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Los Bracitos Treefrog, Los Bracitos tree frog, Hispaniolan Green Treefrog
(Hypsiboas heilprini)

Status: 🟡 Vulnerable


#RedList #EndangeredSpecies #ThreatenedSpecies #Biodiversity

A picture of Hypsiboas heilprini
More info and attribution:

It was a great coincidence to be in Arles, Provence, during the #rencontresarles. Amazing photo exhibitions around the city. Grow Up was my top favourite given the focus on biodiversity, plants-human relations, extractivism, ecological & climate disruption.

#Plants #ClimateDiary #Biodiversity

Grow up, recontresarles
Grow Up, #rencontresarles
Grown Up, #rencontresarles
Grow Up, Photoexhibition Arles
srrpnj 🌳♻️
5 hours ago

Here is a #Medium article that highlights negative consequences of large scale #lawn maintenance.

>We’re consuming gargantuan amounts of #water and #pesticides, emitting clouds of #pollutants, and shredding #biodiversity, just for [it].

The author offers alternatives for more ecologically responsible lawn maintenance as an outcome of #research being performed at #Cornell.

#ClimateChange #biodiversity #cleanwater


Photo by Petar Tonchev on Unsplash

>We’re consuming gargantuan amounts of #water and #pesticides, emitting clouds of #pollutants, and shredding #biodiversity, just for [lawn maintenance].
5 hours ago

@maexchen1 ich sage immer wenn die Leute fragen „mit Nichts kann man in seinem eigenen #Garten so viel für die #biodiversity tun, wie mit NICHTStun!“

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Sulfurhead Aulonocara, Sulfurhead aulonocara
(Aulonocara maylandi)

Status: 🔴 Critically Endangered


#RedList #EndangeredSpecies #ThreatenedSpecies #Biodiversity

A picture of Aulonocara maylandi
More info and attribution:
18 hours ago

Surveying remnant vegetation inside the clear- felling zone at Tuckers Nob forest by Dr. Tim Cadman:
Mapping remnant vegetation with Avenza inside Tuckers Nob compartments 26 and 27 now zoned active, and to be logged. "More ringwoods, some lovely bloodwoods, an original tallowwood, and two patches of natural forest. All most likely to be converted to plantation, and sold as sustainable certified plantation."

Mapping with Avenza

#StopLogging #RemnantVegetation #NativeForests #NSW #NSWLogging #ClearFelling #TheGreatKoalaNationalPark #Koalas #habitat #BellingenLogging #Bellingen #GlenifferRoad #TuckersNobStateForest #SaveTuckersNob #biodiversity #RemnantVegetation

Logging koala habitat, Tuckers Nob SF, Bellingen
Silver Dory
21 hours ago

Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW. A lot of different forms of the well named variable smokebush - Conospermum taxifolium - out at this location and further south near Ulladulla.

Conospermum are one of the lower profile NSW Proteaceae (compared to Waratahs, Grevilleas and Bankias growing nearby!) and not as showy as some of the more well known WA species. But still interesting when in flower. Unfortunately Conospermum are generally difficult to propagate and not often stocked by nurseries.

#Conospermum #Proteaceae #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW
Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW
22 hours ago

“Nature Positive”?

The nature repair market - We must be wary of greenwashing
Australia’s goal: “drive private sector investment to protect and repair our environment. The New South Wales review of biodiversity laws recommended nature positive become “mandatory.”"

CSIRO handbook to guide Australian businesses towards nature positive future.

What is wrong with “Nature Positive”?
#NSW #NaturePositive #markets #financialisation #nature #degradation #stockbroking #ecosystems #biodiversity #biosphere #governance

Logging and clear felling Bellingen's biodiversity, NSW
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A picture of Naja mandalayensis
More info and attribution:
Miro Collas
1 day ago

Why is Mexico standing up to bigger neighbours US, Canada on corn? | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera

“Mexico is the centre of origin of more than 55 strains of maize. The food security policy of the Government of Mexico consists of preserving this biocultural heritage,” the government said in a statement

Good for them!

#GMO #Capitalism #Biodiversity

LM Little
1 day ago

Statement from Ecojustice on #Ontario’s reversal of #Greenbelt plan - “Today’s decision is thanks to the journalists who have covered this scandal, to the local communities who rallied and campaigned for its reversal, and to environmental groups like Ecojustice and our allies who highlighted the importance of the Greenbelt to this province.”

