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Halfway to the Isle of Mull our ferry passed Lismore lighthouse, which ironically is located on Eilean Musdile, while the much bigger Lismore Island can be seen in the background #cycling #Scotland #ferry #Lismore #biketour #britain #BikeTooter

Lismore lighthouse
Lismore lighthouse
Lismore lighthouse
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I have had this "dream" for over 30 years, to at least once be at The Last Night of The Proms in RAH. But the 9th of September went by and I wasn't there. Once again. So at least THAT is a tradition. But #theproms is not what they used to be. Gone is the "post-war" feeling and "come together" between nations. Some beautiful pieces, the crowd is there, but not the expression of "all of us". Even more so now post #brexit #bbc #sirhenrywood #britain

Television shot from the broadcast of Last Night of The Proms. Crowd and the BBC Symphony orchestra.
Bob the Traveler
5 hours ago

Ælfwald I of #Northumbria was murdered, probably at Chesters, by ealdorman Sicga OTD in 788 #travel #Britain

12 hours ago


Joey Grostern, Sam Bright in DeSmog

"#DeSmog has previously revealed that the Conservative Party received £3.5 million in donations from fossil fuel interests and climate science deniers in 2022, while two-thirds of the directors in charge of the party’s multi-million-pound endowment fund have a financial interest in oil, gas, and highly polluting industries."

#FossilFuels #politics #Britain #capitalism #ClimateCrisis 

Peter Nimmo
1 day ago

Anne Applebaum @anneapplebaum compares #TuckerCarlson to enemy radio propagandists who broadcast to #Americans during the Second World War. British readers will think of "Lord Haw Haw", William Joyce, who broadcast from Nazi Germany, was captured and became last person to be hanged for #treason in #Britain

#Britain to #Ukraine; "Are you sure you want to join the #eu why not hang around with us instead?"
And Ukraine smiles and backs away slowly, having just noticed Britain has shit itself and is pretending it hasn't.

1 day ago

PPN World News Headlines - 22 Sep 2023 • Canada, US military aid for Ukraine • Migrants on US border
#USA #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #Russia #Zelensky #canadaindia #Canada #Biden #Texas #border #Germany #Poland #Britain #India

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Bus it, boss it on #CarFreeDay and help make #Britain a cleaner, greener place with #Stagecoach

Last year Stagecoach's services helped prevent the release of 239,844 tonnes of #carbon into the atmosphere

Over 400 fully electric vehicles to be introduced over the next 12 months

#Transport #Buses #urbanism #UK

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
2 days ago

🇬🇧 The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service has authorised charges against five people suspected of #spying for Russia.

The three men and two women, aged between 29 and 45, are accused of “conspiring to collect information intended to be directly or indirectly useful to an enemy”, the CPS said.

#britain #russia #espionage

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

"Rishi #Sunak’s weakening of #Britain’s #NetZero targets has prompted ire among ecologists, #business leaders and many of his own MPs. "

Challenged to take a stand,
"#Labour said it would work with industry to meet the 2030 target, arguing that families would ultimately be better off because #ElectricVehicles had much cheaper lifetime costs."


2 days ago

#UK's Online #Safety #Bill finally passed by parliament.

The government (#Britain) has said the bill does not ban end-to-end #encryption."
"Tech #companies have said #scanning #messages and end-to-end encryption are fundamentally incompatible."

Who is right?

3 days ago

UK politicians don metaverse avatars as they share Web3 roadmap - “Web3 represents a paradigm shift that reimagines the very fabric... - #politicians #blockchain #metaverse #britain #web3 #uk

Nevis Island
3 days ago

The dual-island nation of #StKitts and #NevisIsland gained its #independence from #Britain on this date in 1983, making this the 40-year anniversary.

The dual-island nation of #StKitts and #NevisIsland gained its #independence from #Britain on this date in 1983, making this the 40-year anniversary.
John Linton Roberson
3 days ago

GEORGE FORMBY: It Serves Me Right (I Shouldn't have Joined) #music #britain

3 days ago

The #RSPB took on ministers and fell to earth. How it happened is a warning to us all

When the truth puts the liars on the offensive they reveal what they're really about, controlling the social media narrative (maintaining the lie that they're serving the public's best interest)

"This is not just a story of a #wildlife charity being bullied – it’s about the ugly truth of power dynamics in today’s #Britain" #GeorgeMonbiot

#corrupt #capitalism #money #politics

3 days ago

UK’s Disastrous Online Safety Bill Passes, Imperilling Security and Privacy in the UK

Despite universal condemnation and constant protest, UK lawmakers passed the Online Safety Bill anyway.

