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@freakazoid Let's go #BSD!

Stefano Marinelli
3 days ago

Friends of #BSDCafe and the #Fediverse, I was reminiscing on Matrix just a moment ago and decided to reveal a secret of mine.

Back in 2002, I convinced my parents to buy me a laser printer. They were quite expensive back then, but the cost per page was significantly lower than inkjets.
They asked me why I needed to print so many pages, and I assured them it was for the materials for my thesis.

That wasn't true. I just wanted to print the FreeBSD Handbook and have the ability to print all the documentation available on BSD systems.

I could've just taken the file to a print shop, but the allure of doing it myself was greater.

So yes, I lied to my parents, and the printer was only marginally used for my thesis. But that printer (a Samsung ML-1210, which I still have and still works) allowed me to comfortably study the BSD systems on paper, taking notes, before testing things on my computer of that time.

So thank you, parents, for buying me that printer, and forgive me for the fib 🙂

#FreeBSD #BSD #OpenSource #TechMemories #Throwback #Lies #Revelation

John Bokma
3 days ago

Big O Notation, REST Servers in Go, and Comfy FreeBSD Jails

#ComputerScience #go #bsd #security

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voy a echar mucho de menos ver bungō stray dogs :gif_acnh_catty:

no sé cuánto tiempo pasará hasta que salga una nueva temporada puesto que asagiri tiene que adelantar muchísimo el manga porque todo el final y demás de la última temporada ni siquiera sale aún en el manga, el anime está un poco mucho adelantando jdjdjsjs :nkoSweat:

lo que estoy segura es que pasarán más de 5 años hasta que tengamos nueva temporada y lo voy a llevar muy mal :pika_sad:

mientras tanto, viviré a base de teorías y conspiraciones de lo que pasará, leeré el manga entero, todas las novelas ligeras, los libros de los autores que dan nombres a sus personajes y veré el anime hasta saberme todos los diálogos. :gif_acnh_luna:

#bsd #bungostraydogs #bungou_stray_dogs #anime #TKZanime

4 days ago

is there a curses based console office suite that supports opendocument files? #linux #libreoffice #console #gnu #bsd

4 days ago

Children of BIOS

We saw the flower come into bloom, watched the landline bees pollinate. We listened to the machine clatter and wiped away the drops of mechanical tears we thought sweat.

Now our struggle is with the rust in the knees, as our stories turn into myth. The touch of the index finger running down the side of a CRT screen a distant memory.

Tell me, dear viewer. Where were you, when the machine wept?

#unix_surrealism #runbsd #bsd #linux #mastoart #fediart #monochrome

a boy, a girl, a baby penguin, a baby daemon and a baby puffy look towards the viewer, all wrapped and interconnected with serial cables
Stefano Marinelli
5 days ago
John Bokma
5 days ago

JSON:API, Dynamic Tracing, and Build a web server with Rust

#json #bsd #rust

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This is a poll for people who run their own infrastructure!

Bare metal vs Cloud?

The "simple virtual machine" case is if you rent a VM without boilerplate around it :flan_thumbs:

If you have hardware at home with VMs in it, this counts as Bare metal.

If you have some Open Stack or something at home, this would count as Cloud I guess :flan_think:

You can even reply which OS you use on which kind of host!

#selfhosting #linux #bsd

6 days ago

Jahia CMS (prevoiusly: jContent) – a hybrid content management system (CMS) developed #cms #linux #osx #bsd #windows #solaris

1 week ago
weird, #lsof showed a connection to my old domain name. It seems it was listed in the #hostfile on this
#bsd machine. So, cleaning old shit....
1 week ago

I started to test FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and it's awsome, i wonder if it's easier to create custom iso's for it. If it is them i guess i'll cook something up.
#openbsd #freebsd #bsd #customdistro

Petro Dudi
1 week ago

In case you need to test #FreeBSD hardware compatibility (or perform recovery actions etc.), the #NomadBSD persistent live USB system is your thing. 🔗 #BSD #Unix

1 week ago

El‐Ixir – a board game with an element of randomness #game #board #console #linux #unix #bsd

blake shaw
1 week ago

The Rise and Fall of the Operating System

"We ended up building a #unikernel based on the drivers offered by rump kernels via Rumprun. We were not trying to build an #OS-like layer but one day simply realized that we could build one which would just work, with minimal effort. The noteworthiness of the Rumprun unikernel does not come from the fact that existing software such as Nginx, PHP, and mpg123 can be cross-compiled in the normal fashion and then run directly on the cloud or on bare metal. The noteworthiness comes from the fact that the implementation is a few thousand lines of code ... plus drivers. The ratio of drivers to “operating system” is on the order of 100:1, so there is very little operating system in there. The #Rumprun implementation is that of an orchestrating system, which conducts the drivers."

