Ellie Kennard
3 weeks ago

Long Beach Sunset
There is little enough peace in the world, so we appreciate the calm moments that we’re so fortunate to experience here. I’m very happy to share this one with you all. Our beach walks in Nova Scotia always seem to ground us and remind us of the beautiful natural elements that are always there, despite […] …
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A golden sunset scene of a stony beach. The waves are low as they wash onto the shore. The distant hills are a little misty. There is a lone figure in the distance , standing on a spit of stony shore reaching into the water. The clouds are broken, and between them is a pale blue sky at the top of the image, but a golden horizon gives the scene a warm glow.
Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
3 weeks ago

Drawing of earth movers casting very long early evening shadows on Grand Manan island in the Bay of Fundy; abandoned work in progress from photos I took in 2017. #mastoArt #drawing #BayOfFundy #NewBrunswick

Pencil sketch of construction equipment
Pencil sketch of construction equipment; 2-page spread
Pencil sketch of construction equipment; initial light sketch with a 2H pencil
1 month ago

Gordon's house was on a hill overlooking this little park, behind us, & he would come down when he saw people arrive at the park. This is a tidal river, affected by the mighty Bay of Fundy. The water comes in so fast that incoming water comes in as a wave (bore), and the river fills quickly. Gordon used to make & post the bore schedule.

He loved meeting people. He was in his late 80s here, & died a few yrs after this. Such a lovely man.

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An old man is standing under an eave over a couple of picnic tables next to an empty river.  In the foreground are wild grasses, wildflowers.  The river is red mud.  At the top of the steep bank on the other side is a grassy field and beyond that a forest.
1 month ago

The stoney part of this beach is really steep. When the tide is in, my head would probably be underwater where I am standing. This area is rich in Mi'kmaq mythology. Here, Glooscap and Beaver had issues that resulted in the islands.

#FiveIslands #NovaScotia #BayOfFundy

Five islands are seen offshore, the leftmost one the largest one by far. The tide is well on the way out. In the foreground, the beach is stoney, but it gives way to red sand, which is still wet from the outgoing tide. It's a bright sunny day, blue sky, lots of white clouds.
Ellie Kennard
1 month ago

Kingsport Beach Sunset

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone. Why can't everything be this peaceful? I wish.

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A sandy and muddy shoreline starts lower left of the frame and curves around towards upper right then towards the middle again. The mud bottom left of the frame is shiny and wet, while the surface of the water is only slightly rippling, barely discernible. There are a few older houses in the distance, up on a higher level, middle right of the fram. The sky above the distant shoreline, across the bay has a streak of sunset, below dark clouds that are broken by some very bright light patches near the top of the photo.

Baxter's Harbour, Nova Scotia

For #SilentSunday

The boat will be high and dry when the tide goes out fully. Wish it were mine.
Have a lovely Sunday, my friends.

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A scene of a shore with rocky cliffs and evergreens and bushes etc on the top. There are some rocks sticking up from the surface of the water, one fairly high with steep sides and skinny evergreens growing from the top of it. In the foreground is a red small motorboat, with the motor resting up on the stern. It is in the middle of the water. The sky is a flat grey with darker lower areas.

Goodnight, dear friends.

I hope you all have a peaceful evening. This sunset photograph was taken from the shore, near Huntingdon's Point, I think, looking over the #BayOfFundy past Isle Haute - a misnomer, as it is a flat island, ( not high at all, and towards the New Brunswick coast. @harold
Looking also to you friends, far out west who still have the sunset to come, I hope yours is lovely.

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A shore in the foreground with some evergreen trees is in silhouette as the red setting sun on the horizon is lighting up the water and the sky above. In the distance, over the smooth water is a low island and very distant shoreline.

Wandering along small country roads and past farmyards in the area leads us to really lovely vistas.

Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy coastline near Grand Pré, on the Dykes, Nova Scotia

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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I posted this on the old instance, so don't want to lose it.

