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Jury Convictions Of Bannon And Navarro May Energize Lawmakers’ Ability To Hold Powerful People Accountable

On Jan. 25, 2024, Peter #Navarro is scheduled to be sentenced – perhaps to #prison – after his swift conviction by a jury on contempt of Congress charges. He has joined Steve #Bannon as the first defendants in decades to be held criminally liable by the U.S. Department of Justice for refusing to provide information in response to congressional subpoenas.

trump and his traitors
Luca da Firenze
2 weeks ago

#Trump (in his speech) : I will 'free' #America from #fascists #communists #Marxists !
trump is anti > Antifa (antifa is anti fascist)
#Bannon is an avowed #Marxist
Trump 'admires' #Xi #Putin and #Kim who are Communist Dictatorships.
Trump is an Anti > Anti fascist and friend of Communist dictators
and his right hand man Bannon is a Marxist ...

no one finds it strange
that Trump claims to want to 'liberate' America
from fascist and Marxist Communists ? 🤣

Janice Selbie
2 weeks ago

I remember Waco. This is no joke. #danger #GOP #magats #bannon
Steve Bannon confirms official plans for 'Trump Davidians' cult merchandise - Raw Story

Donald #Trump has been fixated in public pronouncements on "retribution," and #MAGA ally Steve #Bannon has invoked a Confederate code phrase - "Come Retribution" - tied in with a plan to take hostage & assassinate Abraham #Lincoln during the #CivilWar, according to Jonathan Karl's new book:

A 1988 review of another book on the topic touches on this, and the phrase is also mentioned in an 1896 description of a #Confederate museum in #Richmond:

A generous gift on the part of Heidi Siegmund Cuda:

For 24 hours, she has unlocked her entire American Monster series about US criminals accelerating global fascism. The monsters discussed include Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Roy Cohn, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Mike Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Robert Mercer, Elon Musk, Erik Prince, and Alex Jones.

#Trump #Giuliani #Bannon #Manafort #RogerStone #RoyCohn #MikeFlynn #ErikPrince #RobertMercer, ElonMusk #AlexJones

3 weeks ago

@koehntopp @stiefkind a Seitdem ich beruflich gezwungen werde, mir die "kuratierte" Startseite von MS #Edge anzutun, muss ich immer wieder an Steve #Bannon und seinen Spruch "flood the zone with shit" denken: Wenn ich täglich genügend Meldungen im Graubereich von Wahrheit und Lüge absetze (Diskursverschiebung), wird meine Lüge irgendwann plausibel.

4 weeks ago

No problem. Take your time. It’s not like he’s some kind of traitor or… Oh. Nevermind.

Via Scott MacFarlane:

Arguments set for Thursday at 2pm at appeals court hearing in #SteveBannon's Contempt of Congress case

#Bannon has been spared from reporting to prison for 4-month sentence during the lengthy appeals process, after his conviction

Clare Harris 🍁
1 month ago


Yeah. #Bannon helped tfg pick #wacotexas as the prime spot to kick off his 2023-2024 campaign.

He’s dangerous and needs to be put in jail to prevent him from aiding and abetting tfg in another #coup attempt.

Peter Sullivan
1 month ago

Both Steve #Bannon and Rudy #Giuliani are being dumped by their lawyers mid-case due to that pesky “not able to afford their fees any more” stumbling-block. As Oscar Wilde famously said about the death of Little Nell, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

"The MAGA party is a pro-chaos party, straight out of Steve Bannon’s playbook. Whatever their name implies they’re about, they have as little to do with making America great again as Trump’s “stop the steal” slogan had to do with protecting election integrity."

~ Joyce Vance

#Trump #Bannon #MAGA #Republicans #ChaosAgents #chaos #PoliticsofDestruction

@Hawkmoon Agreed, Pro-#Kleptocracy, #Autocracy, #Plutocracy, #Fascism or just plain #Anarchy!

#Trump, #Thiel, #Bannon and a cast of #Republican Goons are trying to destroy our country. We can not let our guard down. We must fight this cancer with everything we have!

Wonderful to see a #FaniWillis, Judge #Engoron and #JackSmith taking them down!

