Cycling Europe
2 hours ago Can’t decide, stay vintage with all the warts (6 speed freewheel) or update a bit to freehub 8-9 speed and ‘brifters’. Thankfully I have a bike collective nearby to source middle age parts from. #Bicycle #Bicycling #Bike #Biking #Cycling #Vintage #VintageBicycles #VintageBikes

Can’t decide, stay vintage with all the warts (6 speed freewheel) or update a bit to freehub 8-9 speed and ‘brifters’. Thankfully I have a bike collective nearby to source middle age parts from.
Cycling Europe
3 hours ago
Does anyone know what this bolt is called or if it's possible to buy a replacement without buying an entire caliper?
chris actually
5 hours ago

Ok trying this again from mobile this time.

Got a set of the #photondrop #bike lights they’ve been advertising on instagram. Here’s a comparison to my existing tail light (left). A little brighter than I assumed they’d be. Bike is in the shop but can’t wait to put this on and do a night ride 🤘🏼🚴🏼‍♂️🚨

#cycling #outdoors #cool

chris actually
5 hours ago

Gonna retry uploading that video of the #photondrop #bike light later. First one was super compressed and yucky. Could barely tell what was goin on

Benjamin Han
6 hours ago
brad m
7 hours ago

“Getting around #Atlanta on a day-to-day basis, though? There’s absolutely nothing fun about that. My #ebike changes that completely. It’s all the fun of riding your #bike that you remember as a kid, except you can actually go places and do things” #cycling #mobility #activetransport

rob p
11 hours ago

One of my favourite UK trails in 30 seconds.

#biketooter #video #reels #mtb #bike #lakedistrict #borrowdale #offroad #downhill

Cycling Europe
11 hours ago Didn’t need my first day of snowy commuting to coincide with my first broken chain, but I now feel justified for carrying a chain tool everywhere for the past however many months #Bicycling #Bike #BikeCommuting #Biking #Commuting #Cycling

Didn't need my first day of snowy commuting to coincide with my first broken chain, but I now feel justified for carrying a chain tool everywhere for the past however many months
Khurram Wadee ✅
15 hours ago

First day a little bit of #snowing this season. The ambient temperature was several degrees above zero and so nothing settled and #cycling was just in the cold, with a little added wind chill. The ground conditions were just like during rain. After that, even coming into an unheated house and quickly changing into dry clothes again made it seem surprisingly cosy for a couple of hours.

#Biking #Bike #Bicycle #Cycle

18 hours ago

Mein neuer Fahrradtacho 🚴‍♂️ möchte
vor Arbeitsbeginn verschiedenste
Dinge wissen. 🤔
Unter anderem das Gewicht meines
Fahrrades... Aber so gar keine Ahnung!

Also wiegen.
Kofferwage von Freund geliehen.
Ok, dann also 15,05kg...

Das beruhigt mich ungemein! 😁

Ich muss ja auch sehr auf's korrekte Leistungsgewicht achten,
wo ich doch selbst kein Gramm
zu viel habe! 😁😇😁

#Fahrrad #bike #Gewicht #weight

Cranky Clown
1 day ago

5 pm Main to Glenwood #Boise River greenbelt report: 33°F and clear, aside from the construction sign in my #bike lane (again, at the same location). I wonder if Valley Glass is responsible for this? They love parking on the sidewalk and blocking the bike lane in front of their business. I counted 3 bikes, 14 peds, and 4 good dogs this evening. #cycling #carbonFootprint #cardio #bikeTooter #idaho

Construction sign and frame dangerously blocking the bike lane on Main Street at 24th.
Mark Lepper
2 days ago

I'm thinking about getting a stationary bike, and want something of good quality but that won't cost an arm and a leg. Does anyone have a #recommendation? I have no interest in a peloton, for the record. #stationarybike #exercisebike #cycling #biking #bike #exercise #bicycle

Wandering Thinker
2 days ago

А вот сегодня ранним утром снег пошёл всерьёз... И по возвращении домой в половине девятого утра полкилометра полевой дороги пришлось заменить на полкилометра строительной времянки-бетонки, по которой стройтехника ездит. В этом кино меня особенно впечатлил эпизод "Обгоняя бульдозеры" и охреневшие от вида обгоняющего их велосипедиста глаза бульдозеристов. И не только они. Встречка тоже остановилась от такого зрелища...

