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2023 Photo Challenge 157/365
Taking a minute to notice the small things when trying to take some photos of flowers. This little bee could really mess me up but was very cool as I tried to take some shots. Little flighty for my taste but think I did a decent job. No healing just some cropping. Slight slider work but nothing to write home about. #bee #flower #lawn #summertime #2023photochallenge

Bee on a flower in the grass.

I just spotted a #bee in the garden, and a hover fly 🐝
One of each: a far cry from the numbers I used to see. But I will concentrate on the positive today, and be happy there are still some.

BomengidsNl TreeGuide Europe
19 hours ago

See the #bee

Search and find the Bumblebee in this picture

Greenroof with Bumblebee
Clara Sohet
21 hours ago

@leighbooker Would be also good to remember that far than not all #bees live in big hives overproducing honey for human usage. Bee hives are merely a place to testify the #bee population drop. Wild bees matter.

1 day ago

A VERY hot wander around #ParcSlip #Nature reserve today, plenty of #Insects to photograph, so here's a few... A #FourSpottedChaser #Dragonfly, A #Tapered #DroneFly, A #CommonCarder #Bee and an #Azure #DamselFly


A large dragonfly sits at the top of a dry twig, its spiny legs grasping it. Its has large black eyes and a mottled beige and black body. Its four veined wings are spread out, showing that each has 2 black spots on them.
A large yellow and black Drone Fly feeds on the nectar from the centre of a large Ox Eye Daisy, the white petals spread out around it.
A bright orange Carder bee, with black legs, feeds from a newly opened white flower
An Azure Damselfly sits on a jagged green leaf. It is mostly a pale blue colour with black eyes, black stripes on its thorax and regular narrow black bands along the rest of it's body. It's wings are folded back along its body
Tanweer Dar (Tan)
2 days ago

The #closer you look
The more you will see
The magical world
Of the little honey bee

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Poetry

#TeamPixel #Photography #Bee

Honey bee on a flower amidst leaves and bushes.
Sally Mack
2 days ago

Daily upload - June 8 - Magnolia blossom with bee, Vallejo CA 21615 (2023)

#flower #magnolia #Vallejo #nature #naturephotography #photography #bee

Color photo of detail of white magnolia blossom with bee approaching.

... and a second set of photos. This time focusing on flowers. Everything was smelling like herbal tea and honey during the walk.

Featuring: some star-shaped white stonecrop flowers, yellow St. John's wort, pink rock roses, and some white savory flowers with a bee collecting nectar from it.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #FlowerPhotography #Bee #Flowers #Kavala #Greece

A photo of white stonecrop flowers. They're looking like little white stars with a red line in the middle of each petal. In the background dry rocks can be seen.
A photo of yellow St. John's wort flowers. The flowers have a very strong, juicy, yellow color that are in a nice contrast to the green leaves.
A photo of pink rock rose flowers. There are three flowers lined up in a row, surrounded by leaves, a few still closed flower buds and some stalks that already finished flowering.
A photo of white savory flowers with a honey bee collecting nectar from one of them. The eyes of the bee look very big on this picture.
Spectacled Langour
2 days ago

A bigger #bee bottom. They're all out to dine on the Campanula this evening #nature #flowers #photography

Some photos from my short hike on Monday morning in Kavala. Very nice weather, lots of small animals and flowers. Was definitely worth it.

Featuring: a honeybee full of pollen diving inside a prickly pear cactus flower, a panoramic view of Kavala from above with the island Thassos in the background, a cirl bunting sitting in a tree and a Greek tortoise in the middle of the path that was unfortunately afraid of my steps.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #Bee #Flowers #Tortoise #Turtle #Bunting #BirdWatching #Birds #Kavala #Greece

A photo of a honeybee diving inside a yellow prickly pear cactus flower. The bee is covered with pollen everywhere.
A panoramic view of Kavala with the whole old city, the port and castle, and the island Thassos in the background.
A photo of a cirl bunting sitting in a tree, hiding slightly behind a branch. Its green-ish colors at the head and belly appear almost the same color as the leaves.
A photo of a Greek tortoise peeking carefully out of its shell and sitting on the middle of a path full of dry leaves. Its head and legs are visible.
Spectacled Langour
2 days ago

These show his polleny thighs in more detail #bee #flowers #nature

Spectacled Langour
2 days ago

A very pollen-laden #bee leaving the Campanula #nature #photography #flowers

4 days ago
Russ Swan
4 days ago

Never mind the bees, save the moths. New research from the University of Sheffield UK tells us that moths are almost as important pollinators as bees, but being small, dull, and largely nocturnal are overlooked in this capacity.