Anti-encryption, age verification, and other laws are now the law of the land in the UK. This thanks to the disastrous Online Safety Bill passing very recently.

#Censorship #Privacy #Security #AgeVerification #backdoor #Britain #encryption #OnlineSafetyBill #UK #Wikipedia

3 days ago

‘Not What You’d Expect in a Democracy.’ How #Britain Is Waging War Against #ClimateProtesters

By Yasmeen Serhan/London
December 16, 2022

"As the #ClimateCrisis worsens, and as the international efforts to mitigate its effects continue to fall short, activists like #CameronFord have become more daring. Over the past year and a half, the 32-year-old British carpenter has blocked highways by gluing himself to roads and chained himself to an oil tanker.

"Like most #environmental campaigners, Ford never wanted to do anything that could land him in jail. 'I was hoping to emigrate to Canada one day,' he says from his home in Cambridge. But Ford changed his mind about the need for bolder activism after attending a talk hosted by the climate group #InsulateBritain last summer. 'It made sense to make that stand earlier, whilst there was still a chance that we could actually mitigate the worst of it, rather than once it’s too late,' he says.

"Ford is hardly alone in that view. Other British protesters like him have gone so far as to tunnel under major infrastructure projects, throw soup at famous works of art, and scale a 190-food bridge—all in a desperate bid to draw the public’s attention to the looming climate catastrophe.

"But their democratic right to protest is now at risk as the British government declares war on tactics that it regards as disruptive and, ideally, illegal. Draft legislation that the House of Commons approved in October [2022] would pose unprecedented restrictions on the right to #protest in #England and #Wales.

"'When [#ClimateCollapse] is what we face, I believe the only thing that would curtail us is the death penalty,' says Ford, 'because the alternative to us not standing up is death.'"

#GreatBritain #Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

Bob the Traveler
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Roman emperor Antoninus Pius was born OTD in 86 AD into a senatorial family; emperor Hadrian adopted him as his son and successor #travel #Britain #history

This is a great #Free (and much of it #CommercialFree) #UK #Britain #Radio #InternetRadio site I like...
It's full of all types of #Music and some #Talk and #News stations as well...
You'll want to bookmark it...
Especially if you're #British...
#Cheers! 🇬🇧 ☕📻

Kristoffer Lawson
4 days ago

I sadly feel that the #UK is increasingly becoming a backwards, technologically laggard country, keen on protecting the existing rather than investing in the future and allowing new ideas to flourish. Exactly the opposite of what made #Britain great to begin with.

Maybe they can be content though that #Japan is quickly following suit.

demï7en 🎗
4 days ago

@fulelo Remind me, when was the last time #Britain was a leader, or at least somewhat proactive, in tackling the potentially existential challenges to *their* way of life:

🔹 the degradation of environment (global warming and various types of pollution) and
🔹 the threats to liberal democracy (inequality and rising authoritarianism)

#UK #UnitedKingdom #GreatBritain

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
4 days ago

🇬🇧 🇨🇳 Britain's Foreign Secretary James Cleverly urged his #Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Tuesday to push #Russia to withdraw its troops from #Ukraine and stress to Moscow the importance of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

#britain #china #RussiaUkraineWar

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
4 days ago
Ian Cylkowski Photography
4 days ago

Time for some history and English cultural heritage.

Every September volunteers for Heritage Open Days organise events and open up usually private buildings to celebrate the culture and heritage of England. We ventured to the historic Appleby-in-Westmorland to check out some of the ancient buildings.

It was fascinating!

Loads more photos, plus some history, available for you right here -> 👍

#travel #autumn #fall #architecture #heritage #uk #britain #england

Soft light gently illuminates for stables, resplendent in green finery from the 18th century.
An old English council chamber, lined with paintings and photos of former mayors, with oak furniture and green carpet.
The golden nave of Appleby church, lined with pews and arches with gentle lights above.
A 17th century cobbled courtyard, with plants in the middle, surrounded by small almshouses around with bright red doors.
Russia-Ukraine Daily News
4 days ago

🇬🇧 🇺🇦 #Britain will supply "tens of thousands" more artillery shells to #Ukraine this year, the government's defence department announced on Tuesday.


