Petra van Cronenburg
23 hours ago

Well, you decided in a poll whom I will interview in my next #podcast episode of #NatureMatchCuts. It's a real challenge: a #cactus talking to #bats! Your wish is my command:

I know the episode about #animal #gardeners was scheduled for the end of Nov. This year is a disaster. I'm working on it, but with the loss of Bilbo, I need some time for me. Thank you for your patience! Meanwhile, you can listen to older episodes #naturelovers I'll be back!

Denis - The COVID info guy -
1 day ago

🇳🇿New Zealand: Two new lineages of coronavirus detected in NZ bats.

"Researchers said the new viruses are not at the highest risk of transferring into human populations, as they both belong to a different group of coronaviruses than all three viruses that have emerged in human populations over the past few decades."

#NewZealand #Coronavirus #Bats


2 days ago

Viele Wege führen ins Winterquartier: Muster der saisonalen Zugbewegungen der Fledermäuse komplexer als bisher angenommen
"Weil sich Fledermäuse länger als bisher bekannt entlang der Küstenlinien aufhalten und zum Teil auch auf hohe See ausweichen und „Umwege“ fliegen, stellen Windkraftanlagen eine größere Gefahrenquelle dar, als bisher angenommen wurde"
Die Windkraftanlagen müssen Sensoren haben, die den Durchflug frühzeitig erkennen.

#bats #migration #windpower

3 days ago
Side view portrait of a Bonda Mastiff Bat facing towards the right.  They have a slightly laughing expression.
quite adept
6 days ago

what is that?
the fella on the limb.
he's a bat!
early is late for him.

#Bats #WoodlandWednesday #NaturePhotography

photo of a small bat hanging upside down on a conifer branch with a forest in the background
1 week ago

Sure, I said, I'll fill up the hummingbird feeder and put it back out at the crack of dawn, it'll be fun! Heh. Now back to bed with a book until the heat kicks in. Hope there were no hungry bats during the night.


View through window of foggy town right at freezing.
1 week ago

Headlines like this don't even make me flinch anymore. "Climate Change Making Vampire Bats (with Rabies!) Migrate Toward U.S."
#vampire #bats #with #rabies #migrating #toward #UnitedStates #US #climate #change #bringing it

IT News
1 week ago

Study: The serotine bat uses its super-large penis as an arm when mating - Enlarge / "That's not my arm": Male serotine bats have such large penis... - #alternativematingstrategies #matingstrategies #animalbehavior #science #animals #biology #mating #bats

Tech news from Canada
1 week ago
Starry Time Podcast
1 week ago

In our #podcast episode released this morning, we had a *contentious* debate about this guy -- Rev Bem.

What do you think? Yea or Nay on bat guy?!

Hear our thoughts:

#Andromeda #Bat #SFF #SciFi #TV #SpecialEffects #Makeup #bats #opinion #silly #ScienceFiction

📷 :

Photograph of the character Rev Bem from the TV Show Andromeda. Rev Bem is Magog, a humanoid alien species with features similar to a bat.
1 week ago

Straw Colored Fruit Bat Speedpaint. Munch much.

#Bat #Bats #Baturday #WildlifeArt #FurryArt #DigitalArt #Art #Speedpaint

A straw colored fruit bat is hanging upside down.  Their jaws are trying to wrap around a cantaloupe.  One of their wing arms is trying to push the fruit further into their mouth.
Coding Gardener
2 weeks ago

One of the highlights of short days is seeing #bats starting to fly around at mid to late afternoon.

Resolviendo la incógnita
2 weeks ago

La razón por la que #Batman se acuesta con alguien con la flexibilidad de un acróbata (pero solo para dormir 😉 ). #bats #murcielagos

2 weeks ago

Business Insider: Bats with huge penises mate without penetration, a first in mammals.
#bats #news

Andy Fletcher
2 weeks ago

Scottish Bats - the struggle.

I don't know the origin of this but it is too good not to share.

#bats #scotland

This is a great video for explaining how bats are so different when it comes to viruses (and other traits)!

