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2 weeks ago

You’d think the photographer was zooming in on my #cosplay as an #UmbrellaCorporation scientist standing out among gun-toting S.T.A.R.S. police and Umbrella paramilitary.

Wrong: The spotlight is on that little vial of mutagenic T-virus. Keep an eye on it, lest everyone you see in the picture become infected #zombies.

#DragonCon #DragonCon2023 #ResidentEvil #ResidentEvilCosplay #Biohazard #BiohazardCosplay #UmbrellaCorporationCosplay #CosplayPhotoShoot

Resident Evil/Biohazard cosplay group at Dragon Con 2023. Photo credit: Nocedo Photo Media Group
3 weeks ago

They used the same plane to complete the flight ☣️🤮
A public service reminder to NOT FLY WHILE SICK, PLEASE. And mask up
I know there's a few anti-maskers in the Av community, and while that's disappointing, your health is your first wealth.

#delta #diarrhea #altanta #DL194 #a350 #biohazard

3 weeks ago

Hello Air Canada. We just had a pandemic with millions of dead, and this is the BS you do: "They could go on their own accord and work out their own new flight, or they would be escorted off and placed on a no fly-list," Benson said." 1/2 #PatientZero #biohazard #safety #abuse #PublicHealth #incompetence #aviation #greed #pathology #hazardous #negligence

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 weeks ago

BIOHAZARD's BILLY GRAZIADEI Saved Someone From Drowning Yesterday
The incident happened somewhere along the Kern River in California.


4 weeks ago

The Danger of ‘Invisible’ #Biolabs Across the U.S.

Opinion by Dan Greene, August 31, 2023

"Recently, many #California residents were disturbed to learn that a small, privately-operated bio lab in the #CentralValley town of #Reedley was shut down by Fresno County Department of Public Health officials after they found that it had been improperly managing almost 1,000 laboratory mice and samples of infectious diseases including #COVID19, #rubella, #malaria, #dengue, #chlamydia, #hepatitis, and #HIV. The lab was registered to a company called #PrestigeBiotech that sold a variety of medical testing kits, including for pregnancy and COVID-19, and it was likely storing disease samples for the purpose of developing and validating its testing kits. Government authorities are still investigating the company’s history, but it appears to have previously operated a lab in Fresno under the name Universal MediTech, where city officials flagged it for investigation regarding improperly stored chemicals.

"From what is publicly known, the Reedley lab should likely have followed proper biosafety practices to minimize the risks of an #outbreak, and it apparently failed to do so. It could have caused illness, disruption, or even death among local communities and beyond depending on the circumstances of an outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (#CDC) maintains a system of four 'Biosafety Level' standards that are used worldwide for work with dangerous pathogens. Based on the pathogens that were being used at the Reedley lab, it probably should have followed Biosafety Level 3, which involves controlling the airflow inside the lab as well as a host of other practices, equipment, and facility design requirements.

"Yet, astonishingly, the U.S. government seems to not have even known that the Reedley lab existed until it was discovered by chance by Jesalyn Harper, an observant local city code enforcement officer—the only such officer working full-time in the entire city. Once discovered, the Fresno County and California Departments of Public Health found it to be in violation of local and state codes, including those for registering clinical labs and managing medical waste. Based on our reading of available information, it was likely also in violation of federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations for protecting workers from bloodborne pathogens. But these codes require proactive reporting, and the lab simply never reported any issues to regulators. In slightly different circumstances, it would likely have continued to operate unnoticed for a long time."

#BioHazard #LabSafety #Pathogens
Potential #Pandemic #LabLeak

Amsterdam Metal Scene
1 month ago

#Biohazard is back to #DynamoMetalFest and it means business!