#bsd #rumpkernel

🕹️ jbz
1 week ago

🐡 OpenBSD/arm64 on Hetzner Cloud
➥ Frederic Cambus,

「 Hetzner introduced its Ampere Altra powered arm64-based cloud servers earlier this year, making it possible to easily run OpenBSD/arm64 on their platform.

The only caveat for now is that the viogpu(4) driver is required, which was committed by jcs@ in April 2023 and thus only available in snapshots. It will first appear in OpenBSD 7.4 」

#OpenBSD #arm64 #Hetzner #BSD

Neil E. Hodges
1 week ago
Is #DragonFlyBSD any good? #BSD #Unix

Is #BSD the new lts?


I sense that the influence several large companies have had on #linux, perhaps starting with #systemd #redhat, is making the family of #BSD increasingly attractive to outsiders.

Christoff Humphries 🎃
1 week ago

I have been working in computing professionally since 1996. My first computer ran GNU/Linux and been in the #BSD and #Linux world ever since (my family was poor so I didn't get a computer until I hustled for parts to build my own and didn't have Internet service for the first 6 months, so I mostly read man pages and learned #programming languages), only recently catching up to Windows stuff as part of switching to pentesting as a career (away from #sysadmin, #coding, and #dba stuff) in 2020.

I'm pretty chill and love talking to folks, so don't be afraid to reach out, you won't be bugging me and I welcome the conversation!

Bungô Stray Dogs FR
1 week ago

[JEU] Le nouveau jeu mobile Bungô Stray Dogs Gakuen, qui était en développement, est entré en phase de test !
C'est une exclusivité japonaise pour le moment, avec un accès sur pré-inscriptions.

Plus informations sur le Twitter officiel (JP) :
Ou sur le site officiel (JP) :

#bsd #bungostraydogs #actubsd #jeuxvideo #jeu

1 week ago

PukiWiki (“PoohKeyWeKey” comes from “PHP” and “YukiWiki”) – a wiki implementation that #wiki #linux #bsd #osx #windows #solaris

Bungô Stray Dogs FR
1 week ago

[ACTU] La bande originale et les chansons de la série anime Bungô Stray Dogs, saison 4 et 5, sont sorties !
Elle contient de la musique de Taku Iwasaki et les 4 chansons des générique OP/ED au format TV.
La couverture illustre l'équipe des Chiens de chasse, dessinée par Nobuhiro Arai !

Plus d'info sur :
#bsd #bungostraydogs #actu #anime

Ok, more tests working on #UltimaVM for #risc_os , #linux , #macos , #bsd and #windows .
"Factorial" and "Sum Even" are passing! I know, still very basic, but hey it's only few weeks I started to write this baby! #opensource #bytecode #vm

Tel Amiel
1 week ago

estamos aqui discutindo sobre licenças de software. apareceu uma boa dúvida - porque alguém focado em software livre escolheria uma licença permissiva (#MIT, #BSD) para software ao invés de uma copyleft? algum cenário específico faz sentido?
(estamos nessa hashtag #saberlivre)

Stefano Marinelli
1 week ago

🎉 Celebrating two months since launching the BSD Cafe! 🎉

Exactly two months ago today (20th July 2023), I released the #Mastodon instance of BSD Cafe, effectively announcing to the world the idea behind BSD Cafe. The response was much warmer than expected from both *BSD enthusiasts and the entire #Fediverse community. This overwhelming support motivated me to keep pushing forward, expanding the Cafe with new services.

