Jedenfalls sind meine kurzen Abstecher zu #bluesky, die mehr der Sondierung dienen, schnell vorbei. Mastodon fühlt sich dann an, wie nach Hause kommen.

Je viens de tester #graysky
Et bah c'est encore pire que l'app de base de #bluesky 👀 (si si c'est possible) !
Je commence à m'ennuyer vachement sur BlueSky. Y'a que des gens parlant de Twitter H24, rien d'autre !
C'est dommage il n'y a pas autant d'interractions que ici ou même sur Twitter. Au début il y en avait beaucoup mais maintenant qu'il y a trop de monde et tout le monde sur une même instance c'est moins bien...

Boah, Leute, bei #Bluesky geht das Fetzen und Beleidigen gerade richtig zur Sache. Wie in den "besten" #Twitter - Zeiten. Seit dort immer mehr User einen Einladungscode erhalten haben wird das friedliche Völkchen zu einem Tummelplatz von extremen Meinungen, Ad Hominem an der Tagesordnung. Alleine gestern 2 blockiert und 3 stummgeschaltet. Der Blaue Himmel verfinstert sich zusehens.

Is there an app that allows you to view #Bluesky & #Mastodon in one thread/app?

Andrew Leahey
7 hours ago

Increasingly I'm finding #LinkedIn to be the best of the "normy" social media platforms. #Mastodon is where I have conversations, LinkedIn is where I follow industry trends and try not to become nauseated with the hustle culture nonsense.

I don't see how #Threads or #BlueSky really fit in to my mental conceptions of what I want out of social media. But LinkedIn, eh, it serves a purpose.

If any #lawfedi or @law folks are similarly straddling both worlds, look me up.

9 hours ago

Maybe it's just me, as I've seen very few people complaining about the same issue, but #Bluesky is super slow for me, always has been. I thought it'd get better with time as they make improvements, but it's been months and it's still very slow. I often give up on browsing it because it's just too slow.

Lately, I've been curious about #Threads and have myself tempted to join. The problem is... it's #Meta. But if I already have an (empty) #Instagram account, does it even make any difference?

And my favorite #DKMU idiot is posting screenshots of #Twitter on #Bluesky after deleting her account when Elon Musk's team argued why they should be able to monetize CSA. She deleted her account because of Twitter's stance on CSA material. By engaging with material from Twitter, she contributes to what she disavowed.

She spirals like this every year when her schizophrenia gets bad. Like most symptomatic schizophrenics, she swears she's fine.
#chaosmagick #magick #paganism #anarchy #anarchism

13 hours ago

Pinned for now:
Like many others across Mastodon, November was the one-year anniversary of coming on to this platform full time.

On my blog reflected on my time here, thoughts on the Mastodon ecosystem.

#Mastodon #Twitter #Bluesky #Fediverse #blog #digitallofi

Eric Carroll
13 hours ago

Did Matt Tait roll up the carpet on #Mastodon? Last post was August.

Does he hang out on #bluesky now?


C-onner 💖
15 hours ago

Ich habe zwei Bluesky Code abzugeben!

#bluesky #bsky #invite #blueskyinvite #blueskyinvitecode

Bluesky Heaven GIF

Auf #Bluesky sind sooo viele „tote“ #Accounts.

Most argumentive and antagonistic people on #socialmedia are narcissists coping with feelings of inadequacy. Don't feed into their contempt. Block their provocations and unsolicited replies.

#mastodon #twitter #threads #reddit #bluesky

Aaron Levi Wyse-Rivera
15 hours ago

It took a while, but #bluesky is starting to pop off. I’m finding myself actually scrolling and having a good time. It feels like classic #twitter, or at least my lists do.

Bin wieder mal raus, bei
#bluesky... Hatte noch zwei
alte Codes, die ich nur für
mich verballert habe. Bin
immer noch nicht von diesem
Konzept überzeugt. Sehe auch
keine Linie, der man folgt.
Oder ich bin einfach zu doof
für *höhereGefilde! :awesome: :blobcatheadbang: :blobcatfacepalm2:

I have two Blue Sky invite codes available. Ping me if you'd like to help reduce that number.

