FYI, SF #BayArea's #FleetWeek Oct 2-10 events won't happen during a federal government shutdown. Stay tuned for any news on that. #military #aviation #avgeek

"California Senator Dianne Feinstein, longest-serving woman in the Senate, dies at age 90" by @NBCBayArea - Prior to her 30 years as one of two US Senators from California, she had also previously been mayor of San Francisco. #California #BayArea

3 days ago

Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area want to see Holly Bowling tonight at The Chapel?

I have two tickets that I will gift. Let me know.

8:00pm showtime
The Chapel
777 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

#SanFrancisco #HollyBowling #TheChapel #BayArea #Oakland

Brian Kolm
3 days ago

I don't go out to dinner by myself very often, but on days I have to stay at work late to finish a project then go to an event, I get a chance to try something new.

Last night I went and had #Japanesefriedchicken in #Oakland, and it was tasty! Good portions for the price and a fun attitude to the restaurant. There's a bunch of other restaurants that either do the breakfast, lunch deal, or open for dinner in the same area.

#friedchicken #resturant #bayarea

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
3 days ago

Training burns at the Marin County training facility at Point Reyes Station today. Smoke will be visible from Hwy 1. #marin #marinCounty #BayArea #caFire #PointReyes

4 days ago

@NessaUndreza why can't we have scentograms?!! These look like they must smell divine! #sfba #SanFrancisco #MissionBay #BayArea #Dogpatch #sfba #SanFrancisco #MissionBay #BayArea #Dogpatch

Sidewalks Entertainment
4 days ago

KCRT Viewers! All-new episode of "Sidewalks Entertainment" tonight at 7:30PM:

Wrestling legend / OVW co-owner Al Snow and Mr. PEC-Tacular wrestler Jessie Godderz ("Wrestlers"); music by Shab X Fat Joe, G Flip, and Black Rock Candy.

#SidewalksEntertainment #newepisode #KCRT #RichmondCA #Richmond #SanPablo #ElCerrito #Albany #BayArea #PinoleCA #TVstation #OhioValleyWrestling #OVW #AlSnow #MrPECTacular #JessieGodderz #Wrestlers #Shab #FatJoe #GFlip #BlackRockCandy

Scot Hacker
4 days ago

Shorebirds on Brooks Island

#kayaking #bayarea #photography

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
5 days ago

Tomorrow's #POTUS #BayArea schedule has been posted.

At 11.30 he has a meeting in #SanFrancisco.

Then he has campaign events in the City and leaves #SFO at 6.35 pm. Expect your southbound evening commute to be impacted by that.

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
5 days ago

Learn where you can find me right now and the direction I'm taking Valley Oak Paper. #smallBusiness #Etsy #UniqueBoutique #SiliconValley #BayArea #papercraft

Halloween-themed coasters in decorative packaging. Now available at the Unique Boutique at Sunnyvale Senior Center.
Gift card envelopes with shaker tags. Now available at the Unique Boutique at the Sunnyvale Senior Center.
Home decor clipboard that can stand or hang on the wall. Now available at the Unique Boutique at Sunnyvale Senior Center.
Cecilia Mjausson Huster
5 days ago

#BayArea #traffic: #POTUS will land on Moffett Field at 3.55 pm today and is planning a two-day stay in the Bay Area. Expect traffic chaos!

The Biden Victory Fund is holding a fund raiser with him at 6.30 pm in Atherton.

Biden will also meet with the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park at 7.35 pm.

At 7.55 pm he's expected at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

Detailed schedule:


Conspiracy of Cartographers
5 days ago

The San Francisco Petrofuture. My first new work in a while.

66m sea level rise on a 1964 #Chevron gas station map.


Base map courtesy of David Rumsey Maps.

