"taco, how can i go about this?"

ask about how #AffirmativeAction is being accomplished by the teams that are running your conventions!

and don't settle for "we're a diverse team of queer people", most of the #furry #fandom is #queer. we need more #bipoc voices explicitly, or we're going to fall prey to the clutches of #whiteness and #christofacist sanitation. ask why there isn't more information talking about race in the fandom and talk about why it's important!

we as #furries should be working to elevate #bipoc voices both within and outside of the fandom regarding peoples lived experiences because they also affect us but they affect others who are a part of these intersectional experiences in a way worse way.

this may sound weird, but i actually think we should be working on #AffirmativeAction for #leadership positions within the #furry #fandom.

hear me out.

1 day ago

Fewer than half the states in the US protect BIPOC from discriminatory punishment for natural hair. The House passed a bill to stop this discrimination, but it was blocked in the Senate by Rand Paul.

#systemicracism #bipoc #naturalhair

4 days ago

Post from Chimére L. Smith (@chiluvs1 on twitter)

"The Black Long Covid Experience"

"Plan + Strategize how to get an actual Long Covid diagnosis;

Engage with politicians;

Find support while applying for disability + SSDI benefits.

Black women, let’s go!!"

More information here:

#Covid #DisabilityJustice #LongCovid #BlackWomen #BIPOC #USPol

"The Black Long Covid Experience"

A virtual event on Sunday, October 15, 3 PM Eastern Time / 12 Noon Pacific Time.

Registration starts on Tuesday, September 19.
website =

Black Women and Families: From Dismissed to Diagnosed.

Chimere L Sweemey, Host and founder, The Black Long Covid Experience.
Brooke Keaton, Long Covid Advocate, Speaker and panelist.
Cynthia Adinig, Co-Founder, The BIPOC Equity Agency, Expert on Long Covid Political Legislation.

🖤​Hey you!🖤​
Would you like to show me love for my birthday (that is on the 23rd) but are broke as fuck like I am?

Well, visit the link below and and share it!

There are stories you can listen to for free!
In two formats! Video and Audio!
The audio will soon have all 30 current episodes.

The more it fills Eye holes and Ear gets in front of Ears to be seen, the better!

If you really want you could also check out the rest of that website for ways to gift me things or buy things for yourself I made.

Best way to give me a gift.🦇​
Or money, I like money. 💀​

VENMO/CASHAPP - nailsthatglow
#story #shortstory #video #podcast #queer #nonbinary #writer #writersofmastodon #birthday #lgbtq #writing #horror #fantasy #sciencefiction #drama #noir #weirdfiction #strangefiction #solarpunk #robots #monsters #detective #trans #lesbian #gay #bipoc #casual #adventure #dramatic #tragic #superhero

The Pyramid Scheme That Is Racial Capitalism

Black People Are Both The Focus Of Racist Hate And Of Capitalist Predation.
#news #UnitedStates #captalism #socialism #racism #poc #bipoc

Spent the afternoon at Pocket Books Shop in Lancaster, PA and picked up some more reading. 📚
@bookstodon #bookstodon #books #nonfiction #biography #history #AfricanAmerican #BlackLives #BIPOC #Indigenous #NativeAmerican

The books My People: Five Decades of Writing About Black Lives by Charlayne Hunter-Gault, and Path Lit By Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe by David Maraniss
PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
1 week ago

I want to follow more #BIPoC voices on the Fediverse.
There is no guarantee of course, but ideally I'd like to hear about things concerning BIPoC from them first and not, as was the case with TheBadSpace, hear the "other side" first.

I still have a lot of criticism about TheBadSpace, but it was not good to pile on right then and there. Had I known about all that racist harassment at the time, I would have kept my mouth shut.


So who should I follow?
Feel free to send me PMs or something. No publicly @'ing people who did not consent to that please.

Lucy 🏳️‍⚧️ #BLM
1 week ago

- Hear me out, this is IMPORTANT -

#BIPOC are constantly being harassed on fedi by a bunch of racist scum (of which some happen to be trans and this fact deeply saddens me)

If you are a racist bigot please unfollow me, or even better, tell me who you are so that I can block the heck out of you

Blocking ANY account or instance is a basic fedi right and projects like #TheBadSpace by @Are0h are very important to keep BIPoC on fedi SAFE

If you disagree, block me :blobgrumpy:

#BLM #fediblockmeta

Chip Fox
1 week ago

🚀 IT'S HERE! Dive into the world of #MAJICRecords and witness the furry music revolution that's captivating hearts and ears globally!

