1 week ago

Blocky spiral with pastel purple and pastel pink, some white, black and reds. Fresh out of the Render Queue #seizurewarning #seizure-warning #blink #strobe #spiral #pink #purple
Higher resolution version available at Vimeo:
Let me know if people want me to share these as I make them on Mastodon - otherwise follow me on Tumblr, Pinterest or w/e to see them

konsensor :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

Also mir fällt nichts mehr ein. Haben hier nun wirklich so gut wie alles ausprobiert. Keine plausible Erklärung zu finden. An Geräten, Einstellungen, der Einrichtung etc. kann es nicht liegen. Selbst eine komplette Neueinrichtung brachte keine Besserung. Vermute stark, dass das seit Kündigung des blink-Probe-Abos nicht mehr funktioniert und damit zusammenhängt und anscheinend nicht mehr reaktivierbar ist. Was äußerst ärgerlich wäre. 🤨 #blink #AmazonBlink #iOS #Troubleshooting

konsensor :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

@andrekaiser Danke fürs Ausprobieren. Lokale Sicherung der Clips oder Abo? Wie ich sehe scheint das ein bereits älteres und noch immer nicht gelöstes Problem zu sein: 🤷🏻‍♂️ #Blink #BlinkVideos #AmazonBlink

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2 weeks ago

Noch jemand von der "blink-Outdoor-Kamera-Clip-iOS-Sende-Problematik" betroffen? Clips lassen sich plötzlich nicht mehr über die Teile-Funktion via (egal welchen) Messenger teilen. Weder über die iOS-blink-App direkt, noch der auf dem iPhone gespeicherten Clips. Syncmodul sichert die Clips auf einem USB-Stick, also cloudunabhängig. Aktuell (noch) kein erkennbarer Grund. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #Blink #iOS #BlinkVideos #iMessage #Signal #Troubleshooting #AmazonBlink #FollowerPower #FediHelp

Screenshot Fehlermeldung: Anhang kann nicht vorbereitet werden
Screenshot iMessage-Fehlermeldung: Nachricht konnte nicht zugestellt werden
2 weeks ago

@Gte ohmygod those weeping angels freaked me out!

R. L. Dane
2 weeks ago

As much as I am loathe to enable the #Blink #hegemony of the #web, I gotta say that #qutebrowser is pretty dadgum fly.

I don't use it all the time, but when I want to do some tasks with the web and other purely keyboard-oriented things, it's just fantastic.

I like #luakit and #vimb as well, but typing something like fkhj is so much easer than f239 (to follow links / activate form fields).

I just wish there was a way to make it emulate a mouse hover.

I was watching a video reaction of #DoctorWho, episode #Blink, and suddenly it occurred to me that Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale are a bit like Amy and Rory personality-wise 🤔 Maybe the latter started to take shape back in that episode.

4 weeks ago

For #Firefox and its forks, this means enabling it out of the box for main builds. For #Blink-based browsers (@Vivaldi are you listening?), this means rolling back Google's patch to remove it, and help maintain it with community effort. Ditto for #WebKit. The #openWeb needs something like what the #DocumentFoundation did for the office productivity suites and formats.

Toad :kubuntu:
1 month ago

Secondo voi, prima o poi, #Firefox abbandonerà #Gecko e passerà a #Blink (il motore di rendering di #Chromium usato da tutti gli altri browser)?

Sia che lo faccia per una eventuale futura "manifesta superiorità", sia che lo faccia perché a corto di soldi e non più in grado di sostenere lo sviluppo di un proprio motore.

La terza opzione è per chi pensa che Mozilla potrebbe anche cedere, ma a quel punto qualcun altro farebbe un fork portando avanti Gecko.

Finiremo con avere un solo engine?

1 month ago

So, today's #JukeBoxFridayNight theme is #ThatFirstTime. The idea, from what I'm seeing, is a song / tune that had a huge impact or really stuck with you when you first heard it.

The first song that I think of for this category is #Blackpink's "Ddu-DDu-Du."

This was one of the first #KPop songs that really stuck with me & got me interested in hearing more. I don't know what it was about it, but it hit me. Before that, honestly, never really listened to any.

Tags: #Music #Blink

Binro the Heretic (he/him)
1 month ago

I introduced my 13 year old niece to #DoctorWho yesterday. We watched #Blink. She really enjoyed it. When she got home, she watched #Rose and #TheEndOfTheWorld. She really likes Rose, and I couldn't be more pleased.

