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Don't exclude .git dirs or any other repos from your backup.

2 weeks ago

I found this marvel today in a beautiful private backyard and I had to take a picture.

Please, caption this because I... I...

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Cigarette butts inside a paper disposable dish inside a wooden birdhouse with roofing felt on top surrounded by juniper.
Louise Alexander 🇨🇦
1 month ago

I really don't think closing parks is the way to go during a drought. For so many people parks are their only way to enjoy the out-of-doors. Better than an apartment balcony or sitting on front steps. #BadIdea #yyj

2 months ago

always use the oven if you can. there is a huge quality jump on the pizza crustyness

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I'm wondering if you have any #thoughts on the "#Web #Environment #Integrity" proposal by some #Google folks. I wrote a short thread about it, but would be interested in hearing your thoughts before reading it (if you do read it - I'm not demanding it 😀 ).

Re: it's essentially a proposal to #lock #down #browsers so they can't do things the web #publishers don't want - think #adblockers, #extensions that modify content, etc.


Jägermeister Energy

32mg of caffeine, 0.56mg Vitamin B2, 6.4mg Vitamine B3, 0.56mg Vitamine B6,
1µg Vitamine B12, 35ml alcohol per 100ml

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Missed It Again!❤️🖤
3 months ago

2000w Ebike but all the power goes to the horn.
#badidea #ebike

3 months ago

More manufacturers are planning to adopt Tesla's charging connector, so they can use super chargers. I say we avoid these shenanigans altogether and replace EV charging connectors with a couple of big alligator clips you clamp onto the charger.

Better yet, just have a couple bare wires dangling out from both the car and the charger, and then you just twist them together.

#EV #dangerous #BadIdea

3 months ago

hahahahahahahahahahahah this is such a #BadIdea

Masto post from me: "testing more probs mute this thread for a sec sorry my dev server can't have a bot connect to it for some reason"
Calendar showing the test of that post as an event at the time it was posted
iCalendar formatted entry for the post

PRODID:-//Sabre//Sabre VObject 4.4.1//EN
SUMMARY:testing more probs mute this thread for a sec sorry my dev server c
 an't have a bot connect to it for some reason

An #animoodle. It needs more polish to get minted as a #hijackcollab though.

Collect the original!

@richardfyates #badidea #flowerthis

5 months ago

Sending out employee feedback surveys on the week we're told our payrises will be bugger all this year?
This should go well.
#PayRise #BadIdea

Ryan Reed
5 months ago

Last Saturday, for the first time in my 43 years, I submitted my fiction for publication. It felt like a big deal, and I wrote about it on my blog. Link in bio.
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6 months ago

Hey, kid, how about you don't hit the sensitive torpedoes with a sledgehammer while 700 feet down? How the hell did kid sidekicks last that long? #comics #torpedo #illadvised #badidea

Kid about to do something very, very, very ill advised.

She really went for the horseradish. 😳 It’s technically nontoxic to cats but certainly unpleasant! I never expected her to go for it. I think she expected it to taste like a carrot (she likes her veggies). #Cats #Ketzeleh #Horseradish #CatsOfMastodon #BadIdea

A cat in a paper grocery bag gnawing on the end of a gnarly long horseradish root
She is now biting it to get a better taste
Grinning Kitten Press
6 months ago

#badidea no. 49

art and poetry themed gas station
'cummings n' gough'

investors hit me up act now

6 months ago

An #IndigenousLed #initiative is still pursuing #ownership of the #TransMountain #pipeline in spite of the project's ballooning price tag.
"We are not going away, just because it's $30.9 billion. We are entering into the early stages of negotiations," said Stephen Mason, managing director of #ProjectReconciliation , a #Calgary based group that is working to facilitate the purchase of a major #equity stake in the pipeline for 129 #FirstNations along the route.


Pseudo Nym
7 months ago

Saw this cursed title on HN -

"Trading crypto with JavaScript in 2023"

and folks, I think we just found a new winner for the bad idea compression algorithm. 6 words, and the only ones I'm comfortable with are "with" and "in".

#coins #quotes #badIdea

Pseudo Nym
7 months ago

Not a very "hot take" but I dislike the change over to DST.

How about this - sunrise is always 7am, everywhere. If we need standard synchronized time, average it across latitudes, along longitude lines.

Or, there is always a relevant XKCD

#DST #badIdea #tired

Kite 🌌
7 months ago

Okay, so:
How terrible do you think it'll go if I just switch all my Clocks to UTC and ignore DST and so on?


Works for @tarper24, so maybe I can pull it off too :blobfoxthink:

7 months ago

Facebook is making a decentralized Twitter clone -- that apparently you'll have to log into with Instagram? -- or so reports say.

