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Things might be getting a bit bumpy for Boris’s banker.

“The Guardian understands that Bamford was informed of the investigation more than a year ago. Bamford has not informed the House of Lords authorities that he is under investigation, sources told the Guardian.”

Why am I not surprised? Rules are for little people…

#Tories #JCB #BorisJohnson

That story about #BorisJohnson firing his Nanny because of one glass of rosé with him is nonsense.

We all know the typical rate for one drink with Boris is a PPE contract or a knighthood.

Mind you, it's not like he can hand those out now...

Marcus Jenkins
4 days ago

It didn't take long after marrying the woman he was shagging whilst married before Boris starts shagging the nanny that was looking after the child that he had from the woman he was shagging whilst married to the other one.

Confused? You will be after this week's episode of Blojo.

(I can't understand why all these women find millionaire Boris Johnson so attractive.)

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5 days ago

@Lats yes, what's novel tho but slowly started with #DavidCameron, exploded with #BorisJohnson and reached the height of ridicule with #LizTruss is how the #Tories have developed a #selfserving culture around the self, literally, AGAINST the party. That is certainly foreign to what #Thatcher used to do. And there are many Tories (unlike in the US) who are still 'old school' & don't like that. I just hope the UK won't follow the US into institutional disintegration.The #climate battle will tell

@dwasmkuk Neither #Brexit nor #BorisJohnson nor #Trump would have happened without #MurdochGutterMedia! 🤬🤬🤬

#RejoinEU 🇪🇺❤ #JohnsonIsATraitor 🤬 #JohnsonJailNow 🤬 #TrumpIsATraitor 🤬 #TrumpJailNow 🤬

Hopefully now that he's retired, the media will be more truthful! 🤞🏼 We urgently need #MediaReform! 💪🏼

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Five to be charged in UK with spying for Russia. But not Boris? #Russia #borisjohnson

1 week ago

Well OF COURSE he’s getting away with it—he’s a Tory!

I hope the Daily Fail thinks they got a good deal (an “oven ready” deal?), because his columns for them have been steaming heaps of trite shit.

#BorisJohnson #Tories #ACOBA #DailyMail

SubtleBlade ⚔️
1 week ago

Latest #Tory snouts in the thought news:

National Audit Office finds that #BorisJohnson's legal bill for the #Partygate enquiry shouldn't have been paid by the Cabinet Office.

#LizTruss has already claimed over £23k of her post-PM allowance (despite having only been in post for 49 days... yes that's a £500 day 'bonus').

#30pLee using the HoC roof to publicise his GBNews show...

& that's just things in the news today!

1 week ago

Well they certainly were a bunch of freaks.

The difference is that The Munsters were funny and harmless; Boris's headbangers were horrifying and dangerous.

#BorisJohnson #Tories

Al Jazeera looks back at key UN General Assembly speeches as world leaders and top diplomats gather for 78th session.#BenjaminNetanyahu #BorisJohnson #DonaldTrump #Government #MuammarGaddafi #Politics #UnitedNations #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Six unforgettable UN General Assembly moments
G4Media 📰
2 weeks ago

Partidul Laburist vrea un „acord mai bun” de #Brexit cu 🇪🇺#UE.
Starmer: Acordul negociat de #BorisJohnson este „mult prea limitat”.
„Cred că putem avea o relație comercială mai strânsă” cu #Bruxelles‎ul.


#News #Știri

2 weeks ago

🧵 2/2: #RussellBrand veered to the US #altright when he lives in Henley, UK. Why such a rebrand, especially with a past affiliated to the Left (Trews etc..). The best explanation is opportunism, just like #BorisJohnson suddenly became a brexiteer when weeks earlier he'd vehemently defended the EU. And while #JoeRogan might have showed him how there was money to be had, I think #Brand watching #MeToo saw an opportunity to prop his immunity behind #conspiracy, as #Trump successful has (so far).

Peter Nimmo
2 weeks ago

H/t to @kim_harding for sharing this story of perhaps the least qualified person ever to become a member of the House of Lords: Charlotte Owen
#UKpol #UK #politics #HouseOfLords #BorisJohnson #Westminster

#Tories #CONservatives #Centre

🚨*Tory Centrists are back!*🚨

David Gauke was one of 21 #Tory MPs who lost the whip in September 2019 after voting to take away the Tories Brexit legislative agenda.

Many of the 21 worked their way back into favour. Indeed, incapable of bearing a grudge, #BorisJohnson put 4 of them in the HoL!