But, goddamn. #Doomsday is gonna break her heart.

What makes this even more wild is I’m using a 12.9 inch iPadPro as my primary computer. With the Blink app ( and mosh plus tmux, I can develop on the iMac in my home office while on the living room couch.

I do have to walk down the hall to see the results running in Qemu. Computers are fun.

#Blink #Mosh #Qemu

R. L. Dane
1 month ago

Just heard that the #Midori web browser project switched from #WebKit to #Electron.

This kind of thing is bothering me more than politics today, TBH.

Forget being an awesome independent browser project, let's become another feckless #Blink droid. Why fight for the Rebellion when you can be a stormtrooper for the Empire? They even have cookies!

Argh. Good morning to you, too. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

lazy cat ☮️
2 months ago

somehow I did it. %) and somehow it works. I’ve just finished one of my little personal projects. it’s a small LED beacon that starts to blink when it’s dark. the heart of this thing is #ATTiny10, and it fits just perfectly. tbh it would be a waste to use something more powerful. since I don’t use neither Atom nor VS Code, instead of I used ATTiny10IDE for uploading the firmware to the chip. and since I don’t have USBasp, I used Arduino UNO as a TPI programmer. as usual, it was quick&dirty™ approach with point-to-point construction, wire soldering, and some hot glue. since it works, it’s fine, but without appropriate box it looks like some piece of contemporary art. so placing it into a box would be a next step. maybe.

#DIY #ATTiny #AVR #LED #Blink

poit-to-point soldered ATTiny10, phototransistor, LED “Piranha” and two resistors. wires from the battery pack are soldered to the circuit too.
point-to-point soldered circuit with battery pack attached. the light begins to fade out into darkness, and the LED starts to blink in the dark. after some time the light fades in, and the led turns off.
2 months ago

Mai visto nulla di più brutto e diversamente funzionale dell’app di #Blink 🤮

@owa As your org members are way more knowledgeable than myself: if we take away the end application and focus on the underlying toolkits, how far behind is WebKit/JavaScriptCore in comparison to Gecko/SpiderMonkey and Blink/V8?

#web #webdev #browser #engine #browserengine #javascript #apple #safari #webkit #javascriptcore #google #chrome #blink #v8 #mozilla #firefox #gecko #spidermonkey

2 months ago

Why Acts Like Weezer and Blink-182 Are Becoming Touring’s New Titans

Check it out! 👇

#Weezer #PostalService #DeathCabForCutie #Blink #Touring #Music #Features

Which browser engine do you prefer?

I personally prefer Gecko browsers (mainly LibreWolf) but I use Ungoogled Chromium too sometimes.

#browser #blink #webkit #gecko #browserengine #webbrowser #fosserytech

3 months ago
Gryph the Gryphon
3 months ago

Gryph's rly fast when Gryph flies . Gryph can be speedy . when there's something Gryph has an eye for . Gryph goes towards in the blink of an eye ^V^

#speedy #blink

3 months ago


each browser uses an engine to render the webpages ⚙️

people usually don't know that Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave... are all embedding the #Blink engine developed as part of the #Chromium project with contributions from Google, Meta, Microsoft... 🤑

Safari embeds the Webkit engine, and Firefox the Gecko one 💰

Servo is a "new" engine, and its way of funding is what it makes it so special 🤩 supported by the Linux foundation, we can now bet on having a *true* independent, modular, embeddable web rendering engine 👌

@macandi hoffentlich kommt #Safari nicht unter die Räder. Sonst gibt es nur noch die Engine von Google …

Verschiedene Engines bringen im Wettbewerb sicherlich mehr Innovationen zustande. Für die Webdesigner ist natürlich nur #blink oder nur #webkit attraktiver, da der Aufwand sinkt. Das kann dann aber jeder ;)

3 months ago

#Business #Development #Previews
First look at Google Chrome’s Blink engine running on an iPhone · “Google’s Blink for iOS project is already making significant progress”

#BrowserChoice #Apple #Google #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Chrome #Safari #BrowserEngine #Blink #WebKit #iPad #iPhone #iPadOS #iOS

Niklas Korz
3 months ago

Trying out the real #Chrome / #Chromium with #Blink on #iOS #iPhone

WebGL2 running on Chromium on iOS on Chromium on iOS showing availability of Media Source Extensions and VP9 on Chromium on iOS showing a score of 525 out of 555 points

Are there any other Blink / mosh users here who have had or are having similar mosh connectivity issues recently?

