1 week ago

I don't get why people like #Amazon the website is horrible; the help terrible; the effort to upsell you on stuff intense

#Walmart is so much better

and Walmart is way better then bestbuy; not only cheaper, but a better GUI and they didn't try to sell me unwanted "premium" subscriptions which you have to uncheck go f*ck yourself #BestBuy

Whereas it's perfectly fine and legal to buy #Walmart or #BestBuy #GiftCard|s with thousands of dollars of value.

Those will then get sold off on the second market at low loss [10-20% compared to >40% in Bitcoin Mixers] and whilst they can't be directly cashed-out, they get then spent on fungible electronics like iPhone or MacBooks...

And that's how one can find these absurd darknet market prices for "carded merchandise": Those are the 3rd of 5 steps to launder funds:

apfeltalk :verified:
3 weeks ago

Neue Beats Studio Buds+ mit transparentem Design bei Best Buy gesichtet
Die Gerüchteküche brodelte schon länger: Apple soll an neuen Beats Studio Buds+ arbeiten und diese könnten in einem transparenten Design erhältlich sein. Nun hat sich dieses Gerücht anscheinend bestätigt - das Modell wurde in den USA
#Music #News #Transparent #Beats #Kopfhrer #Gercht #BeatsStudioBuds #Bestbuy

1 month ago

@garidin #RAGA supporters cont:
#CapitalOne $50,000
#TysonFoods $40,000
#Enterprise $35,000
#Aflac $28,000
#SquirePattonBoggs $25,125
#Pepsi $25,000
#StateFarm $25,000
#Deloitte $25,000
#RentAcenter $25,000
#Millercoors $25,000
#Google $25,000
#Centurylink $25,000
#BankOfAmerica (#BofA) $25,000
#Verizon $25,000
#Walgreens $25,000
#JPMorgan #Chase $25,000
#Navient $15,350
#Carmax $15,000
#Carvana $15,000
#BestBuy $15,000
#TMobile $15,000 ← the only one that surprises me.
(part 2/2)

Steve's Place
1 month ago

Okay, #BestBuy. You creeped me out.

They sent an email advertising a $69.99 TV. I had to look. Wasn't interested, but they have a 4K UHD TV for $199.99, which I decided to ponder and then closed the tab.

Back at the email tab, the email header now read, "Welcome back! Didn't find what you were looking for? Check out these TV's!"

I closed the email.


I just looked. It's advertising sales, as the header usually does..

Big Brother? Best Buy? We report. You decide. 🙄

Was creepy, though...

Android Infotech
2 months ago

Google Pixel 7 128GB is now available only for $249. 📱🛒 #Google #TMobile #BestBuy
With New Connection on T-Mobile.

Michael Reeder LCPC
2 months ago

TITLE: Healthcare From Best Buy??

Here's an article no one needs to read, but I'll link to it below in case anyone wishes to relish and dwell in the absurdity.

So, YES, *Best Buy* -- the company that just finished all but going out of business and closing hundreds of stores nationwide -- now is using
their "expertise" to provide you with healthcare. That's right, why not buy healthcare from the sales people who use to sell you TVs and cordless phones at your local mall?

As my wife quipped -- "instead of Geek Squad, its now Doc Squad".

The entirety of the article is just full of meaningless phrases so I'll save you the trouble of clicking through by listing a few choice quotes:

"During a keynote address Wednesday morning at HIMSS23, executives at
these so-called 'disrupters' shared their vision for the future of care
delivery." (That's what we need -- tech company disruption... This was their KEYNOTE address!...)

"All three agreed that the current healthcare system is broken. 'We’re not thinking enough like a system,' Barry said." (?...)

"U.S. healthcare is 'a collection of solutions,' Walsh echoed. In its current siloed, fragmented state, it will continue to fail patients. What’s needed instead is a holistic, collaborative approach to care."
(?? -- Yeah, when I think of the term holistic, big tech is immediately what comes to my mind...)

"Best Buy Health works with providers like Atrium Health to power home care. 'We’re bringing what we’ve done in computer electronics for years
into health,' DiSanzo said." (??? -- LOL!)

"Tech companies must listen to providers when serving them, DiSanzo said. To build trust and buy-in, they must offer visibility into their methods. For instance, providers want to know where given data come
from, what algorithm is being employed to train a device and who is training the model in order to feel good about letting it work for them." (???? -- So the people who could not sell me a computer or refrigerator are developing AI systems to improve my healthcare...)

*Best Buy Health, VillageMD execs see collaboration as critical to future of healthcare*


#healthcare #EHR #disruptors #BestBuy #caredelivery #mentalhealth
#medical #*/HIMSS23 #AI /#medicalnotes #progressnotes #patientportal
#CollaborativeHumanAISystems #HumanAwareAI #artificialintelligence

2 months ago

He heard there were going to be SWEET Black Friday deals at Best Buy, and wanted to be first in line when the store opened.

