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Une roue (en suivant un tutorial) #Blender #B3D

rendu 3D d’une roue de voiture
ᴚ uɐᗡ
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the nickelback song but the photograph is Elon's TIME cover, which is then burned and hit with liquid cheese - to crowd boos and then cheers
Fidel Destro
5 hours ago

Afternoon mograph. I thought I might take another pass at this, but the render came out to 6.66mb, and I'm sentimental, so here we go.
#Blender3D #B3D #GenerativeArt #3DArt

Ribbons of blue and red wave gently, while glowing blue particles float above. It's quite slow and languid.
10 hours ago

A dumb project i did in 2021. A meatball moon orbiting a pasta planet.
There nothing like 'too much ketchup'.

#b3d #blender #procedural #geometrynodes

Poly Haven
11 hours ago

Here's a summary of the free 3D assets we published in November! Download them here: #cc0 #b3d

12 hours ago

Working on an effect where a powdery substance, such as flour or sugar, depletes from a container. The left side uses a volume, and the right side uses geometry nodes.

This effect still needs some work, but it's getting there. Definitely leaning towards the geometry nodes option, because it affords so much more control over the look of the material's surface.

#blender #blender3d #b3d #geometrynodes #volumes #cycles #loop

A 3D animation of two cubes whose volumes deplete from top to bottom, over time. The effect is meant to look like a powder is being emptied from the bottom.
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12 hours ago

can someone reach out to Andrew Price and get him over here on fedi

we need more donuts around here, and cheezits, I say 🍩 🔶

@blender @blenderartists

#b3d #donut #cheese #fedi #mastodon #fediverse #blender #blenderguru

13 hours ago
3d render of a circular glass curve copied and rotated a bunch of times to form a basket shape.
13 hours ago

Those who don't know -----------Those who know

Meme over, carry on 🕵️‍♂️
#TearsOfTheKingdom #windwaker #b3d #zelda

Stephen Thomas
18 hours ago

Created a #b3d #geometryNodes setup for a paved floor. Tiled textures weren't cutting it, could see the repeating pattern on very wide shots. This setup lets each slab have a slightly different value/hue/saturation and it picks a random slab from a collection of about 20. Also added a mesh boolean for cutting out parts, very handy for curved pavement edges or gaps for trees 🤓

Screenshot of a Blender window. In the top panel, we can see some paving slabs that have been generated by Geometry Nodes. Below, we have the Geometry Nodes tree
Bart Veldhuizen 🚀
18 hours ago

As I have a bit more time on my hands, I've started trying out most things that I write about on BlenderNation, and throw everything into one .blend :) Here's what the last 24 hours gave me.

I've listed the sources on Blender Artists:

#blender3d #b3d

Remember this #b3d #nebula demoreel we presented at Bcon2019?

You'll be happy to know we've been working on a big nebula course, polishing the techniques and will present a COMPLETELY NEW stuff to you shortly! 🚀 :shramp:

blender conference 2019 nebula demoreel
Anthony Pham
19 hours ago

Late night cookin' in Substance Painter on the MGV-300 gun. Not finished, and not entirely happy with it, but still progressing.

Concept by KaminskyW:

#HardSurface #GameArt #GameDev #3Dart #3Dmodeling #WeaponArt #SubstancePainter #Blender #B3D #Blender3D #Zbrush

A scifi gun that resembled the MGV-176, which is a submachine gun that's relatively small, but with an oversized dish pan style magazine. It's overall colors are shades of tan, grey for the optics and grip, and a grey blue for the lower body. Seen from the side at a slight angle.
A scifi gun that resembled the MGV-176, which is a submachine gun that's relatively small, but with an oversized dish pan style magazine. It's overall colors are shades of tan, grey for the optics and grip, and a grey blue for the lower body. Seen from an angle towards the front and slightly above.
Behind The Console
23 hours ago

A #Cray YMP-EL and a #CM2 are getting introduced to the new kid on the block, the #beowulf #cluster
Fun fact, background noise is from the real Cray...
#blender #b3d

A Cray YMP-EL and a CM2 are getting introduced to the new kid on the block, the beowulf clusters.
Sublingual Multimedia
1 day ago

Modeled the tarsus and claws, and calling office hours over for the night. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. #blender #b3d #3dart

3d model of a grasshopper without its wings or front legs, now with spikes and feet on its back legs.
Sublingual Multimedia
1 day ago

Added the leg spikes, moving on to the feet before wrapping it up for the night. @ #blender #b3d

Orthogonal view of a grasshopper with rear legs, but not feet modeled
Sublingual Multimedia
1 day ago

Made some tweaks to the coxa, started on the hind legs, and added a "Sunny Field" HDRI map that I had sitting around. Next, spikes on the leg and feet. Join me @ #blender #b3d #mastoart

Oscar Baechler
1 day ago

Retopo time. If you’ve never used Exoside, it’s the best, but it only goes so far. This is what I usually do for clean up start, try to get at least 1 easily selected edge loop per major limb. So I find the loop that’s like 90%, delete faces going the wrong way, and retopo that by hand. Also cleanup on the line of symmetry. For the face I’ll merge this with a higher poly quad remesh, plus extra custom retopo there #b3d #blender #topology

Dragon retopology
1 day ago

#Blender 4.01 is out and I'm thinking I could probably do with a bit of a refresher, so went looking for the latest tutorials.
The latest tutorials on the is for Blender 2.7!! :florshed:
Edit: I meant 2.8!! ☺️

Cassidy James :gnome: :eos:
1 day ago

People familiar with Flatpak and Blender... want to help Blender on board with Flatpak, officially upstream?

