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I know I said I wasn't going to share press pieces for CRIP UP THE KITCHEN as frequently. That said, I've been waiting for this DEEP DIVE for a few weeks now and it really gets into the meat (no pun intended) of the whys this book exists

#DisabilityJustice #DisabilityInclusion #Neurodivergent #Bookstodon #Disabled #ActuallyAutistic

Post now free to public.

Check out the cover to the last Radicci Sisters!

Will have pre order links up when all stores and libraries list it.

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I read a book on Korean Shamanism, "Budoji: A Tale of the Divine City of Ancient Korea," and am having the hardest time unpacking it. It's an English translation of a text "rediscovered" in 1953 but "written" in the 4th century with commentary and I thought it would be fun to unpack the levels of assumptions of a modern scholar's take on a spiritual tract written on the even of Korea being formally divided. It's a lovely read, but there may have been too many layers. #bookstodon

Mike Palumbo
3 hours ago

#365Stories in 2023 - 159/365
"Ode to Joad the Toad" (2020)
by Laird Barron

In the Old Capitol, the king and his son both meet ignoble ends, and a new ruler takes the throne. As the assassin Walther Neck ties up the loose ends of the coup d'etat, he discovers someone is plotting against him.

Barron's Old Capitol is the intersection of dark fantasy and horror; his Ur-toad mercenary our guide to its darkest corners.


Chelsea Mueller
5 hours ago

So… the day I started writing a rural, atmospheric horror, this stalk of corn began growing in my backyard. I’ve turned in the proposal and the stalk is now 5-foot tall and has two ears of corn with tassels. Y’all. I live in suburban Texas. Clearly, the old gods have favored this book. 😆 💀 🌽 🌱 📚

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5 hours ago

Book review from NPR:

" 'The Talk' is an epic portrait of an artist making his way through hardships"

I just started this graphic novel today and it's great!

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Libro Recomendado: "Escrito en el agua" es una novela de misterio y drama escrito por Paula Hawkins. Esta es su segunda novela luego que en el año 2015 publicara La chica del tren (novela).

La historia comienza con la llegada de Jules Abbott a su pueblo natal luego de enterarse del suicidio de su hermana mayor, Danielle Nel Abbott. La muerte de ésta desata grandes incertidumbres en su entorno, ya que Nel no tenía motivos apremiantes que la llevarán a lanzarse al río. Producto de esto empieza una exhaustiva investigación en el pueblo para esclarecer los hechos, sin embargo nada es lo que parece y el curso de la realidad fue enturbiada por secretos del pasado que reclaman salir a flote y gritar a los cuatro vientos la verdadera historia detrás de una muerte extraña.

Info.: Wikipedia.
Abrazos desde la Argentina.
203.2023 - #LibroRecomendado - #Escritoenelagua.
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#Edinburgh peeps, enjoy a Cretaceous Sunday with an all-ages event with Steve and Anne Brusatte, with Anne's delightful Dugie the Dinosaur book for children, and Steve's books on dinosaurs and also on mammals, a fun event for young ones and adults alike! Details on the bookshop site

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Sean Bala
6 hours ago

@anphimimor @iamgaarden For #bookstodon, I have muted people who post about their own books too much. I feel bad doing it, but I also feel like it can flood my feed too much.

7 hours ago

As a reader who really delights in connecting with people over books they love, it's a big loss to me that book-tracking sites and apps don't let you visibly mark the number of times you've read a title. I love rereading books, I find it so comforting. And it would be so cool to read some profile on a book site and realize we not only love the same book, but we reread it every year or two, too.

#books #reading @bookstodon #bookstodon

Wondering if we can't crowdfund some press for a trans OwnVoices book written by a disabled transmasc?

Will be on the lookout for active allies, other LGBT+ friendly authors, journalists and magazines. Let's see if we can't do something awesome together, Mastodon.


