Yahia Lababidi
59 minutes ago

The Beeholder's Eye -The bee's eye is a marvel of biology. It is covered with hairs that act as a shield against pollen and consists of thousands of small lenses called ommatidia.

These lenses allow the bee to see a range of colors, including ultraviolet, and are highly sensitive to movement. This enables the bee to spot flowers and other sources of nourishment, as well as evade potential threats.

#nature #bees #photography

Tom Shaw
6 hours ago

Lots of pollen going into the hive, also guessing the smell from the hive lately is the goldenrod they're working.

#beekeeping #bees #beehive

Video of bees at a hive. Bees coming and going, lots of bright yellow pollen is going into the hive on the bees.
14 hours ago

A yellow wattlebird tending its nest
#photography #bees

A yellow wattle bird standing on a nest made from corkscrew willow twigs, looking around to make sure it's not being watched (it is)
Tom Shaw
14 hours ago
A photo of a honey bee taken with a Micro-NIKKOR Auto 1:3.5 f=55m lens adapted to a micro four thirds camera
Tom Shaw
14 hours ago

Checked the hive today, the second deep box is getting heavy with honey for the winter. Here's a quick video, on youtube, of the hive check in 4k.

#beekeeping #bees #beehive #youtube

Helen H
15 hours ago

A photo of a busy little honey bee sipping nectar and pollinating as he flits from flower to flower. Many people don’t realize how important the honey bee is to our human existence.

A Bees Life is here with #FreeShipping

#bee #bees #insects #animals #NaturePhotography #FlowerPhotography #photography #MastoPhoto #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop

A photo of a honey bee sipping nectar from small red flowers and pollinating as he moves from flower to flower.
Prof Felipe Gusmao
16 hours ago

#Australia abandons efforts to eradicate deadly #parasite #varroa #mite after 15 months

>Resources will be reallocated to slowing the spread of the #pest
>Non-compliance from #beekeepers and illegal #hive movement was a major factor in the failed eradication effort
>#Government and #industry groups made the unanimous decision to move to a #management approach

#bees #bee #Conservation #Sustainability #EnvironmentalEthics #ethics

verroa mite on a bee
Adrian Fry
20 hours ago

Butterflies, bees, moths and flies all seem to love our aster in the afternoon sunshine.

#Aberdeenshire #garden #nature #butterflies #bees

An aster in a flowerbed with a low wall behind, paving in front, a blue painted shed behind to the left, and a potting shed to the right.
Martin Owens
20 hours ago

- Teresa Monachino, via #PrivateEye 1606 p36

This took me too long to figure out. #dadJoke #bees #puzzle

22 hours ago

Saw this little bumbler at 8 am this morning, out on the trail.

He was sound asleep.

I only learned this year that bees don't go back to the hive at night, especially males. They just sleep where they left off.

On behalf of this little soul, and on behalf of all of us, really, please stop using #pesticides if you still use them.

Even careful use is no longer acceptable.

We need bees. The planet needs them.

#Climate #Nature #Insects #Photography #NaturePhotography #Bees #Goldenrod #Planet

Bumble bee asleep under a goldenrod branch. Morning light. He was oblivious to me. Green background, with a bright yellow branch.
1 day ago

As I was walking at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, I suddenly heard loud buzzing, and was surrounded by bees. Looking around, I saw they were Asian Honey Bees (Apis cerana) and they were nesting in a hole in a nearby tree. Spotted on 23 Sept 2023.

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Bees #Hymenoptera

A group of honeybees, with black heads, brown bodies and dark stripes on the abdomen, coming in and out of a crack in a tree trunk.
A further away view of the tree, showing the size of the nest. The crack in the tree was about 1 metre in length and full of bees.
Avery Jenkins
1 day ago

News of the Hive: Opened it up today, immediately killed 2 hive beetles. Tested for mites, and for the first time, it was positive. Picked up some treatment at Mike's Bees.

