2 days ago

Damn, #DaveChappelle. What did you think would happen if you stood next to #Boebert?

3 days ago

Lauren Boebert Desperately Pleads With Donors To Save Her Failing Career

#Politics #Elections#MAGA #GOP #GQP #Boebert

NoBeerToday 🇦🇺
4 days ago


Show you how fake the #GOP's outrage is about "sending so much money to #Ukraine". Marjorie Taylor #Greene, Lauren #Boebert, et al. know all that as well but put on an act for their not-so-bright #MAGA base.

CdaleCO Rider, RN
5 days ago

@cathyginter Of course #Boebert and #Greene(GA) voted Nay.

2 weeks ago


I'm just waiting for the states to all realize that this decision clears the way to get rid of #MTG #Boebert #MattGaetz #JoshHawley & the entire #Insurrection Caucus, since they're all on record supporting the attempted coup & giving aid & comfort to people convicted of participating
#14thAmendment time for ALL OF THEM

4 weeks ago

@harryooman @lovelylovely @GottaLaff @rabbijill

Harry all I see is a sea of activated and demonized MAGA-Phyllis Schlafly sycophants: a massive boobs/minus brains mob that later elected then worshipped (THE quite manly and agro) Maggot Marge. Just seeing that angry smug Neanderthal face induces a speedy need for Pepto Bismal.

#Horsey #TheSeattleTimes #Boebert #MTG

Micheal Shallop
1 month ago

Here's a terrifying thought...

Should #Trump actually pull a win in 2024, in less than five agonizing years, the views of #gop mouthbreathers such as #Boebert, #Greene, and #Gaetz will be considered conservative.

1 month ago

Lauren Boebert reelected betting odds:

I detest Lauren Boebert, but I have to observe that, if the House Representative had been her date rather than her, the scandal would have been far less and would long ago have blown over. I'm not saying she shouldn't suffer the repercussions of her arrogance, just that the countless men who do the same and worse should as well (P01135809 is a freaking rapist!)

#Boebert #Bettlejuice #NYT #HouseOfRepresentatives #P01135809

1 month ago

@Savvyhomestead Addressing misanthropic assholes in government and politics is not an option, just look at #Trump, #MTG, #Johnson, #Boebert and so many others, usually #Republicans who want to destroy the constitution and democracy.

Luca da Firenze
1 month ago

#MAGARepublicans in #Colorado want
send #Boebert away and replace her with #Hurd
the official excuse the 'Betelejuice incident'
(the real reason is that Boebert raised less money than Hurd)
I am sorry, it is a sad notice
Boebert is funny, the things she says make us laugh
and we all need to laugh a little.

Better to remove that crazy karen #Green ! she is NOT funnyat all.

Dr. Steve Thompson
1 month ago

"Lauren Boebert can't shake theater fondling scandal"

"The outspoken congresswoman's political headwinds following a scandal remain strong, as she faces a major reelection challenge in 2024."

#GOP #Boebert #scandal

GOP's Lauren Boebert
Dr. Steve Thompson
1 month ago

Jim Jordan hears from pals after losing the House Speaker vote again.

#GOP #SNL #Trump #Jordan #Santos #Boebert #satire

Red Shirt Dude
2 months ago

Is it maybe time to go full #Boebert? Seriously, would #LoBo be any worse than #NoJacketJim? At least it would be kind-of funny . . .

Tim Bondy
2 months ago


In reality, #KevinMcCarthy talked Marge Greene into teaching #Boebert to lock Gym in a bathroom while convincing Gym he did it all by himself. And Gym is proud as hell he was able to lock himself in a bathroom with no idea of how to get out of it.

Trust me, I have friends in low places who know my version is the correct version of this whole story.

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 months ago

Perhaps she was just doing her political 'research'...

