Sohan Dsouza
1 week ago

〝Apart from spreading by blue-checked accounts, the fake image was also shared by the Twitter account of Russian state media outlet RT in a post that has since been deleted. Several Indian news outlets shared false reports of the explosion. One of them, Republic TV, showed the fake image on air, citing RT’s tweet.〞

#misinformation #MDM #blueCheck #Twitter #fakeNews #America #TwitterBlue

Otto Schmilinsky
2 weeks ago

En #Twitter si no tenemos el check azul somos simplemente unos #bluecheck voyeur.

I really don't feel any sympathy for people falling for the pentagon / white house explosion fake news being spread by #twitter #BlueCheck clowns.

I am SO glad this whole fake "Pentagon explosion" thing happened while I was out riding. I probably would've lost it, even if it only took 5 minutes to discover the fakery. A lot of people are in fragile mind-sets these days, and something like this can push a troubled person over the edge in, um, tragically permanent ways. Of course, it was a #bluecheck assho– no, *terrorist* -- who did this. The law has yet to catch up, but Elmo and his mob don't care about laws anyway.

Martin Holland
1 month ago

How to Build (And Destroy) a #SocialNetwork

Status means everything to platforms like #Twitter and Facebook. But contrary to what #ElonMusk thinks, it doesn’t come from a #BlueCheckmark.

"#TwitterBlue may be boneheaded as a revenue scheme, but it excels as a case study in how grappling for status can ruin a social network."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #BlueCheck #BlockTheBlue #BlueSky

1 month ago

There's a great post on the birb site about a person getting hit with exorbitant fees for a #BTC withdrawal in El Salvador.

The responses are chock full of unintentionally funny responses from the #BlueCheck crowd. "Why aren't they using Lightning?" or "Here's the other coins they should be using" or "Pulse Chain will fix this" or "Cardano", "Monero". 1/

Martin Holland
1 month ago

Elon Musk broke Twitter’s #Ratio—the yardstick off all-out ideological insult warfare.

How #ElonMusk broke “the Ratio”—and the ideological point-scoring it symbolized.

"#Twitter has always been a sewer. The prioritization of paid, right-skewing tweets merely asks what happens if people get tired of swimming in it."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #BlueCheck #BlockTheBlue

Johannes M. ✅
1 month ago

Ok. You give them your real-name and your personal details, so that they can Add-target you better. They will get 2-3x more add-revenue on you.

And THEN you will pay 9 $ per month?

What kind of Business is that?!?

You can have the same "for free" on Facebook!

#scam #twitter #bluecheck #musk #socialmedia #fakebook

Took 1.67e-4 hours in MS Paint to create this.

I'm quite pleased with the result. #Twitter #Bluecheck

Animated image of Sasuke from the Naruto series. Text reads “If I release this cursed seal…”. Sasuke looks over his shoulder, with the curse mark replaced by a Twitter Blue check mark.
Madame Moustache
1 month ago

#Twitter : "Finalement, le nouveau #bluecheck n’indique rien d’autre que le fait que son porteur a mis la main à la poche. Un badge payant devenu instantanément ringard et seuls 5 % des anciens badgés auraient souscrit à l'abonnement. En février, moins de 0,2 % des utilisateurs plus ou moins anonymes s’étaient offert la "vérification". Monnayer un badge qui ne possède plus la moindre valeur sociale ne fait apparemment pas rêver les foules. Qui l’eut cru ?" (Le Soir, 01/05/23)

Martin Nutty
1 month ago

@klillington One wonders at the absence of thought which debased the #BlueCheck! Would have been simple enough to retain the accounts that had already been validated and then create a program which charged a one time validation fee followed by a monthly subscription. Of course that would take thought and management

The question is what game is #Musk playing? Is #disinformation the desired outcome and if so why? Or is it simply a man incapable of managing a #SocialMedia company?

Martin Nutty
1 month ago

@marklittle Certainly #Musk’s management of #Twitter indicates a desire for creating uncertainty and confusion. His removal/destruction of the #BlueCheck designation has created a climate more conducive to fakers and appears NOT to have generated meaningful revenue. One wonders what games he is playing?

Martin Nutty
1 month ago

/5 - Day 183 - The elimination of the #BlueCheck has degraded #Twitter’s utility as a #news source. The new implementation has nothing to do with authentication and verification, if anything it is a propagandist’s delight. In #Musk’s conception of #SocialMedia, truth, veracity and honesty are of little value


Claudius Link
1 month ago

@simplenomad @circuitswan
How about getting a #BirdSite account and a #BlueCheck ;-)?