Dave Underwood
4 days ago

A general election cannot come soon enough.

#UK #Britain #ukpol #UKPolitics #Tories #GTTO

Parody UK Conservatives Party logo which has a graphic of Nosferatu and the caption "draining the life out of Britain since 2010."
5 days ago

“50 Years After Chile’s Coup, Salvador Allende’s Grandson Speaks About Britain’s Role in the Rise of Pinochet: In Santiago, Declassified spoke with Pablo Sepúlveda Allende about Margaret Thatcher’s friendship with Chile’s dictator and how Labour helped him evade justice for crimes against humanity.”

By John McEvoy & Pablo Navarrete in @Declassified_UK

#Chile #Thatcher #Allende #Pinochet #Britain #Labour

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
5 days ago

🇷🇺 🇬🇧 #Russian private lender Sovcombank has filed a lawsuit with a Russian court against #British bank HSBC, seeking to recover debt in roubles equivalent to 12,958 ounces of gold, court filings showed.

#russia #britain #banking #sanctions

Peter Nimmo
5 days ago

People who have run #UK for the last 15 years are wondering how we ended up with a "broken" #Britain

Poetry News
5 days ago

What questions does Britain face today?
Will Laura Kuenssberg have her say?
On China's stance, and aid to give
In disaster-hit regions where lives grieve
Cleverly's answer will be key
He'll set the course of history

#britain #laurakuenssberg #china #aid #poetry

Peter Nimmo
5 days ago

Two #pubs a day disappearing in #England and #Wales, accord to #BBCNews. At this rate, #Britain will soon be a land with no pubs or #churches

BluePeony :bow_blue:
6 days ago

#Britain’s #monarchy is dying, and no PR can save it | Politics | Al Jazeera

> The world mostly ignored the anniversary of #QueenElizabeth’s passing, a reminder of how little the royal family means.


Turns out, Elizabeth’s decade after decade after decade tenure as monarch was as ephemeral as a gust of wind and, truth be told, much less serious than the results of that weekend’s Premier League fixtures.

Sure, there were the familiar TV-friendly rituals confirming that Elizabeth had, in fact, been remembered. But they seemed tired and performative.
Charles is the head of a pedestrian, dysfunctional family that seethes with petty grievances, jealousies and contempt.

The House of Windsor’s supposed devotion to “service” is a fig leaf meant to disguise just how inconsequential and disconnected “The Firm” is from the taxing, day-to-day lives of most Brits.
Elizabeth devoted her comfortable life to travelling first-class, shielding her family’s vast wealth from the taxman, managing her family’s pristine, sprawling estates, being feted at lavish state dinners by virtue of luck and primogeniture, caring for her dear dogs and horses, and burnishing the mirage that the British monarchy remains an exemplar of constancy, charity and benevolence.
Charles is the head of a pedestrian, dysfunctional family that seethes with petty grievances, jealousies and contempt.

The House of Windsor’s supposed devotion to “service” is a fig leaf meant to disguise just how inconsequential and disconnected “The Firm” is from the taxing, day-to-day lives of most Brits.
Russia-Ukraine Daily News
1 week ago

🇬🇧 #Britain on Friday officially proscribed the #Russian mercenary #Wagner Group as a #terrorist organisation, after announcing the move last week, which will make it illegal to be a member or to support it.

#russia #terrorism

Stuart Herbert
1 week ago

Good morning!

While walking between #SteelRigg and #Windshields on the #HadriansWall path, I spotted this tower to the north.

It's called #Hopealone, and it seems to be a comms #tower. With the open #landscape around it, I thought it made for an eye-catching 25:9 shot.

#FujiFilm #XH2 #Northumbria #Photography #LandscapePhotography #ManMade #Britain #England #UK #BlackAndWhite #Monochrome

This is wide shot of Hopealone, a communications tower that stands in the open wilderness to the north of Hadrian's Wall.

The tower appears to be of a metal lattice construction, arranged in three tiers. As we go up the tower, each tier is smaller than the last, until the top tier is little more than a vertical mast.

