16 hours ago

If I fits...

Laurie is meowsquerading as a 'Catnap' plant.
He's a half-hardy perennial (avoids frosts), likes a sunny or partly shaded situation, and to not get too wet. Copious amounts of feed are necessary.
He grows well in this purrsition & is 'feline good'.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCats #Rescue #AdoptDontShop #CatNap

A black cat is sleeping in a cement plant trough outside the greenhouse.
Alchemilla Mollis
1 day ago

every day is a #caturday.
Vincent being his sinister self despite the blazing sunshine.
#blackCats #CatsOfMastodon

A black cat is drenched in shadows, you can not see the eyes and only the right ear has some daylight shining through. He is wearing a blue collar and a bell on it.
2 days ago

Can you believe it Penguin!?! It has been 10 years since that fateful birthday when I held you in my arms from kitten jail at the shelter all the way to your first bedroom where we had our first naptime! I am grateful everyday for the medical advancements made it possible for me to make it past 1, and the ones that made 34 possible @JenMsft @tprophet @holyfool @merrie_mcgaw @MaggieFero #cat #cats #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #catstodon #blackcats

3 days ago

Camouflaged! Laurie blended into the dark shade under 'his' hedge so well that, from just a few feet away, it was almost impossible to see him (until he opened his eyes).

#CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #BlackCats #Rescue #AdoptDontShop #Cats

A black cat with yellow-amber eyes is lying in the dark shade underneath a Laurel hedge.  He's so well camouflaged that only his open eyes give him away.

Sum nice sleepy kitties ๐Ÿˆโ€โฌ›๐Ÿพ
#caturday #cat #blackcat #blackcats #catsofmastodon

Pink haired girl holding a black cat
Black and white cat sleeping on its bacn
Black and white kitty caught in mid-yawn
Two cats freshly out of nap on pillows
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
4 days ago

On a #Caturday last year, Marjon tried to stow away on my trip to Tel Aviv. I guess he heard that cats were respected and loved there.

#BlackCat #BlackCats #CatsOfFediverse #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsRule #BlackCatSaturday #BlackCatsOfMastodon #Catstodon

A black cat stares up from a packed suitcase.
4 days ago

Meggie & Laurie wish everyone a Happy #Caturday.
Laurie has had a lovely few days 'helping' me to put up fruit nets. Meggie says it's been a good week for sleeping in the shade.
What have your furbabies been up to this week?

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCats #Rescue #AdoptDontShop #Cats

Two black cats are together on a blue duvet. Both are looking at the camera.
The one in front is lying down, but the other is sitting up, ready to run & avoid being photographed. Behind is a trouser press with a pair of trousers hanging on it.
4 days ago

I met this prettiest little kitten 10 years ago today, in a fateful meeting at an adoption room. One little secret nibble to the finger, a nibble that demanded I free her from kitten jail, told me everything I needed to know. 2 days later, she came home with me forever. @JenMsft @tprophet @holyfool @merrie_mcgaw @MaggieFero #cat #cats #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #catstodon #blackcats #BlackCatPropaganda

Angelique Sophia
4 days ago
A black cat sits in the remnants of of a plastic pillow bag looking wide eyed.
Monroe, the black cat, really likes hiding in see-through plastic. Here seen laying inside.

Loki is like, if I make the cutest face ever, Mommy will feed me 2 1/2 hours early XD #Cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat under a desk by my feet. He's looking up at me very wide eyed with the cutest look on his face. He wants food.