Martin Nutty
1 month ago

/4 - Day 182. Now here’s a surprise, those who have purchased a #Twitter #BlueCheck with have their posts prioritized

So much for the democracy of the internet or whether the quality of your content should be prioritized by opaque algorithms

I prefer my #AlgorithmFree #Mastodon experience


Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

Alright, I don't really care for this dril guy, he'd do more good if he'd just bring his 1.8M followers over to the fediverse and start a "weird Mastodon" trend, or whatever, but him getting rid of the enforced blue check by simply changing his name (one of the conditions for not losing it) is just too funny.

And will hopefully finally put to rest any of the "is Musk secretly a genius" fan theories.

#twitter #dril #ElonMusk #BlueCheck #ForumDrama

Bruce Mirken
2 months ago

My local utility company, Hawaiian Electric, has lost its #Twitter #BlueCheck. Since that account is one of their primary means of alerting customers to outages and emergencies, this seems like a problem.

Bruce Mirken
2 months ago

@atomicpoet Well, the old #BlueCheck did convey authenticity in the form of reasonable certainty that the tweeter was who they claimed to be. But authenticity of the author does not mean *accuracy* of what they write, which was often garbage.

2 months ago

How can one blue check
Make all of the difference
In anyone's world?

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #BlueCheck #Birdland #Twitter

Twitter-style blue check mark
2 months ago
2 months ago

#BlueCHeck #Twitter #Shitpost #meme

Celebs on Twitter rn

Echo Delta :vivaldi_blue:
2 months ago

As a status symbol which earned them more views and clout, to us non-elite it always was a badge of shame. The elite are now stripped of their privilege and now want to pretend to sympathize with those they looked down on before.

Shame on #Twitter and #Meta for doing this...shame on the former blue check mafia who only cared when their #privilege was lost

#BlueCheck #BlueChecks #AbandonTwitter

D. Elisabeth Glassco
2 months ago

It’s HILARIOUS seeing all the minnows with Blue Checks on that site!
#twitter #bluecheck #BlockTheBlue #musk #politics #news

All these people complaining about still having a #bluecheck *on* Twitter acting like they are too cool to pay for Twitter but they can't even quit using Twitter.

João Teixeira
2 months ago

@malwaretech Twitter losers with blue check marks. You have one and this is not Twitter 🤔 What do you care after all? #bluecheck

João Teixeira
2 months ago

Hey, @godpod what’s the fake blue checkmark on you name tag about? Can’t you smell your own 💩? This goes for everyone bringing bad relics and spoof goldies from somewhere else. #bluecheck

Martin Nutty
2 months ago

/2 Day 179 some #Twitter users are attempting to sabotage the #ElonMusk’s #BlueCheck program. A lot of users not happy, trying to bend #Musk to their will rather than leave and migrate to #Mastodon

What does it take?

#Twexit #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration

AkaSci 🛰️
2 months ago

So, it appears, that accounts with over one million followers, are getting gift blue checks, whether they want it or not.
Traffic engineering 😜
#twitter #bluecheck

AkaSci 🛰️
2 months ago

More free blue checks being handed out. Elon's revenge or pure greed?
These accounts have one thing in common - 1+ million followers.
#twitter #bluecheck

2 months ago

RT: A thread by Seth Abramson. “(🚨) Musk not only faces potential liability—even eight-figure liability—for using the name and likeness of some of the biggest celebrities in the world to sell a product they not only don’t endorse but have *explicitly* said they find repellant (words we know he saw) but also…“ #BlueCheck #Musk #twitter #tort

Darren Nevares :vm:
2 months ago

So #Elon is just buying #TwitterBlue for accounts?

How much of a dumpster fire does #Twitter have to be in order for the CEO to force people to have the #checkmark?

#Mastodon #TwitterMigration #BlueCheck

AkaSci 🛰️
2 months ago

So, Jason Alexander got a free blue check.
Looks like Elon is feeling the heat of celebrities, content producers and traffic generators leaving twitter. $8/mo per celebrity seems like a good investment, eh?
#twitter #bluecheck

Jerry Lerman
2 months ago

So, the once coveted "blue checkmark" has turned into a Warning Label. Only a special kind of genius could have done this and done it so quickly.

