10 hours ago

#Birdsite and #climate scientist status check: (Bill McKibben below)

Bill McKibben: "My twitter replies today are almost entirely guys with 11 followers explaining to me that the smoke is the result of eco-arsonists setting forests ablaze, and anyway it's always been like this, and also I'm a 'climtard.'
There are moments when Idiocracy seems like a documentary."
13 hours ago

Lol, Elon Musk is finally going there. He's set his sites in blocking.

#twitter #birdsite #elonmusk

Screencap of Musk tweet
Dave Mason
23 hours ago

Is #Mastodon getting any credit for the web traffic they drive? I doubt it.

Many accounts seem little more than automated efforts to repost #BirdSite content, using twitter-shortened links.

Others that post links to actual sites (without shorteners) frequently give credit to the wrong source.

It all feels like an #SEO scam to enrich the bird site by artificially gaming the numbers.

URL posted on Mastodon:

Notice the "utm_source=twitter" parameter at the end of the url string.
Max Baranskyi
1 day ago

UA Якщо вважаєте, що сумніви деяких західних журналістів щодо причепності росіян до знищення гідростанці на Херсонщинні не дуже огидним, то маю щось новеньке для вас. Тепер мені цікаво коли Твіттер буде заблокований хоча би на території ЄС

EN If you think doubts from some western medias about responsibility of russians for HPP damage in Kherson region is not a gross thing, so I've brought something new for you. Now I'm wondering when Twitter will be blocked in EU at least

#birdsite #fakenews

Знімок твіта обліковки газети "Нью-Йорк Таймс" з маніпулятивною статею про політичні погляди українських солдат з більш маніпулятивною приміткою про контекст описаної ситуації / Screenshout of tweet from The "New York Times" media account with manipulative article about political view of Ukrainian soldiers with even more manipulative description of context for this situation
BoneHouseWasps 🔶
1 day ago

And I'm out.

Final Birdsite account (a work one) is now gone. No point continuing with zero engagement.

#Twitter #Birdsite #SuckItElon #SoLongAndThanksForAllTheGifs

A Library Socialist
1 day ago

#theory spiel from #birdsite . . .

It's an argument that is often made, including between Luxemberg and Lenin if I remember correctly?

I think that it's also incorrect - the history from WWI to the collapse of the USSR and Yugoslavia showing that. Revolution can only be fully international.

1 day ago

Tucker and the truth are two very opposite ideas. But wait, he's not Tucker! Just looks similar.
#birdsite #americafirst

Steve Thompson
1 day ago

Homophobic moron and
"Professional angler Blake Dyer loses Twitter account and sponsorship after siding with Uganda's plan to murder gays" #LGBTQ #BoycottUganda #birdsite #BlakeDyer

"...Canyon Club Brewery dropped its sponsorship with Dyer. It said, in a Tweet, 'We learned of Mr Dyer's view this morning and immediately severed our relationship with him. We could not disagree more strenuously with Mr. Dyer's view and the abomination that is going on in Uganda.'"

Steve Thompson
1 day ago

Edit posts here allatime -- for free.

"Twitter’s window to edit tweets is now one hour, but you still have to pay for it" #birdsite

"Twitter Blue subscribers can pay $7.99 per month for a blue checkmark icon and the ability to edit tweets for up to 60 minutes after they’re posted."

Steve Thompson
1 day ago

Is Jack Dorsey a public intellectual?

"'He can and will' beat Trump: Jack Dorsey backs anti-vaxx RFK Jr. for president" #birdsite #Musk

"Elon Musk is now ex-CEO as Twitter’s child abuse problem revealed, ad sales plummet and senators launch inquiry"

fin 🦣
2 days ago

Das Drüben, die #birdsite, der Friedhof der Alphatiere.

2 days ago

Is it just me or is #Birdsite even more toxic than pre-exodus? Between elections and the #Ukraine counter-offensive I've had reason to lurk there a bit for rapid news (via Nitter - no Musk money). And JFC.

With the Ukraine accounts there's a lot of really petty rivalry going on between accounts that agree on 95%+ of things. Accounts that are really insightful most of the time and then steer sharply to being pathetic.

Have the algorithms got even worse at promoting conflict or something?

Dave Mason
2 days ago

Why do most of your links use twitter's link shortener?
#Twitter #BirdSite

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
2 days ago

Took a little road trip into the desert last week. I love parts of the desert and would live there if it wasn't so hot. I love the Sanora Desert with it's Saguaro Cactus and they were blooming. The bird is a Thresher. Well done Arizona!

