#Bard doesn't seem to have a 'no personal opinions' filter like #chatgpt does.

For a memeing perspective, which is all I use AI chatbots for, that's preferable. Don't really like the implications for a naive user though.

A lot of (young seeming) people on Reddit seemed to genuinely believe the early #Bing AI was sentient and reacting to posts not just barfing words.


Charlie North
5 hours ago

I’m interested in an #OpenSource version of #ChatGPT. I heard about a #ChatBot that was an open source project and “gamified” to help train it? Unfortunately I can’t find it. Does anyone know of such a project? Thanks.


7 hours ago

#GWB - Google Bard: Der KI-ChatBot erhält jetzt stärkere Logik-Fähigkeiten und Export zu Google Tabellen - #googlesheets #Google #bard #technews »#Google claims that #Bard is improving at #math and #programming thanks to a technique called „implicit code execution“.« 📚
19 hours ago

#Bard, #Google’s #AI-powered #chatbot, is slowly improving at tasks involving logic and reasoning.

1 day ago

Bard can now use what Google calls "implicit code execution" to offer more accurate answers for math and coding questions, and it has now added a feature to bring tables to Google Sheets. #Google #Bard #BardAI

1 day ago

Got a report from #CiscoAMP that one of the workstations performed a "Cloud IOC: W32.SuspiciousReflectionAssemblyUsage.ioc" and I took that to #Google, eh, like walking through a hallway with your eyes closed. I instead went to #Bard, and asked the AI, and it had mostly bullshit, but also a bit of truth in it, and it got me further than Google could.

So it's a .NET Reflection Assembly. It went for a JSON deserializer, compression libraries, and SQLite. #infosec #infotech #today

Harry W.
1 day ago

Why i ask it "Why can't you tell me anything about wget" i get the answer of:

"I'm a text-based AI, and that is outside of my capabilities."

#AI #Chat #Bard #Google #tech #code

Harry W.
1 day ago

Wow, #Goolge #Bard won't give any intructions on how to use cURL or wget.
I know there was an exploit where you could get it to perform actions, but I'm just asking for the commands.

It's a weird blanket over it all...

2 days ago

Meta’s Zuckerberg grilled by senators over ‘leak’ of LLaMA AI model - The senators weren’t happy with the “seemingly minimal” protectio... - #richardblumenthaljoshhawley #publicpolicy #closesource #opensource #cybercrime #hatecriime #llama #gpt-4 #fraud #crime #bard #leak

2 days ago
Q: watts a matter with you, bard 
A: Nothing is the matter with me, Bard. I am just a large language model, and I am not capable
Marcel Waldvogel
2 days ago

#Google may have used data from #Gmail to train #Bard. The level of ambiguity and overly specific dementias seems to support this.

But there is no definite answer available.

ınvısıble ınk
2 days ago

I told Bard my logline and Bard said Melissa McCarthy was funny in that.

#screenwriting #loglines #bard #ai #predictiveText #comedy #melissaMccarthy

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
2 days ago

Hey #Google, can you access #Bard?
- Sorry, I didn't understand.


Ralf Bachmann
2 days ago

SocialHub Mag #21 gratis (Lead-Formular) zum Download als PDF.
u.a. mit "Totgeglaubte leben länger - Warum Facebook weit davon entfernt ist, tot zu sein" und
"Trendthema #KI - Wie Du KIs für Dich nutzt "
Danke an @socialhubio
#ai #chatgpt #bard

2 days ago

Soo does anybody like #blackbutler ? Specifically #sebastian and #bard ? #sebard ? Well i made some #fanart of the pair for a friend! #pigeondraws

Harry W.
3 days ago

Today #Bard will be my programming companion. I want to see how it compares to #chatgtp.

