Mike Palumbo
1 hour ago

#365Stories in 2023 - 159/365
"Ode to Joad the Toad" (2020)
by Laird Barron

In the Old Capitol, the king and his son both meet ignoble ends, and a new ruler takes the throne. As the assassin Walther Neck ties up the loose ends of the coup d'etat, he discovers someone is plotting against him.

Barron's Old Capitol is the intersection of dark fantasy and horror; his Ur-toad mercenary our guide to its darkest corners.


Emery Brooks Writes Books
2 hours ago

I'm happy to announce: my little ellie, has been approved for Amazon Kindle devices as well as most online book stores!

For the full list of retailers please visit:

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Torsten Larbig
2 hours ago

Ein Buch, das ich mit großer innerer Beteiligung gelesen habe und zwei der Bücher, die ich beim Lesen aus dem Regal nehmen konnte, um die von Mark Yakich nur teilweise zitierten Gedichte vollständig lesen zu können. (Inklusive meines Lesebestecks – Drehbleistift, Textmarker, Lineal) (Bücher selbst gekauft und gelesen. Keine Kooperation. Kein Honorar. Keine Werbung.) #literature #poetry #books #bücher #gedichte #lyrik #fedilz #deutsch #english

Torsten Larbig
2 hours ago

A book that I read with great inner involvement and two of the books that I was able to pull off the shelf while reading, to read in full the poems that Mark Yakich only partially quoted. (Including my reading kit - mechanical pencil, highlighter, ruler). (Bought and read books myself. No cooperation. No payment. No advertising. ) #literature #poetry #books

Sherry Briscoe, Author
2 hours ago

Three women are haunted to the point of destruction. Unaware of an evil plan, their next move could be their last. #booklove #bookrecommendations #books #greatreads #readers #readingcommunity #paranormal #suspense #fantasy #darkmagic #curses #witches #evil #demons

2 hours ago

Are there others who also regard bookstores, particularly independent ones, as akin to shrines, chapels, and places that demand the utmost reverence?

Here’s a look at some of those in London:

#JohnMastodon #IAmMastodon #TwitterRefugee #TwitterExodus #Books #Bookstore #Bookshop

2 hours ago

Looks interesting.

#Books #BobDylan

The cover of a book entitled “Whole World in an Uproar”. Bob Dylan’s profile is pictured.
billy joe bowers (black heart)
3 hours ago

Some things stick with you. I don't remember a lot of things I read or watch, but I find myself thinking about K.W. Jeter's "Noir" all the time without even noticing, even though it's been over 20 years since I read it.


3 hours ago

Currently reading....

#books #reading

khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
3 hours ago

I feel like I've posted this before but it's worth repeating:

If you live in Massachusetts, you can sign up for a free e-library card from the Boston Public Library. You don't even have to live in Boston!

With an e-card from BPL, you can access literally thousands of books and other digital goodies for free through their app or your preferred e-library app! (Hoopla is my personal favorite.)

#Massachusetts #MA #Boston #BostonPublicLibrary #library #books #reading #Hoopla #LibraryCard

Nancy Marguerite Anderson
3 hours ago

"Prepare our Baggage and cross our horses and commence our journey on the Athabasca Portage at 6 pm, travel only 2 miles and encamp -- 13 horses are employed transporting our Baggage etc. Messrs. Klyne and Harriott accompany us with packs and horses.
"11th. Morning fine. Messrs. McGillivray, McDonald and Ermatinger with 5 horses leave the party at 5 am. to go ahead to #Edmonton, having with them the accounts &c. Afternoon... #Canada #History #AmWriting #Books

Grasslands with birch trees on the shores of a lake or river, with tree covered shorelines in the mid-distance.
3 hours ago

Lots of great genealogy books at my local library equals one happy girl #genealogy #familyhistory #ancestry #geneadons #books

Genealogy book
Genealogy book
Family records
Helen Czerski
3 hours ago

People of Manchester! I will be coming back to my home city to give a talk on the ocean and my new book, Blue Machine, on June 16th at Contact. Do spread the word and come along if you can:

More about the book here:

#ocean #books #Manchester

Poster: Summer at Contact: Blue Machine - How the Ocean Shapes our World
Seth Halleway
3 hours ago

Sci-Fi Dystopian Thriller: Can a talented criminal from Chicago take on America's most powerful regime? Discover life in the Land of the Free. | #scifi | #books | #Dystopia