I'm doing everything I can to help this hive make it through the winter, and keeping my fingers crossed.

The hive was a bit pissed at me by the time I was done. An angry hum and two stings preceded my exit.

We also have a snake wandering around, hopefully keeping the mouse population at bay.

#bees #beekeeping

Helen Clayton
1 day ago

Busy ivy bees this morning. These are just a few - any bare patch of earth over an area approx 15-20 square metres of shrubby rockery (or rocky shrubbery 🤔) is buzzing. There is also the occasional bee ball which tumbles down the slope. No weeding for me.

#bees #insects #nature #gardening

A patch of light, slightly stony earth - part of a garden rockery. There is the stem of a plant (the name of which escapes me) with small green spiky leaves and a few red runners from alpine strawberry plants. The earth is otherwise bare. A number of ivy bees (colletes hederae) are buzzing over the surface near a hole. The bees are similar to honey bees but smaller, with a orangey-brown, furry thorax, and black and yellow stripes on the abdomen.
1 day ago

I usually go out for walks too early/late to see these little friends awake and active, but I was rewarded for running a little late today
#photography #bees #pollendreams

A tiny bee (lasioglossum cognatum?) clambering around inside a mostly closed yellow flower
That same tiny bee poking its head out from the petals
A tiny bee climbing around the outside of a yellow flower. Pollen covers its hind legs. Its antennae extend forward eargly
The tiny bee inspecting the folds of ayellow flower's petals
2 days ago

From Atlas Obscura:

"To Save America’s Native Bees, the Oregon Bee Project Is Mapping Every Single One.

The project aims to make a complete ‘bee atlas,’ detailing every single local pollinator."

#Oregon #Science #Bees #NativeBees #Pollinators #Research

Atlas Obscura
2 days ago

To Save America's Native Bees, the Oregon Bee Project Is Mapping Every Single One

The project aims to make a complete 'bee atlas,' detailing every single local pollinator.#laboratories #longreads #oregon #libraries #library #data #endangeredspecies #climatechange #insects #collections #biology #biodiversity #scientistsatwork #science #honey #nativebees #maps #bees #section-Articles
To Save America's Native Bees, the Oregon Bee Project Is Mapping Every Single One

Rayne Hall Author
2 days ago

In my garden: a honey bee visits a tagetes (french marigold) flower.

I don’t use pesticides in my garden, so bees can visit and enjoy my flowers safely.

#flowers #permaculture #bees #flowergardening #bulgaria

A bee sits on a flower. The flower has frilly petals in shades of orange. Green leaves surround the flower. The bee has its head in the flower and is feeding.
2 days ago

Took the last lot of syrup up for the bees this evening. Always love seeing this ring of slurpy slurpy bees. They’ve had 8kg of sugar (as 2:1) per colony, but I think they still feel light. The ivy’s out so I’m hoping they stock up well for winter, but I reckon I’ll need to get some fondant on at some point 😟

Note to self: remember to actually do the beesuit up before fiddling with bees 😩

#bees #BeekeepersHour

Ring of honeybees feeding on sugar syrup in a “rapid” feeder - a rectangular white plastic tray with a central hole/dome that’s covered by a clear plastic cup. The tray is filled with syrup and the bees have come up the hole/dome to drink the syrup at the “shoreline”. View from the top, looking down through the clear plastic cup.
2 days ago

I went out last night to visit the bright lamp at the park hoping for moths. No moths, pretty quiet in general but I found a green sweat bee (Agapostemon sp.) The bee refused to land, but I stood around hoping it would for about 15 minutes and snapped a few phone pics - a few came out ok.

#nature #wildlife #bees #inaturalist #naturephotography

Photo of a green sweat bee appearing as though it's hovering, though really the thing was flitting all over and I was just spray-and-praying with the phone. The bee itself is a lovely green with a sparkling quality to the coloration.