The MAGA party is a pro-chaos party, straight out of Steve #Bannon’s playbook. Whatever their name implies they’re about, they have as little to do with making America great again as #Trump’s “stop the steal” slogan had to do with protecting election integrity.

#maga #fascism #chaos #republicancult

Text Shot: Although the Liz Cheneys and Adam Kinzingers—the never Trumpers—are long gone, perhaps the remaining few Republicans who believe in country over party just enough to want to avoid a government shutdown (current funding runs out on November 17) with volatile situations in both Eastern Europe and the Middle East, will consider a temporary alliance with Democrats to ensure we make it through the current international and national crisis.
1 month ago

@xankarn this is most def SOP and the goal for these burn-it-down #Bannon-ite MAGA-it wankers. Destroying #democracy is the pretty clear goal of the corrupt far right #congress #speaker #maga

2 months ago

Via Scott MacFarlane:

Arguments in the Steve #Bannon Contempt of Congress appellate case are delayed from today until November 9. (Due to a family emergency involving an attorney)

Bannon remains free from his 4-month prison sentence, pending the outcome of this appeal #legal

Treasonous Steve Bannon Stokes the Republican Party Meltdown

“Representatives Matt #Gaetz of Florida, the instigator of the rebellion, and Nancy #Mace of South Carolina, one of seven other #Republican defectors, huddled with Mr. Bannon for a morning meeting ahead of a joint appearance on his “War Room” podcast

“Tectonic plate shift here in the imperial capital,” Mr. #Bannon told his listeners at showtime, while directing them to donate to his guests online”
#fascism #mccarthy #maga

Text Shot: From this cavelike studio not far from where Congress meets, Mr. Bannon, the former Trump adviser, has been stoking the chaos now gripping the Republican Party, capitalizing on the spectacle to build his own following and using his popular podcast to prop up and egg on the G.O.P. rebels.
Mr. Bannon has spent years promoting the lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald J. Trump, railing against coronavirus mandates and what he refers to as a “criminal invasion of the southern border.” His obsession of late was toppling Mr. McCarthy and taking out what he describes as “uniparty” Republicans who have become indistinguishable from Democrats.

With Mr. McCarthy’s historic downfall this week, his wing of the party has claimed its most prominent trophy.

"We have only to look at authoritarianism past and present to see the future of the GOP. When far-right extremists gain power, they gradually push out anyone who cannot fully embrace their nihilistic and destructive vision of politics. That is where Gaetz, Trump, and Bannon want to take us. McCarthy has been useful on this journey, but in the year of the 'final battle' to wreck democracy, as Trump calls it, it's time for someone more ruthless and resolute."

#Republicans #Gaetz #Bannon

"For weeks, Mr. Bannon has been strategizing with Mr. Gaetz on the bid to take down Mr. McCarthy, offering himself up as a sounding board as Mr. Gaetz plotted his moves.

'KABOOM,' Mr. Bannon texted a reporter on Monday night, minutes after Mr. Gaetz filed his long-dangled motion to oust the speaker."

#Bannon #Republicans #Gaetz #chaos #ChaosAgents #PoliticsofDestruction

The éminence grise is still there, still scheming and stiring it behind the scenes:

"Representatives Matt Gaetz of Florida, the instigator of the rebellion, and Nancy Mace of South Carolina, one of seven other Republican defectors, huddled with Mr. Bannon for a morning meeting ahead of a joint appearance on his 'War Room' podcast."

~ Annie Karni

#Bannon #Republicans #Gaetz #chaos #ChaosAgents #PoliticsofDestruction

2 months ago

#Bannon has spent years promoting the #BigLie…, railing against #coronavirus mandates & what he refers to as a “criminal invasion of the southern #border.” His obsession of late was toppling #McCarthy & taking out what he describes as “#uniparty#Republicans who have become indistinguishable from Democrats. (?)

W/McCarthy’s historic downfall…, (Bannon’s) wing of the party has claimed its most prominent trophy.