#SanFrancisco #BayArea #GoldenGate #TreasureIsland #vintagemaps #retrofuture #solarpunk #clifi #petrofuture #sealevelrise #sealevelrisemaps #climatechange #climateemergency #maps #cartography #conspiracyofcartographers

San Francisco Petrofuture

66m sea level rise on a 1964 Chevron Gas Station Map
1 week ago

Hey Bay Area folks, help me out here. When I was a kid living in San Francisco (84-92 off and on) I remember that BART only charged you for the distance between the station you entered at and where you got off. So, it was possible to ride around all day for 75¢ as long as you got off one stop from where you started. Am I remembering correctly? #question #bart #BayArea #sanfrancisco

Deirdre Spencer
1 week ago

Art for today. #SFBA fam, it may seem a bit out of the way from the City's and the Town's art scenes, but I found this pair of exhibits at the St Mary's College Museum of Art in Moraga to be well worth the visit.

"Corita Kent: heroes and sheroes" is a small but mighty collection of Kent's graphic art supporting social justice in the late 60s. "Lisa Congdon: Hold it Lightly," in both its pop art color palette and its "themes of joy, liberation, and radical inclusion," is the perfect contemporary chaser.

I've long been an admirer of both women, so it was a delight to be able to see their work so close to home.

#CoritaKent #LisaCongdon #exhibit #exhibition #art #museum #PopArt #ProtestArt #socialJustice #inclusion #StMarys #BayArea

A photo of one of the rooms filled with Lisa Congdon's work. The walls are painted white with bold geometric shapes in cobalt blue and salmon pink. In the center of the room, there is an arranged pile of cube shaped cardboard boxes, covered with prints of her work. The walls are covered with white framed, graphic art, featuring bold colors and shapes or hand-lettered phrases, such as RADICAL LOVE and RESIST MUCH OBEY LITTLE.
A photo of a pair of Corita Kent's serigraphs, framed in white. One has a background in florescent pink, the other orange, and the text printed in black flows across both pieces. In wood type print, it reads, THE MOMENT IN WHICH LIGHT COMES IS GOD, while scrawled in caps below, it reads, ONLY YOU AND I CAN HELP THE SUN RISE EACH MORNING. IF WE DON'T IT MAY DRENCH ITSELF OUT IN SORROW. —Camus
1 week ago

Beautiful protocol and ceremony. I get chicken skin when I think about her.
What an amazing story she has, and a key roll she plays in the Hawaiian "Renaissance" and resistance, starting in the 1970s. This canoe is practically sacred.
#hokulea #hawaii #BayArea #aloha

Aboard the Hokulea, looking toward the island Oahu in the distance. Ocean, blue sky, white clouds and mountains in the distance.
Memorial plaque to Eddie Aikau, a Hawaiian hero. 
There is a famous surfing tournament bearing his name.
Ropes and rigging aboard the hokulea. Teal waters of Waimanalo between the canoe and the beach.
Ti leaf and lei adorn part of the hokulea as offerings and prayers of protection in the crew's journey. Teal Waimanalo Bay with the beach and ironwoods in the distance.
Terra Field
1 week ago

I am having trouble finding any appointments for COVID vaccine boosters in the Bay Area. Anyone else had any luck? #SanFrancisco #SFBayArea #BayArea #COVID #booster #covidbooster

Jeff Grafton
1 week ago

attention #bayarea #railfans of #Caltrain :

Starting September 25, 2023, Caltrain will begin electric train testing on weeknights between San Jose and Mountain View. Testing is expected to continue until Summer 2024. Each trainset must be tested for 1,000 miles before being placed into service, which is planned for September 2024.

Flipboard Art & Photo Desk
1 week ago

It’s a better-late-than-never #FollowFriday. Have a good one! <3

@birdsinmuseums - automated account posting pictures of birds in museums

@BobHorowitz - #BayArea #photography + perspectives

@geoffrey_taiwan - #streetphotography from in and around #tainan

@Headroom_Berlin - self-described “multimedia nerd”

@panchromaholic - #believeinfilm purveyor of #blackandwhitephotography

#ff #mastoart

Barry Stock
1 week ago

I reconnected a piece of gear I haven’t touched in about three years, and although it’s a little titchy, I like it with the Breezysound. #guitar #bayarea #oakland #musician #blues

A man playing a blond telecaster copy and wearing a shirt from the band MSSV.
Cecilia Mjausson Huster
1 week ago

#Peninsula hwy 101 closures in September and October.