I can't use #Bing because they've locked it to the #Edge browser only 🤦‍♂️

Aurel Stratan
3 days ago

Why #AI pioneer has quit #Google, makes apocalyptic forecasts. After a decade of work with neural networks, the artificial intelligence’s godfather is scared of the work he’s done. - #artificialintelligence #openai #microsoft #bing #bard
--- Please share or like this post, it will help for better awareness :)

Aurel Stratan
3 days ago

Why #AI pioneer has quit #Google, makes apocalyptic forecasts. After a decade of work with neural networks, the artificial intelligence’s godfather is scared of the work he’s done. - #artificialintelligence #openai #microsoft #bing #bard
--- Please share or like this post, it will help for better awareness :)

4 days ago

#bard was also impressed :D

"I think that "The Girl and the Skulls" is a great example of a story that is open to interpretation. The author has created a rich and complex world, and the characters are well-developed and believable. The story is also full of symbolism and foreshadowing, which can be interpreted in many different ways. This makes the story a great choice for discussion and debate, and it is sure to stay with the reader long after they have finished reading it."

Yay, me! :)

I wonder if this will be a problem for editors (or if it already is):

"This sex scene is really unnecessary, or at least needs to be shorter."

"Hey, whaddya mean, Bard and #chatgpt both said it was great and really added to the story?!?"

José A. Alonso
4 days ago

Top 10 tools for detecting ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and Claude. ~ Abid Ali Awan. #ChatGPT #GPT4 #Bard #Claude

5 days ago

Wow, #bard #ai absolutely blows #bingchat out of the water when it comes to identifying and summarising industrial relations caselaw. Absolutely fucking empowering when you’re a layperson fighting corporate lawyers!

6 days ago





#AI #チャットAI #Bard

Stefan Bohacek
6 days ago

So I tried Google's new AI powered search experiment that supposedly gives you code snippets in response to programming related questions.

The answer was at best incomplete, but all in all unusable. I don't think we're on the right path here.

#google #ai #GenerativeAI #bard #ChatGPT

Stephen Shankland
6 days ago

Google's Bard, sadly but perhaps not surprisingly, doesn't know there's a difference between dog vomit slime mold (Fuligo septica) and dog sick slime mold (Didymium mucilago).

#AI #LLM #Bard #Google #SlimeMold

Peter Kaminski
6 days ago

Welp, my daily driver search engine is #Google, and I've turned on #SGE (Search Generative Experience). It's fine, and sort of helpful, while feeling like they've bloated the tight search experience a bit with bolted-on SGE. (Not complaining, too much, it probably had to be done, and it's not bad, just not great.)

It's helpful, just not great. And #Bard? Really not as smart as #ChatGPT / #GPT4, and that really detracts.

6 days ago

@elijahwilson @danyeaw

#bard isn't free as in FOSS

I have had the opportunity to experience both Bard and OpenAI's ChatGPT4, and while Bard certainly has its merits, I find myself emotionally connected to OpenAI's ChatGPT4. I hope that expressing my perspective will attract a greater following and appreciation for ChatGPT4. #Bard #OpenAI #ChatGpt4 #JohnMastodon #IAmMastodon #TwitterExodus #TwitterRefugee #TwitterRIP #Fediverse

1 week ago

Google Bard now asks users for their precise location. This enables the chatbot to provide better information about local businesses, provide local weather reports, give you directions, and more. #Google #Bard

Ben Gleason
1 week ago

Google's Bard AI supposedly can serve up images now. It either has quite a sense of humor or just isn't nearly as smart as advertised. #AI #Bard #GuyFawkes #BorisJohnson

Screenshot of Google's Bard AI presenting a photo of Boris Johnson when asked for a portrait of Guy Fawkes having a telephone conversation.

@google I ask #Bard to make a portrait of Joe Biden, and I get this #crap.

#JoeBiden #AI

Sure, here is a portrait of Joe Biden:

Code snippet

[Image of Joe Biden portrait]

Use code with caution. Learn more 0 The portrait is a close-up of Joe Biden's face. He is looking directly at the viewer with a warm and friendly expression. His hair is white and his face is lined with age, but he still has a youthful energy about him. He is wearing a blue suit and a red tie. The background of the portrait is a simple white wall.