#foodsecurity #WaterisLife #biodiversity #onpoli #NeverVoteConservative

Biodiv News
1 day ago

Nouvel article de Ornithomedia ! Test du Canon EOS R6 Mark II pour photographier les oiseaux lors d’un safari en Afrique du Sud

Lien :
#ornithomedia #news #biodiversity #science #ornithology

Atlas Obscura
1 day ago

To Save America's Native Bees, the Oregon Bee Project Is Mapping Every Single One

The project aims to make a complete 'bee atlas,' detailing every single local pollinator.#laboratories #longreads #oregon #libraries #library #data #endangeredspecies #climatechange #insects #collections #biology #biodiversity #scientistsatwork #science #honey #nativebees #maps #bees #section-Articles
To Save America's Native Bees, the Oregon Bee Project Is Mapping Every Single One

Fish Head
1 day ago

Investigative journalism works!

The right-wing Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, just reversed Greenbelt decision. Two ministers and two senior staffers resigned being after identified as corrupt.

#corrupt #Ontario #biodiversity #landuse @thenarwhal

Right-wing Premier of Ontario (province, Canada) Doug Ford, looking fat and unhappy.
Mikko Tuomi
1 day ago

Protected #nature areas are considered fundamental for maintaining #biodiversity and countering its loss.

But how effectively do established protected areas work and prevent negative trends?

Researchers found mixed effects, highlighting that protected areas do not fully meet the expectations set for them.

Rather than reversing the trend in biodiversity loss, current protected areas will, at best, help decelerate the species decline rate.

#extinction #biology #ecology

1 day ago

Westminster Councillor Ryan Jude speaking at full council on September about an ecological emergency declaration. Credit: Westminster Council.

A Westminster City Council meeting of the full council descended into a shouting match and jeers after a motion declaring an “ecological emergency” was passed.

Rival councillors booed and taunted each other after the Labour administration passed a declaration to shore up ecosystems.

Bringing the motion forward, councillor Ryan Jude, deputy cabinet member for climate action and biodiversity, said the declaration went one step further than current commitments put in place by the previous administration in 2019.

In a council meeting on Wednesday 20 September, he said: “As you know, local action to protect the environment is a top priority for this administration. 

“Similar declarations across the country have meant that discussing the climate emergency is now fairly mainstream, and rightly so. But the other side of the coin isn’t put on an equal footing, well, at least not yet.

“The declaration made in this room four years ago unfortunately did not go far enough. Unlike other councils, it did not address the second of twin, intertwined crises that we currently face: the ecological emergency.

“Tonight, I’m pleased that with this motion, we’ll begin to set this right.”

The motion laid out plans to “benchmark” and improve the state of Westminster’s ecology by commissioning more green projects, increasing recycling rates, and ensuring council buildings are equipped with renewable energy technology.

The Conservative opposition claimed the plans were “waffle” and that initiatives like planting trees was not down to political will but having enough space underground to ensure infrastructure is not damaged. 

They accused Labour of not including experts like local universities in the consultation process.

Tory councillor Jim Glen said: “This strategy proposed has an awful lot of audits, work groups, discussions, bureaucracy, and cost without actually delivering on anything or proposing anything new. 

“There seems to be a theme developing for this administration: there is an awful lot of talk and very little action except for the hollow virtue signalling and that is why, unless the following speakers are remarkably persuasive, we will be abstaining from this matter.”

Cllr Jude said the council was working with local stakeholders across the borough and accused the Tories of failing to meeting its manifesto pledge to plant 2,000 trees when they were in power.

He said: “Issues such as this should be above party politics. I am really, really disappointed and really, really angry, actually. 

“I’m sure for councillor Glen to speak so passionately about what happens in Westminster that he’s read all the many ecological emergency action plans that councils across the country have, including many of our neighbouring boroughs. 

“I have read them. I know the relative lack of actions that’s being committed to previously in this council and in the previous administration.

“I didn’t want to criticise you for that. I wanted us to take a step together and now you don’t want to go down that path with us.”

The motion passed during a rowdy session of voting that saw Labour councillors tease opposition members to have a “brave sole” and back the measure. 