Bonnie (she/her)
2 weeks ago

🦇 🤨 This Bat Uses Its Oversized Penis as an ‘Arm’ during Sex -

"Most mammals mate with penetrative sex, but one peculiar bat species with an oversize, bulbous penis seems to sweep that assumption aside. New video evidence suggests that during copulation, the male serotine bat—Eptesicus serotinus—instead uses its penis like an arm to push away the female’s tail membrane and presses the tip against the vulva, according to research published in Current Biology."

I didn't need to know that, but now I do so you do too.

#bats #weird #nature

Working on this little guy today - almost done!

#bat #bats #crossstitch @crossstitch #wip #embroidery

Cross stitch of a bat eating ramen

TIL a bit more than I wanted to know about the sex habits of #bats. 🦇

But it was a nice break from the usual news 🙂

2 weeks ago

#Scientists have #filmed what appear to be the first known instances of #nonPenetrative #reproductiveSex in #mammals, in #bats living in a church attic in the #Netherlands and at a #Ukrainian bat-rehabilitation centre. They wrote about their discovery this week in Current Biology1.

#Nature #Science #biology #evolutionary

I just “adopted” #bats for all my little cousins for #christmas and they’re sending out photos and certificates :blobfoxheartcute:

Hopefully they’ll think this is half as cool as I do :blobfoxcrylaugh:

Bat in a cap name BENGER the avenger
2 weeks ago

Townsend's Big Eared Bat Speedpaint. Groggy.

#Bat #Bats #WildlikeArt #DigitalArt #Art #FurryArt #Baturday #Speedpaint

Portrait of a townsend's big eared bat.  Facing slightly forwards and to the left.  They appear really tired and groggy with their eyes slightly open.
Nicholas Boyd Isacsson
2 weeks ago

Some new ascii art which began as an on-paper doodle, then finished up on my laptop. Drawing ascii art by hand is pretty fun, though proportions end up looking quite different once typeset.

#ascii #AsciiArt #bat #bats

ASCII art of a cartoonish bat with extended wings
Dave Anderson
2 weeks ago

Finally got a bat record for this tunnel. We’ve spent some time installing bat boxes inside to improve hibernation potential due to the lack of crevices. Typically the Brown Long Eared bat chose its own spot, but it’s a start. #bats #chiroptera #hibernation #conservation #ecology #research #scicomm

Brown Long Eared bat on tunnel wall

Got just the right mix of #bats to snowflakes in my #glitter :blobfoxaww:


Snowflakes and mini bat glitters
Nature In Fine Art
3 weeks ago

He was extremely underweight but thankfully appeared uninjured. The only problem was, he refused to fly. After a week, I thought it best to have him x-rayed. Thankfully, no hidden injuries — so home we came. The good news is that in the safety of a soft puppy playpen, the last few nights he's tried to fly to the mesh playpen wall. We still have a way to go, but it’s a step in the right direction. Fingers crossed for him.
#Bats #BatsHibernating #BatRescue

Lukas VF Novak
3 weeks ago

Insect trapped in amber reveals the evolutionary battles of ancient Europe

An Eocene insect could hear conspecific ultrasounds and bat echolocation

"Shortly before this #animal was fossilized, #bats had developed the ability to echolocate, which may have driven the #katydids to call at higher frequencies. At the same time, their ears were adapting to listen out for bats trying to hunt them down."

Artist's concept of ancient katydid - a cricket-like insect - just before being trapped in amber. By Charlie Woodrow

Lotsa bats floating across my timeline this morning. I love it!

I'd boost 'em, but you know why I'm not.

#Bats and #Bat related materials are always welcome on my timeline.

#BatsOfMastodon 🦇 #Batstodon

Bats hanging about, flipped, and music added, to make it a goth nightclub.
it's nico! 🌈🦇
3 weeks ago

bats bats and more #bats! 🦇🖤

#MastoArt #ART #TattooFlash #TattooDesign

A tattoo flash sheet of nine different designs, all of different bat heads with various designs, colors, and shapes.
Sue Finch Photography
3 weeks ago

“ 45. Just Hangin’ Around_52Frames_Bokeh ”

I found him and finally got him out for his photo session. I'm thinking he might be in some hide-and-seek photos soon. #felting #bats #bokeh #creaturesofthenight #52Frames_bokeh

3 weeks ago

so stoked for Gotham FC
#bats #GothamFC

Chris Townsend
4 weeks ago

Sadly, we found this dead bat in an old cardboard box. A Pipistrelle, I think. Delicate, beautiful, soft, tiny, strange. #bats #wildlife

A bat
A bat next to a scale to show size
J :vm: ☃️
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

Important news for #California. We now have a State Bat. All hail Antrozous pallidus, the Pallid Bat!
It can eat half its body weight in one night!

