The Streets of Melbourne
2 hours ago

An Australian #magpie was strutting it’s stuff at works carpark. Took this mid arvo.

Came over to see if there was any food…or crumbs at least, I suspect.

Sorry little fella. None today.

It’s a local. See it almost every day.

# beautiful!


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2 hours ago

#EntenDienstag #DuckTuesday 🦆
Eine Mandarinente (Aix galericulata) und eine Brandgans (Tadorna tadorna) auf Tuchfühlung mit einem Koi.
Fotografiert 2017 auf São Miguel.
#Fotografie #Photography #Natur #Tiere #Animals #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon

Blick von oben auf ein Gewässer. Ein Braune Ente schaut in das Wasser unter ihr, in dem ein orangener Koi schwimmt. Dicht hinter der Ente schwimmt eine Brandgans.
Wolfgang Tremmel
2 hours ago

Früher Besuch in unserem Garten #amsel #BirdsOfMastodon

Amsel auf Zaun
3 hours ago

Just fed the birds … before I could finish climbing the stairs to the deck, the Galahs were in da house …


Galahs eating on the bird feeder
Galahs eating on the bird feeder
3 hours ago

#GutenMorgen Trötenland.
Irgendwie finde ich es schön, wenn man vor dem Bad nicht Schlange stehen muß.
Darauf einen #Kaffee! ☕
Ich wünsche allen einen guten Start in die Kurzwoche.
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Matschiger Boden mit einer Pfütze und einigen Blättern. Ein Fink sitzt in der Pfütze und badet. Ein weitere Fink steht neben der Pfütze und schaut zu.

Unser gerade aufgegebener Falken-#Nistkasten ist prompt von einem anderen #Wanderfalke|n -Paar besiedelt worden. Es kann nicht das alte Paar sein, weil das neue Weibchen noch sehr jung ist, denn ihr Gefieder ist noch bräunlich.

Wie kann das sein, dass so ein Kasten so schnell besiedelt wird? Ist die Nistplatz-Not so groß? Und was ist wohl aus unserem alten Paar geworden?

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Der Nistkasten für Wanderfalke n, fotografiert durch unsere Beobachtungskamera: im Kasten sitzt ein Wanderfalke, vermutlich ein älteres Männchen und untersucht den Boden und Inhalt des Kastens. Draußen vor dem Kasten sitzt ein weiterer wanderfalke mit bräunlichen Gefieder, wahrscheinlich ein Weibchen.
Das Weibchen von hinten. Das das Gefieder eher bräunlich und nicht schwarz ist lässt sich erkennen.
Jan Matson Art
11 hours ago

Sparrows' Serenade - original oil painting🌷🌿🌹🌿🌷🍃🌸

A thickly textured oil painting of three little sparrows standing in symmetrical formation, as if engaged in a harmonious conversation.

#sparrows #birds #BirdPainting #oilpainting #artist #BirdsOfMastodon #wildlife
#MastoArt #JanMatson #painting

In the painting "Sparrows' Serenade," three little sparrows perch upon the ground.  With heads held high, they stand in a symmetrical formation, as if engaged in a harmonious conversation. Their bright eyes are filled with curiosity, eagerly exploring their surroundings. With a gentle breeze rustling their feathers, they seem to be whispering secrets to one another, their melodious chirps blending into a captivating serenade. Each sparrow exudes a sense of innocence and wonder, inviting viewers to embrace the tranquility and enchantment of nature's symphony.

A couple more (and wont be the last) Gannet photos.

1. Gannets snuggled close on the cliff face

2. Gannet in flight

Photos taken At Bempton, Yorkshire UK

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

Adult gannets are large and bright white with black wingtips. They are distinctively shaped with a long neck and long pointed beak, long pointed tail, and long pointed wings.
Adult gannets are large and bright white with black wingtips. They are distinctively shaped with a long neck and long pointed beak, long pointed tail, and long pointed wings.