#writing #writer #books #reading #books #bookstodon #trans #lgbtq #pride #pridemonth

a graphic of transmasc psychological thriller INDIGO VOSS set on a background of flying crows.
Jakub Rojek
7 hours ago

Zaskakujące dla mnie (szczególnie po poprzednim zbiorze opowiadań z tej serii) jest to, ile ta komedia kryminalna ma w sobie dojrzałości i nawet mądrości. To nie jest tylko humor z kryminałem w tle - tutaj jest trochę więcej głębi, czego się nie spodziewałem. Sprawy też są ciekawe, ale nie nastawiajcie się na niesamowite śledztwa. Choć zaskakujące mogą być.

Pełna opinia:

#ReadList2023PL @ksiazki #książki #czytam #Bookstodon #książkodon #FediKsiążki

Okładka e-booka "Znamienne stany świadomości" Jacka Getnera.
Stelliform Press
7 hours ago

Resisting the annoyingly Canadian urge to say sorry about the fires. Channelling energy into calling my MPPs. Still not enough. Last year we published Rebecca Campbell's ARBOREALITY about Canadian wildfires. Such a beautifully written but intensely scary book which hands local communities back some agency for what they can look like in the future. That (and this) is not the future anyone wants. We all deserve the one possible if we act boldly now.

#bookstodon #climatefiction #canlit #wildfire

Sean Bala
8 hours ago I'm so glad that I took a chance on a new book - I really had a great time reading it!

Go get yourself a copy at your favorite shop of choice -

And you can follow the author here:



Sean Bala
8 hours ago

I came across a post about "Aestus" (Book 1) by S.Z. Atwell (@szattwellauthor) during Independent Author Month in April. It seemed to tick a lot of boxes for me: #Solarpunk -adjacent, #ClimateFiction, #SciFi, etc.... So, I gave it a go! I finally finished the novel about week ago and I have been thinking about it since. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Well-written, engaging, thought-provoking, with excellent characters. 1/4

#bookstodon #sff #clifi #authors #selfpublishing

Gentle readers of @bookstodon, you may be pleased to know that Haymarket Books is offering a Queer Liberation Discount this month—40% off! That includes "Let This Radicalize You" by Kelly Hayes and Mariame Kaba, I just picked up the paperback (plus a DRM-free ebook) for under $11.

#books #bookstodon #queer

8 hours ago


Any suggestions for an ios library app to keep track of books?

#Books #Bookstodon #Book #AmReading #App #IphoneApp


For as little as $5.00 a month you can download almost all of my fiction past/present/future in mobi/epub/pdf.

That’s a lot of weird #neurodivergent #scifi and #darkfantasy.

You can even check it out free for 7 days.


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Rebecca Heisman
9 hours ago

Found out via a Google alert that the Christian Science Monitor published a lengthy review of my book this week! Woohoo! #birds #bookstodon

Rose Sinclair
9 hours ago

exploiting my cat for content because he doesn’t understand #bookstodon marketing

A photo of a cute cat in a climbable cat tree with the text of: h, if you buy books I will get extra treats
A photo of the same cat but now he’s too hyper for the cameras focus with his paw out towards glitched text that says treats
9 hours ago

📚 My next read will be Dark Mode by Ashley Kalagian-Blunt:

This is a psychological thriller that delves into the privacy we have online, or lack thereof, and the cost of surrendering it as the body count piles up.

Very intrigued by the premise here, which seems quite apropos.

"Once you’re online, there’s nowhere to hide."

@bookstodon #Bookstodon #Books #CurrentlyReading #Thriller #Mystery #Fiction #Privacy

Book cover for "Dark Mode" by Ashley Kalagian Blunt
Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
9 hours ago

#bookstodon #actionmovie fans: this looks t*ts.