#ChaosCaucus #ConspiracyCaucus #HouseRepublicans #Extremism #Anarchism

2 months ago

From a Capitol Hill Basement, #Bannon Stokes the #Republican Party Meltdown

The fmr #Trump adviser has helped create the #spectacle of #GOP #dysfunction, using it to build his own following & those of the #RightWing #House rebels who took down #KevinMcCarthy.

#ChaosCaucus #ConspiracyCaucus #HouseRepublicans #Extremism

2 months ago

From a Capitol Hill Basement, Bannon Stokes the Republican Party Meltdown

"Possibly more evil than Trump"

The former Trump adviser has helped create the spectacle of G.O.P. dysfunction, using it to build his own following and those of the right-wing House rebels who took down Kevin McCarthy.

Stephen K. Bannon, the former Trump adviser, has been stoking the chaos now gripping the Republican Party from his cavelike podcast studio near the Capitol

#bannon #trump

2 months ago

Very important that #NYTimes focuses on Bannon's role as behind-the-scenes chaos agent.

But I'm disappointed that they don't talk about who is backing #Bannon. Is the "DC basement" in the headline funded by the Mercer billionaires like the "Breitbart Embassy"?

Someone is funding Bannon. That is important!

2 months ago

Will #Bannon be immediately removed to jail if the appeal fails?

Fingers crossed.

"Trump’s MAGA caucus demonstrated today, for anyone who still has doubts, that they lack any interest in governing. They are the party of Trump and of Steve Bannon, interested in burning down the house. But for what? For fun? For pleasure? Certainly not for the American people."

#Republicans #McCarthy #Trump #Bannon #PoliticsofDestruction #chaos #ChaosAgents

2 months ago

You keep asking. Scott MacFarlane answers:

Court of appeals has scheduled arguments in Steve #Bannon's appeal of his contempt of Congress conviction (for defying House Jan 6 committee)

Arguments are Oct 12 at 930am.

Judge has allowed Bannon to remain free from prison during appeals process #legal

*|FNAME|* 🇨🇦
2 months ago

Why hasn’t #Bannon been indicted?

Michael Fenichel
2 months ago

#GQP Day in Review

1) #TrumpVirus reappears in court, and 'gagged'
2) The #Jan6 #sedition enablers 'won', so... chaos.

In sum a rare display of #truth and that much-sought-after "transparency". In what was once "the people's house", of We The People, not lobbyists and oligarchs. Taken over by a #cult of fascists and nihilists, influenced by The Boss and his pardoned mastermind of #media #disinformation and spin, #Bannon.

Someone just said "Putin is smiling, no doubt". Agreed.


(Marked sensitive fot the language) -

Now-former House Speaker McCarthy sis shown sneering at an equally dour Matt Gaet. 

McCarthy: "You're an Asshole!"
Gaetz: "I know. But you're a *bigger* asshole!"
McCarthy: "I know"

2 months ago

IRS Audits Lindell, He Claims It’s Because ‘Of All the Wins’ Not Due To Breaking Employment Laws

Maybe we should start making book on how much longer Mike Lindell can stay in business. 2023 has not been his year. And like all things connected to Donald Trump, it only gets worse. Lindell went on Steve Bannon’s show and complained that the IRS is auditing him. Seems there’s a problem with employees working remotely.

#trump #lindell #irs #bannon #pillows

Addendum 1

Why GOP Fell in Love w. Hungary
Central European country isn’t exactly right-wing paradise portrayed by Republicans

* Hungarian & GOP cooperation stretches back more than a decade
* deepened as GOP showcases Hungary as model of right-wing, anti-woke governance
* Orbán expands international profile, connection to international right

#Hungary #Orban #GOP #GOPmenace #fascism #neofascism #Bannon #Trumpism #CPAC #TuckerCarlson #FoxNews #disinformation

Michael Eisenriegler
2 months ago
“The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.” - Steve Bannon
2 months ago


..I doubt many Brits read #bannon at all - and "NF" Farage when a schoolboy got a stiffy over the happy coincidence of his initials & a far right party - was not made by #Putin

Our worst PMs all went to Oxford (and one of a few public schools) - better to look for reasons there....

@Kurious1 @jackLondon

Hence Joe #Biden labelling #Bannon "The most dangerous man in the West".