Westminster Tories voted to abstain on a motion to declare an ecological emergency in the borough at full council. Credit: Westminster Council.

The declaration will see council resources poured into preserving the borough’s diverse wildlife and 1,000 species of tree following recommendations by a citizens panel on climate change.

Some 25 percent of the borough is made up of parks and green spaces and has 33 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs), according to the council. Around 39 percent of these sites were ranked as having “average to rich” or “rich” species diversity.

Westminster Council will also consider the Citizens Climate Assembly recommendations to new green projects, increase recycling rates, and equipping council buildings with renewable energy technology.

According to the council, Westminster’s parks are home to various species of bird and wildfowl including tawny owls and geese. They claim the borough is also known to be home to species of bat, hedgehogs, foxes, insects, and invertebrates.

Four years ago this week Westminster Council declared a “Climate Emergency”, and committed itself to ambitious targets including becoming a Net Zero council by 2030 and a Net Zero city by 2040. 

Earlier this year, the council announced £350k of funding for new green infrastructure projects as part of the Greening Westminster programme.

Council – Wednesday 20 September 2023.

#biodiversity #ecologicalEmergency #localDemocracyReporting #WestminsterCityCouncil

Councillor Ryan Jude standing up and speaking at meeting.
Silver Dory
2 days ago

Mallacoota orchids - spotted donkeys + dusky fingers in open heathland to kick off the spring show. Lack of recent rainfall will probably mean this year is not a classic East Gippsland orchid season but some good patches out in some locations (so far!)

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Mallacoota orchids - spotted donkeys + dusky fingers - spring 2023.
Franziska Albrecht
2 days ago

This made my day yesterday: The European Court of Justice finds that Germany has violated it's obligations under the Habitat Directive. We've all known that for years, very nice to now get confirmation from the EU's highest court:

#biodiversity #NatureProtection #Natura2000 #environment #Germany

Red List IUCN
2 days ago

Scrawny Stubfoot-toad, Longnose Stubfoot Toad, Longnose stubfoot toad
(Atelopus longirostris)

Status: 🔴 Critically Endangered


#RedList #EndangeredSpecies #ThreatenedSpecies #Biodiversity

A picture of Atelopus longirostris
More info and attribution:
LM Little
2 days ago

Sometimes there's good news. Grassroots #activism works and #independentMedia matters. Thanks to @thenarwhal for staying on this story and exposing the corruption.

#Onpoli #Greenbelt #biodiversity #WaterisLife #EnvironmentalProtection

LM Little
2 days ago

“We know what the solutions are. They’re practical, they’re affordable, they’re ready for prime time. They don’t fry the planet when used as directed and we can make the transition, we just have to get on with it,”

#ClimateBreakdown #ClimateAction #Wildfires #Drought #PublicHealth #PlanetaryHealth #Ecosystems #Biodiversity

Brendan Jones
2 days ago

"The extinction crisis is as bad as the climate change crisis. It is not recognized"

"a “mutilation of the tree of life” with massive potential harms to human society."

#biodiversity #extinction #anthropocene

Bread and Circuses
2 days ago

Humans are causing the sixth mass extinction.

"Entire Branches on Tree of Life Are Dying, Scientists Warn"

Ecologist Gerardo Ceballos from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Stanford University conservation biologist Paul Ehrlich assessed species extinctions since 1500 CE and compared those of the past 500 million years. They found we've driven 73 genera of back-boned animals to extinction during the last 500 years.

This rate is 35 times higher than previous genus-level extinctions.

Without human influence, it would have taken 18,000 years for the same number of genera to have met their end. Other studies have also found similarly high extinction rates for plant, fungi, and invertebrate life as well.

"This mass extinction is causing rapid mutilation of the tree of life, where entire branches and the functions they perform are being lost," explain the researchers.

The most vulnerable species are usually the most unique, yet overlooked on the planet. Along with them we'll lose millions of years of evolutionary history, which can never be repeated, as well as the loss of critical functions they performed that helped keep all the surrounding biological cycles chugging on like a well-oiled machine.

Climate change alone is creating a massive destabilization across these systems, scattering critical timing of ecosystem services like pollination, reducing the types of species and allowing new ones to invade more easily.

