Aral Balkan
10 hours ago

52% to 48%

The cursed ratio of our times.

Tyranny of the majority.

#turkey #türkiye #election #seçim #brexit #farRight

10 hours ago

As soon as I can, I’ll be trying to get #Spanish citizenship. Fuck #Brexit, I want my #EU status back.

10 hours ago


Yep - #Brexit is definitely past the 28 days for a return at this stage.

You bought it!
You broke it!
Now you fix it!*

*NI & Scotland may not be included

10 hours ago


They should maybe try to visit #Brexit Britain, to discover that they aren't 'better' than anyone now. Plus you can now have a 'British' education for a price.

If ex students from #Eton are anything to go by - then you feck off with that in my opinion!

10 hours ago


They didn't think #Brexit would affect them, their right to live & work Europe. It was and always will be British exceptionalism. Which reached the end of the road with their vote for #brexit

This is the reckoning that the #British has been coming since Suez. They haven't dealt with the lost of their Empire. They believe that they special and should be treated as such.

Maybe it might be the start of them coming to terms with their past.

12 hours ago

"New Attitudes Poll: Voters Want Relationship with Europe" - People are starting to agree Brexit was a mistake, or at least if it wasn't a mistake it's been a failure. The questions is, what do we do now? #ukpol #Brexit

13 hours ago

More dangerous #healthcare..? Yes please, says the #Brexit voter!

UK racing to the bottom/sewer in terms of standards and prospects!

#VoteToryKillEverybody #GeneralElectionNow #Tories

The Independent: Nursing and doctor degrees to be slashed in bid to plug NHS staff shortages

‘We should be closer to Europe’: #Brexit regrets simmer in leave-voting Boston

15 hours ago


Oh I have a very different form of government in mind for #NI

After #brexit, I don't care what colour the government is! I want them to set out the conditions for #BorderPoll to be called. Then along with the #NI Assembly start preparing a #whitepaper & forming #citizens assemblies - to prepare what a New Ireland will look like.

When the vote is called, we should know what we are voting for. Plus we should aim to win it. No repeat of the #Brexit nonsense.

Khurram Wadee ✅
16 hours ago

Even Farage says #Brexit has failed. Why won’t #KeirStarmer? | William Keegan | The Guardian

The #Labour leader has been far too timid about the so-called red-wall Brexiters. They would be further ahead if they had the courage to be honest about the disastrous exit from the #EU. Do something, even if it’s to set up a royal commission to report back to them.

#UK #Politics

JuneSim63 💚
16 hours ago

"The tragedy is that so much of what we were told #Brexit was about–pivoting away from #Europe towards the #Commonwealth & the rest of the world; investing in our “world-beating” homegrown industries–is personified in the international student. They have a cultural affinity with the #UK, recognise the prestige of degrees from British universities & the value of being here to their careers & global relevance"

Nesrine Malik on #Tory demonisation of #InternationalStudents

Jim Parsons
16 hours ago

@scenario @edgeoforever

Corp owned & controlled media always been a factor but yuuuge now

MSNBC was “#TechBros in #Media” BigBang (‘96)

#Facebook #Brexit shit-show courtesy of ‘Stanford Persuasion Lab’

Oligarchs (#Elmo / MBS-Hows of S’aud) owning & controlling a critical #SocialMedia channel + its behavioural exhaust data = 😱

#AI now shooting out 🍑’s of all of this

Much citizen #attention & work needed to save #democracy from #BigTech #VC’s

16 hours ago

“The poll by Focaldata found that three times as many adults (63%) now believe Brexit has created more problems than it has solved, compared with just 21% who believe it has solved more than it has created.”

“Pro-European Labour politicians will also use the polling evidence to urge Labour leader Keir Starmer to be bolder and advance more concrete plans for closer EU ties.”

Ah, but will he?

#Brexit #Starmer

16 hours ago

“Voters in the Lincolnshire market town were the most enthusiastic supporters of Brexit, with 74.9% backing leave in the 2016 EU referendum. Now even they are sceptical that Brexit will deliver the transformation they’re still waiting for seven years later.”

If only they had paid heed to the old warning, “Be careful what you wish for”.


Michael :mastodon:
17 hours ago

I try not to talk much here about the terrible effects that #Brexit is continuing to have on the UK, but the imagery in this passage is far too powerful not to share, coming as it does directly after a listing of a succession of such blows:

"Brexit Britain is increasingly like a punch-drunk boxer. Once a world champion, age and booze and drugs have taken their toll. But he decides to enter the ring again..."

