3 hours ago

Looks like we have a new doomsday countdown for #birdsite

Simon 🐮
8 hours ago

Ow, and X, formerly known as Twitter, is again not allowing guests to view things.

Jan Matson Art
8 hours ago

Bluebird painting 🩵💙🩵

A Mountain Bluebird painting completed with a palette knife for a lovely thick texture. This sweet little bird is native to western North America.

#bluebird #birds #bird #BirdArt #BirdPainting
#BirdsOfMastodon #artist #wildlife #BirdOfTheDay #MastoBirds #painting #FediGiftShop #nature #birdsite #JanMatson #birding #NativeBirds #GiftIdeas #prints #art

An oil painting of a Mountain Bluebird perched on a twig. This pale blue and white bird painting was completed with a palette knife for a lovely thick texture. The background is painted in the palest of greys.

@m0bi13 @lukaso666
Skoro pojawiają się nazwy korposilosów i jedna wspomniana tylko przezwiskiem, to:

rzucam hasztagami #x #birdsite #Twitter

Jan Matson Art
9 hours ago
A sweet little Chickadee perched on a twig.  This little black and white bird is native to the  United States.  The Chickadee was completed mostly with a palette knife for a thick feathery texture. The background is painted pink.
10 hours ago

Whack! #ElonMuck gets more glaring reflection of what he as wrought out of #birdsite. It is like Narkissos and his own reflected image. And… those accounts, they pay. So, it’s beautiful to him.

NFL tells X it's concerned about placement of ads on white nationalist accounts

11 hours ago

Article on the massive disinformation and conspiracies behind the Lahaina, Maui, wildfire disaster. The reason for the spread, per NPR: "Now, they rapidly gain an audience on platforms like X — renamed from Twitter — after Elon Musk took over and most of its staff working on content moderation left or were laid off." #wildfires #disinformation #conspiracy #birdsite #fires

No matter what they do or say or who is using it I can’t take an app called “X” seriously.
#birdsite #rant #random

11 hours ago

A major part of my internet history will go offline soon enough. There is no hope for #birdsite anymore, I really wanted to believe there was.
The will to not have any affiliation to that asshat has surpassed my will to keep this history.

I did grab my data citing GDPR, before they removed media from before 2014. So the history isn't completely gone, at least.

I have a gripe with that I can only deactivate the account. Nothing talks about deletion.

A screenshot taken from Discord, showing a verified connection to Jourei's twitter/X.
It reads: Member since 28 Jun 2009, 14 368 tweets, 323 followers.
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
12 hours ago

Work has been A Thing Again, so once again, I’m way behind. I’m doing little themed updates as I can to catch up.

This one's on Musk Twitter. I know, I come back to Twitter a lot, don’t I? Well, it is the single largest bullhorn for fascist disinformation and propaganda outside Fox News, so you can see why I think it’s relevant.

#fascism #FascismWatch #twitter #birdsite #ElonMusk

Paul Gill Rider
13 hours ago

Why anyone of any integrity stays on the former #BirdSite is beyond me.

Mr A Dean :mastodon:
14 hours ago

@pitrouillesque If people prefer what #Threads or #BlueSky have to offer (algorithms to spoon feed them posts, algorithms to help theirs go viral and satisfy their egos, and quote posts to let them vent their feelings to audiences far larger than they have earned), then I'm happy for them. I fear, however, that both platforms will eventually inherit the bad aspects of the #BirdSite. People who value respect and friendliness may even return to #Mastadon. Happily, it offers none of those things.

16 hours ago

Mastodon Bird UI combined with PWA 🐦 ..

The experience is remarkable!

