José Dapena Paz
7 months ago

Back at home after #BlinkOn. Thanks to #Google for hosting it! It was great to be back on site and meeting again #Chromium community.

The best thing? We were 12 from #Igalia on site. So we took the opportunity to host a codecamp in Sunnyvale and spend some time together.

José Dapena Paz
7 months ago

Yesterday, I delivered my lightning talk at #BlinkOn about my work for #Igalia to improve #Chromium #Windows native stack profiling. This work has been sponsored by #bloomberg

Today I am starting a series of 3 blog posts about native call stack profiling. First part is an introduction to the topic:


José Dapena Paz
7 months ago

#BlinkOn starts tomorrow. I will be attending on site and presenting a lightning talk about my work with #Chromium native stacktrace profiling for Windows. See you there! #Igalia

The video recording is up already: #BlinkOn 13.

The #BlinkOn 13 breakout session on “Project Fugu 🐡 in the wild” is happening in 5 minutes. Here are the slides if you want to follow along:

📢 I'll host a breakout session at #BlinkOn 13 (more about the conference: later today on the topic of…

Project Fugu 🐡 in the wild!

VC link: Starts at 7:30pm UTC (in your time zone: It'll be recorded.

ARIA Virtual Content makes lazy-loaded “virtualized” content discoverable for screen readers: #BlinkOn

Sweet, Microsoft have a `forced-color-adjust` ( emulation setting. #BlinkOn

📢 #BlinkOn 11 in Sunnyvale is in full swing. For the people who can’t attend, a lit of the sessions are livestreamed and slide links are available for some:

Scroll-to-text using a URL fragment: Exciting new experiment available in Chrome. #BlinkOn

External (i.e., non-Google) contributors to Project Fugu 🐡 like Intel and Microsoft make this a true joint effort. Let’s make the web more capable together! #BlinkOn

SMS OTP Retrieval API Explainer: 📲. One of the top-requested Project Fugu 🐡 APIs. 👍 #BlinkOn

One of the most exciting 🐡 Fugu APIs: File Handling. Here's the current Explainer: 🕸🔜💾. #BlinkOn

In case you missed it: A lot of the #BlinkOn talks slides are available from the schedule spreadsheet:

Shipping plan for the various Fugu APIs presented by at #BlinkOn.

See for a textual overview.

Edge on Chromium, Jatinder Mann from at #BlinkOn. (Slides:!AoxOM_1ZKq1AmLYD6VcxqSUQitq4Rw)

List of APIs we are working on in the context of project Fugu 🐡. #BlinkOn

Contact picker, file system access, SMS OTP, Wake Locks, local fonts access, and many more.

At #BlinkOn, mentions project Fugu 🐡, an effort to make the web more capable, so that apps like AutoCAD can be run on the web platform. Super excited to be part of this team.

AutoCAD on the web in the context of project Fugu.