3 days ago

Your worth isn't what you own.
Your worth isn't your job title.
Your worth isn't how much you make.
Your worth isn't how well you fit in.

Your worth is in being you.
We love you for that.

Unless you're an asshole.
They're a dime a dozen.


#YouAreValued #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #BLM #DisabilityPride #NeuroDivergent #PSA #BeKind

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
4 days ago
Happy Thursday to you all. We are inching ever so close to the weekend. Hang in there. We got this!
💫 Simply Anxious 💜
5 days ago

People with #anxiety may not fit the stereotype of #beingShy or unable to work or socialise.
There is no "type" of person with #anxiety.

Some people with #anxiety may be able to work and socialise, but struggle with #anxiety on the inside.
#BeKind and check on friends and family, as people are not always good at #askingForHelp with their #mentalHealth.

💜 #AnxietyDisorder #AnxietyRecovery #AnxietyHealing #AnxietyTips #EmotionalHealth

Shannon Morris
5 days ago

Call Me World

I am land.
I am happy for you to live on me.
Tile and plough. Graze your cattle.
Build your homes upon me.
I will feed, nourish, even bury you.
But I do not belong to you.
I have no name, flag or anthem.
Call me World.
—Roger McGough

#wisdomdisclosed #resilience #selfcare #development #growth #coaching #hope #perserverance #naturelover #naturalbeauty #gooutside #love #lovetheoutdoors #findjoy #findthejoy #bekind #kindness

6 days ago

#Philosophy: Live your life in such a way that your exes invite you to their weddings.

#TreatOthersWell #BeKind #relationship #wedding

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
1 week ago
Good Morning all! Yesterday was a shitty day on multiple fronts. But today is a new one and I'm still breathing so let's do this thing called living, right?

Wishing you all a great day.


Be Kind.
Be Happy.
Be Feckin' Awesome.

You deserve it.


Illustration of a dude standing over a chalk drawing on the ground which reads 'make me proud'
💫 Simply Anxious 💜
1 week ago

It's okay to not feel great. Just #takeThingsSlowly and #beGentle with yourself. Remember that all feelings and thoughts are temporary. If you're not feeling great today, just #beKind to yourself.

💜 #Anxiety #AnxietyDisorder #AnxietyRecovery #AnxietyHealing #AnxietyTips #EmotionalHealth

Jon :laserkiwi:
1 week ago

Ever have that feeling on a Friday afternoon that you might just run out of energy, smiles, patience, presence and everything else before the working week ends? I was all good until about 30 minutes ago and now I'm fading fast - but I still have another hour on video before I can shut up shop. Then I remembered how lucky I am to do what I love for fair pay and have a safe place to live with people I love and love me back in a country where I am safer than many.

#friday #gratitude #bekind

Al Gorithm
1 week ago


Should I have been hurpling my flerps this whole time?? I've only just learned to hashtag and #BeKind.

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
2 weeks ago
Good Morning Fediversians.

Happy Friday's Eve. It's chilly but sunny here in #Connecticut again. We actually could use some rain. Fire alerts in effect.

Gotta go get some of my blood drawn today. Good times.

Have a kickass day and remember to #BeKind
2 weeks ago

Not going to be around here tonight, though. Need to try and get an hour or so of not multi-tasking.

I have another cold/bug thing, my 6yo girl has a stomach bug half her school is down with (it's a small school so half isn't an exaggeration!) and I've struggled to do any blog or rest properly because of being out of sorts.

I'll be here tomorrow as/when illness and #chronicpain lets me.

Cyas then, #LOTRO-ers and #FFXIV-ers.

And others.

#StaySafe #BeKind

2 weeks ago

I’ve been away far too long. I’ve was stuck on the otherside and FB. It’s so depressing there, akin to a spiteful playground. #BeKind #PositiveVibes

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
2 weeks ago
Good Morning Fediversians! Happy Hump Day!!

I have my annual physical at 10 today. Hoping all is well.