#OtherReasonsPaulRevereRodeAtMidnight #PaulRevere #HashTagGames #BestBuy #BlackFriday @hashtaggames

Scene from the TV show “Superstore” showing a crowd of people violently shoving their way into the Cloud 9 store to get great deals on Black Friday.
Morgane Oger
2 months ago

Best Buy Canada has some Tech jobs in Digital Platforms in the peer groups of the family I'm leading as Technology Manager for Integration.

These are remote-first Canada-only roles, applicants must be authorized to work in Canada. We prioritise workers in Metro Vancouver.

If we know one another IRL, reach out to me on Linkedin. Alternatively, please have a look at our careers site:

#hiring #work #canada #bestbuy #bestbuycanada #techjobs #diversity #trans #LGBTQ

Five open Tech jobs at Best Buy Canada: 
1. 2x Platform dev engineer
2. 1x Network engineer
3. 1x System engineer
4. 1x Database engineer

More info on Best Buy opportunities:

🚨 Beware of fake Best Buy/Totaltech/Geek Squad emails with attached invoices claiming you owe money. It's a call center/tech support scam, sent via Intuit QuickBooks e-mail servers—so it often gets past spam filters.

(Article by @theJoshMeister and @mcelhearn)

#PSA #scam #spam #fraud #phishing #phishingscam #BestBuy #Intuit #CyberAlerts #InfoSec #cybersecurity

IT News
2 months ago

Best Buy starts selling mail-in tech recycling boxes - Enlarge (credit: Best Buy)

Best Buy today announced an expansi... - #recycling #bestbuy #tech

Tech news from Canada
2 months ago

Ars Technica: Best Buy starts selling mail-in tech recycling boxes #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #recycling #bestbuy #Tech

2 months ago

Some interesting perks for shopping and support, but is @BestBuy Total Tech worth $200 a year?

#tech #shopping #deals #technology #bestbuy #geek

Kenneth Freeman
2 months ago

Seems to be the week for screw-ups. Landlord never picked up the spare key "for documentation" (whatever that means). H&W never returned my call. Someone thought it was a good idea to ship wire wastebaskets in loose packaging ﹘both arrived bent. #BestBuy couldn't cancel an order twenty minutes after I made it because it was "being shipped". I had to return the item and I'll be refunded in... two weeks. And then there's my brother...

John Bradshaw
2 months ago

@mookie Given how many trackers they use, it's surprising their website loads at all. (This was just in Safari.)

#BestBuy #safari - 41 trackers prevented from profiling you
2 months ago

We finally got enough together to get a new refrigerator for the friary. #BestBuy was supposed to deliver it today. They just called and said it will be next Friday at the soonest. If you know someone who can help, we really needed it delivered today.

Sorry to be such a bother.

#help #mastodon #calltoaction

Bishop Greer
2 months ago

We finally got enough together to get a new refrigerator for the friary. #BestBuy was supposed to deliver it today. They just called and said it will be next Friday at the soonest. If you know someone who can help, we really needed it delivered today.

Sorry to be such a bother.

#help #mastodon #calltoaction

Alan Houser ☻␆
3 months ago

Poor brick-and-mortar stores. 😥
"More than 800 stores are closing across the US in 2023. Here's the full list."

#Walmart #Macys #BedBathBeyond #BestBuy
#Gap #BananaRepublic #JCPenney #PartyCity
#Amazon #TuesdayMorning #BathBodyWorks
#BigLots #Sprouts

3 months ago

Best laptops of 2023 for all budgets
#tech #laptops #laptop #bestbuy

read here each one's pros and cons and find your best

Bob K Mertz
3 months ago

Oh yea.... I was just thinking my TV experience wasn't ask that great because they weren't spying on me enough. It's upsetting that companies continue to invade our privacy but it's beyond infuriating when they lie to us and tell us they are doing it for our own good.

#Roku #Privacy #Streaming #BestBuy #Spin #Marketing

3 months ago

Star VS the Forces of Evil has made me call #BestBuy , Quest Buy #StarVsTheForcesOfEvil #QuestBuy

Tech news from Canada
3 months ago

Ars Technica: Keyboard DIYing is moving outside hobbyist circles—and that’s a good thing #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #mechanicalkeyboards #Keyboards #bestbuy #Tech

3 months ago

Picked up Like A Dragon: Ishin! today. Unfortunately, there's a slice in the cover I didn't notice until I left Best Buy. I am returning it for a replacement or refund. #BestBuy #LikeADragon

Beth Pariseau
4 months ago

#Dynatrace's previously aggressive #NoOps vision hasn't come to fruition, but some users such as #Vivint, #Photobox and #BestBuy have begun to see real-world #AIOps results with root-cause analysis and automated rollbacks. #Perform2023

oh, damn. just heard some random savagery against a #BestBuy employee on #RobotChicken:

"daaaaamn, who put a blue shirt on a pile of shit?"

#SickBurn #damn #LaughedSoHardItEchoed #savage

Ricardo Harvin
4 months ago

Finally got the #4K #UHD 40th anniversary 6 #disc set of #ApocalypseNow from #BestBuy.

I only recently found out this existed, probably because in #2019 I was still struggling to recover from the temporary #quadriplegia that hit me in #January #2018 (and still affects me).

#WakandaForever (preordered) prompted me to finally buy a 4K disc player; I gave away all physical media and my #DVD player when I moved from #DC in 2017.

I'll be rebuilding my library with my favs, and already have 6 now.

Rasta™ OLD
4 months ago

𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐚 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥 𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐡 𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 - to receive an e-Receipt, rather than a paper one — do they really know where their details are being sent? #CBC #News
#Privacy #Retail #DataSharing #Data #Facebook #HudsonBay #PetSmart #Gap #Meta #Sharing #Lululemon #BestBuy #Sephora #BedBathBeyond #Anthropologie #HomeDepot #OfflineConversion #Email #CyberSecurity #Customers

"𝐖𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐥𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐚-𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐬"

Facebook Activity Details 
Showing Petsmart, and bold statement, HOW DID FACEBOOK GET THIS ACTIVITY and less bold, this activity was shared via Facebook Business Tools. 

(a record of your offline purchases shared with Facebook / Meta, by the retailer you purchased from.)
The retailer PetSmart Canada appears in a user's list of 'off-Facebook activity' downloaded from the social media platform. (Thomas Daigle/CBC)
4 months ago

The lighting is squirrelly here, but I’ve resurrected the very first #mac I ever owned: a 1st gen, #g4 #macmini. Bought 2, open box for $125 each when I worked at #bestbuy. They’d been returned, and because no one really knew what to make of them, we just couldn’t sell them. The GM wanted them out of inventory, and thus my obsession was born. #iamridiculous😊

A 46” TV being used as a computer monitor for an 18 year old Mac Mini computer.
Armando R. :computerfairies:
5 months ago

A warning to anyone about to buy something from #GameStop, don't! Money doesn't suddenly make a mismanaged company better, just gives them more money to waste. I ordered an in stock GPU a week ago and they still haven't prepared it at all. It's a lot of money to have in limbo. I should have just gone with #BestBuy.

5 months ago

Big Thanks to Amanda at the in Williamsburg VA, who helped us pick up a new laptop for streaming! Been Setting it up for the last couple of days so let's see if we can get this stream going!!
7:30 EST on

#BestBuy #Minecraft #Xbox

Tech news from Canada
5 months ago

Ars Technica: Best Buy offers free shipping for all members, but cuts Totaltech benefits #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #Electronicsstore #mybestbuy #TotalTech #bestbuy #retail #Tech

IT News
5 months ago

Best Buy offers free shipping for all members, but cuts Totaltech benefits - Enlarge (credit: Best Buy)

Big changes are afoot in electronic... - #electronicsstore #mybestbuy #totaltech #bestbuy #retail #tech

Tech News Worldwide
5 months ago

Best Buy offers free shipping for all members, but cuts Totaltech benefits

#Electronicsstore #mybestbuy #TotalTech #bestbuy #retail #Tech

5 months ago

The slow wearing down of rewards programs is kind of incredible to notice. #bestbuy is pretty much making it moot unless you get a credit card through them. So that’s a program I’ll never think about again.

Reward points change: The second change is that on February 14, 2023, earning points on eligible Best Buy purchases will become an exclusive benefit of the My Best Buy® Credit Card. To continue earning rewards on your Best Buy purchases, you can apply for the My Best Buy® Credit Card and earn 10% back* in rewards on your first day of purchases. Plus, for a limited time you can earn a $100 reward certificate* when you apply, are approved for, and spend $100 on your new My Best Buy® Credit Card at Best Buy. Activation required. Offer ends February 13, 2023.
5 months ago

@scottrut OK, I just ordered an Eero from Best buy. It should arrive on Tuesday. #BestBuy #eero

5 months ago

@scottrut OK thanks, Eero is probably at the top of my list. My brother got one recently and he had no trouble setting it up and gave me the thumbs up when it came to accessibility. I think I'll go to Best buy to add one to my cart, along with a wireless charging for my iPhone. #BestBuy #iPhone #eero

5 months ago

@scottrut I bought my current router before we moved into this house, so it's at least 11 years old! I've been thinking of a new router since this one is getting so long in the tooth, we recently cut the cord and for some reason my Peloton gets poor reception. Researching routers is probably something I'll get to this weekend. I probably have some Best Buy coupons I need to use up anyway. #BestBuy

Seth "Football Collector"
5 months ago

People tend to blame #Amazon for the downfall of retail, but I disagree. I certainly think Amazon was a contributing factor. But the retail environment never adapted to a new way of shopping. Ironically, I think the retailer that has done the best to fend off Amazon, besides #Costco, is #BestBuy.

