Erinosaurus :infinity_rainbow:
1 month ago

Watching a woodpigeon trying to, rather adorably, eat from the #bird feeders. It's just a tad on the huge side but is giving it a good go. It is rather amusing.

Daft thing is, I have a bird table a few metres further down that it could easily eat from without the impressive puzzle solving & acrobatics.

#birds #birdfeeders

Mold and bacteria grow quickly in the sugary nectar that hummingbirds love, and both can sicken birds who sip the spoiled fluid. Therefore, it’s crucial to give your hummingbird feeders a thorough scrubbing at least once per week—more often when it’s hot—to help keep your feathered friends healthy.


No #WhiskerWendsday photos. Just feathers. We fed the birds all winter to help them out. Their numbers have declined sharply in our hood. But they are coming back! #CatTV #TabbyTude #ClassicTabby #BirdFeeders #NorthernCardinal #CatsOfMastodon #CatioLife

Northern Cardinal and friends at a feeder.
Humber Arboretum
2 months ago

Red-winged Blackbirds aren't usually who comes to mind when we think of "feeder birds," but today three of them were outside the Centre for Urban Ecology helping themselves to the sunflower seeds. The Northern Cardinals were not impressed. Watch for the RWBB giving his call at 00:35 and one of the Cardinals trying to scare him off at 01:30.

#Birds #BirdFeeders #HumberArboretum #TorontoWildlife

Jane Lago
3 months ago

The bird feeder setup as seen through the back door. The camera is solar powered and can be watched live. "Notifications" of activity are stored on an SD card which I can access through my phone or iPad.
#BirdFeeders #Birds

Three bird feeders hanging from a shepherd's crook in the garden. One has a gray roof, one has a yellow roof, and one has a blue roof. The one with the blue roof has a camera and an attached solar panel.

Hear me out.
I’ve got 4 #birdfeeders on my deck, one of which is more realistically a squirrel feeder. There’s a fair amount of traffic throughout the day, and it’s mildly entertaining. But I can’t tell the players and don’t have a scorecard. I’m wondering if somebody makes a miniature paintball gun I can use to mark individual critters to try and keep track of their activity. I can’t see well enough to distinguish individual features, but colors might work. Waddaya think, Mastodon?

Rachel Lapidow
3 months ago

Chickadees at my feeder: A whole peanut? What a feast!

Starlings at my feeder: I can gobble down five peanuts in five seconds. And yet I am still empty inside.


Humber Arboretum
3 months ago

Staff working in the Centre for Urban Ecology reported that Wednesday was the busiest day at the bird feeders yet this year. There were almost as many birds out there as there are bird-friendly dots on the glass!

#Birds #BirdFeeders #TorontoWildlife #CentreForUrbanEcology

Seen through dotted glass, northern cardinals, house finches, and goldfinches perch on and around three hanging seed feeders and a seed tray. There are more still filling the branches of the tree beside the feeder.
Mike B :rainbow_flag:
3 months ago

Has anybody asked any of those AIs how to keep #squirrels away from #birdfeeders?

Jan Thie
4 months ago

We went from thaw back to frost in the night. The bird feeder hanging from the shed's gutter caught the worse of it. (Yes, I thawed and cleaned and refilled it with new balls inside.)

The last two pics I took around 16.00; it has been a beautiful day, and the wind has finally died down - and from now till the end of next week we'll be getting the kind of winter weather I do love.
(-6°C = 21.2°F 0°C = 32°F)


Closeup of one of the big bird feeders (that can hold five large fat balls. It is hanging from the gutter of the tool shed and it got the worst of the weather going from thaw to frost: it is covered in icicles, that hang from its lid, the aluminium cage, the bottom and the fat balls themselves.
Photo taken from the snow-free path leading up to my gate . It shows the roof of my house, and lots of blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. A huge ever-green tree hides most of the house from here. For the rest there are the bare trees, and the snow on the roof and the ground, and my cat also came out, to see what I was up to.
Another pic of a part of my garden, but taken close to my front door. The cat sits far down the path to the guest apartment around the back of the house; to his left is the ivy clad wall of the house, to his rigt the hedge that runs paralel to that side of the house. The huge tree in the centre of the garden is in the frame and almost looks modestly large from this distance. Some much smaller fruit trees are also in the frame. For the rest it's mostly the white of the snow-covered ground and the blue of the sky. The sun is getting lower, which makes for nice visual effects on the present clouds. The glow is still white with a hint of yellow but will turn reddish soon enough now.
The weather forecast graph for the bect 14 days. Around freezing point during the day, with lots of sun, and mild frosts during the night. Perfectly pleasant winter weather.
AutisticMumTo3 She/her
5 months ago

Your bird feeder could actually be sending our feathered friends to the grave - Study Finds

A new study reports that bird feeders should be placed within 18 inches of windows to keep birds from flying into windows.