"Boebert Spent Campaign Cash at Bar That Hosts Drag Shows"

"The GOP congresswoman has accused trans people and drag queens of 'grooming' and sexualiz[ing] children"

#GOP #Boebert #hypocrisy #dragqueens #LGBTQ #trans

Luca da Firenze
2 months ago

Marjorie Taylor #Greene's
so fantastically batshit crazy in her
conspiracy theories to be comical
and to think
that #Greene, #Boebert and #Gaetz are
basically in control of the #MAGARepubblicano party...

2 months ago


Remember long ago when there were printed phone directories? Real printed pages with names and phone numbers?

Well my list of GOP House members that I hope will lose their next election looks like a phone directory page. Name after name after name including Ms. #Boebert .

After the election, the list can go to the outhouse for its final hurrah, so to speak.

Michael Fenichel
2 months ago

Meanwhile... In my inbox!

So... I (or someone those geniuses think I am) just got an email - From... #Boebert! In case anyone wonders what she does when not enjoying a night at the theater....

FYI - #TrumpVirus #GQP #grift / "thinking"
#context and #perspective

[ FWIW - No "DIane" lives here! Not even a Karen! ]

Email from Lauren Boebert: (Oct 10)


Now that the Speaker has been removed, it's time to get to work. We must NOT back down on conservative principles. Our immediate priority should be the 12 appropriations bills that will cut government spending, followed by actually keeping our promise to SECURE THE BORDER! 

We can do this with a true conservative Speaker that we can trust to unify our party and stick to the deal that | helped negotiate on the rules package back in January. But Diane, we need your input now more than ever. 

The fate of the country is in your hands: Who is your pick to be the next Speaker of the House? 


For Freedom, Lauren Boebert Congresswoman, 3rd Congressional District of Colorado PAID FOR BY LAUREN BOEBERT FOR CONGRESS

A lot of chronic student absences from school in Colorado? Isn't that the first step in becoming a 3rd District Representative? It's just part of vocational training, along with public groping...

2 months ago

#colbert reenacting #boebert "starting a lawnmower" at Beetlejuice.

2 months ago

@coloradosun countdown to some #Boebert supporter filing suit based on #2A grounds.
Love my state, don't understand the support for mass murder.

Clare Harris 🍁
2 months ago

#CNN just giving #Boebert airtime?

Mistake realized and channel changed!

2 months ago

Rep. Lauren #Boebert (R-CO) celebrated the passage of her amendment to the agriculture appropriations bill that bans the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from educating its leadership about LGBTQ+ employees in order to make LGBTQ+ employees feel safer in the workplace...#LGBTQ..#whitenationalism..#GOP..

maeve harris
2 months ago

#Boebert intentionally misgenders #transgender Assistant Defense Secretary for Readiness Shawn Kelly, and moves to reduce her salary to $1. Significant backlash ensues.

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 months ago

"Fox News and Hannity to be added as defendants in Boebert defamation lawsuit: attorney"


2 months ago

If your code of ethics is dependent on whether someone is on "your" side or not, you're part of the cancer that plagues #politics.

#boebert is a terrible human being and there's much to hate about her. But watching my #democrat friends trash her for... checks ...allegedly engaging in #sexwork is as hypocritical as it is comical. So are we sex positive or are we just pretending to be sex positive so we can win the next election?

"I haven't seen a single person say, 'Why, I am shocked that Lauren Boebert was rude, disruptive, and belligerent. … I haven't seen anyone surprised that Boebert did not tell the truth about what happened. …

When Boebert didn't know that the cameras were watching, she was exactly who she is when she does know the cameras are watching.'"

~ Kyle Clark

#Boebert #RepublicanBrand

Michael Fenichel
2 months ago

>> Why Kevin McCarthy's government shutdown is in service of Donald Trump's reelection | The Warning

Uff! An intense look,

A focused & passionate summary of the U.S. House of Chaos today and its path per #McCarthy & DJT

From Steve Schmidt, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.