September 29 through October 2: Southbound lanes between Britton and Whipple in #RedwoodCity

October 13 through 16: Northbound lanes between Whipple and Holly in Redwood City.

The closures will enable Caltrans to replace the Cordilleras Creek Bridge.

Deets on the #Caltrans site: #SiliconValley #BayArea

Rick Berk
1 week ago

This seems an appropriate image as we are down to just two days left of summer. "Sunset at Water's Edge", Rodeo Beach, California.

#mastoart #buyintoart #photography #landscape #sunset #art #ayearforart #artist #california #bayarea #beach #homedecor #officedecor

Johannes Ernst
2 weeks ago

Bay Area peeps, #crowdsourcing request.

Since the smoke came in a couple days ago, I’ve been feeling more tired, somewhat not quite healthy, less able to focus. Family says the same. So: is it the smoke or something else?

If you are in the #bayarea: same for you, or no difference? (Don’t count the annoyance, the #smoke and bad #airquality sure is.)

I’d love to get a bunch of responses, so please reshare if you can. If other observations, please comment.

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

Lots more smoke from wildfires to the north of the San Francisco Bay Area today. Here's a telephoto shot that makes it look like we live amidst more wilderness than is actually the case.
#wildfire #California #smoke #BayArea #Photography

A view of gradually more distant trees and ridges, increasingly obscured by wildfire smoke
Cecilia Mjausson Huster
2 weeks ago

#fireSeason Red Flag warnings for parts of #Sonoma and #NapaCounty tonight and tomorrow. #BayArea #BayAreaWeather

Follow @sarahstierch for the deets.

2 weeks ago

People in the #BayArea complaining about #smoke today.


Just go out in it and breathe deeply — you’ll get #NaturalImmunity quickly enough.

If you're over 65 or weak of body or mind, then perhaps maybe you could #WearAMask. Otherwise just grow a pair(*) and suck it up.


(*) Of extra lungs, obviously.

Doctor Popular
2 weeks ago

I really dig Mark Brown's linocut series of iconic #SanFrancisco bars. Li Po Lounge, Benders, Zeitgeist, Kilowatt, Dovre Club, Cafe Du Nord, the 500 Club, and more all available on his Etsy page. #linocut #linoprint #BayArea

5 linocut prints from Mark Brown's series. Each is on a vanilla paper with black ink. The bars featured here are Kilowatt, Dovre Club, Mission Bar, Toronado, and Cafe Du Nord.
I Like Books
2 weeks ago

"A strange creature was spotted in a trail cam scampering across the Matadero Creek near Palo Alto south of San Francisco.

Biologists were scratching their heads as they reviewed the footage. It was clearly a mammal, but there are only a certain number of mammals in the area.

“Finally, it hit me in the head,” Bill Leikam, president and co-founder of the Urban Wildlife Research Project, told SFGate. “Could that be a baby beaver?”

In the 21st century, the Bay Area has witnessed a number of mammalian returns and the Urban Wildlife Research Project has typically specialized in documenting the return of the gray fox, but breeding beavers haven’t been recorded in the Palo Alto area in 160 years."

#GoodNews #Rewilding #Beavers #BayArea #California

Michael Busch
2 weeks ago

Check your masks, run the air filters, and good luck; #BayArea.

QT NWS Bay Area @NWSBayArea
2023 September 19

Smokey air from Northwest California fires may linger near the surface across the Bay Area for the next few days. #CAwx

(And I recall the good work done by Mask Oakland and other local groups distributing N95s-and-equivalents.)

John-Mark Gurney
2 weeks ago

Mask up if you go outside in the #BayArea . It's really smoky and AQI is bad, especially in #SF.

John Linton Roberson
2 weeks ago

I don't usually do plugs, but there's a small and really good #remodeling company in the #BayArea of #CA that could really use your business. If you're looking to do work on your house, please contact S & I Construction at 800-434-1545 #home #construction

It's Going Down
2 weeks ago

Landlords in #Berkeley held a "celebration" of pandemic era eviction restrictions coming to an end.