"Immediate political, economic, and social efforts of an unprecedented scale are essential if we are to prevent these extinctions and their societal impacts," say Ceballos and Ehrlich. "What happens in the next two decades will very likely define the future of biodiversity and homo sapiens."


#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #Biodiversity #Extinction

Simple schematic representation of the mutilation of the Tree of Life because of generic extinctions and extinction risks. The bottom half of the tree depicted as dead branches shows examples of the extinct genera, and the upper half shows examples of genera at risk of extinction.
Rewilding Magazine
2 days ago

"Everything that birds really need is provided by a healthy ecosystem: berries, seeds, insects and other invertebrates.

"It’s diversity that makes for a well-planned bird garden, which is very different from what many people have always done: put seeds in a feeder and call it a day."

#rewilding #birds #nativeplants #biodiversity #insects #gardening #restoration #landscaping

Silver Dory
3 days ago

Grevillea patulifolia* in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW. Leaves are more rigid/pointed than Grevillea linearifolia (which G. patulifolia was once included in) but the abundant slightly pink flowers are attractive.

Unfortunately don't see a lot of this or similar G. linearifolia related species in nirseries (outside of specialist native nurseries) although some compact coastal forms have been more widely grown. The slightly prickly foliage on G. patulifolia is probably not going to help it become a popular choice for growers or nurseries but I'd definitely grab a couple for my garden if I ever saw them for sale somewhere.

*Bungled the ID in original post - G. linearifolia is also growing nearby at this location but this is not it ... didn't realise Grevillea patulifolia could also be seen growing at Ulladulla.

#Grevilleas #Proteaceae #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Grevillea patulifolia in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW.
Grevillea patulifolia in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW.
Silver Dory
3 days ago

Caladenia hillmanii (purple-heart fingers) near Hyams Beach, NSW. A lot of variation in flower size, shape and colour at this location growing in both open forest and coastal heath. The occasional larger pink-flowering forms were particularly eye-catching.

Several similar(and also quite variable) Caladenia species also growing nearby (C. carna and C. alata) - so a lot of small pink/white orchids to enjoy in a small area!

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Caladenia hillmanii (purple-heart fingers) - orchids near Hyams Beach, NSW
Caladenia hillmanii (purple-heart fingers) - orchids near Hyams Beach, NSW
Brendan Jones
3 days ago

Besides the general bad news that glyphosate might be used in the EU another 10 years, this is really saying the quiet part out loud:

“A high-ranking Commission official acknowledged that, in the EFSA conclusion, “there are some data gaps, and some issues are not fully finalised,” but said that this “is the case in practically all of EFSA’s conclusions on all substances”.”

#glyphosate #Biodiversity #EU #agriculture

Soh Kam Yung
3 days ago

"Most plants in the Rafflesia genus – which have the largest known flowers in the world – are under threat of extinction, according to an international team of botanists."

#SouthEastAsia #Plants #Biodiversity #Rafflesia #Nature

Entomological Soc. of America
4 days ago

New special collection in Insect Systematics and Diversity: 16 articles useful to demonstrate and teach key concepts and methods in systematics, evolution, and biodiversity of insects and related arthropods. #entomology #insects #systematics #evolution #biodiversity

Purple background with white text: "New Special Collection: Systematics, Evolution, and Taxonomy Teaching Resources II | Insect Systematics and Diversity | Read Now." At right is a circle inside which is a collage of ISD journal covers. At top left is an Oxford University Press logo and at top right is an Entomological Society of America logo.
4 days ago

Gibts hier #Fedizen aus #Bremen? Da sitzen wir nämlich mit unserem Büro. Und da könnt ihr ab Mittwoch bis Samstag in der Zentralbibliothek Bremen unsere Autorin Katharina Jakob treffen. Sie gibt spannende Workshops zum Thema #Klimaschutz. Und redet über #Biber. Und ihr könnt ihr Rechercheaufträge stellen. Kommt vorbei! #meetup #Bibliothek #biodiversity

Silver Dory
5 days ago

Flannel flowers (Actinotus helianthi) starting to flower in good numbers in the South Pacific Heathland Reserve, Ulladulla NSW. The reserve is a great spot to easily see a wide range of coastal heathland plants + enjoy some tasty views of the local beaches!