Have a kick ass day!
Not the Sugar Ray Guy
2 weeks ago
Monday Greetings to you all. It's another gorgeous day in #Connecticut even if it is a Monday.

I hope today is good to you. Maybe have some outdoor fun today if weather permits.

2 weeks ago

In spite of what extreme cruelty you’ve suffered, always be kind to those who’ve done you no wrong… and, in some instances, to those who have.
#BeKind #kindness #compassion

Rochelle W.
2 weeks ago

All those videos of middle age women losing their shit in parking lots, stores, and airplanes... I think are women going thru peri menopause and menopause. They have years of pushed down rage and pain (injustice and fear) combined now with the hormone influctuations of a teenager and it all just bursts at understandable and not understandable times. #perimenopause #menopause #WomenGoneMad #BeKind #Grace #Hormones #AdultTeenagers

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
2 weeks ago
Good Sunday to you all. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms of the Fediverse.

Have a day as good as our #Connecticut weather this morning. A+

2 weeks ago

If you know a trans person, support them. Work on using the right pronouns, and let them know you care. Regardless of politics or whatever else, please, support them.

I don't want to lose another friend because people can't be accepting. I get it may be hard to adjust, but guess what's harder? Losing that person. No one should be forced into a place where they only see one option, and end up being another statistic.

No one is trans to get attention, they tell you they're trans because being silent will only continue to hurt them.

#trans #transgender #friends #bekind

Manni_P :mastolove:
2 weeks ago

@Celsus {Kann eine Pflanze unser Gesellschafts-, Politik- und Wirtschaftssystem umwälzen, es nachhaltiger und resilienter machen? Gar einiges spricht dafür, dass im Hanf – einer der ältesten Nutzpflanzen der Erde – ungeahntes Potential steckt.} #DariaHabicher
02 February 2022
#Weedmob:#Solidarität #Cannabis:#solutions? #humankind #bekind #Coldplay #Jin #oneplanet #souls #besafe #safe #survive #be #tobe #love #biggerthanus #Hanf #Hemp #Lauterbach #Söder #Scholz #fff

Manni_P :mastolove:
2 weeks ago

@Canisius @Celsus {Kann eine Pflanze unser Gesellschafts-, Politik- und Wirtschaftssystem umwälzen, es nachhaltiger und resilienter machen? Gar einiges spricht dafür, dass im Hanf – einer der ältesten Nutzpflanzen der Erde – ungeahntes Potential steckt.} #DariaHabicher
02 February 2022
#Weedmob:#Solidarität #Cannabis:#solutions? #humankind #bekind #Coldplay #Jin #oneplanet #souls #besafe #safe #survive #tobe #love #biggerthanus #Hanf #Hemp #Lauterbach #Söder #Scholz #fff

Manni_P :mastolove:
2 weeks ago

@digitus @ntv {Kann eine Pflanze unser Gesellschafts-, Politik- und Wirtschaftssystem umwälzen, es nachhaltiger und resilienter machen? Gar einiges spricht dafür, dass im Hanf – einer der ältesten Nutzpflanzen der Erde – ungeahntes Potential steckt.} #DariaHabicher
02 February 2022
#Weedmob:#Solidarität #Cannabis:#solutions? #humankind #bekind #Coldplay #Jin #oneplanet #souls #besafe #safe #survive #be #tobe #love #biggerthanus #Hanf #Hemp #Lauterbach #Söder #Scholz #fff

Manni_P :mastolove:
2 weeks ago

@ChattyAvocado {Kann eine Pflanze unser Gesellschafts-, Politik- und Wirtschaftssystem umwälzen, es nachhaltiger und resilienter machen? Gar einiges spricht dafür, dass im Hanf – einer der ältesten Nutzpflanzen der Erde – ungeahntes Potential steckt.} #DariaHabicher
02 February 2022
#Weedmob:#Solidarität #Cannabis:#solutions? #humankind #bekind #Coldplay #Jin #oneplanet #souls #besafe #safe #survive #be #tobe #love #biggerthanus #Hanf #Hemp #Lauterbach #Söder #Scholz #fff

2 weeks ago

I should have "signed off" here too, I guess.

