May 8, 2023 - Day 128 - NewPlay Bonus Review
Total NewPlays: 144

Game: AVICII Invector
Platform: Steam
Release Date: Dec 11, 2019
Library Date: Oct 25, 2020
Unplayed: 925d (2y6m13d)
Playtime: 30m

AVICII Invector is a rhythm game. You have a ship, you have to steer in through a futuristic course and hit the right buttons at the right times to the rhythm of Avicii songs, and it helps to be a fan of Avicii, because you're going to be hearing a LOT of Avicii.

There's not a lot to say here. It's not an overly complex idea, it just gets very complicated very quickly at higher levels.

Unfortunately, if you're someone with fine motor control & coordination issues, anything more than "Beginner" mode quickly becomes frustrating.

A lot time in game is spent in triangular tunnels; in Beginner mode, there's only the A button, left stick to to change walls, left or right as required, and the left bumper(!) to hit light-up track lines.

The use of the bumper left me feeling like I was going to drop the controller, so that was bit off-putting.

In easy mode, the game adds the X button. The on-screen icon is a different colour, but the same SHAPE as the wall-change icon. I kept registering it as "move left" and missing the presses.

Even so, I don't mind a rhythm game to kill time here and there, so AVICII Invector is:

3: OK

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