"One study by the London School of Economics suggests that as a direct result of Brexit, British households have collectively spent £7bn more on their food bills than they would have otherwise done since December 2019."

~ The Guardian


20 hours ago

"More than half of voters now want Britain to forge closer ties with the EU, poll reveals"

This is all very well, but with the two biggest English parties in lock-step over Brexit, the third hesitant to campaign on Europe, and fourth with a substantial vote in only a few constituencies, the policy debate over Europe is going nowhere.


Márcio 💩 :verified:
20 hours ago

Conflicting emotions of a strong leave municipality in the #UK.

‘We should be closer to Europe’: Brexit regrets simmer in leave-voting Boston | #Brexit | The Guardian

21 hours ago

Brexit and bad haircuts.
#brexit #politics

credit: Edith Pritchett, The Guardian

A Venn diagram. Set 1: Keir Starmer on Brexit. Set 2: When your friend gets a bad haircut. Overlap states: Unconvincingly pretending it was a good idea, until enough time has passed for honesty.
The European Network
21 hours ago

A clear majority of British voters now favours building closer relations with the European Union, according to new polling that highlights a dramatic reversal in the tide of public opinion since Brexit.

Even in those constituencies that recorded the highest votes to leave the EU in 2016, more than twice as many voters now believe the best route forward is to move in the opposite direction – and forge closer ties with Brussels.

#UK #EU #Brexit #Survey

Rishi Sunak, right, at the G7 Summit with Emmanuel Macron. The two will discuss immigration in Moldova on Thursday.
Steve Woods
21 hours ago

"It should be noted that, inevitably, Farage blames everyone but himself for the disaster of Brexit, and shows no signs, as yet, of fulfilling his promise to “live abroad” if Brexit proved to be the disaster it indubitably is." #Brexit

22 hours ago

@jacqui76 Look who Paisley was hanging out with here in NI before #brexit. He’s still hanging with Wigmore as Steve Bray recorded them together in WM recently. Paisley wasn’t happy about being seen. Afaik he’s never been seen or photographed in the company of Habib / Hoey in the same way.

Ian Paisley DUP MP.  Great weekend in Ballymena with @Nigel_Farage @Arron_banks @andywigmore 13/05/2018, 19:55
22 hours ago


Yes to #rejoin for #GB especially #Scotland if #independence isn't on the cards.

For #NI - not #rejoining as part of the #UK

BUT Yes as a newly united & shared #Ireland.

After #Brexit - I never want another English government to have a say in how my island governed. It is #timetogo

#Brexit destroyed more than one union in my opinion. However, I am only sad to see one go.

Michael Carty
22 hours ago

Yup, #brexitreality is really coming into focus....

The UK population is waking up the fact they were had, by a bunch of lying chancers who we can now see have wrecked the UK's economy....

For many #Remainers the fact the #projectfear (so-called) was all too accurate is a bittersweet vindication.

Three times as many people now see #Brexit as a negative influence, in contrast to the one in five who remain convinced its solved some problems....

ChartL Which of the following statements do you most agree with:
Brexit created more problems - 63%
Brexit solved more problems - 21%
Don't know - 16%
Peter Nimmo
22 hours ago

Former top #Tory (he was #Brexit Secretary) David #Davis: “The right to #demonstrate includes the right to disrupt”. He calls the #VoterID act “an illiberal idea in pursuit of a non-existent problem”

Joanna Bryson, blathering
23 hours ago

Annoyed about whining about 700k migrants too. Germany took 1M from Ukraine AND Syria, 2M in two crises. Before #Brexit the UK economy was 9/10 the size of Germany’s, last year it was 7/10ths.

Joanna Bryson, blathering
23 hours ago

More than half of voters now want Britain to forge closer ties with the EU, poll reveals

I guess one good thing about Johnson — voters who supported #brexit believe he sincerely tried (the rest of us doubt he’s sincere about anything).

Chris Gerhard :bt:
23 hours ago

#brexit has failed, as it was always going to. Time to rejoin

More than half of voters now want Britain to forge closer ties with the EU, poll reveals

Next month I’ll be speaking at @otago ‘Foreign Policy School 2023: Populism and Global Politics’ 30 June-2 July 2023 time to register: #conferences #foreignpolicy #politics #NewZealand #Populism #Trump #Brexit #foreignpolicy #propaganda #disinformation #commodon #polisci #policy

Team Idgara
1 day ago

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @AnarchoNinaWrites

Yeah, I'm familiar.