Action movie book!
Elizabeth Lee 👻
10 hours ago

Today's #ElizabethDaily favorite #horror #Kindle #ebooks on sale:

Supernatural Noir ed. by Ellen Datlow (stories by Joe Lansdale, Paul Tremblay & more 🔎🧐) $2.99

Wonderland: An Anthology ed. by Marie O'Regan & Paul Kane (dark fantasy/horror stories related to Alice in Wonderland...I loved this 🐰🐛) $1.99

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10 hours ago

Look, do I want to be the owner of 3 Killjoy films? No, but worth to own the first 9 Puppet Master films. Also picked up a rare old horror hardcover rather than a paperback. #horror #physicalmedia #bookstodon

Night Things by Michael Talbot in beat up hardcover a 12 film Puppet Master and Killjoy collection
10 hours ago

The 100 greatest children's books of all time

"BBC Culture polled 177 books experts from 56 countries in order to find the greatest children's books ever. From Where the Wild Things Are to Haroun and the Sea of Stories, here's the top 100."

#books #bookstodon #100GreatestChildrensBooks

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
11 hours ago

If your goal in picking up my book is to change your brain (and by extension, your life), be sure that you are choosing your friends wisely. Which ones help you grow? Which ones drain you? Where can you go today that puts you in the path of others who share your interests?

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Mat Bradshaw
11 hours ago

As today is the anniversary of its first publication in 1949, I thought I'd share one of my favourite book cover designs for one of my favourite books

The redacted title can be read if held at a certain angle revealing Nineteen Eighty-Four beneath

I'm not sure if this is by design or poor quality printing but the black boxes wear off the book as you read it. I like to think this is on purpose

#Bookstodon #Literature #NineteenEightyFour

Classic Penguin books cover design. Bold orange horizontal bands across top and bottom of the cover with a white band across the middle. The title and author of the book are embossed into the cover and are redacted by 2 black boxes. As the light catches the embossed area you are able to read the text "Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell"
TheBadNewsB :verified:
11 hours ago

“The history of the world was written in women’s wombs and women’s blood and she would never be allowed to change it. Rage shivered through her. A rage that seemed that could topple the halls of heaven.”
- Nettle and Bone.
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Arachnid Press
12 hours ago

Ken Lussey’s new novel ‘Hide and Seek’ is a fast-paced thriller set in Stirling Castle and more widely across Scotland during World War Two.

The King’s Old Building at Stirling Castle was part of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders’ regimental depot in WWII. It features several times in the story.

Find out more:
Buy the paperback edition here, P&P free for UK purchasers:
Buy the Kindle edition here:

#Books #Bookstodon

This modern image shows the King’s Old Building at Stirling Castle. The building extends across the centre of much of the frame and is mainly three storeys plus an attic high and made of stone. It stands at the top of a paved courtyard which extends uphill from the viewer. The building is in sunlight. The front cover of ‘Hide and Seek’ is shown in the top left corner.

Just finished Translation State by Anne Leckie and she is this era's prime purveyor of Jane Austen in space opera, with pronouns, tentacles and body horror. Good manners and vile agendas at tea. Plucky characters out of their comfort zone who make it everyone's problem without meaning to.

It's a good read.
#bookstodon #scifi

Jesse Liberty :csharp:
13 hours ago

Today's tee-shirt:

Abibliophobia: (noun) the fear of running out of books.

#books #bookstodon

Ellie Warren
15 hours ago

Ooh my copy of Love, Theoretically turned up early. #books #bookstodon

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
15 hours ago

In preparation for #BrindlewoodBay, I #AmReading The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. If anyone has further recommendations, particularly those where the crime elements lean a little more into the cosmic horror, please let me know!