We've introduced a wiki ( - currently a site describing the Cafe services, but in the future, it will also host tutorials, tips, experiences, etc.), a Miniflux server ( - for personalized RSS feed reading), and recently, a Matrix server ( - for BSD Cafe users to chat in the Lounge, discuss various *BSD topics or interact with the world due to the decentralized nature of the protocol).

BSD Cafe will also be mentioned in the upcoming FreeBSD Status Report (

User numbers are growing weekly. Some stay active, some not as much, but one thing remains consistent among all: a passion for technology, free operating systems (especially *BSD), and a desire to collaborate and grow together.

So, a big thank you to everyone who contributes daily to make BSD Cafe vibrant and growing, those who offer advice, participate in polls, and believed in us these past two months. Without you, all of this wouldn't make sense.

Stay tuned! 🚀

#BSD #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonFlyBSD #opensource #technology #community #BSDCafe #BSDCafeUpdates #BSDCafeServices

For everyone interested, here is a page I filled up with info and requirements for my Ultima VM, a bytecode VM designed to improve coding experience on #risc_os and allow RISC OS Apps written for Ultime to run also on #linux , #windows , #macos and #bsd and on #ARM , #x86 , #ppc and even the #68k

Bungô Stray Dogs FR
1 week ago

[TRADFR] Notre équipe de Traduction vient de publier le Prologue de Dazai, Chûya, quinze ans.
Bonne lecture ! :blobcatcoffee:
#bsd #community #traduction #bungostraydogs

1 week ago

TuxArcade – a multi-emulator frontend. It’s designed for arcade cabinets #game #emulator #linux #bsd

1 week ago

Cria – a console IRC client with multiple network support, plugins, per channel pages and #irc #linux #osx #windows #bsd #solaris

1 week ago

#unix_surrealism mini: 'Sisters in Foss'

#monochrome #9front #bsd

a bipedal rabbit and a puffer fish stand together, surrounded by various machines and screens.

Mechanical fingers reach from the top.

Allegedly, this is a cave painting of the techno-mage and her childhood friend.

Nevertheless, such η-expansions are already standard practice in ghc: a similar situation arises when using rank-2 types. core language of #ghc does not accept g f for

g :: (∀a. (Eq a, Show a) ⇒ a → Int) → Char
f :: ∀a. (Show a, Eq a) ⇒ a → Int

surface language, again, accepts g f, and elaborates it into g (λa (d1 :: Eq a) (d2 :: Show a) →
f a d2 d1). We simply extend this mechanism to linear types.
Polymorphism & multiplicities. Consider the definition: “id x = x”. Our typing rules would
validate both id :: Int → Int and id :: Int ⊸ Int. So, since we think of multiplicities ranging over
{1,ω}, surely we should also have id :: ∀p. Int →p Int? But as it stands, our rules do not accept it.
To do so we would need x :p Int ⊢ x : Int. Looking at the (var) rule in Fig. 6, we can prove that
premise by case analysis, trying p = 1 and p = ω. But if we had a domain of multiplicities which
includes 0 (see Sec. 7.2), we would not be able to prove x :p Int ⊢ x : Int, and rightly so because it
is not the case that id :: Int →0 Int.
More generally, we could type more programs if we added more laws relating variables in
such as p + q = ω, but this would prevent potential extensions to the set of multiplicities
Divergence. Consider this definition6

f :: [Int] ⊸ [Int]
f xs = repeat 1 ++ xs

Does f really consume its argument xs exactly once? After all, (repeat 1) is infinite so f
will never evaluate xs at all
In corner cases like this we look to metatheory. Yes, the typing rules give the specified types
for (++) and f.