A rocky shoreline with patches of light snow between the rocks stretches across ahead of us from the bottom left of the frame to the middle, 3/4 of the way along to the right.
The distance shows a low hill against a cloudy sky. There is grey brown water to the right of the shoreline.
2 months ago

This is an amazing beach during shorebird end-of-summer migration. As the tide comes in, birds fattening up on the mud flats get pushed up to the shore, concentrating their numbers. There can be hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands depending on your timing and they are quite the thing to see in flight.

What caught my attention here were the flags. Canada/Acadia/Nova Scotia. But the 4th? Mi'kmaq Grand Council flag!

#RedSandBeach #BayOfFundy #NovaScotia

A red sand beach at low tide with water seen in the distance.  In the foreground is green sea grass and a pole with 4 flags.

Full Moon, Nova Scotia

This view is over the Minas Basin which is part of the Bay of Fundy water. We have rich red sandy cliffs and beaches and the lowest (or highest, depending) tides in the world here. Although this was taken years ago, we do have a full supermoon tonight.

For your #Friday enjoyment, Fedi Friends. Have a great day.

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A landscape with heavy blue cloulds over a pink sky with a line of land in the distance at about the quarter line. Just underneath is a shining thin strip of water and then in the foreground is a red sand beach with pools of water.
There is a full moon hanging in the pink part of the sky on the blue horizon above the land.
Steven Kennard
2 months ago

Houston's Beach, #NovaScotia
Known to us as 'Strawberry Beach'.
One day in October 2012,there were strawberries as far as the eye could see on this beach on the #BayofFundy. No kidding. Where did they come from? There must have been a line of 1/2 km 18″ wide, of strawberries on the waterline. And that’s just the #beach that we could see.
For another image and original post:
#HoustonsBeach #LandscapePhotography #Landscape #StevenkPosts #VisitNovaScotia

A long red sand strip of beach bends to the left in front of us, narrowing as it goes. There is a line of strawberries stretching along the right side of the beach as far as we can see, following the shape of the spit of land. The sky is interesting with white strips of cloud appearing to stream towards us, through a blue sky.
Sandy McClearn
2 months ago

Fishing net frame at low tide on the Bay of Fundy at Partridge Island near Parrsboro. #blackandwhitephotography #bayoffundy #landscapephotography #visitnovascotia

Vertical poles stayed by diagonal cables standing in a line on a rocky beach at low tide with a headland and fog in the background.
Sandy McClearn
2 months ago

Driftwood on the Bay of Fundy at Partridge Island near Parrsboro, NS. #landscapephotography #bayoffundy #visitnovascotia

Driftwood amongst beach grass and yellow flowers with water, fog, and a headland in the background.
Conspiracy of Cartographers
2 months ago
The Petrofuture Canadian Maritime Provinces 

66m sea level rise on a 1956 Shell Oil base map
2 months ago

Effects of #Lee in #Maine, I'm sure we will hear more from #NewBrunswick and #NovaScotia soon, besides the power outages I've seen.
#mewx #maritimes #tropicalStormLee #BayOfFundy

MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
3 months ago

Looks like this thing is heading straight up the Bay of Fundy which already has the highest tides in the world (50 ft) without anything hincky going on. 🌊

#HurricaneLee #Storm #novascotia #BayOfFundy

3 months ago

Predicting serious storm surge, funneling up the #BayOfFundy with potential serious impacts on the Chignecto Isthmus , a series of dikes under 8 meters high, protecting a vital link to the rest of Canada .


LIVE MAP and impact areas

Environment Canada has issued alerts for some areas already, reminding folks conditions will begin Saturday morning, with high wind gusts, storm surge and rainfall warning #NSStorm #NBStorm #WX

Screen capture of the live map of hurricane path , expected to impact Nova Scotia by Saturday
The Eyewall
3 months ago

Hurricane #Lee's forecast has not changed much at all today, still on track to bring widespread strong wind and rain to New England & Atlantic Canada. We have more specifics on the surge forecast for Canada in this evening's update.