#MAJICREC #BIPOC furries #AshCoyote #Documentary

Watch NOW: #BeyondTheFandom #Premiere

Erika Sumner
1 week ago


#DRAG SHOW Fundraising for the 1st Statue Honoring a #Trans Person in the State of #NJ Commemorating Marsha P. Johnson @ #TheStoneWallInn
Wednesday, September 20, 7-9pm

STATUESQUE -Shining a Light on #BIPOC #LGBTQ Trailblazers: #MarshaPJohnson #SylviaRivera & #StorméDeLarverie

#TheVillageTrip #TheNewSchool

A flyer for the statuesque drag show at the Stonewall on September 20 from 7 to 9 PM. There's a black & white picture of Marsha P. Johnson from 1968 protesting "the treatment of of street people and gays" in front of Bellevue hospital. Marsha is wearing a fur jacket and holding a white sign that reads POWER TO THE PEOPLE in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Also if you reach out to me, specifically, for a paid gig to educate, please be advised that I may take some of my pay and donate it to TheBadSpace and other concerns, or I may even request that you donate as well, on top of my fees, as part of your training.

This is entirely intentional. A lot of you racist white motherfuckers like to talk big about how you love and support #BIPoC but you materially do not. And part of what you need to learn is how to participate in mutual aid.

One of my expertises is consulting to individuals on social justice concepts. My rate sheet is pretty forthright and explicit. In summary, I charge USD$240-$120/hr sliding scale for general social justice/civil rights/advocacy training, which can include email or chat or video discussion, contextualizing and explaining social justice foundations and concepts to clients who need the grounding and guidance.

One reason I do this is to remind myself not to give it away for free. And folks, we are getting perilously close to having white trans people demand free education from trans #BIPoC like me.

One topi I see being essentially ignored, but which I will not grace with my own explanation, is racist dog whistles, which are getting hot and heavy around the Fediverse lately.

If you are white and posting at all about TheBadSpace or Ro in any way, I urge you to look up and study how dog whistles work, rhetorically, before continuing. If you have any friends who are BIPOC (and if you don't, make it your priority to be trustworthy and find some friendly folks who aren't white), now would be a good time to pay them to preview your shit before you post it. That's called Beta- or Sensitivity-reading and yes it's a real thing and yes, you do need help. Yes because you're white.

Johanna Taylor ✍️👻📚
1 week ago

I absolutely L O V E horror stories. Prose & comics both! But the stories I’ve read are pretty white- and Euro-centric.

I am STOKED for this anthology showcasing all BIPOC/authors of underrep’d ethnic backgrounds and cultures!! I wanna read their stories! 👻

#bipoc #horror #anthology #spookyseason

‼️ 24 hours to go, let’s make it happen ‼️

Screenshot of Death in the Mouth volume 2 with text that says: “ new and under represented storytellers will join anthology through our open call upon funding”
1 week ago

And it's usually white religious people, white Black Lives Matter types or white Progressive Democrats, or all 3 rolled into one.

I'm pretty sure they would be even more racist if they could; if there weren't such societal penalty for such racism. Even as they tout their "anti-racism".

But public racism to Native people is no problem. Native people are just too sensitive and need to get over it, blah blah blah...

#Native #Indigenous #NDN #BIPOC

@melodymeows Ah. I took a category you meant to apply to essentially everyone personally, sorry about that.

I think my issue is that while in your judgment, some of the criticism is legitimate, I've overwhelmingly seen almost all of the criticism characterized by fellow #BIPoC as racist in origin. And my personal philosophy is, in these cases, to prioritize BIPoC perspectives when the issue is unclear or unresolved.

At least some of the queer server entries in TBS have been cleared, and some of been better explained. But part of the DARVO character of the current criticism/discussion includes that the intention of TBS includes factors that white people tend to dismiss as unimportant to admin/mod decisions on the fediverse. Things like server admin/mod behavior, philosophy, and their Codes of Conduct and how they interpret and enforce them.

There are a lot of trauma-informed reactions, for sure, on both sides, but I want to point out here that by and large, BIPoC experiencing trauma are largely expected to respond civilly, whereas, the prevailing politics of Mastodon/the fediverse tend to be quite a bit more forgiving to (white) trans folks experiencing trauma.