2 months ago

Good amount of videos from #Wacken2023 here:

Watching now #Kataklysm performance, yesterday I watched #Biohazard gig and I highly recommend it 🤘

2 months ago

Habe heute bei #Biohazard #Crowdsurfing gelernt.
Tolles Erlebnis, kann ich sehr empfehlen 😀

#woa #wacken

Marc de Palol
2 months ago

All good

2 months ago
Основные заявления начальника войск РХБЗ ВС России генерал-лейтенанта Игоря Кириллова которые имеет смысл воспринимать максимально серьёзно:

  • Работа военных биологов США направлена на создание эпидемий, которыми можно искусственно управлять.
  • В странах ЕС отмечен рост заболеваемости нехарактерными инфекциями, что может говорить об искусственных очагах из-за деятельности военных США.
  • Основной задачей военно-биологического подразделения ВМФ США в Италии является поиск заболеваний, имеющих военное значение.
  • Отмечается интерес Минобороны США к изучению переносящих инфекции комаров.
  • Американская компания Metabiota, связанная с Хантером Байденом, играла ведущую роль в исследованиях новых видов коронавирусов.
  • Госдеп развернул кампанию против выдвигаемых Москвой обвинений Вашингтона, хотя об этом написали The Times, The Guardian, NYT и другие западные СМИ.

РХБЗ — это та структура, внутри которой находится российский аналог штатовского ЦКЗ (USA CDC). Вся работа российского «центра по контролю и профилактике заболеваний» размещается в гражданских НИИ и внутри ВС РФ, именно в РХБЗ работают очень серьёзные военные врачи вирусологи, с неплохим оборудованием и материально технической базой.
Именно потому именно РХБЗ отправляли в Италию, весной 2020-го, для выяснения ситуации с коронавирусной инфекцией — что это за пандемия, как с ней быть, в составе того «десанта» были десятки врачей вирусологов (но только военных). Работавшие и с больными и с тем, что оставалось на местности после проведения дезактивации территории и помещений, где были вспышки заболеваний. Именно их работа послужила в дальнейшем научно-методологической основой для выработки мер защиты населения от коронавирусной инфекции. Например, что нет смысла проводить мытьё улиц и зданий снаружи специальными растворами — пылевой перенос малый вклад даёт в распространение.
Такие вещи важны, вон те же итальянцы вообще не знали, что те же дома престарелых после вспышки коронавируса надо отмывать и дезактивировать. РХБЗ показали как это делается и тем самым ушла необходимость возводить полевые госпитали — стало возможным опустевшие дома престарелых использовать для размещения заболевших, создания койка-фонда.

т.е. РХБЗ это не только «Солнцепёки» и не столько борьба с радиационными заражениями, но и вирусология в контексте массовых эпидемий.

#РХБЗ #военное #биооружие #биоугроза #biohazard #lang_ru @Russia @ru
3 months ago

Erinnerungen an meine Jugend in den 90ern … so ein fettes Album 🔥 Schönes Wochenende! #justplaying #biohazard

Album cover Biohazard
3 months ago

#airfrance passenger says he found blood-soaked carpet on Air France flight.

He says the airline staff gave him wipes and gloves to clean up and then casually noted a passenger had #haemorrhaged on the flight earlier. #Horror #biohazard

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
3 months ago

Why t/f aren't our governments more animated & public on these horrible threats? Why are our media mostly ignoring this grave hazard?

#RedFireAnts #YellowCrazyAnts #InvasiveSpecies #BioHazard #PublicHealth

How often do you wash those cycling gloves / mitts / caps #BioHazard #BikeTooter

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3 months ago

#NowPlaying #Biohazard - Uncivilization 😈🤘🖤

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3 months ago

Watch Pro-Shot Video Of BIOHAZARD's Second Concert At New York City's Irving Plaza
The reunited original lineup of BIOHAZARD guitarist/vocalist Billy Gradziadei, guitarist Bobby Hambel, drummer Danny Schuler and bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld played its second New York City concert in more than 12 years on Sunday (June 18) at the Irving Plaza...

#Biohazard #LiveConcert #IrvingPlaza #NewYorkCity #BandsLive #Metalscene #LiveMusic

3 months ago

"Cause there is no black and there is no white, there are only shades of gray!" 🌈 #biohazard #metal #music

5 months ago

Please do not make fun of me: I’m playing my very first #ResidentEvil, namely, #Biohazard. I have watched complete playthroughs of the original game and the remakes of 2 and 3, but have never played one myself. I’m curious how this will turn out. - #PlayStation #ShareYourGames #Gaming

Game Boy Scene
9 months ago


New samples sound engine implemented in the game engine #gameboy #gbdev #ResidentEvil #Biohazard #REBHFun


Boiling Steam
2 years ago
Boiling Steam
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