За эти пятьсот метров собрал за собой колонну машин в пятнадцать, потому что по этой снежной каше на льду я боялся ехать по краю дороги, а машины боялись обгонять на такой узкой, в две плиты, дороге. 😀 Это, конечно, стоило бы заснять на видео. Но минус пять и густая метель с сильным порывистым ветром не располагали к творчеству. Да и если бы я ещё и остановился поснимать, то все присутствующие, не смотря на непогоду, точно бы вышли из машин и били бы меня ногами. Так что фото и видео, увы, не будет. 😀

#bike #WInterBike #велосипедизм #зима #снег #lang ru

The AccursedRace #TARNO1: Lost Dot's No-Fly, Fixed Route, Offroad-Rennen, das den Balkan erkundet - die Kernländer des transkontinentalen Rennens.

The Accursed Race nimmt die Fahrer mit auf eine Reise entlang des Daches des #Balkans und erkundet mühsames Gelände und spektakuläre Landschaften, die sich über jedem Gipfel verwandeln. 1600 km: #Shkodër, #Albanien, #Montenegro, #Bosnien #Herzegowina, #Kosovo, #Albanien

#bike #mountainbike #gravelbike #komoot

Jakub Krawczyk
2 days ago

Chodniki nie odśnieżone, rzucone na odwal się trochę piachu i elo, fajrant, pora na CSa, więc musiałem jechać asfaltem na którym błoto z zasolonego śniegu. Nie było to zbyt przyjemne doświadczenie, ale z racji że wczoraj śnieg zaskoczył polskich kierowców to dzisiaj na jezdni luźniej, ponieważ większość stoi albo do wymiany opon albo do blacharzy.

#bike #rower #biketrip

Mela Eckenfels
2 days ago

15 Radler Health Hazards:

1. LKW-Fahrer
2. Auto-Fahrer
3. Fußgänger mit Hunden
4. Fußgänger
5. andere Fahrradfahrer
6. Das Wetter
7. Scherben & andere scharfkantige Gegenstände
8. Vögel
9. Fliegen und andere Insekten
10. schlecht befestigte Ladung
11. Wartung Schmartung
12. »Klar kann ich die Bremsen auch selbst reparieren.«
13. Schlechte Werkstätten
14. Kaninchen
15. Blesshühner

#bike #fahrrad #cyclinglife #cycling

News18 India
2 days ago

Police said that the accused met with Alam on Saturday, and the duo were seen chatting near a local club close to Madanpur railway station
#Bike #Gun #Woman #Boyfriend #Married

2 days ago

@universalhub hear that sound of silence? That’s all the #Nextdoor anti #bike fanatics failing to spout off about the real killers, drivers.

2 days ago

Today is the first real snow of the season, made for a nice #bike #commute through wintery forests and (mostly) cleared bike paths. #mdrza #frostpendeln #franconia #nuremberg

bike with bags standing on a snowy meadow
bike on a road through the forest. Sone branches are hanging onto the road from the weight of the snow
Bike lane that was cleared of snow, next to the main road. Outside of town in a semi rural area
3 days ago

Ce matin je pose une fois encore le vélo, retire les gants (la température avoisine les 3°C), et immortalise ce moment dans le lit du Vidourle (entre Sauve et Quissac).

#photo #MyWork #TravailPerso #CCBYNC #sunrise #Vidourle #fleuve #river #nature #nuages #clouds #automne #autumn #vélo #bike #Quissac #Sauve #Gard #Occitanie #France #matin
Une rivière sous la lumière naissante avec le reflet du soleil qui pointe au loin dans les nuages.
Cranky Clown
3 days ago

19°F is just too cold to get on the #bike this morning. I need to get my electric gloves working, which means finding all the parts. A nice excuse. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Jakub Krawczyk
3 days ago

Dzisiaj czeka mnie pierwsza jazda po śniegu w tym sezonie. Chyba wskoczę na chodnik, bo jak patrzę jak te ameby prowadzą to się trochę zaczynam obawiać.