#hurricanelee #mawx #massachusetts #nhwx #mewx #maine #nbstorm #nsstorm #novascotia #newbrunswick #pei #bayoffundy #weather #storm

A graphic highlighting that the worst impacts from Lee may be on the Fundy coast of New Brunswick on the Isthmus of Chignecto, as well as along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. Moderate impacts are likely elsewhere around the Bay of Fundy and in northeast Nova Scotia on the Atlantic. The north/northwest side of Nova Scotia, Gulf of St. Lawrence, and PEI will likely see minor to moderate impacts.
The Eyewall
3 months ago

Our Thursday AM update on #Lee includes details on impacts for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, as well as more info on impacts in southern New England. Lee remains a significant surge threat for the Bay of Fundy and elsewhere.


#hurricanelee #mawx #massachusetts #nhwx #mewx #maine #nbstorm #nsstorm #novascotia #newbrunswick #pei #bayoffundy #weather #storm

A forecast for significant wave heights showing the worst aimed at Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy, and perhaps Maine. This is where the most significant storm surge is expected on Saturday from Lee.
3 months ago

#BayOfFundy #NovaScotia #Ocean #Camping

Have you ever walked on the ocean floor? #TimeLapse shows the rising tide, highest in the world, with notes on the video.

#WAYCTV Many wondered exist in Nova Scotia, this is one of the nicest areas to visit, you should pin it on your map?

Five Islands is a rural community in Colchester County Nova Scotia with a population of 316 located on the north shore of Minas Basin,-64.1316528,57524m/data=!3m1!1e3

Sand-rock ocean floor, increasingly filled by incoming tide. Each change has new text over, explaining the Bay Of Fundy, World's Highest tides. - Briefly
Tidal range - 13 m  (43 ft); Worldwide tides are only 1 m (3.3 ft) 
Some are higher due to moon, sun, and atmospheric conditions
Due to resonance and shape of the bay it produces the world's highest tides by a rocking process known as seiche
NOTES added, twice a day it does this, heating the sand and then the incoming water, and you can walk on the ocean floor between tides

Kingsport Beach

The end of summer is coming faster than I want. In fact we haven't really had much of a summer at all. I think I overslept that morning! However, no doubt there are still children playing at the water's edge in #Kingsport, #NovaScotia as in this dreamy scene.

Have a lovely week, FediFriends.

For #Monday #VisitNovaScotia #EllieKPosts #beach #BeachLife #children #Summer #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #BayOfFundy #AnnapolisValley #MinasBasin #MIstyMonday

A scene of 7 adults and children in the distance spread out along the edge of a beach. There is a yellow green grassy foreground, with the grey-blue water blending into the misty grey blue cloudy sky.

The other night we cycled to Kingsport on the #MinasBasin off the Bay of Fundy. It was a lovely evening and not a long ride,but the traffic on the road we took home (and some of the way there) had more traffic than we are comfortable with.The beach was quiet and the sunset was lovely, turning to deep red streaks as we made our way home.
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A pale sunset sky of pink and white clouds fans out over a stretch of water at very low tide, with a grassy shore on the right side. There are trees and a house in the distance, to the right of the photo. Directly in front are white wildflowers and rocks.
4 months ago
An overcast shot of a distant lighthouse. Coastline with rocks and seaweed is visible in the foreground.  The rocks look wet, so the tide is on its way out. The water is relatively still, with colourful buoys randomly floating throughout the scene. The far shore is rock-lined, with cliffs covered with fir trees, the cliffs being highest at the right of the image, tapering to a point of rock.  Sitting on the point is a tall white lighthouse. The clouds are blues and greys, but sun has broken out enough to transform the water into silvers and greys.
4 months ago

it's rare to see a single orca with a group of another species such as dolphins.

"It's not as much the interaction with dolphins than the fact that he's alone is interesting."

