3 weeks ago

Are you a nerd? Do you like #javascript ? If so, maybe you ought to check out #banglejs

I got one and i friggin love it. Seemingly endless battery life and JS on my watch, are you kidding me? Plus, it does not spy on you ❤️

1 month ago

Dumping tags from bio, because bios aren't searchable 😞
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2 months ago
Comparison of Amazfit bin and BangleJS2Setup

BangleJS 2 -> Test gadget
Firmware 2.16 ->This analysis applies to the algorithm supplied with this firmware. The measurement quality may be different in other firmware versions.
Amazfit bib -> Reference gadget
Firmware V1.1.5.36
Reference smartphone step counter Paseo ( -> Reference gadget
Verision 1.6.2
Steps were recorded hourly during the day (mostly after one hour) for five days
Comparison is shown between Bangle JS 2 and Amazfit bib only.
The step counts for the Amazfit bib and the Bangle JS 2 are shown for five days.
Per day, three plot are shownScatter plot (x = Step counts Amazfit bib, y = Step counts Bangle JS 2) with a linear regression line for visualization.
Scatter plot (x = Time as hour in a day, y = in red is Step counts Bangle JS 2 || Amazfit bib)
Time-series (x = Time as hour in a day) withe the Difference between the counted steps between the Amazfit bib and the the Bangle JS 2 (Steps_Amazfit bib - Steps_Bangle JS). Red bars indicate periods with higher levels of moving (e.g. continuous walking, running, …)


Amazfit bib and Paseo (reference gadget, give almost identical results (not shown)confirms that the Amazfit gives reliable counts for the steps
Difference between Amazfit bib and Bangle JS 2 is considerable (-2474 – 6325 Steps)During periods of low movement, the differences are small
In some days (Day 1 \& 2) the difference between the counts seems ok. However, when comparing the absolute numbers, the differences are large
For the majority of days, the differences in step counts increase as the day progresses. Although the curves are the same, the Bangle JS 2 always underestimates the step counts.
It is not possible to determine when the differences are particularly large. However, it seems likely that this is the case when long periods of more intense exercise have taken place.


The Bangle JS 2 is a handy gadget. However, you should not rely on the step counter.

#banglejs #banglejs2 #amazfit #amazfitbib

Step counts of Bangle JS 2 vs Amazfit Bib
Step counts of Bangle JS 2 vs Amazfit Bib
2 months ago
New watchface I'm working on for the #BangleJS 2 #espruino smartwatch. Read time outside in (14:12). It shows the date in the outermost ring when you press the button.
Tim Gent
2 months ago

Bought myself a programmable smartwatch ( hoping to get my brain working with some simple coding. Sadly still too ambitious for #LongCovid but at least on visiting my student son he has something to play with while I nap on his bed! (I got some tweaks to Smartwatch Apps out of it too. A win-win) #BangleJS

A dozing parent's view of a student at his desk happily playing with javascript on an open Smartwatch.
2 months ago

First animation is working 😁

#JS #JavaScript #BangleJs

3 months ago

I never understood the hype surrounding smartwatches. But then I found out that there is one that I can freely program using Javascript. I have a smartwatch now 😍

#JS #JavaScript #BangleJs

3 months ago

Choices for watch faces that display numerical seconds on #BangleJS 2: super buggy (Anton Clock+ which ignores most of its settings and won't display the day of the week or the week of the year even when those are turned on) or barely readable (Simple Clock With Date, which uses an LCD font).

And, of course, if I use either of these, my battery life goes to shit, because it has to execute a bunch of JavaScript and font rendering code every second.

I'd tolerate not having seconds if there were ANY timer that was reasonably fast to set. But the touch screen on the watch is fairly terrible and often takes multiple swipes for a swipe to register. It also requires a separate calibration app which for whatever reason is not loaded by default to register touches in the right place.

It's the third smart watch I've owned, and I've never been happy enough with any of them to keep wearing them. I think smart watches just aren't for me. I think I'm going to replace the battery in my Chase Durer pilot's watch and start wearing that again.