#Wildflowers #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #Shoalhaven #Beaches #InTheField

Flannel flowers (Actinotus helianthi) starting to flower in good numbers in the South Pacific Heathland Reserve, Ulladulla NSW
Coastal views from the South Pacific Heathland Reserve, Ulladulla NSW
Flannel flowers (Actinotus helianthi) starting to flower in good numbers in the South Pacific Heathland Reserve, Ulladulla NSW
Aspen Proposal
5 days ago

One of our goals is to change the way people think about humanity’s role on this planet and our relationship with the rest of our extended family.

And that often brings us into conflict with religious viewpoints.

We have no desire to hurt anyone that relies on their faith for meaning and comfort so we just point out that humanity has learned a lot about the universe since Buddha or Jesus or Confucius lived and taught.

We think that if they were alive today, they would frame things a little differently, given what we understand about evolution and neurobiology.

But likely there would still be a focus on compassion and peace.

#philosophy #sustainability #future #biodiversity #Nature #politics #spirituality #religion #economics

Columbia lilies flowering along the Army Road in the Kimberley Nature Park.
5 days ago

Join us next week for a symposium showcasing and reflecting on the progress of the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme and discussing the future directions for the programme to support effective implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

Register for live stream ➡️

#GBIFBID #Biodiversity #Capacity #GBF #GlobalBiodiversityFramework

Collage of images including various animals and plants surrounding two people talking while looking at a screen
Silver Dory
6 days ago

Just noticed the first flower out on the growing stand of sun orchids just behind the house at home in Corunna, NSW. Maybe Thelymitra pauciflora - but might reassess this with a lot more flowers about to open this year. They are flowering very early in mid-Sept this year after a warm/dry winter - they didn't flower until the late Oct last year. First noticed a handful of plants out the kitchen window post 2020 bushfires - there are now 120+ plants up with most already in bud.

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring

Sun orchids flowering at Corunna, NSW - spring 2023.
MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
6 days ago

@acdha I expect prolly ditto for Harley Quinn...


Sorry, yes, i know, it's very serious, but sometimes i just have to go where the wordplay puns take me.

#ClimateCrisis #Biodiversity #WeAreTotallyFscked #Misanthropy

6 days ago

The gut-wrenching carnage of our precious native forests
"Taxpayers are having to subsidise the destruction of nature in Australia.”

"New images have emerged of what one conservation group chief describes as the “gut-wrenching carnage” of logging inside the habitat of the endangered greater glider in the Tallaganda State Forest just outside Canberra, as environmental groups call on the NSW government to extend recent logging bans."

"The NSW Environment Protection Agency ordered the state government-owned logging agency, Forestry Corporation, to suspend logging in Tallaganda at the end of last month after a dead greater glider was found near operations..."

“It’s devastating to see native forest logging continue when we know the impact it’s having on species. Native forest logging runs at a loss. Taxpayers are having to subsidise the destruction of nature in Australia.”

"Conservationists are calling for a permanent end to native forest logging and reforms to federal laws to prevent the legal destruction of critical habitat."
#glider #koala #habitat #TallagandaSF #NativeForests #LoggingIndustry #ForestryCorporation #NSWlogging #TheGreatKoalaNationalPark #SaveTuckersNob #EndangeredSpecies #biodiversity #extinction makers

6 days ago

Stop rampant approvals of fossil fuel projects in the age of climate consequences

"I’m not exaggerating when I say if we don’t stop this rampant approval of fossil fuel projects, by 2073 we’ll be living through the large-scale destruction of ecosystems and will have breached multiple tipping points, leading to the collapse of our food systems and hellish heat and fires." Professor Tim Flannery
#FossilFuels #Australia #RealityDenial #TheScienceIsClear #destruction #biodiversity #extinction makers

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

Finally the penny has dropped! I have an exhibition showcase at a rather conservative #embroidery festival. My #BiodiversityShrines are provocative in a region with farmers who spray pesticides twice when the soil is broken (their logic) and far too many people vote for Le Pen. My idea: I build them up as #archaeological #museum exhibits from the #future! #Subversive. Catch them by #beauty and #colours and when they are hooked ... bang! 😁 #EcoArt #ArtActivism #assemblage #activism #biodiversity

