19 hours ago

Meanwhile Paul and crew played Raiders of the North Sea with some of the expansions. They finished the night with a few games of the clever #ReinerKnizia card game High Society.

A few folks showed up after we had got settled. Cheers to Lawrence and to Robert for taking care of the newcomers. Now they know there is a Meetup group we can know to keep an eye out for them. Robert taught Hollywood 1947, a social deduction #boardgame themed on commies in the movie industry.


Hollywood 1947 board game
Raiders of the North Sea  board game
Raiders of the North Sea  board game
19 hours ago

Monday night #VCSBG #boardgames & #craftbeer

Another play for Moa designed by #MartinWallace. This time it took half the time to play. Once again I came second.

Next up was Istanbul. A game I have no recollection of playing before. But I have. Cheers to #BGG for having a better memory that I have.

Last game for the night was Savannah Park. It's a light tile movement/placement #boardgame that is simple but challenging. And I don't just mean finding the specific tiles on the your board.


Moa board game
Savannah Park board game
Istanbul board game
Moa board game
23 hours ago

A big recommendation for Radlands #boardgame. 👍🏻 We played four rounds of it last weekend and even though I lost three of those they were fun and tight fights. A bit more of it in my today's #blog post along with other pics from last week: #finland

Redlands board game on a table during our game. Stacks of cards, water tokens and the box cover with a 'punk' person picture.
Breakup Gaming Society
23 hours ago

Fun #boardgame facts that might result in arrest or members of your family being harmed
CW: bad advice, drug references

1 day ago

Totally forgot that #ProZD does #boardgame #reviews too

(Unlike #AVGN "#BoardJames :Alcea_LolFace: )

Abenteuer Brettspiele
1 day ago

Rund 70 Neuheiten-Empfehlungen für die SPIEL ’23 von YouTube-Kanälen, Podcasts & Blogs
#SPIEL23 #brettspiele #brettspiel #boardgame

Rollleaf Drumlinhat
2 days ago

I will get to priming those #Oathmark Elves… eventually. But in the meantime I’m continuing to work throw some #Heroquest adventurers.

#BoardGame #Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingMiniatures #PaintingMinis #MiniaturePainting #Miniatures #Minis #Painting #Hobby

Heroquest Wizard miniatures. Classic pose with a staff and hand raised casting a spell. They have a red cape, a blue tunic, and cream trousers. Their eyes and hand and the gold on their staff all have a green glow.
The rear of the mini shows the gloves have a green glow, with a concentrated burst around a ring.
Close up of the ringed glove.
Two Heroquest adventurers together. Classic Barbarian and Wizard.
2 days ago

I think I've 'finished' one of my Bezzy Bargain Bags for UKGE 2024.

It might be called "A game about simple auctions, and trying to get majorities without spending too many cards."

2-5p, 10ish minutes

My 2nd auction game but totally different to AGAACAWAATBTA.


(I mean about this game, but if you just want to ask me general life questions, that's also cool.)

(Does the 'name' tell you what to expect?)

#boardgames #boardgame #AuctionGames #boardgamedesign

2 days ago

Je me rends compte que je n'avais pas parlé ici de ce qui occupe mes journées :

J'ai créé il y a peu, une boutique spécialisée sur les jeux de société (jeux de plateau, de rôle, figurines...)

C'est le début et j'ai encore pas mal de travail, mais je serai heureux d'avoir vos retours et questions !

En tout cas je m'éclate à lancer cette entreprise :)

#j2s #jdr #rpg #boardgame #dnd

3 days ago

Last night I found myself in Burano. A #boardgame placing buildings, making lace, going fishing, selling my catch, collecting revenue, roofing buildings and collecting bonuses. Rinse and repeat for the most VPs. All driven by the imaginative 'cube-pyramid' mechanism. 4 phases/ 14 rounds. 👍

Giving it 8.5 with two falls and a submission 🤪 #boardgames

Burano - boardgame table overview
Burano - main island detail showing added buildings (coloured cubes)
Burano - player board (green) detail
Ulysses Castillo
4 days ago

Our last #BoardGame of the day was Clank! In Space. This was our 1st game after playing original Clank! last week. I enjoyed the factions and new market powers. I managed to get a last minute win.