This week has been a *real* struggle against my health, from start to finish. It's left me feeling restless and concentrating has been torture. I *have* got stuff done - somehow.

Anyway, enjoy a shot of my #FFXIV Lunar Kamuy, appropriately, on the moon and I'll be around from Monday, once I've planned next week's main blog.

#StaySafe #BeKind

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 weeks ago

Get over yourself in a changing world. Everyone is welcome.
My version of maleness is not threatened by a "new guy"
My version of American is not afraid of the "new American"
I want to go shoot hoops with the new guy. I want to have the new American as my neighbor.
I like the sounds of an omni polar world sitting on the porch at night listening to the sounds & smells of this world. I like #ElliotPage He is just another dude trying to get through life just like all of us.
Anti trans is anti individual & it is not a way to be. #BeKind

Manni_P :mastolove:
2 weeks ago

{Kann eine Pflanze unser Gesellschafts-, Politik- und Wirtschaftssystem umwälzen, es nachhaltiger und resilienter machen? Gar einiges spricht dafür, dass im Hanf – einer der ältesten Nutzpflanzen der Erde – ungeahntes Potential steckt.} #DariaHabicher
02 February 2022

#Weedmob:#Solidarität #Cannabis:#solutions? #humankind #bekind #Coldplay #Jin #oneplanet #souls #besafe #safe #survive #be #tobe #love #biggerthanus #GMM #GMM23 #Hanf #Hemp #Lauterbach #Söder #Scholz #fff

Bildschirmfoto Internet Hanfziegel -
Hanfschäben – das eigentliche Abfallprodukt der Hanfpflanze – werden für die Produktion von Hanfziegeln verwendet - © Eurac Research BASIS Vinschgau Venosta

Daria Habicher
02 February 2022

Seit Januar 2021 arbeitet ein Forschungsteam des Center for Advanced Studies von Eurac Research gemeinsam mit anderen Partnern an einem EFRE-Projekt: „Tiny FOP MOB– ein rollendes Reallabor aus Holz und Hanf reist durch den Vinschgau“. Es sieht die Planung, den Bau und die Nutzung eines CO2-negativen, vorwiegend aus Holz und Hanf bestehenden Reallabors auf Rädern vor, und soll Menschen zum Nachdenken über Nachhaltigkeit anspornen und dafür ein konkretes Beispiel liefern. Der Prototyp soll Raum für die Entwicklung innovativer Lösungen und Ideen sowie transdisziplinärer Verbindungen zwischen Zentrum und Peripherie, Wissenschaft, Unternehmertum und Gesellschaft sowie Praxis und Theorie ...
Not the Sugar Ray Guy
2 weeks ago
Good Morning Fediversians - Happy Friday! Wishing you all a great day. May your day be as nice as our weather in #Connecticut today.

2 weeks ago

Well, once I completed making my gear upgrades, I at least got a couple of the Ninja quests done here in Kugane. After I got distracted jumping to two Sightseeing Log entries I spotted around here.

(Not the insanely difficult one, though).

But with being ill, crafting, jumping around and a little story was probably about right. Going to try and sleep some of this bug off now.

Night. o/

#StaySafe #BeKind

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
3 weeks ago
Good Morning Fediversians!

Another stellar day in #Connecticut with a red fox sighting on our morning walk. Such a handsome animal.

Have the best day possible. #BeKind
3 weeks ago

I've been progressing the StormBlood Ninja questline. Well, sort of. I've _started it_. But my gear needs sorting so I can do a few of the quests back to back.

So it's taken me 2+ hours travelling around for components and ingredients. I won't make the set tonight as it's late.

But, any excuse to be back in Kugane is good for me (and her, for that matter).

Having a pure gathering/crafting session is good wind-down.

G'night / #StaySafe / #BeKind

Hey 👋
@carolynvs, when I heard the news last week, I bought a couple of new
shirts so I can remember you every time I wear them. Make sure you will be loved and remembered for how amazing you were 💞.
#BeKind like @carolynvs!