Given the #Tories callous disregard for the wellbeing of other #keyworkers (except to piously clap for them, of course), it can be no surprise they'd show a similar disregard for the key workers of pollination - #bees!

Michael Cervieri
3 days ago

things i did not know:

there are over 7,000 bee species in san diego county, about a third of the world's known species.

#bees #ecology

3 days ago

Range of pesticides, including neonicotinoids, found in pollen of different bee species #bees #environment #pesticides

Robbie Rowe
3 days ago

Also numerous ivy bees (Colletes hederae), first recorded in the UK in 2001, spreading northward & now very common locally
#ivy #pollinators #bees #autumn

A small bee with an orange-brown thorax and black & yellow stripes on the abdomen, hunched over on ivy flowers as it gathers pollen
Gerry Simons
3 days ago
A sunflower in a wild meadow with a bee approaching.

Smaller bee: scoot over
Larger bee: buzzzzzz

#gardening #flowers #perennials #bees

Two bees, one on a red lavender Echinacea,  the other on wing approaching the first bee.
3 days ago


I'm new here, so I guess it's time for a

I'm Basil, but you can call me Beeble

They/them or He/they

Panromantic Aceflux Polyam person

Hispanic and Scottish


ADHD and Autism haver

Chronic illness and pain possessor

I do
#art sometimes, and I write occasionally.

I like funny stuff and other people's art, so that's where i'm at.

my interests are:


It's nice to meet you!

3 days ago

Range of pesticides, including fungicides & neonicotinoids, found in pollen of different bee species #bees #nature

Rick Gaehl
3 days ago

As summer draws to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, here is a bee to remind us of what we'll be missing for the next several months.

In Ancient Egypt, bees were believed to have been created from the tears of Ra, the Sun God.

In many cultures, bees are considered to be messengers carrying news to the spirit world. It's not hard to guess what message their current plight might be carrying.

#Photography #Nature #Flowers #Garden #Bees #Closeup

Picture of a bee collecting pollen from a blue flower.
3 days ago

Le grand coléoptère des ruches est un scarabée qui se nourrit de larves d'abeilles à l'état adulte. C'est une menace potentielle de plus pour les abeilles et l'apiculture dans le monde, en particulier avec le réchauffement climatique.

Et un cousin assez éloigné du petit coléoptère de la ruche, déjà en France:

#abeilles #apiculture #apiculturefrance #abeille #apismellifera #beekeeping #bees

Photo B. Oldroyd.

Bought a #lavender plant a few weeks back specifically for the #bees will plant a lot more when I can #bee #🐝

Top view close up of a bee enjoying a lavender bud in a pot of lavender
Tom Shaw
4 days ago

Looked at the hive this morning and they were having trouble removing the deceased due to a puddle at their entrance. I decided since I've been doing roof repair this past week to build a roof for the bees.

It fits the spacing of the screws in the china-hives, which is 2 inches. I had it at the top of the deep (3rd photo) at first but when I looked at the photos it seemed too high so I moved it to the bottom. Sealed with beeswax along the top edge.

#beekeeping #bees #hive

A photo showing a small roof installed on a langstroth hive to keep the entrance drier when it rains. It is a recycled cedar board placed at a 5:12 pitch on cedar supports. It attaches to to the existing screw spacing that is common with many of these hives that are manufactured in China. It extends beyond the supports the same amount as the telescoping outer cover extends beyond the outside of the hive boxes to maintain a similar visual appeal. A bee is inspecting the joint where the roof meets the hive box.
A photo showing a small roof installed on a langstroth hive to keep the entrance drier when it rains. It is a recycled cedar board placed at a 5:12 pitch on cedar supports. It attaches to to the existing screw spacing that is common with many of these hives that are manufactured in China. It extends beyond the supports the same amount as the telescoping outer cover extends beyond the outside of the hive boxes to maintain a similar visual appeal. There are a few bees around the entrance to the hive.
A photo showing a small roof installed on a langstroth hive to keep the entrance drier when it rains. In this photo the roof is placed near the top of the primary deep box. It was later moved to the location depicted in the other photos. Some bees are at the entrance to the hive.
4 days ago

#Bees #VarroaMite 

Australia is moving away from the eradication of varroa and will try to manage the parasite. 