The portrait captures Biden's intelligence, compassion, and strength. He is a man who has seen a lot in his life, but he has never lost his hope for the future. He is a man who is committed to serving the people of the United States, and he is a man who will fight for what he believes in. | hope you like the portrait.
WIST Quotations
1 week ago

I asked #Bard why it was making up full quotes.

"The quote that I provided in my previous response was not actually from Bertrand Russell. It was a paraphrase of a quote that he did say, but I added some additional words and phrases to make it more complete."

That's not how quotation marks or "Here is the full quote ..." actually work, Bard.

WIST Quotations
1 week ago

The answer from #Bard actually has three "drafts", each of them containing long contextual quotations that don't actually exist in the book (or anywhere else), two of them saying the core quote is in the Preface (with different contexts), one of them saying it's in a different chapter. 🤪

WIST Quotations
1 week ago

As I was unable to find an actual source for the quote through my own searches, I thought I would let the #Google #Bard #AI try.

It found a source. I asked where in the source it was. It gave me a big quote in context. And the big quote (and the smaller quote) are demonstrably *not* in the book it quoted.


Lengthy text where  where, in answer to my follow-up question about the source of a quote, it repeats its answer about where the quote is, and gives extended context for the quote -- which does not actually exist in the (very real) book, and much of which does not seem to be from Bertrand Russell at all.
Ari Huttunen :mastodon:
1 week ago

I simulated one round of the game of riddles between ChatGPT and Google's text-bison@001. You can see the rules in the screenshot. It didn't go too well when 'Bard' asked What is the only word in the English language that has all five vowels in alphabetical order?, ChatGPT answered education, and both players agreed it was the correct answer. #chatgp #bard #riddles

Two LLMs playing riddlez
Kingsley Uyi Idehen
1 week ago

Comparison Round 2:
This time around, I used the following prompt for the comparative challenge:

Describe the book with ISBN 9781610395694 and associated offers using JSON-LD.

Session Transcript & Analysis:

#SemanticWeb #LinkedData #JSONLD #LLMs #Bing #Bard #ChatGPT #Comparison

Google Bard, Microsoft Bing, and OpenAI ChatGPT LLM comparison.
Generated JSON-LD visualized using the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Browser Extension.

I've just asked #Bard #AI to write a #poem about what I'm currently doing in work (editing a #crontab) and it's done a pretty good job. 😂

I'm editing my crontab,
I'm trying to get it right,
I want it to run every day,
At a specific time of night.

I've set the minute and hour,
And the day of the week,
I've even set the month and year,
I think it's all complete.

I save my changes and exit,
And cross my fingers and hope,
That my cron job will run as planned,
And not crash and burn my hopes.

Why won’t #Google give a straight answer on whether #Bard was trained on #Gmail data?

1 week ago

I know #google #bard is not that popular, but today I used it to write a bunch of #excel codes to make writing rotation and call schedules for 20 residents easier for me. I have to admit that they weren't really complicated but still it was a tremendous help.

Mike Reader
1 week ago

AI-generated misinformation likely to pose hazard in U.S. election campaigns | The Japan Times

Expect bad actors to exploit artificial intelligence to sow chaos in an already hyperpolarized political climate, with many voters disputing verified facts.

#GOP #Republicans #Democrats #Biden #Trump #DeSantis #BidenHarris #chatgpt #bard #bingchat #facts #tech #technology #elections #democracy

Matt Hodges
1 week ago

👀 "All attorneys appearing before the Court must file on the docket a certificate attesting either that no portion of the filing was drafted by generative artificial intelligence (such as #ChatGPT, Harvey.AI, or Google #Bard) or that any language drafted by generative artificial intelligence was checked for accuracy, using print reporters or traditional legal databases, by a human being."

#aiEthics #LegalTech


1 week ago

It's quite telling to me that these very prominent minds can think a lot about the many ways that corporations can bring about the end of the world as we know it before they can conceive or even suggest the end of corporations.