#bluesky #invitecodes

#BlueSky ist wirklich lustig:
Man trägt sich in die "Waitlist" ein und bekommt 1-2 Monate später einen Invite Code gradewegs in den in den Spam-Ordner zugestellt. Ich glaube, das nennt man "professionelles Beta-Stadium" 😂

Damage Control Blog
16 hours ago

Would anyone be interested in Bluesky codes? We have four of them just sitting around.

We tend to see a lot of people posting on Bluesky and the Fediverse, so there has to some cross over appeal.


ricardo :mastodon:
17 hours ago

Got a couple #bluesky invites. Ping me if you want one, no strings attached. First come first served. ☁️

#bluesky_invite #Bluesky_invites

Rouven Kasten
17 hours ago

Alle bekloppt! #BlueSky

18 hours ago

#Invitecode für #bluesky


18 hours ago

Im August 2023 bin ich zu Twitter/X zurückgekehrt, um Werbung für Fahrradaktionen in Köln + Umland zu machen.
Im Dezember 2023 beende ich das ganze wieder, da ein Großteil der aktiven Fahrradbubble mittlerweile nach #Mastodon oder #Bluesky gewechselt ist.

Tschö Twix 👋 Ich werde dich nicht vermissen 🤷‍♂️

20 hours ago

Here’s a #BlueSky invite code:


20 hours ago

Mich gibts übrigens auch bei Bluesky, hier >


Gabriele Pollara
22 hours ago

@trunksapp @Teri_Kanefield very neat.

It is so impressive the level of app & service development on #Mastodon over the last 12 months.

A massive bonus of the #Fediverse offering compared to the more sterile, homogeneous and slow development on #Bluesky and #threads that I've looked at recently.

23 hours ago

Can anyone help me download Call of Duty modern warfare 2007 ?
I have been trying for days to download but failed . #Help #AskMastodon #Twitter #Bluesky #Mastodon #Gamers

Guten Wintertag ❄️ allerseits! Ich habe neue #Bluesky Invite Codes zu vergeben. Jemand? ☕️

L.Yo -
1 day ago

Column update: 2 december 2023.

#Mastodon vs #BlueSky Social

Na een maand Bluesky te hebben geprobeerd is duidelijk geworden dat de twee mijlen ver van elkaar af liggen als het om het type gebruiker gaat.

Na een maand Bluesky kan ik me niet aan het gevoel onttrekken dat er veel #Twitter #X volk heen is gegaan met eenzelfde #Mentaliteit

Beangstigend om te zien hoe snel #negativiteit en #haat ergens kunnen ontstaan.

> #Column L.Yo

Thanks, @Tupp_ed for organising the Mastodon/Bluesky meet-up.

Unfortunately there was no dance-off, but thankfully there was no karaoke!

And a good question posed - we have #MastoDaoine but what's the #bluesky equivalent?

1 day ago

All the #Bluesky posts I see read like they were written by the same four people.

1 day ago

Huh. Looks like #bluesky's going to get the ability for people to limit who can reply to their posts before #mastodon -- even though people have requested it here for years.


Beyond moderation, Bluesky is developing another feature that X already offers: the ability to control who can respond to your posts. For example, users will soon be able to limit replies to only people they follow or users on a certain list. This is similar to the existing X feature that lets users limit replies to people they follow, verified accounts, or only those accounts mentioned by name, in addition to the default of “everyone.”
1 day ago

Over on #bluesky, #mastodon is viewed as hostile to outsiders and oddly preoccupied with #linux.

I haven't seen the latter at all. We are just hostile to people who want to elbow in and remake #twitter. The sheer amount of *angst* over there is astonishing. Lovely people though, for the most part.

But seriously try linux. 📚
1 day ago

Bluesky, the startup aiming to build a decentralized social network, says it has begun deploying new safety tooling to help moderate content on the network through automation.