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 months ago

"Judge stops Eastman trial to slam Steve Bannon for live stream" #GOP #bannon #eastman #podcasts #Misinformation

"Steve Bannon was live streaming the hearing"

What is #Fascism?
By Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Trump "started 2016 campaign retweeting a racist meme from The Daily Stormer (the pub of Andrew Anglin, whose Twitter just restored by Musk).

"#Trump brought #Mussolini admirer and far-right operative Steve #Bannon into the White House to launch his own “revolution of reaction.”

"In 2017 his admin gave #Holocaust deniers a big gift: a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that made no mention of Jews.

…"Trump's association with Nazis such as Nick #Fuentes,…Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene who have appeared with Fuentes."

pro time theft
3 months ago

The Nazis are coming even stronger in the USA. It's becoming serious. Shit I told my dad pre #Trump. That #Bannon is a white supremacist. They didn't believe me, voted for Trump (we haven't spoken since) - now look at the country.

My dad. A #history buff, has an English degree, worked for the US government. I don't get it.

We fought #Nazis so hard in #WWII (my mom's dad fought in that, navigating a B-17 over Germany).

And #Germany now has SUPER strong anti-Nazi rules now- FOR GOOD REASON. Not in the #USA. But #hate speech isn't free speech.

The #racists and #eugenicists in the USA- #fearmongering, a coming #recession (if we're not already in one) - that's exactly when things slide into #fascism. The decline is here. The #MAGA folks are #complicit with white supremacy.

The USA like this isn't #sustainable for 100 years. Maybe not even 40, or 20.

Just be ready to fight Nazis and #fascists.

I am.

#FuckNazis #WhiteSupremacy #antifa #antifascist #antifascism #KillNazis

Jeremy Jupiter Jones
3 months ago

When I remember the vicious cookers, nazis and far right goons camped on parliament lawn, some, threatening to execute Jacinda Ardern yet she bravely and heroically battled on for #NewZealand despite the evil #Trump #Murdoch #Bannon stochastic terrorism and then I see Chris Luxon and the wet Bish cry to the media about a CTU ad critiquing their policies. #NZTwits you and I know #NationalAreNotFitToGovern #NZPol #NZVotes23

3 months ago

So many of you have been asking.

Via Scott MacFarlane:

Appeals court scheduled Oct. 12 oral arguments in Steve #Bannon's appeal of his Contempt of Congress conviction

That'll be a full year after a judge sentenced Bannon to 4-months prison, for defying House Jan 6 Cmte

Sentence was put on hold pending appeal #legal

3 months ago

Via Mother Jones' Dan Friedman:

Steve #Bannon, convicted of contempt of Congress and indicted for fraud, is helping Peter #Navarro raise money on Gettr for his upcoming contempt of Congress trial by posting of picture of the two of them with Guo Wengui, who is also charged with fraud.

3 months ago

Via Scott MacFarlane:

Appeals court schedules Oct. 12 oral arguments in Steve #Bannon’s appeal of his Contempt of Congress conviction

That'll be a full year after a judge sentenced Bannon to 4-months prison, for defying House #Jan6 Cmte

Sentence was put on hold pending appeal. #legal

3 months ago


Steve Bannon's Pocket Guide to Etiquette and his Biography "Man of Many Brown Shirts"

#HashTagGames #SteveBannon #Bannon

"It seems telling that the same right-wing 'independent journalist' who went to East Palestine has flown into Maui to attack Biden’s response, showing up on Trump ally Steve Bannon’s 'War Room.'”

#Biden #Maui #media #disinformation #Russia #propaganda #SteveBannon #Bannon

4 months ago

Via @emptywheel:

The oral argument for Steve #Bannon's appeal will be October 12, almost 2 years after he blew off a J6C subpoena, and almost a year after he was sentenced to 4 months in prison. #legal #Jan6

"When Bannon took over the hard-right website Breitbart News, he was determined to turn these socially isolated gamers into the shock troops of the alt-right, pumping them full of conspiracy theories and hate speech."

#SteveBannon #Bannon #MAGA #WhiteMales #Trump #Breitbart

"Long before Bannon ran Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he was involved in the world of online gaming. He discovered an army of what he later described as 'rootless white males,' disconnected from the real world but highly engaged online and often quick to resort to sexist and racist attacks."