Andrew Donkin
3 hours ago

Hooray for the lovely Hay Festival on the Welsh - English boarder. Delighted to be invited to give our Global talk on our new graphic novel there last week. #GlobalGraphicNovel #hay #hayfestival #hayfestival2023 #books #graphicnovels

Blackboard advertising our talk on Global.
3 hours ago

Terminando el jueves leyendo "Algo nuevo en los cielos" del gran @aberron

Un bonito ensayo sobre la historia de la aeronáutica y la conquista del cielo

#books #leyendo #librosrecomendados

Ian Robinson
4 hours ago

Almost finished rereading The Adversary by Julian May. I can’t recall much of what happens apart from the Marc & Elizabeth thing that sets up the last line of the next novel in the series. That last line in Intervention literally made me gasp out loud decades ago.

Incredible story arc. Possibly the best I’ve read. There are other series that are written better, but the story across the 8 books of The Saga of The Exiles - Intervention - The Galactic Milieu series is astonishing.

#Books #SciFi

4 hours ago

Book review from NPR:

" 'The Talk' is an epic portrait of an artist making his way through hardships"

I just started this graphic novel today and it's great!

#Books #Bookstodon #BookReview #GraphicNovel

4 hours ago

Gelesen: Some Desperate Glory (2023) von Emily Tesh
#bookstagram #books #sff #sciencefiction

William C. Tracy
4 hours ago

It's the last day to check out these #books, so hurry up! There are some #epic #stories here in #fantasy, including #YAFantasy, #urbanfantasy, #epicfantasy, #highfantasy, and more!

Book dedications bot
4 hours ago

The Happiest Toddler on the Block: How to Eliminate Tantrums and Raise a Patient, Respectful, and Cooperative One- to Four-Year-Old by Harvey Karp, M.D. #books #literature #dedication

To all my little toddler patients, who invite me into their prehistoric world every day!
4 hours ago

#Edinburgh peeps, enjoy a Cretaceous Sunday with an all-ages event with Steve and Anne Brusatte, with Anne's delightful Dugie the Dinosaur book for children, and Steve's books on dinosaurs and also on mammals, a fun event for young ones and adults alike! Details on the bookshop site

#EdinburghBookshop #books #livres #Edimbourg #Bruntsfield #bookshops #librairie #BookEvents #Dinosaurs #ChildrensBooks #bookstodon

Michael Shotter
4 hours ago

#StokerCon is just a week away and my preparations with Ronald McGillvray are nearly complete!

"The Post Mortem Report" will, hopefully, have a noteworthy presence at the event, with a bit of #SWAG, #books for sale, and some extra little goodies I won't spoil.

See you at #StokerCon2023 in #Pittsburgh!

#Montana … where #hungry #children are just too much #paperwork

#Republicans fretted about #kids, what they learn in #schools, the #library #books they can read, to arming #teachers. They worried about microscopic cells in the womb. Montana's legislators feared #dragqueens so much they won't let them be seen anywhere in the state. Let us prioritize the real issues that affect children's well-being

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Montana #TransKids #FoodInsecurity

5 hours ago

<<Cuando el hombre se extinga,
cuando la estirpe humana al fin se acabe,
todo lo que ha creado
comenzará a agitarse,
a ser de nuevo,
a comportarse libremente
los niños que se quedan
solos en casa
cuando sus padres salen por la noche-.

Héctor conseguirá humillar a Aquiles,
Luzbel volverá a ser lo que era antes,
fornicará Susana con los viejos,
avanzará un gran monte hacia Mahoma.

Cuando el hombre se acabe
—cualquier día—,
un crepitar de polvo y de papeles
proclamará al silencio
la frágil realidad de sus mentiras.>>

Ángel González.

#popazo #briconsejo #art #mastoart #quotes #citas #lectura #libros #books #literatura #poetry #poesia #poema #escribir #literaverso

Nancy Marguerite Anderson
5 hours ago

"Remain two hours gumming a Boat which was left on the banks of the #Athabasca River 2 years ago, and place in it 3 men, one out of each canoe, to take it down to Fort Assiniboine. Encamp above the Big Island, half before 8 pm.
"10th -- Fine weather. Start at 3 am and arrive at Fort Assiniboine #Alberta at half past 9. Prepare our Baggage and cross our horses and commence our journey on the Athabasca Portage at 6 pm, travel 2 miles... #AmWritingHistory #Books

Tree lined shores of the Athabasca River, with trees in the mid distance and blue sky with clouds above.
5 hours ago

As a reader who really delights in connecting with people over books they love, it's a big loss to me that book-tracking sites and apps don't let you visibly mark the number of times you've read a title. I love rereading books, I find it so comforting. And it would be so cool to read some profile on a book site and realize we not only love the same book, but we reread it every year or two, too.