Grade beim Tierarzt gewesen. Katze hat Fieber und Halsentzรผndung und muss jetzt einen Schal tragen ๐Ÿฅบ


Schwarze Katze liegt auf Parkettboden mit einem zum Schal umfunktionierten Wollsocken

I'm guessing Loki wants to help me clean the kitchen ๐Ÿ™ƒ #Cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Fuzzy photo of a black cat in motion walking a long the top of the sink.
Charlotte Walker
1 week ago

Good morning! Iโ€™m very tired and clearly so is Miss Cinnamon. Iโ€™ve got to hurry up the hill and fetch my meds so I can take this morningโ€™s dose. Then itโ€™s a work day for me and more catting about for her #cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon #Mastocats

Miss Cinnamon the small, black shorthair cat is sitting on a bar stool in a โ€œloafโ€ position. Her head can be seen in profile as she yawns, her pink tongue is poking out and her black whiskers are pointing forward. She really wants to go from the bar stool up to the top of the kitchen island, but thatโ€™s ๐Ÿšซ
Andrew Hall
1 week ago

Sharpie proving she is the finest example of elegance and grace as she goes after a ball of yarn.

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

A black cat is jumping into a fabric box with a blue cat on its side.  Unfortunately she didn't jump high enough and has her belly caught on the edge of the box and her feet all splayed out.
Charlotte Walker
1 week ago

Miss Cinnamon performing some kind of yogic back bendโ€ฆ #cats #BlackCats #Mastocats #CatsOfMastodon

1 week ago
A black cat is sitting on a paving slab path on the lawn, in an elegant pose, looking off to the right and showing her lovely profile.
1 week ago

When Iโ€™m in bed, e-reading, Nera lies on top of me and holds on to my arm with her front paws.

#Cats #BlackCats

Little black cat holding on to my arm
2 weeks ago

Mornings with Finn. ๐Ÿ˜ฝ โค๏ธ

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #CatMom #MastoCats #Animals #Cats #BlackCats

A large black cat sleeps peacefully on my lap while I work at my computer. His head is resting on my chair's armrest. I just work around him to reach my keyboard!
2 weeks ago

The prettiest flower in our garden, Meggie, making her feelings about being a supermodel very clear.

#CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCats #Rescue #AdoptDontShop #Cats #Caturday

A black cat is sitting on a stepping stone path in the lawn with her eyes firmly closed and a grumpy expression.  She does not like having her photo taken and doesn't cooperate.
2 weeks ago

Lottie being proud of herself for successfully stalking a collection of daisies! #Hunter #CatsOfMastadon #BlackCats #Cats #Caturday

Lorrie the cat sitting among the daisies in our garden
Andrew Hall
2 weeks ago

Happy #Caturday to all! Here's Sharpie leaning in to give Rory a little #cat kiss.

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats #MaineCoon

Sharpie the black cat is leaning in to give Rory a kiss who is laying in his basket.

It's his estimated 9th birthday :) #cats #BlackCats

Me in the corner of a couch with my arm around a floofy black cat perched on a pillow

Loki the karate cat is hanging out on his Daddy's karate gi XD #cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat lying on a white karate gi staring at the camera with a cute look on his face.
Alan Evans
2 weeks ago

@douglasvb haha, Mickey had a cart so he could still go on walks around the yard when he had a splint on earlier this year

#BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat, Mickey, in a splint in a foldable cart. Black and White cat, Sookie, walks along side
Black cat in a splint in a cart on a pillow
2 weeks ago

Today is Laurieโ€™s โ€˜officialโ€™ 2nd Purrthday. (When found, the vet estimated his age as approx 8-10wks, & we counted back to find a date).
He celebrated the day by finding a stick in the garden, & by eating chicken-cake, which he shared with his auntie Meggie. (The candles were removed first, of course.)
#CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCats #Rescue #AdoptDontShop #Cats

A black cat with yellow eyes is chewing a stick on the lawn
A black cat is looking at a plate which is being held out for him to see.  On the plate is a small cake made of flaked chicken, with two birthday candles alight on top of it.
Alan Evans
2 weeks ago

5 seconds after opening one window!

Mickey was there first but the Kiki and Koko pushed to the front

#BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

3 black cats sit in an open window. Two are looking out and one is looking at the camera
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 weeks ago

Sometimes Marjon wants me to hold him like a baby โ€” a โ€œnot-wee babyโ€ at 13+ pounds.