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
3 weeks ago
Greetings and Happy Wednesday to all! It's another gorgeous day here in #Connecticut and we've had our first great walk of the day earlier this morning. Today feels like a good day for a little bit of Lunatic Soul to be playing in the background. May you have a great day. #BeKind
Autistic Book Club
3 weeks ago

Autistic Twitter seems to be a massive dumpster fire at the moment...

I can't stand drama.

It seems to have changed over the last year or so... the most vocal accs are different to what they were.

I need peace and silence and calm.


Did you know that May is #MentalHealthAwareness month? You never know what someone is dealing with, so gentle reminder to check in with the people in your life. Check in with those who: seem happy all the time, who never ask for help, who comes across as “strong”, who recently lost a loved one, who recently changed jobs, who just ended a relationship, who goes quiet often, who is always busy, who is there for everyone else 💚 And always #BeKind

ElleDawgg (She/Her)
3 weeks ago


Incoming still holding strong.

Not the Sugar Ray Guy
3 weeks ago
Good Morning Fediversians! It's another beautiful day here in #Connecticut and we've already taken advantage of it with a great early morning walk to the lake. Wishing you all an A+ Day. Have a Terrific Tuesday. #BeKind
"The Eddie Show" 😎
3 weeks ago

📷 An inconsiderate person left their cart in one of the only near-the-door open spaces.

#Fotomontag #streetphotography #photo #Photography #parking #BeKind #FediversalPictures

shot through my windshield in the strip-mall parking lot. a large shopping cart fills half the space I've pulled into. There are few other cars. in the distance, suburbia.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 weeks ago

A pandemic habit I’ll keep: It finally got warm enough to prune the geraniums I overwinter on the windowsill. I put out free cuttings for anyone to take.

#pandemic #gardening #BeKind

Prep area on my retaining wall for transplanting geraniums.
A shallow cardboard box mounted to the wrought iron fence in front of my apartment building containing geraniums. I include a how-to care tutorial that I tape to the cuttings.

This is fantastic, I really like this. Just remember be kind to everyone, no one really knows what people are going through. #bekind #helpeachother

We are not all in the same boat. We are in the same storm. Some have yachts, some have canoes, and some are drowning. Just be kind and help whoever you can.
1 month ago

Those friends who are meant to write your story with you will stay in the room when the writing process gets tough. But there's nothing wrong with turning the page if they are the ones making it difficult to write. There's nothing wrong with turning the page if they aren't helping you the way you need them to.
#Friendship #Friends #EmotionalHealth #MentalHealth #BeKind #Positivity

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

It’s starting to rain in earnest, so I went to bring my FREE PLANTS box in from the fence and found this charming note. Now accepting kisses on the forehead.


#gardening #BeKind

Rain-spattered note tucked inside my “free plants” box that reads, “Whoever gave away the free plants, you deserve a kiss on the forehead ❤️.
— Anonymous
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

It costs very little to be kind (most of the time, it’s free, but in this case, it costs about $1.90 for a stamp and greeting card).

#BeKind #Kindness #BeKindAlways #KindnessProject #RAOK #stationery #mail #nursing #nursingHome

Overhead shot of my laptop keyboard, open to a webpage asking for greeting cards for senior citizens who live in nursing homes. I’ve written a note on my own stationery and affixed a “LOVE” stamp. The address is:

Avantara of Lake Zurich
Attn: Kindness Project 
900 S. Rand Road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

A pandemic habit I’ll keep. Periodically, I set out free seeds and seedlings of various plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers for people to take.

Today’s offering: spider plants, lunaria, and apple seeds.

#gardening #COVID19 #pandemic #BeKind #PayItForward #plants #seeds #Free #yeti #coffee

Overhead shot of shallow cardboard box mounted to my front wrought iron fence containing five little cups of soil/spider plant shoots. There are also little coin-size bankers envelopes holding free seeds.
Prep area of my concrete retaining wall, upon which are placed a cardboard box, little cups of soil, the “parent plant” for the spider plant shoots, a pair of scissors and my Yeti tankard full of black coffee.
Velocipede Rider
1 month ago

I am not a video guy for the most part but sometimes @AriGreve has me do videos for @Vivaldi, either about the browser or our Mastodon service.