"Why this one is more related to a group of dolphins and why he doesn't go back to his family or his group is an impossible question to answer, but what it does show is the adaptability." #orca #dolphin #newbrunswick #novascotia #bayoffundy

4 months ago

#BayOfFundy #FiveIslands #Ocean

I just happened to create a little #Travel adventure here to show you how I travel and describe things afterwards so you and others can plan decent adventures in Nova Scotia, without touristy pushed crowded destinations There's #Beaches everywhere.

#NovaScotia #WAYCTV #Camping
Nearby, the Provincial Park is booked years in advance. But, other RV parks are nearby. We walked the ocean floor

My wife and I walking on the ocean floor. Bay of Fundy (Highest Tides in the World) Rise above all this twice daily, and when it drains, you can walk across the bottom of the ocean floor. We're just walking, no talking, some wind as we see what looks like sand dunes running off in the distance between islands
Sandy McClearn
4 months ago

High and dry fishing boats at low tide in Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia. #fishingboatphotography #bayoffundy #tidephotography #blackandwhitephotography #monochromemonday #lowtide #highanddry

Fishing boat sitting on harbour bottom alongside wharf at low tide.
Fishing boat sitting on harbour bottom alongside wharf at low tide.
Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
4 months ago

Watercolour sketch of homes near the beach in Waterside, New Brunswick, on the Bay of Fundy. From 2016. #art #sketch #painting #ink #watercolour #watercolor #BayOfFundy #NewBrunswick #Canada

photo of a page in a Stillman & Birn Alpha hardcover sketchbook showing a watercolour sketch of two wood-frame houses; one square, with a 4-sided roof, the other with a pitched roof. Both have later additions attached. Telephone poles with power and phone lines run along the street in the foreground while coniferous trees mark the horizon. A blue, overcast sky makes for soft shadows. A round da vinci sable travel brush and a synthetic fibre Escoda round travel brush sit above the sketchbook.
7 months ago
I am not good at describing sunsets so apologies.

The bay of fundy, quite calm over a black rocky shore with a red band at the horizon changing to yellow as it goes up from the centre. It doesn't go very far because the sky is all quite low rainclouds so the sun really just has a small gap.
Steven Kennard
7 months ago

Kingsport Beach in Winter
This was taken some years ago, on one of those special evenings when it was worth freezing your hands (and everything else) off to get the photo. The tide was fairly high and filled the beach with blocks of ice. The sunset tinted everything pink.
Hashtag list starts
#MoodyMonday #beach #Snow #BayOfFundy #landscape #LandscapePhotography #sunset #NovaScotia #VisitNovaScotia #Kingsport #Winter #StevenKPosts

A snow and ice covered beach with a pink sunset glow in the sky.

Went for a walk at low tide yesterday at Burntcoat Head in #NovaScotia where they have the highest #tides in the world (16m/53').

#Ocean #BayOfFundy #Canada

Looking along a tidal flat. Red sandstone cliff face on the right with spruce trees on top.
Looking across a tidal flat. In the far distance are red sandstone cliff faces.
Island that is only an island at high tide.

Delhaven, Nova Scotia, January
That day was brisk but bright with temperatures of -12° C (10.4° F) so we took a drive to Medford, on the way to Blomidon, not far from us.
The sky was interesting with the different layers of clouds and I liked the look of the fishing boats beside the dock. The ground was very slippery underfoot, so walking was treacherous.
#HappyTuesday all!
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#EllieKPosts #NovaScotia #VisitNovaScotia #boats #harbour #BayOfFundy #Landscape #LandscapePhotography

A scene with boats tied to a dock in the winter. The tide is low and there is a bay with a low cliff ahead.
7 months ago

Sittin' on the dock of the bay... wastin' time..

I'm shutting down my PC, you can stay up a bit longer, last one out, get the lights? Goodnight

Highest tides in the world. Pretty fast but I have better videos for showing the sudden refilling of the bay. We walked out there on low tide.
#GoodNight #BayOfFundy #Tides #NovaScotia #BoaNoite #Video #AltText

A long sand bar is surrounded by ocean and being covered quickly by the fast rising tides. In a few minutes (if bigger video could be shared) this will be underwater.  Video shows the ocean filling back in and along the beach further down
7 months ago

If you get right up on the hill, like I do, you can see all the way to #Blomidon and Avonport.
That's a beautiful area.. add that to your list of #MustSee places in #NovaScotia.