~ Hillary Clinton

#SteveBannon #Bannon #MAGA #WhiteMales #Trump

Wendy Siegelman
4 months ago

D.A. Bragg, A.G. James Announce Indictment of Stephen Bannon for $15 Million “We Build The Wall” Fundraising Fraud

Trial is scheduled for May 2024 (after Trump, in same Manhattan courtroom as Trump)

Here's my chart on Stephen Bannon's network, including his partner at We Build The Wall:

#StephenBannon #SteveBannon #Bannon #WeBuildTheWall

Wendy Siegelman
4 months ago

Steve Bannon's associate Timothy Shea convicted in the We Build the Wall fraud is sentenced to 63 months prison

Judge noted they made over "$20 million. They claimed they would donate it for a wall. They made representations. They set up shell companies. Mr. Shea kept $180,000."

Bannon was pardoned by Trump, but was indicted by NYAG and Manhattan DA last year and his trial is set for May 2024.

News broken by Inner City Press

#TimShea #WeBuildTheWall #Bannon #SteveBannon

4 months ago

On today's episode of Right-wing Science, a meteorologist (weather man) who rejects the entirety of the scientific #consensus on #climate change, went on Steve #Bannon's show to rail against the #science of #climateChange, and offer up "alternative facts" to support his pet #theory. Of course Bannon immediately bought into his explanation, as did The Blaze, which presented his nonsense as legitimate fact. In their world, truth is whatever is politically expedient.

5 months ago

Womp womp

Via @KlasfeldReports


Timothy Shea, one of three former Steve #Bannon co-defendants convicted in the We Build the Wall fraud case, LOSES his bid for a new trial and to toss a count before sentencing. #legal

5 months ago

@georgelakoff 2) similar flooding of the zone was adopted by #Bannon #Mercers #Breitbart #infowars etc and scammers of every stripe who were invested in promoting each other. @katestarbird and other researchers started to create #dataviz on how these networks work.
Tactics of opaque astroturfing by often powerful interests like oil and gas and state actors grew & became more sophisticated.

Wendy Siegelman
5 months ago

Last Friday Judge Arlene Bluth ordered Steve Bannon to pay $480,487.87 in unpaid bills and “reasonable legal fees” to his former lawyers at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, who represented Bannon in his fight against congressional committee Jan 6 subpoena.

Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP v Stephen K. Bannon Plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment is granted - 6 page pdf

#SteveBannon #Bannon #Jan6

5 months ago

Via Andrew Weissmann:

#Bannon: What a deadbeat: first he is found guilty of criminal contempt; next he's charged with defrauding donors in a fake border wall scheme (after receiving a federal pardon for this, NY state picked up the slack thankfully); now he tries to avoid paying his lawyers.

Mueller, She Wrote:

NEW: Bannon’s lawyer filed a motion for summary judgment to get paid. Bannon has been ORDERED to pay $480,487.87. #legal

5 months ago

@annaleen no they did spin up fascism by giving the keys to their platforms to networks of opaque click scammers and info operators often backed by powerful special interests like Mercers/ #Bannon, #breitbart, #fox etc who “flooded the zone” astroturfing extremism and #conspiracy, stirring up ignorant #MAGA-t mobs. This method and channels proliferated. #Propaganda works. #disinformation works.
#facebook #meta #Zuckerberg #elonmusk #Twitter

@Teri_Kanefield In January 22, #DOJ didn’t have #SeditiousConspiracy #Convictions against the #ProudBoys and #Oathkeepers to use against #Trump, #Stone, #Bannon, #Alexander, et al.

Justice💙:toad: LICSW
6 months ago

Has #trump verbalized his apparent desire to be an #authoritarian leader of the United States to anyone? If so, to whom do you think?

His followers see him as a victim (Propaganda is profitable) But, he’s the perp.

#RupertMurdoch & his #Fox station that pretend to be news, are largely responsible.

So are #GOP #rightwing #evangelical #brainwashed cult & websites who profit off deception.