Another 1st for me, albeit relatively common in parts of the UK (not where I live though)

Meadow Pipit

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

A small, brown, streaky bird, the meadow pipit is the most common songbird in upland areas. Its high, piping call is a familiar sound. In flight it shows white outer tail feathers and in the breeding season it has a fluttering 'parachute' display flight. In winter, they are quite gregarious and gather in small flocks, often invisible among the vegetation, suddenly flying up with typical jerky flight.
12 hours ago

Mallards at Lake Monroe, Sanford FL #FotoMontag #BirdsOfMastodon

Dirt bank on left with shallow green water rippling with mallard ducks wading and swimming

These birds are so 'Star Wars'. A little on the dark side.


#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

The razorbill is a medium-sized seabird. It is black above and white below. It has a thick black beak which is deep and blunt, unlike the thinner bill of the similar guillemot
Fancy Sandwiches
13 hours ago

I got some great photos of a Great Crowned Flycatcher at the Tennesee Wildlife Refuge. I think these may be some of my best bird photos yet.

#birds #birding #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #NaturePhotography #Photography

A Great Crowned Flycatcher sitting on a small offshoot of a large horizontal branch. The bird is above the photographer, its head is facing to the left, its body facing towards the camera. You can see the Flycatcher's yellow underside which fades into a grey upper chest, neck, and head. The tips of the bird's tail feathers are visible below and just behind the larger branch. The background is a mixture of out of focus green foliage and light blue sky.
A Great Crowned Flycatcher sitting on a small offshoot of a large horizontal branch. The bird is above the photographer, its head is facing down and to the right, its body facing towards the camera. The grey feathers on the head of the bird are puffed up, and the white feathers on its chin are also puffed up. The beak is slightly opened and you can see sunlight shining through the beat, highlighting the inside of the beak with a warm orange color. The bird is using its left leg (right side of the photo) to scratch its face.

You can see the Flycatcher's yellow underside which fades into a grey upper chest, neck, and head. The tips of the bird's tail feathers are visible below and just behind the larger branch. The background is a mixture of out of focus green foliage and light blue sky.
A Great Crested Flycatcher perched on a small offshoot of a small horizontal branch. The bird is facing to the left, the photo is taken from below the bird.

You can see the greyish yellow head of the bird, which fades to grey as it gets closer to the bird's chin. The color fades to more yellow as it moves towards the back of the bird. The left wing of the bird is clearly visible, with black and white segments on the wings.  The underside of the bird is yellow, which some dark grey/black spots.
A Great Crested Flycatcher perched on a small offshoot of a small horizontal branch. The bird's body is facing to the left, its head is craned to the right so it is facing almost entirely backward, the photo is taken from below the bird.

You can see the greyish yellow head of the bird, which fades to grey as it gets closer to the bird's chin. The color fades to more yellow as it moves towards the back of the bird. The left wing of the bird is clearly visible, with black and white segments on the wings.  The underside of the bird is yellow, which some dark grey/black spots.

A Pair of Marsh Harriers passing the prey from one to another mid air.

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

You know how ostriches are (of course incorrectly) believed to stick their head into the ground when they get scared? Well, starlings do that when they get hungry!

#birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

Closeup of a starling, head hidden in the grass, looking for grubs.

Stopped off at RSPB Blacktoft Sands (near Goole, UK) on the way home today. Saw a few Marsh Harriers here (another 1st for me). Unfortunately, they were flying so far off in the distance, these were the best images I could get).

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

A crop of a Marsh Harrier. A Bird of prey
16 hours ago

#BalconyPidgey babys all puffed up and pissed at me 😅 Love you too, my little aliens :blobhaj_heart: #pidgeon #pidgeons #bird #birds #BirdsOfMastodon

Two wood pidgeon chicks in their nest in a flower pot

Last week I posted what I thought was the first photo I’ve ever taken of a #skylark

However, as I’ve continued post processing my images for that day I found this one that I took hours before the one shared last week.

I’m 90% sure this is also a Skylark so if there’s any experts who’d be able to confirm this that would be great!

In the meantime, I hope your #Monday has gone well and your week has started on a positive note.

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A Skylark perches on a rock with a green blurred background.
Swede’s Photographs
16 hours ago

Boat Tailed Grackle.