OTOH, the fictional characters were specifically English boys attending a private school at a certain time in the past. Lord of the Flies might actually be an accurate depiction for that specific demographic (#Brexit?) in that time period (#Nostalgia?), though this is outside my area of expertise.

Tying this all together with the rest of everything.

Much of what we are taught as students in the US and probably other so-called Western or First World countries is based on the experiences of #abled, #white, #male, well-to-do English-speakers. Their world is not our world, and much of their conjecture based on their world is wrong for the rest of humanity.

So, Lord of the Flies may or may not narrowly apply to English private school boys back in the day, and definitely does not broadly apply to all of the humans.

This is one of the reasons DALL-E can't create an accurate picture of a blind person with a guide dog approaching a food truck in a parking lot. These accurate depictions do exist on the Internet.

I'm attaching the four pictures I got from the above prompt with my low-vision best description of what is wrong. As I'm not a #dog person, I can't speak to breeds, though the dog in the last image has some weird ginormous tail.

I don't know how to put a warning only on the images: These pictures are AI-generated and are not accurate depictions of guide-dog-users. Not for resale or reuse.

The man does not appear to be connected to the guide dog at all, much less using the harness correctly. The dot /does/ have a harness, but not sure it's correct.
The woman is facing the dog, and the dog appears to have a leash that is held by the photographer. Woman is not connected to the dog in any way.
The dog appears to have a leash from the harness to something worn on the waist of the person. who, not holding a lead or harness, cannot get feedback from the dog.
Same here, leash connected to pouch on the woman's waist.  Her hands are by her face. Totally incorrect.
West England Bylines
1 day ago

Please welcome our new writer Jake Lynch. A poignant triptych of verse to describe England’s journey into the abyss of #brexit

2 days ago

#VoteLeave PROMISED:

-Trade with EU is tariff-free & involve minimal bureaucracy

-The NI border 'absolutely unchanged'

-Take back control of immigration and asylum, and cut migration to the tens of thousands

-£350M for the NHS instead of being sent to Brussels

-New trade deals, and access to a European trading zone 'from Iceland to Russia'

-Wages will be higher

-Cut VAT on energy bills to save the average household £64 a year

IT WAS performative bollocks for the thickos


Chris Gerhard :bt:
2 days ago

Food will be cheaper after #BREXIT they lied....

‘Shops will close’: soaring cost of potatoes batters British chippies

2 days ago

The fundamental dishonesty of #Brexit underlined by these empty shelves. New rules negotiated by deluded brexiteers like #Johnson, #Frost, #Raab et al will make things worse. Rejoin #singlemarket now. #RejoinEU #ToryLiars #ToryCorruption #ToriesOutNow

Glyn Moody
3 days ago

‘It felt like my way out’: why students from India come to the UK to study - "About 140,000 Indians sought educational opportunities in Britain last year, and the number is growing". interesting trend, driven in part by #brexit (and a rare plus)

A man walks into a shop and asks to buy some brains.

Shopkeeper:“what type of brains would you like?”

Customer:“how much are they?”

Shopkeeper:“we have doctor brains at £200 a kilo, lawyer brains at £250 a kilo, astrophysicist brains for £300 a kilo, Brexit voter brains for £10,000 a kilo…”

Customer:“whoa whoa whoa wait! How come Brexit voter brains cost so much?”

Shopkeeper:“do you have any idea how many Brexit voters it takes to get a kilo?”

#Brexit #BrexitHasFailed

Marcus Jenkins
4 days ago

Nigel Faragé is very concerned that people get to know that he's best mates with Andrew Tate.

So, please, for Nigel, please, please, please don't boost this photo of them together.

#andrewtate #nigelfarage #nigelfartrage #UKIP #Brexit #smalldickenergy #humantrafficking

Vor allem konservative Politiker warben seinerzeit für den Austritt Großbritanniens aus der EU mit dem Argument, die Zahl der Einwanderungen zu reduzieren. Nun zeigt sich jedoch, dass dieser Effekt ausgeblieben ist.#Migration #Großbritannien #Brexit #EU #RishiSunak
Einwanderung nach Großbritannien auf Rekordniveau | DW | 25.05.2023
Bylines Scotland
4 days ago

🆕 Brexit Stocktake

In this article Peter Cook reviews the impacts of Brexit after three years. It ain’t pretty. Scotland deserves better than this.

