2 hours ago

Test to verify if the #Blender's SubD splines cages exported as #DXF are usable in #Plasticity3D, and seem to me they are. any way with Plasticity this strange workflow is a bit useless, but I've many studies with Blender and for me is time saving #b3d #Blender3D #CAD

From Blender to Plasticity
6 hours ago

Another workflow that allow you to export 3D curve into a #CAD is by exporting them into DXF, but #Blender's add-on export a multi segmented #DXF and create a bit heavy files, anyway import the exported DXF into #FreeCAD where you have the possibility to edit with Cuves Workbench and making these segments better by joining them and perform a command to convert into beziér curves with its tools ( more info for WB Curves in web) #b3d #fc3d #plasticity3D

Blender concept with SubD Mesh curves
Multi segmented DXF imported into FreeCAD
2937 segments imported as IGES into Plasticity.
mat filid brandy
9 hours ago

Mal ein bisschen mit dem Logo rumspielen #blender #blender3d #b3d #cccamp23

Fairydust Rakete mit Chaos Communication Camp 2023 Schriftzug und Fifty Logo auf rostigen Metallplatten
Diane 🕵
19 hours ago

Kid wants to make videos out of game footage on an android tabled.

I'm freaked out by how much all the commercial video software wants to spy on you.

There doesn't appear to be any, let alone good, FOSS #VideoEditing software on android.

It's also hard for kid to understand getting screenshots off of tablet onto desktop, and I'm not sure #kdenlive or #blender count as user friendly.

I tried suggesting #libreoffice but didn't manage to sell it.

#Glaxnimate might be a more appropriate tool for making animated stories, but lacks all the assets kid is used to from games.

23 hours ago

Well seems like I found a cheat code lol

Fluent Materialize + Baking at really low resolution

Just need to apply quake color palette and I will have a descend base.

#blender #b3d #gamedev #indiedev

Mazhuka 3D
1 day ago

El editor de Preferencias condensa todas las opciones de configuración de Blender desde su aspecto visual hasta la configuración de las ubicaciones de nuestros assets.

Nuevo video del #cursosgratis de #blender 3.x #b3d de Mazhuka en Youtube
¡Más contenido cada semana!
Este video forma parte del #blendertutorial de Mazhuka.
#cursoblender #blenderespañol #cursor3d #modelado3d #Animación3D

1 day ago

How can't you fall in love with one of the most adorable, playful and sweet #Pokemon?
It's impossible not to smile when #Squirtle waddles around 💙

Get my #fanart of this cutie pie for #FREE now!
_ _ _

Click on one of the links below to download the #STL of my Squirtle #Fanart availble for FREE:

@Thangs3D :

@cults3d :

: #3DPrinting #3DModeling
_ _ _

#3Dprinting #3Dmodeling #MadeWithWacom #Blender #ZBrush

1 day ago

So this week I cloned down the #blender repo and for the first time in my life successfully built a c project! I honestly did not expect it to work so smoothly. Props to the blender devs who put that all together.

Now to go do some #USD digging in the code ^_^

#Pipeline #PipelineJournal #Animation

1 day ago

Interesting... so I am on #Blender v4.0.0 Alpha if you setup your scene to use an Environment Texture, then export out to #usd it places it as a DomeLight at /lights/environment. Cool no issue with that... it appears to also create a 'custom asset texture:file' that points to the same location as the 'asset inputs:texture:file' as well as an extra `custom float intensity`.