#TuckerCarlson #breitbart #bannon #rogerstone #michaelFlynn #oan

6 months ago

@futurebird it’s just more bs crumbs #Bannon and his ilk throw at angry white men +, like anti globalism, etc. that’s who they target with this never ending agitprop.

6 months ago

@GottaLaff @emptywheel When I saw the latest photo of Steve Bannon the word that came to mind was, "Rummy"
#Rummy #SteveBannon #contempt #Bannon

Definition of a rummy.
Steve Bannon  looksike a rummy.
6 months ago

🍿#Trump ally #Bannon subpoenaed in special counsel #JackSmith's #Jan6 #GrandJury probe

The Washington, D.C.-based grand jury is separate from one investigating the former president's handling of classified documents.

Wendy Siegelman
6 months ago

US trial for exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui is set for April 2024

Steve Bannon's pal and biz partner Guo (aka Ho Wan Kwok & Miles Kwok) has been jailed since March for running a fraud conspiracy of over $1 billion dollars with financier William Je

#GuoWengui #MilesKwok #SteveBannon #Bannon

@Volksverpetzer Die haben offenbar Schulungen von #Bannon und #Trump "genossen".

Schlimm 🚫 #CSU

6 months ago

Via @emptywheel:

For those asking why #Bannon isn't serving his contempt sentence yet, he appealed it and Judge Nichols let him stay out pending appeal. Briefing on the appeal won't close until June 23. #legal

Wendy Siegelman
7 months ago

See more on Bannon's connections to Badolato in this chart and Bannon and Badolato's prior connections to Jonathan Curshen

In the late 1990s Curshen was part of a failed attempt to list Russian mafia head Semion Mogilevich's company YBM Magnex in the US

#SteveBannon #StephenBannon #Bannon #AndrewBadolato #AndyBadolato #Badolato #WeBuildTheWall

7 months ago

"Steve #Bannon associate Brian Kolfage has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for his role in defrauding donors to help privately build #Trump’s southern border wall.

Kolfage...pleaded guilty last year to misappropriating more than $350,000 from the “We Build the Wall” campaign.

Prosecutors said that he spent the money on cosmetic surgery, boat payments and jewellery. In addition, he also pleaded guilty to tax charges" #legal

Wendy Siegelman
9 months ago

Chinese businessman Guo Wengui has been arrested for orchestrating a fraud conspiracy of over $1 billion dollars with his financier William Je.

MY LATEST: highlights of Guo Wengui's arrest and his partnership with Stephen Bannon since 2017

#GuoWengui #MilesKwok #MilesGuo #StephenBannon #Bannon

Aris Teon
9 months ago

Miles Guo, a Chinese businessman and internet media personality with close ties to former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, has been arrested on various charges of wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering.

#MilesGuo #GuoWengui #Trump #Bannon

9 months ago


A year after #Trump allies Steve #Bannon and Boris #Epshteyn took over the $FJB #cryptocurrency project, some #MAGA buyers say the pair has misled them with false promises

9 months ago

Bannon: Well if Trump can do it, so can I.

"A law firm that represented former Donald #Trump strategist Steve #Bannon during his fight against a subpoena from the House January 6 committee and other cases is suing Bannon for nearly $500,000 in unpaid #legal bills."

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
10 months ago

@BuffaloRude @GottaLaff

Half-serious speculation is that he's some combination of Bannon & Putin plant. They chose him because he was SO compromised AND it would make America look the worst when it all came out.

They want to dilegitamize representative democracy worldwide by any means neccessary. That also means that he will push for the craziest stuff if it fits his handler's needs.

#GeorgeSantos #Bannon #AnthonyDevolder #GOP #Putin


#ChristianNationalism is just #WhiteSupremacy in #bible #drag

George Santos in drag sitting on a leather couch with Steve Bannon

Why am I not surprised? #Santos is a completely made-up character, created by SOMEONE who did a bang job of changing his image and training him. #Bannon could have done that. He is a fascist subversive who's trying to overturn #democracy worldwide and is linked to #bolsonaro and other global #fascists. The fact that #Santos was actually elected and vows to stay in the House while #McCarty is not forcing him to step down tells us just how low the #gop has fallen.