Yes, the operational claims guaranteed by the metatheory remain valid. Intuitivelyyou may imagine it like this: linearity claims that if you were consume the result of f completely,exactly once, then you would consume its argument once; but since the result of f is infinite wecannot consume it completely exactly once, so the claim holds vacuouslyr to implement the linear arrow, we added a multiplicity annotation to function arrows as in λ q →. The constructor for arrow types is constructed and destructed frequently in #ghc’s type checker, and this accounts for most of the modifications to existing code
multiplicities are an output of the type inference algorithm. Inorder to infer the multiplicities coming out of a case expression we need a way to aggregate themultiplicities coming out of the individual branches. To this effect, we compute, for every variable,the join of its multiplicity in each branch.
#bsd socket api is a standard, if not the standard, through which computers connect overnetworks. It involves a series of actions which must be performed in order: on server-side,a freshly created socket must be bound to an address, then start listening incoming traffic, thenaccept connection requests; said connection is returned as a new socket, this new socket can nowreceive traffic. as precise sequence of actions is protocol-dependent. For tcp traffic you would do as described, but for udp, which does not need connections, you would not accept a connection but receive messages directly.socket library for #Haskell, exposes precisely this sequence of actions. Programming with itis exactly as clumsy as socket libraries for other languages: after each action, the state of the socket changes, as do permissible actions, but these states are invisible in the types. pure interface takes an update function u : Scene → Scene which is tasked withreturning the next state that the screen will display. The scene is first converted to a pure treewhere each node keeps, along with the pure data, a pointer to its imperative counterpart when itapplies, or Nothing for new Node = Node {payload :: Int,ref :: Maybe (IORef ImperativeNode), children :: [Node] }On each frame, SpriteKit applies u to the current scene, and checks if a node n was updated. If itwas, it applies the update directly onto ref n or creates a new imperative node.Things can go wrong though: if the update function duplicates any proxy node, one gets thesituation where two nodes n and n’ can point to the same imperative source ref n = ref n’, buthave different payloads. In this situation the Scene has become inconsistent and the behaviour ofSpriteKit is unpredictable

Zack Weinberg
2 weeks ago

Informal survey for folks who use BSD Unix:

1. Are you aware of any variety of BSD that has converted its base filesystem layout such that either /bin and /lib are symlinks to /usr/bin and /usr/lib respectively (possibly with several more such symlinks), or, the other way around, /usr is a symlink to /?

2. Are you aware of any variety of BSD that has concrete plans to make either of the above changes in the foreseeable future?

3. Are you aware of any variety of BSD that has considered and *rejected* making any such change?

I'm asking these questions in my capacity as /de facto/ maintainer of Autoconf. Your answers will help me document how to write third-party software that works correctly regardless of whether /usr is separate from the root.

[For the record, Autoconf already does, and will continue to, support both of the above altered filesystem layouts as well as the traditional one. The only exception I'm currently aware of is that configure scripts may malfunction or fail to start if /bin/sh does not exist at all, which I hope everyone can agree is a pathological case.]

Please boost for reach. Answers accepted either by replaying to this toot, or by email (zack at owlfolio dot org). It is helpful if you can provide references to release notes, mailing list discussions, etc. to support your answers.

tag farm below, you can stop reading here
#unix #bsd #freebsd #netbsd #openbsd #dragonflybsd #ghostbsd

Marcel Bischoff
2 weeks ago

Following the #EuroBSDCon posts as an outsider, one could get the impression that #BSD users consist mostly of a particular type of middle-aged, bearded and balding male wearing glasses. No offence intended. I’m middle-aged, bearded and balding myself. ☺️

🕹️ jbz
2 weeks ago
beforewisdom :vegan: 🦣
2 weeks ago

Thankfully I was an EMACS guy in school. I loved the ability to split the screen in the Non-GUI OS and type without having to ask permission first.

I don't think anyone has to do development in the shell anymore, so I think Nano is more sane for editing config files.

Still, this is a fascinating story

#VI #VIM #EMACS #Nano #Unix #BSD #Linux

Markus Werle
2 weeks ago

@343max No, no. I simply cannot afford the #MacBookPro with the M2 processor on my wishlist. So this was more of an #envy attack.

And obviously, I was talking about #BSD 😇

2 weeks ago

pls, #hackers, boost:

Halloween is just around the corner. DM me your scary #BSD stories.

#runbsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #dragonflybsd #spooky #unix_surrealism

0mp at FreeBSD
2 weeks ago

@zayd I find it way easier to modify #FreeBSD to my own needs. Contributing is also smooth and easy. Also, #BSD communities in general are amazing folks with whom I like to spend time (talking about #OpenBSD and #NetBSD).

Post vacation podcast catch-up days:

phase 2 #infosec @riskybusiness edition

phase 1 is obviously #BSD-related
phase 3 is #Elixir stuff it’s thankfully a lot shorter!