Read more here ⬇️

#Brexit #Scotland #UK

4 days ago

British households have paid £7bn since #Brexit to cover the extra cost of trade barriers on food imports from the EU, according to researchers at the London School of Economics (LSE).

4 days ago

#KeirStarmer in the Wail on Sunday...

"A Swiss deal simply wouldn't work for Britain. Freedom of movement is a red line for me. It was part of the deal of being in the EU but since we left I've been clear it won't come back under my government"

As a humble voter, I have my red lines, and Single Market membership/FoM is one of them. Starmer is no great strategic political thinker. His current #Brexit line shows him, and by extension his party, to be full of shit.

The European Network
4 days ago

British households have paid £7bn (€8bn) since Brexit to cover the extra cost of trade barriers on food imports from the EU, according to researchers at the London School of Economics (LSE).

The university’s latest report estimating the impact of leaving the bloc on UK food prices found that trade barriers were consistently hampering imports, pushing up bills by an average £250 (€290).

#UK #EU #Brexit #Food #CostOfLiving #Trade #LSE #LondonSchoolOfEconomics

A shopper at a supermarket in London. The cost of food in the UK had rocketed by 25% since 2019, the researchers calculated.
Bob Jamieson
4 days ago

Brexit food trade barriers have cost UK households £7bn, report finds

LSE researchers estimate that extra barriers on EU food imports have pushed up bills by £250 on average

#brexit #brexitfailure #BrexitEnquiry #Toryfailure #ToryCorruption #fascism

Ulrike Franke
5 days ago

The passport controls at #London #Stpancras used to work reasonably well and now it’s a total mess with some machines only taking some passports 🤬 and half hour long queues.
What have we done to deserve that???

(The answer is, of course, #Brexit) 🫠

Khurram Wadee ✅
5 days ago

#Brexit #food trade barriers have cost #UK households £7bn, report finds | Brexit | The Guardian

In case you were wondering why food #inflation is so high.


Simon Kidd
5 days ago

@ChrisMayLA6 An excellent article:

“Any campaign to go back into the EU must recognise that the old membership terms are no longer available. Our continental neighbours would want to see sustained cross-party pro-European consensus before taking any British application seriously. Rejoin is not rewind. It is the work of a generation.”

Even if the UK reverses #Brexit it won’t have all the opt outs it previously had.

Will Wright ♿
5 days ago

"Only 9% of Britons now consider Brexit more of a success than a failure, according to new polling.

Some 62% of people describe it as more of a failure, a YouGov survey shows."

Everyone of the main brexiteers who lied should be in jail for treason.

#UK #Brexit #Politics #EU #Europe #Government

5 days ago

Not to mention #brexit

Deniz Opal
5 days ago

We continue to harm the economy because people would rather become poorer than admit they were wrong to support #Brexit.

Rafeal Behr on an unfortunate silence:

#KeirStarmer 'can talk about #NHS reform, green investment, ambitious housebuilding targets... He can diagnose grave problems & prescribe solutions in many areas, steering tactfully away from the hardest issue.

But when it comes to delivering on those promises, he will find the body politic scarred & weakened by the years of #Brexit malpractice. A symptom of how deep the syndrome goes is [his] reluctance to call it by its name!'

6 days ago

"Brexit regret has reached record levels, according to new polling which said just 9% of Brits consider it to be more of a success than a failure."

On the other hand, 75% of Leave voters still believe in the potential existence of unicorns.

#Brexit #Bregret

6 days ago

@w7voa @johnb48 The deep fakes that prey on the weak, the brainwashed, and the mentally ill — are the new Civil War weapons.

That’s what happened with #Brexit and now #Ukraine. And it’s best we start studying their tactics. 🇺🇦

So we know the UK has a problem with #productivity caused by under-#investment; likewise we know all sorts of public & private services are being starved of investment....

Meanwhile #Germany is recording record levels of #ForeignDirctInvestment (FDI), and what do you know, the third highest source of that FDI is the UK... not least by firms looking to maintain a foothold in post-#Brexit #Europe...

Where's our investment gone?
Well looks like some of it is helping the German economy!

chart: US, Switzerland & UK drive record levels of FDI in Germany; Greenfield & expansion projects by country, 2022.