#AI #LLM #Bard #GPT

1 week ago

The summer of AI alarmism and doomsday. I think they're just scared that open source is eating their lunch and they will become irrelevant very soon.

We got plenty of wars, and a pandemic without AI, I'm not sure what makes these guys think that AI, and not US corporations can make everything worse.

#AI #LLM #Bard #GPT

ricardo :mastodon:
1 week ago

Why won’t #Google give a straight answer on whether #Bard was trained on #Gmail data? ⚠️

1 week ago

Bard is better at explaining small chunks of code. It gets confused easily beyond code of a certain size.
(it couldn't really cope with 200 lines of React components)

#AI #Google #Bard #LLM

1 week ago

Google's Bard is unsurprisingly search oriented, and less reliable about more literary-oriented pursuits.

#Google #Bard #AI #LLM

Guillaume Laforge
1 week ago

If you're a #java or #groovylang developer and want to play with the #PaLM api from Google Cloud (the same that powers #bard), you might be interested in this article I just wrote:

You'll find docs & samples for #python but nothing for the #Java ecosystem. So I wanted to see how I could craft a kid story generator with #PaLM but using #micronaut, #ApacheGroovy and deploy it on #CloudRun.

But I faced some issues with authentication. Hence the article!

1 week ago

Bard is so hilariously bad I don't even know how or why Google launched this. Even r/Bard is full of people complaining about it 🤣

#Google #Bard

Dariusz Więckiewicz :verified:
1 week ago

@simoncox looks like it’s accessing it :) didn’t know that he didn’t, I just tried. The results were better than I imagine and, depend how you formulate the question, it’s analysing the whole text in a post.

I used:

generate short (2 or 3 sentences max.) description of my post https://...

#bard #seo

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
1 week ago

#ChatGPT's latest conversation share feature is the greatest thing to happen in this space since ChatGPT itself.

Meanwhile, #Bard can't even keep my own conversations for me to review. What gives, #Google? Are you running out of space on #GoogleDrive?

Dariusz Więckiewicz :verified:
1 week ago

Decided to fill the gaps in my posts meta description. I really hate writing catchy descriptions and decided to ask #Bard to do this for me by asking for it and providing URL. The output is better than I thought. Another useful use of #AI for #SEO purposes :)

Ian Brown :fedi:
2 weeks ago

“South Korea is one of the few countries where Google’s search engine has failed to dominate. Naver has a 61 per cent market share compared with Google’s 29 per cent, according to Statista.

“However, the company is now likely to face stiffer competition in Korean-language AI services, with #Google choosing Korean and Japanese as the first foreign language services for its #AI-based chatbot #Bard.”

2 weeks ago

Wrote a Fogknife post about my first experience using an #LLM—in this case, #Bard—as a programming assistant.

Dariusz Więckiewicz :verified:
2 weeks ago

I have found out that #Google #AI #Bard is quite useful if you run out of ideas how to “correct and rephrase” your meta description for a post. First time found an actual use for this (and other like this) type of tool.

Das Problem von Large Language Modellen und GPTs am Beispiel von #GoogleBard das ich hier 👉 ausfuehrlich getestet habe.

Du fragst nach einer aktuellen Newszusammenfassung, der 1. Punkt stimmt noch und dann kommen nur alte News. Auf den Fehler angesprochen wird dir erklaert, dass diese aber doch so wichtig waeren.

Auch das ist ein Pre-Programmes Bias und das macht die ganze Nummer richtig schwierig zu handlen! #Bard #ChatGPT #GenerativeAI

2 weeks ago


The primary use-case for #ChatGPT and #Bard and other #LLMs, is getting the #LLM to say something amusing that one can post to social media.