What could possibly go wrong?

I guess they see the blood in the water around Twitter.

#socialmedia #fediverse #mastodon #facebook #meta #badidea #twitter

7 months ago Excellent news…I do not want Montgomery County to turn into Northern Virginia…where you have to pay to drive on the the federal highway system if you want to get anywhere on time. Gov More is “da bestest”. Yay. #I270 #TransUrban #badidea #equanimity #climate #GovWesMoore

Finder of Impossible Things
7 months ago
Pilgrimage Farm LLC
7 months ago


Fly Agaric is not a good way to go, that's shamanic, and basically just poison. I actually can't fathom what they are thinking. Muscarine is just poison, not actually hallucinogenic, many mushrooms contain lethal levels of that poison.

now if they had psilocybe cubensis... now that's a good time!

#mushrooms #psychadelic #trippin #badidea

7 months ago

Orc Island by Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli, and Matt Hollingsworth! They’re All Terrible by Matt Kindt, Ramon Villalobos, and Tamra Bonvillan! Haunthology by Jeremy Haun! Masters of the Universe: Masterverse! Miles Morales: Spider-Man! Terry Moore and Parker Girls! Harrower! Don Rosa and Disney! Icon Vs. Hardware! Star Trek! Nightcrawlers! Plus a whole mess more!

#BadIdea #MileMorales #MastersOfTheUniverse #StarTrek #DonRosa #EOC #podcast #ComicBooks

The featured image for 11 O'Clock Comics Episode 839, with a crawl containing topics discussed: Bad Idea, Haunthology, Miles Morales, Don Rosa, and More
8 months ago

@hiramring @linguistics @elmerot They clearly should impact. In fact, many #hashtags are used inserted into #text, and obviously completely stripping them is a #badidea :))
But it's true that perhaps the bunch of hashtags put at the end of posts is not so relevant, usually put there for findability purposes.

8 months ago

Fairies, the Good Neighbors, the fair folk.

I have to laugh at people who have no idea what the fair folk are capable of. They have not read any of the stories or the recounting of events that have told over generations.

I read many posts about people wanting to work with the Good Neighbors. LOL I know better.

I have nothing to do with the Fairy Folk. If you want to know about them, look them up.

Tinkerbell is Walt Disney. Fairy Folk are not.

#witch #witchcraft #pagan #fairy #badidea

8 months ago

@garry I’m sorry but that’s already a thing we saw in #Terminator 2. It did not end well for many, many people and #cyborgs. #Terminator2 #BadIdea #KillerRobot #WTF

pious high heretic
8 months ago

Reading the forum thread about signal dropping SMS and found this whch perfectly encapsulates my feelings about it

"Hello, Just made this account to ask you to please reverse the short sighted decision. I have been able to convince about a dozen or more friends or family to make the switch over Signal specifically because it does both Secure messaging & non-secure SMS. This gives the lowest barrier to entry as these “normal people” that don’t want to have to think about using 2 different apps to achieve communication whoever they need to contact.

The number one thing wrong with tech especially on the security side is lack of usability, we’ve had encrypted e-mails for decades and it has never been widely adopted because it is a pain in the butt to setup, please don’t become another useless security/messaging app with a higher barrier of entry by making this change.

Sadly most of the people I’ve convinced to swap is because a. it supports sms and b. it supports more secure messaging, if “a” goes away they will move right back to 100% insecure SMS because Signal no longer supports it. These people do not want to miss messages from their: Bank, Steam, Epic, Cell Phone Company, and any number of 2 factor authentication services that are still using SMS and/or friends who haven’t yet been convinced to move to Signal. Much less have to open an entirely separate apps to continue using these service/having conversations with other non-signal friends.

With all that being said please don’t raise the barrier for entry to the less tech literate people of our society, keep SMS support."

#signal #SMS #BadIdea #terribleIdeas

I was pondering recently. We're at that point for annual #COVID19 shots, just like annual flu shots, for those who want them. I understand the vaccines are currently on a 4-6 month efficacy. #pandemic - FDA proposes shift to annual COVID-19 booster shots for most Americans | PBS NewsHour

Waning of efficacy begins at 4 months!

NeadReport :vivaldi_blue:
8 months ago

Pretty sure that's an owl.
#marketing #BusinessLogo #BadIdea

A business logo for a company called "MotoEagle" with a drawing of a blue owl with big yellow eyes, perched on what looks like a rolled up scroll.
S. Lott
9 months ago

My blog ( has something over 1000 entries.


I've decided to move it to github so I can edit offline and upload.

Which points out the number of things that are broken in the blog because of WYSIWYG editing.

Much of the HTML is unexpected <div>...</div> nonsense that can't trivially be cleaned up with a text edit.