(Seen on my first visit to *Tribel*, FWIW.... "An interesting place".)
Key Words:

"Wack jobs" ( #MTG ) "Imbeciles" ( #Boebert ) #TrumpVirus #Chaos #Jan6 #GQP #democracy #MAGA #truth

2 months ago

betting odds:
Lauren Boebert Re-Elected in CO-03?

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 months ago

Fox News is the GOP news network. They won't give standard airplay to their audience if news is negative about the GOP or its followers.

The flip side to propaganda is self-censorship. Media black out a story if it reflects poorly on them or their audience. It's why we need diverse media. Political networks aren't designed to "be consistent."

"AOC slams Fox News for having 'nothing to say' about Boebert's 'Beetlejuice' antics"

#GOP #Fox #Boebert #AOC #journalism #4E

MugsysRapSheet ☑️🦃
2 months ago

Conservative pundit Ana Navaro on The View going off on #Boebert (and the #GOP as a whole) for their shameless #hypocrisy is a sight to behold. (Jump to the 2:30 mark.) #GOPHypocrisy

Senator Brownshirt
2 months ago

nī′ə-lĭz″əm, nē′-

1.The doctrine that nothing actually exists or that existence or values are meaningless.

2. Relentless negativity or cynicism suggesting an absence of values or beliefs.

3. Political belief or action that advocates or commits violence or terrorism without discernible constructive goals.

Remind you of anyone?

#GOP #MAGA #ChaosCaucus
#Shutdown Speaker #MTG #Boebert #mccarthy #democracy vs #Fascism #Biden

3 months ago

@Hey_Beth There’s akso the Howler Monkey’s costumes, not to mention outbursts, on the House floor. It’s a pathetic #Republican attempt to distract from #Boebert.

maeve harris
3 months ago

#Boebert breaks off her relationship with the (alleged) Democrat she fondled in the Denver Beetlejuice performance upon discovering his party affiliation. One would think a politician would discuss political compatibility before releasing her date's trouser snake.

Mary Austin
3 months ago

This Denver reporter drops the mic describing Lauren #Boebert 's behavior in the theatre.

Phil Landmeier
3 months ago

"The church should direct the government..."

I'm going to guess that she truly doesn't know what the founders said about this.

#USPol #politics #boebert

As Hunter says,

"Republicans clutch pearls over Fetterman's gym shorts, stay mum on Boebert."

But his shorts, my god, those shorts! The horror of them! The decline in civility!

#Boebert #Fetterman #Republicans #morality #gravitas #FamilyValues

Steve :verified:
3 months ago

Conservative Women Slam “Bimbo” Boebert After She Got Caught Groping Her Date in Public.

#Boebert #LaurenBoebert #GOPHypocrite #GOPHypocracy #ChristainNationalists

image from video surveillance in a theatre showing Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert vaping
Paul Chambers
3 months ago

@lovelylovely What disturbs me a lot about this incident is, after a little bit of getting fondled, #Boebert turns back & looks back in the eyes of the pregnant woman that complained about the vaping while she is getting fondled by that guy. She is a predator. She is getting her kicks looking at the lady while being aroused.

US Congressperson being fondled in a crowded theater with young kids in the theater.
3 months ago

Her date is a Dem, so this is "Reaching Across the Aisle" 2023 style.
#Boebert #LaurenBoebert

3 months ago

#Boebert and her now-estranged husband went on February trip bankrolled by conservative values group - Raw Story

3 months ago

OMG! Vape Ho (Lauren #Boebert / Day O Song Parody)

Paul Chambers
3 months ago

2/ Looking at the video clip above, the way #Boebert looks back at the pregnant woman who had complained about her vaping while Boebert is getting groped and doing groping is more disturbing than her lewd act in a crowded public theater because she was getting off at looking at the pregnant woman's discomfort at Boebert's behavior... Sexual pleasure at the discomfort of others is predator moves.