Sarah Mare
4 days ago

#backgammon outdoors in the shade of summer trees sounds awesome
Anyone in #melbourne (East or NorthEast) interested in helping to establish weekend summer park backgammon?

Image DALL-E #aiart

Carsten B.
4 days ago

Erste Runde #Voidfall von #Mindclash. Ziemliches Siegpunktgefummel, aber das Tutorial haben sie schon ziemlich gut gemacht. Lernpartie, nach Zyklus 2 abgebrochen. #boardgame #brettspiel

4 days ago

Can a saturday get better than reading the rules of a new #boardgame? 🤩
Probably only by playing it tonight, hehe. And this game is looking fantastic already. I hope that these rules work out as nicely as their written description.
#orcquest #brettspiele

Auf einem Holztisch sibd Elemente aus dem Brettspiel Orcquest verteilt. Der Hintergrund bildet die Cover der 2 Boxen.
Im Vordergrund  liegen die Regelhefte.
Breakup Gaming Society
5 days ago

I want Skora and one of Amabel Holland's designs (prolly Shackleton or the Niceae game) and Flamme Rouge and Pan Am and Final Girl
#BoardGame #wishlist

5 days ago


Tabletop Simulator is the quickest and most flexible way to prototype and playtest a #boardgame

The ability to alter games on the fly is very useful.

5 days ago

A style of #boardgame long on my wishlist are #wargame #boardgames I can play on my iPad.

Been available for a while in both solo or 2-player hotseat is the classic GDW: Battle for Moscow

Just in time for the Battle Card Kickstarter are 2 web implementations of the solo Battle Card Market Garden

I'm still eagerly waiting for Vassal on the iPad!

Battle Card solo board game web implementation
Erik Andersson Sundén
5 days ago

I am a board game designer an I am super proud of all the publishers that have accepted to meet me at Spiel to listen to my pitch of #Collectors and #WhereIsThat. I feel well-treated and respected in this industry. AMA!

#Spiel #GameDesign #TableTopGames #BoardGames #BoardGame #AskMeAnything

Rote Blume
5 days ago

12 points: -3 points 🥳 #boardgame #cardgame #gap

#gap cardgame
5 days ago

In case anyone is interested, I just found out that there will be a new game reimplementing Babel soon. Different theme, new visual style.

Clash of Magic Schools

(I think I prefer the old style a little more, but in any case my recommendation stands. ;)

#Boardgame #Brettpiel

The Offline Gamer
5 days ago

Last night we played Save Snowball from Decking Awesome Games. A fab little escape room game with a fun story and theme! You’ll be pleased to know Snowball is now safe, thanks to some help from @dierolling! Check it out on Kickstarter now!

#savesnowball #kickstarter #boardgame #boardgames

5 days ago

I was one of the backers of the #InsideTheBox kickstarters for #SubTerraII (and other things), whose failed promises are now being delivered by #NaylorGames through #GameFound.
I *think* I got an email about the package finally being delivered (it's from ZATU, which my understanding is the #boardgame distributor through which the pledge is being fulfilled).
This is #goodNews.

6 days ago

Got a second game of Final Girl in before bed time: The Haunting of Creech Manor with Alice as the #finalgirl. Spawned in the attic and started frantically searching for Carolyn (the little girl we had to save) while the poltergeist wreaked havoc downstairs claiming one victim after another on its way up. When it was right outside the door I finally found Carolyn and just ran for it, sprinted past the Poltergeist, jumped out the window and ran to safety... dumb luck, good times! 😅 #boardgame

Item card for Carolyn, the little girl we have to save in this scenario.
6 days ago

And now I'm of course quite tempted to back the Kickstarter they just launched for Series 3 of Final Girl... #finalgirl #kickstarter #boardgame

6 days ago

Got Final Girl in the mail and just played my first round - Love it! Very similar system to Hostage Negotiator, which I also love a lot. Definitely some of the best solo games around! #boardgame #solo #finalgirl

My first game of Final Girl set up on my desk
Sean and Ruchika
6 days ago

Playing "Jaipur"... in Jaipur! 😂

And no, @seanbala did not bring the game just to play it there....

#India #Jaipur #Rajasthan #Travel #BoardGames #BoardGame #Game #Funny

The box for the board game Jaipur leaning against a bowl on a stone table in an inner garden at our hotel.
Michael Oland
1 week ago

Next #boardgame for the evening : Menara. A dexterity game after alcohol.