The ART:

#Nature #Wildlife #Photography #desert #desertlife #MastoArt #Arizona #Travel #artmatters #wallart #roadtrip #Photo #Art #birds #Birdsite #Spring #fineartphotography #fineart

Saguaro Cactus white blossoms with a Thresher bird looking serious on top closeup
2 days ago

When I was still using the #birdsite, I found less and less use of my #rss reader, and slowly abandoned it.

Now that I know I won't ever go back to twitter, the need of an RSS reader is growing back on me.
(I used twitter as a social media, but also as a shitty rss reader-like for stuff that mattered to me)

At the time, I used #FreshRSS and was quite satisfied by it, but is there a new alternative that I might consider ?

(It needs to be #selfhosted)

On the bird site we used to say LRT before Quote Retweeting was a thing, anyone using LB here for last Boost?

#BirdSite #QRT

3 days ago
Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

Workers at the #Austin-American Statesman are on #strike today as part of a broader strike at #Gannett-owned papers, reports our Staff Writer @gusbova on #birdsite:

#Union #journalism #JournoLife #labor #workers #news #politics #USpol #protest #Texas

With the tall buildings of the Austin skyline as backdrop, workers stand with signs on the Congress Avenue bridge, including "Journalists Are Worth More", "Save Our Statesman (SOS)" and "Gannett: It's You. Hi! You're the Problem."
Another shot of the workers of the Austin American Statesman standing with the Austin skyline in the background. Signs include "Save Our Statesman"
3 days ago

At this point, if #Twitter would be part of the #Fediverse, it would be defederated to death. :deadbird:

#BirdSite #VogelRIP #defederation #Mastodon

3 days ago

#Twitter has OFFICIALLY endorsed #transphobia, with owner #ElonMusk promoting an anti-trans propaganda film piece (which has been compared to anti-vax and anti-evolution propaganda) after being pressured by transphobes and fashists to do so.
The worst part is that he went out of his way to override a decision of moderators to suit his agenda.

#VogelRIP #BirdSite

Politics Brad
3 days ago

Elon Musk is now openly a white nationalist. It is very much time for everyone to leave Twitter. If you are in a position to advise advertisers, non-profit organizations, or corporate executives, please make sure they are aware of what Musk is doing.
#twitter #birdsite #elonmusk

Screenshot of Elon Musk liking white nationalist content.
zenlan :coffefied:
3 days ago

I've created my first Chirper. There goes the rest of the week. #AI #Birdsite

3 days ago

#Birdsite ad sales news.

Twitter’s U.S. Ad Sales Plunge 59% as Woes Continue

In internal forecasts, the company projected that ad sales would keep declining, handing a tough challenge to its new chief executive.

Der Titel "Twittler" ist ja schon vergeben aber er würde dem Elon wesentlich besser stehen. Zum Glück bin ich raus aus dem Stall #birdsite

Wizard Bear
4 days ago

@BruceStern Welcome to Mastodon! I hope you enjoy your time here. It's a lot more welcoming than the #Birdsite .

4 days ago

Does anyone know of a Mastodon alternative to Tweetails?

When I used Twitter, I enjoyed seeing the statistics of what words I used & how much.

#Mastodon #Birdsite #Tools #Tweettails

4 days ago

#introduction #introductions

Hi! I am a resting mental health #nurse obviously interested in #mentalhealth living in the #uk #unitedkingdom.

Hobbies include #photography, #gaming (or #gayming as I am #lgbtq) and #reading if I can be bothered! (I go in bouts of #bookworm and then stop) as well as fiddling with #tech as long as it's not too obtuse.

Hoping to find #knowledge, #chats, #memes and enjoy an #opensource #alternative to #birdsite!

I am #nonbinary, #agender

#hashtags everywhere!

4 days ago

From the #birdsite, it appears USA TODAY no longer employs proof readers (or they are deliberately trying to make things go viral 🙄 ). h/t @barkflight #yellowstone #elf

USA Today headline on the Birdsite: Tourists during a recent visit to Yellowstone spotted a newborn elf and took it to a police station. The elf later escaped into the forest.
Steve Thompson
4 days ago

"Elon Musk Calls to Imprison Therapists Helping Trans Kids" #LGBTQ #discrimination #Musk #birdsite #transphobia

"The Twitter CEO suggested throwing the medical professionals in jail, shortly after vowing to lobby for the criminalization of gender-affirming care."