The mark means that the account is wearing the new MAGA hat or has an undesirable agenda. It's taking advantage of being boosted higher than others and so likely a scammer, state actor, spammer, or purveyor of misinformation.

As a result, the advice has become that anyone on Twitter with a blue checkmark should be blocked.

"NBC News reporter Ben Collins, Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic's Alejandra Caraballo, and countless other highly-followed Twitter accounts have already shared their intention to block all Twitter Blue subscribers."

I find this #Musk dumpster fire entertaining. He is causing so much destruction.


cavalleto ☣️
2 months ago

El #bluecheck de #Twitter es la nueva pulsera Powerbalance. Te sirve para identificar idiotas.

2 months ago


I think it's less about trying to slow the Enshitification of #Twitter, such folks already accepting of the site's fate. Now it's about trolling those who are paying for it.

/seeing how triggered the paying #Bluecheck havers are acting, I'd say it's working
//if you've lost the battle, make their victory a Pyrrhic one
///saved myself the time and installed an app that blocks them for me

Martin Nutty
2 months ago

Day 177 and #Twitter users are surprised that #ElonMusk’s decision to remove #bluecheck validation is causing chaos and the creation of impersonation accounts. That could never have been predicted?

#Decentralized #SocialMedia is the solution for exposure to willful and arbitrary behavior by egomaniacal billionaires

Anybody else perplexed this happened? 😜

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Dril and other Twitter power users begin campaign to 'Block the Blue' paid checkmarks | #Mashable

After #ElonMusk removed legacy verified users' checkmarks, #Twitter's biggest users are blocking everyone who pays.

#BlockTheBlue #TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #BlueCheck

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Impersonation Rampant on #Twitter as Musk Ends Verification System – @RollingStone

Now that the legacy #BlueCheck s are gone, users are free to pose as celebrities and government agencies

"As predicted by almost its entire user base, Twitter CEO #ElonMusk’s decision to do away with its free identity-#verification system on Thursday has unleashed a torrent of #impersonation, #misinformation, and general anarchy."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia

Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

You know, I was *this* close to getting @botwiki verified on Twitter, right before Elon took over.

Really dodged a bullet there, whew.

#twitter #BlueCheck #verified

Instead of outrage over some celebrity losing their blue check or having it "paid for" by Elmo, I wish there was more outrage that these "leading lights" are still feeding the beast at all by remaining on the platform.

Going back to creating dystopian fiction that seems almost insane when I write it but becomes the norm IRL five minutes later.

#BlueCheck #Twitter #StephenKing

2 months ago

@rodhilton reuppin ma #bluecheck #meme because I think I nailed it fam

2 months ago

Hilarious forcing blue check on people🤣🤣🤣 #Twitter #BlueCheck #LeBron

Tweet: NEW: Have confirmed that LeBron, who has 52 million followers and has said he won’t pay for verification, was emailed by a Twitter employee with the offer to have his sub comped “on behalf of Elon Musk.” 

James did not accept but his account is showing that he paid anyway.
Julien Deswaef :tw:
2 months ago

Lol, the company's official #twitter account lost its #BlueCheck today. Not sure how our Marketing department will react to this. Maybe we open an official corporate account #onHere tomorrow?

A screenshot of Thoughtworks Twitter account.

@austinkocher Once they kill their list function for non #bluecheck users, I'm gone--and that's coming too.

Tim Chambers
2 months ago

Because, of course, they are. And soon these #BlueCheck users will be the only ones upranking & downranking the Twitter algorithm for everyone.

Super Piéton (🎲🥐)
2 months ago

@alexip718 @kathhayhoe

What kind of value a #bluecheck has on a cesspool like #Twitter, anyway?

The colour of our blue-checks represent all the ink spilled during the great troll battles of history. Each check-mark represents remembrance and hope!

We remember those in the past who lost their time doom-scrolling for the cause, and we hope that the future will bring more reach! Especially for those with power and money.

So remember: don't hide your blue-check under a bushel! Wear your blue-check with pride! It symbolizes your support, and remembrance, and hope. It proudly announces to the world that *you* remember the great troll battles of the past, and are contributing to ensure that the battle continues into the future, remembering forever the opinions of Dave LotsOfNumbers, especially if he pays.


A field of blue-checks growing like poppies. Edited from Stable Diffusion.
Martin Holland
2 months ago

I got rid of it.
It would be a lie, if I said, that I didn't like my #BlueCheck on #Twitter, but by now it really is a farce. Happy to be here on #Mastodon and I hope, that many more will find their way here.

