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21 hours ago

Ed ecco i primi interventi di #Google contro gli #adblock su #brave... speriamo bene...

Blocco annunci di google su Brave
1 day ago

In terms of recent page indexing & news searches, unfortunately *only* Google holds the monopoly.

In looking for this news article on Grist that appeared in my news reader ("Most Americans want to electrify their homes — if they can keep their gas stoves"), #Brave search, #DuckDuckGo, and #Bing all failed to pull up the article, but #Google did.

This use case is very common for me, so I would love if a #SearchEngine competed with Google on this. For now, I have to use Google for news searches.

A screenshot of a Google News search for "grist gas stoves", where the first article in the list is the one published 4 hours prior, which is the one that I was looking for.
A screenshot of a DuckDuckGo news search for "grist gas stoves", where the first article in the list a different article on Grist on MSN, from one day ago. No results show the article published for hours prior, which I was looking for
A screenshot of a Microsoft Bing news search for "grist gas stoves", where the first article in the list a different article on Grist on MSN, from one day ago. No results show the article published for hours prior, which I was looking for
A screenshot of a Brave news search for "grist gas stoves", where the first article in the list a different article from New York Times from April. No results show the article published for hours prior, which I was looking for
1 day ago

@brave har redesignet url-baren i Brave Beta til iOS ✨

Før og efter

#BraveBeta #BraveBrowser #Brave #iOS

1 day ago

@technofeliz Il parait que Google essai de faire machine arrière.

Sinon Brave il est #brave
Et PeerTube il #peertube

Comment google pouvait savoir que c’était un coup de trop, eux qui on toujours fait ce qu'ils voulaient...

La vérité c'est que la pub est bien une source majeur de pollution.

Activé un AntiPub c'est aussi un geste écologique. 📚
2 days ago

Brave browser now offers a “Request Off the Record (OTR)” feature that hides your surfing from other users on your PC.

#brave #browser #privacy #offtherecord

3 days ago

Choose your #browser carefully

"This article isn't specifically about #privacy issues only, it's about promises that are being broken, which might be about privacy. It is also about the lack of user freedom, as in the choice to enable or disable features, such as automatic updates, or forced usage of third party services, or software that the user generally is unaware of or don't have a say about."


#Chrome and #Chromium

5 days ago

🦞Dear Friends using Firefox,
I was advised to use #Firefox web, it is a bit more #secure than the ubiquitous data brokers #google based #browsers. It was good advice, so I swapped from #Brave and #Seamonkey. Just used it to synch between my apple phone and #Linux running #laptop. Ooh, I am so #techy! Not techy at all, in fact. It will take me at least a day to stop swearing at the mobile phone, with its tiny screen and direct leaks to Apple Core.😤

Talking of #apple who knows how to make real #Swiss #Muesli? It starts with a #grated apple and #lemon juice. Soaked with #oats overnight AND then in the #morning #seasonal #fruits and #nuts, #cream (yes cream) or #greek #yougurt are added - It is so much better than the bird cage droppings in cardboard that are availble in some regions. Muesli is a #meal, a #pudding a #shared #feast

6 days ago

There is an active #vulnerability in #GoogleChrome and all other #Chromium based browsers at the moment that could allow a remote attacker to crash the browser or execute arbitrary code (CVE-2023-6345).

An update has already been issued to address this, at least for
#GoogleChrome, #Brave, and #MicrosoftEdge - Upgrade them to the latest version as soon as possible and restart your browser.


6 days ago

Funny enough, #brave or #bravebrowser has problems to open pop ups (upload files, notifications, logins, etc.) in my #sway configuration but it works perfectly in #hyprland

1 week ago

the cave where Matt's board disappeared

#NicoleEggert #DavidCharvet #KellySlater

Season 4 Episode 6 "Tentacles: part 1"

#RandomBaywatch #lvdlpx #Baywatch #Tentacles #Octopus #OctopusAttack #Surfboard #Cave #Brave #Heroes

The New Oil
1 week ago

We’ve tried #Brave’s #AI chatbot Leo: it talks a lot about #privacy, but is it truly private?

1 week ago

На днях вновь пытался подружиться с Хрениум платформой. В этот раз меня хватило аж на 3 дня использования Brave. Браузер хороший, наиболее приятный из тех, что знаю в том лагере, вполне годится для использования. Я так и раньше считал, но нужно привыкать и переучиваться, что не хочется, плюс с раcширениями был затык, но решаемый через возню.

