#Baltimore #BARCS is the largest animal rescue in #Maryland. (I foster cats through them.) They held their fundraising gala this weekend.

"Employees estimate 30 animals are surrendered to the #shelter each day, about 10,000 animals per year... BARCS organizers say the #dog wedding will become an annual event. As for the happy couple, vows included taking long, slow walks around Baltimore; sharing tennis balls; and eating wet food for the rest of their lives."

#BARCS #AnimalShelter in #Baltimore is out of space for dogs. Adoption fees are waived for the coming week. They are also looking for local #dog #rescues who may be able to take some pups. If you've ever considered fostering, this is also the time to try. You can take a dog home for a few days to see if it is something you can handle.

What I love best about fostering with BARCS is that the foster family gets to pick the adoptive family from all incoming applications.

BARCS Animal Shelter: OUT OF SPACE & BARCS is in a desperate situation: we are totally out of dog space. As an open-admission shelter, we take in every animal that comes to us in need. We've taken in more than 200 dogs in January already. Our facility only has so many cages, and a large influx of stray and surrendered animals quickly creates an urgent situation. We have hundreds of healthy, happy adoptable dogs and cats that need homes 
> ADOPT: Adoption fees are waived for ALL ANIMALS (dogs, cats, etc) at our 2490 Giles Road shelter Tuesday 1/17 through Sunday 1/22. We are open from 2-6 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 am.-4 p.m. on weekends. 
> FOSTER: We urgently need foster families for adult dogs who are not ready for adoption or are otherwise unavailable. These include dogs who are scared and/or shut down in our care, dogs who are sick (upper respiratory inflections; not contagious to humans) or injured who need some time to recover, or owned animals at our facility for emergency boarding due to a family crisis. Please apply to foster on our website. You do NOT need to have a specifc type of home or family o foster, Even a weekend-long commitment to foster can make a major diference. 
> RESCUE PARTNERS: fI you're with a rescue organization. please consider pulling an animal from our shelter. To see which animels are eligible for rescue, email rescue@barcs org
Close up picture of a large size brown dog, with his ears perked up and his big brown eyes looking desperately into the camera.