Do not be fooled by the white lady pretending she's defending us trans #BIPOC from ourselves. it may sound so very reasoned, however it stinks of racism and ableism because it is!

I believe I saw crutches and spice (who is a Black disabled woman) say it first: "ableism is the tool, white supremacy is the goal"

#Indigedon #qtBIPOC

1 week ago

WTF, just saw a white guy in my building with a feather stuck in the back of his baseball hat straight up.

I just gave him a dirty look and kept moving, so tired of this shit...

Why people find it so easy to be disrespectful... ugh.

#Native #Indigenous #NDN #BIPOC

So let me remind folks of sort of fundamentals of anarcho-socialism.

One principle is NO MEANS TESTING, NO GATEKEEPING. Share and share alike. This means, practically, believe people when they say they're experiencing something, even if for some reason (privilege, entitlement, community protection, supremacy, etc.) you cannot perceive it.

THIS MEANS NO ASKING FOR PROOF. If you are here for anarcho-socialism, you should be seeking solidarity, and finding common cause, building bridges, not fences. You should not be civility policing, you should not be questioning the #BIPoC and other folks who are writing about their experiences. You shouldn't be asking them for proof or accusing them of lying. You should instead find ways of asking "how can I help?" or even better, unilaterally discovering how you can help and doing that, without requiring input or supervision or teaching.

Almost every white person I know is terrible at disconnecting the patronizing directive that white supremacy teaches us to do. The idea is that white people are the ultimate arbiters of truth and justice. That your opinion is welcome and encouraged. But let me tell you: it is not. Clamp down on your impulses to police BIPoC and try to keep moving forward collectively.

@melodymeows When #BIPoC like myself generalize about all white people, we usually don't literally mean "all", we mean that the risks in general of taking action against any white person are too high not to expect retribution from any random white person.

That there are "good people on both sides" is self-evident. But given the risks that the folks I stand with take daily in our general dissent, we do not have the spare time, resources, or energy to extend the olive branch by default. It is psychologically, personal safety wise, simply more practical to assume that the shit will fly and act accordingly.

If there are good people on the side that is hurling invectives at Ro, WelshPixie, and's admin and the wider community, I hope they have the sense to climb down off their respective crosses and use the wood to build a fucking bridge.

There is a division in the Leftist, anarcho-socialist fediverse that seems to break primarily on racist lines. #BIPoC and some of our white accomplices seem to have clued into the correct (anti-racist, just, justice-advocacy) side. And unfortunately, a lot of you haven't. Which is fine. You're absolutely entitled to your opinions.

But if you think I'm going to sit here and endlesslsy hear accusations and slander about my friends and accomplices, then you have your heads firmly planted in your backsides.

If I see you promoting the extant conspiracy theories against my friends, I'll unfollow you, and possibly block you, and consider reporting you for it.

Some topics I'd rather not see you post:
- Criticisms of:
- Ro
- WelshPixie
- LJWrites
- Support for dogpiling or brigading any of these folks or any of their friends
- Any dog whistles (though I may give you one chance here - dog whistles are sometimes subtle memes if you don't have your guard up)

Jack William Bell
2 weeks ago

The Carl Brandon Society is holding a #BIPOC book fair in #Portland on September 23 in Oregon’s Norse Hall. Featuring award-winning authors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford.


* Saturday, September 23 from noon to 4 p.m.

* $5 admission per person, waived on request

* Every kids’ admission includes one free book

* Norse Hall is at 111 NE 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232

(Passing along something from an email list I'm on.)

#books #reading #SFF #PNW

Sumana Harihareswara
2 weeks ago

#PDX #families:

"We’re having a #BIPOC #book fair and inviting all kids who want to be there to come. Join us on Saturday, September 23; we’ll be at #Portland, Oregon’s Norse Hall with a bunch of #books by and about Black people, Indigenous people, and all kinds of people of color. Each kid’s admission ticket gets them one FREE BOOK and the chance to buy as many more books as they like."

Plus, readings & Q&A with award-winning authors Nisi Shawl & K. Tempest Bradford!

2 weeks ago

Making a list right here for #NEISvoid #disability #ChronicIllness people who haven't gotten invites to the #Bluesky app yet. It isn't perfect (no private account setting) and it isn't a substitute for Mastodon, but it might help people find their communities.

Also welcome to reply to this are any marginalized people that don't feel safe on Twitter or other spaces. #BIPOC #Indigenous #LGBTQ #Queer and others.