A full page of podcast episodes all risky business ones
🦠Toxic Flange🔬⚱️🌚
4 weeks ago

Is there a preferred #Linux or #BSD distro for older #Intel based Macs that works well with the hardware? Mid 2010 MBPro with an i7.

Stefano Marinelli
4 weeks ago

25 years ago today, Google was founded.
On the same day, I wiped Windows 98 off my computer, believing that Debian Linux (which I had been using for a while but still kept Windows on another partition) could do everything I had been doing with Windows until then.

Since that day, many installations of Linux, *BSD, MacOS have graced my computers, but Windows has remained, on a few occasions, only an occasional (unwelcome) guest.

In the spirit of a typical support group phrase, I can joyfully say:
'Hello, I'm Stefano, and I haven't been using Windows as my primary operating system for 25 years.'

Please boost and share your experience!

#Linux #OpenSource #OperatingSystems #TechJourney #GoogleAnniversary #Debian #MacOS #BSD #WindowsJourney #Mastodon #TechLife #GeekLife #Google #Windows

NetBSD's Endurance: A Decade-Long Server Uptime Record

#bsd #netbsd #opensource #server

Stefano Marinelli
1 month ago

Client (a bit clumsy but positive and honest) calls: "Help! Just came back from lunch break and accidentally deleted all files on the file server!"
Me, unfazed: "Alright, besides you, who else worked on the file server during lunch break?"
Client: "No one, we were all away and I'm the first one back. Others will be back by 15:00"
Me, looking at the clock and noticing it's 14:30: "Okay, what time did you go to lunch?"
Client: "At 13:30. How long will it take to restore from the backup? Do you think we'll be able to work tomorrow?"
Me, without flinching as I type "zfs rollback *dataset-13:45-snapshot": "Done"
Client: "All the files reappeared!"
Me: "Thank #ZFS, #FreeBSD, and whoever set up automatic snapshots every 15 minutes."

#ITSupport #DataRecovery #BackupHeroes #SysAdmin #Snapshots #BSD

🕹️ jbz
1 month ago

🗿 That Old NetBSD Server, Running Since 2010

「 I now understand why I'm not – and will never be – rich. My first (and last) employer complained about my preference for stable and reliable solutions, equating it with lesser profits. According to him, unstable solutions requiring frequent maintenance meant more revenue. To me, a job is well-done when it works consistently, not when it demands constant fixes 」

#NetBSD #BSD #Opensource

🕹️ jbz
1 month ago

⚡Making FreeBSD QUIC By: Tom Jones

「 This talk looks at the performance of QUIC implementations on Linux and FreeBSD and explores the changes that made QUIC implementations faster. We will will dig into network performance and techniques that can used to understand the performance of any application on FreeBSD.

With this we try to answer the question, How can we make FreeBSD QUIC? 」

#FreeBSD #BSD #QUIC #Networking

Stefano Marinelli
1 month ago

Dear friends from #BSDCafe and the #Fediverse, today marks one month since the public announcement of the beginning of the BSD Cafe project.
The results have exceeded my expectations: we now have around 80 active users (some signed up but deleted their accounts after a few days, and I had to handle a few problematic ones - otherwise we'd be more or less 90).

There are several bots up & running (also quite popular), and the poll for the #RSS reader just ended - #Miniflux won, but I suspected it and had already prepared everything in anticipation.

Soon, I'll be launching the #wiki, which will also include instructions and details about other services. BSD Cafe, in fact, won't just be this instance, but a series of services and tools (#BSD based).

Stay tuned, have a great #Sunday, and happy first month to the friends of BSD Cafe!

#Anniversary #BSDProjects #Community #BSDCafeUpdates

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

Just pulled a box from the e-waste bin that has PS/2 and 9-pin serial ports. If it boots, we'll see if #Linux or #BSD can give it a new purpose.

