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Ça donne envie de traverser la manche pour distribuer des baffes mais on a de quoi faire ici
Philippe Marlière (@PhMarliere): "Suella Braverman, ministre de l’intérieur britannique: “Dormir dans la rue est un choix de vie personnel”. #BrexitBritain" | nitter

3 months ago

@druid This isn’t a brag - like much of my anger it is grief that #BrexitBritain is being so grievously shortchanged by a corrupt government who could/should invest for a safer, more prosperous future but have freely chosen to betray their country with greed and have stolen the futures of the younger generation.

Glyn Moody
3 months ago

The UK had safe water – until Brexit let the Tories sell environmental standards down the river - #BrexitBritain

Neil Mullens
3 months ago

UK facing ‘brain drain’ of cancer researchers after failure to join EU scheme

Delay joining the #Horizon Europe programme making it more difficult to attract and retain the brightest scientists

@SydesJokes #Brexit #BrexitBritain

Neil Mullens
4 months ago

Sunak’s ‘stop the boats’ pledge has sunk to new depths – and it’s unworkable

Even though the Illegal Migration Bill is now law, making it work will be almost impossible

Viv Griffiths @SussexBylines @BylineTimes @SydesJokes

#BrexitBritain #GTTO

#BrexitBritain "Now I am worried for my children. Thinking about what we had then and what we have now is soul-destroying. There is nothing here to inspire them. There are no benefits for them here."

Here come the summer queues

The joys of the great British post-#Brexit getaway will start again this weekend. Are you ready for a long wait?

@SydesJokes #BrexitBritain #ToryBritain #GTTO

5 months ago

Duo clearly reads the news. #BrexitBritain

Duolingo question that translates as Do not go to England
David Bailey :verified:
5 months ago

An interesting and accurate analogy by Aditya Chakrabortty in The Guardian. Briton isn’t all smiles and wealth. It’s become a cesspool of corruption, destitution, greed, and sycophantism. Anywhere else in the world, the people would be in open revolt, but that’s just not British! Time to stare that portrait in the face.

#DorianGray #Economics #BrexitBritain

Australia is laughing at the new trade deal with the UK.

Great Britain now begging the former colonies for £s.

Don't worry, Sir Keir Starmer will fix it... or not.

#BrexitBritain #BrexitShambles #ToryShambles

Joe Pajak (Dr)
6 months ago

'UK has turned its back on EU guidelines regarding safe level of Bisphenol A in plastic containers. Chemical linked to low sperm counts and infertility in men as well as breast and prostate cancer.' @LondonEconomic
#BPA #Cancer #BrexitBritain

@ChrisMayLA6 @openDemocracy

Research? :blobnom:
They have polluted everything...and it began with the language. #BrexitBritain

Scott Lucas
6 months ago

How @SuellaBraverman used a little-known, hard-right American group promoting “culture wars” to attack #Migrants, #Refugees, & #AsylumSeekers --- at potential cost of billions to #BrexitBritain....

...To promote her ambition to become Prime Minister


Scott Lucas
6 months ago

How @SuellaBraverman used a little-known, hard-right American group promoting “culture wars” to attack #Migrants, #Refugees, & #AsylumSeekers --- at potential cost of billions to #BrexitBritain....

...To promote her ambition to become Prime Minister


🇬🇧 😩 'Train passengers face losing access to wifi after the government told rail companies to stop providing the service unless they can demonstrate its business case. :blobnom:

The move is being pushed by the Department for Transport (DfT) in order to cut costs as it looks to “reform all aspects of the railway”.' 🧐
#transport in #BrexitBritain

'A legal letter of intent was signed by the DHSC on 4 September 2020, which guaranteed a multimillion-pound payment to Ecolog even if a full contract was not issued.

The following year the DHSC decided it did not want to proceed and gave Ecolog £38m in settlement for “mobilisation costs”, including a “profit component”. The DHSC confirmed that no services were provided by the company.'
#disastercapitalism in #covid #brexitbritain

6 months ago

@Fife4Europe No. just no. #BrexitBritain can only start to put right what it has broken when the consequences kick in.

Bremain in Spain
6 months ago

They don't like to be called out for their Brexit lies - which is why it needs to happen more often - Alastair Campbell’s Diary: Brexiteers are the real snowflakes

Taking control! 🧐

'Like the Chichester BID, there are many spaces in the UK that appear to be public space but are actually privately owned or managed – in London alone these include the 13 acres of the South Bank and Granary Square in King’s Cross. In these areas, private security guards enforce rules imposed by landlords, rather than those set by the local authority. This means they have little accountability' Private #POLICING in #BrexitBritain

Bremain in Spain
7 months ago

Revolut’s co-founders have launched a blistering attack on the UK as a place to run a business, saying they wouldn’t consider listing in London.

The utter damage this #ToryFascistDictatorship will do before getting booted just gets worse. After a TWENTY FIVE year ban, the bunch of twisted dicks are dropping the ban on cosmetic #AnimalTesting.
#GTTO #TorySleaze #BrexitBenefits #BrexitBritain #EU

7 months ago

@OrangeMenace @jackLondon @Walrus @harriettmb

Exactly @OrangeMenace they get their prue #brexit, if they get rid of the problem preventing them from achieving it - #NI!