As people get invite codes, this could be a place to find people who need them.

Erika Sumner
2 weeks ago


I’m throwing the MOST AMAZING #event of my life honoring the #BIPOC #LGBTQ #women who started the #Stonewall Riots AT the Stonewall Inn w/ 6 drag performances & a special vogue performance in honor of #OShaeSibley:

'STATUESQUE' Shining a Light on BIPOC LGBTQ Trailblazers: #MarshaPJohnson, #SylviaRivera & #StorméDeLarverie -Fundraising for the First Statue Honoring a #Trans Person in #NewJersey Commemorating Marsha


The flyer for STATUESQUE - shining a light on BIPOC LGBTQ Trailblazers Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera & Stormé DeLarverie.
Hosted by Harmonica Sunbeam with a photo of Harmonica with her arms raised.
Performance by Harriet Tugsman with a photo of Harriet.
Links and QR code to purchase tickets for STATUESQUE.
Hawaii Kai Auntie
2 weeks ago

An illuminating article on the #SierraClub, its history and current turmoil within the organization. #environment #ngo #bipoc

3 weeks ago

Reden auf der Bi+Pride:
Hier listen wir Euch auf, wer voraussichtlich alles eine Rede auf der Bi+Pride am 23.9.2023 halten wird.
Die Bi+Pride wird unterstützt durch Hamburg Pride: dem CSD-Verein von Hamburg.

1. Initiator Frank Thies (Initiator Bi+Pride, Lehrer),
2. Kerstin Thost (Pressesprecher*in LSVD Bundesverband),

3. Jason Chue (US-Generalkonsul von Hamburg und ganz Norddeutschland),
4. Meret Löscher (Schülerin),
5. Erica Badu (Black Poetin),

6. Ana (Queer Refugee aus dem Iran),
7. Emilia “Milla” Fester (Bundestagsabgeordnete),
8. Aida Spiegeler Castañeda (Spitzenpolitikerin der Tierschutzpartei),

9. Silvia Schmidt (Bi+Pride-Orga-Team),
10. Samu/elle (Bi+Pride-Orga-Team).

#hamburgpride #bipluspride #bipride #bisexuell #bisexual #csd #csdhamburg #lsvd #jasonchue #vielfalt #bipoc #emiliafester #tierschutzpartei #lsbtiqa #lsbtiq #lsbti #lgbt #lgbtiqa

Real Quack
3 weeks ago

@mekkaokereke @Jorsh

Thank you for articulating this.

I was not a #Twitter user (I tried, as my job asked me to amplify stuff). I cannot speak to anyone's Twitter experience.

I can speak to my experience here.

I sometimes get people who I wouldn't interact with offline trying to raise my blood pressure here.

And I'm a mediocre #white guy. It's gotta be worse for folks who are #BIPOC

3 weeks ago

Happy Labor Day & #Solidarity from Tacoma!

For folks who haven't figured it out, #capitalism uses #Racism to divide us but eventually, ANYTHING wytfolks let it do to POC, capital will do to them.
When it starts doing that, we call it #FASCISM but it's just Capitalism taking its mask off when it thinks it can

Who's been fighting fascism the whole time?
#BIPOC folks.

Ximena González
3 weeks ago

If you’re based in #Canada, a #vegan, and #BIPOC—hit me up!

I’m looking for sources for a story I’m writing about the ethics of adopting a plant-based diet in Canada.

3 weeks ago

Aha, #ZecheZollern in #Dortmund zeigt eine Ausstellung über #Kolonialismus und bittet (!) weiße Besucher/-innen darum, samstags zwischen 10 und 14 Uhr die Ausstellung nicht zu besuchen. Damit soll nicht-weißen Personen (#BIPoC) ein safer space bei diesem sensiblen Thema geboten werden.
Und schon schäumt die rechte Volksseele und faselt von #Rassismus gegen weiße Menschen und ruft zur Demo auf. Was für arme Lichter! Die Ausstellung ist dienstags bis sonntags von 10 bis 18 Uhr geöffnet, genug Zeit für diskriminierte Weiße.

3 weeks ago

on an unrelated note
Do you remember the guy from the #collegehumor series "If google was a guy" [1] who had a staccato style of asking rather strange questions [2]? In his memory #blacktwitterapp only for #BIPOC|#POC?