4 days ago
Entomological Soc. of America
4 days ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: September 20, 2023
Carpenter-mimic leafcutter bee
Megachile sp.
Hymenoptera: Megachilidae
By Joseph Clark, Florida, USA
#entomology #insects #photography #bees

Closeup of a bee perched on the middle of a yellow flower. The bee is dark reddish black in color, but the bottom half of the bee is nearly entirely covered in bright yellow pollen.
Paul Houle
4 days ago
Imagery by Rihilism
5 days ago

The cosmos & the zinnias really brought in the bumblebees this year which is what I was hoping for w/ the expansion of my garden & an increase in plants & flowers. I've run across quite a few sleeping in my flowers in the early morning🐝 🛏️ 🌼.

This one was just up to its regular 9-5.

#bee #bees #bumblebee #pollinators #FlowerPhotography #insects #InsectPhotography #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt
#photography #AltText

Closeup image of a bumblebee gathering nectar from the yellow center of a magenta and white Cosmos flower. The bumblebee is black with fine, straw-yellow hairs covering large portions of its body.
5 days ago

Range of #pesticides, including #neonicotinoids, found in pollen of different bee species #science #ecology #bees #pollinators

Alex Wild
6 days ago

A small Lasioglossum sweat bee visits a spring spiderwort in Austin, Texas.

#Bees #Pollination #Halictidae #Insects

Close- up side view photo of a dull greenish bee covered in frosty white hair, on a purple flower with bright yellow stamens.
6 days ago

I like to imagine that this is a pollen-hunting duo, seeking out the best flowers for the right price. No sunflower too big, no forget-me-not too small.
#photography #bees

A bumblebee and a native bee or wasp or flying ant (having difficulty identifying, but it has two pairs of wings) navigating some large flowers, back to back as they search for sustinance
1 week ago

Hard at Work Part 2

📷 Canon M50 Mirrorless - Tokina AT-X Pro D 100mm Macro - ISO: 400 - Aperture: f/10 - Sutter Speed: 1/200 sec

#photo #photography #flowers #chives #ButterflyBush #bees #fall #closeup #macro #GiMP #mirrorless #CanonM50 #TokinaMacro

Honeybee on Butterfly Bush
Honeybee on last of Chive Blossoms
1 week ago

@nature #SixOnSaturday Still lots of green but it's more fun to look at #AutumnColour ! There's more of it every day (especially with some frosts).
Plus: there are still #flowers for #pollinators lots of #mushrooms and the year-round #birds are in the yard more with chicks grown up (and kitty gone ☹️ )
#BloomScrolling #insects #bees #florespondence #gardening #mushtodon #fungi #FallColor #September #Alberta
details in replies

Photo collage in 6 panels, 3 across top, 3 across bottom more or less square. Framed in red-brown in centre blending out to pale gold top and bottom. 
Top left a branch with bright gold oval leaves in front of another with narrow spear head shaped leaves in dark winey colour, and some green leaves farther back. Centre a small bird with black cap and chin, white swathe from eye to neck, grey back with some white and black on wings and tail, on partly bare branches with some yellowing leaves. Right tiny black shiny bee on  deep yellow  simple flat rose-like flower, dark shadows behind.
Bottom left compound palm shaped leaf of 5 toothed leaflets, deep wine colour, other leaves behind ranging from green to reddish. Centre cluster of many small to medium orangey brown emerging mushrooms- largest look like the tops of tiny dinner rolls, growing out of grey shredded wood. Right dense foliage of somewhat pointed oblong oval leaves in various shades and stages of autumn colour, bits of green through gold, pink, orangey red, all with darker spots and some holes made by insects.
1 week ago