#bike #rower #biketrip

Robins Voice
3 days ago

#Fahrrad #Velo #Bike #BikePacking #Camping #Langsamverkehr #Radfahrer #ProVelo #MIV #Umverkehr #Nachhaltig #ClubofRom #Natur #Öko #Biodiversität #Wald
Auf der Suche nach einem Weihnachtsgeschenk? Die Frau voller Empathie, Ärztin, Umweltaktivistin und Förderin des Frauenradsports Marlen Reusser unterstützt jetzt auch #Velafrica und deren Webshop. Dass wir :swi_swi: -er eine solch geniale Spitzensportlerin in unserer Reihe haben dürfen, macht mich stolz!

3 days ago

**RESPECT** when riding your #bike

R: respect the place
E: maintain the trail etiquette
S: share the trails
P: clean up and be in control of your pets
E: environment. Protect it.
C: closed trails aren't a suggestion
T: trash. Leave no trace

Seen on Reddit

#MTB #BikeToot

A signboard at a trail head reads:

R: respect the place
E: maintain the trail etiquette
S: share the trails
P: clean up and be in control of your pets
E: environment. Protect it.
C: closed trails aren't a suggestion
T: trash. Leave no trace
Cycling Europe
3 days ago
This guy broke my ankle in February. 2 decent rides in the last week have been cathartic.
brad m
3 days ago

“We want #trails that are connected in ways that are similar to #roads or #streets and that connect individual #trails to places people want to go,”
“big vision is that the country is linked together by #networks in #urban and #suburban places, and spines — long-distance #trails that then connect these #networks
“mission is to reimagine #publicspaces, to provide safe places for people to #walk and #bike and be active outdoors” #RailsToTrails #cycling #infrastructure

3 days ago

I live in a hilly place and when biking uphill. Using the smallest gear on the crank and the cassette, the chain skips over some cogs. I identified it is only on that combination (smallest gear on both).

I suspect I need to change the cassette, but is there any other alternative path I can take?


#bike #bicycle

5 days ago

@coderbyheart That is a great program. Making me jealous... a little bit #bike #wintercycling #gutenmorgen

Felippe Katan
1 week ago


VEM AÍ: #MarolaCat 3!

Guarde a data: 16/12. Sábado!

Prova em duplas. Zona Sul do RJ.

Mais informações: em breve.

#ciclismo #ciclismoUrbano #bicicleta #VaDeBike #AlleyCat #bike

@fedibikes_br @fedibikes

Velocipedestrienne 🇿🇦
1 week ago

If you want 20% off Cleverhoods #Bike gear this weekend use the code CleverThinking

Les Orchard
1 week ago

Poking around at some new #bike ride routes around #pdx. One of them takes me across the St. Johns Bridge. I might try it, but I'd probably end up walking the bike part way across.

No way I'm going to fall for "sharrows" in a lane with semis going 50MPH. Speed limit is technically 35 and I can go 20, but hahah no.

Screenshot of Google Maps street view in the middle of St. Johns Bridge. Four lanes of car traffic, narrow sidewalks on either side barely 2 people wide.
Another screen shot of Google Maps street view in the middle of St Johns Bridge. In the right lane, there's a sad little bike "sharrow" that's half worn off.
1 week ago

Who do yous reckon is the better motorbiker?

#Bike #Motorbike #Motorcycle #Poll #Question

Cars quite often push me out from a road from side, but today a driver just hit me frontally. He just rushed into the T intersection ignoring the right hand priority rule.. Luckily in low speed as he jumped on breaks when spotted me.
Work #bike rides are becoming wild.

1 week ago

Nice day today so I rode into town for lunch. I forgot to put on sunscreen, I've really got out of the habit since leaving Australia.

#bike #ebike #wellington

A windless Wellington Harbour looking towards Oriental Bay.
Brian Beach
1 week ago

I hit the 400 mile mark on my new Tern Vektron e-bike on the way to work. It happened right near the bakery, which I took as a sign that it was a good day to pick up scone to have with my morning coffee.

Almost all of my riding has been to and from work. It's an 8-mile round trip, so that's about 50 commutes on the bike, and not in the car. The trip is much more enjoyable riding on the bike path through campus; the route for the car is on the bypass highway that goes around campus.

