1 month ago

Für alle Interessierten der drastischen Reduzierung (mit dem Ziel Null) von Ausbeutung, verachtendem Umgang / Behandlung und grausamer Tötung von #Tieren: Es gibt wieder etwas Neues im Sortiment veganer Gaumengenüsse. Es schmeckt auch. 😋 Gestern entdeckt, heute probiert und euch sogleich wärmstens empfohlen.

#BeKindToAnimals #EmptyTheCages #AnimalRights #AnimalsDeserveBetter

Hähnchenaufschnitt vegan. Neu im Sortiment. 🌱🥰
5 months ago

This Twitch streamer is so nice that she interrupted her stream to feed her doggie...

(Fair use, full stream at:

#dogs #BeKindToAnimals #animals #kindness

a woman is sitting with lots of plant tubers on the table working with them. a dog comes in the room and sits and stares off to the side. The woman gets up a walks toward where the dog was staring and feeds him off camera and then returns to continue her stream.

Today is #nationalprawnday. Perhaps instead of eating them, you should consider what the industry does to these crustaceans to give you an abundance of them?

Eat conscientiously - #govegan!

🦐 Image from Legumendoas

#animalcruelty #animalwelfare #bekindtoanimals

7 months ago

Animals will likely give you their trust,
Before they know they have yours.
They will be faithful.
They will love you,
Even if you’re an asshoIe to them.
Be kind to pets.
They’re family; they’re friends.
They’re not your property.
You may keep them;
But you don’t own them.
You can’t own them.

Be kind to pets.

Be kind to all animals.

Be kind,

Don’t be an asshoIe.
#BeKind #BeKindToPets #BeKindToAnimals #pets #animals #kindness #humanity #trust #CatsOfMastodon

3 years ago

I've been watching this show on the tv, I'm always sucked into these farming, nature, growing, building, animals on the farm shows. These guys are kind of freaky, the illustraton is very good... 😄 but I like them 😄. And I do agree with Gustav, it is sad that most pigs never get to be pigs, being outside, digging in the ground and get to meet a duck by the pond. 🐖🦆

#bekindtoanimals #meatismurder