3 weeks ago

So I have fallen into the rabbit hole that is #blackmastodon and while there are cool people to follow, backtracking their social graph is riddled with accounts no longer active or deleted. It saddens me that #mastodon seemingly fails at being a welcoming and engaging platform for #BIPOC / #POC

4 weeks ago


What's normal for #Republicans at this point is fomenting #Fascism or voting for people who do.

What's important to stress is: what we've all been taught to call Fascism is what happens when #capitalism starts treating white folks the way it's treated #Black & #BIPOC folks The Entire Time

:solidarity: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 month ago is a dedicated Mastodon server for Black humans, Black voices, and Black experiences:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin at @admin

#FeaturedServer #Black #BIPOC #BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #Mastodon #Fediverse

1 month ago

#Library worker looking for #BIPOC readers of Kingsolver's recent 📚 Demon Copperhead. I'm mayonnaisian but working on it 🤦🏼‍♀️

Glowing reviews I read aren't wrong abt excellent story & adaptation but...

Isn't author disingenuous in her misrepresentation of who HRC calls deplorables? Isn't her historical critique missing a whole chunk abt #race & #Reconstruction?

1 month ago



...persecuted minorities: #LGBTQOA+, the #disabled or people with #disabilities, #Jews, #BIPOC, and probably #Asians and #Muslims at a somewhat later stage, anyone not "#WASP 2.0," i.e. including most people of #European decent, in contrast to late 1800's.

From them, the #DOJ will "just" have to differentiate the perpetrators from the mere sympethizers.

The #Phoenix that #Elmo plans to rise from the ashes of the #DeadBirdSite, most likely in the shape of #Bluesky,...


i feel pretty lucky that .art is the largest instance i've ever been on in the near dozen of instances i've been on, and its not trynig to run itself into the ground in the name of white supremacy.

edit: whoa .art is BY FAR the largest instance i've been on. previous ones were like a couple hundred people *at most*. I actually am surprised that at nearly 10k active users, the local time line is still shockingly cozy, if not as alt txt'd or cw'd as i'd personally like

#BIPOC #Indigedon

the people's eva
1 month ago

Greetings upon all who see this message! eva here, admin of BlackQueerLife.

A little over a month ago, when I started this server, a number of people were asking me if they could donate to help pay for server costs. To those who were curious: you now can! We have an account with Open Collective where you can make tax-deductible donations on a recurring or one-time basis. This would allow us to cover server costs, pay to have mods so it's not just me running the place, have a translate button, upgrade the server, etc.

The link is:

I wish we had been able to come out with this right away rather than waiting several weeks, but I chose Open Collective because I have seen multiple orgs online and off blow up due to lack of transparency where funds are involved. Open Collective allows transparency and openness about how and why funds are spent. I think taking the extra time is worth what we've gotten.

I have always said that I want to run BlackQueerLife the right way, and I think Open Collective is the best way forward for us. Any boosts and/or donations would be thoroughly appreciated!

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackFediverse #BlackQueer #BIPOC #QTPOC #LGBTQ

1 month ago

#a11y friends, looking for advice and I need #BIPOC perspectives. I teach the importance of including race in #AltText the standard default is so often assumed "white" that I stress the importance of representation in alt text but what do we do when we're not sure of the race we're describing? What if someone is white-passing? I don't want to exclude based on assumptions. How can we remain inclusive when facing some of these challenges when authoring alt text? Thoughts are hugely appreciated

2 months ago

I guess it's the thing to do an #introduction post? I'm a #demisexual #childfree #polyamorous #neurodivergent #feminist #witch living in the #pnw with two cats, a dog, a mouse, and a husband. She/her.

Interested in #art #music #science #books #writing #geek #climatechange #socialjustice #reproductiverights #crafting #anticapitalist #antifa. I try to be a good #lgbtq & #bipoc ally, please correct me if I misstep.

Sonia Sulaiman
2 months ago


I'm looking for Queer BIPOC artists to commission for cover art (multiple covers, multiple artists). This would be a paid gig.

Strict no AI "generated" art policy.

Are there tags, sites that I should be looking at?