После проводил сравнение скорости, отзывчивости через бенчмарк. Распространённое мнение о скорости Хромиум платформы подтвердились, что не удивительно. Но примечателен другой факт: браузеры из лагеря FF с профилем по умолчанию набирают больше баллов, нежели мой конфиг, который я под себя меняю. Оно и не удивительно, но в стоке разница не выглядит столь разительной, нежели с моими настройками, даже Librewolf с заводским профилем набирает меньше материнского.

А вот UGChromium (разгугленный), какой бы он там чистый не был, но медленнее того же Brave. На лабораторную точность замеры не претендуют, особенно хорошо это заметно на примере Brave (наверно, из-за подкрученного конфига результат стал хуже). Все свои замеры оставлю ниже на скриншотах, ещё ссылку о выходе 6-ой ветки браузера Waterfox. В статье говорится о ещё одном способе проксирования зашифрованного DNS, вариации DoH — DoOH.

Из замеров в очередной раз могу сделать вывод: скорость работы браузера — весьма условный показатель, разброс там мб от зарплаты и до обеда, результаты плавают от прогона к прогону, зависят от настроек базовых (расширения в тестах исключены). Скорость работы больше определяется удобством, возможностью настройки под себя, количеством проблем и их решаемостью, доступностью расширений, нежели условными циферками в окне, то есть по ощущениям.

#Chromium #ungoogledchromium #Brave #Firefox #Librewolf #Waterfox #comss #DNS #DoOH #FF

Brave 2
Brave 3
Brave 4
1 week ago

That figure was Gabbar Singh Negi - who was born 260 km away, in Uttarakhand's Pauri Garhwal district - and had the unfortunate distinction of having been in tunnel collapses thrice before.
#TunnelWorkerGabbarSingh #Brave

1 week ago

@ripmabry I work in GIS and

1st, it doesn't work in #ArcGIS Online maps without spoofing the referrer when I use it on my Mac. I could live with that

2nd, it won't load a product I use called #ExperienceBuilder, also Mac also I could work around it.

3rd, rendering problems in #Cityworks our asset management system and that broke the camel's back.

It had some weirdness with caching causing problems on some common sites, and some quirkiness using multiple profiles, so I'm back to #Brave

Southern Wolf 🐧🦀
1 week ago

It's funny to me that people wanna complain about #AI powered #SEO "destroying the internet" when SEO barf has been a phenomenon for years now. Hell, Big Data powered SEO crap isn't new at all, I studied it in Data Analytics half a decade ago in college, and SEO Barf on search engines isn't anything new either, having been an issue for at least as long.

People who want to say otherwise definitely haven't searched on #Google for anything related to instructions, tutorials, or help tips in the last 5 years. #Bing, and other search sites powered by it like #DDG, have become just as bad now too. #Brave [Search]( seems a bit better currently, probably because its indexing algorithm is different, but I'm sure in time that will change.

(Consumer facing) AI just made it more accessible to generate SEO barf, it didn't start it nor even carry it to where it is today. And if it dissappeared tomorrow, SEO barf would continue on just as it had, polluting search results for easy clicks funded by ads.

Metin Seven 🎨
1 week ago

Good article about private browsers to switch to, now that Google is going to annoy us by preventing ad blockers in Chrome:

#browser #chrome #firefox ##DuckDuckGo #brave #ad #ads #AdBlock #AdBlocker #AdBlockers #website #online #google

2 weeks ago

The Internet is a dangerous place. Some companies are spying on you and, want to get as much of your private information as possible. What are your interests? What sites are you visiting? What can we sell you? Your information is the new gold.

As a countermeasure, a range of browser plugins has been developed to enhance your privacy by blocking information-gathering…

A tablet with the Chrome browser showing the Google search page. There is a mobile phone and a coffee cup just our of focus.
Andrew Mark McCall
2 weeks ago

so I use firefox and firefox derivatives (pale moon, waterfox) but I was using Brave as my chromium browser. But, it seems that using brave is now controversial. So, what is the "safe bet" chromium browser derivative that is acceptable to use?