#Caturday #BlackCat #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatSaturday #BlackCatsRule #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon

A cat laying in a sitting white manโ€™s arms with his head rolled sideways staring at the camera.
Cat News
3 weeks ago

Now that itโ€™s summer, after being brushed in the morning, Jonesy (Alberta, Canada) wants to go outside on his leash to make sure no other kitties have marked his turf!

#cats #CatNews #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats #MiniPanther

A cartoon of a black cat wearing a harness and ready to go on a walk.

Loki and Sakura being silly XD #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Tortie #BlackCats

Black cat sitting on the bed much like a human. His legs are spread out and his over groomed tummy is exposed. He looks absolutely ridiculous.
Tortie kitty lying on her back with her limbs all akimbo. She looks precious and ridiculous.
Sarah J Hoodlet
3 weeks ago

Guess whoโ€™s four months old today, twice the size she was when we got her (now a whopping 3.8 pounds), but still a little derpy? ๐Ÿ˜น

This girl has so much catitude (and nippy, because teething), but itโ€™s hard not to love her. ๐Ÿ’›

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats #kitten #TonguesOutTuesday

A black kitten sitting on a tan cat tower, staring at the camera with her tongue sticking out.
Sarah J Hoodlet
3 weeks ago

New instance! Time for a new #introduction.

I'm Sarah, a #writer of #fantasy novels. I have two series in progress: one with two books complete (in editing) and a third on the way, another that I just started.

Outside of writing I'm:
-An avid #reader
-A #tea lover
-Owned by two #BlackCats
-Recently into #BackyardBirding
-An advocate for #MentalHealthAwareness
-Married to a very supportive husband
-A NH (USA) native

Happy to be on a writing-focused instance, so thanks for having me!

Loki is making sure that his daddy's clothes have plenty of fur on them XD #Cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat lying like a loaf of bread on some clothes that belong to his daddy. He is staring up at the camera and his eyes are all wide. He has the cute is expression on his face.
Anthony Pham
1 month ago

My little changeling, Muse.

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #BlackCats

A black cat with cloudy eyes and medium hair facing and walking towards the camera on a grey floor with water and food bowls nearby.
A black cat with cloudy eyes sitting near food bowls with get head tilted slightly up as though she's being snobbish.

Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet little troublemaker Loki! Never a dull moment with him. He always keeps us on our toes! โค (And yes, he's sitting on the clothes I set out for myself today lol!) #Cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat, Loki, sitting like a loaf of bread on top of a black San Antonio Spurs shirt and pink patterned skort on top of a bed with a gray weighted blanket. He's kind of looking at the camera, but actually at a toy I'm holding near the camera. He had a cute yet concentrating look on his face. His tag on his collar is the Captain America Shield.

I asked Loki to make a cute face. He has an odd definition of "cute face" XD #cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat sitting on a desk looking diagonally downward with an unimpressed look on his face.
Black cat with a sitting on a desk with a tiny tongue blep showing his lower teeth. He's looking upward.
Same pic but he's showing less blep and more bottom teeth. He's looking directly at me now.
Now he's facing away from the camera and he's done with all that. Mouth still slightly open.
Kristin Bailey
2 months ago

Okay I really think I should give Cricket some pasta. Sheโ€™s scaring me. #FeedCricket #cats #BlackCat #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #CaturdayEveryday

My black kitty sitting at the dining table with one paw on the table and a teeth bared smile that belongs in a horror movie

October says it's bedtime #Cats #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat lying on a bed. He's looking sleepily at the camera.
Same picture but now he's curled up with his eyes closed.
Alan Evans
2 months ago

Kiki and my lunch

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

Black cat looks at pizza
Black cat pulls pizza with paw
Black cat bites at pizza
Pizza moved away from cat
Melissa Fehr
2 months ago