#Blink #mosh #iPadOS #Connectivity #FirstWorldTechProblem

3 months ago

> Psychology,.. has risen to prominence.. into other disciplines like economics, philosophy, and law; influencing policymakers; and spawning countless bestsellers like #Blink, #Nudge, and #ThePowerOfHabit. Speaking with the imprimatur of objective science, experimental psychologists have even begun to assume, in the popular imagination, the sort of introspective tasks that are usually assigned to the #humanities: The work of explaining what it means to be human.

3 months ago

Homebridge bringt auch Blink-Kameras in HomeKit

Das Plug-in Blink for Home könnte für Besitzer von Sicherheitskameras des Herstellers Blink ein Anreiz sein, sich mit dem HomeKit-Emulator Homebridge zu befassen. Die Erweiterung macht es nicht nur möglich, das Bild der Blink-Kameras in HomeKit einzubinden, sondern übermittelt auch gleich noch die Werte der in den Kameras verbauten Bewegungs- und Temperatursensoren an Apple Home. […]

#News #Blink #Homebridge #HomeKit

Mike Kuketz 🛡
3 months ago

Ist die folgende Annahme korrekt?: Microsoft Edge basiert auf Chromium bzw. der Blink-Engine. Alle Sicherheitslücken, die Chromium betreffen, betreffen somit auch den Microsoft Edge. On top kommen noch die Sicherheitslücken drauf, die Microsoft durch die Anpassung/Erweiterung von Edge einbaut.

#edge #chromium #browser #blink

3 months ago

Listening to my #Vinyl #Collection - Album 47

Blink-182 – Dude Ranch (1997)

Classic #Blink-182 album. So many fun tracks! This is likely my 2nd favorite #Blink182 album behind Enema.

#music #punk

Display of Blink-182 – Dude Ranch on vinyl
3 months ago

RT @nagaimaru07
2023.2.11 blink (大阪)
#天瀬音羽 @piyo_0126
#blink @blink_s2_
#ポートレート #portraitphotography

4 months ago

RT @nagaimaru07
2023.1.28 blink (大阪)
#天瀬音羽 @piyo_0126
#blink @blink_s2_
#ポートレート #portraitphotography

4 months ago

#Business #Development #Reports
Mozilla, like Google, is looking ahead to the end of Apple’s WebKit rule · A Gecko-based version of Firefox for iOS is underway

#Apple #Google #Mozilla #iOS #iPadOS #Browser #Chrome #Firefox #Safari #BrowserEngine #Blink #Gecko #WebKit

Manu M
4 months ago

A tope con #Firefox, por supuesto. Porque es la tercera pata para evitar que #Blink se convierta en la única opción. Y eso sí me da un poco de yuyu.

Insisto: me parece positivo dar libertad de elección al usuario. Pero me preocupa que esta libertad lo único que haga sea, a la larga, que no haya otras opciones.

Manu M
4 months ago

Pues yo no sé si me termina de gustar que vayan a abrir #iOS a otros motores de renderizado. A priori tener más opciones me parece algo positivo, por supuesto… pero es que esa restricción es la única que frenaba que TODA LA WEB estuviera optimizada para #Blink. Al menos ahora muchos hacían el esfuerzo de asegurarse de que su aplicación funciona bien en #WebKit.

4 months ago

Blink Outdoor mit Solar-Erweiterung erstmals im Preis reduziert

Amazon bietet seit Ende vergangenen Jahres ein Solarmodul für seine Blink Outdoor-Kamera an. Aktuell gibt es die Erweiterung erstmals mit Preisnachlass: Im Paket kostet die Blink Outdoor inklusive der Solar-Ladehalterung vorübergehend nur 78 Euro. Allerdings ist im Zusammenhang mit diesem Angebot zu beachten, dass das Sync-Modul von Blink nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten ist. Falls ihr […]