This boat-tailed grackle (Quiscalus major) was hunting at the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana. These birds are only found near eastern United States coast. From eastern Texas, around Florida, and up north to Massachusetts.

"When you smell saltwater on the East Coast, it’s time to look out for Boat-tailed Grackles. The glossy blue-black males are hard to miss as they haul their ridiculously long tails around or display from marsh grasses or telephone wires. The rich, dark-brown females are half the size of males and look almost like a different species. Boat-tailed Grackles take advantage of human activity along our increasingly developed coast, scavenging trash and hanging out in busy urban areas away from predators." -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching#BoatTailedGrackle

This grackle is facing left while standing on a rocky ledge at the bayou waterline.  In the background are large gray boulders. The water in the foreground is rippled and filled with reflections.  The grackle is leaning forward, looking down into the water as if hunting. His long black beak curves slightly downward.  His left eye is large and light yellow.  His whole body is a glistening black, so much so that the area around his upper body and wings appears blue.  His tail sticks rigidly straight back as if the body is a seesaw. His knees are close to the body and long legs reach forward and down where black feet rest on wet stone.

"Boat-tailed Grackles are large, lanky songbirds with rounded crowns, long legs, and fairly long, pointed bills. Males have very long tails that make up almost half their body length and that they typically hold folded in a V-shape, like the keel of a boat. Males are glossy black all over. Females are dark brown above and russet below, with a subtle face pattern made up of a pale eyebrow, dark cheek, and pale “mustache” stripe. Eye color ranges from dull brown along the western Gulf Coast to bright yellow along the Atlantic Coast" -
Achim Reinke
16 hours ago

20 Jahre lang galt der Bienenfresser als ausgestorben in Deutschland. Jetzt gibt es wieder 350 Brutpaare, einige davon im Kaiserstuhl/#Freiburg. Zur Zeit ist es besonders spannend, die Verpaarung zu beobachten.
For 20 years, the bee-eater was considered extinct in #Germany. Now there are 350 breeding pairs again, some of them in the Kaiserstuhl/Freiburg. At the moment it is particularly exciting to watch the mating.
#vogel #natur #nature #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching

Bee-eater in Freiburg.
Bee-eater in Freiburg.
17 hours ago

Bird of the Day - Spotted Sandpiper, Kansas 2023

#birds #BirdsOfMastodon #photography #wildlife #nature #FlyoverCountry

Brown-backed yellow-legged bird with a white belly and black spots standing on a muddy bank
Ferdinand M.
19 hours ago

Das Krähenpärchen im Park hat heute schon mind. 3 Leute aus dem Park vertrieben. Mir war klar, dass da ein Junges sein muss.
Mit etwas Geduld hab ich es dann auch gesehen ...

So the crow couple in the park had been chasing away at least 3 people today. It was clear to me, that they must be protecting their offspring. And with a little patience, I actually saw the little one.

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

Sehr junge Krähe im Rasen der von Gänseblümchen bedeckt ist. Der Hintergrund ist im Schatten, während die kleine Krähe in einem Lichtstreifen sitzt - in einem Meer von Gänseblümchen.
Man sieht sie von der linken Seite und sie schaut genau auf den Betrachter.
Sehr junge Krähe im Rasen der von Gänseblümchen bedeckt ist. Der Hintergrund ist im Schatten, während die kleine Krähe in einem Lichtstreifen sitzt - in einem Meer von Gänseblümchen.
Man sieht sie von links hinten.
Die junge Krähe spreizt die Fügel ... die etwas zerrupft ausschauen. Man sieht die linke Seite/Flügel der Krähe.
Erwachsene Krähe im Baum hatte ein Aug auf mich und andere Leute.
Die Krähe sitzt in einem Baum und ist teilweise von dünneren Zweigen verdeckt. Sie hat die Flügel seitlich angehoben, aber die Flügelspitzen nahe am körper.
Da sie gerade ein lautes *krahh* schreit, hat sie den Schnabel offen.
Swede’s Photographs
19 hours ago

Something's interesting.

This female house finch (Haemorhous mexicanus) looks like she's deep in thought.