#bike #ebike #WarOnCars #Bloomington #Indiana

Looking down at the handlebars of the bike, with the electronic display showing an even 400 miles on the odometer.
1 week ago

Damn all cars parked on urban cycle lanes! 🚲🙈🚗😱🚨

I had to swerve to avoid a delivery truck conveniently using the cycle lane to stop & was surprised by a parked car that had stopped because a motorbike had just hit it. Classic pile-up. The bike slipped as I tried to get back onto the raised cycle lane 🌧️🌧️. Ow!

Silver lining: a maiden trip as cargo in
@brunostrasser bike, as he rescued me in front of the uni & delivered me to my lecture hall! 🏆
#bike #cycling #bikecommuting

Ice packs on legs, with no injuries visible.
Brad Koehn
2 weeks ago

I guess I didn’t realize how good we have it in #Minnesota. #Bike lanes tend to be plentiful, wide, and unobstructed.

~Tilde #Gartenzaun
2 weeks ago

In meiner Timeline wurde dieses Bild in den letzten Tagen leider unvollständig geteilt.
Bitte teilt die richtige Version! Gerade in der dunklen Jahreszeit sind falsch eingestellte Lichter gefährlich.


Mehrere Diagramme mit selbsen Grundaufbau: Ein Fahhrad, der Lichtkelgel des Vorderlichts, eine Strichmännchen-Figur, ein Symbol mit Text.
Bild 1: Licht des Fahrrads blendet Figur, diese hält Hand vors Gesicht, Symbol: rotes X, Text: "zu hoch, Gegenverkehr geblendet"
Bild 2: Licht beleuchtet Figur, aber nicht Gesicht, Figur sieht fröhlich aus, Symbol: grüner Haken, Text: "optimal, keine Blendung, weite Ausleuchtung"
Bild 3: Licht reicht bis kurz vor das Vorderrad, Figur fröhlich, Symbol: rotes X, Text: "zu tief, kurze Ausleuchtung"
Bild 4: Fahrrad steht weiter vorne, Licht scheint nach hinten, Figur froh, Symbol: gelber Pfeil, der sich nach hinten bieht, Text: "zu rückwärts, gutes Rücklicht, schlechte Weite"
Bild 5: Fahrrad schießt Laser aus Vorderlicht, der Figur enthauptet, Symbol: rotes X, Text: "zu gebündelt, Gegenverkehr wird durch Laser zerschnitten"
Bild 6: Lichtkegel ist schwarz, Figur froh, Symbol: schwarz-weißes ?, Text "schwarzes Licht macht helle Straßen dunkel"
Bild 7: Licht leuchet nach oben mit Bat-Signal, Figur trägt Batman-Maske und Cape, Symbol: grüner Haken, Text: "Gotham-Modus, keine Blendung, Fußgänger werden von Batman gerettet"
Bild 8: Lichtkegel vom Himmel hebt Fahrrad in die Luft, Figur hat Alien-Kopf, Symbol: Akte X (mit rotem X), Text: "zu mysteriös, Entführung durch Aliens"
2 weeks ago

Liebe Stadtradler*innen, wie schützt Ihr Euch eigentlich davor, zu viel Scheiß einzuatmen?

Nachtrag: „Scheiß“ meint Feinstaub und was sich an Schadstoffen sonst leicht rausfiltern lässt.

(Bitte gerne reboosten, meine Reichweite ist doch recht begrenzt. :BoostOK:)
:ReplyOK: 🚴 😷 :rainbow_heart:

#fahrrad #bike

2 weeks ago

Had an amazing (but very cold, -1ºC and #snow) 1 hour ride with my #bike in the #mountains. Rose came along and behaved quite good! Pedalling up the mountain and then going down, such a blast. Love riding so much!

I'm kneeling in front of my bike, snow everywhere and mountains in the background. Rose, the Czechoslovakian wolf dog is sitting next to me. All looking at the camera.
2 weeks ago

Plan for a warm Saturday morning

#bike #biking #motorbike #motorbiking #Madrid #Spain

2 weeks ago

If you want a cheap to build, cheap to maintain infrastructure solution - #bike /micromobility lanes! Bikes and other #micromobility devices don't cause anywhere near the road damage that cars and trucks do, so they are much less expensive to maintain. Not to mention they are smaller and more fault tolerant than roads so they can be built for a fraction of the cost. Of course, that would require politicians to see micromobility as a valid form of transport first.