No attention was paid to #NI during Brexit debate. I wish no harm upon our neighbours but I just don't want NI's future being dependent upon #BrexitBritain

It is time!

7 months ago

The first thing I heard this morning is that police are to be given powers to deal with ‘slow walkers’. Yes, really! Protesting by walking slowly needs to be dealt with, apparently. Watch out #BrexitBritain. They’re coming for you!

7 months ago


No chance of getting an ounce of compassion from #BrexitBritain.

Thiemo Fetzer
7 months ago

Interesting to see if this is taking off

If so, my work on updating the numbers here

Is key and yes, it is "in the works".

#BrexitInquiry #BrexitBritain #BrexitReality

Bremain in Spain
7 months ago

Ireland booms while Brexit Britain whimpers next door
While Joe Biden visits Ireland, Brexiteers said their closest EU neighbour would be “doomed” – now it’s set to be the top-performing economy in Europe this year

#BBCBreakfast reporter says
"biggest leeches in the country are found here at #RSPB site in Dungeness, Kent."

One begs to differ - I think you'll find the biggest leeches are found in #Westminster

#GTTO #TorySewageParty #ToryCorruption #RawSewage #BrexitBritain

Conservative Party logo
8 months ago

@peteginessex @ottocrat Facebook stays for now - living beyond #BrexitBritain’s border I use it for family contact and locally for village stuff. Lost dogs.

What does 13 years of Conservative minority rule get you, apart from a trashed economy and the loss of the right to live, love and work in 28 other countries?

Food and non-alcoholic drink prices rise to their highest rate in over 45 years:


In #BrexitBritain
- planning IS doing. 🧐

"The nakedly partisan attacks on Gary Lineker backfired. Such unabashed liberal dissent from a popular figure has been missing from political discourse. This is, in part, because the Labour party had not summoned the moral courage to say the right thing. Mr Lineker ought to be congratulated for shaming the opposition into action."

Ambigram Art
9 months ago

‘David Cameron made the referendum policy because he didn’t want to risk losing 10 or 15 seats to UKIP and look where it has got us’
This 16-year-old says the Conservative Party are responsible for Brexit. #bbcqt

This is from 2019 but is still so relevant.

#brexit #BrexitReailty #BrexitBritain #BrexitDisaster #gtto #NIProtocol #fionabruce

16 year old member of the BBC Question Time audience

Politically in or out of Europe: is that even a question?

It is irresponsible and misleading to pretend that the UK is not part of a complex web of political relationships with #Europe

#BrexitBritain #ukpolitics

Professor Juliet Lodge @YorksBylines
@BylineTimes @SydesJokes

Carol Hedges
10 months ago

#pmqs Sunaks wife used her no don status to escape paying tax. Rees Mogg shovels all his profits from companies offshore. Zahawi ‘claims’ carelessness over his taxes.

Meanwhile, a quarter of children aren’t eating properly and live in cold damp homes.
Third world #BrexitBritain

Great article by @iainoverton on the Tory government’s willingness to do Free Trade Deals with countries on their human rights watch list, as they desperately try to make #Brexit work.

@BylineTimes @SydesJokes

#FTAs #HumanRights #BrexitBritain #GTTO

Beth Poet
1 year ago

Visit a Citizens Advice and see: the ‘cost of living’ doesn’t capture this emergency #BrexitBritain

Is #FollowBackFriday 'a thing' here? If you #follow me, I'll #FollowBack. 👍

I love #birds, #trees & #nature. I'm terrified by the #ClimateEmergency. I hate #Brexit & it's corrupt Tory enablers. I'm a big fan of #SteelyDan, #StewartLee, #MickLynch and support the #NHS #NursesStrike.

I make #art. Here are some #starlings I painted a few years ago.

#BrexitRecession #ToryBrexitDisaster #BrexitBrokeBritain #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitBritain #RejoinEU #FBPE #GTTO #RejoinEU #proEU #EU #followfriday

A painting ot starlings on a blue starry background by Jane Tomlinson
Katrina Best
1 year ago

Hello 👋 to all on mastodon from a UK-based writer, editor and Twitter refugee fleeing the toxic new regime of a narcissistic billionaire bully with right-wing fascistic tendencies… Not sure which hashtags are appropriate on this forum but here are some I’ve used a lot: #RejoinEU #SaveThePlanet #FBPE #ElectoralReform #GeneralElectionNow #ProjectReality #BrexitBritain #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #GTTO #BeKind #Read #Write #Cats <— love that this is the only #️⃣ doing serious numbers!! 🐈‍⬛ 🐾 👀 ❤️

Shrig 🐌
2 years ago

Just heard a traction engine drive past, I guess that's one way to deal with the petrol problems. #BrexitBritain

Ludwig W. Mieth
3 years ago

The cretinous stupidity of #Brexit as featured on the Simpsons.
#BrexitBritain #LaughingStock #BrexitReality #BrexitIsACrimeScene

Ian Betteridge
3 years ago

amazing how a large trading bloc can get a deal with a major country without conceding on standards, while a small isolated country desperate for a deal probably will
RT @RichardGCorbett

Well, well, well!
While #Brexiters waffle about supposed #trade opportunities for #BrexitBritain , the EU gets its deal with the USA (without conceding on standards) while Britain doesn’t get anywhere near.
Europe together has…