"House Finches are currently among the most widespread and common birds across the United States—but as we'll see, that wasn't always the case. These days, they can be found brightening backyards and chowing down at seed feeders from the arid Southwest to the humid cities of the Northeast. Familiar as they are, there’s plenty about these cosmopolitan birds worthy of closer attention and deeper appreciation." -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #HouseFinch

This finch is in the center of the frame facing right with her head down looking at the ground. She perches on a small green branch that extends diagonally to the right off of a larger tan vertical branch.

House Finches are small-bodied finches with fairly large beaks and somewhat long, flat heads. The wings are short, making the tail seem long by comparison. Many finches have distinctly notched tails, but the House Finch has a relatively shallow notch in its tail. Adult males are rosy red around the face and upper breast, with streaky brown back, belly and tail. In flight, the red rump is conspicuous. Adult females aren’t red; they are plain grayish-brown with thick, blurry streaks and an indistinctly marked face." -
20 hours ago

I may see them year after year, but I would never fail to be amazed at just how much some #birds transform in #spring!

For example, male Bay-breasted warblers in breeding and non-breeding plumages respectively.

#BirdsofMastodon #Birding

A male bay-breasted warbler in its breeding plumage. Dark reddish-brown cap and sides, along with buffy nape.
A male bay-breasted warbler in its non-breeding plumage. Much duller compared to the breeding plumage, a dark yellow upper body and light bay colour in flanks.
Words :vivaldi_blue:
21 hours ago

Among our garden regulars are robins, and the signs are good that we'll have more on the way.
#birds #BirdsOfMastodon

Robin standing on a wooden fence with tail raised and a beak-full of green grubs
Swede’s Photographs
21 hours ago

Good morning. 🕊️🕊️🕊️

It's Memorial Day in the United States and a lot of people have the day off. I like to kid around and say that I have a long weekend, but now-a-days, all of my weekends are seven-day weekends. Unless you count what I'm doing right now as work.

My office window faces west and I keep the shades open in the morning. The morning light is just now starting to illuminate the yard outside, it's peaceful. Peacefulness is a state that I cherish. As some of you know, I sometimes just sit outside and watch the clouds pass and the forest just be green.

“A balanced inner calmness radiates from a peaceful center. It neither craves others' approval nor rejects others' presence. It neither pulls towards nor pushes away. It has a reverent attitude towards life and all its inhabitants.” - Donna Goddard, The Love of Devotion

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #morning #peacefullness #pigeons #RockDove #RockPigeonk

This is a photograph of five pigeons flying towards the camera in a dark blue sky.  There are two pigeons on the left and three on the right.   The pigeons are mostly gray except of the undersides of their wings with reflect a light golden hue.  This frame is a vignette with white corners that gradually fade to dark blue.
Marvin Johanning
21 hours ago

A Secretary Bird mid-blink. Such elegant-looking birds!

Seen at the Adlerwarte Berlebeck (a center for birds of prey / falconry) in Detmold, Germany.

#bird #birds #birding #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #nature #naturephotography #photography

A close-up of a secretary bird mid-blink. The nicitating membrane can be seen on the birds right eye.
Marvin Johanning
22 hours ago

Drinking tea from bird cups is just so much nicer than drinking it from regular cups — so I have now replaced the majority of my cups with these birds cups 😅

#bird #birds #birdsofmastodon #tea

A photo of a white cup with a Northern Lapwing depicted on it. A tea bag sign is hanging from it. Next to the cup is a box of Earl Grey tea.
1 day ago

#FotoMontag #MontagsFoto #PhotoMonday
Ein Nacktkehlreiher (Tigrisoma mexicanum) auf der Pirsch in den Mangroven der Osa-Halbinsel in #CostaRica.
#Fotografie #Photography #Tiere #Animals #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon

Ein großer Reiher mit braun-grau-schwarzem Gefieder und gelbem Gesicht steht auf Mangrovenwurzeln. Auf seinem Kopf ein kurzer aufgerichteter Schopf. Im Hintergrund unscharf Wald.
The Streets of Melbourne
1 day ago

Australia’s own native, ridgydige #gallah’s feeding as a group on a verge in #melbourne Australia.