#Boebert #USPol #FamilyValues #Congress #Colorado

Paul Chambers
3 months ago

If Boebert hadn't have lied about breaking the rules of why she was thrown out of the Beetlejuice theater performance, the theater wouldn't have had to pull the receipts and the entire world wouldn't have known that the US CongressPerson does lewd acts in public theaters.

📽️ Raw footage of a sitting US CongressPerson being fondled & fondling in a crowded theater
#Boebert #USPol #FamilyValues #Congress #Colorado

Us Congresswoman sexually being groped and then groping a male in a public theater.
3 months ago

People are out here finding out about Lauren Boebert in increasingly hilarious ways.


Post from musicnkisses:
Has this heffa ever apologised about anything? She must be worried that we all saw her giving a handjob

Post from xdecadentx:

Post from musicnkisses:
She's touching that man's peepee in that video
Paul Chambers
3 months ago

Ok, I missed the news of the Beetlejuice Boebert video showing her being a danger to children by performing a lewd sex act in a public theatre when she groped/fondled/played with her male friend in the theater.

Former Virginia representative Denver Riggleman wrote that “Lauren Boebert seems a bit confused about Freedom Caucus members telling her to ‘reach across the aisle.’”
#USPol #Boebert

3 months ago


Hey, you forgot to repost the video link of #Bobo's opening night of #beetlejuice starring in The GQP's Midsummer Night's Hypocrisy:

#Vaping and #Fondling in public

Frankie ✅
3 months ago

I don't know if this is true or not but it is funny either way.

#politics #GOP #GQP #BOBO #Boebert #Beetlejuice #Grope

Man groped by Lauren Boebert during frisky 'Beetlejuice' date owns gay-friendly bar that hosts drag shows
3 months ago

What was in that vape?' Bush ethics czar asks if Lauren Boebert lied on gun forms

#Boebert #MAGA #Lies #Scumbag #Republicans #Congress #GOP #GQP

3 months ago

@JGRW #Boebert was just "reaching across the aisle"

3 months ago

Of course. 🤫

Lauren #Boebert's new man owns gay-friendly bar which hosts drag shows

3 months ago

Lauren #Boebert Scandal GETS EVEN WORSE with New Camera Angle Surfacing

3 months ago

@DemocracyMattersALot Lauren Boebert makes escort service employees look bad.


3 months ago

#Boebert Pulled a “Do You Know Who I Am” After Being Escorted Out of the #Beetlejuice Musical for “Causing a Disturbance”

“I want to speak to your manager,” “Do you know who am,” “How dare you suggest I’ve had too many wine coolers,” and “I’m currently appealing the decision to ban me from all peewee football games for harassing the other team.” If that description calls to mind any two lawmakers in particular, it would probably be none other than #MTG and Boebert.

Just as you can count on night following day, you can count on Ms. Boebert, a self-proclaimed white Christian nationalist, always to keep it classy.

And why even notice such appalling behavior? Well, there's the inconvenient claim to represent Christian values in a stellar and exemplary way, for one thing. And there's the example her behavior sets (and normalizes) for everyone else.

#Boebert #WhiteChristianNationalist

I've got news for all interested parties. No one likes her. At all.

Except that 6 fingered fellow from Flintstone #Alabama.

#boebert #palin

3 months ago

#Boebert has been fairly quiet recently, what's up with that do you think?

5 months ago

“Boebert continues to vote against the interests of her constituents while devoting her time to ‘angertainment’ antics that do nothing to help CO-3. We can do better than #Boebert, and thanks to our generous supporters, we will defeat her in #2024.” ~Adam Frisch

5 months ago


/s: Wrong picture.
Let's have a better look at who he's going to unseat.
One of the most undeserving and unqualified Members of Congress:


1 pic removed, as it now turns out that it wasn't Bobo after all, and the pic was planted.

5 months ago

Go get 'em.