Brian Schwarz
2 weeks ago

We're looking to find a new home for our Xtracycle if anybody in the Boulder biking community is looking for a nice cargo bike.

It's a great long-tail cargo bike for hauling kids and groceries, but it doesn't fit our current needs.

Xtracyle seems to have shifted entirely over to making eBikes, so if you're looking for the non-electric cargo bike experience, this is a fantastic option.

Craigslist link:

(located in Boulder County, Colorado)

#boulder #colorado #bike #cargobike #LafayetteColorado #Xtracycle

Long tail Xtracycle cargo bike.
2 weeks ago

This weekend Sunday, November 19, 2023 is #WorldDayofRemembrance where folks come together to commemorate folks whose lives were lost to traffic violence
#NYC #Harlem #TheBronx #UptownNYC feeder ride starts 116/5Av at 9am.

See you there.

#Urbanist #Bike #UrbanistNYC #bikeNYC

Traffic Violence is UP in NYC
For the rest of the world looking to the US for leadership…
…keep those heavy, high hooded vehicles off your streets.

Find your ride:

Join the Uptown (NYC) Feeder Ride November 19, 2023, 9am EST
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
Join Families for Safe Streets and Transportation Alternatives as we remember and honor the victims of road traffic violence together
Meet at 116th St. & 5th Ave. (NE Corner)

Contact for info

SEAL: Families for SAFE Streets
Hypolite Petovan
2 weeks ago

Yesterday night, on our bike ride from school, as my helmeted kid and I were stopped at a red light on the painted bike lane, the driver next to us lowered their window to ask me where my helmet was.

Initially taken aback by the sheer entitlement of the request, I curtly told them to mind their own business, after all they were driving 2 tons of metal so where was their helmet?

Visibly on the back foot, they tried to justify that they were a “concerned [citizen]” (wink @bekopharm ). I replied I was concerned cars like theirs could kill me, which gave them an opportunity to mention the hypothetical usefulness of a helmet (in a collision with a car, it’s near useless).

At this point, the light turned green and while we started to ride away, they pretended to ram me by swerving at low speed into the bike lane.

At this point I’m used to drivers simply annoyed at bicyclists, probably because they would like to cross at the red too, but this was a new one for me.

#BikeTooter #Bike #Bicycle #CarCulture

2 weeks ago

Guess I should do an intro post since I’m trying to expand my circle around here. In the last year I’ve moved from #WestVirginia to #Boston, changed from a Support Tech to a #SystemsAdmin, and explored my sexuality and relationship structure(though this last two are still undefined). Recently suspected neurodivergence due to #ADHD and #Autism. I run a #Plex Server for family use, play a lot on my #SteamDeck, and try to #Bike more when I can. Also living with #CrohnsDisease for the last 5 years!

Bicycling Monterey
2 weeks ago

Nov 29, 2023 at noon, via Zoom:
The first Advance Session in preparation for California Bicycle Coalition / #CalBike 2024 California Bicycle Summit. Advance Session is FREE; registration required:

Advance Session attendees will get a special discount for the 2024 Summit, which is scheduled for April 18-19, 2024 in #SanDiego, CA.

(Confused by image that displayed? Also at that link are Recorded Sessions from the 2022 California Bicycle Summit held in Oakland.)

#BikeTooter #California #ActiveTransportation #walking #cycling #bicycling #bike #BikeAdvocacy #BikeAdvocates #CityOfficials #CityPlanning #TransportationPlanning

Simon (a 🐮 in 🇳🇿)
2 weeks ago

Hey, #bike friends 🚴 , is #OpenTracks any good for tracking how much I #cycle around and such?