#moth #bee #pollinator #environment #science #Sheffield

A typically small dull and easily overlooked brown moth on a bright yellow flower
4 days ago

Over the Edge
A White-footed furrow bee crawling over the petals edge as it goes from one water droplet to another. This type of bee is in the sweat bee family.
#sweatbee #bee #insect #animal #flowerpetal #petals

Knowledge Zone
4 days ago

The #Bee Is Declared The Most Important #Living Being On The #Planet : Sci Nature

The most famous #Extinction event in the planet’s history is happening again — in Santa Cruz : LA Times

Why #Einstein’s E = mc² is only half of the equation : Medium

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

Lee Hunter
4 days ago

A conversation.

#Bee #Photomonday

A honeybee is hovering near a recently opened raspberry flower.  They appear to be having a private conversation.
Leaf 🏳️‍⚧️
4 days ago

A tiny masked #Bee for your evening

A photograph of a minuscule black bee with pale yellow diamond-shaped markings on its face and neck, much like it’s wearing a harlequin mask. It’s balanced on a tiny white dogbane flower in front of a sea of green leaves.
5 days ago

Bumble bee sitting in the centre of a Wild Geranium.


A bumble bee sitting in the centre of a Wild Geranium, its rear is facing us.
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
5 days ago

There’s nothing on this earth quite like you.

#flowers #bee #lgbtqia #pride #bloomscrolling

A bee sitting on a spray of pale lavender fiddleneck tansy flowers.
Levia Draconia :mastocheck:
5 days ago

A clip of the tiny bee friend.
Ein Clip von der kleinen Biene.

#nature #natur #bee #biene #worldenvironmentday

Small bee on clover
Kleine Biene auf Weißklee
Levia Draconia :mastocheck:
5 days ago

Tiny visitor on my balcony. Haven't ID'd it yet though.
Kleiner Besucher auf meinem Balkon. Hab allerdings noch keine genaue ID herausgefunden.

#photography #fotografie #nature #natur #bee #biene #worldenvironmentday

Small bee on clover
Kleine Biene auf Klee
The Streets of Melbourne
5 days ago

Snapped this #treedhalia yesterday arvo in the glorious afternoon we had. Looks like an equally grand day is ahead of us today!

These grow between 8–10 metres tall. It is native to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and south into Colombia and Ecuador.

I’ve noticed a few more during school drop offs today, so it appears they’re all coming out to play, on cue.

#bee visiting, see pic 1 🐝


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #downunder #makesmehappy

Bit off topic this one (technically still miniature 😆) but it’s been quite a pleasant weekend for weather here in Yorkshire & really great to see a healthy bee population in our flower bed I thought I’d go out and take some snaps of the fluffy beasts…

#bees #wildlifephotography #macrophotography #bee #summer

A selection of bee photos flying to pollinate some blue flowers
6 days ago

#bee swarm down the street. Tiny. Did not see a queen. Wonder if they are lost. Put a waxed frame next to then and they all crawled right on!

Beekeeping box sitting on the ground under a tree
Visions of Napa
6 days ago


Here is a carpenter #bee heading for some rosemary flowers.

#pollinators #Napa #California

A large black bee flying towards a stem of rosemary that has small purple flowers on it.
6 days ago

Bee laden with pollen #bee #pollen #honey #naturephotography

Bee coated in pollen
1 week ago

At one of the ranches where we have hives: found 4 swarms you want them? (Not our swarms!) Some serious #bee math going on this year. #beekeeping

Big swarm of bees on a branch
1 week ago

Not a great shot and needed a lot of enhancement, but I had to post it. I thought I was shooting a large bee, buzzing loudly. It was big enough that my camera was able to focus on it in the air. When I saw the photo on the computer, I noticed two heads. Then I realized the different types antennas. Soon after this shot it flew away. The genus is known as Bee Killers. I can see why. Mallophora fautrix

#FlyDayFriday #macrophotography #fly #bee #insect

A large bee mimic robberfly attacking a bee.
1 week ago

"Black And White"

Erst beim zweiten/dritten Blick, habe ich die Biene gesehen.

#blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #flowers #nature #naturephotography #fotografie #photography #fujifilm #acros #bee #biene

Weiße kleine Blüten auf schwarzem Hintergrund. Eine Biene sitzt unscheinbar auf einer der unteren Blüten.
1 week ago

An adorable little bee that made me smile today.

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9a #bee #pollinators

Close-up of a bee gathering pollen from the center of a bright yellow sunflower.