It towers (pun intended) above the trees around it.
Vivienne Dunstan
1 week ago

Todays postal arrival, bought with some birthday money: Literary Hauntings, A Gazetter of Literary Ghost Stories from Britain and Ireland. From #TartarusPress. #Books #GhostStories #Gazetteer #Literature #Fiction #Geography #Psychogeography #Bookstodon #Reading #ShortStories #Ghosts #Hauntings #Britain #BritishFiction #Ireland #IrishFiction #Horror #BritishBooks #IrishBooks

The paperback book resting on a red sofa. The book has a cream dust jacket cover, with a spooky ghost like picture in the middle bottom of it.
Stuart Herbert
1 week ago

Once dusk has given way to true darkness, the majestic #TheKelpies dominate the Scottish sky.

You can find the previous shot in this series here:

#photography #Fujifilm #XH2 #TheHelix #Falkirk #Scotland #Britain #UK #NightPhotography #Sculpture #art

This is a photo of The Kelpies as dusk turns to darkness.

The Kelpies are 30 metre-high metal sculptures of two horses' heads, built as a public art installation at The Helix in Falkirk.

At night, they're illuminated from within, the lattice metalwork allowing the light to pour out.

Against the dark Scottish sky, the detail really stands out.

The sculptures change colour constantly, gradually fading into reds and blues before coming back together to be lit synchronously in white.

The light from the sculptures is so bright, it spills out to light up the specially-constructed canal lock basin that they reside within.
Oakland Privacy
1 week ago

Facial recognition could transform policing in same way as DNA, says Met chief

Britain’s most senior police officer has predicted that facial recognition technology will transform criminal investigations as much as DNA testing has done, a prospect described as dystopian by human rights campaigners...

#UK #Britain #facialrecognition #protest #chillingeffect #CCTV #privacy

"The Labour Party is afraid to mention Brexit - it was a catastrophe and everybody knows it deep in their bones"

Comedian @stephenfry gives his views on the impact of Britain leaving the EU

Courtesy of: #BBC

#LabourParty #Britain #Brexit #EU #StephenFry

"The Labour Party is afraid to mention Brexit - it was a catastrophe and everybody knows it deep in their bones"

-Stephen Fry
Gamliel Fishkin ☑️
2 weeks ago

@davidnjoku I do not know much about life of black persons in the contemporary United Kingdom, but please read the real story of Abram P. Gannibal, man born in Africa and lived his life successfully in Russia in the 18th century.
The greatest of the Russian poets, Alexander Pushkin was his great-grandson. Also, many British aristocrats descend from him.

#Africa #England #Britain #GB #UK #Russia #history #biography #Gannibal #AbramGannibal #Pushkin #AlexanderPushkin #poet

Alexander Hay
2 weeks ago

Nothing quite sums up 13 years of #Tory misrule than this:

"...In 2014, an air traffic control training centre by #Bournemouth airport was bought to house another free school, #Parkfield, after a four-page vendor’s report. #Asbestos and #Bats were later found on the site and unexploded bombs have yet to be ruled out..."

[From: "How #Austerity (and #Ideology) broke #Britain"]

#UK #News #Politics #Tories #DanielKhalife #Wandsworth #Birmingham #BirminghamCityCouncil

2 weeks ago


Reality is: #Brexit #Britain under the @conservatives has become an irrelevance within the context of global superpower power-playing!

It will take the UK a very long time to extricate itself from the wreckage of 14 years of Tory misrule - & I have * zero* confidence that a @UKLabour government under ‘Sir’ Keir (#KidStarver) #Starmer is up to the job of ‘building back better’!

To the contrary, I fear they will just manage our decline slightly more effectively but just as corruptly!

#ToryCorruption #ToriesUnfitToGovern #Sunak #Johnson #May #Truss #Cameron #Austerity

Helen Pugh
2 weeks ago

The world seems very quiet right now. Has everyone melted?

#heatwave #IndianSummer #autumn #Britain #uk

Dave Underwood
2 weeks ago

I think Tax Justice UK are right when they say as part of addressing chronic Government underfunding we need:

'[N]ew wealth taxes levied on the super rich (those with net assets over £10m) – & existing taxes like Capital Gains updated so the super rich pay the same tax rate as working people.'

#UK #Britain #ukpol #Tories #GTTO #uktax

Ian Cylkowski Photography
2 weeks ago

It's the end of the summer holidays.

Just as a heatwave arrives!

So we got up nice and early to hike to Colwith Force, snapping some gorgeous woodland and waterfall scenery. Added extra, swirling mist and fog burning away from the mountain tops.