Jaap Burger
3 weeks ago

I finally got to see one of the world's newest bicycle wonders, Amsterdam's underground (or rather, underwater) bicycle parking at the Central Station.
Nice work - and of course the Dutch also cycle when it rains (although the large number of OV-fiets sharing bikes still available shows much less).
#cycling #bike

timelapse of entrance showing people with bikes moving up/down on escalators
panoramic pictures showing the inside of the bike garage
Bicycling Monterey
3 weeks ago

Where to report a bikeway maintenance need in #MontereyCounty, or maintenance needs for #California State Highways:

Report #VegetationOvergrowth, #TrafficSignal not triggered by #bicycles (no #BikeDetection), #potholes, #debris on shoulders or #bikeways, bikeways not clearly marked, damaged or missing bikeway #signs, #ConstructionObstacles, and other conditions interfering with #safe and efficient travel by #bike.

#BikeTooter #MontereyCounty #BikeLanes
#TransportationSafety #Caltrans

Photo shows a bike lane with vegetation overgrowth, on Garden Road in the city of Monterey, California

Riding #bicycles is good for your health and the planet but not everyone is able to ride a #bike so it's okay for them to drive cars even though they cause #climatechange because they can't help it.

#bikeTooter #cycling #cars #urbanism

The War on Cars
3 weeks ago

New episode up! We rode the bike lanes of Emeryville, California, with the city's mayor, John Bauters. He told us what elected officials really need to build an active transportation network: "I think political will is probably the biggest barrier."

#thewaroncars #transportation #podcast #emeryville #california #bike

Man in black t-shirt, backwards black baseball hat, and shorts on a bike standing on a bridge. A dog is in the front of his bike.
brad m
4 weeks ago

“if #cycling maintains cardiovascular performance more effectively than a $2m-a-year #antiaging regime, maybe a #bike is the only rejuvenation tool any of us really need”
“If #exercise were a drug, what’s the correct dose?”
“It’s tempting to assume that there is something like a clock encrypted in our #DNA counting down the time we have left. But that’s an unhelpful analogy” #bicycle #fitness #aging #longread

Alex :artblackcat:
4 weeks ago

That’s a 32 mile Bay Area bike ride completed! Richmond Bridge to Johnny Doughnuts to Sausalito to Golden Gate to SF Ferry/Bay Bridge!

Can’t believe I did it, but it was an awesome day out with my wonderful wife!

#cycling #bike #BikeTooter #BayArea

Kevin Stewart
4 weeks ago

Impromptu brewery and Exceptional Trees of Bellingham tour! First stop is Forest and Cedar Park. Check out the link below for more info:

#EToB #BellinghamWA #pnw #trees #bike #biketooter

2023’s Best #MidDrive #eBike Kit - Better than #Bafang #BBSHD?

First look at the new #cycmotor #photon #middriveebike conversion kit. This is the latest edition to #cyc’ s x1 pro gen 3 & x1 stealth gen 3 models. The new cyc photon is much closer in design to the bafang bbshd mid drive motor. The power of the photon is less that of the bafang bbshd but it delivers other benefits including a #torquesensor bottom bracket.

#bikeTooter #cycling #biking #ev #bike #bicycle

Spelling it "derailer" just to annoy bike nerds.

#bikeTooter #bicycle #bike #cycling @cycling

1 month ago

the particle accelerators #hera #petraIII in #hamburg are marked in #garmin as popular #bike routes...

screenshot of garmins online tool to create training routes for biking or running. It shows the map from hamburg with violet lines over streets to show their popularity with the userbase. two violet rings are clearly visible where there are no paths, often going thru structures. Those rings do overlap with the particle accelerators from hamburg.
⚡ Luis Montes 🚲
1 month ago

Here's video of our October ride in Mesa, AZ with the DJ Bike.

Had about 115 riders come out.

#BikeTooter #bike #BikeNite #cycling

Lucas Janin
1 month ago

Last road bike ride of 2023: The planned route was 108 km, heading to Parc-nature of #capSaintJacques and #ilesBizard

At the beginning, the sky was very dark, and it looked like rain was on its way. However, as predicted by the weather forecast, tiphonePhotographyun appeared, making it ideal for capturing photos of the golden leaves.

#montreal #quebec #bike #veloMTL #velo #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #outdoors #bikelife #cyclo #BikeTooter #autumn #photography #iphonePhotography #iPhone13Pro

A pedestrian and bike bridge stretched across a chillingly dark sky, with a church in the background.
Golden tree at its peak of beauty.
More golden trees with backlight, sun shot at 14mm.
Inside the Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques, a nice road with golden trees and no cars!