There's an open issue with initial tasks to be completed:

They could use some help around packaging and permissions. :)

#b3d #OpenSource #Flatpak #Flathub #Linux #Blender

1 day ago

Wednesday doodle: Anomalous Forest.

#Blender3D #b3d #ConceptArt

Three people if gas masks and protective suits walking though a forest growing out of the desert. There are strange cubes littered all over the ground.
Gleb Aliaksandrau
1 day ago

Such glitches mean that the release of the Nebulae #b3d course is soon.

#b3d #3d #blender3d

digital glitch on top of the nebulae course title
1 day ago

Say hello to Catminster; my latest #sculpting abomination…

#blender #b3d

A 3d sculpted figure vaguely resembling a pinkish cat-like creature with a human-like face laying down.
1 day ago

When i discovered animationnodes in 2019, the first thing i build was a soundwave visualizer.
Based on a joy division cover, which is based on a visualization of radio waves from a neutronstar.

#b3d #animation #procedural #blender

1 day ago

Some older geometrynodes projects. The files are available on my gumroad account.

Did the first cactus with the non-fields version of geonodes. It was so much easier to rebuild with fields in 3.0.

#b3d #blender #procedural #geometrynodes #mastoart

Brett Kromkamp
1 day ago

Made a bit of progress on my Blender building generator, this evening. The offsets are wrong but the (recursive) flood-fill algorithm (to mark the interior tiles/blocks) is working 😅

#b3d #blender #proceduralgeneration #python

Blender building generator. Still unfinished and with incorrect offsets but, flood-fill is working.
1 day ago

Pattern flow #3d #art #b3d

3d render with a 2d graphic style of a grid of 2 interlocked blue torus knots covered in white dots that shrink and disappear like a gradient on the surface and background. The knots are rotated to it looks like they’re interlocking on the horizontal axis.
Similar to last image but with the knots rotated slightly.
1 day ago

Hello... After another long break, two new stills from the animation that I finished a few months ago and now I'm back to working on it. Should I post other things and show progress on this project? Do you want to see it? #blender #b3d #blender3d #3dart #alu #alloy #rims #car

Alloy rims animation progress
Alloy rims animation progress
Vertex Rage
1 day ago

Still time to harvest your assets! 🍁 Our Low Poly Nature pack is bursting with life and it's 70% off! Gather these girolles and more before the sale ends.


#Sale #lowpoly #indiedev #nature #AssetPack #unity3d #UnrealEngine #UE5 #b3d #blender3d #BlackFriday #blackfridaysale

2 days ago

Here's a closer view of the Piranha Plant idle loop from yesterday. Marvel at the spittle! 😆

#blender #blender3d #b3d #render #animation #cycles #loop #perfectloop #art #agx #mastoart #fediart

A 3D rendered animation of a Piranha Plant hanging out in a clay pot. It has a large, red spotted, bulbous head, a large gaping mouth, rounded teeth, and a long pink tongue. The view is up close, so you can see the spit flinging out of its mouth as it bobs back and forth. Spit also strings from the upper and lower mouth, and dribbles from the tongue as it moves up and down.
Mark B Tomlinson
2 days ago

I went down the rabbit hole with this one, I thought it might be interesting to model a Golf ball. As it turns out the first method I used was the best. But I tried to get the dimples the same size, only to find out in reallity they aren't the same at all. I want to fiddle more but this one has worn me out.

#mbt3d #3d #b3d #blender3d #art #3dart #cg

model of a golf ball on a field of grass, writton on it Noch Eines and the nuber 4 with the Blender logo.
Jarom Vogel
2 days ago

🚀🦊🌙 Demo project I made for my most recent Warrior Art Camp 3D on iPad workshop—it was super fun!

For those interested, this one was modeled in Nomad Sculpt, retopology in CozyBlanket, painted in Procreate, and animated in @blender

#MastoArt #Art #b3d #Design #Character #Procreate #iPadArt

An animated 3D model of a fox in a red and blue astronaut suit. The fox idles, then waves, then crouches and looks around quickly. It’s also shown in augmented reality and as an interactive model on my website.
Daniel 🏳️‍🌈 Jilg
2 days ago

I have charts in #Blender! Nothing can stop me now! #b3d #3dmodelling

Blender Screenshot with a TelemetryDeck chart (the percentage is wrong)
2 days ago

I encountered a really weird, indeterminate behaviour in #GeometryNodes in #b3d 4.0 and it makes so little sense to me that I'm not sure how to report it.
@JacquesLucke, @simonthommes, maybe one of you could give your expert opinion.