The #ERG claim #Sunak is an #EU wimp. The far left of #Labour claim #Starmer is a Tory. Is the battle for the centre of UK politics back on!

David Gauke - former Tory MP
Paul Stevenson 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

#Libya #Derna
I wonder how long it will be before disgraced former UK Prime Minister #borisjohnson repeats the disgusting remarks he allegedly made about Libya in 2017. "There's a group of UK business people ...they have got a brilliant vision to turn Sirte into the next Dubai.
The only thing they have got to do is clear the dead bodies away," he said, before laughing.

#BorisJohnson attacks #UK aid to #Ukraine: ‘What the hell are we waiting for?’

Former PM says West is dragging its feet in support for #Ukraine and calls for urgent supply of weaponry

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

Collier Exposed
2 weeks ago

We've uncovered another journalist's perspective; this time it's
Nicholas Lezard of the New Statesman's turn. Discover the full story here: (to be published on September 24th, 6:00am.)

It's interesting how some writers focus on one public figure while missing the less obvious but equally or more nefarious actors among themselves.

#CollierExposed #GuppyGate #BorisJohnson

SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 weeks ago

#BorisJohnson government ‘always hoped’ #NorthernIrelandProtocol would collapse – #UKPolitics live

#LordFrost, #brexit negotiator for former PM, tells House of Lords that government never wanted ‘unsatisfactory’ protocol to work #OvenReadyDeal #ToryBrexitLies

#Brexit #EU #Europe #Tory #CONservatives #Farage

🚨 #BORISJOHNSON: UK will NEVER rejoin the EU! 🚨

Instead of being embarrassed by Brexit, the #Tories need to champion it, exploit its benefits & explain why leaving was brave, remarkable & right. 😳

A reminder!

Economy CRASHED!


Pensions WIPED OUT!




Inflation SPIRALLED!

Interest Rates BALLOONED!


The man's fuckin deluded! 🙄

Brexit Bus - How it started. How it's going!
Preston MacDougall
3 weeks ago

#TheresaVilliers was working as corrupt #BorisJohnson 's '#Environmental Secretary', while hiding 70,000💷 of shares in #ShellOil. I guess her job was to ensure that the 'environment' at #10DowningStreet was *shady as fuck*! She was very successful in that!

CTS Ryan
3 weeks ago

Poet Siegfried Sassoon (born 8th Sep) on Boris Johnson's handling of the covid pandemic:

“Good-morning, good-morning!” the General said
When we met him last week on our way to the line.
Now the soldiers he smiled at are most of 'em dead,
And we're cursing his staff for incompetent swine.
“He's a cheery old card,” grunted Harry to Jack
As they slogged up to Arras with rifle and pack.

But he did for them both by his plan of attack.

#covid #borisjohnson #willweeverlearn

Andrew Guilford
3 weeks ago

Analysis finds the rise of “muscular unionism” is out of step with public opinion and there is a “striking ambivalence” to retaining the union in its current form

#UKPol #Wales #England #Scotland #NorthernIreland #RishiSunak #KeirStarmer #BorisJohnson #Labour #Tories #GreenParty #PlaidCymru #SNP #SinnFein #MuscularUnionism #Independence

Donald Roy
3 weeks ago

@emsquared After being elected as #london #mayor in May 2016 #sadiq #khan stepped down as #memberofparliament for #tooting almost immediately although there was no legal requirement to do so at the time. Indeed his immediate predecessor as #mayor #BorisJohnson had operated with a dual mandate since the previous May when he had returned to the #houseofcommons as member for #uxbridgeandsouthruislip .

🚨*‘Theatre of absurd’: Sunak allies fire back at Nadine Dorries after attack on PM*🚨

#BorisJohnson loyalist branded ‘bitter’ and ‘embarrassment’ – after making extraordinary accusation that PM put her safety at risk! 👀

Sunak loyalist Bob Neill: “She'd become an embarrassment. She was a pretty useless Culture Secretary & she finally created her own theatre of the absurd. It is so obviously motivated by personal bitterness and bile & has got no credibility at all!" 🍿 😳

Mad Nadine Dorries

The #Tories claim to believe the #market is always right.

So, its interesting that in 2022, they spent £2.4mn more than they raised through donations, which had dropped by over £3.5mn from the previous year.

This is partly the effect of the ousting of #BorisJohnson, unwelcome to the deep-pocketed behind his reign.