#www #web #browsesr #internet #brave #developer #webdev #linux #opensource #foss

Sinistra Libertaria
2 weeks ago

@sirvoe il test da te suggerito mi risponde: 'Attualmente, stimiamo che il vostro browser abbia un'impronta digitale che trasmette almeno 17,61 bit di informazioni di identificazione' per #Firefox Focus mentre il risultato é 12,48 per #Brave. Certo hanno peso le impostazioni. In atto quasi simili e cmq di poco meglio Brave.

adingbatponder :nixos:
2 weeks ago

Is there a smart way to store browser #bookmarks (internet addresses) that is completely independent of the browser used to access those addresses? The use case is in #nixos when #firefox is broken but I have stored my bookmarks on-line with them to make them available on any device I log into with my firefox account. Can one set up a cloud or home NAS or server bookmarks service that stores the addresses & makes them seamlessly available in #librewolf #brave etc. when logged in to that server?

@MikeFromLFE @rodneylives I use the #brave browser and #vivaldibrowser on my chromebooks...😊

PSA : If you want to delete ALL your passwords from #Brave browser, you can't. But if you don't want to, it will do it for you at random 😅

TugaTech 🖥️
2 weeks ago

Google prepara-se para o fim do adblock no Chrome?
#brave #chrome #firefox #google #Privacidade #segurança #noticias #tech #tugatech

Sinistra Libertaria
2 weeks ago

Un piccolo passo verso la #privacy , un grande passo per l'Umanità (cit.).

Possiamo fare la differenza!

#Chrome -> #Brave o (meglio?) #Firefox Focus

#Google -> #Duckduckgo

#Gmail -> #Tutanota

Google Traduttore -> Deelp

Google News -> #Feeder

#Whatsapp -> #Signal ( si c'è di meglio, ma almeno siamo fuori da #Meta )

#Facebook -> #Mastodon

#Windows -> #linux Mint

Iniziate con poco!

Kevin Gamin
2 weeks ago

“Ultimately, Brave Browser is the apparatus of an advertising company, a bloated and complicated experience for the average user, and the pet project of the person kicked out of Mozilla for continuing to defend harmful political donations.”

#Brave #WebBrowser #Privacy

Tibor Maxam
2 weeks ago

Nutzt eine #Bibliothek den #Brave-Browser dienstlich oder im Nutzerbereich?

What I haven't seen during the most recent discussions on Manifest V3 is that while the restrictions that hurt ad-blockers, parenteral controls etc. will occur in #Chrome, world it be simply a matter of changing an ifdef from the source to produce a #Chromium build without the controversial restriction on WebRequests?

Sure #Brave, #Opera etc. have other blockers for ads which will still work, but would people (distro vendors?) build Chromium without the restriction, and will people move to it?

2 weeks ago

Yes, #Brave dev is bad. Yes, Crypto is bad. Yes, the development is much towards crypto.

But if you don't pledge money & deactivate all crypto & ads features you get a better, more supported and more private desktop browser than basic firefox and it includes an easy toggle to unbreak sites. A valid competetor is #Librewolf.

On mobile I suggest #Mull with adblock & security Extensions. Use chrome only when site breaks.

Deactivate the foxs fingerprint 60hz cap on faster screens.

2 weeks ago

#safari vs #chrome ? Who thinks comparing these and for what reason? unless provoked with 'sponsership' duh! #chrome is #garbage #safari is okay not the best though. #tor is best for many reasons (personally). casually I use #firefox but nor #brave is good. try #chromium instead of #chrome. I sometimes feel #xda is on it.

Axel Rafn
2 weeks ago

I've been looking for a browser that works well with online videos on #Fedora39, I use #Firefox as my main browser but it starts playing videos but if I pause or move the play head anywhere it breaks the video. I have #Chromium for work and work-related things so that's out as well.

I don't want #Brave since there seem to be a lot of negative things happening there either.

Any suggestions?

3 weeks ago

@copymanLE stessa idea, #Brave è stata una bella scoperta. L'ho sempre un po' snobbato per via del leone nel logo che me lo faceva sembrare un po' un browser "tamarro" 😆 Mi sono ricreduto alla svelta.

ITX Mike
3 weeks ago

Have used #Chrome for years, but #Google is starting to get a bit too aggressive. The recent 3 toggle tracking popup is just shady as hell.