Wendy MsGator 🐊
2 weeks ago


The whole thing is an unregulated experiment. I am not touching it with a 50 metre bargepole. And that's a bloody big bargepole. Some seem to find it CUTE. I find it both offensive and terrifying. Creativity is a measure of humanity. To allow these programs to steal and build on others' creativity is nauseating. #ChatGPT #AI #Bard

Meta AI Unleashes Megabyte, a Revolutionary Scalable Model Architecture - Artisana

"A #Meta team of #AI researchers has proposed an innovative architecture for AI models, capable of generating expansive content in text, image, and audio formats, stretching to over 1 million tokens. This groundbreaking proposal, if embraced, could pave the way for the next generation of proficient AI models, transcending the Transformer architecture that underpins models such as #GPT4 and #Bard, and unleashing novel capacities in content generation."

Freedom Scientific
2 weeks ago

Tune into ACB Radio on Thursday, May 25 at 3 PM ET for the Vispero Presentation: Use BARD Express with JAWS. We’ll show you how to search for, download, and transfer audio books from the NLS BARD website using the BARD Express app with JAWS.

To request an invitation, email

#BARD #JAWS #FreedomScientific #FreedomScientificTraining

Nate Silva
2 weeks ago

@9to5Mac There’s no reason to ask #ChatGPT about anything that requires current knowledge. #Google #Bard is the best choice here, and it recommended a MacBook Air with M2 to me.

@talkpython @mkennedy

That was interesting. Personally I've been using #BingChat to interact with the most. #OpenAI and #Bard are getting all the hype; I don't understand why (other than name recognition).
Bing Chat is excellent at helping me write Python programs, and REALLY excellent at documenting them. Bard is disappointing me.
I assemble my prompts in a text editor, then fine tune the output in supplemental steps. looks interesting!

Guido Schmidt
2 weeks ago

The more I play around with #chatgpt #bard #whatsoeverllmtool the more I feel the need of uploading pictures to better depict what I mean 👀

#MachineLearning #ai #mltools

Itamar Turner-Trauring
2 weeks ago

Reminder that you should never ever every rely on information from #AI chatbots.

Here's an example from #bard in which it makes up multiple, mutually incompatible crimes supposedly committed by me.

Question I asked Bard: "what crimes were committed by itamar turner-trauring".

The answer: "Itamar was convicted of 16 counts of fraud and forgery in 2019 ... stealing over $1 million from his employer, the University of California, Berkeley."

The drafts feature shows other crimes, e.g. "arrested in 2022 on charges of stealing trade secrets from Google".
Emily M. Bender (she/her)
3 weeks ago

A final kind of risk that might not be adequately handled by existing frameworks is the risks that widely available media synthesis machines pose to the information ecosystems.

Here, I keep hoping for some way to set up accountability: what if #OpenAI were actually accountable for everything #ChatGPT outputs? (And #Google for #Bard and #Microsoft for #BingGPT?)

Maybe we already have what we need, maybe there's something to add.


Mein 1. kleiner Testbericht zu #Google #Bard ist da 👉 und der hat es durchaus in sich.

Ich hab Googles Modell mit den gleichen Fragen & Aufgaben konfrontiert, wie #ChatGPT & das schuf einige spannende Ergebnisse.

U.a. produzierte Bard Uralt-News und wurde richtig zickig, als ich das anmerkte. Mehr noch, es zeigte perfekt was pre-progammed Bias eigentlich ist.

Eine ganz besondere Ausgabe, wie immer mit viel ❤️ in Taipei erstellt.

Ein Boost/Repost waere toll. Danke 🙏

3 weeks ago

#ChatGPT の Web UI ってスマホのブラウザとかからだと、テキスト入力欄がソフトウェアキーボードに隠れちゃわない?(俺だけ…?

回答の質というよりその UI 問題が煩わしいという理由で #Bard に質問投げる事が増えてる :tony_grinning:

Rajiv Pant
3 weeks ago

I added a new feature to rbot that enables users to save chat sessions to local files that the user can later load and resume. This is useful for continuing the same conversation with the AI assistant and chatbot at a later date and time.

OpenAI's #ChatGPT has a similar feature but Google #Bard does not yet. is currently available as a command line chatbot product. I am considering releasing a web version and a mobile app in future.