They’re normally skittish so couldn’t get too close.

They look hungry, just ahead of sunset.


#birdsofmastodon #MostLiveable #animalsofmastodon #melbourne #MostLiveable #victoria #Narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

Noah Doersing 🐦🎨🌿
1 day ago

Saw this pretty pigeon the other day! (Its plumage reminded me just a bit of turtle doves, but I don't think it's a hybrid or anything.)

#birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

A brown/ginger pigeon with darker spots, also slight purple on its neck, lying in the grass, looking at the camera, lit by the sun.
Deb Oppermann
1 day ago

This male Yellow Warbler looked so darn cute perched in the branches of the Maple tree in spring in Guelph Ontario Canada. He was just singing his little heart out for all to hear. What a happy little guy! These striking small yellow songbirds have chestnut streaks on the breast.
Available here
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Yellow Warbler singing while perched on a Maple tree branch in spring with blue sky
Daniel S. Katz
1 day ago

Yesterday was a nice day at Middle Fork River Forest Preserve in Champaign County, IL. The resident bald eagles appear to have had two chicks this year, though I was only able to photograph one, as the other was mostly in the bottom of the nest. There were also lots of other pretty birds.

#birds #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon

A Bald Eagle in branches at the top of a tree
A Bald Eaglet laying in a nest, near the top, looking out
A Baltimore Oriole sitting on a small branch
An Indigo Bunting sitting on a small branch

Last one for tonight. Here are two Atlantic Puffins being photobombed by a Razorbill

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

2 puffins stood on a cliff crag as a razorbill flies past
Swede’s Photographs
1 day ago


Every time I see one of these little chipping sparrows (Spizella passerina) with their camouflage face and little red feather top, I think of army camouflage. It gives the little birds a tough look. There were hundreds of these little birds around during the winter and early spring. Now, I only see a few foraging on the ground now and then. I read that they switch their primary diet from seeds to insects in the spring and summer.

"Mostly insects and seeds. Diet varies with season. In summer, feeds mostly on insects, including grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles, leafhoppers, true bugs, and many others, plus some spiders. Also eats many seeds, especially in fall and winter, including those of grasses, weeds, some waste grain." -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #ChippingSparrow

This sparrow sits on a branch that is on the edge of a bramble of branches facing the camera with its head turned to the right (its left).  The sparrow is a small bird with a large head in proportion to its body. At the top of its head is a crop of reddish-brown feathers that stick up and back slightly, from the right angle, it looks a bit like a mohawk haircut airborne soldiers are sometimes depicted as having. Its beak is a very pale reddish tan, but the top of the beak is black. The face is tan with a black strip that runs from its beak, through its black eye, and then angles down to the back of the neck.  Its front side is a pale tan, almost an off white. The feet that wrap around the branch are a light pinkish tan. The pale underside of its tail hangs below the branch.

"The Chipping Sparrow is a slender, fairly long-tailed sparrow with a medium-sized bill that is a bit small for a sparrow. Learning the shape of this classic Spizella sparrow is a key step in mastering sparrow identification.  Summer Chipping Sparrows look clean and crisp, with frosty underparts, pale face, black line through the eye, topped off with a bright rusty crown. In winter, Chipping Sparrows are subdued, buff brown, with darkly streaked upperparts. The black line through the eye is still visible, and the cap is a warm but more subdued reddish brown." -
1 day ago

Bird of the Day - Common Pratincole, Tanzania 2018
Shorebird x Swallow

#birds #photography #nature #wildlife #BirdsOfMastodon #Africa #Tanzania

Long-winged gray-brown bird with cream-colored throat and black eye-stripe perched on a grassy bank

Evening all,

here we have an Atlantic puffin in it Breeding colours (beaks are not red outside of breeding), stood on the cliff face near Queens Rock, North Landing in East Riding of Yorkshire UK.

I was surprised at how small puffins are compared to my preconceived image of them.

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #puffin

Atlantic Puffin stood on a chalk cliff ledge
Marvin Johanning
2 days ago

My best photo of a kestrel (Turmfalke, literally means "Tower Falcon) yet! 🙂

This time it really paid off that I looked at everything that I thought could be either a pigeon or a kestrel!