#Firefox is obvious first choice, but seemed to have CPU usage issues (with #Masto, go figure) Have played with #Brave some - it's alright. Playing around with #WaterFox now. I like the simplicity. Though it choked on one of my #GMail apps. But I'm fine sticking with Chrome or Brave for my business stuff. We'll see...

3 weeks ago

Es gibt so Tage. Längere Zeit Brave benutzt. Basiert auf Chrome. Es zirkulieren Gerüchte über Homophobie in der Teppichetage. Also: Weg damit. Lesezeichen lassen sich netterweise exportieren. Und auf Firefox wieder importieren.
#firefox #chrome #brave

#Flowcrypt brings #OpenPGP #encryption to Firefox, #Chrome, #Brave, #iOS and #Android in 60 seconds - or so they claim. Curious to know if anyone here is using it .

εκλεκτικός 🖖
3 weeks ago

Gli utenti di #Brave sanno che da tempo c'è una funzione che li protegge dal tracciamento tramite (parametri negli) url.

Gli utenti di #Firefox non sanno che da tempo c'è una funzione integrata anche nel loro browser. 😁

Va abilitata tramite about:config



Su Firefox 120 (probabilmente arriva stabile prossima settimana) funziona già bene.

In alternativa c'è sempre "AdGuard URL Tracking Protection" in uBlock Origin. 😉

Holger Hellinger
3 weeks ago

Oh "super". V3 wird also doch von #Chrome umgesetzt. Das bedeutet, dass ihr den Browser eigentlich nicht mehr sicher im Netz benutzen könnt, da #adBlocker unbenutzbar werden. Wenn ihr nicht zusätzlich ein #piHole im Netzwerk habt, Finger weg! Wenn ihr jetzt schon wechselt, wechselt zu #Firefox und nicht zu einem anderen #Monopol Derivat wie #Edge oder #Brave

Governor Keagan
1 month ago

What browser are you currently using? I moved over to #brave from #edge because of all the ads. Considering using #firefox as my main and then using something else for chromium when I need it

Siddhant Mulajkar
1 month ago

How to enable ECH in Chromium fork browsers

What is ECH?

Encrypted Client Hello, a new proposed standard that prevents networks from snooping on which websites a user is visiting.

#privacy #ech #brave

Karl Emil Nikka
1 month ago

Before I do potentially unnecessary work, has anyone studied the patch gap for Chromium based browsers (Edge vs @brave vs @Vivaldi)?

How many days do users of alternative Chromium browsers have to wait for security patches on average?

#chromium #chrome #edge #brave #vivaldi

1 month ago

#Brave なんて使っちゃだめだよ、という英語記事。
自分の英語力の範囲でもかなり強い言葉でボッコボコにされてることはわかった :tony_neutral:

2 months ago

#Brave はたまに変なことするよね

- Windows 版の Brave で VPN サービスが自動的にインストールされる
- 無効化はできるし、Brave 曰く今後この問題は修正される予定とのこと

2 months ago

@divya #WebBrowsers #SearchEngines #DuckDuckGo

I use the DuckDuckGo's (DDG's) search engine in #Brave, #Chrome, #Edge & #Tor but, I also like using DDG's browser (which gives you as good an indication of the trackers that it's blocked as Brave & To too) but also offers you "email protection" by allowing you to forward email to a home email address using a private (randomly generated) email ID.

Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
2 months ago

#BraveBrowser is installing VPNs without users' consent, even if you didn't willingly enable their #VPN service. Just stop using #Brave, it's garbage.

Edit: the services are disabled by default, but they were still installed with very little to no transparency about them towards the user, alongside all the other stuff that's often unwanted from Brave users (Pocket on Firefox is to blame too, lol.)

#Browser #Security #Privacy #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #LibreSoftware

Screenshot of the Windows Services console taken from the article where two services are highlighted: "Brave Vpn Service" and "Brave Vpn Wireguard Service."

@sarajw @scott #Vivaldi and #Brave have some unique features. If you're on Mac there's

Ondine B.
2 months ago

Brave Software, the maker of Brave Browser and Search, confirmed that it has laid off 9% of its staff across departments.