But, in a market if your product is losing money, its time to either change the product or find a new customer base; which may explain #RishiSunak's casting around for policies?


Fair comment; and we have #BorisJohnson as well.... but somehow (perhaps indicating a national characteristic), the Americans seem to do it bigger!

Donald Roy
1 month ago


Unfortunately not unique to the #us ! Had #BorisJohnson been regarded more seriously earlier he would not have been able to wreak the havoc that he did.

2 months ago

Emails reveal Chris Whitty’s response to Boris Johnson critics during #covid

Whitty told the editor of The Lancet medical journal: “I basically don’t think you understand what we are doing”

#ChrisWhitty #BorisJohnson #Covid19 #UKPolitics #UKpol

Alexander Hay
2 months ago

Ah, Triturus cristatus. Doing righteous work. No wonder they're a protected species.

"#Newts threaten #BorisJohnson’s plan to build swimming pool

"Creature railed against by ex-prime minister could thwart planning application for #Oxfordshire home...

"...As such, an unlimited fine and up to six months in prison could await anyone found guilty of disturbing the newt’s resting places and breeding sites, or taking their eggs..."

#UK #News #Nature #GreatCrestedNewt #Newt

2 months ago

Further proof that *every* overpaid article by #BorisJohnson shows how wildly out of touch he is with normal people.

Who watches Barbie and thinks about population levels?

David Thomas Jackson
2 months ago

Let’s talk about #CharlotteOwen - a 🧵
She’s 30, and has been appointed to the House of Lords FOR LIFE.

There is a super injunction on her, meaning that nobody in the UK media can talk about her, how she got appointed to the House of Lords, and her connection to #BorisJohnson

2 months ago

Despite the super injunction against discussing her. Charlotte Owen, the youngest person ever to be elevated into the House of Lords is named as Boris Johnson's daughter in an altered Wikipedia post.
#Charlotte Owen #BorisJohnson #Superinjunction

Despite the super injunction against discussing her. Charlotte Owen, the youngest person ever to be elevated into the House of Lords is named as Boris Johnson's daughter in altered Wikipedia post.

If you were wondering why the press has suddenly gone pretty quiet on #CharlotteOwen & her elevation to the #HouseofLords...

then you might be interested to know that rumour has it, there is a super injunction on her, which means that nobody in the UK media can talk about her, how she got appointed to the House of Lords & her connection(s) to #BorisJohnson.

so much for #democracy

Donald Roy
2 months ago

First a bit of context setting. There have been fifteen parliamentary by-elections in #England since the #UKGeneralElection2019 - and one in #Scotland. Six of those in #England occurred while #RishiSunak has been #PrimeMinister and the remaining nine while #BorisJohnson was. Of the fifteen seven saw the previous party holding the seat replaced. #labour lost one seat (to the #conservatives ) while the #conservatives lost six - two to #labour and four to the #libdems !

Let me get this straight. The #Tory government wants weaken users online security, but they don't want to hand over #BorisJohnson's phone?

#OnlineSurveillanceBill #ToryCriminals @SydesJokes

#RIPHarryFrankfurt, the American philosopher who provided a key guide to contemporary #politics: On Bullshit.

Famously Frankfurt distinguished between the liar (who has some regard for the truth, if only to avoid it), and the bullshitter who has no interest veracity or otherwise, and merely speaks what is (politically) expedient at any moment, never worrying about inconsistency...

If you wanted one book to guide you through the first decades of this century, this was it!


Khurram Wadee ✅
2 months ago

It’s a bit rich of the #Tories jumping on the bandwagon to abandon #ULEZ and for others to blame #London #Mayor #SadiqKhan for #Labour not quite winning the #Uxbridge #ByElection. It was #BorisJohnson's #government and #GrantShapps in particular who pushed the measure through (and one of the very few things I could agree with them on).

#UK #Politics

2 months ago

Britische Konservative verlieren bei Nachwahlen zwei Sitze

Bei Nachwahlen in Großbritannien haben die Konservativen zwar den Wahlkreis von Ex-Premier Johnson verteidigt, aber zwei andere Wahlkreise verloren. Die Nachwahlen galten als Stimmungstest für die Regierung.


#Großbritannien #BorisJohnson #Tories

So the #Tories management of expectations was bang-on - they held onto Uxbridge but lost the other two seats contested in yesterday's #byelections.