Plenty more photos from this day are waiting for you right here -> 👍

#landscape #photography #photo #photographie #nature #travel #autumn #fall #lakedistrict #cumbria #uk #britain #england

A double spot waterfall emerges from a thick woodland, showing signs of autumnal colours.
A view from right next alongside a crashing waterfall, seperated by crags, and its river winds off into the distance.
A winding path cuts through a field towards a forest, with mountains barely visible above as the mist and fog swirls around their tops.
A country lane, framed by bushes, trees, and dry stone walls, leads the eye towards the rust-coloured craggy fells in the distance on a sunny day.

"Tory and Labour are two cheeks of the same arse" — a Scottish MP just stated during Prime Minister's Questions session in Parliament.

#britain #british #news #pmq

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
3 weeks ago

#Wagner, the #Russian mercenary group, is set to be proscribed as a terrorist group by the UK government - meaning it will be illegal to be a member or support the organisation 🇬🇧🇷🇺

#britain #russia

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
3 weeks ago

🇺🇲 🇬🇧 #Russia warned Tuesday it will treat any US move to station #nuclear weapons in the UK for the first time in 15 years as an “escalation” after media reports indicated plans to deploy the bombs on #British soil.

#usa #britain #nato #belarus

3 weeks ago

In our continuing series of "how post-#brexit #Britain descends into a banana republic (possibly soon without bananas)", on today's episode we take a look at the state of the prison conditions in this third world country:


Ian Cylkowski Photography
3 weeks ago

A change of plans meant rediscovering the incredible Kingsdale.

Arguably one of the "crowning" (sorry) features of Kingsdale is a pair of giant boulders teetering near the valley's western edge. They are known as the Cheese Press Stones.

Loads more photos from this hike are waiting for you, right here 👍

#landscape #landscapephotography #photography #photographie #photo #autumn #fall #yorkshire #northyorkshire #yorkshiredales #uk #britain #england #nature #travel

Two giant white boulders frame and centre a flat-topped hill in the distance with fluffy clouds and blue sky above.
A grey winding road moves through the flat-bottomed valley and beneath the valley's hillside, lined with limestone scars and boulders.
Limestone boulders and pavements criss-cross through the valley with a hill in the distance.
A cluster of large white boulders fill the frame and point towards a large hill in the distance on a sunny day.
SubtleBlade ⚔️
3 weeks ago

Five ways #kleptocrats can keep hold of their #UK assets

Politicians’ promises to rid #Britain of ‘#DirtyMoney’ in the aftermath of #Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine haven’t come to fruition #ToryPoliciesInAction #MineyBeforePeople #DirtyParty #LoopholesForDonors?

"Imperial Federation - Map of the world showing the extent of the British Empire in 1886. Statistical information furnished by Captain J.C.R. Colomb, M.P. formerly R.M.A. Mclure & Co. Queen Victoria Street, London. British territories coloured in red. (Published as) Supplement to ''The Graphic'', July 24th, 1886. (Inset) Map of the world showing the extent of British territories in 1786." #Map #Maps #Cartography #History #Histodon #Histodons #British #Britain #Empire @histodon @histodons

3 weeks ago

Of course the British royal family has history in forgiving and protecting sex offenders, all the while attempting to rewrite history in the process. Lord Mountbatten for example (Charlie boys favourite uncle). Bare in mind the British royal family are also the head of the church of England. #princeandrew #britain #royalfamily

Ian Cylkowski Photography
3 weeks ago

Join me in wandering around the ancient village of Dent.

An ancient church, centuries old buildings, cobbled streets, all sat snug in a steep valley.

Loads more photos of this place are waiting for your eyeballs here 👍

#landscape #photography #photo #photographie #nature #travel #architecture #history #historical #uk #britain #england #autumn #fall #yorkshire #yorkshiredales

Sheep graze in a field next to an old house, whilst the valley rises up high in the distance.
Old sandstone and whitewashed cottages frame the road as it leads towards the high fell in the distance with a sunbeam scanning across it.
A pub and an old bank point the way into the cobbled streets of the village.
A clump of mossy boulders nearby with natural steps leading up towards the high canopy of the gorge.
Aral Balkan
3 weeks ago

It would appear that “former Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach has threatened the University of Cambridge with legal action after a historian named her as a descendant of merchants who enslaved his ancestors.”

Oh, my… It would be a damn shame if more people knew of this so please do not boost this post.

#AntoinetteSandbach #SamuelSandbach #Sandbach #british #slavery #britain #slaveOwners #tories #tory #conservatives #uk #cambridge #colonialists #colonialism


How to think about the impact of #AtlanticOcean meridional overturning circulation #AMOC possibly shutting down due to #ClimateChange.