#bluesky #decentralized #social #content

1 day ago

I really like this video but the whole thing about

"it's basically the Linux of social media and just like Linux no regular person will ever use it"

I would consider myself a regular person before I join Mastodon I saw a server I joined from a tweet and thought I would give it a try and it's been great ever since

I just don't get it this behaves exactly like Twitter

also comparing a social media platform to converting your computer to a new operating system isn't that great of a comparison

#socialmedia #Mastodon #Bluesky #AdamConover

εκλεκτικός 🖖
1 day ago

Si accelerano i lavori anche nei cantieri di #Bluesky. 😁

Molte funzioni annunciate sono in realtà già attive da qualche giorno.

Lo sto provando da un po' ma non riesce a convincermi (almeno per ora). 😁

trinux ۞
1 day ago

Go fuck yourself, #Bluesky! Paso de ser un número vuestro y, menos aún, repartir invitaciones a otros.

tux0r :openbsd:
1 day ago

Ich habe noch vier (4) sog. "Einladungscodes". Wenn Sie schon immer mal dort sein wollten und nicht hier, informieren Sie mich über selbige Entwicklung. (Persönlich finde ich es nach wie vor hier weitaus angenehmer.) #Bluesky

2 days ago

5 #bluesky invites available, free to a good home. DM

One thing #musk accomplish. You have to friends now like the needle in an haystack. X vs #bluesky vs #threads vs #Fediverse . Back to writing an letter.

Christian Saris
2 days ago

Nun gut. Jetzt schaue ich mir den Bumms bei #bluesky auch mal an.

2 days ago

@jela Wie heißt es im MDR-Podcast zum Angriff auf Bitterfeld-Anhalt? Wenn die alte Technik irgendwie noch läuft, kann die eigentlich geplante Million für die IT in eine politisch gewolltere Schulsanierung gesteckt werden.

Ein paar Gedanken dazu von meinem Kumpel auf #Bluesky:
(#TeamResopal sind Verwaltungsjuristen)

Linuxkumpel :pop_os: :manjaro:
2 days ago

Nachahmung und Täuschung
Ist Blu­esky der Platt­form X zum Ver­wech­seln ähn­lich? #bluesky #X #socialmedia

Hier kann #bluesky ganz ohne Account erkundet werden:

2 days ago

I have one spare #BlueSky invitation. If you are interested, just say hi.

I have one spare #BlueSky invitation. If you are interested, just say hi.

2 days ago

I thought that #Twitter would be able to fight back . I also thought that #Threads has the chance to be the alternative .
The #bluesky held much potentials .
None of them stands the chance to be the alternative .

It is only #Mastodon holding the chance to be the alternative .

2 days ago

Can't wait for a proper #Bluesky to #Fedi bridge. We are good with #Nostr to Fedi...hurry up devs.

2 days ago

@tchambers @activitypubblueskybridge

the #fediverse structure is like a great idea whose time has come, but it destroys the entire concept of turning money into influence. they can't deny the former, but their entire business is built on the latter. they (#nostr, #bluesky, add in #threads too, @minds before them) are desperately trying to reconcile these facts through some kind of new technology. but they can't.

the medium is the message.

Robert Kingett
2 days ago

I honestly hope that, with #BlueSky rooting for and even championing #ActivityPub and giving it and Mastodon kudos, that Federation will happen and people will let people move over to Bluesky. We will get to talk to them anyway, so it really doesn't matter what platform we do it on. #Twitter

Tim Chambers
2 days ago

Posting this quote from #BlueSky developer Paul Frazee, as it is one of my favorite posts from that platform and exactly how I feel about BlueSky and Nostr too. This is not zero-sum and as I see bridges forming (now between Masto-Nostr, soon between ActivityPub and Bluesky) am excited to see the bridges start to form.

cc: @activitypubblueskybridge

Paul Frazee

Since this is coming up, | have nothing but appreciation for Mastodon and activitypub. We had another approach we wanted to take and that's it it's pretty normal for folks to root for their communities but it's not zero sum and we should be rooting for every baby turtle make it off the beach."
Tom Brand
2 days ago

About as valuable as an NFT. #bluesky

Bluesky invite codes
Alex Wild
2 days ago

I’ve got some Blue Sky invite codes, let me know if you want one.