1 week ago

Am friends with Drew and Carl from #footboard (the board game) and they've amazingly given me Number 23 off the production line. So we've ruined it's potential future value by opening it immediately and playing it, as intended.

It's all made of sustainable materials, every counter and the dice are wooden and it's great to play.

#boardgames #boardgame

Final state of the game, Barbara having beaten me 1-0
Our chosen layouts for kick off with 22 wooden pieces placed on the playing board which replicates a football pitch
The box for the game still wrapped in cellophane
A diagram showing passes that we don't think are allowed
Benjamin Brinckmann
1 week ago

I've been wanting to make a painting of the Fungal Jungles biome for my #Snailriders #boardgame , but improvising the designs of the mushrooms just didn't work. So I decided to put in the extra effort to make some actual concept art for 5 different fantasy mushrooms and 1 giant lichen that can be placed in the environment. I'll probably will be expanding this one with more designs, but this is what I had time for for now.

#GameDev #FantasyArt #ConceptArt #MastoArt #boardgames

A digital concept art sketch of six different fantasy mushrooms. On the left a rider and his pack snail look up amazed at them.
Bromelain Games
1 week ago
Plumeria Spiral
1 week ago

I've been working on this game for over a year, it's the first project I've loved all the way through the process. Here's the promo:

#archaeology #astronomy #archaeoastonomy #boardgame #seattle

Tech news from Canada
1 week ago

Ars Technica: Archaeologists find 500-year-old board game carved in ruins of Polish castle #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #medievalboardgames #Archaeology #boardgame #Science #Gaming

IT News
1 week ago

Archaeologists find 500-year-old board game carved in ruins of Polish castle - Enlarge / Archaeologists excavating the ruins of an early 16th-century ... - #medievalboardgames #archaeology #boardgame #science #gaming

1 week ago

Monday night #VCSBG #boardgames & #craftbeer

First play for Moa designed by #MartinWallace. This has been on my #shelfofshame for 5 years. It was good to get it played although we did do one thing slightly wrong. For such a simple-ish #boardgame the rules could have been better. Inconsistent terminology usage and key concepts buried deep in paragraphs of text. How about a bit of highlighting of key text.

It was a close game. I came second via the tie-breaker!

Moa board game
Moa board game
Moa board game. The volcano almost erupted in the first era.
Kneel before my birds! Well, Moa is an area control board game.
1 week ago

The Hunt #boardgame just arrived from the #Gamefound campaign. The designer Matthias Cramer is normally known for euro style games. Let’s see how he does with a strongly historically themed game! This 2-player game is a cat and mouse hunt for the Heavy Cruiser/ Pocket Battleship Admiral Graf Spee early in WW2.
#hexesforever #boardgames

The Hunt board game
Component examples in The Hunt board game
Artwork examples in The Hunt board game
1 week ago


I've had a few recent #boardgame purchases that I'd wager were not playtested with representative physical components. Some terrible production & design choices that are apparent mere seconds after trying to play an actual game.

And not enough development consistency to enforce such obvious things as design standards in their #boardgames.

Very frustrating and very avoidable.

Herr Tommi 🎲 📷
1 week ago

Die letzten 2 Tage bei #SpieleVon0bisZ bei uns: Come together (2:0 für mich) und Concordia (aktuell 1:1). Und wir haben zwei Spiele aus dem Regal gezogen, wo wir beide „Hmpf“ gesagt haben. Cloud Age und Crossing Oceans werden uns verlassen.

#brettspiele #boardgame

Come Together
1 week ago


Time to break lunch aka burger and a beer. I had a nice Red Ale, a Smog City Sabre-Toothed Squirrel.

Next up was the Nations #boardgame . This is a fave of Terry and he kindly taught it. Yeesh. It was brutal yet fun. Wow, if you fall behind it is tough. It also depends on how cruel your fellow players choose to be.


Games at My Place is in Pasadena, CA. This store was formerly known as Gameology Pasadena.

Games at My Place is in Pasadena, CA.
Nations board game
Nations board game
Nations board game
Ted M. Young
1 week ago

For those of you in the UK, today is the last day to save $5 on JitterTed's TDD Game!