Watching myself for any length is a bit cringe but I actually like this short video because I really believe in these tips, even though I have fallen into these traps myself many times. Or maybe that is why I like the tips, because they are a good reminder for me! 😉

#FediTips #MastoTips #BeKind

Video of a man talking into the camera,

"Hi, my name is Ruarí and I have two great tips for you if you're trying out Mastodon. the Fediverse or Vivaldi Social for the first time.

"The first one is: Be nice.

"Remember, it's real people out there and don't start arguments. Just have fun, write nice comments, be kind to people.

"That's one.

"And secondly, don't worry about your social score. It doesn't matter. Find two, three people you like, ten people who like you and actually interact with them. You don't need a thousand followers. You just have to have a group of friends you have fun with.

"And those are my two tips."

Here's your periodic reminder that you should be handing out more compliments during a code review. #BeKind #LiftUpOthers

Wishing every one of you a relaxing and blessed Sunday! Time to recharge mind, body and soul to welcome the week ahead; pause, reflect and re-energise your spirit! 💚 #BeKind #SilentSunday #Nature #EdenProject

Photo of pink hibiscus flower 🌺
1 month ago

#HappyFriday to you all! I hope you're looking forward to a fabulous weekend.
Here's another layered cut paper + ink/paint mandala creation of mine. I hope it brightens your day!
#mandala #KindnessMatters #MandalaArt #BeKind #MastoArt

Mandala made of layered, cut, colored paper decorated with black ink and blue, white, yellow, orange, and green paint.
Si Jobling :si:
1 month ago

Princess is putting herself forward for her school’s May Day queen position this year, not for the popularity vote but to demonstrate her own growth.

I couldn’t be prouder of her nomination speech.

#Neurodiversity #dyslexia #BeKind

Written speech about dyslexia

give a special lawyer in your life a $19,000 bible, a series of all-expenses-paid luxury trips or an immersive fascist trinket experience
RT @USCLawLibrary
Be Kind To Lawyers Day recognizes the important roles that lawyers play in our legal systems and societies. It's the perfect day to show appreciation for a lawyer in your life! #bekind #bekindtolawyersday

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
2 months ago

I see sadness in your eyes 💔💔
Being around a cat can help take our minds off negative thoughts.
Be kind to all Animals mostly those who are strays 💔
They have feelings too same as you & me..

Please support us some catfood, Your kindness & support will help save lives. 💙🥺🙏🏻

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #Mastodon #Fediverse #today #HolyWeek #bekind#Cats

1 Calico cat have mixed furcolors of,grey black & orange on a white base fur, Her green eyes shows sadness while staring at the camera. One cat have White base fur with Greys spots all over, little tongue is out
2 months ago

The brackets of history

They hold history together...tight...motionless....

The brackets...clasp history...that continues, changes....

The brackets remain to remember.
To create an awareness.
For all that must hold together and not be forgotten.

#AltText #hope #future #love #tolerance #history #peace #war #learn #betterworld #awareness #kindness #remember #we #weare #bekind #goodness #neverforget #fotografie #photography

Rob / OGTrekker
2 months ago

She’s not wrong. We should all keep this in mind and temper our reactions. Yes, we love our fandom, but let’s remember it is just entertainment and that these folks have real lives. 🙏🖖 #ActorsArePeople #BeKind #Fandom #Acting #Reality #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard

Regarding Marina Sirtis limited appearance in Picard S3, Jeri Ryan reminds us all: “And I'll just add to that a reminder: actors are PEOPLE. With actual LIVES, OUTSIDE of the shows you watch. And not all actors WANT to have larger roles, requiring more time on set. As is the case here.”