Tiny ants made of rocailles and the finest wire sitting on violet silk for a test.
Watering a big piece of bark from a wild cherry (prunus avium). It looks like a papyrus roll. Therefore, I want to fix it like this. On the inside, I want to stitch a fantasy writing with yarn, as if it is a find of an ancient civilisation. Wild cherries are a common tree at forest edges but more and more die because heatwaves and droughts are too much for them.
A red vintage cigarette tin box for an assemblage because we "burn biodiversity away". It is wallpapered with a page from a vintage dictionary that begins with the word "human". Other words are checked, forming a story. Inside, a "spider's web" of raw silk is laid out. The cigarette slogan is visible on the lid: When only the best will do. I plan an installation with my small ants but have still to craft some.
Silver Dory
1 week ago

Pair of interesting small Caladenia orchids in open bushland near Ulladulla, NSW. Some similarities with the very variable C. carnea (also growing nearby) but maybe closer to C. hillmanii with a single pair of short, flat teeth on the mid lobe.

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Caladenia orchid near Ulladulla, NSW.
Caladenia orchid near Ulladulla, NSW.
Ricardo Harvin
1 week ago

"...while reducing our #CarbonFootprint is definitely the right idea, neglecting issues like #biodiversity in the pursuit of lessening #emissions will only worsen the problem in years to come."

The answer isn't a singular focus on one facet of the causes of our #ClimateChange catastrophe, but on doing Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, and recognizing when plans go wrong and adjusting accordingly and continually.

Alex Wild
1 week ago

One of the largest monuments to human hatred ever constructed has an environmental toll, it turns out.

#borderwall #biodiversity

1 week ago

After preparing the #fieldpapers and conducting the #hedgerow survey in the field, in this video, I'm transferring the data onto #OpenStreetMap: #OpenData #biodiversity #wikidata

Silver Dory
1 week ago

Grevillea macleayana in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW. These coastal forms with mostly entire, elliptic leaves + showy pink/red toothbrush racemes offer a lot of potential as garden plants but don't seem to be as common in nurseries as they were in the 80s/90s when growers still propagated actual species. Generally listed as rare but locally common at Ulladulla and around Jervis Bay.

#Grevilleas #Proteaceae #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
1 week ago

@anomnomnomaly @obrerx @actuallyautistic Hmmm, well...

>There's no way for the authorities to come out of this looking good

...other than, y'know, actually treating this like the genuine emergency it actually is!

#FsckThePatriarchy #fsckALLreligion #FsckRWNJs #FsckChristoFacists #ClimateCrisis #Biodiversity #FsckWarmongers

Bread and Circuses
1 week ago

Excerpts from an essay tiitled "Give Our Lives to Nature"...

Industrial civilization seems to have pushed nature past its limits. Cactuses are dying of heat. Fish are drowning because the water lacks oxygen. The ocean now has almost as much plastic as fish. Severe droughts, heat waves, and floods are causing massive shortages of food and water. People are dying in the heat.

Our political and economic elites have proven for 30 years that they have no intention of stopping or even mitigating the environmental destruction they cause. We, or at least 98% of we, are going to die from this.

So what do we do? Nature gives us life every hour. I’m asking us to devote our lives to nature in return. Devotion to life is a sacred path, and one that will be harder, happier, and healthier than the easy path of addiction to wealth we are on now.

If we prioritize life, we could save trillions of future lives, even if many of them are bugs. If we can stop destroying forests and start planting them, start seeing animals as our relatives and stop killing them, we could save millions of creatures living now.

Life is a gift, and we have to give back, which indigenous botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer calls reciprocity. We should be devoting as much time and energy as we can to healing Earth. We might not see many successes, but we can do something, and we can feel good about what we’re doing. People will also get along together better and survive better when we’re working on a common goal.


#Nature #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Biodiversity

A flower, past its bloom, drying out and going to seed.
Bread and Circuses
1 week ago

Let this sink in for a minute...

Of all the mammals on Earth, 96% are livestock and humans.

Only 4% are wild mammals.

Of all birds in the world, 70% are chickens and other poultry, just 30% are wild.

#Nature #Biodiversity #Environment

Drawing of a man, medium size, next to a cow, very large, next to a rhino, very small.  TEXT: Of all the mammals on Earth, 96% are livestock and humans. Only 4% are wild mammals. 