Kuba Suder
2 days ago

#Bluesky is planning to open the webapp to the public soon. But in the meantime, a third party dev @badlogic has built a really nice web client that allows logged out access, so you can see my profile here :)
(click the "Explore without account" button below the form)

Randy (Bluesbreaker)
2 days ago

#Bluesky Can't GIVE them away!
I now have at least 5 invite codes for Bluesky.
Want one, just ask.

Roni Laukkarinen
3 days ago

Something that is still missing from Bluesky, Threads or Nostr:

- Unlimited edit feature
- Automatically delete old posts
- Follow hashtags

Something that is probably ever appear as a feature in places other than Mastodon:

- Custom emojis
- More than 500 chars

#SocialMedia #Bluesky #Twitter #Threads

David Lohner
3 days ago

"Make Mastodon Great Again"

Was für eine großartig differenzierte #Podcast-Folge zum Thema #Mastodon, #Twitter, #Bluesky und der Rolle und Funktion von solchen #Microblogging-Diensten für das Individuum und Gesellschaft.

Danke @Gibro und @schb von @bzt und Jochim für all ihre Gedanken dazu.

Für mich stellt Mastodon/das Fediverse die ideale Plattform für das #Hochschulwesen dar—sowohl aus ideeller Sicht als auch vom praktischen Nutzen her.

Link zur Folge:

Brian Hough
3 days ago

I know they're not exactly a hot commodity anymore, but here are some #Bluesky codes for anyone who might still need one. 😄


shrimp eating mammal 🦐
3 days ago

hey, anyone over there, are people hating on Kissinger on #twitter or #bluesky or #threads ? i feel like back in the day #twitter would have lit up for one glorious day had Kissinger died then, but idk anymore


3 days ago


Warum unvorbereitet?

Es wird nicht erst seit gestern davor gewarnt.

Die von #Evernote wollen Geld damit machen.

Nennt sich #Rockefellerprinzip

Wird auch bei #bluesky so kommen.

Nutzt #Opensource und spendet denen was.

wenig Worte
3 days ago

Im #Bundestag "Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht"

Andrea Kießling, Prof. Gesundheits- und Sozialrecht Uni Frankfurt auf #bluesky:

"Wer in Zukunft keinen Anspruch auf Einbürgerung mehr hat, sind Menschen mit einer körperlichen, geistigen oder seelischen Krankheit oder Behinderung, pflegende Angehörige, Alleinerziehende, die wegen Kinderbetreuung nicht oder nur in Teilzeit erwerbstätig sein können, und Schüler/Auszubildende/Studierende, die (ggf. ergänzend) Bürgergeld oder Sozialhilfe beziehen"

Grégory Gutierez
3 days ago

1/2 On m'a proposé un code pour créer un compte #Bluesky, on m'a montré quelques captures d'écran... mais je n'ai pas eu une seule seconde la motivation de m'y rendre.

A quoi bon retenter un réseau centralisé (même s'il promet de s'ouvrir... mais plus tard), qui est aussi fondé sur des algorithmes, qui tente de copier l'ergonomie et les logiques de Twitter, et uniquement cela, qui tôt ou tard devra bien être monétisé pour produire du profit ?

Photo d'un carton d'emballage de la friteuse Bluesky, qui chauffe jusqu'à 800 grammes de frites à 190°C et peut même être lavée à la machine.
Rolf van Root
3 days ago

Building a #Twitter app is easy, but replicating its community is not.

Lately, I haven't been very active here - I tried #Threads and #bluesky in between.

I stopped using Twitter this spring, and there is no going back.

Will we end up with a more fragmented social media landscape, and will Twitter turn into a Tumblr?

Here are my thoughts on that:


schultzter :mstdnca:
4 days ago

@Polychrome @matthieu_xyz or you know, code it yourself and submit a pull request! Something you can't do with either #Threads or #Bluesky (in full transparency I'm going to add #hypocrit because the only PRs I've ever submitted are for documentation - though I'm pretty sure #Lovelace would personally break my fingers if I ever attempted to unleash any of my code on the internet)

@Kristofferabild @4nd3rs Nå ja, nu jeg var i gang: Jeg skød lige et par screenshots af desktop-udgaven af hhv. #BlueSky og #Nostr i brugergrænsefladen.