So, when can we expect you? #WAYCTV

And remember those WORLD'S HIGHEST TIDES?
Same area Blomidon Provincial Park
#BayOfFundy & #AnnapolisValley

#Travel #Map #Beach #Sand #Tides #AltText,-64.3333827,25213m/data=!3m1!1e3

Hey, @jeanettepizzurro

A blurred out background fading into the distance with focus on tall yellow flowers with a buttercup look to the petals. Captioned, "I love the smell of Nova Scotia in the morning"
8 months ago

I see there's a #WaterfallWednesday to post #NovaScotia #Waterfall #Photos (and I suppose other places too!) but I am posting mine on #SlothSaturday because I will forget otherwise.

#Beach #BayOfFundy #ClimateChange #CoatalErrosion

A cliff edge from a rocky beach with a waterfall going over a granite ledge. The tree lined basalt cliffs behind have some gaps where the trees have fallen down and the cliffs and the soil are eroding visibly.

For today's #WaterfallWednesday this is a little fall not far from us, on the coast of the Bay of Fundy. Depending on the tide (we have the highest and also the lowest tides in the world) the water can be lovely and deep as here, or a much smaller pool at the bottom of these cliffs.
Have a lovely Wednesday, friends!
///fellows.subliminal.trench What3Words
#EllieKPosts #BaxtersHarbour #BayOfFundy #NovaScotia #VisitNovaScotia #Waterfall #shore #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #LongExposure #LE

A pool of water in front of us leads our eye to a smooth white waterfall falling from a gap in the cliffside. There are rough rocks on either side and trees and some greenery on the banks above. the water in the pool. The right of the waterfall has the distinctive red colour of the cliffs in the Minas Basin while the other rocks are grey and brown as you might expect to see.

Supermoon over the Minas Basin at Low Tide:
With the full moon tonight, this seems to be a good photograph to post.This was taken years ago as part of a GooglePlus project.
The Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy gets the world's lowest tides and we see constant changes in the floor of the basin.
Also see Steven's similar:
#MinasBasin #VisitNovaScotia #FullMoon #Moon #Night #BlueHour #landscape #AnnapolisValley #LandscapePhotography #NovaScotia #BayOfFundy

A full moon is about at the half line on the photograph, reflecting in what can be seen of the water at low tide. There are lines of heavy dark clouds above the moon, but a band of pale pink sky just below them. The floor of the basin is reddish sandy mud and there is a rock formation exposed a little further out. There is a reddish cliff to the right witn thin green vegetation on the top.
Sandy McClearn
8 months ago

The sandstone of Nova Scotia’s Five Islands Provincial Park on the shore of the Bay of Fundy. #landscapephotography #macrophotography #rock #geologyphotography #geology #sandstone #novascotia #bayoffundy

View along shoreline with sandstone cliffs on the left and beach and water on the right.
Macro view of sandstone.
Macro view of sandstone.
8 months ago

Since I had to look up #MeerMittwoch - Have a view from my front driveway.

#Sea #BayOfFundy #Letterpress

A view of a road from a front lawn with the sea behind it, an island in the far distance. There is a red and white letterpress printer on the lawn, and a wooden telegraph pole on the other side of the road.