Use the code GET5 to get the discount. If you order this weekend, you'll get your copy in October!

#TDD #BoardGame

1 week ago

Last evening, we played our first game of Habitat, 3rd edition.

Other than my initial confusion over some scoring, the rules are generally quite reasonable and easy to grasp.

Pick a tile, place a tile to attempt to score points based on animal habitat needs. Repeat.

We did like the aspect of using a meeple to select tiles to play rather than just picking from a pile.

Overall, recommended.

#BoardGame #Tabletop

End of game picture with tiles placed and my loss documented. You can see the way meeples are used on a grid to pick a tile (by moving meeple around on each turn according to the rules).
Hanan - GoblinHellion
2 weeks ago

Been working on some more pieces for Devil's Dice, the boardgame I'm doing art for <3

This time sketching out some concepts for a skull cardboard token as currency in the game! This is a first pass to get an idea down.

#boardgame #BoardgameArt #Sketch #art #skull #tabletop #GameArt #ConceptArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FediArt

A simple concept sheet, showing a square shaped token, a work in progress illustration of a devil's skull token for currency in the game. The skull has two pointy horns, and four teeth (two canines). It looks both cute and spoopy at the same time. Cute!Goth!
Ted M. Young
2 weeks ago

For those of you in the UK, you can save $5 on JitterTed's TDD Game now through the weekend!

Use the code GET5 to get the discount. If you order this weekend, you'll get your copy in October!

#TDD #BoardGame

Of Dice and Men
2 weeks ago

Each year for our weekend cabin #boardgame retreat I design and 3D print trophies for everyone who comes out. This year I tried out wood filament for the first time, it's turned out quite well!

3D printed trophy with log cabin on top with the characters TTW 2023 inscribed
Neil Dixon
2 weeks ago

There’s a chill in the air, so it’s almost time for Solotober!

Now in its third year, this is a #BoardGame challenge to play a solo boardgame each day through October. Last year saw an amazing 107 participants.

It is all organised via the awesome 1Player Guild over on, but you can also take part on your preferred socials with the hashtag #Solotober2023

Forum Thread:


#BoardGames #SoloBoardGaming

2 weeks ago
#introduction time since I've moved to a new instance (from @gpage), and my one plea for boosting this to assist in federation help. Thank you.

I play #games, specifically #boardgames, but I'm open to others (both digi/analog). I've done a lot of #boardgame playtesting in the past (including, but not limited to; Root and John Company from Cole Wehrle, and Gandhi: Decolonization of British India from Bruce Mansfield) and I still do. Although anymore, I usually limit that to really digging into one title for a few seasons to see it through the entire process over playing just one or two iterations of something at an Unpub event or short sprints.

I find it interesting why people like the games (or things in general) that they do. I'm quite a curious critter in that regard and likewise I love stuff like the Richmond Forum or TEDTalks that make me think (and I read the London Review of Books somewhat regularly).

As such, I find #boardgamedesign to be fascinating from a #systemdesign perspective. Some of that is because I've built a long career in the IT system design and implementation space. In 2023, my spouse challenged me to finally get off my duff and design something to play with friends. That's a... "work in progress" at the moment, but I'm happy to discuss design challenges with folks.

For my #wargaming (and history) interests, I have nerded out on the #ColdWar and it's various dynamics/locations plus Japan until WW1. I usually play #wargames for a series of iterations and then trade/sell them unless they hold steam with my group or are otherwise special. Shelf space is at a premium and I think a game that doesn't get played because it's just sitting there could go to a home that will enjoy it more. As such, I use a modified Jones Theory for keeping games, and I churn through a bunch every year.

I do paint minis, mostly in the winter months because my setup isn't conducive currently for summer painting. I prefer CMON's Arcadia Quest or other various SD-style figures for that purpose. I am the proud owner of assembled terrain (!!!) and I don't think has ever seen the light of day...

Otherwise, I enjoy most forms of music and in a prior life did on-location audio recording and some spare time as a roadie for smaller bands. Modern country and 50s rock are two areas that I shy away from though.