3 months ago

Today was a good day: fixed a bug that had been annoying me for weeks, and upgraded some code to the point where I could strip out an ugly hack.

#BangleJS #programming #hobby

3 months ago

Hmm, displaying seconds on my #BangleJS 2 seems to cut the battery life down to less than a week. But I don't want to make it only display seconds when it's unlocked, because then I'd have to set it to unlock on twist, which IMO defeats the whole purpose of the #transflective #LCD.

3 months ago

I wonder how much displaying seconds on my #BangleJS even when it's locked is going to reduce battery life?

I wonder if I even care? It's too much of a pain to set a timer for short intervals. It's easier to just use the clock.

Pixelcode 🇺🇦🕊️
3 months ago

My #PineTime's motion sensor doesn't work anymore, including step counting and “Raise Wrist”.

Is that something that can be fixed, or is it time for a #BangleJS?

3 months ago

Doing a spot of #BangleJS tinkering

Ivor Hewitt
3 months ago

@cult there's always #BangleJS and various alternatives, but admittedly nothing "shrink-wrap" and non-hobbyist.

Ivor Hewitt
4 months ago

Thought I'd re-post some of my #projects here that I had originally tweeted now I've deactivated *over there*.
This project was to interface with an Aidex glucose sensor and display the live data directly on a Bangle.js watch:
I should re-visit this at some time to handle the full protocol (the patch stores data you can download) but that interaction is encrypted.
#banglejs #glucose #cgm

Picture of a Bangle.js wristwatch displaying live mmol glucose data.
Chris Hearn
5 months ago

Just ordered a #BangleJS 2 from the #PiHut whilst I was just browsing for something else. Wow, that website's dangerous! 😂

Probably says more about my self-control, to be honest.

5 months ago

Allez hop, je redonne une chance à ma #banglejs 1:
* mise à jour des apps
* mise à jour du firmware
* réactivation dans #Gadgetbridge

5 months ago

Fixed a bug in my #BangleJS messages app. Phone notifications were quite annoying today, as every one reminded me that I broke my watch.

5 months ago

Yay, and it just got merged, so coming to a #BangleJS app store near you soon!

5 months ago

Ah well, so much for my plan of checking out #twinkly-animator today, foiled by working through my #Bandcamp backlog and cleaning up my #BangleJS repo.
As usual, "Just a small bugfix" turned into a massive "clean up a tiny bit of cruft and rebase and figure out why CI is broken and restore some things that weren't actually cruft and update my firmwares".

Surely tomorrow will be more "productive".

6 months ago

Using the Calibrate app on the #BangleJS 2 makes a huge difference in the accuracy of the touchscreen. Makes it a lot less frustrating to use.

8 months ago

I might be annoyed that Weather Notification doesn't let you change the units if it actually displayed on #InfiniTime.

From what I've been able to tell so far, #InfiniTime is simply not very useful with any #Android distro except for #LineageOS because the #Gadgetbridge devs don't care about it. I've already bricked one #PineTime trying to load #WaspOS, so I'm afraid to try again, but it appears to be the more useful OS.

I guess I can give it a shot and then if I brick the second watch throw them both in the trash and get a #BangleJS?

Christopher M0YNG
1 year ago

@flancian @edsu I don't have a fitbit, but I have a #banglejs
It doesn't have much ram, so although I can animate vault girl it does run into issues. So I gave up. Even two frames causes it to crash 🥺
It also doesn't have an easy way to get the weather...

Bangle.js watch showing a green monochrome watch face with time and date along the top, vault girl walking on one side and step count, heart rate, and location on the right
Elena ``of Valhalla''
2 years ago
@thor does it *have* to be completely blank (i.e. with no existing system whatsoever to distract you), or is it enough if it allows (and encourages) you to thinker at any level (but other people have already done so)?

In the latter category I know of the already mentioned #PineTime, the #BangleJS and #Watchy…

@pluralistic Aaaah... I still haven't found time to fiddle with my #banglejs watch and teach it to recognize laps when I go swimming in the pool