(An oversimplification.)

Here in Northeast #USA we think of Northern Europe as our lateral equivalents.

Not true.

Draw a line out from the latitude of New York City, what do you hit?


Northern Europe is counterintuitively (for Americans) over from *Northern* #Canada. Great #Britain lines up with Labrador, North of Newfoundland. Pretty far North and... so why isn't Great Britain cold like Labrador?

That's due to the AMOC.

Think of it (vast oversimplification) as a gyre of water turning the Atlantic in a big circle. The current shoves warm water far North along Europe's Atlantic coastline. And reciprocally, it pushes cold water down to New England.

It also explains why Britain is famously foggy and rainy.

So what's going to happen if the AMOC shuts down?

Northwest #Europe will freeze, and New England will cook.

Waiting for Godot - Wikipedia

"It was seen as an allegory of the #ColdWar" or of French #Resistance to the Germans. Graham Hassell writes, "[T]he intrusion of Pozzo and Lucky [...] seems like nothing more than a metaphor for #Ireland's view of mainland #Britain, where society has ever been blighted by a greedy ruling élite keeping the working classes passive and ignorant by whatever means",by%20whatever%20means

Ian Cylkowski Photography
4 weeks ago

A Bank Holiday Monday meant a day out with me Dad.

We embarked on a wee wander around Hawes, an ancient market town slap bang in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales.

More photos from this day are ready for you right here -> 👍

#landscape #photography #photographie #photo #nature #travel #summer #uk #britain #england

Two old sandstone buildings nearby with a flat-topped hill catching the light in the distance.
A footpath winds its way to an old Yorkshire town with fells in the distance.
Nearby, in the centre, a sheep grazes next to some old buildings. Trees line the photo and give way to the rolling folds of the valley in the distance.
A road winds down through the town lined with old cottages as a flat-topped hill rises high in the distance.
Fedi.Garden 🌱
4 weeks ago is a general UK server for casual chit-chat and good wholesome content:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin @Whiskeyomega runs on Glitch Mastodon, a special version of Mastodon with extra features.

#FeaturedServer #UK #UnitedKingdom #Britain #British #GB #GreatBritain #England #NorthernIreland #Scotland #Wales #Glitch #GlitchMastodon #Mastodon #Fediverse

Grant Denkinson
4 weeks ago

At #BiPrideUK23 on Saturday in #London there will be a chance to pick up the #book Purple Prose: #Bisexuality in #Britain Edited by Kate Harrad (2016). I'm one of the chapter curators. (event is also #Online #Hybrid)
#UKBiBook #UK #Bisexual #Community

1 month ago

Post-WWII #Britain invited colonial citizens to rebuild the nation, but met them with discrimination. "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs" signs & "Go back" jibes faced even UK-born children.
It developed a selective amnesia, often portraying the narrative as though only immigrants benefitted, using this skewed perception to justify stringent immigration policies.
The true essence of a nation lies not in closing its gates but in valuing those who've enriched it.
#BlackHistory #BlackBritain #history

Quote  - "We owe our progress not only to the visionaries but also to those who turned visions into realities"
1 month ago

And I think this is the home of the owners of the two horses from my last post: A manor near Kilmelford #cycling #Scotland #manor #biketour #britain #BikeTooter

A manor in front of a big mountain in rural Scotland

The #BritishMuseum theft(s) row is just the latest incidence of the problem that British claims to be on the moral high ground somehow seldom seems to survive contact with reality.... its the decadence & #corruption of post-imperial #Britain laid bare in one story.

We seem to be becoming the lying, untidy & anti-social neighbours that everyone crosses the road to avoid....

Or perhaps its just history circling back to bite us in the bum?

In any case it hardly a glowing example of civility!

1 month ago

What we've loved the most in #Scottish #Highlands:
- great #sea #bathing especially on the #Northernmost coast,
- inimitable #boggy #mountain #walking--be it #Ireland or #Britain, remember you need #gaiters to #walk dry-ish on those isles,
- breathtaking #wild #landscape,
- bright warm #weather for a week, followed by more mixed showery sunny-spelly which was more like #Scotland :) Very #refreshing!
- and very good #food in many places!