Regarding Marina Sirtis limited appearance, Jeri Ryan reminds us. “And I'll just add to that a reminder: actors are PEOPLE. With actual LIVES, OUTSIDE of the shows you watch. And not all actors WANT to have larger roles, requiring more time on set. As is the case

Wow, there are almost 400 people following me now. That's crazy! :blobcatfearful: I've only been here for about 2 months.

I was active on Twitter for years and had about 300 followers.

I've also had more and better conversations on Mastodon, in a fraction of the time.

I still post similar things as I did there: be kind, be gay/do crime, value your privacy and data, don't get pwned, fuck capitalism, here's a kitten picture.

But instead of getting a few likes, I get perspectives and interesting conversations with all sorts of people.

I like it here. 💜

And just so this post has some content of value, here is a AI-generated kitten, a "Be Gay Do Crime" meme, and a link to some recent cyber-crime stories (

I think that just about covers my typical topics 😉


#Followers #BeKind #TwitterMigration #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Tech #Privacy #Data #DataPrivacy #FuckCapitalism #Kittens

A picture of an adorable kitten in loaf-form. Generated by an AI.
A skeleton holding a banner that says "Be Gay Do Crime!".
Mark Tillotson
2 months ago

How you interact with people is up to you. Be Kind.

#Kindness #KindnessMatters #Gratitude #BeKind

A colorful background, with yellow and pink and some butterflies, with black text on top that reads, "How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you."

A photo from under the bridge on a winter time walk. #BeKind #graffiti

Graffiti on a concrete bridge structure - large block letters read "Be Kind"

I will *never* understand why the four most difficult words to say in the English language (and by extension all other languages, I suppose) are "I don't know" and "sorry".
#BeKind #Philosophy #NoOneKnowsEverything

Luke MacNeil
2 months ago
A woman with purple hair walks over a desert of white sand under a blue sky.
Roger Ward
2 months ago

This is just about the apex of 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.'

Top parenting. Love it.

#Graffiti #WallArt #Kids #ChildrensArt #Parenting #Genius #Gentle #Caring #Kind #BeKind

Unfinished drawing of a house in indelible marker pen directly on a living room wall, drawn by a small child, hence low down the wall.
Parents put a frame around the drawing, and make it a feature.
Parents add a gallery type label adjacent  to the picture, saying:

R.C. Massicotte (b. 2011)
Interrupted House, 2017
Marker on latex paint
Gifted to his parents, by surprise, Nov.13th.
The original post, by Dr Eric Massicotte.
3 months ago

Truth! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Quote by the amazing @georgetakei #LoveOverHate #GQP #lgbtqAlly #ProudLiberal #BeKind #CareMore

“If you have to make laws to hurt a group of people just to prove your morals and faith, then you have no true morals or faith to prove.” -George Takei
Daniel Norton
3 months ago


I’m an actor, retired computer nerd, cat gentleman, family historian, photography enthusiast, baguette baker, Mastodon administrator, &c

My actor profile is at

➤ Building a community of actors at

Tips are welcome:

Originally at

#GetVaccinated #GetBoosted #WearAMask #ItsNotOver #MastoAdmin #ADHD #HoH #HardOfHearing #SeekJoy #BeKind #FamilyHistory #Genealogy #ActorsOfMastodon

Rob / OGTrekker
3 months ago

Yes, I am new here, but if your introduction to someone new is to scold them for not using hashtags, image descriptions, or proper vernacular, you’re doing it wrong. Be nice. Direct message rather than shout them down in the town square. My dad taught us that “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” #Civility #BeKind #PSA #Social #Networking

Blanche Deveraux saying “Please pretend to be nice.”
Mar :mastodance: :purplecheck:
3 months ago

I used to miss my sanity the most. Now as I grow older, I realize I miss the world being a kinder place.


The Bird
3 months ago

Hiya folks,

Wanted to do a reminder since this keeps popping up:

Please do not talk to a trans person struggling with suicidality and/or dysphoria about how to perform their gender better (especially as a claim it'll "help"). That is triggering and harmful. Better yet, respect our identity and our story, and acknowledge us where we are or leave us alone.

