Damien Scully
4 months ago

So the answer to the outstanding #NameThatCar challenge a Buick... More or less!
It is in fact 1938 Mc Laughlin Buick Special, built in Canada for Right-Hand-Drive markets this one was delivered to Sunderland in the UK in 1938 so survived WWII and some terrible weather!
This beautifully restored example of what must be a rare car has appeared on screen in various films and TV shows!
Well done if you got it right, or at least that it was a #Buick Special.
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The boot/trunk handle of a 1930's car. The handle bears the manufacturer name McLaughlin Buick. Beneath this is a number 8 in red semi circle. Thia refers to it having an 8 cylinder engine.
Right hand side of a black 1930's car.
There is a spare wheel carrier built in the wing, this bears the legend Buick. To the right of this the word Special is visible on the side of the the engine housing.
Damien Scully
5 months ago

So the answer to the outstanding #NameThatCar challenge.
As many of you #WeirdCarMastodon folks correctly identified it was a Buick Special. Those portholes in the wing were very distinctive!
The only question was whuch model.
Helpfully the owner had provided an informative label.
Buick Special Model 48 264 cui Fireball V8.
Thanks to everyone who had a guess.
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View of the engine bay of an American car. The engine is very clean and nicely detailed. On the front crossmember is a label which reads:
Buick Special Model 48 264 cui Fireball V8
Partial side view of a pale pink Buick Special. The "Special" name script is visible on the side as are the portholes in the front wing. A chrome strip sweeps up from bottom of the rear wheel arch to the top of the front wheel.