Leaving our bikes in Scotland! We'll be back some time.
1 month ago

These two horses on a green near Kilmelford told me: 'Oh, it's too hot in Scotland in the summer' 😉 #cycling #Scotland #horses #summer #biketour #britain #BikeTooter

Two beautiful dark brown horses hiding from the sun under a small tree near the fence, where I met them. Very friendly and elegant animals
kravietz 🦇
1 month ago

A question to #Britain history fans: my father is writing an article and he stumbled on a reference about “royal stables near London” where some MoD armoured division was stationed, likely until 1970’s. I tried to find it but none of the obvious locations (Royal Mews etc) rings the bell. Any ideas? 🤔

1 month ago

I cannot decide which one is the best of these four pics 🙄 can you please help me? From an elevated terrace at Kilmartin, looking back into the direction of Lochgilphead across the lush green farmland #cycling #Scotland #sheep #biketour #britain #BikeTooter

From an elevated terrace at Kilmartin, looking back into the direction of Lochgilphead across the lush green farmland and alot of sheep
From an elevated terrace at Kilmartin, looking back into the direction of Lochgilphead across the lush green farmland and alot of sheep
From an elevated terrace at Kilmartin, looking back into the direction of Lochgilphead across the lush green farmland and alot of sheep
From an elevated terrace at Kilmartin, looking back into the direction of Lochgilphead across the lush green farmland and alot of sheep
1 month ago

Every day, Britain slips closer to the dystopian end-times world from Children of Men…

(seriously, what kind of psychopath thought up the idea of putting them on a barge?)

#ChildrenOfMen #UK #Britain #Refugees #AsylumSeekers #BibbyStockholm

Prof Kemi FG
1 month ago


Oh, word? Is that why most people filing for bankruptcy due to medical bills are college educated homeowners in middle class professions and why more than 10% of adults at or above 400% of the poverty line owe medical debt? Unless you're redefining "those at the bottom" to mean "bottom 90% of the population," which lol lmao.

Anyway, nice try, but tell your co-workers at Kaiser Permanente to come up with better talking points.

#M4A #healthcare #SinglePayer #NHS #UK #Britain #Tories #USPol,%20by%20the%20amount%20of%20debt%20individuals%20owe,%202019

A land of concentration camps, e coli infested rivers and where the government is so keen to pretend away a pandemic that they'll deny the public up to date vaccines for #COVID this winter because that would be admitting it hasn't 'gone away'

And nobody in #Westminster wants to fix any of it, we just aren't worth the effort it seems.

Prof Kemi FG
2 months ago

British people, I cannot explain adequately what absolute hell the American healthcare system is. You know how people say: "at least in the US, you can get fast treatment. At least in the US, you can choose your doctor. At least in the US, you can get the most innovative treatment"?

Lies. All of it.

The US healthcare system excels at one thing only, and that's bankrupting people.

#M4A #healthcare #SinglePayer #NHS #UK #Britain #Tories

Tim Newman
2 months ago

Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian etc what are we currently in? Other than an absolute mess that is.

Charlian? #uk #britain #monarchy

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"#Britain on Monday committed to granting hundreds of licences for #NorthSea #oil and #gas extraction.
Britain has a target to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, but Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said even by this date the country is expected to get more than a quarter of its energy from oil and gas."

#UK #FossilFuels

2 months ago

Heyooo this is my #intro post pls boost

i'm a multiply #disabled #Autistic white #trans #lesbian living in the so-called uk (specifically on the island of #Britain), I'm Bargee, I live nomadically on a #narrowboat which I mostly successfully maintain myself. Interested in #RightToRepair and #repair more generally. A factor of the way autism manifests for me is hyperlexia (verbose speech, obsessive about choosing the exact right word, obsessed with learning new words and ways of speaking), this means my writing comes out really formal; read it as a class thing if you want but I'm working class, no now or future inherited wealth, no access to managerial or corporate power, lived paycheck to paycheck my whole adult life.

Politically speaking i'm into #greenanarchy, I love the #iww, i'm here for #familyAbolition and #policeabolition, #transformativejustice and #prisonabolition. I want an end to all colonial rule, capital, states, nations, borders and capital. In terms of the island I am on I am here for the end to the English occupation of the six northern counties in Ireland, the end of English rule/occupation/power in Scotland and Wales, and the end to all English overseas domination in all forms perpetrated under the flag of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I'm pessimistic about technology and I think it and legislation can't solve social problems.