Members of a local tenant union crashed the party and violent clashes broke out. Check out the report from TANC here.

#Oakland #RentStrike #TenantPower #TenantUnion #SanFrancisco #BayArea

Frozen Canuck
2 weeks ago

Ah, so it was indeed an earthquake I felt yesterday evening #BayArea

Marc Hedlund
2 weeks ago

If you live on one side of the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge, and go to school or work on the other, there’s an ebike incentive ($500-$1,000) for that: #EBikes #Richmond #SanRafael #BayArea

A #review of the #book #PaloAlto by Malcom Harris on the shady #history of #SiliconValley:

“A New History Unveils The Exploitative Origins Of The Tech Giants”, The Washington Post ( or

#America #California #BayArea #Stanford

Frozen Canuck
2 weeks ago

Earthquake? #BayArea

Frozen Canuck
2 weeks ago

Upgraded Stanford Linear Accelerator requires coldest temperatures in universe to function

Very cool — literally! 😆

#Science #Physics #Stanford #BayArea

It's Going Down
2 weeks ago

"A protest against the Berkeley Property Owners Association’s celebration of the end of the city’s pandemic eviction moratorium on Tuesday night ended in fistfights and shoving matches, according to witnesses.

Nearly 100 protesters from the Berkeley Tenants Union and the Tenants and Neighborhood Councils assembled outside of the ironically named Freehouse Pub around 5 p.m. where around 40 landlords were gathering to fête the end of a policy that banned them from evicting tenants who couldn’t pay rent. As landlords entered the mixer, picketers chanted “See our might, see our power, landlords get no happy hour” and displayed signs reading “No peace for evictors.”'

#BayArea #Berkeley #Oakland #SF #SanFrancisco #California #HousingCrisis #RentStrike #TenantUnion

Google Visitor Experience: Corporate office is building a welcome for tourists and visitors
#mountainview #bayarea #tourism #google #+

Frozen Canuck
3 weeks ago

I remember late last year seeing the “$300k” MillionaireMatch billboard while driving northbound on 101 into SF. Did anyone actually use that online dating service? Guess not considering the billboard didn’t stay up for that long.


Marc Hedlund
3 weeks ago

“Yesterday BART had its highest ridership day since the start of the pandemic! 🎉🚄 There were 192,081 rides on BART yesterday”

This is great. I think BART managed the frequency/train length/sign change rollouts really effectively.

#BART #BayArea #PublicTransit

Nick DeWolf Photo Archive
3 weeks ago

marin county, california

muir woods

© the Nick DeWolf Foundation
Image-use requests are welcome via nickdewolfphotoarchive [at] gmail [dot] com

#photography #film #blackandwhite #sanfrancisco #california #marin #marincounty #marinwoods #trees #light #sunlight #shadows #bayarea #1950s

Stephen Shankland
3 weeks ago

Frumpy American white pelican, Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto, California.
#bird #birding #NaturePhotography #SanFranciscoBay #BayArea

An American white pelican with preening-ruffled feathers stands on a log in a mudflat and looks back over its shoulder
Adrianna Tan
3 weeks ago

Whimbrels as seen at the Elsie Roemer bird sanctuary in Alameda this morning

#Birds #Birding #Birder #BirdPhotography #Alameda #BayArea #Whimbrels #California #WestCoast #BirdsOfMastodon

(Nikon D810, 200-500mm lens)

a color photo of 3 whimbrel birds
Doug Parker 🕸️
3 weeks ago

Are there any good #web conferences / meetups with an #RFP open in the #BayArea or virtual?

There are a few projects I've been working on which I'd love to give talks about and share with the community (not Angular related). Could be talking about any/all of:

1. #HydroActive - A different take on hydration in an HTML-first world.
2. #rules_prerender - A #Bazel ruleset serving as a fast and scalable #StaticSiteGenerator.
3. #HTMLFragments - A no-tooling, web standard-based approach to HTML over the wire.