The company didn’t specify how many people were affected, but it corroborated the development and said the decision was driven by the tough economic climate.
#brave #browser #layoff

Linux TLDR
2 months ago

How to Install, Update, and Remove Brave on Linux
@brave #Linux #Brave #Browser #Tech

Ivan 🇪🇸
2 months ago

Other than the crypto crap and sketchy CEO, what's so bad about #Brave browser and why are people talking about it again? 📚
2 months ago

“Brave eliminated some positions as part of our cost management in this challenging economic environment. Several departments were affected, amounting to 9% of our staff.”

Brave lays off 9% of its workforce
#brave #browser #workforce #staff #layoffs

群雄割拠なブラウザ界隈、Braveでも厳しいのか…。Vivaldiも頑張ってほしい。 #brave #Vivaldi

2 months ago

@evacide They’re extensions for Chromium browsers, not just Chrome. Some people need to use Chrome extensions, and I appreciate that EFF’s extensions work on Chromium browsers like #Vivaldi and #Brave.

Switched my #browser from #Chrome and #Brave to #Vivaldi.


1) Not Chrome: I don’t like the—any—connection between Chrome and Google’s advertising business, not one bit

2) Chromium: Still there are many advantages to using a Chromium browser (which Vivaldi is)

3) Europe: Europe (where @Vivaldi is based) offers better legal and consumer protections than the U.S.

@cferdinandi #Brave is just another #Chromium, thus redundant...

2 months ago

@wiverson #Brave CEO is a homophobe racist, so I would not use his browser.

Will Iverson
2 months ago

Easy, solid things to switch out for various reasons:

#Notion -> #Obsidian (
#Unity -> #Godot (
#Chrome -> #Brave (
#Adobe PS -> #Affinity (

All are cheaper, faster, more focused... YMMV but check 'em out.

Edit: Apparently Brave's leadership is Not Good (see comments). Check out Vivaldi (chromium) or Firefox!

James Gayfer
3 months ago

Is #Firefox the browser of choice these days?

Currently using #Brave, but I'm seeing more comments how it's still mostly a Google product (which isn't my favourite thing).

Steve Fenton ♾️
3 months ago

Security Tip! Update all your browsers and apps. There's a fix for the webp codec that you need. It fixes an actively exploited issue.

Updates available for:

#Chrome #Firefox #Edge #Brave

It also affects any other apps using libwebp, so things like Electron apps may be affected, too... for example 1Password.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

Looks like the software world is on fire!

Update everything: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge just patched a big flaw

#Updates #Chrome #Firefox #Brave #Edge #Flaw #InfoSec #Security #TechNews

Because everyone seems to be having a go at it.

I'm using #Brave and #Kagi as a search engine. No it's not free. Yes it's good.

I would pay for a cross platform Browser that doesn't suck and is open source.

Open source and free needs to be dissociated asap. This is what got us in this privacy nightmare, money needs to be made.

Jos :donor:
3 months ago

In the name of rejecting the industry's habit of 'tweak the error rather than admit it' (thanks to @mhoye for the mental nudge this morning!) I will put this right up front and clearly:

If you are using Chrome, now is a really good time to STOP. Use another browser. I like #vivaldi a lot, others like #firefox or #chromium or #brave, but get yourself OUT of Chrome.

If you can't avoid Chrome for whatever reason (and I get it), you can use these tweaks to at least avoid the Ad Privacy quicksand in the latest version:

#privacy #privacyMatters

Linux Is Best
3 months ago

@caiocgo This is what you see if you use Mozilla Firefox with the ad blocking power of uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.

The difference?

Brave Browser is build on Chromium, which reports to any website that you're blocking ads. Brave Browser cannot overcome this because it is part of the core of Chromium.

If you want a better browser, you need to use Firefox. If you want an ad free experience, it needs to be Firefox.

#Firefox #Brave #BraveBrowser #Chrome #Chromium

Screenshot shows Mozilla Firefox can view the page Brave Browser could not, while blocking ads.

@MacropodCare @malwaretech @torproject #Brave is yet another #Chromium and they also integrated that #WebDRM bs into that as well...

So no.

Just get #Firfox and add some basic #plugins (tho these should be integrated per default!)...

Linux Is Best
3 months ago

This is your reminder, that the CEO of Brave Browser, does not believe in human rights, for everyone.

Repeatedly has funded electronics against women's rights and their right to choose. Repeatedly funded candidates who do not believe love is love and would strip LGBTQ+ members of basic human rights.

#Brave #BraveBrowser #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQ #HumanRights #Rights