I mostly post about disability justice, #CovidIsNotOver, queerness, transness, #ukpol, anarchism and anticapitalism.

I'm a linux user, obviously, and a #foss advocate.

I'll make a separate pinned post with a cw for sexy. Flirts welcome if you're a dyke, don't think covid is over and still mask up (or disability precludes you masking), and if you're like, older than mid twenties (i'm in my thirties). CIS AND TRANS MEN NO FLIRTING, THIS IS IN CAPS BECAUSE YOUR PEOPLE SEEM INCAPABLE OF READING COMPREHENSION.

To People of Colour: I collect my cousins, particularly white trans/disabled girls and autistics. If someone is doing a racism from an instance mine is federated with and you want collection please let me know. If I see this myself I do my best to not need asking. Being gracious and grateful when receiving criticism and asks for accountability or change in my behaviour is important to me and I do not expect your tone to be a certain way for me to hear it, and I am grateful for any time you take a chance on me and do me the generosity of feedback. I understand that feedback does not have to be complete and that a gift of feedback does not obligate the giver to provide further explanation/education/contact. I understand what diunital thinking is and do my best to employ it. I can usually keep my temper and own feelings in check when collecting and recuse myself when they get in the way of constructive action. I have no qualms with conflict, upsetting people and being "mean" where necessary, however. This paragraph is here for your informed consent and does not obligate you to like or trust me or interact with me.

A note on language: I use nondisabled, disablis(t/m) to honour the disability activists I have known and organised with in Britain, over the more common americanisms abled, ablis(t/m) but I don't care what anyone else uses. I use C(oercively)AFAB and CAMAB over AFAB/AMAB and if you're TME I think you should do the same. I don't really mind what language other trans women and TMA people use but I would encourage you to look into the terf historical useage of FAB (female at birth) and the transmasc transmisogynist useage of AFABulous, as well as to think about how CAMAB both decenters our ASAB and centers the violent upholding of cisgenderism, and think about whether this might be a useful lingustic distinction for you. But I'm not the boss of you, do what feels important/right to you.

I'm angry that after 10 years of rising up the ranks in my career and growing my wage I'm still struggling to pay bills as though my wage has over doubled from 10 years ago the mismanagement of the economy keeps moving the bar of comfortable just ahead of me.

Fucking sick of this no win #Britain. Fucking sick of 13 years of fucking #tories

Donald Roy
2 months ago


In this context I must say that though I regard the overall record of the 1997-2010 #labour government as mixed at best an achievement that has stood the test of time was the creation of the #ons - Office for National Statistics - with far greater independence than its predecessors. #ons can fairly be regarded as a world leading institution - one of very few #britain has to its name - arguably #nice - the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - is another.

2 months ago

Bloody refugees... I mean asylum seekers.. coming here expecting to have a legitimate way of entering the country to make their request to not be tortured or otherwise threatened with death. ...THE CHEEK!

#Britain wasn't built on fairness, social justice, equality or opportunity!!

It was build on being born to the right family.

Born in a warzone.? tough! Try harder in your next life!


#Rishi #Cruella #Suella

#Tory party policy

Ian Cylkowski Photography
3 months ago

Time for somewhere a little different.

We enjoyed a long weekend break in and around Marsden, nestled in the South Pennines of West Yorkshire.

Although conditions were less than favourable, I still walked away with some reasonable photos.

There's plenty more for your viewing pleasure here 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #photography #photo #photographie #westyorkshire #yorkshire #summer #uk #britain #england

Giant crags and boulders jut out from the valley side, pointing across the moorland to the distant hills and light.
A zoomed in shot of a gently sloping triangular hill, bathed in golden light, with small farms beneath it.
A rural English scene, with a stone cottage lining the side of a canal as it enters the dark tunnel underneath the hill.
Boulders and jutting crags point the viewer's eye towards the triangular shape of Pule Hill as it catches the afternoon's sun.
3 months ago

Never seen something so true

#Britain #England #Imperialism #LOTR #Meme #Funny #spices

A LOTR meme depicting Elrond and Isildur.

The top image shows a closeup of Isildur's hand holding the One Ring. It is labeled "Spices"

The second image shows Elrond labeled "The countries that were invaded for said spices." He says "Cast them into your food. Use them."

The last image shows Isildur. He is labeled "Britain." He says "No"
Bob the Traveler
3 months ago

Emperor Valentinian III began his reign over the Western Roman Empire OTD in 437 #travel #Britain #history