#books #reading @bookstodon #bookstodon

Yahia Lababidi
5 hours ago

@mcmullin Rumi is tremendous — one of the great spirits that belong to us all.

Colemark Barks is one of the big popularizers of his poetry, but I hesitate to recommend his ‘versions’ of Rumi’s poetry as an introduction.

I’d start with Rumi’s conversations, which are accessible, poetic & spiritually profound.

Here’s book, below:

#rumi #spirituality #poetry #wisdom #books @bookstodon

Wondering if we can't crowdfund some press for a trans OwnVoices book written by a disabled transmasc?

Will be on the lookout for active allies, other LGBT+ friendly authors, journalists and magazines. Let's see if we can't do something awesome together, Mastodon.


#writing #writer #books #reading #books #bookstodon #trans #lgbtq #pride #pridemonth

a graphic of transmasc psychological thriller INDIGO VOSS set on a background of flying crows.
6 hours ago
6 hours ago

re: last boost, if anyone wants to deep dive into the Laki volcano explosion and the impact it had on the world, I would like to recommend a book called "Island on Fire" by Alexandra Witze. I read it last? year and it was fascinating from start to finish.


6 hours ago

"The immediate task of philosophy,” says Karl Marx, “is to unmask human self-alienation in its unholy shape". To uncover the points of severance and disconnect. To find the gaps forced between things. To show how and where they meet...

#reading #writing #art #poetry #read #write #amwriting #amwritingnonfiction #books @bookstodon #thursday

White stones stacked together into a wall, small green plants growing in the spaces between

Gentle readers of @bookstodon, you may be pleased to know that Haymarket Books is offering a Queer Liberation Discount this month—40% off! That includes "Let This Radicalize You" by Kelly Hayes and Mariame Kaba, I just picked up the paperback (plus a DRM-free ebook) for under $11.

#books #bookstodon #queer

7 hours ago
8 hours ago

📚 My next read will be Dark Mode by Ashley Kalagian-Blunt:

This is a psychological thriller that delves into the privacy we have online, or lack thereof, and the cost of surrendering it as the body count piles up.

Very intrigued by the premise here, which seems quite apropos.

"Once you’re online, there’s nowhere to hide."

@bookstodon #Bookstodon #Books #CurrentlyReading #Thriller #Mystery #Fiction #Privacy

Book cover for "Dark Mode" by Ashley Kalagian Blunt
Elizabeth Lee 👻
8 hours ago

Today's #ElizabethDaily favorite #horror #Kindle #ebooks on sale:

Supernatural Noir ed. by Ellen Datlow (stories by Joe Lansdale, Paul Tremblay & more 🔎🧐) $2.99

Wonderland: An Anthology ed. by Marie O'Regan & Paul Kane (dark fantasy/horror stories related to Alice in Wonderland...I loved this 🐰🐛) $1.99

#HorrorBooks #AmReading #BookToot #Bookstodon #Books #HorrorFam #Bookwyrm #JoeLansdale #PaulTremblay #AngelaSlatter #EllenDatlow

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
9 hours ago

If your goal in picking up my book is to change your brain (and by extension, your life), be sure that you are choosing your friends wisely. Which ones help you grow? Which ones drain you? Where can you go today that puts you in the path of others who share your interests?

#books #friends #Cancer #life #LifeCoach #LifeLesson #SelfHelp #SelfCare #PersonalGrowth #writing #author #Bookstodon #blog #blogging #blogger

Arachnid Press
11 hours ago

Ken Lussey’s new novel ‘Hide and Seek’ is a fast-paced thriller set in Stirling Castle and more widely across Scotland during World War Two.

The King’s Old Building at Stirling Castle was part of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders’ regimental depot in WWII. It features several times in the story.