Thanks @rolle 😊 🫂

#MastodonBirdUI #MastoAdmin #MastoDev #BirdSite #Mastodon

1 day ago

The Information: Musk’s X Cuts Half of Election Integrity Team After Promising to Expand It (paywall) #politics #birdsite #disinformation

Headline: Musk’s X Cuts Half of Election Integrity Team After Promising to Expand It
1 day ago

Axios: "Yaccarino defends X over hate speech rise accusations... Former Twitter trust and safety head Yoel Roth accused Elon Musk at a conference Wednesday of ruling by dictate, rather than policy, and decimating the reputation of the platform known as X. " #birdsite

1 day ago

I have an (inactive) backup account which gets email from the #birdsite, and every email always is preceded by a toxic right wing person's post. (do not follow any of the toxic right wing people there that show up). And people over there say: "why aren't you posting here anymore?"

Tweet from Scott Adams, the racist cartoonist
2 days ago

"Since Twitter’s official rebrand to X on July 23, Musk has replied to at least 50 right-wing accounts a total of at least 282 times." #birdsite #hate #racism

2 days ago

Birdsite has logged me out of my account on my phone and I can't log back in so that's that then I guess?. 🤦‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️

Last used it three days ago so it's can't be a timeout for lack of usage?

Also unless you're logged in threaded posts appear to be broken so that also makes it useless for any news links ..

Took under a calender year to make site mostly unusable which is mildly impressive, thought it would only take a few months..

#Twitter #Birdsite

2 days ago

I still don't understand #BirdSite (yes, I am leaving... I'll close the door on my way out)...

I tweeted a jokey reply to a tweet and used the word "'shrooms"...

Next thing I know: I get followed by an account dedicated to psychedelic drugs 😯

The original tweet was about mushroom soup...

I mean... lost for words

ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 days ago

when I see 'em posting on #birdsite

Jack Nicholson nods grimly in the Gold Room, in The Shining
Rupert Cocke
2 days ago

Disinformation most active on X, formerly known as Twitter, EU says #Birdsite

2 days ago

I see how this will be a remotely good thing for the #BirdSite like seriously.

A lot of #Artists and #Vtubers will be fucked over by this. Because #Shadowbans are still a problem over on #Twitter / #X

I miss the old Twitter, seriously. It was fantastic; sure, it was not perfect, but it was an amazing place to be on. Now? I rarely ever go there, I lurk here on #Mastodon a lot.

Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

Musk bought the #birdsite to make it into a fountain of fascist disinformation and propaganda, and that’s what it now is.

Anyone still using it is supporting that project.


From: @MikeElgan

Jean-Louis Piraux
3 days ago
Jeremy Kamil
3 days ago

There's not & never has been a single public square. There are always public squares, plural. Yes, the internet & technology in general fall sway to winner-take-all dynamics. But we cannot allow our connectivity, info flow & communities to fall hostage to the whims of a malevolent idiot. #Mastodon #BlueSky #birdsite #Twitter #Threads

Dave Bell
3 days ago

This is a bit tricky. Ian Dunt recently published "How Westminster Works... And Why It Doesn't" which covers some deeper problems than just one political party.

The Kindle version is currently 99p and he is promoting the offer on #Birdsite

Here's the URL for the #Amazon page. That page also has a "Free Sample" option.

Preston MacDougall
3 days ago

@msifry #Twitter :birdsite: 👉 #Xitter 🚽.

So to people who remain on the #birdsite , we know where your mind is!

Mr A Dean :mastodon:
4 days ago

When Mr X took over the #BirdSite last year, we saw a huge #TwitterMigration, which was great because it was for all the right reasons, and the more people with integrity the merrier. Threatening to charge for an X account, could trigger a second exodus, but those migrants will possibly have a different motivation. Let's hope that, if people just want a free clone of #Twitter, they walk straight on by and land at #Threads or #BlueSky, where they will be happy, I'm sure.
It's nice here.

Jean-Louis Piraux
4 days ago

"Loin derrière Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube et même Facebook et Instagram, X confirme sa place de plateforme privilégiée par les climatosceptiques depuis son rachat par Elon Musk."