There is no one way to perform any gender. Just don't police people's appearances regardless.

Thanks for reading!
#PSA #TransRights #BeKind

3 months ago

The brain can be rewired to move to a more peaceful place. It's hard work. Along the way

Ben, Writin’ Movies
3 months ago

@doot Something I’ve often had with my #DepressionBrain is people saying “What have you got to be depressed about?” It doesn’t work like that - it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, not me feeling sad because of some major external factor. The level of ignorance some people have regarding physical or mental illness is staggering and upsetting. #BeKind

:flower: Good morning, Mastodon! :flower:

Hello awesome person who is taking a casual scroll through their feed this morning and reading this! :ablobcatmeltwave:

Remember to stay hydrated and eat enough. 🚰🥞

Take a break when you can/need to, don’t overdo it. 🧘😴

Be kind to people you meet. We are all fighting different battles. But especially be kind to yourself. ❤️🤝

#BeKind #MondayMorning #GoodMoorning #motivation #SelfCare #StayHydrated #JoinIn #mastodon #Reminder

4 months ago

We are all playing Covid roulette. Without clean air, the next infection could permanently disable you

Let's care for each other! Mask up and ask others to do the same. Advocate for masking, air filtration, and ventilation.

#BeKind #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 months ago

Today, one of the first things I saw was a kind word from someone 2,000-ish miles away. Due to time zone differences, it was probably typed as they went to bed. It serves as the light Dr. Schweitzer refers to in this quote. Today, be sure to extend a kindness. You’re the light in someone’s world.

#Gratitude #BeTheLight #BeKind #Kindess #qotd #quotes

Quote: “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” — Albert Schweitzer

🥶🌨️❄️ PSA ❄️🌨️🥶

It is terribly cold tonight in some places.

Please remember your fuzzy friends outside of you have any. Make sure they have a warm place to sleep tonight. Bring them inside if you can. We brought a couple of kitties inside who don’t like the barn and we worried that even their insulated kitty hut may not be enough to keep them both warm. It’s THAT cold. At least here it is.

Be kind and take care of your fuzzy friends. ❤️

#cats #dogs #pets #animals #winter #BeKind #mastodon

Desert Dweller 🌵
4 months ago

I don't know how to make it a single-word, pithy challenge, but don't forget to look around you for people having a rough time. Cut them some slack. #BeKind. I don't know anyone IRL who isn't struggling, including myself. And I mean more than "Wow today was tough." Which makes it hard to believe it's much different for anyone reading this here. Our world is hard & getting harder by the day. It's really time to look out for each other. Wish I had a magic wand.


Cartoon woman in jeans and red jacket sitting by herself in a corner looking sad.

“If you ever feel like you are broken, and that makes you unworthy, just think about a kaleidoscope. They are made with broken fragments too, but when someone takes the time to look through it, they will see something beautiful.”


#YouAreEnough #BeKind #YouMatter #YouAreBeautiful #mastodon #JoinIn #MentalHealth #depression #anxiety #YouAreNotAlone

Lisa Hamilton
4 months ago

Please folks, if you're going to post images related to either #PaulPelosi or #TyreNichols, please please put them behind CW or Sensitive shields

A lot of us can't bear to see any of these (or other) violent images
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some people don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, even if they used to.

some people don’t want to go “above and beyond.”

some people want less responsibility, not more.

some people want to do the job they were hired to do and be done.

there is *nothing* wrong with this.

we need to normalize language like this. you don’t have to work 90 hours a week to be “dedicated.” you don’t have to love your job. you CAN be in it just for the paycheck. that’s literally what a job is: payment for services.

this rhetoric of “what success looks like” is a falsity we have been tricked into believing to maximize corporate profits. success looks different depending on who and when you ask… sometimes success is getting up in the morning, and sometimes it’s getting promoted. it’s all relative, and we need to remember that.

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In a world where you can be anything…

Be kind. ❤️

It’s super easy and makes everyone feel great! :blobcatfistbumpleft: :blobcatfistbumpright:

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