Greatly appreciate boosts for reach!

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 weeks ago

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is hiring. #BayArea

Store Manager
The Retail Store Manager is responsible for all aspects of store operations, merchandising, sales, donation acceptance, strategy and management of paid and volunteer staff, customer experience and promotion and financial performance. This is a full-time position, with both weekday and week-end hours required. 

Ideal candidate will have three years retail management, experience in a second-hand store, and a proven ability to manage and supervise staff of five or more and develop a collaborative team; a passion for customer service and serving a diverse community; excellent communication skills; and an understanding of social media marketing tools.

Pay: $24-$28/hour
Benefits include: Paid vacation, 8 paid holidays, sick leave, employee discount, contribution toward health insurance.
Creative Retail Associate (Part-time, 3-4 days/week)
The Depot is seeking a friendly, energetic, dependable and attentive Retail Associate for our second-hand store. Responsibilities will include ringing up items at the register, cleaning the store, organizing, accepting and sorting donated materials, restocking and pricing products. 

Pay: $20 per hour
Benefits: 50% off discount in the store, paid time off if working half time or more, partial health insurance if working half time or more
Marc Hedlund
4 weeks ago

The Bay Area has a lot of #Telraam devices deployed, now. I count about 40. Love to see it. #RoadSafety #BikeTooter #BayArea #SanFrancisco #Berkeley

A map of the Bay Area, showing a large number of Telraam devices counting traffic data.
1 month ago

remember those headlines like "mystery company buys 800 acres of northern california!"

well the buyers finally put up a website and y' has AI-generated art!!! they couldn't even pay an artist.

also, how about this creepy url?

how can i tell that the art is AI? look at the details:

pic 1: person in upper left. which way is he facing? where's his right arm? is his left arm facing backwards? also, look at the lines on the "solar panels". some are narrow, some are wide, it makes no sense.

pic 2: look at the details of the people's bodies and faces. if you're having trouble figuring out their body parts, that's because they were generated by AI & AI doesn't actually know the details.

pic 3: seems ok, until you look in the background and realize the train is coming out of a "tunnel" in a building. probably not what they had in mind.

pic 4: what *exactly* are those workers building? i couldn't figure it out. AI is good at giving the impression of people working on something, but if you look at what those people are actually doing, it often doesn't make sense. also, i love the yellow "ladder" on the left.

#AI #AIart #ML #Solano #SolanoCounty #SF #BayArea

bad AI art from
bad AI art from
acceptable AI art from
more AI-generated artwork from
Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

I have a plan to run to my favorite boba shop tomorrow. Problem is, it’s 14 miles away (Wan Po in Millbrae, nothing in the city comes close to it for quality)

#Food #BayAreaEats #BAE #BayArea

Philly ABC
1 month ago

September 17, 2-5pm
Richmond Bridge to San Quentin Prison


Upper right corner has image of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin staring from behind barbed wire. Overlaying Jamil is text that reads “Running Down The Walls.” Center is picture of shirtless person sprinting. To the right of runner is picture of Richmond Bridge to San Quentin Prison. Image above that shows hands in handcuffs with text that reads “reparations.” Under runner is road pavement. Logos at bottom include National Black Liberation Movement, Spirit of Mandela, Got Reparations,, Anarchist Black Cross Federation, Love Not Phear Mumia campaign, and N’Cobra. Text on graphic reads “Sunday, September 17, 2023. 2:00pm - 5:00pm. Richmond Bridge to San Quentin Prison.” Smaller text on flyer gives details on Covid protocol and info about registering as a sponsor or participant.

Oregon's biggest export right now seems to be wildfire🔥 smoke. #BayArea #CAwx #weather

1 month ago

Anyone else going to #MakerFaire #BayArea this year too?

My family has loved going in past years at the San Mateo Fairgrounds and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the event has evolved into for this next incarnation on #MareIsland!

* NOTE: Discounted early-bird tickets are only available until tomorrow (Aug 31st), so get in now if you're planning to attend!