🕹️ jbz
1 month ago

「 OpenBSD remains a crucial yet largely unacknowledged player in the open source field. This talk aims to highlight the project's signature security features and development practices -- razor sharp focus on correct and secure code coupled with continuing code audit -- as well as the project's role as source of innovation in security practices and 'upstream' source for numerous widely used components such as OpenSSH, PF, LibreSSL and others 」


2 months ago

Michael MJD published a nice video on #youtube about @haiku . Good first insight, if you are interested in #alternative #operationsystems that are different from #Linux or #BSD. It’s origins go back to #BeOS and the #BeBox in the 1990s. #RetroComputing #retro #haiku #HaikuOS #OS #AlternativeOS

2 months ago

Just heard the sad news that Bram Moolenaar died on the 3rd Aug. Vim forever. :(
#vim #linux #opensource #bsd #unix

No, I'm not logged into this PDP-11/70 from my Z80 "personal computer" kit to change my grade in Biology class. But I am logged into the BSD 2.11 Unix that is currently running on it using serial-to-telnet capability that understands Hayes-like modem commands.

#RetroComputing #RC2014 #Z80 #CPM #PDP11 #PiDP11 #BSD #Unix

An RC2014 Z80 "personal computer" sits in the foreground with multiple module boards installed and a red serial-USB cable connected.  Sitting just behind it is a replica PDP-11/70 server, specifically the PiDP-11 kit, running BSD 2.11 Unix with tons of red LED lights lit.
Senzilla 🌱
2 months ago

Has anyone tried hosting #Mastodon using #OpenBSD httpd? #lazyweb #bsd

R. L. Dane
2 months ago

@royal @spaceraser


With #BSD, there's no silly info pages or html help (at least as a primary source of documentation). There's just REALLY good manpages, especially on OpenBSD. FreeBSD comes with (or it might be an optional install) their excellent handbook as a PDF you can peruse at your leisure. Again, NetBSD I have the least knowledge of.

My experience with the big three #BSDs:


Sam :opensuse: :popos:
2 months ago

Woke up this morning #BSD curious. For all the users out there, is there a reason for someone running Linux desktop to consider running #BSDDesktop (of any kind or flavor), or is it more useful to have as a tool for servers? My only previous experience with BSD is brief dalliances with TrueNAS.

Stefano Marinelli
2 months ago

Good morning, friends of the #BSDcafe and #fediverse
I'd like to share some details on the infrastructure of with you all.

Currently, it's quite simple (we're not many and the load isn't high), but I've structured it to be scalable. It's based on #FreeBSD, connected in both ipv4 and ipv6, and split into jails:

* A dedicated jail with nginx acting as a reverse proxy - managing certificates and directing traffic
* A jail with a small #opensmtpd server - handling email dispatch - didn't want to rely on external services
* A jail with #redis - the heart of the communication between #Mastodon services - the nervous system of BSDcafe
* A jail with #postgresql - the database, the memory of BSDcafe
* A jail for media storage. The 'multimedia memory' of BSDcafe. This jail is on an external server with rotating disks, behind #cloudflare. Aim is georeplicated caching of multimedia data to reduce bandwidth usage.
* A jail with Mastodon itself - #sidekiq, #puma, #streaming. Here is where all processing and connection management takes place.

All communicate through a private LAN (in bridge) and is set up for VPN connection to external machines - in case I want to move some services, replicate or add them. The VPN connection can occur via #zerotier or #wireguard, and I've also set up a bridge between machines through a #vxlan interface over #wireguard.

Backups are constantly done via #zfs snapshots and external replication on two different machines, in two different datacenters (and different from the production VPS datacenter).

#sysadmin #tech #servers #ITinfrastructure #BSD

Juan Camós
2 months ago

How can I convince someone that having #windows servers running #hyper-v to host 100+ VMs (mix of #windows and #linux machines) to run a web hosting operation is not the best idea? 🤔

How would #BSD as the backbone running these VMs could make a difference? Please share your thoughts... I have mine and definitely doesn't involve this setup.

Cheers and I wish the community a great day!

2 months ago

"Si se te hace dificil #bsd puedes probar #hellobsd"

Si se te hace difícil BSD, podrías preguntarte para qué lo estás instalando, y si vale la pena ponerte a aprender el uso y funcionamiento del sistema, o usar otra cosa, en lugar de bajar a un sistema más fácil que en definitiva hace que no sepas qué está pasando, que -se supone- era lo que querías evitar.