#FediArt #Queer #BIPOC

Sine 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

This is a non-emergency! Everything is okay :blobfoxessnuggles:​

I just owe my school a lot of money from last semester and I'm having trouble paying it back. :blobfoxcrylove:​ If you want to help a broke college student pay off their balance so they can sign-up for the upcoming fall semester, send some schmeckles my way.

tags: @mutualaid #mutualaid #poc #bipoc #pocinstem #academia

🧵 being #BIPOC on mastodon:
obv us POC experiences here vary & not all of us stick around here for years. For some reason I have, on various instances, I think around 8 or 9, maybe even 10 lol

moderation of your instance makes a big difference, but that doesn't fix moderation (lackthereof) of other instances, like at all.

basically white ppl are gonna white, no matter in what way they are white asterisk. and internalized white supremacy / colonizer bullshit is a thing too

@KFuentesGeorge we need it, please continue to speak the truth about race in this country.

I can only speak for myself when I say there is so much black history that I was never taught. I am working hard on my own to absorb as much truth as possible.

It shouldn't be the job of any #BIPOC to educate me but I do appreciate reading anything here that shines a light on the way things are.


Prof Kemi FG
2 months ago

Sometimes I think about the fact that I am probably the Only Black Friend for some of the white people in my social circle. Not sure how to feel about that.

That's why I'm so militant all the time though. Because I need to educate you motherfuckers.

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackTwitter #BIPOC

the people's eva
2 months ago

UPDATE: For those who asked, we have an Open Collective page if you are interested in donating! It's

Hello Fediverse! I am coming before you all today to promote my new instance:! You may have seen my post on my old account about it a few weeks back. I wanted to wait until I finished migrating my old account over here, got the instance up and running to where I wanted it, etc before promoting it fully.

We all know Fedi isn't always kind to Black users, doubly so for Black queers. My instance represents my attempt to continue the amazing work some folks are doing in the Fediverse to make these platforms more accessible and safer for all users, ESPECIALLY marginalized folks.

When I joined the fediverse, the first thing I was searching for almost from the beginning was an instance dedicated to or centering Black queer people explicitly. While there are a few amazing communities like that out there, many of them are either not federating, offering limited federation only, or are currently closed to new users.

This allows them to have much greater control over the content their users are exposed to, which I have tremendous respect and appreciation for. Hell, I've got alts in some of those places!

However. As a newcomer to Fedi, it was not overly easy for me to find these places and gain access, which I recognize is somewhat by design. Limited or no federation meant the only way to locate them was by word of mouth and extensive research.

This is where BlackQueerLife comes in. I want to build a place where Black queer, trans, and GNC folks can feel safe making a home while also being able to venture out into the rest of the fediverse. I want somewhere they can use as a landing pad. I want as many multiply marginalized Black folks off of corporate hellsites like Twitter and Bluesky as possible. We are not safe being corporate playthings.

Most importantly, I want every Black queer person who joins Fedi to know that they have somewhere they can go. I don't expect that all would necessarily want to join, but I want all Black queer fedizens to know that they are welcome to.

So if you see this, please boost this post to spread the word. If you already boosted the other posts that have gone out about this instance, no pressure. Thanks so much!

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackFediverse #BlackQueer #BIPOC #QTPOC #LGBTQ

I've hesitated to do this for multiple weeks, but I really need financial help right now. To cover everything and still have enough for food, I need around $700. (If you can't donate, please help me by sharing this as far as it can go :boosts_ok:​ :shiba_please:​ )


The situation: I've been on a slow spiral downwards and, whether it's burnout, a neurodevelopmental disorder that heavily affects all facets of my life, likely cptsd from being in abusive home environments for nearly the last decade (which finally ended in April), or, a combination of them all (with extras sprinkled on top), I've gotten to the point where I've been almost completely unable to bring in income for the last month or two :kitty_sad:​

I thought things would get better, that I was getting my feet under me again. I got my HRT mostly dialed in. Same with my other meds. I finally got a full-time therapist last month and we're making progress. Home feels safe and welcoming. just kept getting worse. And worse. To top it all off, a bunch of expenses are coming due at the same time from ID renewal to rehairing my bow to needing to repair my shoes with the usual bills on top :kitty_yikes:​

If you made it this far, thank you. It's been a struggle to get my thoughts on paper, but I finally managed it :zerotwo_hearts:​

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdund #Trans #Disabled #LGBTQ #Queer #BIPOC

Loving Madtodon, but well, the #trans representation isn’t particularly diverse on my timeline.

Who should I be following? #BIPOC, #Non-Binary, #TransMasc voices are ones I need to hear more.

I’d also love to hear from more long-transitioned folks because heck, I don’t hear those voices much either (although I myself fit into that category).

Our community is diverse and I’d love to be able to engage with and lift up more of that diversity here.