🌱 curl -fsSL | sh
🌵npm i bun -g
🌲 use Bun instead of npm or node whenever you can.

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Björn Friedrichs
3 weeks ago

Added dynamically generated title card images to my blog but ran into a few issues with #bunjs first.

3 weeks ago

Zig is a significant improvement over C++

...To be honest...

Even C is a significant improvement over C++

🤣🤣🤣 @mcollina on @jsparty

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1 month ago

E o #bunjs galera? Passou o hype igual ao #deno?

cc. @RaisiTech

Karsten Schmidt
1 month ago

Phew! An update of my past 2 days: 964 changed files with 23,240 additions and 24,273 deletions (~6600 individual cases in ~1220 tests)...

Almost all tests are now using and its test runner which executes everything in 23 seconds now vs. the previous 10-15 mins on GitHub CI. Only a small 25-35x(!) speed up... 🤯🤩

This is also great (if small fry for now) for saving energy! Right now, the main build step for all 184 packages is still using Yarn & Typescript and still taking ~23 mins on the Github CI (vs. ~4 mins on my MBA M1). This is because for each package Yarn also launches a new TS instance, which has huge overhead... Once this issue[1] with Bun will be fixed, I'm sure I can get this time _drastically_ down too!


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JS Party 🪩
1 month ago

“I’d been frustrated for years of just how slow everything in JavaScript is. Why does it take so long to install dependencies? Why is it so hard to just run a JSX file, or a TypeScript file?”

@jarredsumner on why he created #bunjs

JavaScript with Bun is actually nice. Great performance (built with Zig), gradual typing, Go-like all-in-one tooling (no npm, no bundler). No compile times. Code hot-reloading.

If JS had checked exceptions, that would make it very convincing as a suitable Go replacement for my work.

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Ryan Ricard
2 months ago

I'd love to connect with any folks out there using #BunJS - my team is very interested in the promised functionality but initial experiments hit some road blocks - anyone successfully migrated a #Node app to #Bun and has stories to tell? #Typescript

Sal Rahman
2 months ago

Bun is fairly elegant, IMO

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ECMAScript News
2 months ago

JS Party podcast: Reflecting on Bun’s big launch with Jarred Sumner [54-minute audio]
@jerod @jsparty

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JS Party 🪩
2 months ago

🔥 New episode of JS Party!

Fresh off Bun’s big 1.0 launch, Jarred Sumner goes one-on-one with @jerod to discuss the all-in-one JavaScript runtime that’s captured the interest of many.

We get into it all: what problem he’s solving, how it’s so fast, why no Windows support, answering the critics, the (not real) beef between Bun and Node, how the VC-backed startup will sustain & more.

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I've been moving all our #Jest tests to #NodeJS’s test runner as some sort of a wind-down task before I sign off for a few days. Learned about it while playing around with #BunJS. Finally got to the last test today and was able to remove Jest entirely from our dependency tree. It shaved off ~7% of our lock file:

Screenshot of `git diff` showing 1123 line changes in `yarn.lock`. For this final test, there were 8 files changed, 92 insertions, and 1111 deletions.
JS Party 🪩
2 months ago

🚢 New episode of JS Party!

Amal, KBall & @boneskull convene to discuss the recent (deserved) hype over Bun and what it all means for the @nodejs community, maintainers & users.

They’re joined by @mcollina & @jasnell who are here to dispel Bun antagonism rumors, discuss the pros/cons of each runtime, explain how Node continues to thrive & even announce a VERY big upcoming feature!

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Thor Galle
2 months ago

#bunjs seems to be taking off 👀 Their 1.0 marketing video made quite the splash! I guess I'll try it on a toy project soon, I'm still a bit skeptical.

Graph: #webdev

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
3 months ago

This is actually a pretty awesome (but lengthy) post about Bun and why you probably shouldn't jump on the train already.

Bun hype. How we learned nothing from Yarn

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3 months ago

💻🔥I'm Back, Baby! Checking Out #bunjs | #Stream Bot in #TypeScript🔥💻 #twitch

3 months ago

I guess I will give #bun a try... these numbers aren't that bad, considering that in my test, the server handles 100 parallel requests for ~10 minutes and converts a big XML to JSON....
#ebay wants a response within 3000ms... when handing thousands of incoming notifications, this is getting tough.... this needs more testing 🤓 🔍 🕵️

#bunjs #javascript

:nodejs: 🥟
A realistic approach to the Bun vs Node.js comparison hype.


Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
3 months ago

This is ridiculous. How the fuck is #BunJS so fast? What sorcery is this?

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
3 months ago

If #BunJS really is that fast, it should make #JavaScript development on low-end #Celeron/#Pentium machines much more bearable, correct?

Let's find out!

3 months ago

Starting to design my wedding website :ChikaYay:​

Using Astro with the newly production-ready Bun to build it. Super excited to try out this combination! And obviously super excited about the wedding too :spyfam_anya_happy:

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Nick Taylor
3 months ago
ECMAScript News
5 months ago

Bun v0.7.0: experimental Vite support and more
#ECMAScript #JavaScript #BunJS

5 months ago

@RatulMaharaj you can also use #bunjs for first class ts runtime support with the added steroids 😉

5 months ago

The required AVX2 is also one reason I'm avoiding #bunjs and trying #deno, as a successor of #nodejs ...

JS Party 🪩
6 months ago

⚖️ Bradley Farias thinks #BunJS has a much more compelling story than #Deno:

“And then Bun came along and was like.."


The #BunJS experience

no but in all seriousness it's great, ftw

Axel Rauschmayer
7 months ago

Bun v0.6.0: bundler, minifier, standalone executables and more
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JS Party 🪩
9 months ago

📯 Today on JS Party LIVE  📯

Erick Wendel joins @jerod & @kball to discuss BeJSConf and his work on recreating @nodejs from scratch! Join us! 💚

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Tonio Loewald
11 months ago

I just did a bunch of reading on #zig (it’s what #bunjs is written in, and I love bun) and now I’m wondering whether I should spend time learning #zig or #rust (which is more mature, and has similar goals but more emphasis on safety).

I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts. It seems like in a nutshell, zig is an rethinking of C and rust is a rethinking of C++ but maybe I’m wrong on that too. Both seem better than go.

1 year ago

@heiseonline Habe selbst schon bun getestet. Kommt einem teilweise so vor als wäre es "zu schön um wahr zu sein", aber irgendwie funktioniert es einfach 😅

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