USA has around 270 investment projects; Switzerlans around 200 and the UK around 175.

China & Turkey have around 140 each, Netherlands 110, France 100, Austria 85, Sweden 50 & Japan 40
The European Network
6 days ago

Brexit regrets? A new poll suggests the UK has had a few since leaving the EU.

The YouGov poll shows that 62% of those asked agree with the statement that Brexit has been more of a failure than a success, with only 9% considering it "more of a success". A further 20% describe it as neither, while the remaining 9% are unsure.

It raises the question of whether the UK is suffering from "Bregret".

#Europe #UK #EU #Brexit #Bregret #YouGov #Poll #Polling

"In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?"

The 31% of Britons who say the UK was right to vote for Brexit is the lowest to date - 56% say the country was wrong to do so, the joint-highest level recorded.
1 week ago

The number of Britons saying it was right to vote to leave the EU is at its lowest level ever, according to @yougov‬⁩.

We shouldn’t be surprised. #Brexit was & is a catastrophic mistake, a huge collective act of self-harm.

When will Parliament begin a grown-up debate about this?

1 week ago

"Only 9% of Britons think #Brexit has been more of a success than a failure" according to latest polling.

The real question is: What are those 9% smoking?

Jim Parsons
1 week ago


Tech/Media ‘BigBang' was ’96 launch of MSNBC

Once end user #surveillance analytics & monetization models kicked-in, next logical “innovation” emerged from Stanford Behaviour Design Lab (Persuasion Lab)
(#Facebook #Brexit 💩)

Todays media #enshitification brought to you by #BigTech #SiliconValley #VC oligarchs who’ve successfully weaponized it and no longer need Vice & Buzzfeed data harvesting – which has satiated their #AI’s

Jonathan Baker-Bates
1 week ago
Mark Holtom (aka Kingbeard)
1 week ago

#Brexit was about immigration.

Let's see how the Little Prince and Cruella are doing?

Immigration visas now UP 40% with Conservatives and is around 700,000 (from 130,000 before Brexit).

The picture is a Telegraph headline from 1 year ago showing a bewildered and gormless Boris in front of a Take Back Control poster. The headline says, "public duped as long-term visas for foreign nationals up 40% since Brexit"
Glyn Moody
1 week ago

‘We’re going all in’: how France raced ahead of UK on electric car batteries - it's almost as if we didn't need to #brexit in order to be an innovative, leading economy....

Ben Thompson
1 week ago

So according to this article, Britain is now, post-Brexit, too small an economy to have a viable car industry.

They'll never admit the damage they've done, will they?

#ev #ukpol #Brexit

Spectator magazine screenshot of article "Britain should get out of the EV industry".
the trouble with mia
2 weeks ago

#UKPolitics #Brexit
From an interview on Bloomberg TV:
""We've left the EU and we've lost none of that bureaucracy, if anything we've actually increased it"
Investor Guy Hands says businesses in the UK face "more rules" now than they did before Brexit

No.10 spokesman responds:

A small girl, red-faced and screaming
Caption reads 
It's not due to Brexit 
it's not 
it's not 
it's not 
it's not 
it's not!!
Bob Jamieson
2 weeks ago

Campaign to make Farage’s new Brexit slogan famous launched
The slogan will be plastered on billboards up and down the country if the funds can be raised - and it looks like they will be!

Led By Donkeys has launched a campaign to make Nigel Farage’s new Brexit slogan famous.

#brexit #brexitfailure #farage #LedByDonkeys #politics

Chris Gerhard :bt:
2 weeks ago

Live video of #BREXIT supporters facing up to the consequences of their stupidity.

A large seal burying irs head in the sand
the trouble with mia
2 weeks ago

FFS. We've done nothing but act like belligerent, ill-mannered children for the last seven years and now their ideological fuckwittery has been thoroughly exposed as the bullshit it was, they're desperate to get back in the club without *actually* shifting their position.
"Government making 'strong representation' to EU about Brexit trade rules affecting car exports, MPs told"
#UKPolitics #Brexit #FuckTheTories

2 weeks ago

@stux HS2 rail link on #brexit island, projected cost ~ £106 BILLION (~$132 BILLION). 🙀

🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
2 weeks ago

The reality of Brexshit, more red tape. Looking forward to seeing these 'not for EU' stickers 🙄