#News #Blink #Kamera #Solar

4 months ago

Google 秘密開發 iOS 用瀏覽器 放棄 WebKit 改用 Blink 引擎
網站 The Register 日前報導指 Google 的 Chromium 開發者,已經秘密開發和測試新的 iOS 瀏覽器,一旦 Apple 撤銷現時有關瀏覽器必須使用 WebKit 引擎的限制,Google 就可以搶佔先機推出。報導指開發中的瀏覽器將會使用 Google 的 Blink 引擎,但現時還無法通過 Apple 的 App Store 審查和上架。The post Google 秘密開發 iOS 用瀏覽器 放棄 WebKit 改用 Blink 引擎 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#iOS App #Blink #google #WebKit

Nishiki Liu
4 months ago

Surprised there aren’t many posts with these hashtags on the fediverse, but as an #ARMY and a #Blink, I’m now a #Bunny too. #KPop

4 months ago

If 3rd party Stores are finally allowed on iOS, Google's Chrome can use its native Blink engine?

#Google #Chrome #Blink #iOS #webkit
4 months ago

#Google arbeitet intern an einem iOS-Browser, der nicht Apples Engine #Webkit, sondern das eigene #Blink nutzt. In den App Store käme diese nach aktuellen Regeln nie - aber das könnte sich ändern.,134409.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

4 months ago

#Business #Development #Reports
Google works on Blink-based iOS browser contrary to Apple’s WebKit rule · Why iOS users can hope for actual browser choice

#Google #Apple #iOS #iPadOS #Browser #BrowserEngine #WebKit #Blink

Boiling Steam
4 months ago

Blink Virtual Machine Now Supports Running GUI Programs (I.e. Run Linux GUI Programs Anymore Potentially): #linux #foss #update #blink #gui #wasm #browser #js

Dzis w #CSowyRozkladJazdy znowu dzien przede wszystkim dla fanow #PolskiCS bo jesli chodzi o swiatowa topke to dzis niewiele sie dzieje

Przede wszystkim, dwie polskie ekipy nadal walcza o awans do #IEMBrazil - o 18:00 swoje spotkania rozegraja #9INE (PL) z #BLINK (Kosovo) - transmisja na oraz #HONORIS (PL) z #LazerCats (UKR) - (pewnie potem pojawi sie tez informacja o polskim streamie)

A oprocz tego jeszcze mecz #UNGENTIUM (PL) z #EternalFireAcademy (TUR) -

No i czekamy na start #IEMKatowice2023 - faza play-in startuje juz jutro

#csgo #esport @esport

The vOICe vision
4 months ago

If you need a break, just #blink "act of blinking appears to trigger a suppression of neuronal activity in the #visual brain", "perception of the flow of time itself is suppressed during blinks", "#auditory #time does not appear to slow down during blinks"

Will Thompson
4 months ago

I just finished Before Your Eyes, an amazing game on #Netflix games. The core mechanic where you #blink and the scene/story advances is wonderful, and the storytelling is glorious. If you've got a Netflix account, it's free! Thoroughly recommended way to spend an evening - I would've run through it one sitting of my kids hadn't needed feeding 😂

Think you can get it on apple phones too, I know it's available on pc as well.

Elias Probst
4 months ago

It makes me really happy to see, @igalia is working on reviving the @Servo engine project and has now 4 people working on it.

If they manage to revitalize it, get more contributors on board etc. this has the potential to provide a viable alternative in the currently #Chrome / #Blink / #WebKit dominated browser ecosystem and allow for new developments in this space!

#RustDev #ServoEngine #Browsers #OpenSource

Hunter Perrin
5 months ago

@charlietuna @donmelton Fun fact: #Safari is based on #Konqueror ( And to their credit, Apple has given a lot back to the open source community. :)

(At least, #WebKit, the engine that powers Safari, is based on #KHTML, the engine that powers Konqueror. WebKit was then forked to make #Blink, the engine that powers #Chrome and all #Chromium based browsers.)

I use :vim:
5 months ago

@owa on one hand I would welcome #Gecko on #iOS devices, but on the other Apple limiting iOS to #WebKit is literally the only reason #Blink doesn’t have 100% market share.

Trying to get #blink and #mosh to connect between my #iPad and my #ubuntu server. So far I have learnt hundreds of ways of how not to do it.

Ist der iPhone-Browser unterentwickelt? Sind die Engines von Google und Apple zu dominant? Behindert Apple Cloud Gaming? Oder dient das dem Verbraucherschutz?
Wettbewerbshürden bei Handybrowsern, Cloud-Spielen? UK untersucht Apple & Google
6 months ago

@dnsprincess tend to use firefox or similar, because I dislike the power #Google has with the development of #Blink. Started fiddling with @Vivaldi recently though, which is what I'm using as of now.