Speaking of honey bees, I got a couple more nice shots on the tree I stopped by the other day, and while I was photographing a baby wattlebird, a honey bee flew into my shoulder and then stopped to rest on some grass
#photography #bees

A bee drinking from a light pink blossom, morning sunlight light reflecting off its wings
A bee in flight above some pink blossoms, blue sky visible between branches
A bee clinging to a blade of grass
That same bee after climbing further down the grass to get better shelter from the wind
1 week ago

While I've seen european honey bees all winter (yikes), I hadn't seen these native sleepy friends (lasioglossum cognatum as best I can identify) since April

They're very cute, and there's a thread over here with some observations from earlier in the year
#photography #bees #pollendreams

A pair of tiny bees sleeping in a flower, waiting for the day to warm up and the wind to die down enough to go foraging
Helder Mira
1 week ago

#PhotoADay2023 (trying to get back on my groove after a rough summer)

#LeicaM10 simulation

A black and white photo of a large bee covered in pollen on the pistol of a flower
Michael Freed
1 week ago

Out enjoying the last of the summer's wildflowers at the Portland Arch nature preserve. The bees were busy preparing for winter. My wife did not care for them. Lol

#hiking #indiana #bees #insects

Laura Langdon
1 week ago

Shoutout my 🐝 people: seems like nearly every post that appears in my feed because I follow #bees not only has #AltText, but has good alt text (like not just “Picture of a bee”).


Honey Bee Oprah GIF by Team Coco

Oprah holding out her arms and raising them in a victoriously happy manner as an intentionally bad CGI swarm of bees swirls around her. Oprah is ecstatic in that exquisitely Oprah way.
1 week ago

here have some wild #bees ...
(I don't know what they're doing, probably settle on the ground for the winter ? they come back every year or two)
> this is what can happen if you leave your garden unattended for years (and it's very good for Nature ;) ) #gardening #ecology

a patch of wild grass and weeds where small wild bees fly low and explore the ground in a mesmerizing ballet
Tom Shaw
1 week ago

Bumble bee on a marigold, likely Bombus vagans.

#nativepollinators #bees #bumblebee #bombusvagans #marigolds

A closeup photo of a bumble bee on a mostly red marigold flower. The bee is black and yellow and fuzzy, the legs are black, the wings are webbed with black. The marigold is a french sparky or queen sophia or hybrid of.
The Wee Owl Studio
1 week ago

I have this little oil pastel artwork available. It uses a limited palette of mostly green and white with little touches of yellow and gold.
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy.
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots
#flowers #bees #OilPastel #painting #artwork

Original oil pastel painting - Three Busy Bees
An artwork with a simple colour scheme in yellow, green and white. It features bees buzzing above white flowers.
Materials: oil pastel, pastel paper
Width: 15 centimetres
Height: 21 centimetres
Original oil pastel painting - Three Busy Bees
An artwork with a simple colour scheme in yellow, green and white. It features bees buzzing above white flowers.
Materials: oil pastel, pastel paper
Width: 15 centimetres
Height: 21 centimetres
2 weeks ago
A bee be visiting and pollinating the deep blue flowers of a Salvia plant.
Sand Hill Thicket
2 weeks ago

Our original #hive has made what we think is a queen cell. 🤔😆 It was not there when we did hive inspections and introduced a frame of brood from the swarm hive. Interestingly, this creation is not on that frame! The plot thickens. Still a mystery. We were thinking, timing wise, that this queen cell must be very close to hatching between today and tomorrow as it wasn't there on Labor Day. #beekeeping #bees

A queen cell dangling down off of a big round clump of comb at the bottom of the frame.
Jen C Mars
2 weeks ago

Bee floof.

A leafcutter bee, unsure of species, drying itself on the edge of a flower petal.