Kunne layoutet måske indikere en lille smule, at #Twitter-grundlægger #JackDorsey er involveret i begge dele? 👀😜

Skærmbillede af brugergrænsefladen i desktop-udgaven af BlueSky.
Skærmbillede af brugergrænsefladen i desktop-udgaven af det sociale medie Nostr på webadressen
4 days ago

Apparently bluesky is working on a way to disable replies to a post. Something that exists on Twitter, Instagram, Threads, etc.

It’s actually crazy that this still isn’t a thing on mastodon. We pretend that this place is safer, less harmful, offer more choice and customization, yet we still can’t deny replies to our posts.

Between this and open-DM by default. We can see that mastodon’s "safety" is very relative.

#bluesky #bsky #threads #mastodon #fediverse

@4nd3rs Njar jeg tror, jeg bliver hængende her lidt endnu.

Jeg var en tur forbi #Nostr engang i foråret. Der var smækfyldt af #cryptobros, det var ikke lige mig. Brugeroplevelsen var heller ikke helt min kop te. Noget med, at man skulle have styr på en krypteringsnøgle, for at kunne få adgang til sin profil – det virkede lidt bøvlet. Men måske er det blevet bedre? 🤷‍♂️

Nåmen jeg er også kommet på #BlueSky. Men jeg kan altså stadig bedre lide at være her.

Amy 🇹🇭
4 days ago

Seems like once BlueSky opens their federation, you might be able to talk to BSky people, I wonder what are people's opinions on this.

#Fediverse #BlueSky #bridgyfed

4 days ago

Anyone here also on #bluesky and have strong opinions about it?

4 days ago

I'm currently testing Bluesky. And I must say that I get way more interaction from others and my brain loves algorithms so I'm gonna use it for a while. Also way more content of my native language is shown in algorithmic feeds.


Ich habe hier auf #Mastodon ein immer stärker werdendes #Gefühl der #Einsamkeit . Kann es sein, dass viele user*innen (ja, ich gender immer noch) insbesondere aus der #fahrradbubble mittlerweile zu #bluesky gewechselt sind?

Ich halte hier fast ausschließlich nur noch Monologe, und viele, denen ich Folge haben seit teils Monaten nichts mehr getrötet. Ich vermisse die Unterhaltungen.


Johannes Ernst
4 days ago

@mmasnick seems to say, in @mike ‘s Dot Social Podcast, that he thinks significant innovation is more likely to happen on top of the future decentralized #bluesky network than on the #activitypub network. Not sure I heard this right, but if so, I would love to hear his reasoning because I sure don’t see it.

5 days ago

Seems #bluesky is getting more and more popular with retro/vintage computer type folk. I still much prefer mastodon but I am going to start using it more, maybe crossposting, and keep my eye on how it develops.

So, if anybody wants an invite code do let me know, I have 10 or so between my accounts that I can dish out here. Just message me.

Anyone want #BlueSky invite-codes? I have a couple of them to give out.

First come, first serve.

5 days ago

@oliver_schafeld #Threads.... das ist ja wie #Bluesky auch nur vom Regen in die Traufe.

5 days ago

Habe immer noch 5 Codes für #BlueSky.

Bei Interesse, einfach melden.
(Ich lade nur aktive Nutzer ein. Der Rest braucht sich erst gar nicht melden.)

Still have 5 codes for #BlueSky.

If you are interested, just let me know.
(I only invite active users. The rest don't even need to get in touch).

Kuba Suder
5 days ago

I swear, sometimes when I see what people write about #Bluesky / #ATProto on Mastodon, I feel like I'm watching the Polish state TV controlled by PiS, if you know what I mean… Completely parallel reality, independent facts, split timeline.

In addition to #Mastodon, I've been on #Threads for quite some time now, and signed-up for #Bluesky over the weekend.

Threads has a general gross feeling, not far from the feel of using #Twitter just before the fall, but has the benefit of more users that I used to follow on Twitter.

Bluesky makes me think of the good old days of Twitter and has that nostalgia but there's not a lot of people that I've found to follow, yet.