#climatoscepticisme #birdsite #xtwitter

I find it amusing that, without any ability to make rules against it or even really moderate people talking about it, I can go on endlessly promoting #Mastodon / #Fediverse on #Twitter, but on here, moderation tools are so strong that if we want to mention Twitter but not actually talk about it (as in, saying we saw something on Twitter), we have to use euphemisms like #BirdSite or #TheOtherSite to get around being accidentally caught in people's filters...

Dan Drake
6 days ago

I just supported Mathstodon:

A bit sad/ironic, though, that there are birdsite links but none for Mastodon...

@christianp #mastodon #ko-fi #birdsite

A screenshot from the confirmation page when you support Mathstodon -- which includes links to Twitter, but none to Mastodon / Mathstodon...!
Preston MacDougall
6 days ago

@RickiTarr I’m here because my strongly pro-science and anti-fascist tweets got my @ChemicalEyeGuy #birdsite :birdsite: account with 1,000 followers ‘permanently suspended’ - and without warning - on the day of the #2022election. #Mastodon is where other respected #science tweeters were headed, so I joined the #TwitterExodus and here I am. I like the strong artistic vibe, and the growing #chemistry community, but I’d like to see more journalists and political cartoonists.

6 days ago

Glanced at what is going on over at the #Birdsite (and its owner), and, no surprises.

Headline: Russell Brand supporters - celebs backing comedian from Elon Musk to Donald Trump Jr.
MPs ask if Elon Musk "personally intervened" on Russel Brand's status on X
Russell Brand: Elon Musk and Andrew Tate join fans reacting to allegations - as BBC 'urgently looking into issues'
Roni Laukkarinen
1 week ago

@tchambers #BirdUI not #Birdsite right? Glad you’re enjoying it!

1 week ago

CEO of Twitter releases a promo video showing all the "neat stuff" coming to Ecks (that you can already do, either on Twitter, or other platforms), and includes a tweet from "RightWingCope"dunking on Elon. @TodayInTwitter #birdsite #fail

Screenshot of a twitter promo video. "You've been here for news, sports and culture" is on the left, a phone with a scrolling timeline on the right, a tweet outlined in red.
Tweet from "Right Wing Cope": 

"Twitter's value has fallen by at least 50%, and Elon is blaming it all on the Jews." 

Screenshot of Elon Tweet: 


In our case, they would potentially be on the hook for destroying half the value of the company, so roughly $22 billion."

@michal from what i have observed; there was a initial crowd of farright folks in the long long ago (times when the identitairies came about) that mostly had #crusade themed profiles, moved on to their pseudointellectual classical greek phase* and now have discovered the roman empire. all to the reactionary background humming/dogwhistling of #birdsite accounts such as culture_crit


Carl Gay
1 week ago

If Musk is going to charge for Twitter, I guess Mastodon should prepare for another tidal wave.

#BirdSite #Twitter #Mastodon

1 week ago

Las Vegas Review Journal: "I’ve never seen more dehumanizing vitriol and hostility directed at journalists at any time in my career... And that was before this weekend.... Before conspiracy theorists, agenda-driven ideologues and even Elon Musk decided to engage in an unfounded media criticism dogpile to keep the outrage roaring." #antisemitism #hate #threats #journalism #birdsite #twitter

1 week ago

Poynter: "The Las Vegas Review-Journal is facing a harassment campaign stoked by Elon Musk, one year after a reporter was killed for his coverage... (another reporter) became the target of anti-Semitic attacks and death wishes over the weekend..." #birdsite #hate #antisemitism #journalism

i "love" these passive aggressive cringe tshirts they advertise for on the #birdsite

#smalldickenergy #twitter #x #advertisement #boomer #okboomer #meme #mamema #memes

advertisement photo for a tshirt worn by a man whoms face is cut out in a way that you only see the grey bearded lower chin

white tshirt with a "samurai" with grey hair on it and some japanese charakters next to it.

text on shirt: assuming i m just an old man was your first mistake

added stamp across the whole frame with text: ok boomer
1 week ago

If the petulant billionaire starts charging over at the wreckage of the #Birdsite, I expect a few more people moving over here. Although, I suspect more of the Towel of #Babel and people fleeing to Facebook/Threads. The folks I see over there still posting are looking for popularity or wanting to be an influencer/celebrity, so I suspect they're going to head to Tiktok/Instagram/Threads.

