ago

👋 hello~ time for an #introduction!

this is my chill-space (aka, a personal side account)

📝 basics:
- hi hi i'm beso! ("kiss" in spanish)
- xe/he pronouns (more info on
- late 20s
- i'm a #singer and #artist, though i can't take art commissions often due to my health. (i post my creations in the tag #BesoMakesThings)

👤​ identity:
- soy xicano! i live in the usa
#xicano #chicano #latino
- i'm bi and polyam, in a throuple relationship
#bisexual #polyamory
- i'm a nonbinary just-some-guy (tme)
#trans #bigender #nonbinary
- mentally ill and neurodivergent
#depression #adhd #autistic #AuDHD #kinetic #KineticAutistic
- proudly (and exhaustedly) disabled
#disabled #fibro #mecfs #cfs #arthritis

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- #tech #FOSS #libre
- #VideoGames #IndieGames #TTRPGs
- #manga #manhwa #manhua #webtoon #anime #WebNovel

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- discord: dm me to ask!

Johnny Profane Âû
2 weeks ago

I am #Autistic. I am #Disabled... in the world I grew up in.

That's the tweet.

(PS I include the birdsite link because Thinking Person's Guide to Autism is a fabulous resource. And despite my pestering them, they haven't tackled Mastodon yet.)


@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd

Matthew | The Autistic Coach
2 weeks ago

Thanks to everyone who participated in my first ever “Non-Western #Autistic Voices” discussion circle. Looking forward to seeing you next month!

The #ActuallyAutistic community is dominated by white Anglophone culture and we got together to discuss other perspectives.

@actuallyautistic @actuallyautistics @autisticadvocacy