Shawn M. Jones, PhD
2 days ago

On a #Caturday last year, Marjon tried to stow away on my trip to Tel Aviv. I guess he heard that cats were respected and loved there.

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A black cat stares up from a packed suitcase.
bethanye :queen_bee:
1 week ago

Trapped under a void. #BlackCatsOfMastodon

Close up of a black cat’s face. Her eyes are gold and she is looking to the side.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
2 weeks ago

Sometimes Marjon wants me to hold him like a baby — a “not-wee baby” at 13+ pounds.

#Caturday #BlackCat #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatSaturday #BlackCatsRule #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon

A cat laying in a sitting white man’s arms with his head rolled sideways staring at the camera.
Abigail Goben
3 weeks ago

Boswick would like you to know the radiators are warm. (He just crawled up on the radiator cover in my office, sprawled to full length, had a DEEP SIGH, and went to sleep)


3 weeks ago
Black cat laying down with his butt in the air and his forepaws stretched out in front of him like a sleeping superman
Benjamin Spider 🏳️‍🌈
4 weeks ago

It’s been nearly 6 months since I brought the four brothers home. A little over 7 months old. From top left to bottom right D’Argo (Farscape), Gungi (Star Wara), Willow (from the movie), and Quark (Star Trek DS9)

#cats #kittens #blackcats #blackcatsofmastodon #catsofmastodon

bethanye :queen_bee:
1 month ago

Lambert is tired of me moving around when she’s *clearly* comfortably settled. #BlackCatsOfMastodon #Caturday

A black cat glares with annoyance.
Samuel (he/him)
1 month ago

My gorgeous girls are celebrating their 4th birthday with lots of cuddles and duck treats. 🧀🧀🥒🥒🎊🎈🦆 Here's a few pictures from their ongoing birthday photo shoot. #blackcatsofmastodon #blackcats #catsofmastodon

A black cat named Pickle looks into the camera. She's perched on a cat tree shelf next to a window. The background is split with the left side being the wall and jute rope scratching post, and the right being the soft green of new leaves on a tree outside. The overcast daylight illuminates the half of her face which is framed by the green tree, with her yellow-green eyes appearing grey. There is a tuft at the end of each of her bat ears.
A close up shot of Cheese, a black cat with big, round, yellow-green eyes as she looks into the camera with the soft white glow of a lamp illuminating half of her face. The lamp is reflected in one of her eyes. Her fluffy fur stands out crisply against the white wall in the background
Shannon Quinn 🐍 🐘
1 month ago

(That black void in the background is our cat, sitting in our now-2.5-year-old kid’s doc-a-tot 😆)

Older bunny sister is ignoring younger kitty sister. Par for the course. #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BunniesOfMastodon #RabbitsOfMastodon

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
1 month ago

Innocent Marjon* dares you to rub his belly on #Caturday.

* Early on we discovered that he can be bitey.

#BlackCat #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsRule #BlackCats #Catstodon #CatsOfFediverse #CatsOfMastodon

A black cat laying on his back with his mouth open facing the camera.
Marc Criley
2 months ago
A crouching #BlackCat behind a container of pepita's, a bag of salad greens, and a can of garbanzo beans.
Kasey Smith :verified:
2 months ago

My partner doesn't know it, but I've promised Nero and Bodie a third black cat friend. #blackcatsofmastodon

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
2 months ago

My boy Marjon sure liked his tree climbing when he was younger.

#Caturday #Catstodon #BlackCat #BlackCats #BlackCatSaturday #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsRule

A black cat stares at the camera from a tree.
3 months ago

Kind of wonderfully overwhelmed by an outpouring of love on this app this evening. This is what social media used to be, and apparently still is, if you know where to look. This - Mastodon - is apparently where to look. 😊 As a wee “thank you” to all the folks who followed, boosted, said hello, and the like, allow me to share these pics of my children: Dexter and Gato (with a bonus peek of me). #catsofmastodon #tuxedocatsofmastodon #blackcatsofmastodon

Dexter, an incredibly silly black and white tuxedo cat, claiming ownership of a cardboard drink carrier and looking naughty.
Gato, a floofy black cat giving side eye to the camera while be snuggled by a barely visible white woman wearing glasses.
Krolowa ⚧️
3 months ago

An apple a day is not a play toy. #catsofmastodon

Coalhouse the black cat is contemplating a red apple
Joan Arkham
3 months ago

CAUTION: Black cat. She’s been there all morning, we just keep stepping over her. #blackcatsofmastodon

A sleek black cat stretched out against a bottom step.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 months ago

Having been relocated, Malala and Marjon are engaged in deep discussions about our decision to move from a tiny apartment to a house that is twice as big.