7 months ago

I suck at #introductions, so uh, here we go!

Hi! I'm Heather.

▪️ If you couldn't already tell from my username, I love #StarWars! My fave era is The Old Republic (and yes, I totally still play #SWTOR.)

▪️ My major fandoms are #ResidentEvil, #Fallout, and #MassEffect. I am a #BLINK and a #Swiftie too!

▪️ I grew up in the evangelical christian movement and am now proudly #exvangelical.

▪️ I am #asexual, #married to my high school sweetheart, #neurodivergent, and a #DemocraticSocialist.

A gif of Theron Shan from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Theron has dark brown hair styled into a faux mohawk, a medium tanned complexion, light almond-shaped golden brown eyes with a cyborg implant grafted into the skin above his right eyebrow, and he is smirking into the camera. He is wearing his signature red jacket, which is made out of a leatherette material.
8 months ago

@ruari Well I’ve used #KHTML back in the day when it came with #Konqueror ;)

The thing is, I believe in someone forking #Blink when I see it. Until then, I focus on not letting #Gecko die.

8 months ago

I would like to use my newfound popularity, appearing in the screenshot in this toot, as an opportunity to tell you that using a #Blink-based browser is bad for the diversity of the #web. If you care at all about a future that’s not entirely Designed by #Google, #Firefox is still your best option – despite the trash fire that is #Mozilla’s management.

BKSTRM :anti-verified:
1 year ago
got a cool little ipad case and using the cool #blink app now I can run #emacs over ssh... on my ipad! a cute little terminal. now as long as I have wifi I can get to emacs running at home
a little cute laptop-looking thing that is actually an ipad in a bluetooth keyboard case. on the screen are 3 emacs panes
2 years ago

Blink’s first doorbell is finally released for $49.99 with 1080p HD video and choice of local storage or cloud subscription

Videotürklingel für kabellosen und kabelgebundenen Betrieb speichert 1080p-Videos optional auf lokalem Speicherzubehör des Herstellers.
Blink Video Doorbell: Amazon bringt Videotürklingel ohne Cloud-Zwang für 60 Euro
2 years ago
2 years ago

"In this six-part video series for The Wireless, music impresario Ian Jorgensen a.k.a. Blink of A Low Hum, details his experiences of the musical underground around the world, speaking with musicians, promoters and venue operators in China, America, Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand."

#RNZ #Aotearoa #NZ #video #MusicTouring #aLowHum #Blink #IanJorgensen

Corconegre :estelada:
2 years ago

@corconegre Sabia que #firefox té el seu propi, #gecko i #brave en ser basat en chromium #blink.

Vaig estar rebuscant força, i la veritat cada vegada que llegia alguna cosa relacionada amb #iOS em desanimava.
Resulta que la apple store força tots els navegadors a usar #webkit (el de #safari) per poder ser publicats a la botiga.

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
2 years ago

With #MSEdge it is possible to run #webapps as stand-alone apps, just like with #Elektron. Probably because the new Edge uses #Blink. Great for #Office365 apps like #MSOutlook. But it can open only 1 mailbox per profile. If you open a different mailbox, it will replace what you opened first, but it won't remember that for the next session. To counteract we can invoke an #EdgeApp with a different profile. But that works only if you have a different login for that mailbox. #UX

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave: Welchen Browser sollte man 2021 benutzen? Bei c't uplink wird darüber leidenschaftlich diskutiert.
Welchen Browser man 2021 benutzen will | c't uplink #36.1
3 years ago

As a #FOSS advocate, I think I'm really #Brave trying out browsers that are based on #Blink. Okay, enough puns. New post! 🎉

3 years ago

Aus dem Fediversum erreicht uns eine Richtigstellung: Safari nutzt #WebKit als Rendering-Engine. Chrome und die anderen genannten Browser benutzen die Rendering-Engine #Blink, Googles WebKit-Abspaltung.

WebKit wiederum basiert auf #KHTML (aus #KDE).


3 years ago

Avec @Mozilla IOT, que tu peux installer sur une Raspberry Pi (un Zero W chez moi), tu peux jouer avec ta blink! tranquillement :

cc @framasky

#Mozilla #IOT #Blink #RaspberryPi