Elon Musk says he will start charging people to use X (Twitter) | Sky News #ElonMusk #Twitter #Birdsite #Paywall #SubscriptionFees #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

1 week ago

Are you new to #mastodon, perhaps the #fediverse in general? Coming over from the #birdsite #twitter? Getting ready to do your #introduction and need some great, authentic accounts to follow? Start with #verified #journalism #journalists that have already joined #newstodon - visit for fabulous folks to follow!

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
1 week ago

I wonder how many will pay. I'm not being facetious. At this point, I'm not sure enough have left #Twitter to make a dent in its cultural and sociopolitical impact and I'm concerned that competing platforms (e.g., #Mastodon, #Bluesky, #Threads) are losing each #TwitterMigrant back to #BirdSite.

Per Variety:"Elon Musk Suggests He Will Charge All X/Twitter Users a Fee to Be on the Platform”


Edit: since I posted, Bluesky/Threads are trending on Twitter.

2 weeks ago

Revived the NWS WPC bot (which was reposting #birdsite posts, which broke awhile back). Now posting Mesoscale Precipidation Discussions, with text, and as much as possible in #alttext. @nwswpc_bot (currently data also duplicated in @spcmdc_bot where I mashed up WPC and SPC data). #wx #weather #NWS

Metin Seven 🎨
2 weeks ago

Asked for directions to 'X'…

#internet #web #twitter #birdsite

Photo of an old internet cafe, now filled with debris. On a wall is a sign saying "Internet browsing", pointing at the rubble.
2 weeks ago

.. I've had that sink-in feeling

#joke #musk #ElonMusk #twitter #birdsite

Joshua Wood
2 weeks ago
a screenshot of X/Twitter with an error message: "Something went wrong," and an active audio space feature Michael Flynn and Roger Stone
Jonathan Schofield
2 weeks ago

I never bought into the *give us an Edit button* mantra on the #birdsite but, oh my, I’m lovin’ Mastodon’s Edit function, so I can fix all my screwups

Jonathan Schofield
2 weeks ago

TIL: ‘Copy Link’ on the #birdsite invokes an x\.com URL, which renders as just a link.

Whereas copying the tweet/post’s native URL still invokes an embed.

Musk sure seems intent on driving down engagement 🤷‍♂️

Jonathan Schofield
2 weeks ago

#webtech #webperf
Bearing in mind that Microsoft Edge is the last holdout for bringing AVIF support to the modern web – and is working on achieving it soon – should we still make and serve webP?

- See cramforce on the #birdsite 👉

(Please qualify your non-No answer)

ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 weeks ago

Who would you like to see leave Xitter, yesterday.

1. Be as vague as you like. "Politicians", "Media", etc. is fine (OR not...)
2. Repeats: FINE
3. Bonus points for slamming blue checks
4. Please use #ShouldLeaveXitter & #birdsite for discovery/filtering


The Shaman of Shenanigans

Jonathan Schofield
3 weeks ago

I republished much of this #climateCrisis focused thread on the #birdsite – where I still have an account – to see if I could get the people mentioned talking.

We’ll see how that goes

ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 weeks ago

Congrats to Coco 🎾

Sad to see such notable folks just endorsing the Other Place as if All Was Fine, though.

SMDH. Am I the asshole here? #birdsite #usopen #tennis

Barack Obama tweeting his congratulations about the tennis game and US Open championship. Preet Bharara liked it..
The Conversation U.S.
3 weeks ago

We passed 20,000 followers in this week on #mastodon!

In less than a year, we've accumulated 29% of the followers we got in 9 years of regular posting on the #birdsite, and we get far, far more engagement with our content here.

Thank you.

We will continue to post regularly here because we have found it is a community that values our kind of thoughtful journalism, written by experts for the public.