Handheld focus stack of 2 images.

#insects #bees #Macrophotography

A very fluffy bee with striking large green and black eyes clings to the end of a yellow flower petal, suspended over an out of focus green background. It is a very cute bee, looks nice to cuddle.
2 weeks ago

It was a beautiful day today; blue skies, light breeze, temperature around 72F/22C. Some flowers, some insects and a bird for you. #birding #birdphotography #insects #insectphotography #bees #yellowjacket #aphids #sparrow #wildflowers

A carpenter bee (big, black and yellow and fuzzy) is just about to land on meadow sage, with deep purple flowers..
There are so many yellow flowers at this time of year, it is hard to tell them apart. This is tall coreopsis. On the left flower is a small dark bee with a striped abdomen, probably a tripartite sweat bee.
I think this is a juvenile song sparrow. It's a small, chunky bird, with a streaked breast and brown and gray head.
This interesting insect is a German yellowjacket, an invasive species. It is black and red, like other yellowjackets, with yellow legs and interesting geometric patterns that look like arrows on its back. The little brown things around it are brown citrus aphids, I think.

Playing with some busy bee motifs for today's #inkyDays drawing.

And that's a wrap for this week of daily drawings. All the in-progress and finished drawings are now posted for my supporters in the posts on my Patreon and Ko-fi. I'll be starting new posts tomorrow.

#ink #drawing #art #bees #GenerativeArt #MastoArt #SciArt

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern has repeating bee motifs.
Jeff MacKinnon
2 weeks ago

Even the bees thought it was hot yesterday.

#bees #beehive

A red bee keeper hive with a “beard” of bees working to cool the hive. It looks like hundreds of bees in the rough shape of a beard flowing to the platform they are on. 

To the right there are a few bees flying around and to the bottom right there are bees in the water dish climbing around getting cool.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
2 weeks ago

The #SciArtSeptember prompt gossamer made me think of the wings of this Megachile brevis leafcutter bee.

Unlike the better known, and imported honeybee, the Leafcutter bees are solitary and make no honey, but they are vital pollinators who play an important role in the ecosystem. They are found throughout the US and southern Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 🧵1/2

#bees #MastoArt #nativeBees #Megachile #linocut #printmaking #sciArt #pollinators #washi

My linocut print shows one of our native bees, a Leafcutter named the Megachile brevis bee on Japanese kozo (or mulberry) paper, 8" by 8" (20.3 cm x 20.3 cm), with Chine-collé (or collaged) delicate Japanese paper in pale yellow on the abdomen and legs, and irridescent paper on the wings.
2 weeks ago

look at this sweet baby bee. might be a sunflower mining bee, might be another kind of be. whatever bee it will be, it will be

#bees #bees #bees

#insects #bugs

a large fluffy yellow and black bee clinging to a drooping cluster of yellow flowers. it has a large cache of bright yellow pollen on its back leg
Alex Wild
2 weeks ago
A black and white bee stands in a yellow flower whose petals look like flames
2 weeks ago

Trying out the new Tokina Macro on the M50 Mirrorless Camera

📷 Canon M50 Mirrorless - Tokina AT-X Pro D 100mm macro - ISO: 400 - Aperture: f/5.6 - Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec

#photo #photography #Bees #Turtle #Chives #Lake #water #closeup #Macro #CanonM50 #TokinaMacro #GiMP

Honey Bee on Chives
Taken with Canon M50 Mirrorless and Tokina AT-X Pro D 100mm Macro
Honey Bee on Chives
Taken with Canon M50 Mirrorless and Tokina AT-X Pro D 100mm Macro
One Turtle Sunning on a Log
Taken with Canon M50 Mirrorless and Tokina AT-X Pro D 100mm Macro
Two Turtle's Sunning on a Log
Taken with Canon M50 Mirrorless and Tokina AT-X Pro D 100mm Macro
Jen C Mars
3 weeks ago

A bi-colored striped sweat bee (Agapostemon virescens) sips a bead of rainwater from a black-eyed susan.