Without those `custom` attribs the env light doesn't load into Blender cleanly in the UI

Image is Mine | Blender | Houdini

Comparing USD files!
Left: Made via Python
Mid: Made via Blender
Right: Made via Houdini
1 day ago

Lastly is my bubbly rave lynx/bobcat/whatever, Flipside! There's really not much to say about ol' Flippy since she's more of a regular OC than a fursona, but she's my lil babby and I love her all the same.
#lynx #furry #fursona #blender #vrchat #rave
Thread (3/3)

A female lynx in a skimpy rave outfit
The lynx leaning over the counter at a bar
Extreme closeup shot of the lynx sticking her tongue out at the viewer
The lynx dancing her heart out on the dancefloor
1 day ago

Second in command is my utahraptor, Bandela. She's a very brash and tomboyish character, but has a jumpy and awkward demeanor. I like to think she and Suno are close buddies despite their entirely different personalities.
#raptor #utahraptor #dinosaur #furry #fursona #blender #vrchat
(First pic is by RinDeadSong on FA, second is by the_k9_team on Twitter)
Thread (2/3)

Female utahraptor with a blue feather ridge along her head. She's wearing a white tank top and denim shorts and has a baseball bat slung over her shoulder.
Traditional drawing of the raptor in a boxing match. Her face is bruised and bloody, but she's smiling.
VRChat selfie of the raptor at Furality Aqua
1 day ago

Well since I've moved instances I might as well make a new fursona #introduction.
This here is my main lad, Suno. He's an axis deer who's an expert at archery. His name is an abbreviation of "morning soul" in my conlang Serens, which is also his native tongue. Suno is an embodiment of my general love for mornings, hence his name.
#deer #furry #fursona #blender #vrchat
Thread (1/3)

3D render of an anthro deer with a large set of antlers. He has a quiver slung over his shoulder and appears to be hunting with a bow.
A bust shot of the deer smiling to the viewer
Screenshot taken in VRChat of the deer leaning against a railing with a bright sunset behind him.
lazy cat ☮️
1 day ago

I’m a couple of days late, as usual. :) but nevertheless it’s impossible to not to mention this: Third Room Technology Preview 2! for those who don’t know what it is, Third Room is a framework for building VR/AR/MR/XR environments based on #Matrix protocol. there’s a long list of what to do to make it ready to use by end users, but even in its current state it’s quite usable. not to mention of possibility to create your own worlds. by the way, #Blender can import and export scenes in glTF format, so no vendor lock, and possibilities are virtually =) endless.

1 day ago

one frame from my animation for the badnormals contest called #roadtoinfinity. Currently rendering and it seems to turn out pretty nice! Can't wait to see it in a montage of even more great artworks!
It's an #overpass with a 3lane highway below shown only as #lightstreaks that illuminate a lot of the scene.
#b3d #blender #blender3d #render #cgi

3d render view from a dark overpass over lightstreaks passing by below
Marcel Wiessler
1 day ago

The Needle Engine Blender integration is now available

Build interactive #threejs websites inside #b3d

Get started here →

🌵 #needle #webgl #webdevelopment #NeedleEngine #blender #blender3d

Jarosław Dzedzej aka DJ
1 day ago

There's still a few days before the deadline... What better idea for the weekend than to make a fanart of your favourite movie scene and turn it into a smashing animation using only cubes in Blender ? Go for it !

#b3d #blender #blender3d #animation #3dchallenge #CubicWorlds #CGBoost

3d low poly render of a Big Lebowski bowling scene (fanart) referring to Cubic Worlds on-line challenge

did a 60 minute art jam with myself, voila! #Blender #b3d #Art

a giant spooky skeleton head in a misty cave nearby the ocean
2 days ago

Hallo #blender, #godot und #freecad seit ihr auf der #gpn21 mit dabei? Ich würde mich über eine self-organized-session freuen und auf meinem Notebook ist auch noch etwas Platz für ein paar Sticker.

Doodle 🍩
2 days ago

Made an arwing sort of spaceship thing. There was a time last year where I was making a Starfox-esque movement engine in Unity and needed a ship model, and I remember making a pretty terrible one, so it feels good to be able to make something like this without too much effort!

#Blender #b3d

☾•Daniela Vasco☾*
2 days ago

✨Static Dreams🌙✨

This is a video game pitch I made for a project in university a couple of years ago. It was my first time using blender so there are many things I would fix if I could go back, but I still like the concept for this! If you want to read about the process, it’s up on my portfolio under the 3D tab💫 #mastoart #blender #3dmodeling

This is a trailer for an introspective videogame concept about finding yourself.
2 days ago

Anyone good with #Blender here? We need someone to create some animations for @mintworld (paid job)

John Einselen
3 days ago

New update today for #Blender Autosave Render + Output Variables!