"Dirty air, dangerous fire conditions bring Bay Area reminders of how August weather can be" by @mercnews / @3rdERH - "Red flag" fire🔥 weather & smokey air is the first day in 2023 like what much of 2020, 2021 & 2022 were. #BayArea #CAwx #weather

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
1 month ago

@sarahstierch Red flag warning for hilly parts of #NapaCounty and #SonomaCounty starts tonight at 11 pm and ends at 8 pm on Wednesday.

See @sarahstierch post above for more detail and a map.

#napa #Sonoma #cawx #caFire #BayArea

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
1 month ago

Bay Area weather forecast: Increasingly hot and windy until Wednesday, but not fire weather yet.

Rapid cooldown Thursday-Friday. Slight chance of showers on the weekend. #BayArea #BayAreaWeather #caFire #cawx

Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

But it works! I'm just starting to try focus bracketing and focus stacking to conquer shallow depth of field in macro shots. Here are 25 frames —> 1 spider. Anybody know what this orb weaver is? iNaturalist entry:
#Spider #NaturePhotography #BayArea

James Brown
1 month ago

Here’s some Saturday #BloomScrolling for y’all

#FujiFilm #Photography #BayArea

Marc Hedlund
1 month ago

I’m sure there’s a reason (there’s always a reason), but it continues to boggle my mind that I get perfect cell service in the #BART transbay tube—3.6 miles long, under the San Francisco Bay—and no service at all in the 0.8 mile, surface-level Duboce Park/Cole Valley SF #Muni tunnel (or any other Muni tunnel). It’s been that way for 15 years or so! #BayArea #Transit

Rick Berk
1 month ago

“Sunset at Water’s Edge” - the last time I was in the Bay Area several years ago, I set out to find a spot to photograph sunset. This spot at Rodeo Beach was perfect.
#mastoart #mastodonart #BuyIntoArt #photography #landscape #seascape #sunset #california #bayarea #walldecor

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
1 month ago

“It was just supposed to be a fun thing, and now all six of us are on antibiotics,” a participant in last weekend's Sonoma County Tough Mudder race says.

Sonoma County Department of Health Services has issued a health advisory for all racers. Many have tested positive for staph infections or Aeromonas, a serious bacterial infection. #ToughMudder #Sonoma #BayArea /via @kswenger

Flannery Associates: Investor syndicate wants to build a new town between Fairfield and Rio Vista
#realestate #investment #california #techbros #bayarea #finance #+

Todd Nelson
1 month ago

@GottaLaff I'm in California, too #BayArea, and we talk about moving to Canada (my wife is Canadian - sort of) so I appreciate your situation.

Donald Ham
1 month ago

Maximum cats. This is the instruction photo for a friend caring for the cats at our home in #FortLauderdale in 2013, the spring before we moved to California. Some were feral, but most made the amazing journey to the #BayArea with us 10 years ago this coming week.

That story (and what happened to all the kitties) to be told in the next few days. #Caturday #cats #CatsOfMastodon

Colorful #ikea kids' cereal bowls repurposed for 12 cats. They are on a counter in three rows, each bowl with some wet food. Labels on the photo tell the name of each cat from left to right. Baby Kitty (BK), Rufty Tufty, Emmy, Amelia, Brushytail, Bucket, Marty, Dipstick, Victoria, Stripey, Celeste, and Max.

Text at the top of the photo reads "2 and one half cans in the afternoon /  evening. Celeste gets about half a can on the morning, she can't eat dry."
Adrianna Tan
2 months ago
A screenshot of a list of Reddit recommendations for Indian food in the east bay of Bay Area California
Frozen Canuck
2 months ago

Electrek: The world’s largest battery storage system just got even larger

“Vistra today announced that it completed Moss Landing’s Phase III 350-megawatt/1,400-megawatt-hour expansion, bringing the battery storage system’s total capacity to 750 MW/3,000 MWh, the largest of its kind in the world.”

Awesome! 😎

#California #BayArea #BatteryStorage #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming