Jessa Forest
3 months ago

Just wanted to share, this is Lotara. She's FIV positive, has a heart murmur, has feline herpes, and is deaf. She is the tiniest badass I have ever met. Read more about her story:

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A black and white tuxedo cat with gold eyes and long whiskers.

It’s been two years. I still think of you every single day. I still sing to you, talk to you, and am happysad when Sammy brings me one of your favorite toys, crying to announce himself with the toy in his mouth (just like you did). Grandma talks to you and Walt at the tree where we buried a bit of each of you. Jessie still dreams of you. You are missed.

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Sadie (dilute tortie) years ago in California. She was indoor/outdoor then and she’s looking up at the black phoebe nest over the back door.
10 months ago

Luna's new favorite spot while I'm working. I'm now very popular during conference calls.

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Black cat on my shoulders.

Happy #Caturday! May your weekend be as relaxed as Sophie sleeping on her back on the couch.

(Miss you, Sophie💕#RIP #BestCatEver)

Close-up of a slumbering medium-haired tabby cat lying on her back on a couch cushion, showing off her snuggly face, tummy, and back toes
Closeup of furry belly and upright gently curved kitty back toes resting against a couch cushion
11 months ago

“If you stare into the abyss, sometimes the abyss requires you to pet it.”-Nietzsche(ish)

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Black cat getting petted on her cute little face 
11 months ago

Every. Single. Time. I use my standing desk, this little void of eternal darkness appears to take my spot. And pretends to be instantly asleep.

#iamthenight #iamdarkess #iamthevoid #iamsupercute #bestcatever

Enjoying a snowy #Festivus in Pittsburgh! It’s cookie baking day here. I’m in my favorite chair, and Pepe is resting after vomiting up some of my mother’s Christmas decorations. #BestCatEver #CatsOfMastodon

Black and whit cat on a small rug looking out a patio door at the snow
1 year ago

@Cherteapet I’ve had cats that had cat friends, my cat Judge is a real lover. #BestCatEver

1 year ago

Let’s have one of my favourite photos of all time. This is Bruno, the best cat ever, a cat in a lifetime. He was 15 when I took this photo, and lived til he was 18
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