Nishi blepping in her own private sunbeam ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿซ  #blackcats

A black cat lounging sphinx-style on a grey mat with pine stairs behind her. Sheโ€™s in full sun with her green eyes squinting and a folded pink tongue tip hanging out.
Charlotte Walker
2 months ago

She really does not like to let me work #MissCinnamon #cats #BlackCats

Miss Cinnamon the black shorthair cat crouching unashamedly on my work laptop keyboard so I canโ€™t access it. Or see the screen. Thank you so much
Sameena Jehanzeb
2 months ago

Schlafzimmersituation. โ™ฅ๏ธ
#caturday #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Zwei schwarze Katzen liegen entspannt im FuรŸbereich des Bettes.
Leigh Honeywell
2 months ago

Happy #Caturday from a sleepy void ๐Ÿ˜ด

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCatSaturday #BlackCats

A medium haired black cat with green eyes sleeping on a beige blanket

Cuddle buddies. Ditto and Wolf Boom Zoom.

It's impossible to get a photo of a Ditto sleeping. He's very alert to any approach. Wolf Boom Zoom, on the hand, trusts completely and so remains zonked.

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #catnap #void #blackcats #FormerFeral

A black cat lies on a bed with his eyes open and a grey cat is cuddled up and sleeping behind him.
Mike Meadows
3 months ago

#BlackCatBart wishes you all a happy Sunday. #NotCaturday #BlackCats

Bart, upside-down on his cat tree showing off his paws (claws retracted cuz heโ€™s being nice), his beans, his Dracula fangs and his green eyes.

The fangs are out ๐Ÿ’™ #BlackCats #catstodon

A black cat named Peppercorn being pet on the head. His eyes are closed and 2 fangs are visible.
Melissa Fehr
3 months ago

Nishi is sunbeaming HARD today ๐Ÿฅน #blackcats

A black cat lounging on a blue fringed blanket with her fluffy belly exposed and black fur looking ginger in the sunshine
A black cat lounging on a blue fringed blanket in a sunbeam, looking at the camera with her big yellow eyes

I thought I'd share this lovely picture of Stinky enjoying his new basket. Who says black cats don't photograph well? #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

Kristin Bailey
3 months ago

Cricket wants BBQ! With bonus sad kitty eyes. #FeedCricket #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #CaturdayEveryday #BlackCat #BlackCats #Cat

My black cat, Cricket, sitting in a chair at the dining room table, with her head thrown back, screaming.
Another angle of Cricket in her chair looking very upset that she doesnโ€™t have BBQ
Cricket on the other side of the table showing off her golden eyes.

Our wide-eyed void and former feral, Ditto, who constantly appears to be shocked.

Yesterday, he made it past the dog (who ignored him) and onto the back of the couch, but before making it to my lap, he somehow lost his balance and fell off the back of the couch. He blamed the dog for the whole thing. (The dog is innocent.)

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #Void #FormerFeral #blackcats

A black cat stares up wide-eyed from the basket where he is loafing.

Shadow heard the thunder and immediately scratched at this cabinet so I'd let him ride out the storm with his stockpile of food. #cats #BlackCats

A photo inside a dark cabinet full of cans of cat food. A black cat is tucked in the corner.
Angelique Sophia
3 months ago

Monroe is having so much fun with this Lego wheel my kid gave her. She carries it around in her mouth, brings it to me like "kill", and loves flipping it to get it rolling.

Hilarious that my scrappy rescue cat from the streets has chosen a tire as her favorite. ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿˆโ€โฌ›

#catstodon #blackcats #cattoys #CatsOfMastodon

A gif of a black cat chasing after a large rubber Lego tire.
4 months ago

Rabban Harkitten was a huge fan of windows as a kitten back in April #WindowFriday #MyLifePerth #BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCat #Caturday

A 5 month old female black cat hangs from the screen of a window in April. Itโ€™s sunny outside with a green forest surrounding the house