#insects #bees #MacroPhotography

A metallic green bee with yellow legs and an out of focus abdomen stands on the dark, glistening black anthers of a black-eyed susan, facing you directly as it closes in on a bead of water standing on the top of a curling black-brown structure.
3 weeks ago

Xylocopa sonorina, the 'valley carpenter bee' a large buzzy bee covered in fur.

The males a striking yellow-orange with olive green eyes. The females melanistic and black from mandible to gaster. I wonder how the dimorphism evolved?

They nest in old unpainted fence posts. Females sometimes share nests.

Males are described as "aggressive" but... uh what is he going to do exactly? Boys can't sting! (true of all hymenopterans) I guess he could give you a dainty nibble with his mandibles. #bees

Black female Xylocopa sonorina carpenter bee resting on a pink flower. She has large black compound eyes, stubby furry legs and a bald patch on her gaster where it's shiny and black. 

Text added to the photo says:

"seeking roomates"
"loud buzzer"
"loves to hide in a lil hole"
A yellow male Xylocopa sonorina carpenter bee in flight. His legs are tucked close to his body making his overall shape a furry yellow loaf. He has big green eyes and little mandibles giving him a cute face. 

Text added to the image 
"protect yo neck"
"may nibble"
A male bee detained, held gently by two human hands. He is covered in yellow-orange fur from mandible to gaster. His compound eyes are olive-green, holographic with shades from black to yellow, the many compounded lenses create hints of their hexagonal geometry through interference patterns. His wings are transparent with deep brown veins.

He is looking right at you. Another hand extends a finger. Clearly someone unable to resist the temptation to gently pet him.

text around the image:
"am i being detained?"
"want lawyer"
3 weeks ago

Sonoran bumblebee (Bombus sonorus) visiting a salvia in the pollinator garden.

#nature #wildlife #bees #bumblebees #inaturalist #naturephotography #pollinator #pollinatorgarden

3 weeks ago

Bees puddling, first attempt.

#Photography #Bees #Beetography

Bees drinking water.
Poetry News
3 weeks ago

Angry, confused, homeless
Fighting against traffic lights
Swarming, buzzing, swarming

#bees #beekeeper #canada #rescue #cinquain #poetry

3 weeks ago

There’s a new chill in the air, and many of the flowers are starting to show their age. The bees are still doing their work though. #cambridgema #bees #flowers

A honeybee gathering pollen in the middle of a yellow flower, green flower, stems, and other yellow flowers are out of focus in the background
Sand Hill Thicket
4 weeks ago

Performed inspection on our original #beehive. Lots of stored pollen, very little nectar/honey, & a few capped drone cells. #Bees must have eaten their stores during the #HeatDome. Put a trough of nectar in. Pondering putting a frame of eggs in from swarm hive.🤔 #Beekeeping

A close-up of a frame with some capped honey, stored pollen, and bees.
4 weeks ago

bumblebee on a purple flower

#bugs #insects #bees

a large fuzzy yellow and black bee visits a light purple flower growing up from some vertical green leaves
soragrey 🍄🌻
4 weeks ago

This weekend I managed to take some ok pictures of bees with my new camera :)

This is also how I learned that bees don't just wait for a flower to bloom, they WILL force it open to dive in for some sweet sweet pollen.

Lukas VF Novak
4 weeks ago

#Butterflies can remember where things are over sizeable spaces

Long-term #SpatialMemory across large spatial scales in #Heliconius butterflies: Priscila Moura et al.

"Spatial learning is known in #insects, but much of the research has focused on #ants, #bees which live socially. This study provides the first direct evidence of spatial learning in butterflies or #moths, and suggests that complex learning skills may be more common in insects"

Heliconius butterfly sitting on a person's hand