Using WYSIWYG text editing was a #badidea. And I #knowbetter.

Maksim Rudnev 🇺🇦
9 months ago

How to neutralize potentially dangerous R#2? Ask them to comment on the draft and add them to Acknowledgements.

9 months ago

Can someone remind me that it is a bad idea to look at rescue cats when I can’t adopt a cat until I move out?

They are so cute but then I can’t keep them.

#dopamine #BadIdea

Milagros Piris :verified:
9 months ago

—Soy tu tipo y tú eres el mío — Murmura a mi oído —Deberíamos ir juntos al baile de graduación.

—Contigo no voy ni a la esquina y metete ese dinero donde no te da el sol — Escupo mientras me alejo del grupito de inadaptados.


Thomas Ganter
9 months ago

@pa @heise_security
Aah, danke für die Klarstellung.
Dann gilt erst Recht das Gesagte: auf meinem Router zu Hause noch ein VPN laufen zu lassen halte ich auch für gruselig.

Vielleicht nicht ganz so gruselig wie wenn es auf einem NAS läuft, aber gruselig nonetheless.

Und, ..., für deren NAS gibt es VPN auch als Add-On:


9 months ago

Completely normal idea: can I load a coredump and call an arbitrary function in it without the original process existing anymore? I need to do that... because reasons.
I should be able to revive something if I can create enough mappings and never fault-to-read-storage, right?
#linux #development #badidea

NeadReport :vivaldi_blue:
9 months ago

Who's the genius who decided to install video screens and blare ads at gas pumps? There's a special place in hell for them. I swear they turned down the flow rate, so I have to stand there longer.
#rant #advertising #BadIdea

10 months ago

What if my toilet had a three-tiered subscription plan? What if my silverware required weekly reboots? What if Microsoft actually made windows? What if Hell is empty, and all the devils are here?

#cars #internetofshit #badidea

What If Your Car Was Frequently Up-to-Date? 


GM's Ultifi boasts frequent updates so your car will feel new for years to come.
Jennie Breeden
10 months ago

Fury Road was a fucking amazing movie. And this quote, just embodies the mindless fanboy. "Go do some stupid shit for me that will probably get you killed or arrested, but it's okay because you're doing it for me!" said the orange dictator. I posted this comic in 2015. but the movie quote fits in .... so .... many... situations. It's just a bad idea.
#webcomic #madmax #badidea #devilspanties

Patricia Watson
10 months ago

Tis the season! #christmas
This year we were way overdue to replace our Christmas lights, it was becoming a safety issue since we had our other set for over 10 years. So, I picked the "pretty" star-shaped lights because it seemed they would look great & match my starfish theme...yeah #badidea. Every corner of each star gets stuck on everything, it was a tangled mess 🤬 Took me way longer to put them on, needless to say I'm definitely not looking forward to taking them down. But for now, I'll enjoy the jollyness of the #holidayseason #encinitas #socal

Christmas tree decorated with star-shaped lights
Christmas decorations
Eucalyptus flower bouquet, star-shaped wreath & round wreath
Jane Lago
10 months ago

I call this photo "How to kill trees in one easy step." The town where I live removed all the plants from the Main Street flowerbeds and replaced them with rocks. I told the Parks Director why I thought this was a very bad idea, and he made it clear he was only doing what he had been told. The City Manager is very defensive, arguing that the rocks will be easier to maintain and look better. Time will tell . . . #rockmulch #trees #plants #badidea #gardening

two tree trunks surrounded by white gravel
Adam Jezard
10 months ago

So a mad billionaire has bought his way into the US military industrial space programme.

He has plans to use his financial might to engineer a race of perfect beings and has ringed the earth with satellites, which he can use to destroy mankind.

Who'd have guessed in 1979 that a Roger Moore Bond film would provide Elon Musk and his cronies with a template for world domination.

And it's the plot of one of the worst Bond movies to boot!


10 months ago

I just saw someone boost a post about deleting toots more than 2 weeks old to help Masto server performance.


I can't think of a good reason to do this.

Right now people are talking about how if twitter gets lost we lose a gigantic repository of information. So we're going to do that automatically??

Also, the reason we have hashtags is so they're searchable. Even old ones.


Xe :verified:
11 months ago

@caarlos0 you can call it #xeApproved as a certified #badIdea

Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Web #Forums Like #Reddit, #HackerNews #HN, #Facebook, #Slashdot, ...

I've linked a 45min video of a talk about it.

#publicvoit #webforums #badidea

Imagine, you're writing a very long book and in the end, you get locked out by your #cloud-driven text processing software:

It was a #badidea in the first place. 🤷

Yet another example for

#publicvoit #lockin #decentralization