{material} returns the name of the material in the currently active material slot of the currently active object.

The use case is pretty niche (rendering an animation of the same object while iterating through multiple materials), but I happened to need it this week. 😄 #b3d #blender3d #python #plugin

screenshot of the variable popup window in the Blender compositing tab
flaeky pancako
3 days ago

#3d #blender #tutorial
super great nebulae tutorial :)

3 days ago
3 days ago

cant launch program from terminal but can from gui #commandline #python #blender

3 days ago

While deleting old things, I found these images, they are a real attempt to use #Blender to generate #CAD drawings from 3D with FreeStyle, and finally edited with #Autocad, this experiment dates back to 2015 when I had already lost hope with #Linux, from here on then there was much else #OpenSource #b3d #Blender3D

Blender CAD Attemp 2015
3 days ago

Generative art with Blender Geometry Nodes combined with AI Postprocessing -> Stable Diffusion + ControlNet + Multi-Frame Script. I had seen a video by the artist Dr. Formalist and was impressed. ControlNet is a game changer for AI art, I think. I had to try it out and am still experimenting. This is the first result. #generativeart #aiart #artist #digitalart #digital #blender #cycles #geometrynodes #connections #codeart #mastoart #newmediaart #abstractart #style #3d #art #blenderart #rendering

Video showing AI generated images in an animation. A tranforming flower in several shapes
3 days ago

The result of tonight's material deepdive: procedural real-time terrain materials for Mars and Earth, each with parameters for pole spread, noise variant, hue shift, etc. I'm not quite satisfied with Earth yet, but that's a task for tomorrow.

And being able to quickly select among my collection of cloud shaders proves quite useful.

#Blender #B3D #Eevee

Blender viewport showing a planet that resembles the dry and rust brown surface of mars, with white poles on either side. Small wispy clouds float over the surface.
Blender viewport showing a planet resembling Earth, with deep blue oceans and terrain ranging from dark green to sand colored.
Finn Smith
3 days ago

I've recently started learning #blender ( Behold my first creation!

Low-poly computer-generated picture of a small island on a moonlit night. There is a tall lighthouse on the island with a strong light at the top. On the other side of the island, there is a cozy little village with a few lights nestled among the homes.
Brett Kromkamp
3 days ago

Just completed this scene. And, yes... I really do need to land a visual style for my game 😜

Then again... at this stage, the whole point is to go broad before going deep. So, I'll trust the process and eventually something I'm happy with will come out of it.

#gamedev #indiedev #godot #godotengine #blender #b3d

An office with a desk, chair, computer and an aquarium. 3D game scene.
3 days ago

Tafi the owner of #Daz3D announces the development of a powerful text to 3D character engine. Your can generate your character via prompt and export it directly to #unity, #unreal, #blender or other popular #gameengine or #3d software. Support for open #usd will come soon. #generativeAI #AI


Demo video of the generative AI based Tafi character generator.

召喚魔法Lv.2を習得しました #blender #blobcat

Doodle 🍩
4 days ago

Made a bench. I tried some subtle curving in the planks but other than that nothing too crazy.

#Blender #b3d

Blender model of a bench
4 days ago
4 days ago

But the fact that the #Volkswagen group is patron of the development of #Blender, what does it mean, that the foundation is more sensitive to their requests, or if they do not make any particular requests, their participation is only a marketing strategy, or worse, a way to pay less taxes? #b3d #VW #Blender3D

Man I love to watch a master at their craft. At 2x it just comes to life before your eyes. Seen it happen 100 times in my career and it never gets old.