Libros de Babel 📖
16 hours ago

Javi Rey adapta 'Un enemigo del pueblo', de Ibsen

El dibujante realiza una magnífica adaptación de 'Un enemigo del pueblo' (Planeta Cómic)

Leer más en RTVE #libros #cómics #tebeos #books #Booktodon #Bookstodon #cómicstodon

Libros de Babel 📖
16 hours ago

El romano muerto que vende más libros que cualquier vivo

Marco Aurelio fue emperador de Roma hace 1862 años. Tuvo un matrimonio de tres décadas, 13 hijos y tiempo para escribir 'Meditaciones', una obra faro en tiempos de TikTok y vacío existencial

Leer más en Infobae #libros #books #Booktodon #Bookstodon

Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
17 hours ago

Our Retellings are Dull - the Problem of the Modern Mythical Reimagining
@chloroform_tea has a meaty essay today at the NOAF Blog

#books #bookstodon @bookstodon

Dr Lynda Clark
18 hours ago

Goodreads has suggested that the authors most similar to me are David Walliams and Charles Bukowski so I'm going to have to go away and rethink my life. 😬 #amWriting #bookstodon

Not what I thought it was going to be. An early chapter was so heartbreaking that I thought I would have to abandon the book; it brought up feelings of loss I hadn’t felt since my mother died. I still don’t know if I appreciate the catharsis, but that’s what this book is: the author conjures how deeply we feel in the face of the worst horrors. #Fiction #bookstodon

🐌’s Pace
1 day ago

#bookstodon I hate the idea that I am reading an Oprah book recommendation, but I am, and absolutely transfixed by it. The Covenant Of Water. I wish it would never end, and so I read slower and slower. Cutting In Stone was his first book, 10 years ago, and this one was worth the wait.

Deb’s Book Reviews
1 day ago

📕 The Boomer Crew by Peter Seddon 📕
📚 Due 12th June 📚

Pensioners Blakey & Geoff are allotment friends. Finley has fallen on hard times, they resolve to help him out of his difficulties. By robbing a bank. As you do.

Plenty of humour & pathos included.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

#bookreview #NewRelease #bookblogger #bookstodon @bookstodon

1 day ago

Bookstodon, where do you purchase your books now that Bookdepository is gone?

#bookstodon #books #literature

Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
1 day ago

Why in the end did I decide to re-read Heinlein's Time Enough for Love? And why did it take me more than 2000 words and still not quite say everything I could about it? My review at File 770 is now live

#review #sciencefiction #bookstodon #books @bookstodon

Maria Bustillos
1 day ago

'Book Bans Attack the LGBTQ+ Community, Open Access Is Part of Our Defense'
by Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei & Eileen A. Fradenburg Joy

Brilliant blog post from punctum books

#OpenAccess #bookstodon #BookBans

1 day ago

I need more #fiction books to read. Any suggestions? Haven't read fiction in so long that I'm currently open to any- and everything😁

#books #reading #bookstodon

1 day ago

New book club! Welcome to #ShortStoryClub where we read one story every couple of weeks. 📚

Our first meeting is Wednesday, June 21st at 4:30 pm (PDT). We're reading The Tale of the Mother and the Hexed VCR by Nika Murphy, care of @lunastation

Message me if you want to be on my list of folks to DM the Zoom link to 15 minutes before we get the meeting started. :)


Time conversion:

#books #bookstodon #ShortStories #BookClub @bookstodon

A large number of books stacked so that it appears to be a curved wall, only the ends visible. There's a vertical band of clear image left of center, and the rest is softly blurred.
Sandra Gibbons
1 day ago

Good morning, #Mastodon! 👋🏼
I’m about to get my hair chopped, then catch up on some reading!

I have 2 ARCs I’m super behind on: Seeds of War by Joao Silva, a grimdark-esque fantasy featuring cool monsters and smoke magic action 💨 and Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea 🌊

How’s everyone doing??

#bookstodon #reading #books

Pratik Patel
2 days ago

"A Room of One's Own" but for the modern era.