Dave Mason
4 days ago

@futurism why do so many of your posts use the bird site's link shortener?

#BirdSite #Twitter

Alexander Janßen
4 days ago

Your account is deactivated
Sorry to see you go. #GoodBye"

Good riddance, #birdsite.

4 days ago
Screenprint of text in 
the Guardian column:
"There is no pretending any more that Twitter is anything other than a far-right social network headed by a CEO who revels in chaos and is platforming extremism. So why are news organisations still on it? Why is anyone who considers themselves to have liberal values still on it?

Ego is probably the main answer to that question. A lot of journalists have built up very large followings on Twitter. Nostalgia is another factor: Twitter used to be fun and useful and it’s difficult to leave it behind. It’s time to start trying, though: we can’t keep hand-wringing about Twitter turning into a cocktail party for Nazis while stubbornly refusing to leave the room."
Mattia Rigotti
4 days ago

"Elon Musk has successfully turned Twitter into a site where extremists have free rein"

"Why are liberals still on it?"
#elonmusk #birdsite

4 days ago

'It looks like they’ve finally done it. For years, the far right has repeatedly tried and failed to set up a social network of their own – one where they can spread conspiracy theories and sow hate without any of the pesky content moderation that happens on the big tech platforms. [...]
You know why that is? Because there’s no longer any need: Elon Musk has successfully turned Twitter into a site where extremists have free rein." #elonmusk #birdsite #twitter #FarRight

Ron DeSantis’s decision to announce his presidential run in a Twitter audio event last month was one major marker of this shift. Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Screenprint of a tweet from Elon Musk on may 24th, text: "Spaces with @RonDeSantis in 2 hours!"
Justin at Ecoscore
5 days ago

I don't use the #birdsite much any more. But it's interesting that over there I have
70% more followers but
70% less courtesy and
about 70% of the tweets are adverts or repeat tweets.

Thank you #fediverse for rescuing us all from that

Richie Rich
5 days ago

@sam_liban @gerritbeine Aber warum ist #Mastodon in Deinen Augen speziell gesehen "konformistisch"? Zu einem gewissen Teil liegt es in der Sache, dass #SocialMedia konformistisch erscheint, ich nehme mir aber schon raus, individuelle Dinge zu posten und vertrete meine Standpunkte hier genauso, wie bei #Birdsite. Dazu muss ich aber nicht unbedingt immer auf Krawall gebürstet sein. Ist eher eine Schwäche von Twitter, dass der Vogel den Diskurs und Geschreie sucht.

5 days ago

@orci I locked mine to be certain no one else could pick up my old account name and impersonate me. But I'm done with the #birdsite for good.

5 days ago

Unisciti a / @Star_VoidY per una serata in diretta interessante (perché l'aggettivo "stellare" è troppo inflazionato). #twitch

Steve Thompson
5 days ago

"Twitter executive responsible for content safety resigns after Elon Musk criticism" #birdsite

6 days ago

If you still have a Twitter account or are buying a Tesla, you are supporting this. #elon #musk #nazi #pride #birdsite #tesla #TSLA

News, Opinions & Views
6 days ago

The Guardian:
Elon Musk accused of insider trading in Dogecoin lawsuit

Elon Musk is being accused of insider trading in a proposed class action lawsuit by investors.They say the Tesla CEO manipulated the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, costing them billions of dollars.

#News #Politics #Democracy #Democrats #Elonmusk #Twitter #Twittermigration #birdsite

1 week ago

If you're wondering why #Chinese #propaganda accounts are all blue check and will be getting high visibility over on the #birdsite.. here you go, the #muskrat is busy. Wonder when his trip to Moscow will happen?

Chinese propaganda outlet promoting Elon Musk
1 week ago

Meanwhile, over on the dead bird, it appears the transformation of #Jesus is complete. #religion #ChristianNationalism #hate #birdsite

Viral post where someone argues: "Some People Deserve To Starve: A Biblical View of Work and Welfare"

Urgent call to all #online #content #creators and #social #chatters alike: LEAVE ALL PROPRIETARY CENTRALIZED PLATFORMS NOW AND JOIN THE #FEDIVERSE - the real #virtual #town #square

After the #Birdsite initiated capitalizing on API usage, #Reddit is now following suit. #Discord and all other #commercial #social #platforms / ad #delivery #networks will surely do the same…

#user #content is meant to be #free and not #owned and #paywalled by any company


Wesley Fryer (he/him)
1 week ago

I know this is shared on the #BirdSite, but this is a VERY good video about UFOs / UAPs in light of the trending hoopla today...