The fact that they could hold on to one out of three (#BorisJohnson's old constituency) is in itself a metric of how warped the UK's #democracy is right now - that the wreckers still have some public support remains pretty depressing!

Today & into the weekend there will now be endless projections of what this all means for the next #election!

The #CovidInquiry has still not been given access to all of #BorisJohnson’s #WhatsApps, TEN days after the High Court deadline compelling their release passed

#Conservatives still think they are above the law

#GTTO #ToryCriminals

@adambienkov @BylineTimes @SydesJokes

SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 months ago

A cross-party committee of senior #peers has criticised #BorisJohnson for bringing the #HonoursSystem into question

Report expresses disapproval at former PM’s attempts to fill upper house with his supporters #HoL #HouseOfLords #ToryCorruption

Donald Roy
2 months ago


Given the recent damage that graduates from some of the most prestigious courses at #oxford #university - most notably #borisjohnson and #liztruss - appear to have caused to #britain in recent years there has surely to be a much stronger case for closing them down or at the very least suspending them while their content and curriculum are reviewed rigorously and thoroughly!

Donald Roy
2 months ago


To be fair to #borisjohnson #westferrybob went so far in his dealings with a #conservative #donor #richarddesmond that #borisjohnson actually had to remove him from his position on grounds of propriety just as he had to later when confronted with the nonstandard approach to working with a colleague shown by #matthancock !

Just in case you wonder how UK politics is so fckd up and how the political centre has moved so far right that someone like Corbyn is seen as radical...

#BackwardBritain #BBC #media #ToryCorruption #BorisJohnson

Boris Johnson's dad defending his lawbreaking on tv
3 months ago

Boris Johnson making £21,000 an hour as second jobs earnings revealed | The Independent

"Many a true word is said in jest"

#BorisJohnson #PartyGate #ToryLiars

Boris Johnson and missing phone

The BBC Presenter Scandal

How did they allow a threadbare tale from a totally discredited news source to swamp the airwaves and the news pages? #TheSun

A dead cat to distract from the #BorisJohnson phone debacle?

@BylineTimes @SydesJokes

3 months ago

So, now the Sun has decided to publish no further allegations after effectively forcing Huw Edward's wife to go public, the #BBC finally gets round to reporting on what this was really all about. But don't worry. They're repeating the ludicrous Cabinet Office excuses verbatim. Nothing to see here.
#BorisJohnson #CovidInquiry #Murdoch #Partygate #HuwEdwards

3 months ago

That’s quite some shade the Guardian is throwing there. You love to see it.
#UKPol #Politics #Johnson #BorisJohnson

A screenshot of an entry on the Guardian newspapers UK politics live blog. It reads:
“Kevin Rawlinson writes:

Carrie and Boris Johnson have announced the birth of their third child, a second son.

Carrie Johnson, in the caption of an Instagram post with a picture of her holding the newborn, joked: “Welcome to the world Frank Alfred Odysseus Johnson born 5th July at 9.15am. (Can you guess which name my husband chose?!)”

The former prime minister Boris Johnson is keen to be thought of as a scholar of the classics. In Greek mythology, Odysseus leaves behind his wife and child to seek adventure, encountering many other women along the way.”

As #Bolsonaro is banned from political office, #BorisJohnson is (finally) called to account & #Trump's legal problems look to be accelerating, perhaps we should be more optimistic about #constitutional safeguards....

The problem is that they (for good reason of due process & diligence) are slow to move against serial abusers.... but Johnson & his ilk can do a lot of damage in the lag, as we, #America & #Brazil have found out to our costs....

Faster constitutional mechanisms may be in order?

Bob Jamieson
3 months ago

Normal Island News

Boris Johnson accidentally had sex party with Russian spy
Intelligence services specifically told him no sex parties
Boris Johnson has explained he accidentally had a sex party with a Russian spy after ignoring security advice to fly to the Italian castle of an ex-KGB agent because he had no way of knowing MI6 was correct about the risk.

#NormalIslandNews #BorisJohnson #Russia #espionage #sex #spy #treason #ToryCorruption

3 months ago


When you get to 80 billion people in the world, instead of only one Trump at a time, you get many.
#De Santis
Half the #SCOTUS
The guy currently destroying #reddit

Alexander Hay
3 months ago


"Nels Abbey: Dear white Britain: we hate to say we told you so about #BorisJohnson – but we told you so...

"...Far from making him a pariah, his early catalogue of #Racist waffle... helped to propel Johnson to success..."