Covid caused me to take an interest in spectator sports, specifically stuff that is off the beaten path. I now somewhat consistently watch Cricket (T20 and some ODI), Cycling, and to a lesser degree Rugby 7s. In general, I'm more likely to watch women's iterations of sports when possible (I find the dynamics of play are more interesting than the men's side). We've been a season ticket holder for the local soccer team since before they last won a championship (2009).

2 cats (sisters), and one spouse. We (technically) have a garden and make haphazard attempts at keeping it alive and tended. Send me your cat and boardgame pictures please. I've had exactly one dog in my life, and they were the best dog...
Ingram Braun
2 weeks ago

Archaeologist finds 500 year old board game in castle ruins

A board for the ancient board game “Nine Men’s Morris” was found buried in the ruins of #Ćmielów castle, carved into a cracked #sandstone tile.…

#archaeology, #boardgame, #merels, #Poland

2 weeks ago

Смотрите, что нашёл.

Настолка #Regicide .


Как я понимаю, играть можно, имея обычную колоду игральных карт (с 2 и выше).

Поиграть и посмотреть игры в онлайне ещё можно на #BGA:

Если вдруг кто-то захочет попробовать — пишите :)

Мне идея игры понравилась.

#Настолки, #BoardGame

Grayson Page
2 weeks ago

Because I was thinking about it this weekend on the (long) drive home; sometimes you'll play a #boardgame and afterwards you might have a discussion with other players about it. For a couple days (or maybe even a week) you then stew on the experience and what the game does. I almost always have some game on my mind for whatever reason.

What game has lived in your head lately and why?

#boardgames @boardgames

Isaac Lyman
2 weeks ago

Very excited about this #Kickstarter. It's a cooperative #boardgame, the vibe is "Pandemic meets FTL" and if that's not a winning combo, I don't know what is.

It's also going to be released under CC BY-SA 4.0, so if you can't afford to buy in, you can legally download and print it at home.

3 weeks ago

We played a game of Subatomic yesterday. It’s a drafting and buying game with a thin layer of “science” wrapped around the game.

It played well. It has some accessibility issues with color contrast and some strange icon choices though.

I lost big time, partly because I messed up a rule, and because I played poorly …. We had a deluxe edition with a few upgraded components but totally not needed.

#BoardGame #BoardGames

Photo of cards from Subatomic board game on our game table.
Board Game Goblin
3 weeks ago

Oh no, it's an ambush! ⚔️ New action card illustration for our #boardgame. Can't wait for more 🤩

Three fantasy heroes, a human, an elf and a fox are shooting arrows from the branches of a tree
Board Game Goblin
1 month ago

Do you want to say: "I found this job via #Mastodon" 🐘? Then read along 👇
We, a small #boardgame publisher, need someone who helps us ~5 hours a week to answer emails (🇬🇧) from backers & also Kickstarter comments. You can work from anywhere at anytime on a contractual basis for 15€/hour 💰. If you are interested, please send us your application including a letter of motivation via email to Please share 🔄!

Three fantasy characters, a warrior, a mage and a goblin are inspecting a male and female mercenary
1 month ago

We played a game of Tyler Sigman’s Crows last night. The rules are easy to learn and the game plays reasonably quickly (took about 50 minutes for 2 of us).

Lay a tile, then a totem, attract crows to totem, score points. It’s a thinking game for sure as you need to determine a good tile laying strategy for your points but also watch what others might do.

Fun. We had the deluxe edition we bought at #GenCon a few years ago.

#BoardGame #TableTop #BoardGames

Tyler Sigman’s Crows board game. Close up of a few tile types and the little wooden crows.
Tyler Sigman’s Crows showing a yellow totem and some of the tiles and the deluxe edition coins.
1 month ago

The errata for 8th Army: Operation Crusader #boardgame published by GDW included instructions for “play by phone”.
Due to the double blind nature of the game there were two identical maps and playaids. Yet only one set of counters. So it was possible yet would have been time consuming and lots of work for the players. Hooray for such tech as #VassalEngine

8th Army: Operation Crusader board game included instructions for “play by phone”
1 month ago

One of my fave yet under used mechanics in #boardgames is double-blind. Each player has an identical map where the only their units and the front line is marked. Units tend to blunder into each other when players call out the enemy controlled hex they are moving into. 8th Army: Operation Crusader is the best of the 3 put out by GDW in the early 80s.