Below that, another drawing shows a huge baby chick next to a very small owl.  TEXT: 70% of birds are chickens and other poultry, 30% are wild.
1 week ago

#Biodiversity is fundamental to keeping the carbon cycle & the water cycle intact,” PIK Director Johan Rockström says in @financialtimes about latest planetary boundaries study. “The biggest headache we have today is the #climatecrisis & biodiversity crisis.”

Silver Dory
1 week ago

Spotted Donkey Orchids (Diuris maculata) near the Genoa River, VIC. One of the first Diuris out in East Gippsland - can flower as early as August. Only a handful of plants out in open grassland at this location in mid-September.

Used to be known locally as D. pardina which is now thought to be endemic to SA. Most plants previously known as D. pardina in VIC are now called D. curviloba with several coastal populations in East Gippsland included in D. maculata - which also occurs nearby in NSW.

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology
#Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Spotted Donkey Orchids near the Genoa River, Victoria - spring 2023.
MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
2 weeks ago

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23



2 weeks ago

Public service announcement: bug zappers are bullshit. They don't kill #mosquitoes, but the do kill tons of beneficial and benign #insects. Stop using them, and tell your peeps. There are excellent alternatives. Info in gift link article below. #climate #ecology #solarPunk #biodiversity #InsectApocalypse #permaculture #Summer #FrontPorch #Camp

2 weeks ago

A new partnership between NASA and researchers is measuring the impact of beavers reintroduced to landscapes in Idaho.

Beavers are one of the world’s most powerful ecosystem engineers, building new habitats by slowing water flow and reducing flooding, while also boosting biodiversity.

By Jeremy Hance

#News #Conservation #Environment #Wildlife #Biodiversity #ClimateChange

Phil Sturgeon
2 weeks ago

Brilliant article on Bristol Post about how there’s zero chance of building on this woodland, from the folks who make these decisions, basically calling the idea silly.

Hopefully all the developers have now dropped out, I’ve certainly sent the quotes to a few other bidders who emailed me. If so we can pick the land up cheap, and use the rest of the money for the cleanup and restoration work ahead.


Silver Dory
2 weeks ago

Nice range of Proteaceae flowering in coastal heathland at Ulladulla, NSW - Waratahs, Isopogons, a range of Grevilleas, Lambertias (plus Conospermum, Banksias and Petrophiles) all easy to find on a 20 minute walk around the South Pacific Heathland Reserve. Also a lot of flannel flowers out - but only found one orchid on my short visit (Caladenia alata).

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Various Proteaceae flowering in coastal heathland at Ulladulla, NSW - spring 2023.
Silver Dory
2 weeks ago

Spotted sun orchids (Thelymitra ixioides) near Hyams Beach, NSW. Only slight colour variations in this population with no flowers actually having spots (which is not uncommon). Out fairly early for this widespread species - can flower as early as mid-August at this coastal location but can also still be found flowering as late as January in the mountains.

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Spotted sun orchids (Thelymitra ixioides) near Hyams Beach, NSW - spring 2023.
2 weeks ago

Zum #InsektenSamstag Groß und Klein: Eine Feldwespe (Polistes spp), von einer winzigen Schlupfwespe (vermutlich) umschwirrt. Die letztere entdeckte ich erst bei der Nachbearbeitung des Fotos - sie ist deutlich kleiner als auch nur ein Auge der Feldwespe. Die Vielfalt der Natur bringt mich immer wieder zum Staunen!

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Ein winziges Insekt - kaum zu erkennen, außer dass es weiße Bänder an den Antennen hat- umschwirrt eine braune Feldwespe, die sich nach einem Nektarmahl den Kopf putzt und mit gelbem Polen behaftet ist. Die Wespe sitzt auf goldgelben Goldrutenblüten, der Hintergrund ist dunkelgrün.
2 weeks ago

"Feral cats kill over 1.5 billion native mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs, and 1.1 billion invertebrates each year in Australia. Predation by cats is a threat to over 200 nationally listed threatened species and they have been implicated in 28 mammal extinctions. They are a major cause of decline for many land-based endangered animals such as the bilby, bandicoot, bettong and numbat. They can also carry infectious diseases which can be transmitted to native animals, domestic livestock and humans."
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