Tom Martinek
4 days ago

I haven’t used this, but it looks really useful!
#blender #Blender3D

dr. Sybren
4 days ago

Grease Pencil was used for certain effects in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Source: Daniel Martinez Lara on the birdsite:

#SpiderVerse #Greasepencil #b3d #Blender #SpiderMan #Blender3D

Lauren Herda 🖖
5 days ago

I finally managed to put together an Artstation post with my Akyazi starship and space station models! Check it out! #StarTrek #Blender #3D

dr. Sybren
5 days ago

Working on a 'Replace Pose' operator for Blender's pose library.

#b3d #Blender #Blender3d #Animation

Stefan Scholl
5 days ago
5 days ago

Something I made for the Bforartists splash screen competition

#Blender #Blender3D #B3D #BlenderCommunity

Terry Hancock (Director/Producer)
6 days ago

My latest screencast follows me applying a ragdoll rig to the "Space Bunny" ragdoll that Georgiana has in our pilot:

About 32 minutes, with commentary explaining what I'm doing.
#Blender #Physics #Simulation #Rigging #Ragdoll

6 days ago

Today I started refactoring the real-time planet shader I threw together a while ago. I had to use my old Blinn-Phong shader to access the lighting data of the shadow terminator. Diffuse BSDF to RGB does not work because there's no data for the shadow area, which means you can't bend the light around the planet that way.
But with access to the sun vector, I added faux cloud shadows and a sunset tint. I'm trying to make it easy to plug in your own terrain/cloud textures.

#Blender #B3D #Eevee

Blender viewport showing a planet, illuminated from the side, glowing with a blue atmosphere and covered with white swirly clouds. Along the shadow terminator, the clouds and atmosphere are tinted yellow and orange. Below the viewport is an overview of the complex node graph.

#Blender Collectibles: "proceeds will go to fund Blender project"

1 week ago

Just noticed that the Scottish Remote Sensing Portal has 25cm DSMs of Iona.

They're tucked away in their own category, took me a while to find them. Look for 'Lidar/hes' after selecting an area over Iona.

Here is a turntable animation of Iona Abbey done in Blender.


#qgis #blender #GISChat #scotland #iona

turntable animation, showing a rotating 3d view of Iona Abbey
1 week ago
3D sculpture of Maynard James Keenan, the singer of the band TOOL.
1 week ago

Just to add insult to injury, #Maya uses 'map1' as its default, but auto renames to st on #USD export. So whilst exporting alembics from #Blender we then had two UV maps in Maya 'UVMap' and 'map1' when those files ultimately made it to rigging and then down to #Houdini #Solaris we now have 'st' and 'st1'.
Spent friday debugging why mtl.usd wasn't being applied correctly to anim.usd and well it came down to UV names.

#Pipeline #PipelineJournal #Animation

1 week ago

spent too much time on this

#oc #animation #blender #blender3d

digital 2D puppet animation of a pink haired cat eared character noticing and looking at the viewer
1 week ago
1 week ago

The IT dept want to manage my workstation, but don't want to upgrade to the latest version of #Blender. I nearly hit send on an email thanking them for making 2023 the year of #Linux on the desktop for me, but decided it would probably be best if they still think I'm using the knobbled version of Windows they want to 'manage' for me.

Torsten Torsten
2 weeks ago

1/2 If you are creating #audio on Linux I can recommend #AVLinux.

In my live I did audio-recording on AmigaOS, Windows 98, Linux Ubuntu, Mint and Manjaro and I've got the feeling I've finally found the OS that fits my audio-needs. AVLinux is based upon #MXLinux (which is based upon #Debian) and comes with pre-installed multimedia programms, like #Ardour, #Reaper, #KDEnlive, #Cinelerra, #Musescore, #Hydrogen, #Blender and many others. And hundreds of audio #plugins for Ardour & Reaper.

Metin Seven
2 weeks ago

My 3D take on a fun Dom Murphy drawing of Akira's Tetsuo.

Sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Blender using Octane.