#Fediverse #TwitterTakeover #ElonMusk

Twitter-Account mit dem blauen Haken für die Verifizierung.
Der selbe Twitter-Account ohne den blauen Haken.

@mmasnick @chancerydaily So, if I have a blue check and don't want a blue check, I'm stuck with a blue check that shows I want it.

Doc: *Yeah*.

And If I want to get rid of the check, to show I don't want it, I have to buy the check. Then once I have the check, I can get rid of the check.

Doc: *You got it*.

<long whistle>

Yosarian: Thats some check, that Check-Twenty-Blue

Doc: *Its the best there is!*

#catch22 #birdsite #yossarian #bluecheck

2 months ago

So elon screwed everyone over because removing blue checks takes work and time. #Twitter #BlueCheck

A label from twitter which explains the blue check.

Verified account
This account is verified because it's subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account. Learn more

Am I the only person who had been on Twitter for years and years without being aware that blue checks even existed before Evil Musk took over? #Twitter #BlueCheck

#mastodon is trending on #twitter as #musk announces, that only #bluecheck​s will appear in the #foryou section of twitter, with the pretense of fighting #ai #chatbot​s

#elonmusk #joinmastodon #meme #mamema#memes

maze with filled with twitter "blue checks" and a arrow with text "for you" pointing towards the way to the checks within the maze.

rat trapped within peeks over the walls of the maze
Tim Chambers
2 months ago

Elon should just make #Twitter a #BlueCheck-only subscription service and get it over with.

It would overnight become a slightly larger pay version of #Gab or #TruthSocial clone, but it would just cut to the chase and get this inevitable slide to that over with.

It's where its all headed anyway.

3 months ago

Q1: Did you have to give twitter #PII to get a #BlueCheck? 🤔

Q2: If so, does that mean that they will give it back/ #delete it? 🧐 🙄


Schmutzie 🦉
3 months ago

Why do some people have blue check marks on Mastodon? Are they meaningful here?

(No, my owl doesn’t signify much except that I like owls and played one once in a play.)

#BlueBadge #BlueCheck

Vijay Prema
5 months ago

I learned how to have a real verified ☑️ decentralized online identity proof... instead of buying a "blue tick" from a central website run by any rando:

#verfied #gpg #pgp #blogging #bluetick #bluecheck #keybase #keyoxide

Yhou Whraing
6 months ago

@cfiesler Screen grab #bluecheck , sell as a $99 #nft . #profits ☑️ 🤓

Cliff Wade :novaLauncher:
6 months ago

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how lots and lots of people were using the :verified: badge next to their names here on Mastodon and was wondering what the reasoning is behind it.

Is it to appear to be verified here on Mastodon or is it more of a troll against the other site we won't mention?

Now, some 3 weeks later, it's something I don't see near as much. Did people get bored with it and realize it's not really funny or what?

#Verified #BlueCheck #CheckMark #JokeOrNot

7 months ago

Saludos desde mi nueva casa en Paquita!

Muchas gracias @paquita por acogerme en tu instancia.

Acabo de fijar la presentación en el perfil, si queréis echar un ojo a mis toots anteriores los podéis ver en:

En especial si buscáis el hilo para verificar vuestra cuenta en mastodon:
#VerificarCuenta #Greencheck #BlueCheck

7 months ago

Coñas aparte hoy os voy a contar algo muy guay que tiene mastodon y que a la gente del #literaverso y a divulgadores o "influencers-de-lo-vuestro" os puede venir bien.

#bluecheck vs. #greencheck

Hay mucha gente que se está poniendo un emoji o una sticker del blue chack en el nombre o en alguna parte de la bio.

Vale, hacedlo si queréis, pero por si lo hacéis pensando que en mastodon no se puede tener una cuenta verificada: waaaack! Craso error!

Se puede! Y gratis!
Te digo cómo ⬇️

Dan Hon
7 months ago

Does anyone else find it weird that people are putting the Twitter verified bluecheck as a custom emoji into their display names?

Like, is it a joke?

Is it a fuck-you to the new owner

Is it because they were verified before?

It's strange the amount of dissonance it brings up when I see it.

If you added it to your displayname, I'm curious: why and what for?

#twitter #bluecheck #displayname #customemoji #mastodon #profiles