1 month ago
Pedro J. Hdez
1 month ago

:quotesL: This correlative study, based on field observations, offers empirical evidence supporting previous statistical and mathematical simulation-based studies reporting a likely increase of bat-borne diseases in response to climate change. :quotesR:

#ClimateChange #bats #virus

Blog Oklahoma
1 month ago
Knowledge Zone
1 month ago

Is #CRISPR safe? #Genome editing gets its first #FDA scrutiny : Nature

#Drowning in #Carbon: The #Paradox of Water Consumption : Medium

Migrating #Bats use #Earth’s #Magnetic field to navigate in the dark : New Sci

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

Not me hand stamping #bats and gluing #snowflake confetti onto holiday cards… that would be CRAZY 🤪


Bat stamp and snowflake confetti on an envelope

Study: Mainstream Media Undermines Conservation By Promoting Fear Of Bats | out of HELSINKISUS & UABBarcelona, published by EcoHealth

by @GrrlScientist

#SciComm #bats #conservation #newsmedia #disease #agriculture #insects #Halloween

J.K. Ullrich
1 month ago

Enough with the #spooky #Halloween #bats. Here's a pair of grey-headed flying foxes exchanging courtship kisses.

#Wildlife #Photography #Nature

Two large fruit bats with black wings and furry rufous collars hang upside-down from a twisty tree branch, licking each other's puppy-like faces.
Amata (they/she)
1 month ago

Blessed Samhain, Happy Halloween

Enjoy this bat skull found and left as it was in a cave.

#caves #caving #bat #bats #myotis #skull #skeleton #halloween #samhain

a small bat skull sits on some mud
Ele Willoughby, PhD
1 month ago

I carved a vampire bat Jack-o-lantern this year. When my son saw my preliminary sketch he said that was exactly what he wanted on his Jack-o-lantern too. So now we have two!

Usually he draws a second design on a smaller pumpkin and I carve it, but this Hallowe’en it’s 🦇🦇🎃🎃

Happy Hallowe’en!

#carving #halloween #jackolantern #pumpkin #bats #vampireBats

As described this is two lit jackolanterns, one big, one small, on a black sideboard, carved to look like vampire bats  with large ears, elaborate noses and fangs. Behind is a framed copy of my Unicorn amongst umbrellas linocut and a vase of pussywillows.

^@nationalparkservice: Holy mackerel! Wait. Holy bat! (Still had Fat Bear Week on the mind.) It’s Bat Week! Fangtastic! Everyone can join in on the fun! Browse the articles on to learn more about bats, engage in bat-tivities, and discover current bat science.

You can also visit for inspiring stories, events, and more. Join the conversation on social media using #BatWeek.

P.S. We counted each “na.” You think we’re just winging it? 🦇
#bats #nationalparks #wildlife

Image: Graphic with text, “Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... #BATWEEK!”
The Habitat Foundation
1 month ago

The Habitat Foundation supports nature researchers and conservationists in Eastern Europe. The support can be simple but nevertheless important. One of the organisations supported is NGO Wildlife Montenegro.

Wildlife Montenegro is in desperate need of a batlogger, a device that turns the high-pitched shouts of bats into sounds that humans can hear. Help Wildlife Montenegro to purchase one. Donate:

#bats #windfarm #windturbine #DonateNow #impactassessment #Montenegro

Montenegro (Photo: Wauter Ralph Kolk)
1 month ago

Quality 🦇 content

There’s this movie called Bats (1999) 🍿

My friend likes bats, so we went to the dollar movie to see it

And after the opening scene here, she leans over to me and quietly says,

“I thought this was a documentary:” 🦇
#bats #halloween

Since we’re close to Halloween, I thought you might enjoy this cute baby bat clinging to a finger. Those little toes!