David Bisset
5 months ago

As this #BestBuy sticker trends again (like it does every year) i reflect that:

- We still need to fear dates in computer code (see 2038, etc.)
- Stickers was the best reminder.
- That Best Buy is still around 23 years later.

Of course for the most part Y2K turned out to be nothing but mostly in part to good programmers. You're welcome.

Sticker from Best Buy from 1999 that says: "Remember: turn your computer off before midnight on 12/31/99."
5 months ago

I got a #Sonos Roam SL for Christmas, but it turns out what I really wanted was a Sonos Roam, since that had the microphone and the smart assistant. Since my wife got me the Roam SL from #BestBuy, we just needed to swing by and exchange it. I was shocked how easy it was to exchange.

The Sonos Roam sounds great! I'm really impressed with the music it pumps out. With its battery, smart assistant and Bluetooth support, I was able to replace three devices in my master bedroom.

The only disappointment I had was that I can't use Alexa and Googles Assistant at the same time. I have to choose between one or the other. It's making me think that I need to settle on one ecosystem and stop trying to keep a foot in each camp.

cinnamini ⭐ nes era ⚫
6 months ago

@realcaseyrollins have u seen binge-boxes on #amazon or #bestbuy

David Chartier
6 months ago

Bought a #HomePod mini from Best Buy (they're on sale!), got four emails.

#Apple and #BestBuy, this is way too much. You realize a single email can contain multiple pieces of content, right?

Screenshot of four emails from Best Buy. One is an order confirmation for a HomePod, which is normal. The other three are promotions of services that work with that HomePod. This is obnoxious and bad.
Cassidy James Blaede
6 months ago

I was supposed to have a package arrive today from Best Buy, but it shows me three different things all on the same page; the order is simultaneously:

• Arriving today (it's 11 PM…)
• Ready to be shipped
• Cancelled

Also who the eff is Roadie and why did Best Buy hand off my package to this "gig economy" company?

#complain #BestBuy #Roadie

Order Details

Purchase Date: Dec 16, 2022

Order Number: (redacted)

Shipment One Arriving Today
Roadie: Ready to be shipped

Tracking info:
Mon, Dec 19, 9:01a.m. Delivery Cancelled, Pickup Time was Exceeded
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
6 months ago

Gon' head and pick you up a Mac!

Best Buy Expands Upgrade+ Program to Include iMac and Mac Studio

#BestBuy #UpgradePlus #iMac #MacStudio #Apple

Seven iMacs in an assortment of colors
Rev Dr Tech-Dude 👽
6 months ago

Computer stores aren’t what they used to be. Went to 3 this morning looking for a HDD and none of them carried any in stock. Never thought I’d say this but I kind of miss #BestBuy.

Mike Gerdts
6 months ago

@dexter how is it that I had never heard of #Federated until today but I have heard of #BestBuy?

11 months ago

Observation. #PlayStation5 consoles are STILL not available in our local #WalMart, #Amazon wants me to join a waiting list, #Bestbuy is sold out and Walmart's website wants over $700 to get one from a third party. Being a #PCGamer or #Nintendo gamer is basically a necessity now.

PS5 console listed from a third party on WalMart's website for $689.
PS5 listing on Amazon requiring you to "request an invite".
codeHaiku :fosstodon:
1 year ago

Had to go to #bestbuy a couple of times today. They have some damn good prices. I didn't know this.

Tip: Check online for their Best Buy Essentials brand. It is not on the sales floor. Go to the store and give them a SKU. They will go to the back and get it for you.

Hey Manu!!
3 years ago

Que se va #BestBuy de México compas. ¿Cómo ven? creo que de las tiendas que venden tecnología era una de las mejorcitas...

steve mookie kong
4 years ago

I needed toner for the printer. It’s the same price at Amazon and Best Buy. I could get free two-day shipping at Best Buy or in-store pick up in a hour today. Both options without needing an annual fee. I find it hard to justify Amazon Prime if I just use Amazon for shopping — which I do.

#amazon #bestbuy #shopping

Die größte Elektronik-Ladenkette der USA verbannt CDs aus ihren Regalen. Eine andere Handelskette will CDs und DVDs nur noch in Kommission feilbieten. #AudioVideo #BestBuy #CD #DVD #Einzelhandel #Kanada #Musik #Target #USA