Seen today at the Behrendsgrund nature reserve in Bielefeld (Sennestadt), Germany.

#bird #birds #birding #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #nature #photography

A Common Kestrel standing on-top of a rather thick wooden poll used for electricity. It is a rather tiny bird of prey.
Noah Doersing 🐦🎨🌿
2 days ago

I won't deny that I've brightened up the reflection a little, and I've obviously desaturated the rest of the image (not that there was much color to begin with) – with that disclaimer out of the way:

Crows reflected in a crow's eye.

#birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

Extreme close-up of a crow's face focused on its eye, where the surroundings are reflected – the sky, trees, and little black dots: other crows.
Swede’s Photographs
2 days ago

Hunter in the grass.

There were a couple postings about robins this morning, probably from farther north. I haven't seen many American Robins (Turdus migratorius) lately, but early spring they were around a lot. Large flocks would fly over. There are some still around but scattered throughout forest areas, I think. My Merlin app picks up their songs once in a while.

"Although robins are considered harbingers of spring, many American Robins spend the whole winter in their breeding range. But because they spend more time roosting in trees and less time in your yard, you're much less likely to see them. The number of robins present in the northern parts of the range varies each year with the local conditions." -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #AmericanRobin

This robin was in the grass in my front yard early this spring.  The bird was one of five or six robins who were rooting around for insects.

The robin is facing to the right and very slightly forward.  The robin's head and back are steel gray with some lighter gray markings around the head and neck.   Its eyes are black, only the right eye is visible. Its yellow beak curves down slightly on top but is straight on the bottom; the end of the beak, at the point is gray.   The breast of the robin is brown or copper - I wanted to say red because of the Al Jolson song I heard when I was a kid, but it's not red. The bird's legs are gray and disappear into the grass below.

"American Robins are fairly large songbirds with a large, round body, long legs, and fairly long tail. Robins are the largest North American thrushes, and their profile offers a good chance to learn the basic shape of most thrushes. Robins make a good reference point for comparing the size and shape of other birds, too. American Robins are gray-brown birds with warm orange underparts and dark heads. In flight, a white patch on the lower belly and under the tail can be conspicuous. Compared with males, females have paler heads that contrast less with the gray back." -
Noah Doersing 🐦🎨🌿
2 days ago

From the zoo: A male Eider duck – they're large sea-ducks with almost-triangular heads.

#birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #photography #naturephotography

Closeup of an Eider duck looking at the camera. Relatively dark shot.
The same duck, now in profile. Bot
2 days ago

Fru Rauers reisen

Følg fru Rauers reisen! Ho har laga tre egg. Går alt etter planen, klekk dei i starten av juli.

Les meir om fru Rauers reisen frå Afrika:

#Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #Documentary #FruRauer #NRKno

I hadn't seen these before, but they kinda have an imperial vibe about them.

Razorbills on a cliff amongst the Thrift. [Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow, these were so far away, but was so excited to see them]

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

A pair of Razorbills on a cliff face stood close to Thrift (pink flowering costal flowers)

Not much time for photos today, but here's a few Black-legged Kittiwakes that were nesting in the cliffs this evening..

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

Swede’s Photographs
3 days ago

Very well hidden.

This nest with four eggs is right outside our front door in the middle of bush. My wife saw a bird leave but I didn't see the bird and can't identify bird eggs.

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching

This is a nest with four blue green speckled eggs.

While sitting in my usual #heron spot I noticed something in the corner of my eye….this #CommonSandpiper.

Moments later I was spooked my a fieldmouse which came out of nowhere and I’m 80% sure jumped at me! I ended up stepping into the #River which scared of the Sandpiper but luckily I had captured this first.

#birds #birding #ukbirds #birdsofmastodon #birdphotography #sandpiper #wildlife #nature #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

A common sandpiper stands on the edge of a log overlooking the river which is coloured green due to the reflection of the trees.
Swede’s Photographs
3 days ago

Face of a blue jay.

I don't know what cause the aberration just below the beak. Even so, I'm not dissatisfied with this photograph of a blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata).