Jan Thie
5 months ago

The great tits* like the new feeder (with camera and solar battery roof) but most of the birds prefer the old free-floating feeder.

*The one on the closest branch is obviously waiting for me to move my sorry human arse away from the window again.

Pic taken through the window; placed on the outside window ledge is the new bird feeder with camera; the outside window thermometer shows it's 2.1°C/35.7°F. There's another large bird feeder from a branch of the small plum tree nearest to the window; lots of birds try to feed there at the same time. It is a very popular fast food joint with them.
6 months ago

My Uncle Al took up woodworking when he retired and made us this homemade squirrel feeder to hold ears of dried corn. Before long, the squirrels showed up to sit on the little chairs and dine at the small table.

Some of them came so often they could barely fit in the chairs.🌽

#Birdfeeders #StoryTime #BirdsOfMastodon

Photo of a homemade wooden bird feeder designed in the shape of a miniature table and chairs.  A chunky squirrel sits in one of the little chairs at the table, holding a kernel of corn in its paws and eating.
Edward Philips
6 months ago

On the fifth day of #Christmas
My true love sent to me
Five Goldfinches...

(see timeline for previous days) xx

#birds #love #birdFeeders

5 Goldfinches on a feeder
Blaidd Drwg
6 months ago

Some pictures after the recent #snowfall

When the #snow is wet and especially when it comes after sleet or freezing rain it sticks to everything. This makes for beautiful scenery, but also makes driving and even walking very interesting. I have to make sure to clear out the #birdfeeders , otherwise, the #birdsofmastodon will not be able to get at their food.

Birdfeeders covered in snow.
Red Pines covered in wet snow.
The front of my workshop after the recent snow.
More Red Pines covered in wet snow.
Rachel Lapidow
6 months ago

Me: Time to focus on editing.

Birds at the feeder: Hey! Hey! Hey! There are no more peanuts! Hey, lady! Lady! No more peanuts!

Me [sighing]: Better fill up the feeder.

#AmEditing #Birdfeeders

Erinosaurus :infinity_rainbow:
6 months ago

Having a standoff with a #squirrel. It's waiting for me to leave so it can get back to trying to steal the bird food. It tried creeping along every time I looked away & even tried looking the other way to pretend it wasn't interested. It eventually realised I couldn't get to it from where I was stood & went for the food.

I wouldn't mind if it didn't break the #birdfeeders in the process 🙄


A grey squirrel with patches of ginger colouring is sat on top of a garden fence panel. Behind it, you can see the canes & leaves from a blackberry bush.
A grey squirrel with ginger patches is perched on wooden fence post. The fence can be seen on the left. There is a concrete fence post about 1 metre in front of the squirrel. It looks like it is about to jump yo the concrete post. There are trees & blackberry bushes seen above, to the right & below the squirrel
A grey squirrel with ginger patches is fully stretched out  between a wooden fence post & a wooden garden fence as if it is creeping along. A concrete fence post can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner. There are blackberry bushes surrounding the squirrel.
A grey squirrel with ginger patches is perched on top of a wooden fence post. It has its back to the camera & its tail is hanging down the sides. There is a garden fence to the left, a concrete fence post in the bottom centre of the image & trees & a blackberry bush surrounding
Sabine Hiller
6 months ago

Feeling seriously boggled: our filled bird feeder has disappeared overnight, without a trace. Would crows or magpies be able to pull the feeder and the wire off the branch and take the whole lot with them?? #birds #FeatheredFriends #BirdWatching #birders #crows #magpies #BirdFeeders

Rachel Lapidow
7 months ago

Some of the birds at my feeder will quickly fly in, grab a nut, and go. Others like to sit in the feeder for a bit and nibble while looking out. Still others sift through the pile, rejecting most of the nuts (and sometimes dropping them over the side) until they find the One True Peanut. #Birdfeeders

7 months ago

This time next week I’ll be sat here in Yorkshire watching a zoom event about winter bird feeding in New York State. Cornell University have bird webcams that can be viewed 24/7. On the 16th they are hosting an online chat and I’ve just booked a place. #Yorkshire #Cornell #BirdWatching #BirdFeeders