Further detail and context: the sunflower has a dark brown center and rays of cheerful yellow petals. The bee's head and legs are covered in a thick coating of pollen. It made me laugh because it reminded me of the time I accidently squeezed a bag of flour too hard and ended up wearing it. The bee has the same vibes.
Max, an ant whisperer
1 week ago

Day 23
Wasps don't suspect I'm actually a bee.
Bees don't know I'm here to steal their pollen.
This entomologist seems to be piercing through my web of lies though.
(Nomada sp)
#bee #Wasp #NotReallyAWasp #JustAMimic #insects #nature #Macrophotography

On sandy ground, a wasp-like bee is sitting. It has a black head with orange antennae and brown eyes. The thorax is black with some yellow dots, carrying subtly colored wings. The abdomen is yellow with black stripes. The legs are yellow as well.
It seems to be in the middle of grooming itself with its front legs.
1 week ago

Caught another swarm of bees this morning. When the swarm was still hanging in the bush i was too stressed to take a picture. But it went well with the catching. Didn't get a single sting this time.

Now they are in the box. The last ones are still flying a bit excited in front of the box.

This movie is about 10 x slow motion.


bees in front of their hive. This movie is about 10 x slow motion.
Matt Fossen
1 week ago

Here's one of those large ground-nesting bees I collected the other weekend (there were THOUSANDS of them; I collected four). I believe it's Diadasia bituberculata. #Entomology #Photography #InsectPhotography #Bee #Hymenoptera #apidae

Dorsal view of a pinned bee. The bee is large, with a black body covered in tufts and bands of light-colored hair.
Face of a large bee with tongue extended.
Joe ᔪᐊᐣ
2 weeks ago

Oh my Godddddd :blobcataww: Ophrys apifera au Parc Floral de Bordeaux.

#Ophrys #apifera #orchid #bee #FleurisTonFil

Ophrys apifera
Ophrys apifera
Ophrys apifera closeup
John Carlson
2 weeks ago

A Long-Horned Cuckoo #Bee (#Triepeolus) enjoying the sunshine in #NewOrleans

A black and yellow striped insect rests on a flower. It is a smooth, not hairy insect looking more like a yellow jacket than the typical fuzzy bee.
2 weeks ago

Mah, wie sie aus der Blüte wieder raus kriecht und sich in der Sonne putzt, mein Herz! 😭😍

#bienencontent #bees #bee

Nahaufnahme einer weißen großen Blüte von der Seite, darin ist ein leichter Schatten zu erkennen, der sich bewegt. Kurz darauf kriecht eine Biene heraus, die Blütenblätter öffnen sich rund um sie wie ein Tor, das aufgedrückt wird, sie sieht heraus, sitzt in der Sonne und putzt sich mit ihren Beinen.
Jake Rayson
2 weeks ago

If you're creating #bee logs, be sure to keep the face of them dry. These bee logs are at the top of a stone filled gabion, with reclaimed roofing slate providing a protective lip over the edge. The slate is weighed down with reclaimed bricks in a pyramid structure, providing yet more nooks and crannies for invertebrates.

You can just see the young Aronia 'Brilliant', growing well

#ForestGarden #FoodForest #WildlifeGarden #GardenDesign

Gabion topped with slate and bricks
2 weeks ago
Zazzoo 🇨🇦
3 weeks ago

A beautiful day today! I spend most of the day doing yard work but did take some time out to photograph dandelions. Enjoy!

#Ottawa #Photography #Bee #Dandelions

A photo of a honey bee getting all yellow and crusty as they dive in to get that sweet, sweet nectar. Dandelions are an invasive species in Canada, but I like them and so do the pollinators.
Nobody can call themself a photographer, amateur or otherwise, without taking a photo of dandelion fluff being blown off a stem. This is a photo of dandelion fluff being blown off a stem.
3 weeks ago

Two swarms of bees here today. One i was able to catch. This one is now in the new box. Part is still sitting outside and fanning to attract the remaining bees of the swarm.

The other swarm sits too high in the tree. My arms are a little too short.

Warning: lots of bees.


Nearly at the top of the birch you can see the swarm. This swarm is darker than the leaves or the bark of the tree. I could not catch it.
A large part of the captured swarm is already in the hive. The rest sits outside or flies excitedly around the new hive to find the entrance.

This swarm was in a hazelnut bush.
3 weeks ago

It’s world bee day? Okay. Here’s Bombus sylvicola on Prickly Saxifrage. It also sports a couple hive mites near the base of its left wing. #WorldBeeDay #Nunavut #bee #bumblebee

A bumblebee perched on some small flowers. It is yellow with a black spot between its wing. The end of its abdomen is orange. The flowers are white with pale orange spots.
Bjorn Idle
3 weeks ago

World Bee Day? What an awesome celebration. There are some amazing pics on here today!

Here's a tiny contribution from our garden

#WorldBeeDay #Bee #Bees #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography

A honeybee seen side-on, resting on top of the large domed centre of a helenium flower. The background is all blurry
3 weeks ago

Apparently it's world bee day, so here is a photo of a bumble bee I took in Cologne in 2013 in the Rheinpark. I love how fluffy this bee's butt is.