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching

This is a closeup photograph of the head and neck of a blue jay.  The background is forest green.  The blue jay's forehead is white for glaring light, but it fades to sky blue feathers that flow down the back of the head and neck.  I find the yellow eyes interesting; it seems like it is angled forward a bit mor that most birds but not quite as forward set as a hawk.  Its beak in this photo is pale, the end of the upper mandible hooks over the lower mandible. The neck feathers below the beak are white, they are separated from the blue feathers on its back by a patch of black feathers.
3 days ago

It had already been a busy early morning for this Brown Thrasher before the sun rose high enough for some nice lighting.

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A long, lanky, reddish-brown bird with a heavily streaked white chest and long tail feathers stands on a thin branch in soft, early morning sunlight. It is looking over its left shoulder, its bright yellow eye alert and its long, slightly-curved beak covered in dirt from where it had been digging for insects. The left and bottom sides of the photo are covered in reddish leaves and the background is a blur of soft greens and blues.
Brian Johnson
3 days ago

While taking a walk along the shoreline, I found this little guy hiding in the reeds.

#Photography #BirdsOfMastodon #Nature #Outdoor #Wildlife

A tiny sparrow clings to a reed.
3 days ago

This fellow showed up this morning to celebrate my birthday! The "dust" on the feeder is really pollen. #hummingbird #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon #nature #photography

Male ruby throated hummingbird, with his green back, white chest and red and black throat, hover above the nectar feeder, which is covered with pollen.
Deb Oppermann
3 days ago

The #EasternKingbird is described as a bird in a business suit, with it's dark gray underparts and white tip to the tail.This elegant songbird can be quite aggressive, an actual tyrant, when protecting it's nest from predators, hence the scientific name of Tyrannus Tyrannus.
All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go available here
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Eastern Kingbird perched on branch in grass with green background
Swede’s Photographs
4 days ago

I'm so pretty ...

This is a female northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) in a crepe myrtle tree by my fence.

"Only a few female North American songbirds sing, but the female Northern Cardinal does, and often while sitting on the nest. This may give the male information about when to bring food to the nest. A mated pair shares song phrases, but the female may sing a longer and slightly more complex song than the male." -

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This cardinal is facing left and front,  perched on a diagonal branch that starts near of the bottom left and rises toward the top right.  There are three other branches in the background as well and a white fence.

Her head is a light brownish shade but her beak is a bright reddish orange.  The crest atop her head start as light brown near the base then transitions to a reddish hue near the ends of the feathers, its shaped like a shark's fin.  Her body is the same light brown as her head but her wins and long tail are a reddish purple. She has pink legs and feet that hang on to the branch.

"The Northern Cardinal is a fairly large, long-tailed songbird with a short, very thick bill and a prominent crest. Cardinals often sit with a hunched-over posture and with the tail pointed straight down.  Females are pale brown overall with warm reddish tinges in the wings, tail, and crest. They have the same black face and red-orange bill." -
Marvin Johanning
4 days ago

A Common Blackbird proudly standing on top of a roof, surveying his domain.

#bird #birds #birding #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #photography

A close-up of a Common Blackbird standing on a small roof. The background is a blurry mess of green.
4 days ago

Indigo Bunting peeking out into the sun for a change, yesterday near Manhattan KS.

#birds #BirdsOfMastodon #wildlife #nature #photography #FlyoverCountry

Bright blue bird with pale bill perched on a bare branch
Deb Oppermann
4 days ago

Thanks to the collector in KeoKuk, US for your purchase of an acrylic print of Northern Red Cardinal In The Spring Lilac! Spring sees the male Northern Red Cardinal songbird, perched conspicuously in the Lilac bush with the buds just starting. The male Cardinal is unmistakable, even from a distance, with it's vibrant, bright crimson plumage.
Available here
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Male Northern Red Cardinal perched on Lilac tree branch with buds in spring and whitish background
5 days ago

I heard a calling woodpecker in the distance while on an evening walk, so I investigated around a bit and was pleasantly surprised to see a young great spotted woodpecker high up in a hole!

It was most likely waiting for its parent(s) to come back with some tasty food.