However, Mastodon feels like home.

6 days ago

(Vielleicht muss ich mir doch noch #Bluesky anschauen.)

6 days ago

Si je puis me permettre, c'est le capitalisme de surveillance qui est une arme de destruction massive de nos démocraties. #Twitter et #Bluesky n'en sont que des petites émanations.

Randy (Bluesbreaker)
6 days ago

@endeavorance I agree with that. Have not been able to find value there with one exception. A person is posting recipes, nothing else. I commented and we actually went back and forth a few times. So she adds value and replies to comments or questions.
I do not appreciate a site that has timed edit, let alone NO edit like #Bluesky. Character limit too low.
I look at a lot of networks, but #Mastodon is the only one that's worth the time investment. (Can't join #threads in EU.)

I've been poking at Threads a bit more recently and its definitely feeling more "where mainstream online posting happens" than just a few months ago.

I don't feel comfortable calling it "home" like I do here, but I at least will see some other stuff there.

Bluesky still confounds me. I do not see the appeal over of it Mastodon, aside from maybe the custom feeds thing is neat?

#Bluesky #Mastodon #Threads

Jeff Sikes
6 days ago

People, the true danger of Bluesky is giving users the ability to create their own custom feeds to create monstrosities like this.

What have I done?! Forgive me. 🎄

#Bluesky #Skyfeed

A Bluesky feed that is just Mariah Carey christmas posts. The title is "Merry Mariah" and the description is "24/7 Mariah Christmas posts. Because, why not."
6 days ago

Für #Bluesky Interessierte: Ich habe mehrere Invitecodes, gebe sie aber nicht ab.
Ich sammle die jetzt einfach nur noch.
Neues Hobby.

David Megginson
6 days ago

@timbray Word from younger relatives is that holdouts on Twitter-X who didn't flee to the fedi last year are moving to #BlueSky now. They humour me about being in the #fediverse (it's a cute dad-generation thing to them), but just laughed sarcastically when I asked if anyone was going to #Threads.


Børge A. Roum
1 week ago

Wait, what!? There's a "choose a server" prompt when creating an account on Bluesky too!? Wtf are people complaining about it on the fediverse and then going to Bluesky for then!? Jesus Christ, does people just enjoy being controlled by billionaires?

#bluesky #fediverse #UX

Joni Horinoita
1 week ago

"Ensin tarjotaan hyötyä käyttäjälle, jotta saadaan riittävästi yleisöä – ”täällä parhaat kissavideot!” Sitten hyötyä aletaan tarjota mainostajille – ”meillä mainostat tehokkaimmin kissavideoiden katsojille”.

Kun on saatu merkittävä määrä kissavideoi­den jakajia, katsojia ja mainostavia yrityksiä ja eliminoitu kilpailu, aletaan hyötyä siirtää alustalle: mainosten hintaa nostetaan ja kissa­videoiden katsojille työnnetään yhä enemmän mainoksia ja aiempaa vähemmän kissavideoita sekä halpoja bulgarialaisia koiravideoita.

Mainostajat eivät uskalla hylätä erinomaisesti toiminutta mainosalustaa. Kissavideoihmiset eivät uskalla lähteä, koska alusta on ainoa paikka kissa­videoille ja kaikki kissavideokaverit ovat siellä.


Blueskyn ja Mastodonin kaltaiset federoidut, avoimiin protokolliin perustuvat palvelut näyttäisivät mahdollistavan paskeentumisenkestävien sosiaalisen median palveluiden rakentamisen teknisesti. Toinen kysymys sitten on, kiinnostavatko näin rakennetut palvelut rahoittajia."

Mikrobitti: Onko kaiken pakko paskeentua?

#paskeentuminen #enshittification #bluesky #mastodon

Norbert Tretkowski
1 week ago

Die Frage "#Mastodon oder #Bluesky?" auf den Punkt gebracht von @bjoernsta: "Wenn wir die Entscheidung werteorientiert treffen, kann es nur Mastodon sein. Denn Bluesky erfüllt deutlich weniger Kriterien, um Demokratie auch langfristig und verlässlich zu stärken."