#akira #tetsuo #anime #manga #3d #zbrush #b3d #blender #blender3d #octanerender #comics #animation #sculpture #art #artwork #FediArt #MastoArt

Four images, showing progress from initial drawn inspiration to final 3D rendering.
3D Tetsuo character from the Akira manga / anime.

I mentioned the other day that i was working on a space station to dress up some renders. I kinda wanna do a lot more with it now, though... 🤔 🤪 #StarTrek #Blender #3D

A mockup of a page from a non-existent book called "Stations of the Star Fleet", showing 3D renders of a Regula-1 style space station from Star Trek (titled "Materials Depot 261"), along with a brief description of the station's configuration and mission.
2 weeks ago

#Introduction time! I go by Zalcoti all over the internet so you may have stumbled upon me before.

As a perpetually curious individual, my interests are pretty wide. It often filters into my artwork. It ranges from video game characters to nature to the sciences to science fiction and #fantasy.

My tools are just as diverse. Alcohol #markers, #ColoredPencils, #acrylic, #watercolor, #Krita, #Blender and #Inkscape are the main staples.

There's also a #SciFi graphic novel in the works.

A sea snail perched on a rock with ocean waves crashing around. Background full of fluffy clouds.
Totodile magnet designs. One normal color the other with shiny colors. It's mouth is wide open in a toothy smile.
A colored pencil and watercolor painting of a pterosaur portrait.
A watercolor painting of an ancient ocean with an elasmosaurus and ancient fish swimming around. Sunlight streams through the surface.
3 weeks ago


I'm stevefaeembra. That means 'Steve from Edinburgh' in Scots.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I'm a web developer by profession, but a cartographer at heart.

Taught myself GIS.

I make maps using QGIS, Blender, Aerialod and Open Data.

#introductions #qgis #blender

3 weeks ago

That's a shortish preview for my last project in #Blender #Blender3d #3dart - I find it very relaxing and calming to watch, although this normally relatively easy project was one of those where always something else went wrong. Amazing. Sooo many things that can go wrong!
But now I am mostly happy - and if you like it too and want to watch it full length (it even loops), you could download it here:
Oh, and music is by Lexin Music "Inspiring Cinematic Ambient"

Most of the picture is dark, only two lights - one to the left one to the right - show a little bit of a dark, barren looking ground. Above the ground a pendulum with 9 spheres is moving in a wavelike motion from side to side. The rims of the spheres are glowing like neon lights and changing their colors to the music (I hope). cycling through the colors of the rainbow. In the background, stars.
3 weeks ago

My submission for the Bad Normals "Road to Infinity" challenge!

Check out the challenge:

#Blender #Blender3D #B3D #BlenderCommunity #GeometryNodes #Animation #Loop

So I've been working on that Akyazi-class starship model, but before I settled on making some final renders, I wanted to dress up the scene with a space station. So, I've been working on a Regula-1 style station. BUT, I can't have a station that doesn't have some activity going on around it, right? So, I've been working on a workbee model to dress it up a bit and make it feel alive. Here's that workbee model. #StarTrek #Blender #3D

An angled 3D rendering of a “workbee” from Star Trek. The text reads: “STARFLEET ‘WORKBEE’ — Model & render by Lauren Herda, based on the original workbee design by Andrew Probert.”
Orthographic renderings of a “workbee” from Star Trek. The text reads: “STARFLEET ‘WORKBEE’ — Model & render by Lauren Herda, based on the original workbee design by Andrew Probert.”
Matthew Hughes
3 weeks ago

Plotter texture study
#plotterart #generativeart #blender

Chris Price
3 weeks ago

I'm working on their main tie today. I modeled a loose Full Windsor knot as a curve with another curve providing the mesh profile.

Now I'm trying to work out how to tighten it. My first idea is to make a scaling animation of the knot portion and the run a cloth simulation on it. Sculpting may also be an option, with a flat mesh.

How would you approach pulling this knot together?