#Birds #Birding #Birdwatching #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #Photography #Wildlife

A young great spotted woodpecker (red cap, medium-length beak, white and black feathers) peaking out from inside a hole in the tree.
Noah Doersing 🐦🎨🌿
5 days ago

Okay, I'm really proud of this video: An Egyptian goose blinking in slow motion.

First, it closes its half-transparent nictitating membrane and, at the same time, starts wiggling the eye (not sure why, but I captured additional blinks, and it always did that). Then, the normal eyelid closes, after which the nictitating membrane retracts underneath the closed eyelid!

#birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

Extreme close-up slow-motion footage of an Egyptian goose blinking and looking around.
Christian Alder 🌱
5 days ago

Another morning, another recording of the birds that visit our garden chowing down on some rice 🍚. This time I recorded in 4K, which is great for letting me see more details when zooming in or cropping.

In this small clip from a 30min recording, you can see a small house sparrow briefly joined a Eurasian blackbird that was well into its breakfast☺️

#Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #Nature #iPhonePhotography #Portugal #BirdWatching #BirdSong

A male Eurasian Blackbird is joined briefly by a small female house sparrow, at a feeding bowl full of rice and water.
Christian Alder 🌱
5 days ago

3rd day of leaving my phone outside on a mini-tripod, hoping to record some birds getting their breakfast on.

#Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #PhonePhotography

5 days ago

... and an adult Black-crowned Night Heron, same pond as the juvie posted previously. Two winters ago (2021-2) into the spring there were a good number of juvies and a few adults overwintering at this site. Last winter there were very few and I didn't see any at all for a while until a short time ago. I'm glad to see some are back.

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Adult Black-crowned Nght Herons have a black cap and back and light gray wings fading to white on the chest and underbelly. Legs are pale yellow and beak is black.
Deb Oppermann
5 days ago

It took me two trips to the arboretum to get a close up of this tiny Brown Creeper that probes into crevices and picks at the loose bark of trees for insects in the woods. This one was almost at it's nest which was in behind the loose bark of this tree.
Available here
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Brown Creeper posing on the bark of the tree with green background
Marvin Johanning
6 days ago

A Eurasian Wren (Zaunkönig, "King of the Fence") was singing loudly from on top of a chimney of a small building. Rarely seen in the summer but very frequently heard!

#birds #bird #birding #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #photography

A Eurasian Wren seen sitting on top of a brick chimney. It is a small brown bird with a distinctive but small tail.
6 days ago

Bird of the Day - Yellow-breasted Chat, Kansas 2023

#birds #BirdsOfMastodon #wildlife #nature #photography #FlyoverCountry

Bird with bright yellow chest and large bill, perched atop a small tree and calling

Hi all,

Its #WallpaperWednesday 😊

I will post the 16:9 wallpaper followed by a 'how it looks on my phone' image.

Images taken within the last 7 days.

1. Graylag Gosling (Colour)
2. Graylag Gosling (Mono)

#JimsPhotos #NaturePhotography #birds #Wildlife #naturecommunity #photography #BirdsOfMastodon #birdphotography #JimsWeeklyWallpaper

Marvin Johanning
6 days ago

Is it a rock? Is dirt? No, it's a female Ring-Necked Pheasant that is very well-disguised running around on a field. I only ever spot them because I see the male first and then what looks like a moving rock next to him.

#bird #birds #birding #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #photography

A female Ring-Necked Pheasant running around on a plowed field. It is very difficult to spot as it has almost the same colour as the ground.
6 days ago

I heard a #bluegraygnatcatcher and it came down to say hello. There are no wildflowers blooming yet, but a lot of #bloomingbushes, including #multiflorarose and #viburnumlantana. #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon #nature #photography

This tiny blue gray gnatcatcher is white below with a white eyering. It usually is in non-stop motion, but this one paused to sing.
This rosa multiflora is all over the place. It's a native of East Asia.
This is a blooming viburnum, lantana I think. It has small white flowers in clusters on a big bush.
Chris Adams
6 days ago

Hey, is that a hidden camera?

#birdbuddy #birds #BirdsOfMastodon