#Bats #Halloween #Cute #Animals

Extended human finger with a baby bat clinging to the back side of it, moving its little feet around and waving them in the air.
Keith D Johnson
1 month ago

Contents of the latest issue of #Permaculture Design Magazine:
SilvoPork and Poultry by Ben Brownlow
#Cats on the Homestead by Thom Illingworth
#Chicken Coop Ideas by Justin Rhodes
#Bats in the Belfry by Thom Illingworth
Japanese #Quail: Efficient Home-grown Protein by Kirsten Bradley
The Height of Summer by Becky Elder
Permaculture Going to the Dogs by Dave Boehnlein
16 Reasons Why Muscovy #Ducks are the Perfect Homestead Bird by Jack Spirko
Permaculture #LandTrusts: Return to the Earth Commons by Lisa DePiano, Andrew Faust, David Harper
Happy Meat, Happy Ecosystems, Happy People by Kate Martignier
Winter Gardening for Kids by Joshua Burman Thayer
Ruminant by Woody Lane, PhD
Regrowth by Woody Lane, PhD
The Tao of Beekeeping by Eugene Monaco

Cover image for Permaculture Design Magazine August 2023, Animals in Permaculture: bee hives on a platform with grass underneath and sky in the background.

And I can hear its clicks as it's flying around.
#Brooklyn #Bats #BioDiversity #UrbanNature

Andy Baker
1 month ago

Calling all bat-enthusiasts in regional New South Wales and western Sydney

"Bats in Backyards project wants citizen scientists to help uncover secrets of the night sky"

#environment #citizenscience #ecology #bats #sydney #australia #science

Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

Fruit, nectar, bugs and blood: How #bat teeth and jaws evolved for a diverse dinnertime

Bat teeth illuminate the diversification of mammalian tooth classes: Alexa Sadier et al.

"And noctilionoid #bats evolved a huge diversity of diets in as little as 25 million years, which is a very short amount of time for these adaptations to occur."

Head of the orange nectar bat, Lonchophylla robusta, a bat species that has a longer jaw and drinks nectar

Made a little #bat #crossstitch pattern - I’m def still learning but I think he’s pretty cute :blobfoxcute:

Let me know if you’d like to stitch it up and i can send the file!

@crossstitch #bats #halloween #candycorn

Candy corn bat
Pixel version of the same candy corn bat
1 month ago

Large flying foxes (Pteropus vampyrus), one of the largest bat species in the world, in the mangroves of #Brunei. Photos: Joremy Tony. #Borneo #wildlife #mammals #bats #BatWeek

Camellia Tea Ceremony
1 month ago

Kameya Yoshinaga's (亀屋良長) 'MOON' depicts, unsurprisingly, a bat skimming across a full moon🦇
The inside bean paste was wonderfully flavored with caramelized nuts.

#蝙蝠 #bats #Japan #wagashi #和菓子 #Kyoto #京都 #halloween #japanesesweets

A sweet perfect for Halloween...bats flying across a full moon.
Nao-san is in a autumn mood, her obi emblazoned with falling ginkgo leaves.
Fresh charcoal prepared for a tea ceremony.
Bat across a full moon. A perfect sweet for this spooky time of year.
Camellia Tea Ceremony
1 month ago


Generally speaking, tea ceremony uses two types of sweets: higashi (干菓子/乾菓子) and namagashi (生菓子).
As the name suggests, higashi is a type of dry confectionery, whereas namagashi are fresh sweets (typically moist) with a much shorter shelf-life.

#茶道 #teaceremony #bats #Japan #Kyoto #京都 #Kyoto

'Tameiki-chan', a pointy-headed, rather melancholy-looking sweet created by Kagizen Yoshifusa confectioners.
Bush warblers and sprouting bracken in sweet form, perfect for a spring tea ceremony.
A summer tea ceremony with sweetfish-shaped sweets nibbling on moss-like confections.
Dried sweets inspired by the Gion Festival.
Tini Malitius
1 month ago

Hello you lovelies! To have something touchable to show off in bologna, and not only a digital folio, I made this "counting to 10"- leporello. It has bats, spiders and pumpkins in it. Here's a little sneak preview. Have a spooky autumn weekend <3

#art #mastoart #childrensbooks #books #autumn #books #cats #pumpkins #spiders #bats

counting book
counting book
counting book
2 months ago

31 Days of Halloween
Day 20: Midnight Cravings
Monthly Patreon Art by Simargl

Me, when I'm caught rummaging through the fridge in the middle of the night. Listen, I need my shredded cheese fix.