The game came out way back in 1984. How many board gamers are younger than this #boardgame ? On second thoughts don’t answer that!

8th Army: Operation Crusader board game
The errata 8th Army: Operation Crusader board game
1 month ago

What’s a #hobby that you’d like to turn into a full time gig AND that you could see your self doing for many years without wishing it was just a hobby again?

M wife and I are about to find out and give it a go. Our jump is related to these tags. 🤓
#Entrepreneur #crafting #TTRPG #BoardGame

Scene from Matrix movie where two characters are jumping off a building.
2 months ago

As a bonus #introduction, I wrote 5 blog posts this week sharing projects that I've done over the past decade that I'm proud of to tell my story from a different perspective:

Boost Turku & Startup Journey: #coworking #startups

Turku ❤️ Frontend: #TurkuDev #community

Dev Breakfast & Syntax Error: #newsletter

Potluck: #tabletop #boardgame

Teaching programming: #teaching

2 months ago

Today I wrote about my most recent #tabletop #boardgame project Potluck which is a semi-universal card game project that fits dozens, even hundreds of different games into a single deck that fits into the pocket.

Perfect for travel: can be always picked up and played in trains or boats or when waiting for those to leave or during a break in a conference or when visiting mom at home.

#blaugust2023 #boardgames #gaming

2 months ago

Been busy yesterday again with some miniatures from the Nemesis Lockdown boardgame! Three more to go and then the Chytrids are done!

#Miniatures #MiniaturePainting #MiniPainting #PaintingMiniatures #Nemesis #NemesisLockdown #Boardgame

Photo of 9 miniatures from the Nemesis Lockdown boardgame. Miniatures are fungal or plant-like growths, with fleshy tentacles and poisonous spikes.
2 months ago

So, the “piéce the rèsistance” in these new additions to his small #boardgame collection is #Flamecraft
a resource management game with a #fantasy setting with some very attractive art (that was one of the reasons why he picked it, TBH).
The game mechanics are solid, but a bit convoluted, and may require multiple playthrough to get really used to, which is almost ironic given that there's only one/two major choices each player has to do each turn.

#boardgameReview 1.1/x

2 months ago

A new, bigger #introduction

Hi, I'm Juhis, a #community builder, tech #educator, technical #writer and a #publicspeaker. And a #dreamer, an #adventurer, #boardgame enthusiast and dancer at heart.

I write a weekly blog at, organize @turkufrontend, organize #FutureFrontend conference ( & run #SyntaxError newsletter (

I want to help people build a better world through #technology:

+ I have a Blåhaj

2 months ago

It's funny how I rate #boardgame designers/publishers etc. These range from those who products almost automatically go on the "very probably acquire" list regardless, through to those who deserves an increasing amount of investigation, and I have a few on my don't touch their sh1t-list. This categorization is different from deciding on acquisition based primarily on the subject matter.

Do other folks do the same for creators/producers of #boardgames ?

Meme of "shut up and take my money" or "take... my money?"
Of Dice and Men
2 months ago

Spent well over two hours setting up Mr. President last night. It's an intense solo #boardgame simulating pretty much everything that can go wrong during a four-year term. I've actually taken to playing this by discord with my friends which I think will be a fun project; we often discuss politics so this will be a fun hypothetical experiment.

(The only problem is it will dominate my board game table for the coming weeks, so not much else will get played)

Full setup of Mr. President with all the various chart books and guides in a row below
Emil "AngryAnt" Johansen
2 months ago

Got My Lil’ Everdell to the table.

It’s an excellent intro with reduced complexity at every corner and no city- or hand management - making it that much more teachable.

#boardgame #boardgames

A top view of a concluded three player game of My Lil’ Everdell, set on a wooden table.

Visible components include lots of cards, simple player boards, a few cardboard point tokens, and an assortment wooden, plastic, and rubber resource tokens.
2 months ago

We played the 2021 edition of HeroQuest for the first time last evening.

It’s a perfectly fine dungeon crawl game experience. As we only had two players, we used the app to be the Game Master. It was weird but understandable that we needed to mirror our moves in the app. Finding space for iPad on the tabletop was frustrating.

Easy to play. No giant set of rules or dozens of pages of lore. Good entry into a basic #TTRPG.