"#AdamFrisch, the #Colorado Democrat running to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren #Boebert in next year's election, raised more than $2.6 million in the second quarter, smashing records for the most money raised from donors by a challenger in a House race in an off-year..." #politics #2024election

5 months ago

🙃Via Scott MacFarlane:

Rep Lauren #Boebert (R-CO) just walked out of Speaker McCarthy’s office. Refused to answer any questions about her scuttled attempt to force vote on #impeachment of Pres Biden. She speeds away.

John L. Roberson
6 months ago

Jayson #Boebert’s Son Called the Police to Report Him for Abuse, and the Congresswoman Intervened TO STOP THE CALL. #laurenboebert

@black_intellect 🥥 Gov. Gianforte, #DougMastriano, I'm having as hard a time keeping my American #fascists of Italian descent straight in my head as I am with White trash representatives like #Boebert and Sporkle-plenty. 🥥

9 months ago

1/4 Today's pickings of #GOP news:

. Bill To Ban Child Marriage In West Virginia Defeated By #Republicans.

. Lauren #Boebert rails against sex-ed then announces her 17 year old son is having a baby.

. Jenna Ellis, a #lawyer who represented President Donald J. #Trump after his loss in the 2020 election, admitted in a sworn statement released on Wednesday that she had knowingly misrepresented the facts in several of her public claims that widespread voting fraud led to Mr. Trump’s defeat.

9 months ago

@CarveHerName @histodons

This is what US will become if maniacs like #Greene, #Boebert, #DeSantis and #Republicans keep attacking #democracy along with #Culture (people of difference) in order to divisivly divide the nation and the people for the #plutocracy, you know #Koch and friends, the proof is in the #Putin.

10 months ago

A touch of humor. 4 min video

Budgetary Limits

Marjorie Taylor Greene made a target of herself complaining about her pitiful salary of $174K US and justly so, but that got me thinking about the other flamboyant members of Congress.

#MTG #uspol #humor #corruption #boebert #sinema

1. #Boebert is right. 🤪
2. She's not making the point she thinks she's making. 🤣

The Lincoln Project:

“If GOPLeader #KevinMcCarthy had forced #Gaetz to step down after the sex scandals or had the guts to expel #Boebert when she put lives of her colleagues in danger on #Jan6th, he'd be Speaker by now.

The problem with sacrificing principles for power: you end up with neither.” #USPol #HouseSpeaker #GOPDisarray #Extremism #Fascism

Rep. Ritchie Torres
11 months ago

Lauren #Boebert calling out Donald #Trump on the House floor was not on my 2023 bingo card.

Sam Morreel
11 months ago

@GottaLaff Yeah, and #Boebert becomes the foil lol

11 months ago



Lol #Boebert says it’s time for #Trump to call #McCarthy and tell him to withdraw

11 months ago

Great IG reel of Gaetz and Bobo lost at work🙄🙄🙄🤣
#Boebert #GOP

***Dave Hill
11 months ago

The vaguely illicit pleasure one feels in learning that Lauren #Boebert 's bankrupt bar is being turned into a Mexican restaurant ...

Wooden-fronted building, with an old sign taken down and a new sign in the window, "TAPATIO'S - Coming Soon"
Statmonkey 🙊
11 months ago


Also, isn't having insurrectionists sitting in Congress looking to overthrow lie and disrupt, actual proven enemies of the state, a problem? Does that not send a message? #Boebert traitor, #gaetz traitor, #TrumpIsATraitor

Rep. Ritchie Torres
11 months ago

#TuckerCarlson, Lauren #Boebert, and Matt #Gaetz stand with #Putin; most of #America stands with #Zelensky and the people of #Ukraine.

The contrast between the far right and most of America has never been more glaring.

Rigelian Art
1 year ago

Worst however are the supporters and enablers of #1 and #2.

Regardless of whether they ate Pumpkin #Boebert's quality rodeo pork sliders or not to qualify for #3.