#furry #furryart #bats #deer #31daysofhalloween #moon

Furry art, black and white art of rave looking back. Halloween themed, bates, crescent moon

I can be a #bat and ALSO not wear pants? Whatever this is, sign me up!

🦇 🦇 🦇

#bats #costume #mood

Vintage photo of a woman in a bat costume

Making progress!! Need to finish outlining in the morning when it’s really dry :blobfoxartist:

#bat #bats #mastoart #fediart #wip

Unfinished painting of a blue bat with Christmas lights
Bonnie (she/her)
2 months ago

Ever wanted to be a fruit bat? A friend just sent this to me and I love it: Night Flyer: A Bat's Journey - a browser-based game where you can be a bat and learn cool bat facts! 🦇

"Play as a nimble bat and take to the skies in search of fruits and moths. Try to survive as your world disappears. Bats are often misunderstood creatures, being demonized or feared in public media, but they are quite the opposite. Bats play a crucial role in our planet's ecosystem, without them, we would all suffer. I hope that through playing Night Flyer, this game will help shed new light on our furry little neighbors."

#bats #nature #conservation

2 months ago

A Lesser Short-nosed Fruit Bat (Cynopterus brachyotis) spotted at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Centre, Singapore, on 1 Oct 2023. This one was more active, and I managed to get shots of it as it stretched its wings.

These are common bats and a colony has been roosting at the centre for many years.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Mammals #Mammalia #Bats #Chiroptera

A small brown bat, identified as a Lesser Dog-faced Fruit Bat by the pale edges of the ears and the whitish wing bones.
Same description as first image.
Same description as first image.
Same description as first image.
Tini Malitius
2 months ago

October! Weeiiii! You guys! I'm already working on a couple of projects for the book fair in April 2024. One and a half down, three to go. I'm super happy with how this mini-book is turning out, so I thought I'd share a little sneak peek with ya. As you may see, the colours are autumnal (see, @apparentlyrolly I said autumnal :D).

I wish you all a happy October. Weeiii! October!

#cats #mastoart #illustration #kidlit #books #art #october #autumn #bats

cat and bats
Alan Kotok
2 months ago

Initial results from a clinical trial show an experimental vaccine produces immune responses in healthy adults against Covid-19 variants and a range of other coronaviruses.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Vaccine #SARSCoV2 #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Variants #Biotechnology #VirusLikeParticles #ClinicalTrial #Canada #Bats #Pangolins

Noam Ross
2 months ago

I love these interdisciplinary One Health projects that span topical and methodological expertise. My main contribution to this work was the development of a multinomial GAMM to jointly model the circulation dynamics and epidemiology of the three viral groups.

Code and data here, all wrapped up in an #rstats {targets} pipeline:

#OneHealth #Bats #DiseaseEcology #Coronavirus #EpiVerse #rstats

Figure 2 from the referenced paper, showing the observed and modeled time series of viral prevalence of three viruses in the bat population, with distinct seasonal peaks for each.
A box-and-arrow diagram showing the workflow of the modeling pipeline. Found at the referenced GitHub repository.
Noam Ross
2 months ago

New paper published from our Southern Africa Bat Research Network project: In a cave in Limpopo Province, South Africa, longitudinal sampling has revealed three new lineages of coronaviruses, with distinct seasonal dynamics.

This work is led by Marike Geldenhuys at the University of Pretoria Markotter Lab, with a team including myself and @epsteinjon at EcoHealth Alliance.

In Scientific Reports:

#OneHealth #Bats #DiseaseEcology #Coronavirus #EpiVerse

Eliezer Scrooge
2 months ago

The #bats are around again #Suffolk

A bat flying past at dusk