Find out more:
Buy the paperback edition here, P&P free for UK purchasers:
Buy the Kindle edition here:

#Books #Bookstodon

This modern image shows the King’s Old Building at Stirling Castle. The building extends across the centre of much of the frame and is mainly three storeys plus an attic high and made of stone. It stands at the top of a paved courtyard which extends uphill from the viewer. The building is in sunlight. The front cover of ‘Hide and Seek’ is shown in the top left corner.
Jesse Liberty :csharp:
11 hours ago

Today's tee-shirt:

Abibliophobia: (noun) the fear of running out of books.

#books #bookstodon

12 hours ago

Etgar Keret puts our closest relationships under the lens in his short story Point of No Return, translated by Jessica Cohen.

Catch it exclusively at

#books #reading #writing #fiction #ShortStories #translation @bookstodon

A tinted portrait of the writer Etgar Keret, with a quote from his short story Point of No Return: 'Rinat gives me a sad look, which I find somewhat reassuring … '
Stella Coulson
12 hours ago

Shout-out for this talented comic book #writer. I love the 'Scarlett Vs' comic so much, that I cosplayed as 'Scarlett'.
Scarlett Vs #comicbook
by Graeme Buchan & art by @felixander_009
A weird & wonderful tale of a Scottish #gothgirl girl vs a rather villainous bunch.
I've backed it. You can too on #Kickstarter

#book #books #writer #comicbooks #books #fantasy #comicbookreader #comics #paranormal #writerslift #goth

Ellie Warren
13 hours ago

Ooh my copy of Love, Theoretically turned up early. #books #bookstodon

14 hours ago

Review - Good for a Girl by Lauren Fleshman
A memoir of a world class distance runner highlighting ways that elite sports harm girls and women with her ideas for how to reform it.
@bookstodon @audiobooks #books #reading #memoir

Libros de Babel 📖
14 hours ago

Javi Rey adapta 'Un enemigo del pueblo', de Ibsen

El dibujante realiza una magnífica adaptación de 'Un enemigo del pueblo' (Planeta Cómic)

Leer más en RTVE #libros #cómics #tebeos #books #Booktodon #Bookstodon #cómicstodon

Libros de Babel 📖
14 hours ago

El romano muerto que vende más libros que cualquier vivo

Marco Aurelio fue emperador de Roma hace 1862 años. Tuvo un matrimonio de tres décadas, 13 hijos y tiempo para escribir 'Meditaciones', una obra faro en tiempos de TikTok y vacío existencial

Leer más en Infobae #libros #books #Booktodon #Bookstodon

Martin Rundkvist
15 hours ago

#Tolkien makes *a lot* of knowing winks to philologists in his fiction. In a letter he confesses, for instance, that the dragon Smaug's name is "a low philological jest". It is the past tense form of the old Germanic verb *smugan*, 'to creep, crawl'.

Swedish still has this verb, *att smyga*. And it is the etymological background to the name of a fishing village and resort town on the country's SW coast. Smaug should thus be named SMÖGEN in Swedish translation.

#fantasy #books #language

Project Gutenberg
15 hours ago

"L'amour-propre est un si étrange conseiller qu'il nous arrive cent fois par jour d'être, grâce à lui, en pleine contradiction avec nous-mêmes."
Lavinia , 1833

Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin de Francueil died #OTD in 1876.

Sand is recognised as one of the most notable writers of the European Romantic era, with more than 50 volumes of various works to her credit, alongside her 70 novels. via @wikipedia

Books by George Sand at PG:

#books #literature #ProjectGutenberg

Portrait of George Sand  by Auguste Charpentier (1838). via @wikipedia
Couverture d'une édition parue chez Calmann-Lévy.

Indiana is available at PG:
Project Gutenberg
15 hours ago

"When men yield up the exclusive privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon."

Thomas Paine died #OTD in 1809.

Paine's critique of institutionalized religion and advocacy of rational thinking influenced many British freethinkers in the 19th and 20th centuries, such as William Cobbett, George Holyoake, Charles Bradlaugh, Christopher Hitchens and Bertrand Russell. via @wikipedia

Books by Thomas Paine at PG:

#literature #books

Portrait of Thomas Paine by Laurent Dabos for the purpose of engraving. via @wikipedia
Common Sense, published in 1776.  Coomon Sense is available at PG:
Project Gutenberg
15 hours ago

John Everett Millais was born #OTD in 1829.