#WorldBeeDay #Bee #Flower #Photography #FlowerPhotography #Florespondence #Cologne #BloomScrolling

3 weeks ago

A bee I caught sleeping. I watched it for a while, from a telephoto distance, as it was the first time I had noticed a bee actually just sleeping and I wasn't sure if it was alive. I don't know what I would've done, but I wouldn't have shared 'dead bee image.' Sleeping bees are cute; dead bees, sad. It eventually did buzz off, so 'sleeping bee image.' :)

Since then, I've taken a few other sleeping bee images. :)

#worldBeeDay #bee #photography #insectPhotography

A bee is laying on a leaf, it's little front legs straddling the leaf.  Behind it, out of focus is a yellow flower, with purples and greens also colouring the image.
3 weeks ago

For #WorldBeeDay here's a #sketch I did of a #bee in #ink and #ColoredPencil last summer. #MastoArt #Art

A sketch in ink and colored pencil of a bee on some flowers. The bee is in profile and predominantly black and golden brown and the flower blooms are pink and purple.
Ivan Milovanov
3 weeks ago

A #photo I took many moons ago; that of a #bee, with my beloved in the background. Since it's #WorldBeeDay, I remembered it exists & maybe You find joy in it as I do in that particular #memory.

#flower #bees #hortusbotanicus #Leiden #photography

A macro photograph of a bee on a flower (dahlia tenuicaulis).

The Flower has white petals with strains of pink, becoming yellow towards the middle. The pistil is golden orange, and the bee, of brownish golden and black colours, is mostly busy around that central part.

The background is blurred, with a woman on the left and a building on the right.
Sharad Mohan
3 weeks ago

Today is #WorldBeeDay & so an interesting piece of information.

#DoYouKnow that 'Brahmari' is the #Hindu Goddess of #Bees

In #Yoga, she is represented by 'Pranayama', a type of breathing exercise through nose making a sound like a #Bee buzzing!

Like in this c1740 AD #Pahari #IndianMiniaturePainting from #Chamba now at Bhuri Singh #Museum #HimachalPradesh #India

#IndianMythology #Art #MastoArt #IndianHertitage #IndianHistory #Paintings #Religion #Hinduism #BeeDay #IndianCulture #Paintings

Claudia Zahn
3 weeks ago
Jascha Achterberg
4 weeks ago

Really enjoyed Lars Chittka's talk on #cognition in bees! Big recommendation to go watch it!

#neuroscience #bee

Screenshot of the title screen of the uploaded Youtube video of "The Mind of a Bee" by Lars Chittka
4 weeks ago

Impressions of a bee. (Native Australian Bees)

I think I want to stylize these further? I think. I'm still considering. I got the watercolour vibe I was after. But I think I was hyper vigilant about making the anatomy of each bee stand out that I kind of lost a lot of the initial shapes I had.
#bee #bees #NativeBee #AustralianWildlife #art #MastoArt #bug

Native Australian bees, the blue banded, which is bright orange with black tips and blue bands cross its abdomen. It's mid flight with legs hanging. The second is a great carpenter bee, black with a yellow upper boddy and a big black streak going down its middle. The teddy bear bee, a uniform brown bee with dark brown stripes on the abdomen.
The image is rendered with thick broken lines, especially broken to indicate hair, and soft internal colouring.
4 weeks ago

This started out so cool in my head - I wanted to do something impressionistic and watercoloury but it didn't end up working. Ah well, back to the drawing board, at least with these images I understand more about bees. Turns out native bees are great and fuzzy and I love them so I'm happy to draw more.

I think a native bee sticker set is just what people need, but I want to make it have flair and pizzazz and this just isn't the direction. 🤔 #bee

a low fidelity but realistic looking painting of a blue banded bee
Chris Price
1 month ago

🐝 More from today's walk:

The neighborhood is in full bloom. It was fascinating to learn about some of the local flora from @pmonks.

#flowers #florespondence #bee

A California buckeye inflorescence is centered in the frame, protruding past bright green leaves. The flowers' petals are white, turning rosy pink toward the center of the flower.  Protruding from the center of each flower, long white filaments are capped with orange stamens.

The background is blurry blue and green.
A honeybee hovers near a California buckeye flowers in bright afternoon sunlight.
A large red passion fruit flower covers the center of the frame. Around it, more flower buds are nestled amongst the vine's lobed, glossy green leaves.
A brown fly with spotted wings rests on a rose petal. The flower fills most of the frame. The petals are deep pink around the edges and graduate toward white at the base.
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
1 month ago

Some sort of solitary #bee has taken up residency in a hole in the lawn chair on my porch. Can anyone help me identify it? I'm in Philadelphia, PA, USA. #insectID

A dark-colored bee sits by itself on concrete.