#CatsOfMastodon #CatsOnBoardGame

HeroQuest board game setup. We won our first game.
The actual feline game master moving game doors helpfully.
3 months ago

It often does not matter if the #boardgame has 4 or 400 pages of rules.

Image stolen from the interwebs.

Meme about the excitement and confusion of learning a new board game.
3 months ago

We played Expancity last evening.

For 2 people, it took about 100 minutes and really felt like it was about 20-30 minutes too long. There were too many tiles for 2. It was a perfectly average game overall.

Easy to learn. Some strategy. Pay attention to other player actions. Play randomly drawn tiles, add floors to buildings, select accomplishment cards, score.

The tile bag was Stupidly small. The tiles just barely all fit.

#BoardGame #Tabletop #BoardGames

Close up of the buildings of the game.
End game. Winner winner!
Just starting out. Only a few tiles and towers played.
Bag for tiles. Way too small.
3 months ago

Hello fellow queers! It's time for an #introduction

I'm MastoDom, working in educational IT, specifically in the #macOS, #iOS, #Jamf, and Apple  spaces.

He/him #Cis #Poly #Pan guy. Very happily married and partnered. We have two dogs and one cat - I'm sure you'll see pics in my timeline :)

I enjoy #Photography in my spare time, especially erotic and boudoir shoots which I specialize in.

Big #DnD guy, as well as any #TableTop or #BoardGame. Ask me about my Cleric, #PupTart 😜

Terminally uninterested #Gamer, mostly into simulation-style games or strategy. Lately that's #CitiesSkyline #Civ6 #PrisonArchitect etc. Been loving #TotK for a bit as well.

While you're here: Take my poll!

Neil Dixon
3 months ago

About to finalise and place a deposit on my #BoardGame table.
It came down to the two main manufacturers in the UK: Geeknson or Natural Twenty Gaming Tables.
After comparing both at last month’s UKGE, it was a no-brainier decision, given my budget, to go with Natural Twenty. Craftsmanship, finish, and looks are far better than the other.
This will be a feature furniture piece and family dining table, so I wanted the best build and quality I could afford.
Won’t be here until next year though…

3 months ago

Hi all, thanks for the invite to this server @semicoop . Looking forward to reading through the posts and learning how it all works. I am new to Mastodon, so let me know if I have missed something.

By way of #introduction I love playing board games as a way of connecting with family and friends.

Back in 2021 I did something a little scary and started a family focused #boardgame blog Main aim is to help families connect through board games.

Since that time I have been lucky to connect with some awesome people and share/learn more about this hobby. It has been very cool.

Up until now twitter has been the main platform I have used, so will be learning from scratch about how this works.

3 months ago

We played MegaCity Oceania last night.

Interesting game that really needs a flat smooth surface to play well. Players build little towers to specifications to gain points and then slide them carefully into the center of the game area to potentially gain more points.

Action is mostly non stop as each player stays busy even when not their turn.

We weren’t sure we would like it, but did enjoy it. Took about 1 hour for 2 players.

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Box cover for game MegaCity Oceania.
Buildings from game. MegaCity Oceania
In progress game play for MegaCity Oceania
Gina Häußge
3 months ago

#Nemesis - such an amazing #BoardGame 😄

We just played the first co-op session in a while and it went way too smooth. Revealed all rooms, did all missions.

Finally me and my partner, playing captain and soldier, are about to climb into the escape pods to leave this cursed ship full of xenomorphs. I make my roll... and escape, though possibly infected. He throws his die... and triggers the QUEEN.

Picture of the Nemesis boardgame. The tiny Soldier miniature looking at the giant Queen miniature in its room.
Same scene from the view point of the Queen. In the background the Captain miniature is safe in the escape pod.
Yai Torres
3 months ago

Looking for #boardgame recommendations!

My wife and I are casual players, and I’m considering getting a new, 2-player game. Here’s some extra info that may help with your suggestions:

- More than two people could play it at a time, but only if it’s well-balanced for two. Something you would enjoy playing with a significant other.

- We own these games, and we like them a lot: Jaipur, Splendor + Expansion, 7 wonders duel + Expansions, and Lost Cities (Card Game ed).

- Recommendation could be within the same mechanics as the games mentioned above; anything different would be a plus.

Thanks for being awesome, and I’m looking forward to see your suggestions!

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