He was one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The Brotherhood believed the Classical poses and elegant compositions of Raphael in particular had been a corrupting influence on the academic teaching of art, hence the name "Pre-Raphaelite".

Books about John Everett Millais at PG:

#books #art #literature

Millais - Self-Portrait, 1881. via @wikipedia
Ophelia (1851–52) Tate Britain, London. via @wikipedia
Project Gutenberg
15 hours ago

Giovanni Domenico Cassini was born #OTD in 1625.

He discovered four satellites of the planet Saturn and noted the division of the rings of Saturn; the Cassini Division was named after him. via @wikipedia

He is considered the greatest observational astronomer (of the 17th century) after Kepler and Galileo.

Books on Astronomy at PG:

#books #astronomy

Jean Dominique Cassini. via @wikipedia
An engraving of the Paris Observatory during Cassini's time. The tower on the right is the "Marly Tower", a dismantled part of the Machine de Marly, moved there by Cassini for mounting long focus and aerial telescopes. Source not specified,  probably C. Wolf (1827–1918) - Wolf, Charles J. E. (1902). Histoire de l’Observatoire de Paris de sa fondation a 1793, reproduced in Kragh, H. The Moon that Wasn't: The Saga of Venus' Spurious Satellite. via @wikipedia
Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
15 hours ago

Our Retellings are Dull - the Problem of the Modern Mythical Reimagining
@chloroform_tea has a meaty essay today at the NOAF Blog

#books #bookstodon @bookstodon

Project Gutenberg
16 hours ago

George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is published #OTD in 1949 by Secker & Warburg as Orwell's ninth and final book completed in his lifetime.

Nineteen Eighty-Four has become a classic literary example of political and dystopian fiction. It also popularised the term "Orwellian" as an adjective, with many terms used in the novel entering common usage. via @wikipedia

#literature #books #dystopia #sciencefiction

The first-edition front cover of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. via @wikipedia
Julia S.
20 hours ago

SPECTACULAR FANTASY THRILLER replete with magic, angels, demons, witches, and bloody revolution. Tense, beautifully paced action and an engrossing, vividly envisioned world. A MINUS


#book #Books #bookreview #bookreviews #novel #novels #fiction #fantasy #thrillers

Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
1 day ago

Why in the end did I decide to re-read Heinlein's Time Enough for Love? And why did it take me more than 2000 words and still not quite say everything I could about it? My review at File 770 is now live

#review #sciencefiction #bookstodon #books @bookstodon

1 day ago

New book club! Welcome to #ShortStoryClub where we read one story every couple of weeks. 📚

Our first meeting is Wednesday, June 21st at 4:30 pm (PDT). We're reading The Tale of the Mother and the Hexed VCR by Nika Murphy, care of @lunastation

Message me if you want to be on my list of folks to DM the Zoom link to 15 minutes before we get the meeting started. :)


Time conversion:

#books #bookstodon #ShortStories #BookClub @bookstodon

A large number of books stacked so that it appears to be a curved wall, only the ends visible. There's a vertical band of clear image left of center, and the rest is softly blurred.
1 day ago

@georgepenney has a great new book coming out and I took some time from reading it to jot down a few comments. Its bloody great fun so far.

#OverLondon #Books #Fantasy #Humour

Mx. Kit O'Connell
1 day ago

By me, from “The Awful 88th” at @TexasObserver:

Although Republicans floated dozens of anti-#LGBTQ+ bills during the regular session, just a handful of them made it to the governor’s desk. Still, each one whittles away at the rights of #queer folks in #Texas in different and distinctly harmful ways. These include: banning medically-necessary #gender-affirming care for #transgender young people, banning transgender athletes from participating in #sports at public colleges and universities, a broadly written bill targeting “sexually explicit” performances (meant to criminalize drag performers), and a bill to ban or restrict public library books that #Republicans deem to be “sexually explicit” or “educationally unsuitable.”

The most immediately harmful bill of the bunch looks to be Senate Bill 14, which prohibits evidence-based, frequently life-saving care for transgender young people under 18, including treatments like hormones and puberty-blockers, a reversible treatment to slow the onset of adolescence. Doctors caught providing these forms of #healthcare to trans kids would be stripped of their medical licenses, even though essentially all of the same treatments can legally be used on cisgender individuals (and most controversially, intersex people) under other circumstances. For example, some cis kids who enter puberty too early may be prescribed the same blockers now banned for trans kids.