Frankie ✅
1 week ago

Elon Musk’s Twitter algorithm changes are ‘amplifying anger and animosity’, say researchers

Twitter users are being shown more emotional tweets, especially those expressing anger and animosity towards people with opposing views

#news #twitter #birdsite #el;onmusk #hate #hatespeech

Karl Urban
1 week ago

Sollten sich journalistische Medien von der #Birdsite zurückziehen, um ein Zeichen zu setzen gegen den offenen Kurs gegenüber Hass und Hetze?

Bei @riffreporter diskutieren wir das seit einiger Zeit intern - und zwar recht kontrovers. Zwei Kollegïnnen haben das mal aufgeschrieben:

(Heute findet die Generalversammlung der RiffReporter Genossenschaft statt. Dort gibt es einen Antrag, die Birdsite-Präsenz einzustellen.)


Mx. Kit O'Connell
1 week ago

Achievement Unlocked: my personal #birdsite account is blocked by the Lieutenant Governor. #politics #Texas

Twitter screenshot: Blocked by the office of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
1 week ago

Another great little bird, the elegant Isabelline Wheatear!

#birdphotography #birds #bird #birdsofbulgaria #birdsite

a little brown bird standing straight in green gras

Latest news about the #BirdSite, they decided to stop applying the European Union’s anti-disinformation code. A code setup to combat the propaganda of the enemy. Bird site now working for uncle Vlad #riptwitter

Kit Malone
2 weeks ago

"Just a day after #ElonMusk and David Sacks hosted #RonDeSantis on #Twitter for an exclusive and disastrous presidential announcement, the #Florida governor signed a bill shielding Musk’s #SpaceX from liability if workers are killed after his rockets blow up."


News, Opinions & Views
2 weeks ago

Elon Musk's Twitter emerges as right-wing media's new center amid Fox's plummeting ratings

"This is the place now where people can go who want to spread conspiracy theories,"

"It's basically a far-right platform now," Wendy Via, co-founder and president of Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, told Salon.

Twitter could potentially expose younger users to bigoted content...and serve as a "gateway to radicalization,"

#News #Elonmusk #Twitter #birdsite

News, Opinions & Views
2 weeks ago

Quid pro quo as expected!
💰 💰 💰

NBC News:
DeSantis signs Florida bill limiting the liabilities of private spaceflight companies:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed into law a spaceflight bill that protects companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin from legal liability if crewmembers or passengers are injured or killed during missions.

#News #Elonmusk #Twitter #Twittermigration #birdsite


Awww, poor Baby! Maybe had you not gotten rid of all the staff that used to take care of that $H¡† at the #birdsite, none of that would have happened... #dumbass

Benjamin Allocco Is Writing
2 weeks ago

Purely anecdotal, but seems like I'm getting a lot less interaction today on #Mastodon than I did when I first joined last November.

Not complaining. Maybe my posts are not very interesting, or my hashtag-fu needs refinement. But it makes me wonder if there's a correlation between increased user counts and decreased "spread" of interaction.

Ie: More people join, but their interactions become more concentrated on trending content.

I hate to say it, but it's starting to feel a tiny tiny bit like a certain #birdsite used to.

Anyone else experiencing this?

2 weeks ago

Over on the #Birdsite, a formerly daily active group feed comment: "Is everyone still alive? No posts in 2 weeks". (which is what happens when the owner of the site continues to drive away everyone reasonable and decent).

Preston MacDougall
2 weeks ago

@cfiesler @bkeegan @MattNicholson @blakeley ⬆️

My #Birdsite account was suspended without warning on the eve of the #2022election. I had noticed scientists joining the #TwitterMigration before that, and #Mastodon was the most frequently mentioned destination. So that’s where I went during my forced #TwitterExodus.

Max Pearl
2 weeks ago

I've been on the #fediverse daily now for over 6 months (I joined a few years ago, but only visited occasionally.) In general, it's been a replacement and enhancement for whatever I was doing on the #birdsite. But almost all of my real life friends and work community are still *only* on Meta, and I don't see them moving anytime soon. So I'm resigned to having to spend a little time on #Facebook for the foreseeable future (I've ditched IG, though.)