The grass is somewhat gray, it's still winter and only 1'c.
Ellie Kennard 🌱
8 months ago

Kingsport Beach and Bi-Plane
Longing for summer beach days like this one.This was taken in 2014, on one of our beach walks.We have wonderful beaches in Nova Scotia, something for everyone -some with sand or stone, pebble or rocks. This is on the Bay of Fundy near Canning.Have a lovely day,friends,dream of sunny summer days.
#NovaScotia #beach #BiPlane #plane #airplane #sand #Kingsport #EllieKPosts #AnnapolisValley #BayOfFundy #WAYCTV #BeachLife #LandscapePhotography #Landscape #holiday #Vacation

A sandy beach is in the foreground, with a couple of golden dogs and a white one playing at the water's edge. There is a person standing on the beach near the water probably taking a photo of the sky where there is a biplane flying by. Three other people stand near watching the plane. A spit of dark stone slipway for boats leads down into the water from the left of the frame, with a few people standing on it, and a few vehicles. The whole scene is slightly soft.
Steven Kennard
8 months ago

Sunset, low (very low) tide, near Kingsport, Nova Scotia

It is an amazing feeling, standing on the ocean floor (the bay, but it might as well be the ocean). Doing so at sunset is a once in a lifetime experience. The sand is mostly hard, but at times you can sink into areas, so you do have to be careful.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.
#NovaScotia #BayOfFundy #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Kingsport #sunset #GoldenHour

The bed of the Bay of Fundy is exposed, with rivulets patterning the surface as they make their way past the viewer out to the water. The sun is setting low and it and the light clouds are reflected in the water sitting on the surface of the sand, giving a golden glow. There are low cliffs with trees at the top either side of where the water drains towards us. We are standing on the floor of the bay of Fundy.
Ellie Kennard 🌱
8 months ago

Sunset Medford Nova Scotia, Leap Day, 2012 - facing East

This flat area to either side of the stream would be under water at high tide, which has left a frozen coating behind as it retreated on this February evening. There is a fishing #boat just visible at the mouth of the inlet.
Enjoy your day, Fedi-Friends.
For a graphic description read the caption.

#NovaScotia #BayOfFundy #FishingBoat #NovaScotiaLandscape#LowTide #LandscapePhotography #Landscape #AnnapolisValley #Sunset

A small stream makes its way from the foreground towards the bay that we see in the distance. The sides of this stream, which are actually under water in high tide are coated with a thin layer of ice and snow, as the high tide would cover them, leaving this frozen coating behind. to the left and right we see brush and trees on the true banks. Ahead, tiny on the bay, is a fishing boat, with a spit of low land far across the bay under the low clouds in the setting sun.
Ellie Kennard 🌱
9 months ago

Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy coastline near Grand Pré, Nova Scotia

Have a great week everyone!

#MinasBasin #NovaScotia #GrandPré #GrandPre #Coastline #BayOfFundy

A rocky shoreline stretches ahead
Ellie Kennard 🌱
9 months ago

Gull Gathering, Hall's Harbour Rooftop

Silhouetted against the mauve sky in the light of the setting sun in Hall's Harbour.
Original post on February 27, 2012:
#gull #gulls #silhouette #HallsHarbour #NovaScotia #Fundy #FundyShore #BayOfFundy #KingsCounty

A silhouette scene of a rooftop with gulls standing on top and one landing on it.
Rasta™ OLD
9 months ago

When was the last time you went to Grand Manan island?

Have you ever been? We finally just made up our mind to do that trip, check off the box.
Nice trip, ferry from NB over, and back. You should check it out?

Shaped by the Bay of Fundy, Embraced by Nature

#GrandManan #NewBrunswick #Tourism #Travel #Ferry #Island #Scenic #BayOfFundy

A passenger and car ferry to Grand Manan Island (ship named after the island) It has exhaust stacks far back, facing us with a wide bow and wider bridge windows
Debra Lynn Photography
1 year ago

These are the Hopewell Rocks, 70 ft rocks only completely uncovered at low tide on the Bay of Fundy. It's an amazing experience to be there at low tide. At high tide, the sea there is 52 ft deep. But when it recedes, people pepper the shore wandering around the glorious rocks, exploring the temporarily visible sea floor. It's a bucket list place to visit for sure.
#photography #nature #NaturePhotography #LandscapePhotography #BayOfFundy #HopewellRocks

The massive Hopewell Rocks, also called the Flowerpot Rocks, in New Brunswick, Canada, stand around seventy feet tall. They're at the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tidal range in the world (52 ft).