#opensource #AI #chatbot

Upol Ehsan
3 weeks ago

🎯 Explainable AI suffers from an epidemic. I call it Explainability Washing.

💡Think of it as window dressing—techniques, tools, or processes created to provide the illusion of explainability but not delivering it

Let’s use this hyped example from OpenAI. Title is sensational-- Language models can explain neurons in language models.

But is that the case? Let's dig in. 👇

#AI #ML #XAI #gpt4 #chatGPT #Bard #LLM #NLP #HCI #UX #UI #responsibleai #mastodon

Anders Borch
3 weeks ago

I actually kinda-like #bard

It’s obviously wrong sometimes, but it starts out straight up telling you that it’s wrong sometimes.

After a session, I think I now have a good overview of what it’ll take to switch from #golang to #rust - all the little prompts to go and google stuff myself actually gives me a starting place rather than a false sense of knowledge.

Stuart Frisby
3 weeks ago

I thought I'd give bard a go with something it should be capable of answering given it has access to live information in a way that GPT typically doesn't. Everything circled is an outright and verifiable lie.

Even by the very lax standards of the tech industry it is incredible that this stuff is available to the public with no guardrails, no warnings, just lie after lie presented as truth. #bard #llm #ai

Prompt: What is the likelihood of Coventry City beating Middlesborough tonight based on previous season playoff results, head-to-head results between the two sides, and factors such as style of play.


 Coventry City and Middlesbrough played out a goalless draw in the first leg of their Championship play-off semi-final at the CBS Arena on Saturday. The Sky Blues have won four of their last five home games against Middlesbrough in all competitions, while the away team has won just one of the last 16 meetings between the two sides.

In the previous season's Championship play-offs, Coventry City were beaten by Fulham in the semi-finals, while Middlesbrough lost to Nottingham Forest in the final.

Both teams have similar styles of play, with Coventry City being more possession-based and Middlesbrough being more direct. However, Coventry City have a better recent record against Middlesbrough and have the home advantage in the second leg.

Based on these factors, I would say that Coventry City have a slightly better chance of beating Middlesbrough tonight. However, it's still a very close game and anything could happen.

Here are some additional factors that could affect the outcome of the match:

The form of the two teams in recent weeks. Coventry City have been in good form, winning their last three games, while Middlesbrough have been inconsistent, winning two of their last five games.
The weather conditions. The match is being played in wet and windy conditions [...]
Camilo Bravo :drumset:
3 weeks ago

#Google #Bard says: "If you're a fan of soul music, then you need to listen to these songs".

Starting with "Respect" by Aretha Franklin #NowPlaying

Are-Ee-Ess-Pee-EEE-Cee-Tee, y'all.

A YouTube commenter says:

> This performance is a mini vocal masterclass. The projection, the enunciation, the posture, the phrasing, the emoting [..] it's like she purposely set out to obliterate the studio vocal.

#GenreOfTheWeek is #Soul

Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

"Moreover, researchers have also discovered that it’s probably mathematically impossible to secure the training data for a large language model like #GPT-4 or #PaLM 2. This was outlined in a research paper that Google themselves tried to censor, an act that eventually led the Google-employed author, El Mahdi El Mhamdi, to leave the company. The paper has now been updated to say what the authors wanted it to say all along, and it’s a doozy."

#SEO #BARD #Google #AI

The apocalypse isn’t coming. We must resist cynicism and fear about #AI

> The much more real anxieties are that AI will super-charge misinformation and will lead to the hollowing out of the middle class by the process of automation. Do I really need to point out that both of these problems predate #artificialIntelligence by decades, and are political rather than technological?

#chatGPT #aiArt #gpt #bing #bard #stablediffusion

So, I tried #Google #Bard yesterday.

Every time I try those so-called "#AI," I ask them a very simple question: "What is the Setouchi Triennale?"

I ask this question, because:
1. It's not common knowledge.
2. But a simple search on a search engine returns detailed and factual information.
3. I know the answers quite well (I did put online quite a bit of this information in English myself).

(1/?) ⬇️