If you know folks who haven't discovered us yet, we'd really appreciate a boost #Newstodon

ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 weeks ago

I'm not sure what to make of the fact that this legendary figure... who posted this 6 years ago... is over on #birdsite yucking it up... (boosting Palmer Report etc..) thereby tolerating -- no ENDORSING a metric ton of white supremacy.

He was last active on here - in December.

Dismal indeed. 😩

In a tweet from 2017 legendary author William Gibson notes "tolerate not even a bee's dick of white supremacy"
ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 weeks ago
the anakin padme 4-panel meme

panel 1 - BRB - younglings on birdsite temple

panel 2 - they don't even know

panel 3 - stare

panel 4 - they don't even know
Sharon Murphy
3 weeks ago

Things I've learned since I ditched the #birdsite for good:

We don't need to know everything about everywhere all of the time! It's OK to fall behind on local and world news; to catch up at weekends, or to abandon the #newscycle altogether!

We shouldn't feel annoyed with ourselves when a friend updates us on something we hadn't yet heard ourselves. Conversations feel so much more natural when those taking part haven't already heard absolutely everything there is to hear about already!


Ted Jackson
3 weeks ago

After 12 months, I've finally pulled the pin and deactivated my account over at the #BirdSite. I've not posted at all this year and got sick of the anxiety the notifications were causing.

Good riddance.

Jonathan Schofield
3 weeks ago

Why is the React community this bad?

(screenshot from a brief foray into the #birdsite)

Tweet from Emma Dawson on Twitter: “Last night I was watching a conference talk called how to make accessible react components and the first piece of advice was to use aria roles like this <div role=button>click</div> 
Please don’t do this.”
Wayne’s The Name!!!😁
3 weeks ago

@mekkaokereke @Jorsh This comes with the fact that Anybody can make an account on a Mastodon instance or even establish a #Fediverse instance.

If we are to have a #BlackFedi, we have to keep in mind that like the #birdsite, racists are everywhere and we have to learn that we have to moderate against them. Moderating against hateful users and instances is the key. Moderators lead regular lives and jobs and, cannot always be here to keep up with racists accounts. It's free thankless work to most of them.

Keep in mind, right wingers were creating Mastodon Instances before #Elon bought #Twitter. GAB is actually a Mastodon instance.

At least with Mastodon, the owners is not somebody who actually wants far right wingers to drive up engagement with hate. There is no protocol to stop instances or users that are hateful to be created. On #Twitter, hate speech is actually encouraged and justified as being "free speech."

@openrightsgroup no longer on the #birdsite haven't years now. The hate was unbearable back then, can't imagine how bad its now. #muskisamonster #xhitter

Daniel Aleksandersen
4 weeks ago

Twitter is currently showing me old tweets from 2017–2020 when visiting profiles without being logged in. It applies to most active accounts. It really makes the platform feel alive and vibrant. #BirdSite #TheMuskEffect

ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 month ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a real gem 💎 of a #birdsite refugee @talia_christine

thriving here on fedi 🤩

Hope it's a great one!
🎂🎈🧀🖖🚀👀 @CWTFD
@HawkeyePierce @Hawkeye

Main bridge of the USS Enterprise.
Zooming through a starfield
A disc approaches - Talia's avatar.

This inflates into a balloon as a broken flute rendition of happy birthday plays, then a slice of cheese lands on the space balloon avatar, because of course it does.

Another balloon appears = it's George Takei saying "Oh Myyyy".

Happy Birthday Talia!

made in Blender, Gimp, and Kdenlive
Tina LeCour
1 month ago

Goldfinches are one of my favorites at the feeder during summer months, hope you enjoy this one called "Sweet Little Goldfinch", Happy Thursday:)

Can Be Purchased Here..

#bird #birdsite #birds #art #artist #arte #artwork #mastoart #fediart #fedigiftshop #artbooster #creativetoots #wallart #summer #cute #artforsale #buyintoart #ayearforart

This is an adorable goldfinch bird wearing a straw hat perched on a branch with daisy flowers