#Caturday #GreyCats #BlackCat #GreyCats #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #GreyCatsOfMastodon #Moving #Relocating #Catsodon #catsOfFediverse #CatsOfMasodon

A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat has turned to look at the black cat.
A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat is looking forward. The black cat has narrowed his gaze.
A black cat is inside a carpeted closet. A grey cat is approaching from a room with a hardwood floor.
A grey cat examines a shower stalky while a black cat is standing looking out the entrance to the bathroom.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 months ago

Marjon ”meerkats” in response to noisy neighbors.

#Caturday #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsRule #Catstodon #Cat #CatsOfMasodon #Cats

A black cat sits upright in a “meerkat” position facing right.
3 months ago

I wish I had as much joy from anything as Mr Talbot gets from a balloon. 🎈 #cats #blackcatsofmastodon #catstodon

Becky Douglas
4 months ago

My cat is actually just a cat-shaped shadow with eyes

#catstodon #catsofmastodon #blackcats #blackcatsofmastodon

A black cat lying on a white duvet, stretching a single paw ahead of her, yellow eyes wide open and looking slightly off camera. The dim lamp light on her black fur makes all of her face obscure, apart from the wide open eyes.
4 months ago

This cat, man…Gato is my soul cat, my constant, my familiar, my ride or die. He and I just get each other. #catsofmastodon #blackcatsofmastodon #acatcalledgato #realhousecatsofnyc

A close-up, square cropped photo of a white woman in black glasses snuggling a fluffy black cat with golden-green eyes
A portrait of a fluffy black cat  winking over his shoulder at the camera
A fluffy black cat lying, paws outstretched, in a pile of blankets and pillows
A fluffy black cat lying on his back, with a dopey snaggle-fang expression on his handsome face
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
4 months ago

Whenever work is being done outside, Marjon and Malala must monitor the intruders into their territory.

#caturday #catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #GreyCat #BlackCat #GreyCats #GreyCatsRule #GreyCatsOfMastodon #BlackCat #BlackCats #BlackCatsRule #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatAppreciationPost

Black cat Marjon and grey cat Malala stare out of a sliding class door.
5 months ago

It's Friday the 13th, so here are some pictures of my good luck charms. #blackcatsofmastodon #blackcats #catsofmastodon

A void named Pickle rests on her belly on a bed. Her soft green eyes half opened, left arm stretched in front of her in a lazy superhero pose.
A black cat named Pickle sitting on the crow's nest of her cat tree and staring right into the camera.
A void cat named Cheese in the foreground is sitting on a coffee table. She has a peaceful expression. Behind her, to the right and out of focus is her sister, Pickle, who is sitting upright in a bright sunbeam, patiently biding her time. Her long shadow stretches out behind her in the bright morning sunshine.
A regal looking black cat, Cheese, perches on her shelf on the cat tree in the strong winter morning sunshine. Her dark fur has rusted in the light, giving her chest an orange glow. She's looking right into the camera with her big, beautiful eyes. Long black whiskers caught in the sunshine become white against her coat.

Michi and his plushie of Matthew the Raven #blackcatsofmastodon #mastocats #catsofmastodon

6 months ago

I guess this is Pickle's way of telling me to turn the heating on. #blackcatsofmastodon #blackcats #catsofmastodon

The face of a black cat is peering out from within a pile of towels and clothes. She is entirely covered except her eyes and nose. Her bright yellow eyes are staring directly into the camera.

Happy #Caturday! Oh, to be this comfortable for but a few fleeting moments. We lowly humans may never know.

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsOfMastodon

Black cat curled up with a paw over its eyes sleeping on a comforter.

Scene: My spouse and I are sitting on the couch on #Thanksgiving.

Spouse: Wanna watch the #NationalDogShow?

Me: Nah, you go ahead. I'll watch the #cat watch it instead.

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsOfMastodon #Catsgiving

A black cat with yellow eyes lying on the back of a couch, staring at a television off camera.