#blender #Blender3D

The underside of a loose Full Windsor knot rendered in Blender. The colors across the mesh change according to normals and are pastel tints of magenta, cyan, yellow, green, and white.
Trash Robot
3 weeks ago

wheel of trash, the trash wheel rendered in #blender. If each of these is a Corona bottle, and the hub has fluidic diodes and flow impedances, and the thing slowly rotates, it can be constantly flowing water from one to the next around in a circle. there are many applications for such a thing.

rendering of a wheel with 5 transparent glass bottles all around a pentagon-shaped hub, with a wheel around the whole thing that holds the bases of the bottles.

Oooh this is awesome! Very very nice! Can’t wait for this to be released! #blender #b3d

3 weeks ago

I've made a comment about that in the 2021, and now seem someone has done the magic, but I think much more will come in the future. #Blender #crowds simulations with #GeometryNodes #b3d #VFX #Blender3D

Natasha Nox 💙💛
4 weeks ago

I'm preeeetty sure the answer to this will be "yes".
From your experience, would three VMs each with 5 Zen3 Cores (w/ HT), ~19gb of RAM and an RX 5700 XT sufficient for efficient (indie) game development?

(Tools would most likely be #Blender, Some lightweight engine like #Godot or GameMaker, Ardour etc) #programming #development

Paris B-A
4 weeks ago

It’s almost your last chance to submit to this! Doing something fun in #OpenSource or #FOSS #gamedev or adjacent areas? Submit to the FOSS at Play track at #FOSSY! #VideoGames #GameDesign #gamedevelopment #indiedev #blender #godotengine #Godot4 #Godot #games #cfp

4 weeks ago

Sometimes you may be forced to use 3D object made with polygons, but with selectable edges, and not as a reference like when importing an OBJ model, this can be done by exporting your Mesh with #Blender to an OBJ format, then importing this file in #FreeCAD and with the Workbench part convert it in part with the command create shape from mesh, and then save the file by exporting the selections in #STEP and importing your reference in #plasticity3d or other.

Mesh into part with FreeCAD
Imported mesh as STEP surfaces into Plasticity
4 weeks ago

Hello! I'm a soon-to-be former program manager with a large technology company in the Puget Sound region and I am looking for opportunities for remote work or hybrid options in the Seattle region. I'm new to the fediverse, but have a connection to a strong presence here. Trying out the #fediHired tag was recommended so I'm grateful for you reading this and boosting if possible. I'm learning and thank you!

My qualifications:
1. Native fluency in
#Japanese and #English
2. Program Management experience 2+ years with large tech company
3. Excellent commendations and awards from previous management at current employer
4. Strong work ethic
5. Excellent organizational skills
6. Very comfortable around technology and learning new skills
7. Enjoy gaming and VR technologies
8. Very comfortable with all office and related programs.
9. Some familiarity with coding and game-related technologies like
#Unity and #Blender.

#programManagement #fediHired #bilingual #strongWorkEthic #jobs #gettingHired #fediverse #cv #resume #jobSeeking #introduction

Some of my interests as hashtags:
#gaming #streaming #twitch #vr #beatSaber #japanese #日本語

1 month ago

Une petite faim ? Pancakes ? Plutôt miel ou glaçage ? Voici deux réalisations, dans Blender 3D toujours 🥞

Peckish ? Pancakes ? Rather honey or icing ? Here are two realizations, still in Blender 3D 🥞
#Blender #Blender3D #Food #Pancake #Fun #3D #3dart

3D pancake and honey.
3D pancake and honey.
3D pancake and pink icing.
1 month ago

In a galaxy far away a long time ago when no one believed in Blender there were already people who were fanatics of Blender and fought on the net for the resistance. #b3d #blender #Blender3D

Tutor Guide #01
Blender preface manual 1.5 - appendix 1.8
Blender manual 1.5
1 month ago
1 month ago


I'm Benjamin Argumento, I'm a 44 yo bi cis guy.

I do graphic design with FLOSS,
#Inkscape #GIMP #GMIC #Blender and some editorial design with #Scribus and TeX (learned a little #LaTeX but now I'm learning #ConTeXt )

You can see my stuff here:

I'm a
#communist of sorts. Was a trotskyte for some years, but later I broke with that and studied a little about left wing #communism and #anarchism.