2 weeks ago

More on the #ElonJet fiasco. Apparently SpaceX bungled the FAA system that helps private plane owners hide their movement. @elonjet now lives here... #Muskrat #Birdsite

Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

Climate scientists flee #Twitter as hostility surges

Policies aimed at curbing the deadly effects of #ClimateChange are accelerating, prompting a rise in what experts identify as organised resistance by opponents of climate reform.

"On #Mastodon, “I haven’t had any abuse at all or even people questioning climate change. I think we’d become far too used to it on Twitter… I had blocked loads of accounts over on the #birdsite”, she added."

#TwitterTakeover #ElonMusk

While I don't like linking to the #birdsite this thread is a list of positive accomplishments the #minnesota legislature achieved this session.

In case you've forgotten that good things happen too :)

#goodnews #news #uspol

Laux Myth (aka Martin)
3 weeks ago

At least billionaires are getting richer.

Meme found on #BirdSite

Meme of a single fire fighter against a wall of fire. A logo in the lower corner is a modified shell over-written with the word Hell.  The main test reads, “At least billionaires are getting richer.”
The Conversation U.S.
3 weeks ago

And also smarter than folks on the #birdsite, where 10% think the late Barbara Walters wrote a novel

ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 weeks ago

I see that I can now SEARCH for toots (not just hashtags). here on #Mastodon dot social.

Keywords such as from:dannotdaniel also are working.

NOTABLE that this key feature is currently 100% broken over on #birdsite. Nothing comes back.

THANK YOU @Gargron et all ✌️

Stephen Shankland
3 weeks ago

The leftward tilt on Bluesky (at least from what I see) makes it seem like the chatterati have moved from "stay on Twitter to keep it from being taken over by the right-wing nutjobs" to "screw it, Twitter is a write-off, just go to Bluesky."
#SocialMedia #Birdsite

3 weeks ago

@arstechnica wrote:

"Musk says he’ll keep tweeting whatever he wants even if it repels advertisers. If the consequences of his tweeting "is losing money, so be it," Musk said."

We shall see if Musk's creditors, the ones who loaned him the money to buy Twitter, feel the same way. He borrowed the money because he didn't have the cash on hand to pay for Twitter, and if Twitter loses enough money, he won't have the cash to operate it.

#Elon #Birdsite

Metin Seven
3 weeks ago

Haven't seen someone nail the Musk-Twitter situation this sagaciously yet:

#musk #elonmusk #twitter #birdsite

ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 weeks ago

@GrimmReality I found him on #birdsite and made the case.

Maybe he'll show up here. He's got John Mastodon energy, this one.

Bill Tribble
4 weeks ago

Excellent writing on #twitter Burning Down The House | Defector


Andre Louis
4 weeks ago

Someone at #WesternDigital failed to properly read what I said over on #Birdsite, I received this response to my post which really is utter tripe.

We will resume processing orders as soon as the outage is restored, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience. We also thank you for sharing this feedback, we will share it with the relevant team.

My post is here for reference:

ᴚ uɐᗡ
4 weeks ago

it's FRIDAY.

#birdsite is terrible & somehow getting worse at an accelerated clip.

It's time for the Elon piñata extravaganza #DeadTwitter #BrieBest 🧀 #b3d

elon's time cover catches fire, the letters fall. his head then explodes into thousands of dogecoins revealing a masked mittened-up bernie sanders inside his head. The vibe cat also makes an appearance.

Finally - CHEEZE
4 weeks ago

#Birdsite commentary: you wouldn't need a CEO who "can hit the ground running and try to turnaround" the company if an ego-driven, right-wing loving billionaire hadn't been trying to drive it into the ground for the last six months.

Bill Lamb
4 weeks ago


The #birdsite can't die soon enough, IMO.

1 month ago

🌞 Gooooood morning #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 71F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Bus stops in Boston will double as digital libraries. Riders can scan a QR code to read newspapers or books on their phone. #library #transit

Elon Musk says he's found someone new to be CEO of Twitter. #birdsite

A new anti-violence movement is taking shape in Boston. Many of the leaders are mothers who have lost children to gun violence.


1 month ago

New name for the #birdsite


Theodore Tollet
1 month ago


An account you miss from #birdsite ? Simply follow @[twitter_handle] to receive their posts here!

If you appreciate's continued service, consider supporting the server costs at their patreon:

Many thanks to @vincent for creating this excellent #FOSS #OpenSource service! ✨