I start with some basemesh that I'm "remeshing" with 'Mesh to Volume' and 'Volume to Mesh'. I then 'Distribute Points on Faces' two separate times with different seeds (here in different colours).
Now, if I change the seed for one of these, sometimes, the distribution of the other inexplicably changes as well. And if I change the seed back, both distribution are different from what they were at the start.
Some kind of freaky non-determinism.

I've noticed that: applying the remesh, reducing Adaptivity to 0 on the 'Volume to mesh' or using a simpler basemesh like a cube will make the phenomenon go away.
Also, it's not specific to 'Distribute Points on Faces'. Replacing it with 'Mesh to Points' with random selection also yields the issue.

The issue persists in the daily build.

Moria's Race
2 days ago

If you like #animation, #action and like to see #kids go crazy. #MoriasRace should be just for you.

#b3d #film #openmovie

Picture of 2 children driving a car on a crowded road at night. Text saying "These Kids Stole A Car In The Middle Of The Night".
2 days ago

today's class demo was about the importance of choosing the right interpolation type - such as 'elastic' for this robot arm - and how sound is 50% of what you see #b3d #blender3d

a robot arm doing robot things
2 days ago

I went ahead and animated this thing!

Animation is not something I've ever formally trained in, but I enjoy doing it. I just tend to get *really* caught up in the details of the curves, making sure everything looks just right. 😅

Created across many versions of Blender, but touched up and rendered in Blender 4.0, with Cycles. AgX is pretty nice!

#blender #blender3d #b3d #render #cycles #art #animation #loop #perfectloop #mastoart #fediart

A 3D render of a Piranha Plant idly resting in a clay pot. The plant has a large, red spotted, bulbous head with a gaping mouth, teeth, and a long pink tongue. Its mouth has strands of sticky spit bridging the top and bottom, and the tongue dribbles spit as it sits there. The clay pot is dirty and broken, and there are small mounds of soil on the floor nearby.
2 days ago

Bending some glass around #B3D #art #3D

3d render of 2 glass curves, one smaller inside the other slightly rotated. The shape is like a rounded rectangle with bends in it. The glass is highly refractive with pops of white, teal, and red.
Similar to last image but curves are shaped like a squished circle.
Similar to first image but with twisted curves.
3 days ago

Not finished yet, but I've already got the water surface looking pretty good. However, I will make further adjustments to achieve even more realism.

#b3d #blender #blender3d #archviz #WorkInProgress #architecture

ArchViz WIP Screen
ArchViz Blender Viewport Screenshot
Blender Water-Shader-Nodes
Fidel Destro
3 days ago

Late night mograph. Doin some work on Mod Target Swirl, fixing / improving its fall-off, and switching the method for auto-ranging its extents. Originally, I was using an attribute statistic which is just super slow, especially when I can get the same result with Bounding Box and a tiny bit of math.
#Blender3D #B3D #GenerativeArt #3DArt

A cube rotates and contorts, swirling around various axes, and lookin quite trip-like.
ewa_wierbik 🎨
3 days ago

The ring from my newest project.
#b3d #animation #jewelry

3 days ago

Playing around with more graphic styling #b3d #art #animation #MotionDesign

3d animation of a planet with a ring around it, but it’s same color as background, and covered in white dots to reveal its shape. The dots shrink and disappear on the backside of the planet.
ᴚ uɐᗡ
4 days ago

128GB of RAM? But WHY Dad?

Particles, son. Glorious particles. #b3d

NOTE: You might be wondering if I re-paste my CPU every time I add or move memory modules... Yes. And it has to do with this ridiculous air cooler...

Motherboard with four memory modules for a total of 128 GB of RAM which seems a bit insane.

The AMD 5800X has been re-pasted, again. Because the cooler is so big that accessing the memory requires removing it.

In fact... the cooler is so big that removing the GPU causes it to get stuck forever as the release mechanism is shot.

Beware the Dark Force 4 air cooler. It is... a tactical error.
Brett Kromkamp
4 days ago

I have been using Blender, on and off, since 2015 and only now am I starting to seriously delve into Python scripting in Blender. The "Hello, world!" of Python scripting in Blender is a building generator, so that is what I have started to develop. I will post updates as I make progress.

#blender #b3d #python #vscode

The beginnings of a procedurally generated building, with the Python script open in Visual Studio Code on the left and the Blender application window open on the right, respectively.
Bart Veldhuizen 🚀
5 days ago

Some great #Blender users to follow:

👉 @ebarranco - "Interested in Sculpture and Animation."

👉 @clemensbeute - "Doing Blender #b3d stuff, also geometry nodes, python / add-on's."

👉 @qaqelol - "Technical artist, secretly a bird."

If you'd like to suggest someone to be featured here, please let me know!

#blender #blender3d #b3d #BlenderOnMastodon

ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 week ago

I spy #b3d here 👀 🧩

AND here's the excellent HOWTO 👉

CC @TucsonSentinel (where you can find the article posted)

a 3d render of a $100 bill puzzle on a wooden surface, used as the image for an article titled "New Social Security report shows growing overpayment problem tops $23B"