#Bookstodon #Books

Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
2 days ago

Microreview: In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune
After robots have learned from humanity to love, can a lone human then learn it from robots?
@carturo222 has the review at NOAF today


Kara Goldfinch
2 days ago

My wife and I are now up to the 5th Dark Tower book. One of the things I knew about the series before is that Stephen King is a character in it and it's what I've been looking forward to the most as I've never read a novel where the author's gone and explicitly done that.
So far there's just been that Manhattan bookshop selling his books but it's enough to make me go WTF?
#StephenKing #Bookstodon @bookstodon

Mignon Fogarty
2 days ago
Indeed, the rise of the vernacular literary manuscript across the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries may well have been seen as competition. What place is there for the storyteller when prosthetic technologies of the archive encroach on their terrain? How can a jongleur keep the cup passing round when private houses could have their own minstrels with nothing more than a book and a single literate individual?

Listening to another of the Australian crime thrillers starring Aaron Fork (actually Falk). Mystified to hear that, “This piece of land had never been a symmetry.”

What? How can land be “a symmetry”? Some Australian expression?

Continued on. Turns out someone is unexpectedly buried there.

A CEMETERY. This piece of land had never been a CEMETERY.

🤣🤣🤣 #Bookstodon #Linguistics

Cassandra Good
2 days ago

It's book release day for First Family! Available at your local indie bookshop,, or Amazon as a hardcover, ebook, or audiobook.
Read about the nation's 1st "first family" and the soap-opera-like saga of their lives from the Revolution to the Civil War
#histodons #history #bookstodon #family

Woman holding book titled "First Family"
K. Tempest Bradford
3 days ago

The IGNYTE Awards voting is open to all until June 30. Check out the full list of truly amazing finalists. The voting link is at the very bottom.

Ruby Finley vs the Interstellar Invasion is nominated for Best In Middle Grade. The competiton, as you'll see, is STIFF. So honored to be here among all these stars.

#MiddleGrade #ScienceFiction #SFF #kidlit #Bookstodon #BlackFediverse #BlackFedi #BIPOC #books #reading @bookstodon @diversebooks #BlackMastodon

Ruby book cover next to image of flames licking the IGNYTE Award logo with Vote for Ruby above it.
3 days ago

New #book arrived and I’m very excited to dive into another #Sanderson journey!


Flipboard Culture Desk
3 days ago

Looking for something to read on your beach vacation? Julia Rittenberg reckons comics and graphic novels are the best option because of their immersive nature. Here are her picks for standalone stories and ongoing series, including "The Final Girls" by Cara Ellison, "I'm Kinda Chubby and I'm Your Hero Vol. 2" by Nore, and "X-Gender Vol. 2" by Asuka Miyazaki.

#Books #Bookstodon #GraphicNovels #Comics #SummerReading

4 days ago

WAYBOUND by Will Wight has released early! I am so excited for this book!

#Waybound #WillWight #Cradle #bookstodon #Iteration110 #amreading

@BlankSlate @JL_Lycette I picked it up and kept going until I finished. Love when a book takes me away like that.
# books
# reading

G. Willow Wilson
4 days ago

I chatted about Poison Ivy's connection to #Seattle--and local landmarks you'll see in the series--with the Seattle Times! #comics #bookstodon

4 days ago

Rina Cummings is visually impaired and a single mother. She is also an active ALU organizer. Due to an illness, Rina applied for an accommodation, which Amazon did not approve and chose to just fire her instead. Please help Rina out with her monthly expenses in Solidarity.

#Fundraiser #BlackCrowdfunding #Bookstodon #TheWrongAmazonIsBurning

5 days ago

Books are our hive memory!

Don’t let anyone deny you access to it, it is your birthright !

#BooksofMastodon #books #bookstodon #book

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
5 days ago

The 2022 Aurealis Awards were presented last night.

For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are Australia's premier juried award for speculative fiction. I had the great honour of judging the Best Fantasy Novel panel.

Congratulations to all the winners!

#AurealisAwards #scifi #ScienceFiction #fantasy #SpecFic #SpeculativeFiction #Australia #bookstodon @bookstodon