A coalition of groups including Lambda Legal, the Transgender Law Center, and American Civil Liberties Union (#ACLU) of Texas have pledged to sue to block the bill’s enforcement on the grounds that it creates an illegal double standard. Thanks to Abbott’s signature on Monday, the new law goes into effect September 1, and it’s already becoming harder to access trans healthcare in the state as doctors and clinics move or close.

“In the last two weeks, we have probably gotten somewhere between 40 and 50 phone calls from panicked parents,” a leading New Mexico pediatric physician told the Observer. “What I’m hearing from families is that appointments that they had already scheduled are now gone,” said Dr. Michele Hutchison, chief of pediatric endocrinology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. That leaves families scrambling to secure care in neighboring states to avoid disastrous interruptions in treatment.

Senate Bill 12, the so-called “drag ban” bill, underwent significant changes in its journey through the two chambers. Explicit references to #drag performers were removed but the bill’s scope was broadened to ban so-called “sexually explicit” performances anywhere minors are present. A last-minute addition targets the usage of certain prosthetic body parts, such as the silicone breasts or artificial phalluses sometimes worn by drag performers—and by some transgender people, too.

“There is no good version of this bill,” said Ash Hall, a policy and advocacy strategist at the ACLU of Texas who focuses on queer rights. “Because it’s not limited to business premises anymore, a major concern I have is how this is going to play out in #Pride parades,” they said.

However, Hall suggested Abbott might veto the bill because, as written, it could even affect performances by groups like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Of course, if this one is vetoed, the next step could be passage of a new version of the bill in special session. Already, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has called for a special session bill to ban drag queen story hours at public libraries.

Despite the record-breaking attacks on LGBTQ+ rights this year, Hall said they find hope in the queer community, which came out by the thousands to oppose the bills.

“They want us all to go back in the closet and be miserable or shut up, but we won’t,” Hall said. “#Trans people have always been here and always will be. They can’t legislate us away.”


#politics #transphobia #trans #HumanRights #SB14 #censorship #books #Libraries #FreeSpeech #LGBTQIA+ #TXLege

Janet Rosen :toad:
1 day ago

I am currently reading two episodic or essay based books at the same time:
1) the Met Museum catalogue for the Juan de Pareja exhibit, with fascinating essays on art, on Afro-Hispanic communities in 16th C Spain and on the role of slaves in early Renaissance Europe.
2) ebook of Graeber's and Wengrow's The Dawn of Everything, not as cogent as Graeber's Debt but nonetheless just as radical in taking down conventional "wisdom."

#books #reading

Sandra Gibbons
1 day ago

Good morning, #Mastodon! 👋🏼
I’m about to get my hair chopped, then catch up on some reading!

I have 2 ARCs I’m super behind on: Seeds of War by Joao Silva, a grimdark-esque fantasy featuring cool monsters and smoke magic action 💨 and Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea 🌊

How’s everyone doing??

#bookstodon #reading #books

Branwen OShea (she/her)
1 day ago

Come out and say hi! I’ll be at this venue on Sunday only, and would love to see you all there.😊
#books #author #authors #booksigning #events

BOOKS & BREWS II SATURDAY, JUNE 10 & SUNDAY, JUNE 11 1 PM - 4 PM 40 AUTHORS AND LOCALLY BREWED CRAFT BEERS ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! RULE OF 33 BREWING Stop by and find a new book (author signed) and a great new beer 201 West High St. (Rt.66) + East Hampton, CT
Pratik Patel
1 day ago

"A Room of One's Own" but for the modern era.

#Bookstodon #Books

Project Gutenberg
2 days ago

"There's enough sorrow in the world, isn't there, without trying to invent it."
A Room with a View (1908)

Edward Morgan Forster died #OTD in 1970.

Forster was a member of the Bloomsbury Group in the 1910s and 1920s. Many of his novels examine class difference and hypocrisy. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 20 separate years. via @wikipedia

Books by E.M. Forster at PG:

#literaure #books #ProjectGutenberg

Portrait of E. M. Forster by Dora Carrington via @wikipedia
Title-page of A Room with a View by E. M. Forster which is available at PG:
Project Gutenberg
2 days ago

"By the time you swear you're his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying,
Lady, make a note of this —
One of you is lying."
Unfortunate Coincidence, First printed in Life, (April 8, 1926) p. 11

Dorothy Parker died #OTD in 1967.