#ADHD and only learned the diagnose as an adult.

1 month ago

#introduction (new account but not new to fedi)

I'm really passionate about story telling. I make little indie games and write stories. With both mediums I tend towards the dark but quirky, think of Addams Family and youve got the right idea.

I love sharing the projects I'm working on. I'll post often about them. More formal write ups go on my Blog/Portfolio. Link for that and all my socials are in my bio.

I'm still deciding if I want to move to this new account fully from my account. So far I'm really liking CalcKey so I'll probably move over when I can

#GodotEngine #GameDev #Blender #B3D #FOSS #FLOSS #Linux #Indie #Horror #Foley #HardSurface #Writing #Fiction #Trans #Gamer #Queer #Teaching #Learning #Kofi #Nerd #Midwest #Poly #Ace #BimboEnergy #Student #Godot #Programming #CSharp #CompSci #OOP #KanBan #Blog #Coffee #spooky #spoopy #Godot4 #Writing #Fiction #QueerLit #WritingCommunity

Matthew Hughes
1 month ago

Plotter texture study
#plotterart #generativeart #blender

Trash Robot
1 month ago

Can anyone recommend a #blender tutorial channel on #youtube? I am subscribing to as many as I can, looking or multiple sources. But some are better than others, and having a human recommend one would help! thanks!

1 month ago

Let's take stock of the situation.
#Blender isn't a #CAD, but that doesn't mean it can't be used in this field too, if you just know how.
Accurately creating precise Nurbs surfaces requires considerable effort and skill using the tools provided, and with the ability to export to #IGES it is possible to create precise surfaces with much less effort than using programs such as #Rhino or #Alias, in fact these modelers now have also the possibility to work with this type of geometry. #b3d

SubD model made in Blender
SubD model made in Blender
IGES surfaces imported into gCAD3D
IGES surfaces imported into FreeCAD
Naru 🦈
1 month ago

Starting a small #Blender adventure with #CharacterDesign #charactermodeling and a small panic! Gonna be fun.

An ortographic design of an astronaut, the helmet has cat ears and the oxygen tank has a torn cable coming out of the bottom, similiarly to a tail
1 month ago

Another work-in-progress post for my laser cutter animation Blneder project thing. Almost done (again)! 😅

#blender #blender3d #b3d #cycles #animation

Bart Veldhuizen 🦄
1 month ago

Some great #Blender users to follow:

👉 @dov - "Creator of the Pomelo mesh to text generator add-on"

👉 @vertexrage - "Indie #GameDev Studio. We empower game developers with high-quality game assets."

👉 @aradgus - "3d Artist/Gamedev, mostly using #blender3d"

If you'd like to suggest someone to be featured here, please let me know!

#blender #blender3d #b3d #BlenderOnMastodon

Valvin (framapiaf)
1 month ago

Je teste mon serveur #owncast avec un flux continu qui diffuse actuellement Spring le film réalisé par #blender. J'aimerais bien monter à une dizaine de visionneurs.
Si vous pouvez vous connecter et en profiter si vous ne l'avez pas encore vu de visionner ce joli film:

Merci 😊

Trash Robot
1 month ago

I have been meaning to re-learn #blender and also learn #freecad to get off of solidworks for a long time and finally decided to just do both at the same time. This might be insane, but I'm hoping to have it lead to a work flow that uses both.

I see value in this because I've spent a lot of time getting things manufactured that had both art parts and also engineering parts. Using Blender for things like a flange with a bolt circle works but is super frustrating. Using a system like solidworks to make an curvy organic looking objects is possible but awful.

So here we are. One thing I'm noticing is both of these tools are much much better than they were last time I tried to use them.

Vertex Rage
1 month ago

Hi 👋

Just #migrated from to here. Nice to meet you all!

Some of my work below :)

#b3d #blender #ue5 #unity #lowpoly #hardsurface