"...Thanks to Johnsonian diversity, Britain now has more... minorities in positions of power than ever. But... he used it to undermine... racial progress in society at large."

#UKPolitics #News #UKPol #Racism

Alexander Hay
3 months ago

The #Covid19 lockdown was made worse by vindictive jobsworths and snitches, but the way it was flouted by #Tory scumbags takes the horror to a higher level.

And look, here is video of Tory party workers, some of whom have been subsequently awarded peerages in #BorisJohnson's last honours list, dancing badly, ignoring social distancing, and bellowing out #Homophobic slurs...

#News #UKNews #PartyGate #PrivilegesCommitteeReport

3 months ago

@lowqualityfacts Pffft! We already have a disgraced ex-PM that looks *remarkably* similar.


A photo of Boris Johnson standing outside 10 Downing Street draped in England flags. His head has been replaced with a blobfish, with Johnson's hair & eyes. It looks grumpy.

Anyone seen Rishi Sunak recently?

As someone who made it his mission to govern with "integrity, professionalism, and accountability", you would have thought he'd have something to say about a recent PM being found to have lied to Parliament.

Has he been abducted by aliens?

#RishiSunak #BorisJohnson #AlienAbductions


What I find really distasteful about these sort of comments is the reality of the lynch mob in history - #BorisJohnson is not hanging from a tree multilated by an angry mob of racists... no he is just paying the price for his incessant lying & bulls*t - each time this phrase comes up we/they normalise the terrible history of #racerelations (especially in the American South) - it makes me physically ill!!!

I missed that the HoC Privileges is now going to produce a further report on the attacks & intimidation it was subject to while preparing the #BorisJohnson report;

this is starting to have the feel of a proper spring clean around the political practices of the Johnson era.

is this the beginning of the end for the most caustic elements of the #Tory party?

We can but hope.

3 months ago

6-15-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein



What a week this has been! And it's only Thursday (or as we call it around here, Friday Eve). This has felt like the week that never ends!

But it is Thursday, so Howie Klein is here. We'll talk about the hist
#NicolesBlog #BorisJohnson #Congress #HowieKlein #Trump #UK

3 months ago

Seen as Boris Johnson has now been officially declared to be a liar, isn't Labour MP, Dawn Butler, owed an apology?

Or as someone replied in the comments, "One does not get thrown out of Parliament for lying, one gets ejected for telling the truth."

#BorisJohnsonIsALiar #GoodbyeBorisJohnson #UKpolitics #GTTO #ToriesOut #BorisJohnson

Matt Green
3 months ago

New video:

The Privileges Committee Report on Boris Johnson!

#comedy #satire #BorisJohnson #PrivilegesCommittee #funnyvideo

3 months ago

Former UK Prime Minister #BorisJohnson deliberately misled Parliament over boozy parties during lockdown, report finds

Now that we have official confirmation that #BorisTheLiar is, in fact, a liar. I will wait for the Parliament to offer an official apology to #IanBlackford who was removed from the Chamber after calling #BorisJohnson, who is a proven liar, a Liar.

#GTTO #ToryFascistDictatorship #Westminster #UKParliament #HouseOfCommons

3 months ago

I have created a petition to expel Boris Johnson from the Privy Council. The petition needs at least five sponsors to go forward.

If you support the call to expel Johnson from the Privy Council, and have a UK postcode, please sponsor the petition by clicking on the following link...

#BorisJohnson #PrivyCouncil

3 months ago

From the #BorisJohnson report...

"[Johnson] was deliberately disingenuous when he tried to reinterpret his statements to the House to avoid their plain meaning and reframe the clear impression that he intended to give."

Being "deliberately disingenuous" is common among politicians, but with Al Johnson it is a congenital moral defect.


Yorkshire Bylines
3 months ago

So, Johnson committed a 'serious contempt of the House' …. as we continue the drama of the Privileges Committee report, Dr Pam Jarvis compares the resignations and legacies of two iconic Conservative prime ministers, in the hope that we won't get fooled again!

#PrivilegesCommittee #BorisJohnson #Thatcher #JohnsonLied

Former British Prime Minister #BorisJohnson deliberately misled Parliament about the lockdown-flouting parties that undermined his credibility and contributed to his downfall, a committee of lawmakers said Thursday after a year-long investigation.

A scathing report from the House of Commons Privileges Committee found Johnson’s actions and his response to the committee were such a flagrant violation of the rules that they warranted a 90-day suspension from Parliament.