She was known for her wit, wisecracks, and eye for 20th-century urban foibles. via @wikipedia

Books by Dorothy Parker at PG:

#books #literature #poetry #ProjectGutenberg

American writer Dorothy Parker (1893-1967). via @wikipedia
Title-page of Enough rope: poems by Dorothy Parker which is available at PG:
Richard Littler
2 days ago

Authors: This is what will happen in the future to the books you so meticulously crafted...
Real people did this.
Imagine what AI publishers will do.
#books #authors #publishing

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.
Cover: A man proposes to a woman
A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.
Cover: A man kneels before a dancing showgirl/dancer. A cartoon version of a scene from Singin in the Rain?
Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
2 days ago

Microreview: In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune
After robots have learned from humanity to love, can a lone human then learn it from robots?
@carturo222 has the review at NOAF today


K. Tempest Bradford
2 days ago

The IGNYTE Awards voting is open to all until June 30. Check out the full list of truly amazing finalists. The voting link is at the very bottom.

Ruby Finley vs the Interstellar Invasion is nominated for Best In Middle Grade. The competiton, as you'll see, is STIFF. So honored to be here among all these stars.

#MiddleGrade #ScienceFiction #SFF #kidlit #Bookstodon #BlackFediverse #BlackFedi #BIPOC #books #reading @bookstodon @diversebooks #BlackMastodon

Ruby book cover next to image of flames licking the IGNYTE Award logo with Vote for Ruby above it.
3 days ago

Proud author/former educator moment. One of my former students wrote a children’s book about the challenges and joys of being bi-racial. I got to be a reader on it and it just became available for pre-order from Gloo books, a publisher focused on making #books about #inclusion for kids

Dr. Sean Munger
3 days ago

Today on the blog, an announcement. My book "The 50 Most Important Things in History" is coming out June 20 on Kindle! This is a short, basic read for people who need a primer on the greatest hits of world history, from 3.7 mya to the 21st century. If you'd like to get it, please preorder it! A rundown on the book is here, and the link to it is in the article. #histodons #books #EduTooters #worldhistory #ancienthistory #medievodons

3 days ago

I haven't done a lot of reading last month. Mainly, because of podcasts, #chess on my phone, and work of course. The #NBA playoffs didn't help neither.

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#100DaysToOffload : 56/100

Laura E. Hall
3 days ago

🌈✨ Na na na na na na na…! ✨🌈 Are you playing We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie? Get a copy of my book on the making of the original Katamari Damacy featuring interviews with Keita Takahashi and learn all about how this magical game came to be!

📗KATAMARI DAMACY by L.E. Hall (Boss Fight Books), available at a bookseller near you

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A quote from Keita Takahashi reading “I have not read this Katamari book, and also I don't remember 100% what I told to L. E. Hall in the interviews. But I would recommend this book irresponsibly.” and a request to buy the book, Katamari Damacy by L.E. Hall from Boss Fight Books
Flipboard Culture Desk
3 days ago

Looking for something to read on your beach vacation? Julia Rittenberg reckons comics and graphic novels are the best option because of their immersive nature. Here are her picks for standalone stories and ongoing series, including "The Final Girls" by Cara Ellison, "I'm Kinda Chubby and I'm Your Hero Vol. 2" by Nore, and "X-Gender Vol. 2" by Asuka Miyazaki.

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Project Gutenberg
3 days ago

Ingenious librarians
A group of 1970s campus librarians foresaw our world of distributed knowledge and research, and designed search tools for it. By Monica Westin
via @aeon+psyche magazine

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Syracuse University’s SUPARS system was developed by Pauline Atherton as an early antecedent of what we might today call ‘search’. Photo courtesy Syracuse University Libraries Special Collections.
Project Gutenberg
4 days ago

"A study of the history of opinion is a necessary preliminary to the emancipation of the mind."
Essays in Persuasion (1931)

John Maynard Keynes was #OTD in 1883.

His ideas fundamentally changed the theory and practice of macroeconomics and the economic policies of governments. Originally trained in mathematics, he built on and greatly refined earlier work on the causes of business cycles. via @wikipedia

Books by John Maynard Keynes at PG:

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John Maynard Keynes (before 1913). via @wikipedia
Title-page of The Economic "Consequences of the Peace" by John Maynard Keynes which is available at PG: